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    Calculate the maximum height the tank shell reaches using the initial speed (18 m/s), half-time(1.8), and angle(75).
  2. Physics

    An olympic hurdler is in a race. He is running at 10 m/s and jumps over a hurdle. How high did he jump if he was moving at 1m/s as he crossed the fence?
  3. physics

    in einstein's famous equation e=mc^2, describing the relationship between matter and energy, the units for E are m=====>kg, c=====>m/s a) kg m/s b)kg m/s^2 c) m^2/s^2 d)kg m^2/s^2 I think its either B or D but indecisive...
  4. physics

    A baseball is thrown from the roof of a 24.0-m-tall building with an initial velocity of magnitude 10.0 m/s and directed at an angle of 53.1° above the horizontal.
  5. St. Basil's school. Physics

    The time period of two pendulums are 1.44s and 0.36s respectively. Calculate the ratio of their lengths.
  6. physics help

    how much work must be done to raise a 5kg block of steel from the ground to a height of 2m (in Joules) in the absence of friction?
  7. Physics

    Suppose the graph of displacement vs. time produced by the ball's motion is: y = 1.56t^2 + 1.04t + 8.11 What is the magnitude of the acceleration of this object?
  8. Physics

    I've read all my resource materials and looked for outside resources already and i can't find an equation for this. I would appreciate any help
  9. Life orentation,maths,physics,business,geography

    Explain three ways in wich you can help to adress poverty and aids in s.a
  10. physics

    A certain bacterium swims with a constant speed of 4.61 µm/s. How long will it take to swim across a petri dish that has a diameter of 8.69 cm?
  11. Physics

    A body is projected at angle of 30 degree with the horizontal at an initial speed of 200m/ far from the point of projection will it strike
  12. physics

    What state of the art computer technology is used to train pilots when wanting to copy the experience of flying an aircraft?
  13. Physics

    If the rate of continental drift were to abruptly slow from 1.0 cm/y to 0.5 cm/y over the time interval of a year, what would be the average acceleration?
  14. physics

    A 1100 kg car accelerates from rest to 27 m/s in 6.0 seconds. Neglecting friction, hat is the average power consumption in horsepower?
  15. physics

    An object is dropped from rest at a height of 112 m. Find the distance it falls during its final second in the air. m
  16. physics

    A ball is thrown straight up and reaches a maximum height of 7.16 m. What was its initial speed? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s Answer in units of m/s.
  17. physics

    a mass of 15kg was suspended from a ceiling is pulled aside with a horizontal force,F, calculate the value of tension, T. (g=10m/s)
  18. physics

    A boy moves 5km eastward and then change his direction towards westward in 4km.calculate his resultant displacement

    forces of 3N and 4N and 12N act at a point in mutually perpendicular directions. Tha magnitude of the resultant force in newton is
  20. Physics

    How much work did the movers do to push a 49.0 kg crate 10.3 m across a rough floor at a speed of 2.9 m/s with a horizontal pushing force of 48 N ?
  21. Physics

    Ivan rides his motorcycle 4.5 times around a circular track that has a radius of 100 m a)what is the distance traveled and b)what is the displacement?
  22. physics

    An object is located 27.6 cm to the left of a converging lens whose focal length is 46.5 cm. (a) Determine the image distance and (b) the magnification.
  23. physics is this correct

    What is the radius of a real or imaginary nucleus of 46X100 do I use the formula R = R_o * A^(1/3) and therefore (1.3*10^-15)* 100^(1/3) =6.0340655e-15?
  24. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically into the air with a velocity of 10ms to the negative 1 power. What will its displacement be after 1.5 seconds?
  25. physics

    Two objects attract each other gravitationally with a force of when they are 0.25 m apart. Their total mass is 4.00 kg. Find their individual masses

    A block of wood floats in water with two-Third of its volume submerged its relative density is equal to?
  27. Physics

    How much time does it take for a car to come to rest if it has an initial speed of 22m/s and slows with a deceleration of 6.1 m/s^2 Will my answer be 3.6 m/s^2
  28. Physics

    How much time does it take for a car to come to rest if it has an initial speed of 22m/s and slows with a deceleration of 6.1 m/s^2 Will my answer be 3.6 m/s^2
  29. Physics

    Find the minimum initial speed of a projectile in order for it to reach a height of 2022 km above the surface of the earth.
  30. physics

    "How far would a tennis ball (100g) go if thrown from your catapult at a height of 1m with a force of 50 N and at an angle of 50 degrees from the horizontal?"
  31. Physics

    What is the gravitational force between two identical 4,500 kg asteroids whose centers of mass are separated by 120 m?
  32. Physics

