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  1. Physics

    A television tube operates at 20,000V. What is min wavelength for the continuous x-ray spectrum produced when the electrons hit the phosphor?
  2. Physics

    What is the threshold frequency for the photoelectric effect on lithium (phi= 2.93eV)? What is the stopping potential if the wavelength of the incident light is 400nm?
  3. Physics

    A television tube operates at 20,000V. What is min wavelength for the continuous x-ray spectrum produced when the electrons hit the phosphor?
  4. physics

    Consider the following specific case of the system described in the example above. Suppose the angle θ is 78.0° and the mass of the ball is 7.00 kg.
  5. physics

    A power line 10 meter high carries a current 200 amperes .Find the magnetic field of the wire at ground?
  6. Physics

    Which method of sliding a block of ice requires less force—(a) pushing or (b) pulling at the same angle above the horizontal?
  7. physics

    for the uniform T shaped structure with mass 3M moment of inertia about an axis normal to the plane & passing through O would be
  8. physics...damon please help

    Thirty microcoulombs of NEGATIVE charge experiences an electrostatic force of 27. mN. What is the magnitude and direction of the electric field?
  9. physics

    the mass of the truckand its contents is 7460kg. find the magnitude of the forces exerted by the ground a) the front wheels b)the rearwheels of the truck.
  10. physics

    why is it that drivers place cement blocks and other heavy items in the trucks of their vehicles? (think of friction and normal force)
  11. Physics

    If you are at the top of a toboggan run that is 44.3 m high, how fast will you be going at the bottom, provided you can ignore friction between the sled and the track?
  12. physics

    draw a particle model and a motion diagram for A bike travels at constant speed of 4.0 m/s for 4 s then slow down to come at rest in 3 s.
  13. physics

    A 75 kg hockey player glides across the ice on his skates with steel blades. What is the magnitude of the force of friction acting on the skater?
  14. Physics

    1) Please describe the structure of a hurricane,and how they work. Include a discussion of how energy is transferred from the warm ocean water up to the sky.
  15. physics

    A 1.2 lead ball is launched off a cliff top at 16 m/s Determine the balls kinetic energy at position P. Ignore friction
  16. physics

    A circular swimming pool has a flat bottom and a 4.39 m diameter. It is filled with water to a depth of 1.51 m. There is 1.36 atm of pressure on the top surface.
  17. physics

    The coldest and hottest temperatures ever recorded in the United States are -83°F and 135°F, respectively. What is the speed of sound in air at each temperature?
  18. physics

    A glacier advances at 4.3 × 10−6 cm/s.How far will it move in 6.4 years? Assume there is 365 days each year. Answer in units of cm. Thanks in advance!!
  19. physics

    A red flower seen in the light of mercury vapour lamp through a green filter wil appear in what colour?
  20. Chemistry/Physics

    When 1mol of a gas burns at constant pressure, it produces 2430J of heat and does 5kJ of work. Calculate change in H, q, and in kJ?
  21. physics

    A car of mass 200g moving at 15.0m/s is accelerated to 25.0m/s in a time of 10.0 seconds determine the accelerating force and calculate the work done on the body
  22. physics

    A robot arm expends 15J of work to extend a spring 10cm from its equilibrium position. How much force is required?

    An airplane accelerates down a runway at 3.20 m/s 2 for 32.8 s until is finally lifts off the ground. Determine the distancetraveled before takeoff.
  24. physics

    How much thrust is required to launch a 5 kg bottle rocket with an upward acceleration of 6.4 m/s2? I've gotten 32 because F=MA but I don't understand how to account for gravity. Please help!
  25. physics

    what will be the centipetal acceleration on a man whose mass is 80 kg,when resting on a ground at the equator if the radius of the earth'R' is 6.4x10 power 6 meter.
  26. physics

    two forces of the same magnitude act at a point.the square of their resultant is 3 times the product of their magnitudes.the angle between them is?
  27. physics

    A quantity of steam (750 g) at 122°C is condensed, and the resulting water is frozen into ice at 0°C. How much heat was removed?
  28. physics

    A ball is thrown straight up and reaches a maximum height of 6.57 m . What was its initial speed? The accelera- tion of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s
  29. Physics

    an aircraft lands on a runway with length of 205 m at a speed of 295 km/h what is the minimum constant deceleration required for a safe landing
  30. physics

    The equation of a SHM of a 600 g object is given as x = 0.45 cos 6.4 t where the displacement x is in meters and time in seconds. What is the total energy of the system?
  31. physics

    You work at a garden store for the summer. You lift a bag of fertilizer with a force of 122 N, and it moves upward with an acceleration of 0.760 m/s2.
  32. Physics

    While rearranging a dorm room, a student does 312 J of work in moving a desk 2.0 m. What was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?
  33. Physics

    Calculate the components parallel and perpendicular to the plane of 150N gravitational force acting on an object on a slope at 20 degrees to the horizontal ?
  34. physics

    Two forces of the same magnitude act at a point.the square of their resultant is 3 times the product of their magnitudes.the angle between them is?
  35. Physics

