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  1. physics

    how long will it take for an apple falling from a 29.4m tall tree to hit the ground? how
  2. Note for Ms. Sue

    Check out the Physics posting on the top of the list. Can it be deleted?
  3. physics

    If a hair dryer is rated at 900 W, how much energy does it require in 5 minutes?
  4. Physics

    What equation gives the velocity as a function of time for an object with constant acceleration?
  5. Physics

    In the photoelectric effect, what happens to the stopping voltage when the light frequency is decreased?
  6. Physics

    Show that the x-component of the tension force Fc in terms of its magnitude Fc is given by -0.3420 Fc
  7. Physics

    A bottle cork floating on water has a mass of 50g what is its weight?
  8. Physics!

    A 40 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 34 m high. How much work does this require?
  9. physics

    What is the momentum of an automobile (weight = 9800 N) when it is moving at 36 m/s to the south? magnitude
  10. Physics! NEED HELP!

    A 40 kg girl runs up a flight of stairs that is 34 m high. How much work does this require?

    At what angle should you launch a projectile from the ground so that it has the greatest time of flight?
  12. Physics

    Is getting shot considered to be an elastic or inelastic collision if blood shoots out everywhere?
  13. physics

    You throw a ball straight up at 25 m/s. How many seconds elapse before it is traveling downward at 13 m/s? 1 s
  14. physics

    A 2.7 kg object falls from a tower. It experiences 2.3 N of air resistance. What is the acceleration?
  15. Physics

    how does the slope of a Ff-Fg graph relate to the coefficients of friction , prove it mathematically.
  16. physics

    what is the work done in moving a positive charge 12UC across two points 6cm apart
  17. Physics

    The acceleration of a certain rocket is given by ax=bt where b is positive constant, find the position and velocity at t=5.0s if Xo=0 and Vo=0 and b=3.0m/s^3?
  18. physics

    find the no. of electron which must be removed from a conductor so that it requires a charge of 3.2 microC
  19. physics

    At the end of a race a runner decelerates from a velocity of 7.00 m/s at a rate of 0.300 m/s2.
  20. physics

    if you exert a force of 500N to walk 4M up a flight of stairs in 4S , how much power do you use?
  21. physics

    How does changong the tension of a string change the pitch? It shortens the ocilation
  22. Physics

    If you are viewing a hologram and you close one eye, will you still perceive depth? Explain.
  23. physics

    what happens to acceleration due to gravity if you climb the tallest mountains on the earth ?
  24. physics

    The acceleration of a certain rocket is given by a=bt where b is positive cnstant, find the position function Xo and Vo at t=o?
  25. physics

    What equation gives the position as a function of time for an object with constant acceleration?
  26. Physics

    Explain how you would determine how much error there is between a vector addition and the real results.
  27. Physics

    For a pendulum that completes fifteen complete swings in 34.8 seconds, how much is the frequency?
  28. Physics

    what 2 properties of carbon make it a good material to use for motor brushes?
  29. Physics

    When hitting a golf ball, does the force of gravity increase or decrease??
  30. physics

    a 1500 kg car accelerates from 0 to 25 m/s in 7.0 s. What is the average power delivered to the engine?
  31. physics

    What would the gravitational potential energy be if the bucket were raised six times as high?
  32. physics

    A strong lightning bolt transfers about 26 C to Earth. How many electrons are transferred?
  33. Gr 9 Science - physics

    If all 3 resistors in a series 12V circuit are the same, what will the voltage be across resistor no. 3?
  34. Physics

    An adventurous aardvark arduously ambles from (3.0, 2.0) m to (−4.0, −2.0) m. What is the displacement in polar coordinates?
  35. physics

    Which has the greater acceleration, a car that increases its speed from 50 to 62 km/h, or a bike that goes from 0 to 12 km/h in the same time?
  36. Physics

    The 2010 Mustang GT accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. What is the acceleration rate? in m/s/s?
  37. physics repost

    Calculate the force of gravatational attraction between two spheres of mass 10.1 kg and 45.4 kg that are 38.5 m apart. F = G(m1)(m2)/r^2 = 6.67 x 10^-11(10.1)(45.4)/38.5^2 = 2.06 x 10 ^-11 N
  38. physics

    A tank of 10m height is filled half what will be pressure at bottom
  39. Physics

    1) Please describe the typical path(s) for hurricanes. Is this part of the pattern of convection?
  40. Physics

    If you combine 34 kg of ice at 0°C with 80 kg of steam at 100°C, what is the final temperature of the system? °C
  41. Physics

    A ball rolls off the edge of a balcony at 8.0 m/s. Find its speed after 3.8 s in the air. Use g = 10. m/s2
  42. physics

    A rock is dropped from a 154-m-high cliff. How long does it take to fall (a) the first 77.0 m and (b) the second 77.0 m?
  43. physics

    If a car has a mass of 400 kg and a velocity of 30 m/s to the east, what is the magnitude of its momentum?
  44. physics

    what is your age in seconds? this is a conversion problem. someone help please with all the multiplication and division... very confused. THANK YOU
  45. Physics

    C:\Users\Kristi\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (691).png
  46. Physics

    A 70 kg woman pushes on a wall at 35 newtons and recoils. What is the magnitude of the force?
  47. Physics

    Find the centripetal acceleration of a car that rounds an 80 m radius curve at 10 m/s.
  48. physics

    explain why air moving over an object can increase its rate of cooling.
  49. Physics

    Calculate the volume of a spherical balloon which has a surface area of 0.0793 m2
  50. physics

    What is the maximum walking speed of an adult man whose legs are each 0.90 m long?
  51. physics

