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  1. physics

    A bob of a pendulum 100cm long swings through 20cm,find theta in radian and degree
  2. physics

    Which of the following prefixes will multiply the unit by 1,000? Select one: a. Milli b. Mega c. Kilo d. Centi
  3. physics

    a galvanometer has a resistance 60 ohm and is of 5mA full scale would you modify it so as to get 0-10V voltmeter
  4. physics

    a ball of mass 0.1 is thrown up with an initial velocity of 80m/s calculate the potential energy half way up
  5. physics

    please help The power rating of an electric motor which draws a current of 5 amperes from a 240-volt line is? a. 12.0 kW b. 1.2 kW c. 48.0 kW d. 4.8 kW
  6. Physics

    A pan filled with hot food cools from 94°C to 86°C in 2minutes when the room temperaturs is at 20°C .How long will it take to cool from 71°C to 69°C ?
  7. 11 physics

    a20Kg box is suspended from the ceiling by arope that weighs 1Kg . find the tension at the top of the rope.
  8. Physics projectile

    If a body projected vertically upwards, give a graph showing variation in its kinetic energy
  9. Physics

    A car starts to move nd accelerated at 4m/s2 for 8 seconds (u=0 V=32m/s a=4 m/s2 t=8) How fast is it moving? How far does it travel in this time?
  10. Physics

    As the passenger cars are launched from rest at the start, they are accelerated uniformly to a speed of 57 m's (128 mph) in just 3.5 s.
  11. physics

    a stone of mass 50g is released from rest, Calculate it's kinetic energy after 6s from the beginning of the motion
  12. Physics

    A stone is dropped into a bore well 490m deep.after how time,the sound of splash of will be heard
  13. Physics

    A stone is dropped into a bore well 490m deep.after how time,the sound of splash of will be heard
  14. Physics

    When light passes from one medium to another then which of the following parameters may change? Velocity, frequency, colour or wavelenght?
  15. Physics

    Find the speed of a pendulum bob at the bottom of its swing if its initial displacement is 5.34o and its period is 2.534 s.
  16. physics

    A ball is thrown from a height h and another from 2h.find the ratio of time taken by the two balls to reach the ground.
  17. physics

    A ball is thrown from a height h and another from 2h.find the ratio of time taken by the two balls to reach the ground.
  18. Physics

    What is the pressure at a depth of 80 m in the ocean? The density of seawater is 1. 03 × 10 3kg/m3. Please express your answer in units of atm.
  19. Physics

    What is the pressure at a depth of 80 m in the ocean? The density of seawater is 1. 03 × 10 3kg/m3. Please express your answer in units of atm.
  20. physics

    A red racecar accelrates at a constant rate of 5 m/s2. How much time does it take to increase its speed from 50 m/s to 60 m/s? a. 17 s b. 0.058 s c. 0.25 s 2.0 s
  21. Physics

    Two parallel forces of magnitude 4 and 6 newton are acting on a body placed at 4m apart. Resultant force will be
  22. physics

    An object experiences an impulse, moves and attains a momentum of 100 kg·m/sec. If its mass is 50 kg, what would its velocity be?
  23. physics

    A body moves with uniform acceleration with a distance x for 1st sec. What is relation b/w x & y? A) y=24x B) y=16x C) y=12x D) y=8x
  24. physics

    a car travelling at 60km/h uniformly retards for 10s and reaches a velocity of 45km/h. find the retardation.

    A mass of 2kg is dropped from a height of 3m.Neglecting air resistance,KE of the stone just b4 it hits the ground is ?
  26. Physics

    ABC is an equilateral triangle of side 4.0 cm in a vacuum. There are point charges of 8.0C at A and B. Find (a) the potential, (b) the electric field at C.
  27. Physics.

    An electron in a hydrogen atom is revolving around the proton in a orbit of radius r and velocity v .find the current.
  28. physics

    A cars starts from rest and after 20 seconds its velocity becomes 108 km-1 find the acceleration of the car
  29. physics

    In the figure below, the bar is 2.4 meters long and has a mass of 145 kg. To the nearest newton what is the tension in the wire?
  30. physics

    A cylindrical glass is 15cm long its diameter is 7cm. what volume of milk can be poured in it without spilling
  31. Physics

    A fired bullet sounds is heard after2sec .its speed in air is 340m\sec.what is the distance of sound.
  32. physics

    a simple pendulum has a period of 2.0s and an amplitude of swing 5.0cm.calculate the maximum magnitude of the acceleration of the bob
  33. Physics

    If two springs have their spring constants as k1 and k2 (k1>k2 . When they are stretched by same force what will be the relation between their elongations
  34. physics

    Find the force of gravity (in newtons) on a spacecraft 15100 km above the earth's surface, if its mass is 400 kg
  35. physics

    Calculate the effective value of g, the acceleration of gravity (in meters/second^2), at 8600 km above the earth's surface.

