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  1. Math

    file:///G:/STAAR-G7-2014Test-math.pdf please help
  2. math

    I need 1 paragraph explaing where math came from for my uncle
  3. Math

    What are equal intervals? I have a math question that deals with them but I don't what they are.
  4. Math

    How do I use the distributive property to rewrite the math problem 5(4 - y?
  5. Math

    What is mental math in times 3 digits like 8times25times23?
  6. MATH

  7. Math

    Did John Cena ever do math? It doesn't look like he did..
  8. Math

    Has anyone taken the leap practice math pre-algebra (8/6/GT)??
  9. Math

    Explain how you can use mental math to solve the equation 8^(x-4)=1.
  10. Physics

    Trying to beat the heat of summer, a physics grad student went to the local toy store and purchased a child's plastic swimming pool. Upon returning home, he filled it with 154 liters of water at 25°C. Realizing that the water would probably not be cool enough, he threw ice ...
  11. math help

    i need to use mental math and the distributive property to simplify: can you pls check if this correct? a) 19(-6) i got: -114 or do i do like this: 10*(-6)=-60 9*(-6) =-54 -60 + -54= -114 b) 102* $21 i got: $2142 or do i do mental math like this: 100*21 = 2100 2 * 21 = 42 2100...
  12. Math xc

    I've tried and tried to answer this question..I just hate math and math hates me. So let's get to the point why you are all here 1:Find the unit price for each option below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is a better buy. Option 1: 10 candybars...
  13. About previous Physics post/answer from Bobpursely

    So do you mean to say....Ferris wheels use motors, therefore meaning that electrical energy is present. Electrical energy from the motor is then turned into kinetic energy. Electricity, generated from a switch and wires, travel through the motor which makes a magnetic field. ...
  14. Math

    my daughter is working on a math problem called factor capture have any idea as to the rules for understanding it
  15. Math

    My daughter has a math paper that asks to make a stem-and-leaf plot of data. I have no idea what this is!
  16. math

    what would be the equation of a line that has a slope of -2 and passes through point (3,5)? Please help! Math test tomorrow:(
  17. math

    Trying to help son w/math. Mom needs help please! translate the statement. (The product of a number increased by 10 and 4 is 22)
  18. Math

    I need help with this math question: What percent of 400 is 12? Can you please write down the steps and the answer to this problem?
  19. math

    unscramble these letter for a 5th grade math question dealing with fractions and decimals. the letters are IPDLISAF
  20. math!! help pleaseee

    5: 2 = 8 : 10 please explain to me how to do thissss :( im so lost and i have to one to turn to or any math books or anything.
  21. Reiny+Damon

    Can you reply to my last math+log post =) thanks. I'm going to be having alot of math questions today.
  22. Math

    I need some help with my math.. It says is each equation a direct variation? If it is find the constant of variaton. 32. f(x)=-3x 34. y=2x+5 I don't get how to do these.. please help me.
  23. math

    I am doing 4th grade number sense are there any cool math tricks or short cuts that would be good for me to know.
  24. math

    2nd grade math question Show how you would explain "Make a 10" to someone who never heard of it.
  25. math

    What are some suggestions teachers can give to parents so that they might assist their children with unfamiliar math concepts?
  26. Math

    Show all work solve the Math: Polynomial inequality and express the solution in set notation. 2t^2 - 3 < or = to t
  27. Math

    How do you find the surface area of Prisms and cylinders? The stuff in my math workbook does not help me like at all! Please Help!
  28. math

    in my math book i got a question that said order these number from least to greatest 0.09,3/25,8,0.1. My answer is 0.1,8,0.09,3/25 am i correct. Thanks.
  29. Math

    I'm doing a project and I have looked everywhere for this answer. It's if using 50 math tiles how can you make the smallest area?
  30. Math

