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  1. physics

    find the resistance of 134m of No.20 copper wire at 20 degrees C (p=1.72x10^-6Ohom cm , A= 2.07x10^-2 cm ^2)
  2. Physics

    Assume the distance axis is linear and da = 10.0m and db = 35.0 m. Estimate the work done by a force F in moving a 2.80 kg object from da to db.
  3. Physics

    When you jump vertically 0.86 meters above the ground, what is your acceleration when you reach your highest point?

    A hypothetical planet has a mass 1.55 times that of Earth, but the same radius. What is g near its surface?
  5. Physics

    What is the capacitance of a capacitor that stores 5.2 μC of charge on its plates when a voltage of 4.8 V is applied between them?
  6. physics

    If a man weighs 820N on d earth what would be on Jupiter, where the acceleration due to gravity is 25.9m/s
  7. physics

    A radio station is broadcasting at 90.7 mhz. compute for its wavelength in angstrom and energy in kilojoules.
  8. Physics

    A football player kicks with a speed of 21 m/s at 37 degree to the horizontal. How long is the ball in the air?
  9. Physics

    Billy stands on a hill without slipping. In which direction is the force of friction acting?
  10. Physics

    1. Given t1/2 to be 0.0137 seconds, how long should it take to reach 87.5% of maximum charge?
  11. physics

    how can we derive the work-energy theorem form Newton's second law of motion?
  12. physics

    What is the magnitude and direction of an electric field that exerts a 4.00 ✕ 10 -5 N upward force on a - 1.80 µC charge? N/C
  13. Physics

    If the force of repulsion between two socks is .003 and they are 2 cm apart what is the charge on each sock
  14. mathematical physics

    Solve the following ODE using the power series method (1-x^2)y"-2xy'+2y = 0
  15. mathematical physics

    Obtain all the first and second order partial derivatives of the function: f( x, y ) = In(I+xy^2)
  16. mathematical physics

    Solve the following ODE using the power series method (1-x^2)y"-2xy'+2y=0
  17. Physics

    a 475 kg pre-stressed concrete beam is to be raised 10.0 m in 24.0 s. how many kw of power is needed to for the job
  18. physics

    two point charge q1=50c , q2=10c are lactated at (-1,1,-3)m, and (3,1,0)m, respectivly. Find the force on q1.?
  19. physics

    a boy drops a mango from a tree it falls without rebound what happens to it's momentum
  20. Physics

    Two pellets, each with a charge of 1 microcoulomb, are located 3 cm apart. What is the electric force between them?
  21. Physics

    What is the velocity of an object that is dropped from a height of 20m,just before it reaches the ground?
  22. Physics

    In an AC circuit with a frequency 25 Hz producing an rms voltage of 30 V and a 20 farad capacitor, what is the end current?
  23. physics

    a ball of mass m is thrown vertically upwards with Vo= 10j m/s. Study nature of motion
  24. physics

    14,0 of KOH is neutralised in 1dm^3 of water by sulphuric acid with a concentration at 0,1 mol dm^-3 how do i calculate it
  25. physics

    Calculate the work done if a force of 300N Is applied at 30° to the horinzontal and body moves 20m
  26. Physics

    What is the tension in the string in (Figure 1) ? The volume of plastic ball is 95 cm3 and the density is 840 kg/m3.
  27. physics

    how many energy is transferred when 8.9g of liquid hydrogen changes to gas -253 degree celsius
  28. Physics 2

    If water at 0 oC is heated, it actually decreases in volume until it reaches Select one: a. 1 oC. b. 2 oC. c. 3 oC. d. 4 oC. e. 5 oC.

