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very easy math question

i doing my physics work and so i have to convert 0.0023mm to meters and it seem so easy but i not know how. i first convert it to cm, i times by ten then i divide by 100 to give me meters so i get 0.0023m but it suppose to be 2.3*10^5 m

Art (1 question)

Question #1: Ancient Native Americans chose willow strips to make baskets because they were easy to bend and a) easy to find b) rare and valuable c) multi-colored d) waterproof There's no textbook for the Art course so it's hard. According to the non-sense information they ...


What is the probability of rolling a 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6 on a six sided dice? MAKE SURE TO READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY!


Please help with this math problem. The math question asks, "Identify the numerator and denominator of the fraction 3/8. Please let me know if I am correct? numerator is the 3 and te denominator is the 8. Is this a trick question? My professor want me to show my work, so this ...

Help math only 1 question easy!

Simplify 3!

Super Easy Math Question

3x^2-12x+11=0 Solve for x.


5 examples of what you find slope to be


this is an easy question, but i kept doing this in my calculator but my answer always showed up wrong. a = (0-(20.5 m/s))^2)/(2(1.18 (x ) 10^2 ( m) =


this is an easy question, but i kept doing this in my calculator but my answer always showed up wrong. a = (0-(20.5 m/s))^2)/(2(1.18 (x ) 10^2 ( m) =

8th grade math easy quick question

Can you combine 26a^2 and 13a^3??

simple easy math question PLEASEEE HELPP!!!

is this true? log^2 x = (logx)^2


can someone explain to me also how to do addition with equations. Solve the system by addition 5x-3y=13 4x-3y=11 its easy try properly It's not easy "It's not easy" Then how come I found the answer: x = 2; y = -1, in just five seconds by just looking at the equations? :) How ...

organic chem easy question

How many hydrogen do you have to replace to get each of these products from 1-chlorbutane products are : 1,1-dichlorobutane 1,2-dichlorobutane 1,3-dichlorobutane 1,4-dichlorobutane IT is easy. What is your thinking on it? 1,2-dichlorobutane

easy math

this is easy, but for whatever reason, i cannot get it :/ how would i express 3.456 billion as a number? or 1.009 trillion? i justneed them in their full form so i can put them in an excel graph :( thanks!

Math - Proportions

This seems like an easy question but I can not seem to find the answer in my reading material. Can anyone possibly help?



Easy Math Question???

Can a line (not a line segment) have a perpendicular bisector?

Easy math question

Find the inverse of the one-to-one function. f(x)= (2x+5)/7

Moms day question

Hi so this isn't school, but my mom and dad looks at my history, so i cannot Google this question. I am 14, and I need cheap easy mothers day ideas... Thanks, and if y'all don't wanna answer, ya don't have to.

science 1 question

hi, this is one question in a test, i might post more. in the heart blood flows from the right atrium to the right ventricle where it is pumped to the...? What? I'm pretty sure this is easy, i'm just stumped-_-


Shelly and her friend wanted to simplify a question 3/9 and 16/22 they didn't know how, but all they had to do is divide 3/9 and 16/22 with the clocest factor they can. The answer for 3/9 is 1/3 and the answer for 16/22 is 8/11 easy.


Just a quick question: I'm trying to find the least residue of 7^5 mod 50. I've been messing about with Chinese remainder theorem etc... But it seems a bit easy which is throwing me off and making me think I'm solving another question. So instinctively I know that 7^2=49 so 49...


1. It is easy for us to weed the garden. 2. It is easy for us to work in the garden. 3. For us to weed the garden is easy. 4. For us to work in the garden is easy. (Are they all grammatical and the same?)


Which sentence is correctly punctuated? A) This test, in my opinion, is easy. B) This test in my opinion is easy. C) This test, in my opinion is easy. D) This test in my opinion, is easy. I answered C

very easy algebra one

i have a question

Science 1 easy question!!!!

Is K^+1 and F^-1 an ionic bond? My answer: yes


I sent question about rt triangle, ABC, needing to find a & b. altitude was 4, base a and hypotenuse b. You mentioned knowing another angle. There is one < A is 45 degrees. Thanks for all your help. Math is not an easy subject for me.

Math (easy question)

Given the function f(x) = 1/(sqrt x) a. Does f(x) exist at x=0? b. Does f'(x) exist at x=0? c. Explain why integral (from 0->1) f(x)dx does exist. THANK YOU.

