1. 5th grade math word problem

    Santa was making up a batch of dolls but could not remember exactly how many of each kind he needed. He knew that he needed 57 in total that 27 had to have blue eyes and 29 had to have fair hair. Also some had to have both features and 3 dolls were needed having blue eyes and ...
  2. Physics

    One device used for throwing spears is an atlatl. This device was used by human hunters over 20000 years before the invention of the bow ad arrow. It effectively increases the length of the hunter's arm allowing a spear to be thrown further than it could be by hand alone. A ...
  3. math

    An executive traveling at 60 km hr would arrive 10 minutes early for an appointment, whereas at a speed of 45 km hr the executive would arrive 5 minutes early.how much time is there until the appointment?
  4. English

    To assure the Writing Process is complete, the author must A. revise B. project C. compile I would say it's A, right? Thanks for checking.
  5. English

    Would someone edit my essay so far please. So far, I only have the introduction, the first paragraph and the conclusion. I am arguing for school uniform. "You know, if we had a uniform policy, it would make things better in this school." (Mitchell). Said by President Bill ...
  6. Statistic

    TABLE 12-6 The dean of a college is interested in the proportion of graduates from his college who have a job offer on graduation day. He is particularly interested in seeing if there is a difference in this proportion for accounting and economics majors. In a random sample of...
  7. 4th grade math

    I need step-by-step help. I don't understand this at all. My homework problem is: Two friends cut a large candy bar into equal pieces. Harriet ate 1/4 of the pieces. Nisha ate 1/2 of the remaining pieces. Six pieces were left over. How many pieces was the candy bar originally ...
  8. government

    from m previous post. I don't know if I can put the information from my text into my own words because it says the facts and that's it theres no extra to paraphrase If you cannot paraphrase and cite, then you must quote and cite. (Broken Link Removed) Read through the examples...
  9. Chemistry

    Drops of mercury, water and naphtha (lighter fluid) are placed on smooth flat surface. The mercury drop is almost a perfect sphere. The water drop is a flattened sphere. The naphtha however spreads out over the surface. What do these observations tell you about the cohesive ...
  10. college physics

    A cubic crate of side s = 2.5m is top-heavy: its CG is 19cm above its true center. Part A How steep an incline can the crate rest on without tipping over? Part B What would your answer be if the crate were to slide at constant speed down the plane without tipping over? [Hint: ...
  11. IT/205

    Read “The U.S. Census Bureau Field Data Collection Project: Don’t Count On It” beginning on p. 413 of Essentials of Management Information Systems. Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words: Dose this mean each question 200 to 300 word or dose it mean the hole ...
  12. Math

    A hospital was out of juice at the end of September. They bought 200 cases on Oct. 1 at $10.00 each. and 200 more cases on Nov. 1 for $12.00 each. There were 100 cases left at the end of Oct. What would be first case expensed on Nov. 2 using the average costing method?
  13. Biology

    Givin these 9 hypothesis we are supposed to state if they are inductive or deductive 1. Male Red-winged Blackbirds display red wing patches to signal superiority to other males 2. Bees make honey 3. Male red-winged Blackbirds compete for territories and there are 6 other ...
  14. science

    A neckless weighing 50 g in air, but it wheighs 46 g in water . Assume copper is mixed with gold to prepare the neckless. Find out how much of copper is present in it?(specific gravity of gold is 20 and that of copper is 10)
  15. physics

    A motorist has to travel 3.50 km in a city with an average speed not exceeding 25 km/h. If the average speed increases to 40 km/h, find the time he will gain in his journey.
  16. physics

    A motorist has to travel 3.50 km in a city with an average speed not exceeding 25 km/h. If the average speed increases to 40 km/h, fine the time he will gain in his journey
  17. arithmetic

    there weree 93 students that split into equal groups of fewer than ten and there two left over how many groups were there
  18. math

    I am between 20 and 30. When you put me into 5 equal groups, there is an odd number in each group and one is left over. what number am I?
  19. physics

    The emf of a battery is equal to its terminal potential difference: A) under all conditions B) only when the battery is being charged C) only when a large current is in the battery D) only when there is no curent in the battery E) under no conditions my answer: d, The chemical...
  20. Business

    Several employees have been handing out union pamphlets in the parking lot of the hospital. Employees are talking about whether to join the union or not. Some of the managers have joined together and fired employees who were interested in the union to keep the union out. In ...
  21. English