    A hypothetical planet has a mass 1.49 times that of Earth, but the same radius. What is g near its surface?
  30. Physics-PLEASE HELP

    A man walks for 5 km/hr for 1 km and 7 km/hr for next 1 km. What is his average speed for the walk of 2 km? -5.8 km/hr -6.0 km/hr -2.0 km/hr -1.0 km/hr Thank you very much!!
  31. Physics

    A car travels in a straight line for 2.9 h at a constant speed of 77 km/h . What is its acceleration? Answer in units of m/s^2
  32. physics(measurement)

    What accurate method can be used to determine the thickness of a coin. Explain pls..
  33. Physics-VECTORS

    Find the vector's magnitude and direction. Part A A⃗ = 4 i^− 8 j^ A =? θA =?
  34. Physics

    A student walks from her apartment a distance d=139m to the bus stop at a speed of v1= 1.40m/s.
  35. Physics

    Q: A car travels in a straight line for 4.6 h at a constant speed of 95 km/h . What is its acceleration? Answer in units of m/s 2
  36. University physics

    prove the following rules if True or False using Boolean algebra (a)A+AB = A+B (b)(A+B)(A+C) = A+BC
  37. Science - Physics

    Find the x-component of vector v⃗ = (310 m/s , 45 ∘ above +x-axis).
  38. physics

    A football is kicked with an initial velocity v=9i+12j. Find the speed in (m/s) of the ball after 2.4s A) 9.2 B) 10.8 C) 12 D) 15
  39. physics

    calculate the work done on n mole of a vander waal gas is an isothermal expansion from volume vi to vf.
  40. Physics

    A ball is released and allowed to fall freely. How far will it have fallen in 2 seconds?
  41. Physics

    A car is traveling North. In which direction are the wheels turning. This is under the torque chapter
  42. Physics

    A car is traveling North. In which direction are the wheels turning. This is under the torque chapter
  43. physics

    Two identical charges, each -8.00 x 10-5 C, are separated by a distance of 25.0 cm. Find the electric force between them?
  44. physics

    A tire rotates 140 rpm, how many rotations have been completed in 20 seconds?
  45. physics

    a term is related as at=bt2 + ct3 +d,if 'a' has dimension of power,find the dimention of 'b','c' and 'd'......'t' is the time
  46. Physics

    How far above the surface of the earth would you have to be before your weight is reduced by 13.52%?
  47. Physics

    An automobile is traveling 50 km/h². It deccerate at 5 m/s², how far will it take to travel after the brake are applied?
  48. physics

    What would be the orbital speed and period of a satellite in orbit 1.50 ✕ 10^8 m above the Earth?
  49. Physics

    2.An airplane flies north at a constant speed of 220 km/h. How far will the plane travel in 3.50 h?
  50. Physics

    how long does it take a car to change its velocity from 15m/s to 25m/s if it accelerates uniformly at 5m/s2.
  51. physics

    What force is required to slide a 200 kg box up a 25 degree incline if the coefficient of friction is 0.60?
  52. physics

    a beam of electron 13.0 ev is used to bombard gaseous hydrogen. what series of wavelengths will be emitted?
  53. Physics 1100

    Find theta; and W in the figure below where w1 = 21.0 N, w2 = 34.0 N, and α = 64.0°, assuming that the arrangement is at rest.
  54. physics

    What is the magnitude of F? Assume the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 and the surface is frictionless. Answer in units of N.
  55. physics

    2.) A sports car is advertised to be able to stop in a distance of 50m from a speed of 90 km/h. What is its acceleration in m/s^2? How many g's is this (g=9.80 m/s^2)
  56. physics

    the height of the mercury in the glass tube thermometer when in melting ice and then steam are 3 cm and 18 cm respectively
  57. physics

    A car traveled 1000 kilometers from krui to Jakarta in 15 hours. What was its average velocity?
  58. physics

    what is the potential energy of 4 point charges each of value Q at the corners of a square of side length a.
  59. physics

    a racing car accelerates from rest to 30m/s in 6.0s what is her average acceleration? the answer in the book is 0.5m/s^2
  60. physics dimensions

    the displacement of a particles is given by S=A+Bt+Ct^2.deduce the values of the constant A,B,and C appearing in the equation
  61. physics dimension

    write down the dimensions of moment of inertia and surface tension coefficient.
  62. Physics

    How much work does a weightlifter do on a 450 N barbell thathe lifts 2m into the air
  63. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up at 24.0 m/s. Ignore the effects of air resistance in your calculations.After 2.00 s?
  64. Physics

    A bullet fired vertically upwards reaches a height of 500m. [g=9.8m/s2]. What is its initial velocity?
  65. Physics

    A truck starts from rest and accelerates at 2.0 m/s² for 4.0 s. How far will it have gone at the end of this time?
  66. Physics

    why do photoelectrons emitted from a metal surface has energy distribution for an incident radiation of frequency?
  67. Physics

