My science fair project is growing bacteria from food that is left out and seeing how much the bacteria increases over time. How would I write my hypothesis?

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  1. Physics

    Two horizontal forces Upper F1 Baseline and F2 act on a 3.6 kg disk that slides over frictionless ice, on which an xy coordinate system is laid out. Force F1 is in the positive x direction and has a magnitude of 7.1 N. Force F2 has a magnitude of 9.3 N. The figure here gives ...
  2. Algebra

    Dick mows the lawn in 7 hrs. Mary can do the same yard in 6 hrs. How much time would it take for them to mow the lawn together?
  3. science

    Describe and show your calculations on how you would prepare 1.00L of a 0.50M solution of each of the following a.) HCl from "concentrated" (12M) reagent. b.) Sodium Carbonate from the pure solid PLEASE SO LOST(explanation of why you did of what woulp help so much) Thank You
  4. spanish

    how would you say I love all types of food, like chinese, hamburgers, italian and african.
  5. sociology

    What aspects of the social and work environment in a fast-food restaurant would be of particular interest to a sociologist?
  6. English

    i am trying to write a paper on Frankenstein. the question is "Is Frankenstein a work of science fiction?"....i have to write a persuasive essay...i believe that it is a work of science fiction...but as ussuall i need sources and proves from the book to prove my ...
  7. Language Arts

    If you are supposed to get 3 words, that have something to do with halloween, then how would you get when you have: hs fo manytwo; and you're supposed to: Switch letters 3-5 from the left, as a group, with letters 9-11 from the left, as a group.
  8. Research essay

    I'm supposed to write a research essay on dark matter. I'm supposed to use in-text citations, but I'm not sure how to. My teacher said that I have to cite anything that's not mine. I know this, but I'm just really confused as to how to write a science research essay as oppsed ...
  9. Math

    Jim runs 50% faster then Bob. In a 1200m race how much of a head start should Bob get to make the race fair  I got a 600m head start but am I right??
  10. elementary

    please give me response.i don't have any idea from this science project. research graphic organizer we select to prepare that dolphin.which one is the best thing.can u explaine me
  11. Science Project topic question

    If you are looking into comparing the effects of various oils on pseudomonas aeruginosa, what will you search for aside from the oils you're thinking of testing it on the bacteri and the infection?
  12. History

    1) Why were New Mexicans affected by the Bataan Death March? A)Military bases in New Mexico trained pilots to fly over the Bataan Death March. B)The United States declared war on Japan because of the Bataan Death March. C)The Bataan Death March happened in New Mexico. D)Many ...
  13. business question

    I am given a project to Develop and Incorporate a Business. I decided about video game business for example companies that make big systems like xbox. What is the concept? Type of Entity?: LLC Reason for selecting Entity? Financial Assistance? Marketting Audience? who are the ...
  14. Math Help

    Consider the following ANOVA experiments. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) (a) Determine the critical region and critical value that are used in the classical approach for testing the null hypothesis Ho: ì1 = ì2 = ì3 = ì4, with n = 19 and á = 0.01. F (b...
  15. statistics

    Consider the following ANOVA experiments. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) (a) Determine the critical region and critical value that are used in the classical approach for testing the null hypothesis Ho: ì1 = ì2 = ì3 = ì4, with n = 19 and á = 0.01. F (b...
  16. Chemistry

    I have a project due tomorrow where I have to have a recipe that is made up of three ingredients. Part of the project is to convert each of the ingredients into individual serving sizes. How do I do this?
  17. accounting

    Please help in verifying stakeholders? This is for my Final in my Accounting Ethics Class. I do NOT want you to write the paper. I do NOT want you to do the analysis needed for this paper. I just want help verifying the stakeholders in the scenario. I believe the stakeholders ...
  18. Algebra

    Use this proportionality: A correlation V square 2/3 How much more material is needed to manufacture an industrial plastic container with twice the volume of a similar container? A manufacturer of plastic containers prices its product by the amount of plastic used to make the ...
  19. Math

    A diet is to include at least 140 mg of vitamin A and at least 145 mg of vitamin B. these requirements can be obtained from two types of food type X contains 10 mg of vitamin A and 20 mg of vitamin B per pound. type Y contains 30 mg of vitamin A and 15 mg of vitamin B per ...
  20. Adult Development and life Assesment

