1. science

    how much salt must be added to how much water to create 10ml of a 10% saline solution.
  2. english

    Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. and make sure that you use at least 5 diffrent pronouns in your sentneces. 1. my husband and I(subject pro)are planning a vacation. 2. we (subject) ...
  3. Finance

    An annuity is developed and used based on the concept of time value of money. Please solve for the principle required when one retires so that a payment of $1500.00 is received each month for 30 years (360 months). Assume that the interest rate for the payout is 5% and the ...
  4. Science

    1. An electric space heater draws 15.0 A from a 120 V source. It is operated, on average, for 5.0h (hours) each day. a) How much power does the heater use and b) At $.10 per kWh, what does it cost to operate the heater for 30 days? 2. Suppose each person in the United States ...
  5. Geometric Sequence

    The colour of some clothing fades overtime when washed. Suppose a pair of jeansfades by 5% with each washing. To the nearest wash, how many washes would it take so that only 25% of the original colour remains in the jeans? 1. first term = 2. r = 3. tn = 4. n = I know that tn ...
  6. geometry

    A bachelor spends one half of his salary on entertainment,one fifth on food,one tenth on clothes and one fifth on rent.What fraction of his salary is left?
  7. Chemistry

    H2(g) + I2(g) 2 HI(g) The forward reaction above is exothermic. At equilibrium, what happens if I2 is removed from the reaction mixture at constant temperature and volume? The reaction absorbs energy. The reaction releases energy. [H2] increases. [H2] decreases. [H2] remains ...
  8. Geography

    If it was 8:00am in Greenwich England what time would it be in Vancuver Canada? That is my question---I had written it out on a test but got the answer wrong and now that I'm trying to study I don't know the answer. Is is 12 am or 12 pm? Thanks!!
  9. accounting

    I am having a hard time of figuring this out can you please help me? In what circumstances would each approach to stakeholder impact analysis (moral standards, 5-question, and Pastin’s approach) be most useful?
  10. accounting

    I am having a hard time of figuring this out can you please help me? In what circumstances would each approach to stakeholder impact analysis (moral standards, 5-question, and Pastin’s approach) be most useful?
  11. please help edit and revise my essay

    An Abusive Situation On a ordinary Thursday afternoon I just finished eating my lunch with my high school friends. We did not do anything much except talk about how our classes were and about those stupid guys at the East Hall upstairs. I was having so much fun that I was ...
  12. Chemistry

    explain why a sealed bag of potato chips "puffs out" (increases in volume) if taken from sea level to a high mountain pass. I know this has to do with pressure.. so is it because the higher up you go, the less pressure there is? Thanks!
  13. Cultural Diversity

    A cultural mismatch may result from labeling a child as hyperactive or behavior disordered if: A. a young black child does not receive frequent nourishment opportunities B. there is too little or too much structure imposed in the group. C. the program lacks planning for ...
  14. Hrm 240 wk1 ckpt

    how do large firms and small firms could utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands. Provide one example for a large company and one example for a small company of necessary changes resulting from these growing technology demands. i do not know where...

    . –2v – 7 = –23 (1 point) 15******** 8 –8 –15 2. start fraction x over 3 end fraction – 10 = –12 (1 point) –6 –66 6****** 66 3. start fraction x over 5 end fraction + 6 = 10 (1 point) 44 30 20******** –20 4. 3(4 – 2x) = –2x (1 point) –1 1 2********* 3...
  16. science

    What occurs in wind erosion? A. Wet soil is transported away. B. Dry soil is transported away. C. Small rocks are left behind. D. Large rocks are left behind. is it b or d
  17. Finance

    A proposed project has expected cash flows of $72,000 per year for 5 years. If the project has an initial cost of $400,000, what is the payback period (in years)?
  18. math

    Is there some other way I can explain this to my 8th grader. Five editors finish a project in 3 1/2 weeks. How many editors are needed to complete the same project in 1 1/6 weeks

    There are thrice as many girls as boys at a school. If 35% of the girls and 45% of the boys have already completed their holiday project, what percentage of the learners still needs to complete their project?
  20. mathematics

    There are thrice as many girls as boys at a school. If 35% of the girls and 45% of the boys have already completed their holiday project, what percentage of the learners still needs to complete their project?
  21. Math

    So, if Tyler has to earn $50.00 in two weeks for a gift to a friend and has already earned $18.42 so far, what equation would you use to figure out how much more money he has to earn each week?
  22. BobPursley3...another one..

