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  1. physics

    determine the velocity of a charge that push by the 16 volts source
  2. physics

    a body of mass 2 kg moving with a speed of 10 m/s find its momentum
  3. Physics

    Why the household appliances starts / runs as soon as we switch them on
  4. physics

    describe the shape of the graph made and discuss its significance.
  5. physics

    Is the motion of the rider for each angle of inclination uniformly accelerated? Why or why not?
  6. Physics

    A coil of wire has a resistance of 31.8Ω at 28 °C and 55.6Ω at 53 °C. What is the temperature coefficient of resistivity?
  7. physics

    How much positive and negative charge is there in a cup of water
  8. modern physics

    Calculate the commutator [ p, e^ik.x ] where the function e^ik.x may be expanded as: e^ik.x = ∑infinite,n=0 (ik.x^n/n!)
  9. physics

    from newton's second law of motion derive the formulae F=ma
  10. physics

    What is the energy of a photon of yellow light with a frequency of 5.14 × 1014 Hz?
  11. Physics

    What does it mean when the position vs. time graph is below the x-axis?
  12. Physics

    What is the polar notation for a vector that points from the origin to the point (0,5.00) ?
  13. physics

    if the velocity of wave is 0.15m/s and the frequency is 20Hz, what is the wavelength?
  14. Physics

    Name five distinct disciplines of physical sciences
  15. Physics

    Find analytically the resultant of the forces shown below: Where: F1 = 20 kg (4,4) F2 = 15 kg (-5,5) F3 = 5 kg (-2,-2) F4 = 10 kg (3,-3)
  16. Physics

    What is the pressure on a swimmer 10meters below the surface of a lake?
  17. Physics

    What is the acceleration due to gravity 'g' on the moon if 'g' is 10m/s² on the earth?
  18. Physics

    The resultant force of 10N acting at the right angle to another of RN is?
  19. Physics

    How is time peroid the reciprocal of frequency? Plz explain
  20. Physics

    What does r'squared' means in coloumb law equation.why is it r^2 istead of r?
  21. physics

    why do you fall forward when a moving bus decelerates to a stop ?
  22. physics

    Explain the term uniform acceleration and average speed
  23. physics

    The resultant of two forces X and Y will be the greatest when the angle between X and Y is:
  24. physics

    How much power is dissipated by each resistor in the figure below, in which V = 24 V and R2 = 15 ?
  25. physics

    How much power is dissipated by each resistor in the figure below, in which V = 24 V and R2 = 15 ?
  26. Physics

    Light elements formed in Big bang theory ?
  27. physics

    the displacement of a particle S is given by S=A + BT +CT^2.Deduce the units of the constants A,B and C
  28. Physics

    How much work is done when a force of 70.1 N moves an object a distance of 64.4 m?
  29. Physics

    Would a rug have static or dynamic friction?
  30. Physics

    A 5.0-kg rock and a 3.8 10-4-kg pebble are held near the surface of the earth.
  31. Physics

    The speed of the tip of a second hand of length 5 cm of a clock is m/s
  32. Physics

    A gas occupies 8 litres at 23'C and 70cmHg what is the volume at stp
  33. Physics

    Calculate the potential energy of a 6.3 kg eagle flying at a height of 75 m.
  34. physics

    Hi I did a physics lab where we hung one spring with several different masses and found its K value, then hung another spring with several different masses and found its K value, then we joined both the springs together and hung several masses on it, and then found the K value...
  35. Math

    Please check my answer to see if I got it right. Braden has 1 hour of math homework to do. He spends 2/5 of this time complaining about how much he hates math, 1/3 of the total time looking for his calculator. How much time does Braden actually work on his math homework? My ...
  36. Math/Physics

    1. A typical virus is a packet of protein and DNA or RNA and can be spherical in shape. The influenza A virus is a spherical virus that has a diameter of 85nm. If the volume of saliva coughed on to you by a friend with the flu is .010cm^3 and 10^-9 of that volume consists of ...
  37. physics

    light travels from ethanol intro crown glass. what's the brewster angle in this situation? illustrate your answer with a light ray diagram. what's the signifcance of this angle of incidence? n1=1.36for ethanol nR=1.52 for crown glass tanangleB=nR/ni =1.52/1.36 =1.12 (48.2 ...
  38. physics

    I'm having a really hard time with this physics problem...not really sure where to begin or which equation to use....please help: You are assigned the design of a cylindrical, pressurized water tank for a future colony on Mars, where the acceleration due to gravity is 3.71 ...
  39. math