    After seeing how she interacts with the little Maltese dog next door, Ellie's parents decide to get her a dog too. Ellie'snew Golden Retriever is much bigger and looks different, but because it is new but very similar, she understand ghow to interact wiyh iy. Ellie's response ...
  21. renaissance

    i am doing a compare and contrast essay on philip II of spain and elizabeth I of england. what are some main ideas of their differences? and how would i write a thesis sentence on this? if the paper is 4-5 pages how many paragraphs do you think it should be? sorry for all of ...
  22. anthropology

    one of the three food producing groups to explain if they are a more costly subsistence pattern in time, effort & calories as compared to the foraging groups.
  23. Power

    I want absolute, cosmic power. Can anyone point me in the direction of some useful resources? 6 ways: 1) Avoid becoming a teacher. 2) Watch "Pinky and the Brain." Form your own plan to take over the world. 3) Freeze yourself for several million years. Wake up when humanity ...
  24. accounting

    julie volunteered to work on christmas day because her parents were out of the country on holidays.her regular wage is $12.00 an hour. how much would she earn for working on christmas day?
  25. math

    How would you write the expression that represents the perimeter of a rectangle measuring 9 x + 9 and 4 x - 3 Would it be 26 x + 2 Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  26. Math

    Sam spent half his money on a shirt. At another store he spent half the money he had left. Then he bought a cd for $6.75. He had $2.50 left. How much money did Sam have in the beginning?
  27. math

  28. chemistry

    In an experiment of hydrogen reacts with 110.0 g nitrogen gas, producing 100.1 g ammonia. a) How many grams of nitrogen will be left over?
  29. Math

    Keria had a box of 58 stickers. She shared them equally between herself and five friends. How many stickers were left over?
  30. math

    what is an example of a positive corralation using a scatter graph? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to place that image in this reply. However, I will try to describe it. If both the abscissa (horizontal or X axis) and the ordinate (vertical or Y axis) have ...
  31. Business Communications

    Can some please tell me if the following few sentences are correct? I have to write whether they are a point or topic sentence. Point Sentence-Announces the topic of a paragraph and bluntly states the point you want to make. Topic Sentence-Tells your readers what the paragraph...
  32. Marketing Management

    What are some key issues /opportunities for Subway Resturant Please check reliable sources about this company's business plans and finances. It's in a highly competitive field of fast food. What can it do to stand out and attract more customers? In out area, Subway has ...
  33. Chemistry

    I am supposed to name the following symbol: 30 (subscript) 67 (exponent, but on the left side) Zinc. How would I name this? Would it be Zinc-30, or Zinc-67? Or would you subtract them or something? Thank you!!
  34. Math C30 ( trig )

    A roof in the shape of an upside down cosine wave is to be buile to cover an arena. The arena is 24m wide, the height of the roof at either side wall is 5m, and the maximum height of the roof is 9m. A) write a function that gives the height of the roof in terms of your ...
  35. ASU

    A two-tailed test is conducted at the 5% significance level. What is the P-value required to reject the null hypothesis? Answer: p<5%. You need the test statistic to find the p-value. If you get a p-value that is less than the level of significance of 0.05, then that will ...
  36. 10th grade biology

    you find an unusual organism growing on the bark of a dying tree . Under a microscope , you observe the cells are eukaryotic , have cell walls , and do not contain chloroplasts . Into what kingdom . Would you place this organism ? Explain your decisions ?
  37. Science

    If a truck that has a back ramp on it is going 70 miles an hour down the road, and you are traveling 75 behind it, you would soon reach it. If you were to try to get up onto its ramp, would you: A: Since you are going 75 miles an hour and it is going 70, be able to get up onto...
  38. Grammar

    Hi! My question is about prepositions/prepositional phrases. Here is an example sentence. "Think of the time you would save, not to mention the view." Would the first prepositional phrase be simply 'of the time' or would it include 'think' at the beginning of the phrase? Also...
  39. Easy Stats ?