    I left out the following sentences on the third conditional. 4) She was angry with me. I didn't tell her the truth.
  22. Maths (Need Help)

    complete the brackets which as left emty in each of the following (show working out) A).(2x-3)^2-3x= (x-3)( ) B).(x^2-4)+(x+2)^2= (x+2) ( )
  23. Statistics

    Local food distributor claims that 18% of all food sold are vegetables. If 112 food items are sold are randomly selected, what is the probability that the proportion of vegetables sold differs from the population proportion by more than 2%? I am trying to plug in the formula ...
  24. please help me with my engineer project

    I am working on an Engineer project about Digital clock I research my project on the Digital Clock, but i could not find any webcite that has the answer to these questions 1. What your part is and how it works? 2. Companies that make this kind of equipment/material/device/...
  25. statistikc

    We want a confidence interval for the mean IQ of all the 7th grade girls in that school district. We do not know the population standard deviation so we use the confidence interval that uses the t. In order to use the t-interval we need to assume that the variable IQ has a ...
  26. 8th Grade Science

    I have to do a project and I have to have 9 or more physial and chemical properties of colloids and suspensions. I am soo stuck!!! Help!! Thanks!

    In how much time would the simple interest on a certain sum be 0.125 times the principle at 10% per annum?
  28. Calculus

    The question is find the area of the reagion that is bounded by the curve y=arctan x, x=0, x=1, and the x-axis. So I've drawn the enclosed region. To find the area would I use the Disc/shell method? If so the formula that I came up with looks like this: If area = pi(r)^2 then ...
  29. I just want to say Thanks (:

    I would just like to say Thank you to everyone who devotes their time to help us with our homework. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  30. math

    how do I calculate what is left over if 3/5 of a casserole from 8/9 of a casserole?
  31. Calculus

    A particle moves in a straight line with velocity t^-2 - 1/9 ft/s. Find the total displacement and total distance traveled over the time interval [1,4]. I found out that the total displacement is .4116 But I cannot find the total distance traveled.
  32. MATH C30

    A roof in the shape of an upside down cosine wave is to be built to cover an arena. The arena is 24 m wide, the height of the roof at either side wall is 5 m, and the max height of the roof is 9m . write the function that gives the height of the roof in terms of the distance ...
  33. 4th grade math

    kayla bought a bag of grapefruit. each morning for 5 days she and her father each ate one half of a grapefruit. her mother ate 3 halves total in that time. how much grapefruit did they eat altogether? write your answer as an improper fraction and as a mixed number.
  34. Algebra

    A natural food store makes its own brand of trail mix out of dried apples, raisins, and peanuts. One pound of the mixture costs 3.18. It contains twice as much peanuts by weight as apples. One pound of dried apples cost $4.48, a pound of raisins costs $2.40, and a pound of ...
  35. health project

    i am supposed to write about philosophy of health and it due tomorrow. can anyone give me ideas how i should start....plz... i know what to wrote in there but i just don't know how to start..... thanks!
  36. Physics help quick!

    22. What does it mean for a force to act in accordance with an inverse square law? The square of the force is inversely proportional to the distance. The force decreases if the distance increases. The force is directly proportional to 1/r2 where r is the distance. The force is...
  37. algebra

    Write an exponential function to model the situation. Then predict the value of the function after 5 years (to the nearest whole number). A population of 210 animals that increases at an annual rae of 19% Can you explain your answer please?
  38. Algebra

    Last question I hope...here is the problem This equation illustrates your remaining funds after paying for rent and utilities. How much money is left? Explain how you arrived at your answer. $38,250 + $80,000+ $22,250-0.25($80,000 + $38,250) = to get the answer would you add ...
  39. Health check?

    Match the term with its definition. (Points : 12) Potential Matches: 1 : to cook uncovered by direct heat 2 : to cook in a small amount of liquid in a tightly covered pan over low heat 3 : to cook in water or liquid in which rolling bubbles have formed 4 : to cook food in a ...
  40. chem help!!