Technical writing

Which is the correct comparative form of easy? Select one: a. easiest b. more easy c. easier d. easyer C

Somebody answer

answer questions Ask a question. I have been working on the question for at least an hour. The question is: I have to spend 100 dollers and by 100 brains. Cow brains 5.00 Pigs 2.00 sheep 0.10 I have to buy one of each. I am very confused. Are teacher gave this worksheet to us ...

us history

i need a congressional debate question and 4 quick and easy answers to go with it


Write the equation of a circle with a center at (2.5, –3.5) and a radius of 1.2.


Finally... I never get a chance to ask my questions since y912f barely ever gets off! Now for my question, I've been wondering. Childrens' authors usually write such easy baby books such as: Paul went to the store. Jill likes candy. Can't anyone out there write stories for ...

Idk, easy question though

Whats the difference between biome and habitat?


Write the equation of a circle with a center at (15, –35) and a diameter of 100.


(too bad I don't know how to solve it!) How many different ways can the letters in the word “square” be arranged?


2(5x + 1) = 3(3x + 7) a) x = 19 b) x = 20 c) x = 21 Can you please explain it step by step please? I don't get the question and I want some easy, thorough explanation with a through guide of what you're calculating. Thank you so much!


If k=-4 then the value of (2k)^3-2k^3 is? Nevermind. That was an easy question. I got it. If you would still like to answer go ahead. It will help verify. subts k= -4 in where you see K kinda simple it should look like 2(-4)^3 - 2(-4)^3 You can do the rest Thanx Kim.


Is there an easy way to find a pattern in a function table, so you can write a function rule? Or is there no easy way, you have to keep on guessing, by observing the table?


what does this question mean im really confused. directions - translate the adjective and write the correct form. 1. un apartmento (small) 2. las mujeres (brown haired) 3. los hombres (tall) 4. la senora (pretty) 5. las clases (easy) can someone explain what the question is ...


Ancient native americans chose willow strips to make baskets because they were easy to bend and 1.easy to find. 2.rare and valuable. 3.multi-colored. 4.waterproof. Please help :-(


I'm sorry it's been a while since I've been on Jishka. how are you guys? My question is: I keep getting confused in adding, subtracting,dividing,and multiplying postive and negative numbers. What are the rules for this and is there any easy way to remember them? Thanks-MC


Which survey question is biased? Which is your favorite, pizza or spaghetti? Which subject is your favorite, math, which is easy, or English, which is difficult? ••• Who do you live with: both parents, mother only, father only, or another guardian? Should children be ...


Outliers are often easy to spot in question is can a historgram have more than one outlier.


Which of the following is an advantage of a sole proprietorship? A. It is easy to expand if it succeeds. **** B. It faces few government rules. C. It is easy to get financing to start one. D. It has the lowest federal income taxes.


Jackie goes to the store to buy some meat. The meat costs $5.80/kg. How many grams of meat could she buy for $10? is there an easy way to do this? I did a few others like it, but kg and grams is not as easy

easy q

The physical enviroment in which species relate is called their (a)biome,(b)habitat, (c)home Look up each term in a dictionary (hard copy or on line). That should answer your question. Although this does not directly answer your question, I hope this will indicate a way to ...

kinda easy geometry

I know this geometry question may be simple for some of you but it is hard for me. I use to be able to do this type of problem but I guess I forgot it over time. Im sure we all do. Any help on this question would help. Thanks in advance for whoever helps me. :-) A line passes ...


I have heard that trig CAN be super easy, that there are just, like, 10 rules you need to memorize then all the problems are easy. ... Does anyone know what these are? Thanks!

Physics. Easy question? Please help

What is the (a) maximum and (b) minimum total resistance value that can be obtained using three resistors whose values are 2.0 ohms, 4.0ohms and 6.0 ohms? The resistors can be used individually, in pairs, or all three at once. Is this a trick question? Is the answer 12 and 2?


(Tell whether each expression would give you the area or the perimeter of the rectangle) 1.)XY 4) y + 2x +y

Emergency Easy QUESTION

1.)Can being in low classes in high school affect you in college? If so then please explain because I'm worried.

American National Government

Can someone please help with this question? It has three parts to the question. 1.Is it easy or difficult to pass a bill? 2. What are some advantages of passing legislation quickly? 3. What are some disadvantages of passing legilation quickly? I have an answer for the first ...


Trying to factor 2 equations 3x2+9x-30 4x2-4x-48 I assume you mean 3x² + 9x - 30 which on this board most people write as 3x^2 ... =3(x^2 + 3x - 10) =3(x+5)(x-2) do the same thing for your second question, factor out the 4 first, then it's easy Let me know what you got 4(x-4...