    You decide to flip a fair coin 100 times. What is the variance of this distribution? Also You decide to flip a fair coin 100 times. What is the standard deviation of this distribution?
  40. science

    Who received the Nobel prize for figuring out the biochemical pathway used by plants to make glucose? First name starts with an M_ _ _ _ _ Last name: C_ _ _ _ _ Any help would be greatly appreciated I can't find anything with google! :( Thanks!!
  41. Science

    I would really appreciate help! Compare renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, and discus the effects of each on biodiversity. (I need about 6 sentences) (I have tried thinking about it and cannot seem to figure it out)
  42. science

    i had to make up an experiment for school. but my teacher said it wasn't an experiment. my hypothesis is that there is a relationship between divorce rates and teens school grades. how do i make this into an experiment. please help!
  43. Statistics

    Please tell me which test would be best to use in a nonparametric test of hypothesis for (is the average income of men and women greater than 30000). Here are the tests: Kruskal-Wallis Mann-Whitney
  44. counciling

    Say you have to write a paper for your councilor. Would you write about something happy. Oh, keep in mind if you were to it has to be 5,050 words long and you'd have a day to write it. Happy or sad?
  45. english 3

    Look up the following words. Give the etymology of each. State what kind of term, such as mathematical, scientific, political science, history, etc. Include the name of the dictionary consulted as well as the publisher and publishing date. ideological: constructivist: Marxist...
  46. History

    Empires have been built throughout history. Apart from those that are built on the basis of religion, what would be the real reasons for their expansion? 1.Would it more of material greed or more of noble visions of the leaders? For example to achieve unity amongst nations, to...
  47. history

    Empires have been built throughout history. Apart from those that are built on the basis of religion, what would be the real reasons for their expansion? 1.Would it more of material greed or more of noble visions of the leaders? For example to achieve unity amongst nations, to...
  48. Math

    Hi! I need some help with a problem in the packet I have to complete over the summer. Can anyone help? at uncle joe's farm there are chickens and sheep. tommy counted the heads and got a total of 12 heads. then he counted feet and got a total of 38. can you figure out how many...
  49. health

    Identify at least five indicators of project failure that manifest themselves in this case study. Are these right ? these are a few i have came up with: organized inertia lack of clarity of pupose lack of landor project status report insufficient leadership support
  50. math

    Jared is scheduled to work for mc008-1.jpg of an hour at the school fair. He has already worked mc008-2.jpg of an hour. How much longer does he have to work?
  51. Physics-help please!

    You decide to use your body as a Carnot heat engine. The operating gas is in a tube with one end in your mouth (where the temperature is 37.0 C) and the other end at the surface of your skin, at 30.0 C. What is the maximum efficiency of such a heat engine? e=2.26% Suppose you ...
  52. Computer Science

    This was the assignment: If the first parameter is less than the second parameter add the two and print the result 10 times. THIS PROGRAM IS IN JAVA. I did everything but I can't figure out how to print the result as a loop 10 times. public static void main(String args[]) { ...
  53. Math

    4. Vanna has just financed the purchase of a home for $200 000. She agreed to repay the loan by making equal monthly blended payments of $3000 each at 9%/a, compounded monthly. c. How long will it take to repay the loan? d. How much will be the final payment? e. Determine how ...
  54. Grammar

    Under the rule of punctuating sentences. Does this sentence seem right.or does the original sentence need no change. (1- Original Sentence) Between the sixth and seventh floors of the building in the stairwell over in the corner. My answer- The ball bounced between the sixth ...
  55. math

    If a student needs an average of 70 or more to pass a course. She has scored 90, 76, and 66 on the first three exams. writing an inequality representing the score she must get on the last test to pass the course letting x be for the exam that's missing. on the left side write...

    A woman whose weight is 530 Newtons is standing on the outer edge (right) of a diving board of 3.9 meters length. She is over the water of the pool. The left edge of the board is bolted down to the concrete. A support spring (shown as a fulcrum) is centered 1.4 meters from the...
  57. Art

    Thank you very much. Could you please check these few lines, Writeacher? 1) My pupils haven't received any email from their Irish partners yet. What shall they do? They would have liked to get in touch with their partners before the school exchange in October. 2) By the way, I...
  58. physic

    During fair weather, an electric field of about 100 N/C points vertically downward into the earth's atmosphere. Assuming that this field arises from charge distributed in a spherically symmetric manner over the surface of the earth, determine the net charge of the earth and ...
  59. Statistics

    if 25% of all students asked say they spend too much time on homework, and 12 students are selected at random, what is the expected number of students who say they spend too much time on homework?
  60. English

    What do you think is a good website which would help me for the great gatsby and hamlet? My Grade 12 english is about to start and I am a 70% student, I don't know how to improve my marks. We have to write essays, unit test on the book which would require us to know the book ...
  61. Physics

    What exactly are you seeing when you observe a "water-on-the-road" mirage?
  62. Physcis - Planets

    How could you discover a planet without seeing it with a telescope?
  63. Astronomy

    How do astronomers know whether they are seeing planets or stars when they are distant?
  64. math

    a spherical hailstone is losing mass by melting uniformly over its surface as it falls. At a certain time, its radius is 2 cm and its volume is decreasing at the rate of o.1 cm^3/s. How fast is the radius decreasing at the time?
  65. Louis Riel other quest.

