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  1. Physics

    What is the application of simple harmonic motion to our daily lives?
  2. Physics II

    What is the sign and magnitude of a point charge that produces a potential of -2.00 V at a distance of 3.00 mm?
  3. Physics II

    What is the sign and magnitude of a point charge that produces a potential of -2.00 V at a distance of 3.00 mm?
  4. physics

    A person swims with a speed v realative to water What dose this mean?
  5. physics

    A sports car accelerates from rest to 86km/h\, km/h in 5.2s\, s . What is its average acceleration in m/s2{\rm{m/s}}^2.
  6. Physics

    How long is Mayra, a ballerina, in the air when she leaps straight up with a speed of 1.23 m/s?
  7. Physics

    How long is Mayra, a ballerina, in the air when she leaps striaght up with a speed of 1.23 m/s?
  8. physics

    Need quick help with this question. Is electric force directly proportional to 1/r or 1/r^2?
  9. physics

    what is the pressure exerted on the ground by a cube which has a weight of 600n and a side of 1m
  10. Physics College

    What is the rate of deceleration of a 1400-kg SUV that is going 75.0 km/h and then slows to 25.0 km/h in 8.20 s?
  11. physics

    Explain why the line touches the x-axis at approximately 30oC and 45oC.
  12. physics

    What would be the resultant vector with an angle of 30° with the +x axis and has a y component of 1.2 Newtons?
  13. Physics

    Why is it important to use the maximum force reading from a data collection?
  14. physics

    What would be the resultant vector with an angle of 30° with the +x axis and has a y component of 8.9 Newtons?
  15. Physics

    A 70 kg woman pushes on a wall at 35 newtons and recoils. What is the magnitude of the force?
  16. physics

    A tank of 10m height is filled half what will be pressure at bottom
  17. physics

    What is the electric field intensity of a point 15cm from a charge 15microcoulomb
  18. physics

    A car accelerates from rest at 2.57 m/s2. What is the velocity at the end of 5.4 s? Answer in units of m/s
  19. physics

    which of acceleration age speed temperature and velocity are vector quantities
  20. physics

    A 2.7 kg object falls from a tower. It experiences 2.3 N of air resistance. What is the acceleration?
  21. Physics

    show that the oscillation of a liquid in a u-tube is in simple harmonic motion.
  22. Physics

    If the speed of the wave is 330 per sec calculate the wavelength
  23. Physics help please

    A 0.504 m length of conducting wire carrying a current of 62.1 A is?
  24. Physics-

    How can anything accelerate if every force has and equal and opposite counterpart?
  25. physics

    a body moving at 40 m/s accelerates at the rate of 8m/s^2. what is the distance it transverses in 15 seconds?
  26. physics

    if a force of 3000 n can move a crate at an acceleration of 10 m/s2, what is the mass of the object
  27. physics

    A man weighs 750.0 N on Earth at what altitude will he weigh 187.5 N?
  28. physics

    what impulse is needed to slow a 45kg object from 15m/s to 12m/s?
  29. physics

    an object is dropped from a vertical cliff. How long does it take to reach 85 km/h?
  30. physics

    How much work is done on a lawn mower pulled 3.4 m by a force of 54 N at an angle of 10°?
  31. Physics

    An object has a volume of 4.0m^3 and weighs 40,000 Newtons. What will be its weight in water?
  32. physics

    weight of a person in newton on mars who weigh 882N on earth ( g = 9.8m/s^2)
  33. physics

    masses of 3,5,7,8 kg are suspended at equal distances of 1 m from rod.Find the CG of the arrangement.
  34. Science

    guys, please give me any ideas for a investigatory project in physics ???
  35. physics

    The standard piece of apparatus used to measure distance in the laboratory is what?
  36. physics 105

    How many cubic feet will 44lb of CO2 occupy at STP
  37. physics

    What is an object that is launched into the air and undergoes free fall
  38. physics

    Is the charge on the surface of the earth due to an excess or a deficit of electrons?
  39. Physics

    Calculate the acceleration of a plane when it changes its speed from 0m/s to 250m/s in 12 seconds
  40. Physics

    What is the wavelength of visible light emit- ted at 4.2 × 108 MHz?
  41. Physics

    62m of skid marks and coefficient of .75, how fast was the car going?
  42. physics

    why we derive our hands upwards and backwards to catch the ball?
  43. physics

    A car has a uniform velocity of 108km/h. How far does it travel in 1/2 min
  44. physics

    Heat can never flow from ________. how come it is cold to hot?
  45. physics

    if an iron cube of volume 400cm3 is immersed in water,the upthrust will be?
  46. mathematical physics

    Determine the directional derivative of phi =xy^z in the direction i^-2j^+2k^ at the point (3, 1, -1)
  47. Physics

    How are lights in schools usually wired... Series or parallel circuits?
  48. physics

    what is relative velocity?Answer with an example & description also a diagram.
  49. Physics

    a freight train has two engines, each with a mass of 50,000 kg. pulling
  50. physics