    A swimmer is capable of swimming at 1.4m at still water.caculate how far downstream will it smim across 180m?
  37. physics

    What is the minimum work in joules needed to push a 1210 kg car 54.0 m up a 12.5 degree incline? (Ignore friction.)
  38. physics

    A particle is drop from a vertical height (h) and falls freely for a time (t) with the aid of a sketch explain how (h) varies with (i) t (ii) t*2
  39. physics

    On a roller coaster, a student experiences an apparent weight of 1250 N while accelerating at 2.3 m/s^2 [U]. What is the students mass?
  40. Physics

    How much energy must be removed from 30 L of liquid water at 0-degree celsius in order to convert it to ice?
  41. physics

    A cube of ice, 28 cm on each side, is melted into a measuring cup. What is the volume of the liquid water? ------cm3
  42. physics

    Probability of getting two heads among 4 coins Complete the columns r Pr rPr (r - r̄)2Pr 0 1 2 3 4 sum
  43. physics

    Probability of getting two heads among 4 coins for r = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 find values of Pr, rPr, (r - r̄)2Pr and sum of r
  44. physics

    A 32 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 30 m high. How much work does this require? Not sure how to even start
  45. Physics

    if a molecules in a solid has a temp of T = hf/2k then what would be the average energy of vibration 1) 0.88kT 2) 0.47kT 3) 0.62kT 4) 0.31kT
  46. physics

    Explain why helicopters need 2 rotors to fly in a straight line. Talking about centripetal force.
  47. physics hw

    Determine the stopping distances for a car with an initial speed of 87 km/h and human reaction time of 2.0 s for the following accelerations. (a) a = -4.0 m/s2 (b) a = -8.0 m/s2
  48. physics (science)

    A body travels from rest with acceleration 8m/s square . Find its velocity when it has covered a distance of 100m
  49. physics

    A small tiny nail may Pierce an inflated Tyre and remain there without pressure reduction.explain
  50. physics

    A passengers jet flies from one airport to another 1,200 miles away in 2.5h .Find its average speed.
  51. Physics

    At what frequency would a capacitor of 2.5 microfarads used in a radio circuit have a reactance of 250 ohms
  52. Physics

    A Man Of Mass 80kg Carry A Load Of Bricks Of 20kg Up A Vertical Of Length 6m Calculate The Workdone.
  53. Physics

    A Man Of Mass 80kg Carry A Load Of Bricks Of 20kg Up A Vertical Of Length 6m Calculate The Workdone
  54. physics

    Find the limiting velocity of a rain drop assuming diameter of 5.0×10^-4m.The density of air relative to water is 1.3×10^-3
  55. Physics

    Name any Margins of error that would happen in the lab "Which path requires the most energy? (gas)
  56. physics

    a car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25m/s in a second.calculate the power developed in the engine
  57. physics

    A ball is thrown upward with velocity 5m/s calculate total distance covered by it ?{ Using formulae (v)2 -(u)2. =2gs}
  58. physics

    a uniform rod is 1m caring a weight of 100N calculate its tension of the string holding it an the reaction at the hinge
  59. Physics

    A girl of mass 25kg runs up a stress of total height 3.0m.find the work done against gravity.
  60. Physics

    A ball is thrown with a speed of 19m/s and at an angle of 46 degrees. How high does it go above the cliff to the nearest tenth?
  61. physics

    a car acclerate uniformly from rest andattains a speed of 40m/sin 10second itcoversa distanceof
  62. physics

    A stone of mass 5kg is thrown vertically upwards with velocity 10ms final calculate the height.
  63. physics

    A car of mass 500kg and velocity=36km/h and suddenlybreak applied 150m calculate the force and work done?
  64. physics

    How much heat is required to convert 3kg of ice at -5 degees C into steam at 125 degrees C?
  65. Physics (Waves)

    Determine the intensity of light passing through a polarizer-analyzer combination with an angle of 45° between them.
  66. Physics

    A rock is dropped from a height of 2 meters into a freshwater pond. How would I change the amplitude of this wave?
  67. Physics