    Problem 3: 4x/(x+2) - 8/(x-1) What I did: Common denominator is: (x+2)(x-1) 4x(x-1)/(x+2)(x-1) - 8(x+2)/(x+2)(x-1) [4x(x-1) - 8(x+2)]/(x+2)(x-1) multiply the numerator out. 4x^2 -4x -8x-16 4x^2-12x-16 factor 4 out 4(x^2-3x-4) factor 4(x-4)(x+1) and that will reduce over the ...
  23. science

    How is biodiversity related to human activities that use natural resources? A.biodiversity decreases as humans use natural resources wisely B.biodiversity decreases as humans limit there use of natural resources C.biodiversity increases as humans deplete natural resources D....
  24. English

    1. He went out for a run. 2. He went out for a ride. (for riding a horse or riding a bike?) 3. He went out for a skate/a ski. 4. He went out for a smoke. 5. He went out for a drink. 6. He went out for a tour. 7. He went out for _________. 8. She went out for a shop. 9. She ...
  25. accounting

    . Preference Decisions: NPV vs. IRR vs. Profitability Index Stephens Industries is contemplating four projects: Project P, Project Q, Project R, and Project S. The capital costs and estimated after- tax net cash flows of each project are shown in the table that follows. ...
  26. Science

    1.In which temperature of water did the food coloring diffuse faster? 2.Using your knowledge of the motion of molecules, explain the results. I'm doing a discussion and I need help, can someone help me please and thank-you :)
  27. Science

    I have to unscramble these letters to make words about electricity. I can't figure out these three. ISRESE LARLPLAE TKLATIWO series, parallel, kilowatt SERIES PARALLEL KILOWATT Thank You Thank You Thank you so much!
  28. math

    shawna had to decorate 3 gift packages with ribbon. she used 1 1/3 yards of ribbon for the first package, 1 1/2 yards of ribbon for the second package, and 1 2/3 yards to decorate the third package. shawna had 3 1/2 yards of ribbon left over. how much ribbon did she start with?
  29. Accounting

    The ranking of project differs, depending on the use of IRR or NPV measures. Which project should be selected? Why is the IRR ranking misleading?
  30. math

    Why wasn't cross multiplication used. Five editors finish a project in 3 1/2 weeks. How many editors are needed to complete the same project in 1 1/6 weeks 5/3.5= x/1.16
  31. Math

    Susie spent 4 1/4 hours on Monday and 3 5/8 hours on Tuesday working on a history project. About how long did she spend working on the project?
  32. Physics

    A 0.260-kg piece of aluminum that has a temperature of -165 °C is added to 1.4 kg of water that has a temperature of 3.0 °C. At equilibrium the temperature is 0 °C. Ignoring the container and assuming that the heat exchanged with the surroundings is negligible, determine ...
  33. math

    an initial population of 865 quail increases at a annual rate of 15%. write an exponential function to model quail population
  34. math

    Emily spent 1/2 of her money at the store. Then she spent 1/2 of what was left at the bakery. next she spent 1/2 of what was left at the music store. She spent the remaining$6.00 at school. How much money did Emily start with?
  35. composition II

    • What role should outside sources play in our writing? How much of an essay you write should be your original work and how much should be from a source? How can having too much material from other sources possibly lead to plagiarism?
  36. Child Care

    Carlos is playing in the sandbox. Thomas approches the sandbox, observes Carlos for a moment, then knocks over the bucket Carlos has just filled with sand. Carlos pushes Thomas away saying, Get out of here. Thomas begins to cry. How would an authoritian caregiver most likely ...
  37. English

    I have to create a piece of descriptive writing about a good day at a beach, but I am unsure on how to describe the atmosphere of the beach. Please help! Here is what I have so far:  It's the morning of somerset beach. Seagulls haver over waiting for food, whilst the sun ...
  38. English

    ms. sue you please help me with story questions? if you have time then this be story Field of Broken Dreams by Sharon Butala My memories of drives in the country when I was a child in the 1940s and early 1950s, after the devastation of the 1930s, are of abandoned farmstead ...
  39. Algebra

    Triangle ABC has coordinates A(1, 4); B(3, –2); and C(4, 2). Find the coordinates of the image A'B'C' after a reflection over the x-axis? I have never done one where the triangle is already over the x-axis...do we flip it up or down... Please help me figure this out...
  40. Physics