    At what altitude should a satellite be placed into circular orbit
  51. physics

    why is the momentum constant if the mango drops from the tree without rebound
  52. physics

    If the kinetic energy of an automobile triples because of a speed change, it momentum is ?
  53. physics

    what is the acceleration in m/s2of a body moving at 63 km/h and comes to rest in 40s
  54. physics

    what is the acceleration in m/s2of a body moving at 63 km/h and comes to rest in 40s
  55. Physics

    A bottle cork floating on water has a mass of 50g what is its weight?
  56. Science-Physics

    From what height was a brick dropped if it hit the ground with a speed of 4.3 m/s?
  57. Physics

    How far can a person run in 15minutes if he or she runs at an average of 16km/hr? Thank you
  58. physics

    a shell is fired at an angle of 30 C above the horizontal at a velocity of 140 m/s
  59. physics

    What is the value of current when charge of 5 uc paases through a conductor in 2seconds
  60. physics

    What experimental evidence do we have to show that matter is composed of particles
  61. Physics

    For centripetal acceleration, if the radius increases, does that mean the angle is decreasing?
  62. Physics

    What is the relative humidity on a 25.0 °C day when the air contains 14 g/m3 of water vapor?
  63. Physics

    What Precaution should be take in static and kinetic friction experiment?
  64. Physics (Kinematics Check)

    What is the average velocity of a dropped brick that falls 4.0 m? vi = 4.0 m/s vf = 0 m/s a = 9.81 m/s^2 t = vf-vi / a t = -4/9.81 t = 0.41 s v = d/t v = 4.0/0.41 v = 9.81 m/s^2 <----------
  65. physics

    A force of 1.3N results in the movement of an object 3.1m northeast.How much work is done
  66. physics

    How many grams of Al2O3 are formed from 15L of O2 at 97.5kPa and at 21degree celcius.
  67. physics

    differentiate between law of paralleogram and resolution of component of force.
  68. Physics

    what is the schwarzschild radius of a black hole with a mass of 1.68x10^43kg
  69. Physics

    Describe an experiment to measure the specific heat capacity of a liquid.

    A bicycle tire is 68 cm in diameter. what frequency does it have if it travels at 8m/ sec?
  71. Science (Physics)

  72. physics

    if 8.96dm of CO is produced at STP -how many moles of CaCO3 have reacted
  73. physics

    A lizard accelerates from 2m/s to 10m/s in 4 seconds. What is the lizards average acceleration?
  74. Physics

    An automobile uniformly accelerates from rest at 15 ft/s2 for 6s. What is the fanal velocity in ft/s? v=d/t 15 *6= 90 90ft/s
  75. physics

    A car travels in a straight line for 4.6 h at a constant speed of 95 km/h . What is its acceleration?
  76. physics

    WHat is the displacement of a car that starts at 10m/s east and accelerates at 3m/s west for 2s
  77. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the vertical component of velocity of the plane? Answer in units Km/h
  78. physics

    at what temprature is the average translational k.e of a molecule in an ideal gas equal to 1 ev?
  79. Physics

    How much energy is released when 250 kg of anthracite coal burns
  80. Physics

    what quantities are needed to describe motion -to know how position changes with time
  81. Physics

    what is the total displacement of a runner which finish the 1-km race in just 10 seconds
  82. physics

    how is a stone tied on an elastic string balanced when in air and water ?
  83. physics

    an object weighs 180N on earth, how much will it weigh on the moon?
  84. Physics

    an elastic band is stretched a distance of 0.150m by a force of 100.0
  85. Physics

    Draw areal velocity versus time graph for Mars.
  86. Physics

    true or false.Initial velocity is always equal to zero
  87. physics

    What is the frictional force between the 5.66 kg mass and the table? Answer in units of N.
  88. Physics

    What is the size of the buoyant force on a 31.0 N ball that is floating in fresh water?
  89. physics

    find the acceleration of a bicycle slowing fron 3m/s to a stop in 5 seconds?
  90. Physics

    Compute the k.e in joule of a 500g riffle bullet traveling at 300m/s
  91. physics

    What would the mass of a bowling ball be if it were to travel m/s with a momentum of 7000kg.m/s
  92. agric,physics,life sciences ,pure maths

    can i be an agricultural engineer
  93. physics

    The energy of the em waves is of the order of 15 which part of the spectrum does it belong?
  94. Physics

    How much work does a 50 kg student to climb 3 meters high stairs
  95. physics

    : what is the density of an object with the mass 60g and volume 25cm cube
  96. physics

    Help me to answer this!! What is meant by energy-mass relationship?w Explain with examples.

  98. Physics

    What would be the average velocity of an object falling 1.25m from the rest?
  99. Marble hall

    Is it possible to start pure maths and physics at college ?
  100. Physics

    what maximizes our ability to recover elastic potential energy?
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