    A sealed cylinder of gas contains nitrogen gas at 1.00 103 kPa pressure and a temperature of 14°C. The cylinder is left in the sun, and the temperature of the gas increases to 51°C. What is the new pressure in the cylinder?
  41. Chemistry

    A sealed cylinder of gas contains nitrogen gas at 1.00 10e3 kPa pressure and a temperature of 25°C. The cylinder is left in the sun, and the temperature of the gas increases to 60.°C. What is the new pressure in the cylinder?
  42. Math Brain Teaser

    This is a brain teaser and this is all the information you are given. I am sure that there is a simple answer, but I can't figure this out. There is no information about the weight of each steak. A man, buying steaks for his restaurant, approached a butcher. "How many steaks ...
  43. accounting

    1. If market interest rates are higher than the rate offered on the bonds being sold, they will be sold at: A. a premium. B. a discount. C. face value. D. a loss. 2. When bonds are issued at a premium, the bond premium: A. reduces the amount of interest expense over the life ...
  44. Biology

    What are 5 organisms that use energy in sunlight to make food, and what is the name of this organism? What are 5 organisms that must consume other organisms in order to obtain food?
  45. Chemistry

    Which trends are observed when the elements in Period 3 on the Periodic Table are considered in order of increasing atomic number? (1) The atomic radius decreases, and the first ionization energy generally increases. (2) The atomic radius decreases, and the first ionization ...
  46. math 116 appendix d

    b) Suppose you want to cover the backyard with decorative rock and plant some trees as the first phase of the project. You need 30 tons of rock to cover the area. If each ton cost $60 and each tree is $84, what is the maximum number of trees you can buy with a budget for rock ...
  47. Math 157

    The chart on the next page is an example of a quality control chart. Samples of parts and products are drawn from an assembly line and checked against engineering specifications. Write a short report describing the various features of the chart and the performance of the ...
  48. Science 7R

    Tomorrow I have a science test on circulatory system and is there a practice test THAT IS ON 7TH GRADE SCIENCE REGENTS LEVEL!?!? please i really want to do well on the test if take a pre-test thanks ;) btw --- i'm going over my notes for the test just that i want to take a pre...
  49. math

    line xy is translated 3 units to the left. if a point on line xy is located at (2,11), where would the equivalent point be on line X and Y prime? a)(2,14) b)(2,8) c)(-1,11) d)(5,11) I think the answer is c. What I did is move the point 3 units to the left and and subtracted 3 ...
  50. chemsitry dr Bob

    Magnesia (MgO(s)) is used for fire brick, crucibles and furnace linings because of its high melting point. It is produced by decomposing magnesite (MgCO3(s)) into at around 1200oC Write a balanced equation for the magensite decomposition being sure to include states for the ...
  51. chemsitry dr Bob

    Magnesia (MgO(s)) is used for fire brick, crucibles and furnace linings because of its high melting point. It is produced by decomposing magnesite (MgCO3(s)) into at around 1200oC Write a balanced equation for the magensite decomposition being sure to include states for the ...
  52. Physics Projectile Motion

    A rifle is aimed horizontally at a target 50m away. The bullet hits the target 2.0cm below the aim point. A. What was the bullet's fight time? B. What was the bullet's speed as it left the barrel? But i do not have the time and the equation i think in the book is Tf=2visinO/g
  53. Science please help

    I am doing a crossword puzzle that has statements that you write their answers in the right column. I have two that I can't get. Heart of a scientific investigation what I have so far: --e-t-- standard of comparison for checking the results of an experiment what i have so far...
  54. statistics

    Question 1 Question 1 1. Question 1 text The head of the History Department wants to compare the averages of 2 different instructor’s to see if they differ. A sample of 15 students in Instructor A’s class has average of 74 with a standard deviation of 11. A ...
  55. Math

    A farmer was taking her eggs but they all fell on the floor. She didn't know how many eggs she had. But then she remembers when she put them in groups of two, there was one egg left over. When she put them in groups of three, there was also one egg left over. The same thing ...
  56. science

    How to read a metric ruler. Question is what lengths are indicated on this ruler. It has 5 for centimeters and 5 for mm. But some of the mm are in between the centimeters. How would I figure out what the answer is? Thanks
  57. science

    What mass of protons would be required to just neutralize the charge of 1.7 g of electrons? I thought it was simple because 1 proton maxes out 1 electron but my teacher started talking abou this complicated way of doing it and i didn't get it :( can someone show me how to do ...
  58. Year 12 Biology

    What is a good and easy experiment I could do for my Year 12 biology assignment? I was thinking something with alcohol and the human body but I wouldn't know what my hypothesis would be. HELP!!
  59. Algebra

    Molly left home and drove toward the ferry office at an average speed of 27 mph. Mark left two hours later and drove in the same direction but with an average speed of 45 mph. How long did Molly drive before Mark caught up? I am terrible at word problems and this is a review ...
  60. ECT