    A group of students observes that a wooden block (m = 0.40 kg) on the end of a string with a radius of 0.7 meters makes 9 rotations in 20.7 seconds when twirled.
  36. physics

    A group of students observes that a wooden block (m = 0.40 kg) on the end of a string with a radius of 0.7 meters makes 5 rotations in 20.7 seconds when twirled.
  37. physics

    An object 5 cm high is placed at a distance of 60 cm in front of a concane mirror of focal length10cm .Find the position and size of image
  38. physics

    what is the magnitude kinetic frictional force between a 1500 kg car decelerating at a rate of 5.0m/s^2 skidding across a horizontal road.
  39. physics

    The two sets of magnetic-field coils,used to form the pictures on the screen, are _______ to each other. Parallel or perpendicular
  40. Physics

    A construction crane's cable lifts a 59.5-kg box upward with an acceleration of 1.38 m/s^2. Find the tension in the rope. 501.585 is incorrect.
  41. Physics

    1.For the following simple see-saw calculate: 1. the load that could be lifed, 2. the maechanical advantage (assume the lever is 100% efficient).
  42. physics

    A student, 90.0 m away from the foot of a cliff, claps her hands and hears the echo 0.50 s later. Calculate the speed of sound in the air.
  43. physics

    Calculate the gauge pressure inside a soap bubble 0.0002m in radius using the surface tension for soapy water
  44. physics

    A camera with a lens of focal length 10 cm takes a picture of a 160 cm girl standing 24.0 m away. What is the approximate height of the image?
  45. mathematical physics

    Using Green's theorum evaluate the integral [ integration from c x^2ydx-xy^2dy] where c is the closed curve along the circle. x^2+y^2 = 4
  46. Physics

    What is the linear speed of a child standing 0.4 m from the centre of a steadily rotating merry go around? It makes one complete revolution in 16.0 s.
  47. Physics

    You drop a rock from a 300-meter cliff. How long will it take to reach the ground? Assume it has no significant air resistance

    A Hammer weighing 3kg strikes the head of a nail with a speed of 2m/s and drives it by 1cm into the wall. find the impulse?
  49. physics

    How long would it take to bring a 318 kg car moving at 11.2 m/s to a complete stop if a 602.8 N breaking force is applied?
  50. physics

    Tony£¬a 110kg football player£¬has a fever of 39celcius. What mass of water must evaporate from his body to cool him to 37celcius£¿
  51. physics, QUESTION = At what depth below the free surface of oil having a density of 600kg/m^3 will the pressure be equal to 1bar.
  52. physics

    an object fall from rest of total height h and covers a distance of h/2 in last second find out time it remain in air
  53. physics

    Calculate the capacitance of a planet, assuming it is a spherical capacitor of radius R = 9050.0 km with charge distributed throughout the volume of the sphere.
  54. Physics

    A 250kg car initially at rest was travelling with acceleration of 10m/s square. Calculate the kinetic energy after 3 seconds
  55. Physics

    Calculate the work required to pull a wagon along a horizontal road for 4.0x10^2 m at a constant speed of 3.0 m/s if the force of friction is 8.0 N.
  56. Physics

    a 4.0 cm high object is placed 5.10 cm from a concave mirror whose redius of curvature is 21.2 cm. Find the inmage distance and the image size.
  57. Physics

    A 5.0cm tall object is placed 16cm from a convex lens with a focal length of 8.4cm. What are the image height and orientation?
  58. physics

    The distance between the midpoints of two metal balls,P and Q,respectively of masses 55 kg and 70 kg,is 80 cm (a)calculate the gravitational force that P exerts on Q thanks in advance
  59. physics

    If the building absorbed so much heat that it turned into a liquid, then it would have undergone a phase change known as _________.
  60. Physics

    Find x and y components of a vector which is 10 units in length and 40 degrees below the +x axis. I honestly don't even know how to begin this problem .. Please help me !
  61. physics

    a fan rotates speed of 600rev per min the power is cut it stopped after 60 rev find time
  62. physics

    An aeroplane lands on the runway at velocity 180km/hour and decelerates at 0.4 m/s^2 find the time taken until it stops and the displacement.
  63. Physics

    How Much Work Is Done Against Gravity In Sliding A 500g Object Through 2m Up A Smooth Plane That Is Inclined 30degree To The Horizontal(g=9.8)
  64. Physics

    An airplane has a takeoff speed of 66m/s. Assuming a constant acceleration of 1.62m/s^2, how long is the plane accelerating down the runway?
  65. Physics

    Two people pushing a stalled car from rest generate a net force of +840N for 5.0s. What is the cars final velocity?
  66. physics

    Two springs have force constant K1&K2 (K1>K2) .each spring is extended by same farce F. If their elastic potential energy are E1&E2then E1/E2)is?
  67. Physics

    A rocket accelerates from rest at 17 m/s2 for 11 s. How far will it cover during this time? Answer in units of m. How do I solve this? do I multiply 17m/s2 by 11 seconds??
  68. Physics