    Which electromagnetic radiation: a)will diffract round hills b) can be used to cook food c)can themometers detect d)cause skin cancer e)is ued when taking a photograph with an ordinary camera thanks!! I will be happy to critique your thoughts. Some have multiple answers, ...
  41. Algebra 2

    A teacher is choosing 4 students from a class of 30 to represent the class at a science fair. In how many ways can the teacher choose the students?
  42. Math

    A teacher is choosing 4 students from a class of 30 to represent the class at a science fair. In how many ways can the teacher choose the students?
  43. Technology for Biobased Products

    QA.A bio-PDO production process will also produce microbial biomass. A huge surplus biomass of roughly 10% of the PDO mass should be expected. A good use of this microbial biomass could be food of feed. Which organism properties disqualify their use in food/feed production ...
  44. Math

    Hi Ms. Sue can you let me know if my answers are right? Anyone who can help check my answers will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! My answers are the ones with the *** after them. 1. –9x – 5 = –95 a. 17 b. 11 *** c. 10 d. –10 2. w over four – 4 = 3 a. –4 *** b. ...
  45. trig

    it says to verify the following identity, working only on one side: cotx+tanx=cscx*secx Work the left side. cot x + tan x = cos x/sin x + sin x/cos x = (cos^2 x +sin^2x)/(sin x cos x) = 1/(sin x cos x) = 1/sin x * 1/cos x You're almost there. thanks so much! i could not figure...
  46. Health

    1). Explain the relationship between the key terms in each of the following. a. direct pressure and indirect pressure b. goal and action plan A: a. Direction pressure is the pressure that results from someone who tries to convince you to do something you normally wouldn't do, ...
  47. Science/ECology

    I do not fully understand this question... But just out of experience would you say that plants vary a little or a lot in their efficiency at producing joules for human consumption. And could you suggest reasons for the variation?
  48. Math Please Assist

    Solve exactly for x: sin^3 x + sin x cos^2 x = cos x If 0 degrees <= x <= 180 degrees x = ? degrees? Would i factor out sin^3 x from the left side and the right. and try to solve from there?
  49. English 8R - Project Help!

    sales - action of selling something cattle - Large ruminants (Bos taurus) with horns and cloven hoofs, domesticated for meat or milk, or as beasts of burden; cows. can you help me out it together
  50. physics

    A baseball player hits a home run over the left-field fence, which is 104 m from home plate. The ball is hit at a point 1.04 m directly above home plate, with an initial velocity directed 28.5° above the horizontal. By what distance does the baseball clear the 3.00 m high ...
  51. Physics

    A baseball player hits a home run over the left-field fence, which is 104 m from home plate. The ball is hit at a point 1.08 m directly above home plate, with an initial velocity directed 35.0° above the horizontal. By what distance does the baseball clear the 3.00 m high ...
  52. Physics

    A black mamba snake has a length of 4.3 m and a top speed of 8.9 m/s! Suppose a mongoose and a black mamba find themselves nose to nose. In an effort to escape, the snake accelerates at 20 m/s2 from rest. (a) How much time does it take for the snake to reach its top speed? (b...
  53. Algebra2

    write an equation to represent the situation: if a player made 12 out of 15 free throws, how many consecutive free throws would she have to make to raise the percent to 85%.
  54. math

    hi to all of you teachers i hope you will help me to get the answers for this question below.. and thanks god bless you. Perk spent 1/4 of his money on a food and another 3/10 of his money on a drink. a. What fraction of his money did he spend in total? b. What fraction of ...
  55. History

    What can be a soultion to the issues facing India for example Nulclear Tension with Pakistan and Feeding a population of over 1 billion people? Make friends. Quit fighting over wasteland to the North. Figure out what the citizens want, and make it happen. Focus on Birth ...
  56. Science

    In an experiment to find out how the proportion of cement in a concrete mixture affects the products strenghth what would be two controlled variables and what could a possible source of error in this experiment be ? Thank you for your help!
  57. Chemistry

    I have to solve this combustion problem using Dimensional Analysis and molar heat: 2 C2H6 +7O2 yields 4 CO2 + 6H2O + 3120 kJ The question is to discover how much heat is produced along with 8 moles of water in this reaction. My problem is that I have no idea how to go about ...
  58. Biology help please!

