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I'm starting my own organzation to recyle. Like I'm going to make boxes and boex saying please recyle then it will be my job to bring it to the recyleing area to just recyle it. Is there any more ideas?????

President Letter

I'm planning on writing a letter to the president and the wife about my organziation. i'm writing the letter THIS YEAR so after me and the club are done with the project I'm going to write a letter to them.

Organziation :)

I asked the adivsor (a.k.a. 7th grad science teacher but not mine) of the club if she liked the idea (I'd e-mailed her about my project), and she said YES! She said it's a wonderful idea, but we are not going to be partcipateing in the Disney Planet Challenge because it's too ...


Today, while I was at the library during 7th period (in my class we were going to the library) I saw this award my library teacher have. It says Disey Planet Challenge. I asked my libaray teacher about it and she said it's a huge compitetion. You see in some schools like in ...


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