    When I came to the North West in July, 1884, I found the Indians suffering. I found the half-breeds eating the rotten pork of the Hudson Bay Company and getting sick and weak each day. Although a half-breed, and having no pretensions to help the Whites, I also paid attention ...
  66. environmental science

    I have to make a presentation and show three alternative mathods for maximizing food production for Cambodia I feel that Agricultural and livestock practices, production and marketing are very poor in the majority of the communities in Cambodia. Solution: Work with farmers ...
  67. Math

    n a survey, one out of three people named blue as their favorite color. Two out of seven named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color? 416 432 540 512 2. The triangles below are similar find the value of X ...
  68. physics

    if each parallel conducting plates have area 1, then another area 2 is added to each plates, if i look at this formula Q=CV=epsilon(A1+A2)V/d, then shouldnt charge increases then charge density also increases
  69. physics

    if each parallel conducting plates have area 1, then another area 2 is added to each plates, if i look at this formula Q=CV=epsilon(A1+A2)V/d, then shouldnt charge increases then charge density also increases
  70. Math

    There are 120 students trying out for the play. Only 5% of those trying out will have a speaking part. Write this percent as a fraction in its lowest terms.
  71. New Kingdom Of Egypt (Please Review Again!)

    Alright, so Thanks so much! I made some corrections! How does it sound now? Anything I should change? Is everything grammatically correct? Thanks so much! New Kingdom of Egypt By: Bryce R The New Kingdom of Egypt had a great impact on the Egyptian civilization because it ...
  72. math

    ralph would like to make a spinner with three diffrent colored regions so that a person would expect to spin the first color half the time,the second color one-third of the time,and the third color one-fourth of the it possibe to make a spinner?Explain
  73. Math/Science(Short Question 10th grade))

    [History Homework] Please answer 1. What are 2 pieces of technology essential today? 2. If you could give a prehistoric person one item from today what would it be? 3. Why is writing important for civilizations? 4. Why is theater/drama important to society? 5. What are some ...

    A 5.0 cm diameter coil of 20 turns with a resistance of 0.50 Ù is in a time-varying magnetic field which is perpendicular to the coil and is given by the expression; B = 0.010t2 + 0.020t, where B is in tesla and t is in seconds. a) Draw a graph of B as a function of time from...
  75. HELP-physics

    Walking by a pond, you find a rope attached to a tree limb 5.1 m off the ground. You decide to use the rope to swing out over the pond. The rope is a bit frayed but supports your weight. You estimate that the rope might break if the tension is 82 N greater than your weight. ...
  76. Science PLEASE HELP!!

    Relate the function of the following protist structures to human organs with similar functions: a)nucleus b)contractile vacuole c)food vacuole
  77. 6th grade honor science

    having trouble with this question it was fill in the blank it was In a food web, an organism that eats an animal is a blank consumer
  78. math help plzzzz!!!!

    Multiple Choice 1. What is 0.32 written as a fraction in simplest form? (1 point) thirty-two over one hundred eight over twenty-five one hundred over thirty-two sixteen over twenty-five 2. If Fran’s fudge recipe calls for two and one-half cups of sugar and she increases it ...
  79. stats

    A researcher hypothesizes that a new herbal supplement improves memory. A sample of n = 25 college students is obtained and each student takes the supplement daily for six weeks. At the end of the 6-week period, each student is given a standardized memory test, and the average...
  80. Math

    Context: The function v(t) represents the velocity of a particle moving along a horizontal line at any time, t, greater than or equal to zero. If the velocity is positive, the particle moves to the right. If the velocity is negative, the particle is moving to the left. The ...
  81. English

    An example of verbal irony is: A. Macbeth saying, "O, yet I do repent for my fury, that I did kill them." B. Macduff referring to Lady MacBeth as "O gentle Lady." C. Macduff saying "O horror, horror, horror." D. the witches saying, "fair is foul and foul is fair." I think it's D?
  82. history,college