    Math Question: winning time of a marathon is 1 hour, 24 minutes and 11 seconds... How do I find the average speed?
  31. To Reiny, math helper

    can you look at my post, its just 4 math terms I need to figure out, please help
  32. Math

    If I had the math problem: 2^4 x 3^9 ---- ---- 3^5 2^7 And I used the method of sorting the bases and subtracting the exponents. Would my answer be 2^-3 x 3^4?
  33. math

    use integer values of x from -3 to graph the equation. (the x has a 2 above it,like to the second power) y=-2x+3 I don't know how to do this kind of math.
  34. math/algebra

    I am having a hard time with math I cant get it. Write each rational number as a terminating decimal. 19/20, 1/8, & 17/5 can you please help!!
  35. 4th grade Math

    What is an expression that can be used to find 4 x 275 using mental math and properties of numbers?
  36. math

    Describe a situation this week when you used math to solve a problem involving data, graphs and statistics.
  37. math

    I'm very confuse my teacher talk bout her life in never teach us students the math lesson. y=3/2x-1 y=-x+4
  38. Math

    Can you drop your email for my math question?Its on Google classroom and it has a picture that does not copy onto jiskha's homework help
  39. Math

    I'm doing my math homework. 25*f=100 or twenty-five times something equals one hundred? Please help me.
  40. math

    create a tree diagram to show all possible arrangements of the word "MATH" how many outcomes exist?
  41. English

    1. Boys are better at math than girls. 2. He is the best at math of all the students in his class. (Are both grammatical?)
  42. Math

    Find the mode of the set of data 59,61,54,51,38 46,56,52,63,40,44 1.B 2.D 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.C 11.B 12.D 13.B 14.A 15.A 16.A 17.D 18.A 19.C 20.D Math lesson:10 Unit:2 Practice test 100% answers
  43. math

    seriously ms sure could you stop? I'm just trying to help this person out with their math and you keep deleting things
  44. Math!

    Can someone please help me on math Lesson 11 graphing equations and inequalities unit test? I’m really stuck!
  45. life science , geography , history and math literecy

    I am a grade 11 student and want to follow careers linked to geograpy . My problem is that most of the careers I am in interested in want pure math and im doing math literecy . My question is that , Is it possible for me to start mathematics in University so that I can follow ...
  46. Math( 7th grade advanced math so 8th grade math)

    Bacterial populations can grow to enormous numbers in a matter of a few hours with the right conditions. If a bacterial colony doubles size every 15 minutes, how many bacteria will be present after 1 hour if the colony began with 4 bacteria?
  47. Math

    what kind of math journals, essays, & projects you guys do in 7th grade math??? i'm really curious i saw the grading policy 2 my skool website here is the grading policy for math DISTRICT GRADING POLICY MATHEMATICS -70% FORMAL ASSESSMENTS (Tests, Quizzes) -15% ALTERNATIVE ...
  48. math

    Im good and all at math but I have a question this isn't tricky its like a math brain buster!Suppose you round each group of numbers to the nearest ten.which group of numbers all roundto the same number? A.423,418,426 B.376,378,384 C.255,253,251 D.688,692,696
  49. Physics

    Physics question regarding reflection. Based on what I got from the reading, the law of reflection states that the angle incoming is the same as the angle outgoing. So I'm assuming the answer is C where the reflection should be about the same as you, but I want to make sure if...
  50. algebra

    From 2009 to 2014 the percent of students placing into Math 101 has increased from 13% to 25%. Meanwhile, the percent of students placing into Math 222 has dropped from 25% to 7% If both placements change at a linear rate, what will the percentage be when the percent of people...