    A train can deccerate at 0.4 m/s. It's traveling at 160km/hr. How far in advance should it apply brakes to come to a full stop.
  33. physics

    what minimum initial velocity must aprojectile have to reach atarget at a distance of 25m away? (g: 10m/s)
  34. physics

    A stretched string of length 168 cm vibrates in its nth mode. The separation distance from node to antinode is 21 cm . What is the value of n?
  35. Physics

    Find the volume occupied by 3.14 moles of an ideal gas at standard conditions of pressure and temperature (P = 1.00 atm, T = 273 K).
  36. physics

    determine the energy stored in a 2m long wire of cross sectional area 0.5mm^2 kf the force of 50N is applied to it.
  37. chemistry, physics

    How would you be able to utilize a calorimeter to determine the specific heat of substance that has a lower density than water?
  38. physics

    find the linear speed of each point 2cm and 15cm from the axis of phonograph record rotating at 33 an 1/3 rev/min
  39. Physics

    Where did the waste energy go to? A ball rolls off the ramp on the edge of a table heading downward and hits the ground.
  40. physics

    In a certain right triangle, the two sides that are perpendicular to each other are 7.00 m and 8.30 m long. What is the tangent of the angle for which 7.00 m is the opposite side?
  41. physics

    C1=3.00uF and Vab = 120V. The charge on capacitor C1 is 150 uC. Calculate the voltage across the other two capacitors.

    A CAR TRAVELLING AT 30M/S Overcome A FrictionAlly Resistance Of 100N While Moving.What Is The Power Of The Engine(Take 1 Hp=3/4 Kw)
  43. Physics

    A floating ball normally weighs 7 N. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. What is the size of the buoyant force that acts on it? Answer in units of N.
  44. physics

    A body is executing of amplitude 1m . Its velocity while passing through mean position is 10m/s . Find its frequency
  45. Physics

    Calculate the torque on a coil in a motor of length 0.2m and a width of 0.1m which carries a current of 5A placed in a magnetic field of 0.5T and has 1 turn.
  46. physics

    A ball is thrown directly downward with an initial speed of 8.95 m/s, from a height of 29.0 m. After what time interval does it strike the ground?
  47. Physics

    Calculate the distance travelled by a car with a velocity of 30m/s and it increase its speed to 60 m/s in 2 hours.assume acceleration is constant.
  48. Physics

    A pulley system has a velocity ratio of 4 and an efficiency of 80%.calculate the value of the effort required to raise the load of 480N
  49. physics

    (a) Two point charges totaling 7.50 µC exert a repulsive force of 0.100 N on one another when separated by 0.561 m. What is the charge on each?
  50. Physics

    If the length of pendulum is 0.8+/-0.01m and time peroid is 2.5+/-0.012 sec. Then percentage error in acceleration due to gravity will be
  51. physics 11th class

    Calculate the power of a crane in watts which lifts a man of 100kg to a height of 10m in 20sec
  52. physics little folks

    a mass is attached at the spring perform SHM with frequency of 15 hz find the acceleration when displacement is 1.6cm
  53. Physics

    Six charge equal to Q are placed at the corners of regular hexagon of each side x,what is the electric potential at the intersection of the diagonals?
  54. Physics

    A model rocket was launched Amazon man of its height and horizontal distance from launch pad where they can as shown in the table
  55. Physics

    A ball thrown vertically upward and return in20 seconds.find the velocity and the maximum height with explanation
  56. physics

    Two forces 5N &10N are acting at an angle of 120° between them. Find the resultant force in magnitude and direction.
  57. physics

    A flywheel is rotating at speed of 1200 rpm its angular acclaration is 4 rad/s how many rotation it will be done before coming to rest
  58. physics

    three resistors of 2ohm, 3ohm and 4 ohm are connected in (a) series (b) parallel. find the equivalent resistance in each case
  59. physics

    If a material contains three elements but not joined in a fixed proportion, it is a(an) A. mixture. B. compound. C. atom. D. none of the above D?
  60. physics

    A block of wood is 8.00cm long, 20.0cm high, and 0.10m wide. its mass is 1.00kg. what is its density in g/cm3?
  61. physics

    what change in velocity would be produced on a body of mass 4kg, if a contact force of 16N act on it for 2sec.
  62. physics

    Simpson drives his car with an average velocity of 48.0 km/ to the east. How long will it take him to drive 144 km on a straight highway?
  63. physics

    An object 4cm high is placed 25cm from a covering lens of focal length 15cm the image height is
  64. Physics

    Calculate the skid_to_stop distance of a car traveling on a road at 100 kilometers per hour with a coefficient of friction of 0.68...
  65. physics

    a sportsman develops a maximum speed of 12 m/s when he is swimming in a pool. Calculate the time interval that is required to travel a distance of 25 m.
  66. Physics