    What was the distinction between natural and supernatural events in the medieval world? (One of the questions that I have to answer in an essay regarding Robert Bartlett's book 'The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages) My answer: Natural events can be classified as...
  83. Math

    Alex is making 12 pennants for the school fair. The pattern he is using to make the pennants is shown in the figure. The fabric for the pennants costs $1.25 per square foot. How much will it cost Alex to make 12 pennants?
  84. Algebra

    Quick Question, when would an inequality like this work: x^2 - 4x >or equal to 0? ...What would I have to do to figure out when this would and would not work?
  85. Algebra

    Quick Question, when would an inequality like this work: x^2 - 4x >or equal to 0? ...What would I have to do to figure out when this would and would not work?
  86. Calc 2

    Approximate the arc length of the curve y=(1/4)x^4 over the interval [1,2] using the Trapezoidal Rule T8. I was never taught how to use the Trapezoidal Rule, so I was surprised to find this problem in my most recent Calculus assignment. How would you solve a problem like this...
  87. Morse Code Please Answer!

    My book doesn't explain how, for example, if D was --. and O was .-. than how would they tell the end of the D from the beginning of the O? Did they pause between letters? But then how would they know the difference between a "new letter" pause, and a "new word" pause. Could ...
  88. Physical Science

    How much would 80.0 kg person weight (a) on Mars, where the acceleration of gravity is 3.93 m/s2, and (b) on Earth's Moon, where the acceleration of gravity is 4.63 m/s2?
  89. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences.Thank you very much. 1) This hotel is more convenient since it lies near the school. They (it?) charge 60 Euros for a single rooom and 90 for a double room. 2) Thank you very much for your decision of helping me finding a school ...
  90. math

    write an equation that represents the problem.The automatic tennis server holds 110 balls that shoot out one at a time.Andres 3 friends took turns hitting 27 balls each.Andre hit the remaining balls.How many balls did Andre hit?
  91. maths

    The distance between 2 town x and y, is 50km.alan drive from x to y at an average speed of vkm/ h. Write down an expression,in term of v,for the time in hour, that he took to complete the journey from x to y. Write down an expression in term of v,for the time in hour,if the ...

    Is there anyone kind enough to provide any suggestions? I see that others have been responded to at least once and not this one. What is the problem? And if its a matter of not putting a particular subject, than perhaps it should also be addressed to others who do not do it ...
  93. Principles of Finance

    Warmack Machine Shop is considering a four-year project to improve its production efficiency. Buying a new machine press for $490,000 is estimated to result in $200,000 in annual pretax cost savings. The press falls in the MACRS five-year class, and it will have a salvage ...
  94. English

    I studied science last night. I had a good time with my family. I called Eunhui and talked for a long time. I took a shower in the bathroom. I made cheese cakes with my mother. I sent some e-mails to my friends. I bought a wallet at Home Plus. I read a newspaper. I listened to...
  95. math

    What is the volume of the box pictured below? A rectangular prism of length 3 and 1 over 2 feet, width 3 and 1 over 8 feet, and height 4 over 5 foot is shown. fraction 3 and 1 over 10 cubic feet fraction 3 and 2 over 5 cubic feet fraction 6 and 5 over 8 cubic feet fraction 8 ...
  96. Accounting-business

    Can you please help me on what is their stake in the ethics case of The Dilemma of an Accountant. And if you can give me some suggestions on what the impacted of my decision to have him turn in his boss and to file a grievence with the accoutning board. The stakeholder that ...
  97. microekonomics

    Suppose the income elasticity of demand for a food is 0,5 and the price elasticity of demand is -1,0. Suppose also that Felicia spends $10,000 a year on food, the price of food os $2 and her income is $25,000
  98. Networks

    Consider the model of "Growing Random Networks" described in lecture 3.1 (so the first model where links are added to existing nodes uniformly at random), with m=10. At date t=40, what are: (1) the expected degree for node 15 born at i=15, and (2) the expected degree for node ...
  99. Physics

    The angular speed of a propeller on a boat increases with constant acceleration from 11 rad/s to 26 rad/s in 2.4 seconds. Through what angle did the propeller turn during this time?
  100. Math

    The volume, V cm3 , of a cone height h is (pi)(h^3)/ 12. If h increases at a constant rate of 0.2 cm/sec and the initial height is 2 cm, express V in terms of t and find the rate of change of V at time t.
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