    You throw a ball straight up at 25 m/s. How many seconds elapse before it is traveling downward at 13 m/s?
  52. Health Physics

    As the shape of the diaphragm is changed dueing respiration, what does it possess?
  53. Physics

    2. How many oxygen atoms are indicated on the right side of this balanced chemical equation? 4 Cr(s) + 3 O2( g)h2 Cr2O3( g)
  54. physics

    If the kinetic energy of an automobile triples because of a speed change, it momentum is ?
  55. College Physics

    What is the momentum of an automobile (weight = 9700 N) when it is moving at 36 m/s to the south?
  56. physics

    A soccer ball has a diameter of about 22 cm and a mass of about 430 g. What is its terminal velocity?
  57. physics

    If the same shoe were dropped from a height of 40m, how many seconds would it take it to hit the floor?
  58. Physics

    When striking, the pike, a predatory fish, can accelerate from rest to a speed of 3.6 m/s in 0.11 s .
  59. physics

    the rate at which position changes with time is called acceleration. true or false?
  60. physics

    What force is needed to accelerate a child on a sled (total mass = 60 kg) at 1.25 m/s2?
  61. physics

    a 8.0 kg object undergoes an acceleration of 2.2 m/s squared.what is the resulting force acting on it?
  62. Physics

    What weight of water is required to fill a 80 gallon aquarium? The answer must be in kN
  63. physics

    How much force does an 60 kg astronaut exert on his chair while accelerating straight up at 8m/s squared?
  64. physics

    A storage tank of negligible mass and 30 m high is filled with gasoline
  65. physics

    0.24 h to reach the school from your house. velocity of the bus is 19.7 km/h to the east, what is the displacement?
  66. physics

    how do you find the verticle component of velocity of a projectile just as it strikes the ground?
  67. Physics

    show that the oscillation of a liquid in a u-tube is in simple harmonic motion.
  68. Physics

    What is the velocity of an object that is dropped from a height of 20m,just before it reaches the ground?
  69. physics

    lenses that always diverge light rays that strike them is that convex or concave? I am not sure.
  70. physics

    A body of mass 20kg dropped from a height of 2m calculate the workdone?
  71. Physics

    What is the color of all the visible light frequencies mixed together equally? I would think white. Is that right?
  72. Physics

    A potter's wheel rotates with an angular frequency of 1.54 rad/s. What is its period?
  73. physics

    a spring has a force constant of 20000 N/m how far must it be strectched for its potential energy to be 43 J??
  74. physics

    the rate at which position changes with time is called acceleration. true or false?
  75. physics

    A dart is thrown horizontally toward X at 30 m/s as shown. It hits Y 0.29 s later. The distance XY in centimeters is:
  76. physics 102

    What are the wavelengths of electromagnetic wave in free space that have the following frequencies? (a) 3.00 10^19 Hz pm (b) 7.50 10^9 Hz cm
  77. physics

    if you jump upward with a speed of 2mls, how long will it take before you stop rising?
  78. Physics

    Which of the following is the correct relationship between the electric field strength and the potential difference?
  79. physics

    How does pressure work as a restoring force to create a sound wave?
  80. physics

    A car covers a distance of x,while moving at 54km/1 in 15sec.Find the value of x
  81. Physics

    A jeep has a speed of 50 m/s at a given instant and 10 m/s later. fin its retardation, assuming it to be constant.
  82. physics

    What is the electric field intensity of a point 15cm from a charge 15microcoulomb
  83. physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 2.57 m/s2. What is the velocity at the end of 5.4 s? Answer in units of m/s
  84. physics

    determine the magnitude of the centripetal force that acted on the whirling ball??
  85. physics

    An 80 kg skateboarder going 10 m / s is launched nearly vertically off a ramp as shown. Approximately how high does he go?
  86. physics

    what is your final velocity after 680 meters if you start out at 90km/hr and acceleration is 9 m/s
  87. physics

    if it costs 4.5 to 7.5 cents per kilowatt-hour (wind energy) what is the price per kW?
  88. physics

    A ball is thrown up with a speed of 30m/s, what is the maximum height reached?
  89. Physics

    Describe Robert Millikan's experiment and what significant info he learned?
  90. Derivation of Physics Equation

    How do we derive these laws: (most of the time, the numbers are subscript) v'2 = v1 * ( (2 * m) / (m1 + m2) ) + v2 * ( (m2-m1) / (m1+m2) ) & v'1 = v1 * ( (m1-m2) / (m1+m2) ) + v2 * ( (2 * m2) / (m1 + m2) )
  91. Physics

    How do you calculate the energy needed to heat 4 kg of water from 25oC to 45oC?
  92. physics

    How much force does an 60 kg astronaut exert on his chair while accelerating straight up at 8m/s squared?
  93. Physics

    If a car increases its speed from 5 m/s to 25 m/s over 40 seconds. what is the acceleration? Give the unit.
  94. Physics

    Find the length of a bridge if it is known that the steel in the roadbed expands by 0.52 m when the temperature changes from +2 to +30°C.
  95. physics

    If you run away from a plane mirror at 2.35m/s , at what speed does your image move away from you?
  96. Physics

    Find the speed of sound (in m/s) at -35°C at 1 atm pressure in dry air.
  97. physics

    which of acceleration age speed temperature and velocity are vector quantities
  98. physics

    Explain how the pitch of the roaring sound relates to the length of the tube.
  99. physics

    Why is it vital that there is friction thatb opposes motion when two surfaces try to slide across one another?
  100. Science-Physics

    From what height was a brick dropped if it hit the ground with a speed of 4.3 m/s?
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