    Ms.Sue is the answer to estimating the product of 8.99 by 11 ,99.00 Just so you now I am learnig,I have an A 100 percent on two math quizes and 1 math test. In one whole week!!!!! By the way I'm 13 years old. Thanks to you I have a break from washing dishes. My dad say's my ...
  40. poetry

    I need to recite this poem in front of the class and i have to add at least three more lines to it. does anyone have any suggestions? Math is the thick red book, Sitting there, waiting for you to open it, Just waiting for your sigh. Math is working two times harder, Then any ...
  41. 6th grade math

    Chris has made the following grades on five math test. 90,74,86,75,94 What score must Chris earn on the next math test to have a test average of exactly 85?
  42. algebra

    Lincoln High School has 98 teachers. Of the 42 female teachers 8 teach math. One-seventh of all teachers teach math. What is the probability that a teacher is a women or teaches math?
  43. Physics

    Can Anyone help me with this physics problem? The piston of a bicycle pump is circular in shape and has a diameter of 3.18 cm. When you exert a pushing force on the pump handle, it exerts a pressure of 225 kpa on the air inside the pump cylinder. 1) What is the force exerted ...
  44. math

    The National Association for Women in Science asked recent high school grads if they had taken certain science classes. Of those surveyed, 32 said they had taken physics, 51 said they had taken chemistry and 15 said they had taken both. Ten said they had taken neither. How ...
  45. MATH

    The National Association for Women in Science asked recent high school grads if they had taken certain science classes. Of those surveyed, 23 said they had taken physics, 47 said they had taken chemistry and 5 said they had taken both. Seven said they had taken neither. How ...
  46. Math

    This isn't a question for math homework but i have a really low grade in math and i want to raise it up. What can i do to get my grade up because i am getting progress reports on Monday and i want to get a really good grade.PLEASE HELP!!!!
  47. 1st grade Math Fair

    My school is planning a Math Fair. Each grade will compete with same grade team members. The rules are: TO make it fun and use Al. math strands . The problem is I don't know where or how to begin this project. Can anyone help?
  48. math

    A high school guidance counselor conducts a survey to find the student's first choice for a college major and found that 65% of students choose math. If three students are chosen at a random, what is the probability that at least one of them would choose math?
  49. math

    I am having a hard time on the ACT with the math have bought several books trying to learn the math and need some help please take the ACT sat. and again on the 23rd have to get good score to start classes in august
  50. Physics

    When an object of mass m1 is hung on a vertical spring and set into vertical simple harmonic motion, its frequency is 12 Hz. When another object of mass m2 is hung on the spring along with m1, the frequency of the motion is 4 Hz. Find the ratio m2/m1 of the masses. For Further...
  51. math 6

    Javier solves three math problems in five minutes. He has 20 math skill-work questions for homework, and he wants to complete them before talking with friends. How many minutes will javier take to complete 20 math skill work questions
  52. math mental math help

    i need to use mental math and the distributive property to simplify: can you pls check if this correct? a) 19(-6) i got: -114 or do i do like this: 10*(-6)=-60 9*(-6) =-54 -60 + -54= -114 b) 102* $21 i got: $2142 or do i do mental math like this: 100*21 = 2100 2 * 21 = 42 2100...
  53. Re: Physics/Math

    A sphere of mass 2.7 x 10^-4 kg is suspended from a cord. A steady horizontal breeze pushes the sphere so that the cord makes a constant angle of 41 degrees with the vertical. Find the magnitude of the push provided by the breeze and Find the tension in the cord. you have a ...
  54. Physics

    This is a theoretical question, ignore the numbers. A 205-kg log is pulled up and to the right on a ramp by means of a rope that is parallel to the surface of the ramp. The ramp is inclined at 30.0 degrees with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction ...
  55. Math/Physics

    I am unsure of what exactly I am looking for in this problem... One of the highlights of the Calaveras Fair, besides the bullfrog jumping contest, is the watermelon seed spitting contest. The seed spitting is being done in the direction of s ⃗=5i ⃗+j ⃗. The ...
  56. Stats

    About 10% of the population of a large country is math phobic. If two people are randomly selected what is the probability both are math phobic? And hat is the probability that at least one is math phobic? Any way to do this on stat crunch?