    What would the experimental value of g be if the slope of the graph represents 1/2 g and the equation is y=5.00x-.0109639087
  68. Physics

    A rubber ball of mass 0.12kg is held at a height of 2.5m above the ground, and then released.
  69. physics

    Find the time constant (T) for the RC circuit with an open switch given t = 10 ms 50% of Qmax charge T = ? Q = CV (1-e -t/T)
  70. Physics

    How do you determine the correct value of angular velocity to use when calculating centripetal force?
  71. Physics

    If it takes an object 68 seconds to make 16 rotations, what would be the period of rotation? T=16/68 Is this right?
  72. physics

    calculate the electrostatic force between charges of -2.4 µC and +5.3 µC, placed 58cm apart in a vaccum.
  73. physics

    determine the thrust produced if 1.5 x 10^3 kg of gas exits the combustion chamber each second, with a speed of 4.00 x 10^3 m/s
  74. Physics

    Determine the acceleration of an electron placed in a constant downward electric field of 4.0X10^5N/C.
  75. Physics

    It took a car driver 30min to travel a distance of 50km. What is the average speed?

    Calculate for Bohr's atomic model the speed of the orbiting electron in the n = 7 state. (Answer in m/s)
  77. physics

    find the angle of projection at the horizontal range is twice the maximum height of a projecyile
  78. Physics

    A 3200 lb car traveling at 30 mi/hr speeds up to 60 mi/hr. How much useful work was supplied by the engine?
  79. Physics

    With what maximum speed can an unsecured passenger stay in their seat on a Ferris wheel that has a diameter of 12 m.
  80. Physics

    An electric kettle has a power of 1.2kw. How long will it take to heat 3 kg of water to the from 20¡ãC to 100¡ãC?
  81. physics

    What is the speed of a transverse wave in a rope of length 1.90 m and mass 65.0 g under a tension of 465 N?
  82. Physics

    What is the potential energy, in joules, of a spring with a force constant of 6 N/m when it is stretched 20 cm from its unstretched length
  83. physics

    a body starting from rest attains a speed of 8 m/s in 2 seconds. find the acceleration of the car.

    A unicycle with a tire 44.0 cm in diameter travels 2.00 km. How many revolutions does the wheel make?
  85. physics

    What quantity of energy is represented by 250cm^3 of a gas 100N.m^2 when the temperature is kept constant
  86. Physics

    What is the mass of water in a closed room 5.2m x 6.3m x 2.5m when the temperature is 24 degrees celsius and the relative humidity is 65%?
  87. Physics

    A runner runs 2.5 km eastward and turns northward to cver twice this distance. What is his displacement ?
  88. physics

    show the expression v=at is dimensionally correct where v represents speed an acceleration and t is instant time?
  89. physics

    a truck moving at 100kph has a mass of 27000 kg. what force is necessary decelerate it at rate of -3 m/s²?
  90. physics

    A stone is thrown up with a velocity of 39.2 at an angle of 30° above the horizontal find at what times, it will be at a height of 14.7
  91. physics

    What is the strength of intermolecular forces in methylated spirit, acetone, water, glycerin and oil
  92. Physics

    Find the longest wavelength by resonating air in 20 cm tube which is opened both ends
  93. Physics

    A skier slides down a frictionless slope of angle 30, is the mechanical energy conserved?
  94. physics

    a pendulum swing with a speed of 1.5 m/s at its lowedt point. How high will it rise before it stops
  95. PHYSICS topic is pressure

    Why does a person feel difficult to breathe when he is in a deep well? Please answer!!!
  96. Physics

    How much work is required to lift a bag of wheat (mass 50kg) to a height of 2.4m?
  97. Physics

    Calculate the work done by a 300N Force moving a 20kg object a distance of 50m
  98. Physics

    Calculate the skid-to-stop of a car travelling oa a road at 100km/h with a coefficient of friction of 0.68.
  99. Physics

    The sun is 30 ∘ above the horizon. It makes a 54 m -long shadow of a tall tree.
  100. Physics

    Jennifer swims 4 complete lengths of a 50m pool. What distance did she swim? What is her displacement?
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