    A physics book slides off a horizontal table top with a speed of 1.90 m/s. It strikes the floor after a time of 0.410 s. Ignore air resistance. a) Find the magnitude of the horizontal component of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor. b) Find the ...
  52. Physics repost

    Posted by Mary on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 5:13pm. Suppose you wish to make a solenoid whose self-inductance is 1.2 mH. The inductor is to have a cross-sectional area of 1.2 10-3 m2 and a length of 0.048 m. How many turns of wire are needed? For Further Reading Physics ...
  53. physics

    a person jumps from a window 15m above a safety net. The survivor stretches the net 1.0 m before coming to rest. What was the average deceleration experienced by the person when they were slowed to rest by the net? I do know the answer is -150m/s2,but I don't know how the ...
  54. University studies

    According to the Center for Mathematics Excellence, which of the following is a math myth? A. Knowing the rules and how to use them is the most important part of math. B. Even people who are highly skilled in mathematics and science find these subjects to be challenging C. ...
  55. physics

    You are part of a team to help design the atrium of a new building. Your boss, the manager of the project, wants to suspend a 16.0 kg sculpture high over the room by hanging it from the ceiling using thin, clear fishing line (string) so that it will be difficult to see how the...
  56. English-Urgent

    I have to find the subjects and verbs in all these sentences, please let me know if I did it correctly. Thank you. A guy whom I work with has a theory about college students. (Verb=work, has) (Subject=guy, theory) He believes that students' majors reflect their personalities...
  57. math

    Consider two types of nonlinear equations. What unique quality does each possess and how does that quality cause the graph's unique shape? Name two unique examples of these shapes in real-world situations would someone please let me know what they get for the answer and i ask ...
  58. physics

    How does the width of the central region of a single-slit diffraction pattern change as the wavelength of the light increases? Look at the formula on this.


  61. Physics

    If a projectile is fired straight up at a speed of 10 m/s, the total time to return to its starting position is about ? When I use the quadratic formula, I get -8.97
  62. Physics- for Quidditch

    I posted the question about the rain before and I understnad how to find componnets...but how would I do that without a given angle?
  63. Physics

    A player kicks a football from ground level with a velocity of magnitude 31.0 m/s at an angle of 30.0 degrees above the horizontal. What is its maximum height?
  64. physics

    A ball of mass .3 kg is dropped from a height of 10m. Its momentum when it strikes the ground is? I know p=mv how would I find velocity for this problem? Thanks in advance for your help.
  65. Physics

    If a person jumped off the side of a ship from 20 feet high what speed would they be travelling at when they impact the water? Thanks Mike
  66. physics

    please help If a 120 volt line to a socket is limited to 15 amperes by a fuse, will it operate a 1200 watt hair dryer? yes????
  67. Physics

    How much force are you exerting on the earth right now? How can a rocket operate in outer space? Describe the process of walking.
  68. physics

    what r the 4 forces on a plane whilst in flight?, im confused, i don't no whether it means like air resistance....or thrust.maybe u cud help me out :S
  69. Physics

    Two negatively-charged bodies with -5.4e-5 C are 0.20 m from each other. What force acts on each particle? F=kqq/d^2 F=(9.0e9)(q)(q)/(.20^2) Would both q's equal -5.4e-5 C?
  70. physics

    Two equal point charges of +3.00 * 10^ -6 C are placed 0.200 m apart. What are the magnitude and direction of the force each charge exerts on the other?
  71. Physics

    How much work must be done to bring three electrons from a great distance apart to 1.0 * 10^(-10)m from one another (at the corners of an equilateral triangle)?
  72. physics

    when preparing to undergo an MRI scan, why are patients advised to remove eyeglasses, watches, jewelry, and other metal objects?
  73. physics

    You're explaining to a younggster at the seashore why the water is cyan colored.The youngster points to the whitecaps of overturning waves and ask why they are white. what is your answer?
  74. Physics

    Three identical charges of 50 micro C are arranged at the points of an equilateral triangle 2 meters on a side. What is the net force on each charge?
  75. physics

    Which of the following physical properties can be used to measure temperature using a thermometer? A)volume B)pressure C)density D)viscosity I got A
  76. physics

    If a 264 Hz tone is emitted from a piano on a concert stage, how long will it be before a person in the balcony, 60 m away, hears the note?
  77. Physics