    You push your physics book 2.20m along a horizontal tabletop with a horizontal push of 2.20N while the opposing force of friction is 0.500N . How much work does your 2.20N push do on the book? How much work does the friction force do on the book? How much work does the normal ...
  58. Absolute and relative change

    In one region the number of students in Math 101 is 20% more than the number of students in Math 123. If there are 480 students in Math 101, how many students are in Math 123?
  59. Physics/Math

    A machine carries a 5.0 kg package from an initial position of di = (0.50 m) i + (0.75 m) j + (0.20 m) k at t = 0 to a final position of df = (8.00 m) i + (11.0 m) j + (7.40 m) k at t = 13 s. The constant force applied by the machine on the package is F = (2.00 N) i + (4.00 N...
  60. Physics

    In calculating the force of gravity between two objects, if the mass of one objects increased by 4 and the other by 2, how many times would the force of gravity increase? Ok well Im horrible at physics but the way I understood it was that you would take 4 times 2 then divide ...
  61. Physics

    A car weighing 9800 N moves around a circular track of 70 m in 60 s. (a)
  62. physics

    How does changong the tension of a string change the pitch? It shortens the ocilation
  63. Physics

    does anyone know what the rate of sound waves is for 12.6hz? Never mind got it

    The masses and coordinates of four particles are indicated in the following table. 40 g
  65. Physics

    When hitting a golf ball, does the force of gravity increase or decrease??
  66. Physics

    What voltage is required to store 7.0 10-5 C of charge on the plates of a 5.0 µF capacitor? _________ V
  67. Physics

    what is the use of knowing the center mass of an object when making a calculation?
  68. Physics

    Why does the central maximum of a diffraction pattern is twice as long as any other? Thank you
  69. Physics

    Why does the central maximum of a diffraction pattern is twice as long as any other? Thank you
  70. Science (physics)

    I need to know how to build a catapult. I have no idea of where to start.
  71. physics

    what is the initial velocity (Vyo) of a projectile launched horizontally? why? i know that it is 0 m/s, but i don't know why/how to explain it.
  72. physics

    Is it possible for a collision to occur in which all of the kinetic energy is lost?
  73. physics

    245kg=????ug I do not know how to change this to ug so if anyone could please show me how I would really appreciate it.
  74. physics

    if the pulling force P is 150 N and the crate dosent move, what is the magnitude of f
  75. Physics-Rutherford

    Can you please give me a brief explanation of Rutherfords experiment?
  76. Physics

    The average radius of the earth is 6.38*10^6m. Is the diameter just twice that or 12.8*10^6m. The circumference is 6.28(6.38*10^6)=40.1*10^6m
  77. Physics

    Find the gravitational force between the sun and the earth in newtons?
  78. Physics/chemistry

    Describe the partcle Theory of a HOt air Balloon?
  79. Physics

    If you weighed 112 N on the Moon where g=1.6N/kg, how much would you weigh on Earth?
  80. Physics

    (dwrls) If it is $ .20 $/kWh x 10kWh = Would it cost $2.00 per hour?
  81. Physics

    what is the amount of gravity im m/s on each planet in the solar system. I need to know by Wednesday. Thanks
  82. Physics

    The energy of a photon is directly proportional to its..... I think it may be frequency. Is that correct?
  83. Physics

    In the photoelectric effect, what determines the kinetic energy of the ejected electrons?

    Calculate the power output of a 1.3-g fly as it walks straight up a windowpane at 2.5 cm/s
  85. Physics

    How can elements with low atomic numbers have so many spectral lines?
  86. Physics check

    In 1906, J. J. Thomson won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the ..... electron?
  87. Physics

    What does wave interference have to do with the electron energy levels in an atom?
  88. physics

    How would you do this? The K is 25.0 N/M The spring's max amount of elastic potential energy?
  89. physics

    How would you do this? The K is 25.0 N/M The spring's max amount of elastic potential energy?
  90. physics

    what 2 factors determine the size of the force of gravity? & what is the relationship between them?
  91. physics

    how do you compare mass and weight on the earth, moon, and outer space?
  92. physics

    i was just wondering what approx is the change in PE in J when standing up from your chair and the KE when walking in J.
  93. physics

    i was just wondering what approx is the change in PE in J when standing up from your chair and the KE when walking in J.
  94. Physics

    What is the speed of an electromagnetic wave that has a frequency of 7.8 x 10^6 Hz? How would I solve this problem?
  95. physics

    what will happen to a block of iron with a whole in the middle if put in oven
  96. physics

    Explain how the pitch of the roaring sound relates to the length of the tube.
  97. physics

    How much force is needed to accelerate a 50-kg rider and her 250-kg motorcycle at 5 m/s2?
  98. Grade 11 Physics

    Rearrange the equation : d=v2t - 1/2at(squared) to solve for a
  99. physics

    An object is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 19.1 m/s. How high does it rise?
  100. physics

    In Harmonic Motion how does the value of g affect the time period of a pendulum?
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