    Calculate the height through which a crane can lift a load of 4 ton when it's motor of 4 H.P operates for 10 sec. Acceleration due to gravity is 10 m/s2
  69. physics/algebra

    82.35 m = (0)t + 1/2(-9.8)t^2 t = 4.1 s is correct Could someone please walk me through this? I could not get an answer because of the negative (maybe my order of operations is wrong) I have no idea!
  70. Physics

    A boy sledding down a hill accelerates at 2.33 m/s2 . If he started from rest, in what distance would he reach a speed of 8.70 m/s? Answer in units of m
  71. physics

    an object falls directly from a plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 10000ft at 50mi/h. how long will it take to hit the ground?
  72. Physics

    Forces of 10.3N north, 19.5N east, and 15.2N south are simultaneously applied to a 4.06kg mass as it rests on an air table. What is the magnitude of its acceleration?
  73. physics

    The steel I-beam in the drawing has a weight of 1.53 × 103 N and is being lifted at a constant velocity. What is the tension in each cable attached to its ends?
  74. physics

    when starting a foot race a 66 kg sprinter exerts an average force of 640 N backward on the ground for 0.85s. What is his final speed in m/s?
  75. Mabel hill, physics

    Two force,3N and 4N act on a body in the direction due north and east respectively. Calculate their equilibrium?
  76. Physics

    If a rocket is launched at an initial speed of 120m/s at an angle of 25 degrees, find the time of flight, range, and it's highest height.
  77. Physics

    How does an electric motor work, linking to the theory of electromagnetism? I have already identified a few laws: -Ohms -Faraday's
  78. Physics

    The steel I-beam in the drawing has a weight of 5.22 × 103 N and is being lifted at a constant velocity. What is the tension in each cable attached to its ends?
  79. Physics

    Since friction is a force, how do you determine its magnitude and direction? Use a box sliding across a carpet to illustrate your answer
  80. physics

    So basically I got this question and it's baffling. Over a distance of 5m the speed of a bicycle increase's from 2ms to 5ms what I's the magnitude of acceleration?
  81. Physics HELP

    A bug on a picnic table travels 10 cm east, then 18 cm northward, and finally 20 cm westward. What is the bugs displacement relative to its original position?
  82. physics

    Explain two different reasons why fibreglass is used to fill the space between the concrete block and the metal casing.
  83. physics

    if a worker pushes a box 3 times as far as you do and exerts double the force you applied, which one of you does more work and by how much?
  84. Physics

    A ceiling fan of radius 1.0 m is rotating with a frequency of 300 RPM. How fast (in m/sec) is the tip of one of the blades moving?
  85. physics

    A skier (m=55.0 kg) starts sliding down from the top of a ski jump with negligible friction and takes off horizontally. If h = 4.90 m and D = 10.6 m, find H.
  86. physics

    How much would the time keeping of a pendulum clock be affected by taking it to the moon? Gravity is 1.6m/s ^2, compared with 10m/s ^2 on the earth.
  87. Physics

    An astronaut on board a spacecraft is in orbit around the earth in uniform circular motion. Is her velocity speed and acceleration constant?
  88. physics

    What must be the radius of an unbanked (flat) curve so that a car can safely travel at a maximum speed of 39 m/s? The coefficient of static friction is 0.70.
  89. physics

    a stone propelled from a catapult with a speed of 50ms-1 attains a height of 100m. Calculate the time of flight and the angle of projection
  90. physics dimention

    the force of capillarity in plant is given by F=yrgh/2,where y is the coefficient of surface tension.Is this equation correct or not? justify your answer.

    A ball is thrown upwards .the distance covered by it during of last 2 second before it reaches the maximum height is ???? Find answer
  92. Physics

    A 26-lb. force vector that makes an angle of 101° counterclockwise from the -y direction. Determine the x and y components of the following three vectors in the xy plane.
  93. Physics

    In what ratio the mass 4m should split so that value of gravitational force comes Maximum for a fix distance d between the masses?
  94. Physics

    In what ratio the mass 4m should be split so the value of gravitational force comes maximum for a fix distance d between the masses? F=G(4m-x)/r^2 G/r^2(4m-x^2)
  95. Physics

    with what minimum speed must a ball be thrown straight up in order to reach a height of 34 meters above the launch position?
  96. physics

    a man holds a child on his shoulders while watching a football match. How much work has he done if the game lasts for 2 hours
  97. Physics

    Two equal points charges of +3.00 X 10-6C are placed 0.200m apart. What are the magnitude and direction of the force each charge exerts on the other?
  98. Physics

    W.K.T, Magnetic Force qvB=mv^2/r ... n we know how to prove it too.... But how to show that the radius of curvature of the circular path is proportional to the linear momentum of the charge ?
  99. Physics

    A dense plastic toy of mass 1.8 kg is floating just beneath the surface of a pond. What is the buoyant force on it? Answer in units of N.
  100. physics

    a baseball is released at rest from the top of a hits the ground after falling for 6seconds . what was the height from which the ball was dropped
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