My question had 2 parts: a) A 2.0 kg object oscillates with simple harmonic motion on a spring of force constant 580.0 N/m. The maximum speed is 1.0 m/s. What is the total energy of the object and the spring? Answer: 1.0 J b) What is the maximum amplitude of the oscillation? ...


Ancient native Americans chose willow strips to make baskets because there were easy to bend and to. A. easy to find B. rare and valuable C. multi colored D. waterproof I chose A is this correct


application of the laws of exponent. show different ways of simplifying each of the following expression. answer the question that follow. 1. 2^5 * 2^4 2. x^4 * x^7 3. (3^2)^3 4. (m^4)^5 5. (5^3 * 2^2)^2 1. how did you simplify each expression above? 2. what do you think would...


I had posted this question before but no one answered for half and hour. I finished the first question i posted but i am stuck on this one: A rock that contains a cavity filled with crystals is called a geode. Why are the cyrstals in the middle of the geode larger than the ...


Find the area between the curve y=4/x and the x-axis from x=1 to x=e. It is a review question for my final exam and I am really stuck on how to solve You should hope for a final exam question so easy. area= INT y dx= INT 4/x dx from 1 to e area= 4ln x from 1 to e

English Easy Question!

What are some ways to say "As" in an essay. Example: As I stood watching the march, I heard the gentle tolls of the church bell.


how are electronic devices used to process information? come on i'd rather be doing other things pleaseeee answer this question! its easy for all you A students


(100)d^2-(57.3)d= 0 solve for d. yes...I just can't figure out what number I'd use to factor this and it got bumped to the next page. I thought it was an easy question but... Thanks

easy algebra question, check answer

When multiplying two numbers written in scientific notation, what do you do with the exponents of the 10? a. multiply b. add*** c. subtract d. divide

Algebra Please Help

If x is 10, is 2/x in proportion to x/50? Why I am not understanding the question very well. Algebra is not easy for me.

Easy maths question

Hey How do I convert 1224.78m squared into mm squared?

Science 1 easy question!!!!

Is a gazelle the closer to a camel or lioness on a cladogram? I think camel

social studies

hi can someone please help me with this question 1. When the diplomats met to negotiate the treaty ending the Revolutionary War, the process was a. quick and easy, combat had already settled all the important issues b. slow and painful, because the britsh could not admit that ...


total cost is equal to what? It would be easy to read your brief question out of context. So, a brief answer to your brief question: Generally speaking, total cost is the sum of fixed costs and variable costs. Do you have a specific problem you are trying to solve?

Super Easy Science - SUPER SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!!

how do I do i stay focused while writing a report??????!!!!!!!!!!!

super quick easy question

does anyone know of a website translating english to shakespearean language? or to elizabethan language?


A student is taking a multiple-choice exam with 16 questions. Each question has five alternatives. If the student guesses on 12 of the questions, what is the probability she will guess at least 8 correct? Assume all of the alternatives are equally likely for each question on ...


Does the frequency of light change as it enters a different substance? I know that the speed changes. The question might seem easy, but I have contradicting notes, so I'm confused.

Science 1 easy question!!!!

If new information about the behavior of atoms is discovered and verified, then revisions will need to be made to the current___ My answer: Atomic model?


IF you try to lift a 2x10 plank by applying 25 N force but the plank does not move did you do any work?

check 1 easy question

Which word is most similar to the word intuition? refinement principles reasoning insight <----

Easy Math

Find the only integer between 1500, and 2500 which is ans integral multiple of both 2 to the power of five and 2 to the power of 5 subtract 1. 2^5 = 32 2^5 - 1 = 31 However, 32 x 31 = 992, which is not between 1500 and 2500. Multiplying again by either term gives you a product...


Another grammar question from me... I need help understanding gerund phrases. I know the meaning and everything there is just no easy way for me to spot them..any help for me? Thanks -MC


So i have to make a french food for around 20 people. Do you know of any appetizer that I can serve at room temperature, easy to make, and easy to get my hand on the ingredients? thanks

Math Help

I have to do this question in several ways like any possible way to do it so I've found one mathematical way, I can't do it like a physics question cause it's math. a bike travels at a constant speed of 10km/h. a bus starts 175 km behind the bike and catches up to the bike in ...

Math I need help ASAP!

1. which of the following is true of a random sample? a. it is the only way to sample a population. b. each member of the sample is a volunteer. c. it is always the easiest way to sample a population. d. each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. 2. ...