    Two pellets, each with a charge of 0.80 microcoulomb (8.0×10−7 C ), are located 2.8 cm (2.8×10−2 m ) apart. Part A Find the electric force between them.
  68. Maths, physics, chemistry,

    The weight of H2C2O4.2H2O required to prepare 500 ml of 0.2N solution is a)126g b)12.6g c)63g d)6.3g
  69. Physics

    An observer on Earth sees you travel 1000 m at half the speed of light. What distance do you think that you travelled?
  70. physics

    if some of water in calorimeter splash out when tranfering the metal block, will it affect the experiment result?
  71. physics relativity

    How fast would you need to be travelling relative to an observer in order for them to see a 15% increase in your mass?
  72. Physics

    In relativistic regimes, the total energy of an object with rest mass, m, speed, v, is: a); (Gama)mc^2 B);squre root of (m^2c^4 + p^2c^2)
  73. Physics

    How much time is needed to produce 840 joules of work if 100 watts of power is used?
  74. Physics

    This is about em spectrum? What are the effects of differences in the velocities of electromagnetic waves in different substances... long !@#$%^& question
  75. physics

    if the gravitational constant, increased to a billion times its actual value, what sorts of things would happen?
  76. physics

    A bullet is fired in to s wall losses half of its velocity after penetrsting much further will it penetrate.
  77. Physics

    What acceleration would a 35 KG box have if we pushed it with a force of 275 N across a surface that has a coefficient of friction of .7?
  78. physics

    Two point charges, Q1 = -2.3 μC and Q2 = +9.3 μC, are placed as shown in the figure. The y component of the electric field, at the origin O, is closest to
  79. physics

    A man walked 5cm east and 10cm north calculate the distance covered and the magnitude of his displacement
  80. physics

    Consider the motion of the tip of the minute hand of a clock. In one hour, the displacement and average velocity is .......
  81. Physics

    What is the efficiency of a crane that used current of 8A at 150V to raise 450kg load at the rate of every minutes?
  82. Physics

    An object weighs 100N on the earth's surface. Find its weight at a point P with orbital radius 2R. [g = 10NKg-1
  83. Physics

    force 15i -16j N is added to another 23i N. In what direct measured from the positive x-axis does the resultant act?
  84. Physics

    An object initially at restIs giving a constant acceleration of 0.5. Calculate the time it takes to travel 100m
  85. Physics

    I want to become an astonomer or study astrophysics but I didnt do maths a level can I still do it? Is there any way you can help me or provide aN alternative
  86. Physics

    A bal is batted straight up and returns to the level of the batter after 6.5s. Determine how high the ball went. A=-9.8m/s^2
  87. grade 9 physics

    A runner jogs 12km North then turns and runs 16km East three hours
  88. Physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 2m/s2 for 10 sec . Find the velocity and displacement at the end of 10 seconds .
  89. Physics

    What is the power of engine that pulls a 1000 kg automobile at a steady speed of 10 m/sec along a level road?
  90. Physics

    A 60-kg person begins to accelerate upwards on an elevator at a rate of 3 m/s^2. What does the scale read at this time? My answer: 768 N
  91. Physics 1

    A 1400 kg car traveling at a speed of 34 m/s skids to a halt on wet concrete where μk = 0.50. How long are the skid marks?
  92. physics

    (needed for my strain calculations) is the percentage uncertainty in a ruler 0.1cm or 0.1mm? Please answer quick.
  93. physics

    Calculate the escape velocity on surface of earth of radius of moon is 1740km and Massis7.4 *10to the power 22
  94. Science - Physics

    how much power is in my bicep if i can lift 50kg a height of 50cm 40 times in one minute?
  95. Physics

    Two charges each of 40 microcoulomb are placed at a distance of 0.4 M. calculate the potential at the midpoint. Dielectric constant of the medium is 2.
  96. Physics

    If the gravitational force between the electron (9.11 ✕ 10-31 kg) and the proton (1.67 ✕ 10-27 kg) in a hydrogen atom is 1.06 ✕ 10-47 N, how far apart are the two particles?
  97. physics

    If you dropped the ball, cylinder and the ring at the same time from a height of 6.35 cm, in what order would the hit the ground?
  98. Physics

    What is the change in momentum for a 5,000 kg ship in outer space that experiences no net force over a 1 hr period?
  99. physics

    Calculate the speed of a satellite moving in a stable circular orbit about the Earth at a height of 3.004km.
  100. Physics

    a body of mass 4kg is moving with a momentum of 12kg m/s it's kinetic energy 1:3 then ratio of their velocities Ans:1:3
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