    What is your opinion of the balance of nature hypothesis? Would the deer on the island be better off, worse off, or about the same without the wolves. Defend your position.
  59. english

    annagrams aeiifglnhpwystThis is an event that will never happen. However, I suppose it could on any given Saturday Night. Here are your letters, you will have 3 left over. A E I I F G L N H P W Y S T
  60. Math

    If 3x+xy+4y=8, what is the value of d^2y/dx^2 at the point (1,1)? My work: 3+(x)(dy/dx)+(y)+4(dy/dx)=0 dy/dx(x+4)=-3-y dy/dx=-3-y/x+4 2nd Dervative: (x+4)(0-dy/dx)-(-3-y)/(x+4)^2 (x+4)(-(-y-3/x+4))-(-3-y)/(x+4)^2 (x+4)(y+3)/(-x+4)+(y+3)/(x+4)^2 *Mult. everything by (-x+4) ...
  61. Physics

    If astronauts could travel at v=0.89c, we on Earth would say it takes (4.20/0.890)=4.72 years to reach Alpha Centauri, 4.20 light years away. The astronaut would disagree. (a) How much time passes on the astronaut's clocks? (b) What is the distance to Alpha Centauri according ...
  62. Language Arts

    I need to find out when author Bill Gutman was born. I have searched everywhere but have come up with nothing. My project is due in 3 days please help me.
  63. Math

    So, I have a question on a project that asks why you get a different answer when measuring the side of a hypotenuse versus using the Pythagorean Theorem. I did get different answers, but I just can't figure out why.
  64. Math

    If we toss four fair coins, what is the probability that we get more heads than tails? HHHH TTTT HHTT TTHH HTHT THTH HHHT TTTH HTTH THHT Would the answer be 2/10? I am a little confused. Thanks for the help!
  65. Short essay proofreading check

    Eric Yiadom is a volcanic tempered basketball player whose attitude often leads others to malign him. He is tall and slim with dark olive skin and has short red hair as hot as his temper. On the court he lacks good sportsmanship. Always causing a tantrum and putting others ...
  66. science

    Suppose you need 2.0 L of 6.0 M sulphuric acid, and you have a bottle of concentrated acid of 18.0 M sulphuric acid. a). How much of this would be needed to a 2 L, 6.0 sulphuric acid solution? a). Describe how you would prepare this solution.
  67. Science

    Associate each item in the table with at least one field of science and one area of technology/engineering. Choose from the terms given at the bottom. Automobile aspirin shirt computer pesticide satellite robot atomic bomb vaccination can of soup polyester wrapper skyscraper ...
  68. Math

    A box of dog food would feed 5 dogs for 4 days. How long would it feed 8 dogs ?
  69. calculus

    Left f(x) = 1/x+2 and g(x) = x-1/x. Simplify as much as possible and sstate the domain. f 0 g(x) g 0 f(x)
  70. Math

    There are 3 1/8 pizzas left from your summer party. How much will you and 4 friends get?
  71. math

    John had $24.He spent 2/3 of his money.How much he has left.
  72. Math

    If 1/3 of. My salary is in one bank, 1/5 in another and 1/6 in another how much I have left
  73. mathematics

    125,454 dollars take 30% how much is left
  74. statistics

    if you lose 10% a year, how much will be left of 2.44 million in 26 years?
  75. maths

    Mary spent 1/7 of her money and saved 5/7.How much is she left with?
  76. Economics

    I'm trying to research for a paper about why we shouldn't have flat tax rate, and a reason that i'm seeing people putting online, is that a flat tax rate of say, 18% would decrease tax revenue? Can someone explain how? I don't understand how taxes work.
  77. Geometry

    The midpoint of the segment joining points (a, b) and (j, k) is: (j-a,k-b) j-a over 2 k-b over 2 (j+a,k+b) j+a over 2 k+b over 2
  78. Geometry

    The midpoint of the segment joining points (a, b) and (j, k) is: (j-a,k-b) j-a over 2 k-b over 2 (j+a,k+b) j+a over 2 k+b over 2
  79. Algebra

    I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to work this: the square root of 55 minus the square root of one over 55 plus the square root of 5 over 11. Do I use conjugates? Ahhhh!
  80. Science

    use the idea of energy to explain how energy flows through food chains in the rock pool
  81. Science, Biology