    ECT = Electronic Control Tech aka robotics So i need to make a project and i don't know what to make - not really homework but still please help me out.
  61. physical science

    what physical quantity does full glass water have over empty glass that cause it to resist change in motion over empty one?
  62. science(Ms.Sue)

    What does a maple tree do for a community? A)it creates energy B)it creates food C)it looks nice D)it stores water My answer is b,am i right?
  63. science

    one characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is..... a) how they move b) where they live c) their ability to make food d) their ability to reproduce
  64. science

    one characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is: a) how they move b) where they live c) their ability to make food d) their ability to reproduce
  65. science

    true or false. Astronau eat a lot of freeze-dries food because it is lighter and takes up lees room. my answer is true.
  66. science

    many animal foods like meat and fat are high in energy content. Where did this energy originate. explain by referring to food chains.
  67. math

    Julie has $200.There is a one-time fee $150 to reserve a room. It also cost $1.0 per person for food and drinks. what is the maximum number of people that can come to the dance?
  68. Social Studies

    Ships that traveled the Rhine how to give ______to nobles who controlled the river in the years after the Roman empire. A.food B.time C. Labor D.tolls I'm not sure but I think it's "D"
  69. History

    2. During which time period did nuts, berries, shellfish, and fruits become a primary food source of Native Americans? (1 point) Paleo-Indian Archaic Woodland Mississippian
  70. science

    is this a chemical or physical change 1. a glowing splint placed in a test tube causes a loud pop 2. food coloring is added to cake icing to make it pink
  71. Environemtal science

    I need help explaining the four factors that produce changes in poplution and what could happen to the nutria population after all the land is depleted of the nutrias' food resources?
  72. biology 123456723456782345678

    The science of nutrigenomics helps us to choose the functional foods which best suit your genetic make up What is the link between your understanding of the human genome and the food you eat? thanks
  73. Science

    A skunk is an omnivore because it- A. feeds on insects, mice, berries, and nuts B. can be eaten by hawks and owls C. break down dead animals D. is able to make its own food A.?
  74. Science: Teeth

    I'm doing a science project on how various acids affect tooth enamel. I'm planning to put the teeths in separate containers and fill 5 containers with coca cola, and 5 others with a citric acid drink. I'm also planning for two weeks to examine the teeths. What can I use to ...
  75. Need help on English General Paper

    My General Paper teacher had given me a essay question, it is an absolute preposition ('too much, too little') type of question Question: There is too much equal treatment given to women in modern society. Do you agree? I disagree to this extreme claim that there is too much, ...
  76. Physics

    An object moves with constant acceleration 4.95 m/s2 and over a time interval reaches a final velocity of 13.2 m/s. (a) If its initial velocity is 6.6 m/s, what is its displacement during the time interval?
  77. Math

    How do you solve the equation for finding the principal when the interest, rate, and time are given? I know the formula P=Interest over rate x time. how do you find the solution or amswer?
  78. Physics

    An object moves with constant acceleration 4.20 m/s2 and over a time interval reaches a final velocity of 10.4 m/s. (a) If its original velocity is 5.20 m/s, what is its displacement during the time interval?
  79. stats

    Anita's a fast food chain specializing in hotdogs and garlic fries, keeps track of the proportion of its customers who decide to eat in the restaurant so it can make decisions reguarding possible construction of the in-store play areas.the attendance of its mascot Stacy at the...
  80. math Algerba 1

    A maple syrup producer would like to increase production by 500 gallons per year with a goal of producing at least 20,000 gallons of syrup over the first period of production. If the fist years's production, in gallons is given by x, write expressions for each of the other ...
  81. chemistry

    Which of the answer choices correctly defines reaction rate? the amount of reactants used in a specific type of reaction the amount of products produced in a specific type of reaction the speed at which reactants change to products over a given time the speed at which products...
  82. Math

    The tail of a giant kangaroo is attached by a giant rubber band to a stake in the ground. A flea is sitting on top of the stake eyeing the kangaroo (hungrily). The kangaroo sees the flea leaps into the air and lands one mile from the stake (with its tail still attached to the ...
  83. Physics

    Sit down somewhere where there are lots of people. Now categorize the people according to gender and hair color. Start with the males: Observe at least 20 and keep track of how many have hair that is in one of the following categories: black, brown, blonde, red, gray and other...
  84. quantitative methods for business