    A bean jumps vertically off of a table. It has a speed of 10 m/s when it reaches half of its maximum height. How high does it rise?
  67. physics

    How much heat is needed to raise the temperature of 0.800kg ethyl alcohol from 15celsius to its boiling point at 78.3celsius?
  68. Physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 2.9 m/s^2. How much time does it need to attain a speed of 4 m/s? Answer in units of s. are you supposed to divide 2.9 by 4?
  69. physics

    A car travelled 7km40degree west of north and then 10km east.what is the resultant displacement using scale drawing
  70. physics

    A particle is drop from a vertical height (h) and falls freely for a time(t) with the aid of a sketch explain how (h) varies with (I) t (ii) t square
  71. physics

    what is the minimum effort required to raise a load of 5kg in an ideal pulley system taking gravity to be 10m/s/s
  72. Physics

    A vehicle moves in a straight line with an acceleration of 2 km/h^2. By how much does the speed change each second? Answer in units of km/h. Plz help?
  73. Physics

    A 83.0-kg person, hanging from a rope, is being pulled away from a burning building by a firefighter, as shown in the figure below.
  74. physics

    A stone is moved round a horizontal circle with a 20 cm long string tied to it. if centrepetal acceleration is 9.8 m/s2, then its angular velocity
  75. physics

    A body moving with a velocity of 3m/s is brought to rest by a constant force after travelling 15m, calculate the retardation.
  76. Physics

    A flywheel with a moment of inertia of 1.00kg m^2 is rotating at 100 rpm. What torque is required to bring it to rest in 10.0 revolutions?
  77. Physics

    Rain drops hitting the side window of a car in motion often leave diagonal streaks if there is no wind. Why?
  78. Physics

    For a certain projectile, the horizontol range is twice in magnitude of the maximum height attained by it. Find its angle of projection.
  79. physics

    Find the gravitational force of attraction between two balls each weighing 10 kg,when placed at a distance of 1 meter apart
  80. physics

    What should be the minimum initial velocity with which a missile has to be launched so that it reaches a target of 1000km away in the same plane
  81. physics

    How much work must an ideal refrigerator perform to make 1 kg of ice at -10C from 1 kg of water at 20C when 20C is also its exhaust temperature?
  82. physics

    A man holds a child on shoulders while watching a football match. How much work has he done if the game last for 2 hours
  83. Physics

    a 4500 kg truck traveling at 17.5 m/s collides with a motionless 1350 kg car. they become locked together. if there is no friction, what is their velocity?
  84. Physics

    what is the distance that a satellite must be from Earths surface if it's period of rotation is 1 day? I really not sure where to even start..
  85. physics, science

    What centripetal force is needed to keep a 10 kg object moving at a constant speed of 10 m/s in a circle having a radius of 11 m?
  86. physics

    if someone throws a .1kg ball at the speed of -25m/s, why is the average net force positive instead of negative?
  87. physics

    How much elastic potential energy is stored if a 5kg object is suspended from a whose spring constant is 100N/m
  88. Physics

    you are skiing down a slope angled at 30 degrees to the horizontal. Your acceleration is 2m/s^2. what is the coefficient of kinetic friction between you and the hill?
  89. physics

    A 60kg boy climbs 70 fligts of stairs each 20cm high in one minute how much powers is developed?
  90. physics

    Determine the ionization energy required to extract the electron totally out of a hydrogen atom, and put it at rest
  91. Physics

    Computer the power output in watt of a machine that lift a 50kg crete through a height of 20cm in 1minute
  92. 11 grade / physics

    a body reaches the max height of 80m when projected at the angle of 30degree find the horizontal component
  93. Physics

    Let F1=10i-15j-20k,F2=6i+8j-12k. Find their dot product and the angle between those two vectors
  94. physics

    the Ferris wheel has a diameter of 150m and takes 30min to make a full circle. Determine the speed of ride in m/s
  95. physics

    determine the center of mass for three particles(1.5, 2.5, 3.5) forming a equilateral triangle one side lenght of 135cm.
  96. Physics

    3 particles of masses m1 = 1.5 kg , m2 = 2.5 kg and m3 = 3.5 kg form an equilateral triangle of edge length l= 135 cm. Determine the center of mass of the system.
  97. Physics

    Find the terminal velocity of a raindrop of diameter 3mm when it fall through atmospheric air (Appointment and is 249.7m/s)
  98. Physics (Waves)

    Determine the angle between a polarizer-analyzer combination that allows 33% of the incident light to pass through.
  99. physics

    200g of steam at 110°C is condensed, and the resulting water is frozen into ice at 0°C. How much heat was removed?
  100. physics relativity

    An observer on Earth sees you travel 1000 m at half the speed of light. What distance do you think that you travelled?
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