Mr Gopal left 3/10 of his fortune to his wife. Of the remainder, 1/10 was donated to charity and the rest was distributed among his 4 children , A , B , C and D in the ratio of 4:3:3:2 . If $63000 was given to charity, calculate (a)the amount received by A (b)the total fortune...


write as a single logarithm: -2logbase3(1/x)+(1/3)logbase3(square root of x) please show the steps to solving this. thanx. remember that 1 log (AxB) = log A + Log B (same base) 2 log (A/B) = log A - log B 3 log A^n = n log A use these three rules and it becomes an easy question.

Chemistry, Check 1 easy question!!!

What type of bond will a metal cation most likely form? I think its Iconic bond


A spherical balloon is to be deflated so that its radius decreases at a constant rate of 12 cm/min. At what rate must air be removed when the radius is 5 cm? Must be accurate to the 5th decimal place. It seems like an easy question but no matter how many times i attempt it I ...


application of the laws of exponent show different ways of simplifying each of the following expression. answer the question that follow. 1. 2^5 * 2^4 2. x^4 * x^7 3. (3^2)^3 4. (m^4)^5 5. (5^3 * 2^2)^2 6. (a^4 * b^2)^5 7. (3x^5)^3 8. 7^4/7^2 9. x^5/x^8 10. 12m^9/4m^5 11. (3/4...

Easy math

Question: Susie got the following scores for the first 18 holes of miniature golf: 3,4,2,1,4,4,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,3,5,4 and 3. If par for the first 18 holes is 45 strokes, is Susie's stroke total over, under, or equal to par? - Answer: do I add 18 by 45?


I was given a question, and it seems pretty easy but could someone check it for me? If there were thirty-two students in a class, and each shook hands with everyone else, how many total handshakes would there be? I got 496, can anyone else get that?

Social studies

Hi! Please help me with major question. I have CBA project now (what is it CBA you can find here: My constitutional issue is "Can people be a property?" which is linked with movement for the African American equality ...

social studies

i really need some help on finding information on the Barbados. i need a site that is easy for a ten year old and up. if you can help post a question to answer


For the reaction shown, calculate how many moles of NO2 form when each amount of reactant completely reacts. 2N2O5g = 4NO2g+O2g I am assuming that the first question must be converted to grams and the second question must be converted to kilograms I just need to know how to ...


IS KELP A ------- (FISH), (WHALE), OR (SEAWEED)? seaweed Seaweed

Physics 11 question pls urgent HELP!!!!!

The 1205 kg physics dragster is traveing ay 35km(easy) when it hits the gas and accelerates at 12.5 m/s^2 for 3.25s. What is change in momentum during this time?


. When the diplomats met to negotiate the treaty ending the Revolutionary War, the process was a. quick and easy, combat had already settled all the important issues b. slow and painful, because the britsh could not admit that they had lost c. slow and difficult becuse the ...


The Rhythm and rhyme patterns of the Limerick form are important because A) funny poems should have rhyming lines B) they make limericks easy to understand C) they add to the humor of limericks D) they make Limericks easy to write

This math question is confusing.

A set of hemispherical bowls are made so they can be nested for easy storage. The largest bowl has a radius of 30 cm and each successive bowl has a radius 90% of the preceding one. What is the radius of the tenth bowl? there is a picture, sorry i cant put the picture but can ...


Okay, I feel like this question should be really easy because it's a multiple choice question but how do you figure it out?? I'm completely drawing a blank. Consider the following equilibrium N2O4(g) <-> 2NO2(g) Kc = 4.8E-3 Which set of concentrations represents ...

Easy Math

This seems like an easy question yet I am not able to comprhend. Question: Inher latest game, Mary bowled 199 and raised her average to 179 from 178. To raise her average to 180 with the next game, what must she bowl? Her average was 178. The average is the sum of the scores ...

Science Grade 8

I know that this seems like a REALLY EASY question, but for some reason I cannot think of anything! 2. What technologies have been developed that use light? This is from a grade 8 textbook, so nothing to technical!


What is the change in kinetic energy of a baseball thrown at 90 mph compared to one thrown at 45 mph? it is four times as much right?


Sorry, another question. ** Determine whether parallelogram ABCD is a rhombus, a rectangle, or a square. List all that apply. Explain your reasoning. 1) A(12,0), B(6,-6), C(0,0), D(6,6) I know to do this. I just don't know if it's a rhombus, rectangle, or a square. For AB I ...


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