    A product with an annual demand of 1000 units has Co = $25.50 and Ch = $8. The demand exhibits some variability such that the lead-time demand follows a normal probability distribution with μ = 25 and σ = 5. 1. What is the recommended order quantity? 2. What are the ...
  85. Physics

    I have a problem where I've solved a and b. I need to solve c. It's a centripetal force problem. So far I have. v(speed)=2.5pi R(radius)=3.5 m(mass)=2 t(time)=2.8 Ac (centripetal acceleration)=17.62 How would I find tension? (Hint: The tension provides Fc) Fc is centripetal ...
  86. Business Math and Statistical Measures

    You decide to take out an ordinary loan of $30,000 at 4%, on a 90 day note. In 45 days you decide to make a payment of $10,000 on the loan. What is your new principal? Expaln how you got answer. How much did you pay at the end of the loan overall? How does this differ from how...
  87. college essay first question

    this is the question about taking advantage of educacation. now this paragraph sounds so simple. can you give me examples on how to improve it. and in the bracket, how can i write that in a better way. it sounds confusing As a high school student for three years and going on ...
  88. Math

    A manufacturer of flea collars for animals that weigh less than 5 kilograms injects the collars with 15 milligrams of a biocide that only acts on fleas. The manufacturer will release a collar that has no less than 14 milligrams and no more than 16 milligrams of insecticide. ...
  89. hisory

    How does the location of where Carolina lives in Mexico shape her life and the opportunities available for her and her family? Write 3-5 sentences in which you provide three examples of how this particular location in Mexico has had an influence on Carolina and her family. ...
  90. Finance

    Your company is considering a replacement of an old delivery van with a new one that is more efficient. The old van cost $30,000 when it was purchased 5 years ago. The old van is being depreciated using the simplified straight line method over a useful life of 10 years. The ...
  91. Social Studies

    Why did Thomas Paine write the pamphlet, Common Sense? A. to support conquering the Native Americans B. to argue that more land should go to France and Spain C. to show that loyalty to the monarchy was wrong D. to pledge his loyalty to the British government ** What was most ...
  92. Math

    Can someone work this for an example I have tried this one and several others and have not got any of them right. I need an example...please. Consider the following ANOVA experiments. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) (a) Determine the critical region and ...
  93. Exploring Space

    if a satellite were to be launched with too little speed or too much speed then what would happen? If a sattellite were to be launched with too much speed then the friction in the air would make it heat up to the point where it would burn up. Earth's gravity wouldn't be strong...
  94. Math

    a cellular phone company offers a contract for which the cost C, in dollars, of t minutes of telephoning is given by C=0.25(t-600) + 43.95, whe it is assumed that t¡Ý 600 minutes. What time will keep costs between $82.95 and $110.95? For the cost to be between $82.95 and $...
  95. algebra 1

    I am studying for my final and I have several problems that I need help understanding. Here goes. s = 1/2gt^2 solve for g Tom earns $6,000 less than 2 times as much as Rachel. If their 2 incomes come to $60,000 how much does each make? A train leaves town A for town B ...
  96. English

    1. My hobby is chatting in a chat room. 2. My hobby is chatting in chat rooms. ------------------------------ Which one is the better of the two? Do we have to use a singuglar form or a plural form? 3. My favorite food is noodle. 4. My favorite food is noodles. 5. My favorite ...
  97. Please read over this application paragraph-mrbob

    How is this? I trust that this program will help me elaborate my ideas pertaining to the future of Washington. I wish to study Law and Political Science to eventually become some kind of activist, whether it is lobbying, or advocating in some small part-time organization that ...
  98. Life Management

    The following are available for assistance with the Lemon Law: a. consumer advocate groups b. departments of your State Attorney General's office c. legal aid d. all of the above*** This Act requires institutions disclose what credit will actually cost the consumer. a. Truth ...
  99. Ap chem

    When .4000 g of CH4 is burned in excess oxygen in a bomb calorimeter that has a heat capacity of 324, the temperature increases 6.795 degrees celsius. How much energy is released? (in kJ/mol CH4)
  100. Chemistry

    2) To the solution in problem 1 (d) at 100 degrees celsius, 10g of water are added, and the solution is cooled to 0 degrees celsius... (problem 1d: the number of grams of water required to dissolve a mixture containing 15 g KNO3 and 3.5 g CuSO4 * 5 H20, assuming that the ...
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