    If you ask a friend to drive a small nail into a piece of wood placed on top of a pile of books on your head. Why doesn't this hurt you?
  78. Physics check

    Atoms whose nuclei have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons are called.... isotopes?
  79. Physics

    The first and second resonant lengths of an air column that is closed at one end are 15.5 cm and 45.5 cm, respectively. What is the best value for the wavelength?
  80. Physics

    According to special relativity, at high speeds the distance between distant locations is: a) shortened b) no different than if you were at rest c) lengthened
  81. Physics

    A sample of charcoal from an archaeological site contains 55 g of carbon and decays at a rate of .877 Bq. How old is it? ok I am totally lost, I don't know where to start
  82. physics

    A sample of charcoal from an archaeological site contains 55 g of carbon and decays at a rate of .877 Bq. How old is it? ok I am totally lost, I don't know where to start
  83. physics

    By what length is a light ray displaced after passing through a 4.7 cm thick sheet of material (n=1.38) with an incident angle of theta = 33.5°.
  84. physics

    By what length is a light ray displaced after passing through a 4.7 cm thick sheet of material (n=1.38) with an incident angle of theta = 33.5°.
  85. Physics

    Can scientists from other countries change what physicists in the United States think? Need help ASAP work due tomorrow XD
  86. Chem/Physics

    Are there two ways of calculating the average kinetic energy of a molecule? Ik that 1/2mv^2 works but for this problem, i don't know the mass or the velocity....
  87. Chemistry/physics

    Are there two ways of calculating the average kinetic energy of a molecule? Ik that 1/2mv^2 works but for this problem, i don't know the mass or the velocity....
  88. Physics HELP!!!

    A ball is kicked at an angle of 50 with a velocity of 14m/s. a. how long is it in the air? b. how high does it rise? can someone please explain to me how to solve this???
  89. last time

    A mortar elevated to 60 degrees scores a hit 15 m up a building 30m away. with what speed was the shell fired?
  90. physics

    a 200N sign is held by two wires that have 150 degree angle between them. find the tension in each wire.
  91. physics

    How far to the nearest tenth of a meter can a runner running at 15 m/s run in the time it takes a rock to fall from rest 76 meters?
  92. Physics

    a roller coaster moves 85m horizontally, then travels 45m at an angle of 30.0 above the horizontal. What is displacement from its starting point?
  93. Physics

    a roller coaster moves 85m horizontally, then travels 45m at an angle of 30.0 above the horizontal. What is displacement from its starting point?
  94. Physics - Damon - continued

    I don't know where you got sin theta = .1 from?? Look if I use m = 0 and the formula I used then I get L = 500m when I do arctan(25/500) I get 2.86 degrees.
  95. Physics

    Touching a Van de graff generator and slowly moves away from the dome why he touches it again he recives a stron shock why ?
  96. Physics

    What is the dimesnional formula of length, mass, volume, time, radius, force, frequency of evolution, velocity, gravity, tension
  97. Physics

    1. What evidence did ancient Greek astronomers have that Earth does NOT move? The answer is because of the lack of parallax, but then there's a follow-up question... 2. How do we knoew it DOES?
  98. physics

    10. How much current is required to produce a force of 0.96 N on a 75 cm long wire oriented at right angles to a 0.24 T magnetic field? A. 0.050 A B. 0.17 A C. 5.3 A D. 0.19 A 5.3 A (<--- (0.96)/((75.0e-2)*(0.24)) )
  99. Physics

    What gravitational force do yhe two protons in the helium nucleus exert on each other? There separation is approximately 1.0 fm. I know that 1 fm is 10^-15 m i didn't know if that was how you figured it out to get it to N?
  100. physics

    A piano wire has length L and mass M. If its fundamental frequency is f, its tension is: i got T=(lambda*f)^2m/L, but their answer is 4LMF^2 and i cant figure out how to get that
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