    How did a new species with different variation affect the availability of food for the previously existing species..?
  82. Science

    how is it possible to figure out a science problem like this EXAMPLE:s=2m*6Hz=2m*6(1/s)=12m/s if they don't tell you what the letters mean?
  83. Algebra1

    how do i sove this problem -12q+4=8q-6 -12+4=8q-6 First you want to get the variable isolated on one side. To do that, you can do one of two things. We'll put the variable on the right side. You need to put the -12q on the right. Do you know how to do that? You have to add -12...
  84. Algebra-Please check

    Please check- sqrt of 2x + 15 = x Answers: -5.3 -3.5 -3 5 I think according to my calculations it would be 5, correct? sqrt root of 7-x = 3-solve for x Answers: -2 2 4 -4 My choice would be 2 Is that correct- I squared both sides and came out with 7-x = 9 and then x = 2 Thank ...
  85. science

    seven of the chemical elements exist as diatomicmolecules. do research to find out which seven elements these are. write a short report that describes each diatomic molecule. be sure to include the formula for each molecule please help me ikts extra credit and i don't get it
  86. math

    write the equation for and graph the parabola. Focus:(-6,7) Opens:Left Contains:(-6,5)
  87. Physics

    A car has a unibody-type frame and is supported by four suspension springs, each with a force constant of 36100 N/m. The combined mass of the car’s frame and everything inside it (the engine, the seats, the passengers, etc.) is 1270 kg. Because of worn-out shockabsorbers, ...
  88. art

    does anyone have any ideas for the following project? i have to create something that would fit into a small pocket, that's the size it has to be, and it has to be about a person, i have to do mine on a phycisist and information on him has to be shown in what i make. any ideas...
  89. physics

    A figure skater is spinning with an angular velocity of +10 rad/s. She then comes to a stop over a brief period of time. During this time, her angular displacement is +5.8 rad. Determine (a) her average angular acceleration and (b) the time during which she comes to rest.
  90. Calculus

    actually cos(x)=-2 has an infinte amount of solutions so to say it dosen't have ONE is just wrong... but yah I don't buy that the equation, in some post below doesn't have critical points they are defined I found them, but whatever anyways can you help me simplify h t t p...
  91. math

    In a measurement of precipitation (rainfall), a raingauge with an orifice (collector) area of 30.50 in2 collects 1.30 litres of water over a period of 26 minutes and 45 seconds.[10] Calculate: 1) The depth (amount) of rain that fell (in mm). 2) The intensity (mm h-1) at which ...
  92. algebra

    The time it takes to finish a job varies inversely as the number of workers helping with the job. If 8 workers require 12 hours to finish a job, how much time would 18 workers require to finish the same job?
  93. Punctuating Sentences check please

    The rainbow stretched across the sky from the ice cream truck to the house down the lane. Between the sixth and seventh floors of the building in the stairwell over in the corner. Punctuating Sentences I am not sure if I did them correctily would someone please check for me ...
  94. Science

    chilean quake's richter magnitude: 8.5 taiwan earthquake's richter magnitude: 7.6 about how much more energy was released by the chilean quake than the taiwan earthwquake? a. twice as much b. ten times as much c. thirty two times as much d. one thousand times as much i think ...
  95. French

    Could you please check this to make sure it's right. We are supposed to write in paragraph form what we would buy for a party, who we would invite, and where we would buy the food at. Could you please give me a grade on it (I'm in ninth grade and it's supposed to be 7-8 ...
  96. Biology

    can anyone please explain the term regulating mortality factor (regarding the holly leaf miner )and how understanding of this can lead to successful biological control of pests in agriculture and horticulture hi are you doing s103 im finding this whole course very heavy going ...
  97. math

    please help!!I've been staring at this forever!! 1. Every year, Annie makes a graph showing the amount in her bank account over time. Sketch a graph showing the amount in her bank account over time from the description given. Draw a separate graph for each description. Explain...
  98. English

    I have to write a Haiku with has to do with Science, please let me know if this is good. Science is great fun you get to use chemicals, but safety is first. Thank you.
  99. *****Help Statistic

    Imagine taking a 10-question true or false exam. You randomly guess at each question. Don't do any calculations, just tell me your first impressions a). Is this a binomial setting? b) How many question do you think you would get correct? c). How surprised would you be if you ...
  100. chemistry

    what test would you form to verify the presence of the Na+4 and the Po4,3-ion in plant food
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