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  1. physics

    frictional force
  2. physics

    what is tripple point?
  3. Physics HELPPP

    (0 m/s)^2 - (23.7 m/s)^2 divided by 2(9.00 m/s)^2 ?
  4. physics

    Can the sun expand
  5. Physics

    If D=7i-3j+2k. Find the magnitude of D
  6. Physics

    A flywheel rotates
  7. Physics

    How do you calculate tension
  8. Physics

    What consumes when work is done
  9. Physics

    What is specific heat
  10. Physics

    What is the displacement of 45° SE 13 km and 20° NE 14 km?? (With Solution)
  11. biology

    physics osmosis
  12. Physics

    What is a fatigue fracture
  13. Physics

    Brownian motion
  14. physics

    If A=4i+3j-2k, B=8i+6j-4k then the angle would be?
  15. Physics

    What is a time period
  16. physics

    What is specific heat
  17. Physics

    If E=mc^2, how does it relate to Ek+1/2 mv^2? How does it work when v = c? thanks
  18. physics

    what is the upthrust equation?
  19. physics

    do these cancel out and why/why not? S^2 = S^2 S^-2 = S^2
  20. Physics

    If s =at^2+bt+c. What is the correct units of a,b and c?
  21. physics

    does anybody know how 5.26i-13.81j = 14.78?
  22. physics

    What does Vcm mean?
  23. Physics

    Types of thermometer
  24. physics

    what is the formula for work?
  25. physics

    how to calculate acceleration
  26. Physics/Math

    In the vector sum A + B = C , vector A has a magnitude of 13.1 m and is angled 49° counterclockwise from the +x direction, and vector C has a magnitude of 15.0 m and is angled 20.0° counterclockwise from the -x direction. What are (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction (...
  27. Physics

    What is the force of gravity at 220 miles above Earth's surface? Calculate how much of a g force the astronauts are actually experiencing. The solution for this math problem is a percentage. You can calculate it using the Algebraic equation: gr = R2/r2 x g R = the radius of ...
  28. Physics

    Two cars, A and B, travel in a straight line. The distance of A from the starting point is given as a function of time by xA(t)=αt+βt^2, with α=2.60m/s and β=1.20m/s^2. The distance of B from the starting point is xB(t)=γt^2−δt^3, with γ...
  29. Physics - HELP! PLEASE

    The problem is from fundamentals of physics 9th edition by halliday. Here is a free download of the book since I couldn't post the graph (I had to write out link since site doesn't allow links to be posted): tripplew period sendspace period com/file/shrz0x I am having trouble ...
  30. math

    This table shows the numbers of students in different classes that are in the math club. Students in math club Boys / Girls Mrs.Smith 3 / 4 Ms.Jones 4 / 6 Mr.Brown 3 / 4 a. What fraction of the students in the math club are boys from Mrs. Smith’s class? b. What fraction of ...
  31. Physics/Math

    What is the sum of the following four vectors in unit-vector notation? For that sum, what are (b) the magnitude, (c) the angle in degrees, and (d) the angle in radians? E: 6.36 m at +0.90 rad F: 4.52 m at -75 ° G: 3.31 m at +1.20 rad H: 5.4 m at -210 ° [[[Warning! Make a ...
  32. Physics- just verfiying an equation

    hello, so i'm doing a physics project where I have found the following equation for centripetal force: Fcent=mrù^2 Where f= centripetal force m=mass r=radius ù=angular velocity my question is to make centripetal force greater, does that mean mass, radius and angular velocity...
  33. English

    1. What's your favorite class? 2. It's math. 3. It's math class. 4. It's a math class. 5. My favorite class is math. Which are the right answers for the question? 6. What's your favorite subject? 7. It's math. (What about the question, #6? Is the question the same as question ...
  34. math

  35. math

    What does the math term XOR stand for in math?
  36. Math

    if you have a f in math what is the percent of the grade in math?
  37. statistics

    Research reports a correlation of +0.8 between math achievement and math aptitude it also reports a correlation of -0.8 between math achievement and a math anxiety. Which interpretations is most c?orrect
  38. advanced math

    I did the math for the previous problem I posted, using this formula: -b+ or - the square root of b^2-4ac/2a. When I did this for -x^2+2x-1, I got 0/-2. I did the math and the x and y intercept came out to be -2 and -2. But when I graphed this on my graphic calculator, the ...
  39. Probability

    4.3. In a certain college town, 27.5 percent of the students failed Mathematics (Math), 19.8 percent failed Biology (Bio), and 11 percent failed both Math and Bio. A student is selected at random. Let A represent the event of failing Math, so that A' is the probability of ...
  40. How to get quick responses to your math questions

    Math is a wide subject, ranging from K to 11, college and university. Then there is algebra, trigonometry, geometry, arithmetic, calculus, number theory, ... etc. Not all teachers answer all math questions (many do). If you would give a little more detail on which branch of ...
  41. physics

    A person has far points 8.44cm from the right eye and 12.2cm from the left eye. WRite a presciption for the powers of the corrective lenses. Please help i tried to read to book and my notes but it doesnt show how to do this problem.
  42. math

    In a local college, 60% of the math majors are women. Fifteen math majors are chosen at random.
  43. Math

    Match the math sentences that count up and back by tens. 47+40=88 57+30=87 46+10=56 56-10=46 87-40=47 87-30=57 Write the matching math sentences.
  44. Physics

    Henrietta is going off to her physics class, jogging down the sidewalk at a speed of 2.05 m/s. Her husband Bruce suddenly realizes that she left in such a hurry that she forgot her lunch of bagels, so he runs to the window of their apartment, which is a height 43.9 m above the...
  45. physics

    Find the minimum diameter of a 51.5-m-long nylon string that will stretch no more than 1.01 cm when a load of 68.9 kg is suspended from its lower end. Assume that Ynylon = 3.51·10^8 N/m2 physics - bobpursley, Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 10:32am Hookes Law: elongation= force...
  46. Physics/chem

    Trying to beat the heat of summer, a physics grad student went to the local toy store and purchased a child's plastic swimming pool. Upon returning home, he filled it with 154 liters of water at 25°C. Realizing that the water would probably not be cool enough, he threw ice ...
  47. Physics - Frequency

    This is in reply to a previous post, I'm not really sure whether replies to posts that are several days old are viewed by anyone, so I'm reposting just in case. In reply to bobpursley's post, I just want to ask, how would you know how long it takes for the sound to reach you? ...
  48. Physics (Science)

    Hi, For my physics class, we have to design our own experiments to calculate the amount of power exerted for each situation. However, I'm really unsure of how to go about finding the power for the situations. The first situation is doing a push-up, and the second is pushing a ...

    In a physics lab experiment, a student immersed 205 one-cent coins (each having a mass of 3.00 g *.003kg) in boiling water. After they reached thermal equilibrium, she quickly fished them out and dropped them into 0.244 kg of water at 20.0 C in an insulated container of ...
  50. College Physics

    The rotor is an amusement park ride where people stand against the inside of a cylinder. Once the cylinder is spinning fast enough, the floor drops out. A-What force keeps the people from falling out the bottowm of the ride? I think that it's the Normal force? B-If the ...
  51. math

    A physics test has twenty questions worth 100 points. The test consists of true /false questions worth 3 points each and multiple choice questions worth 11 points each. How many multiple choice questions are on the test ?
  52. English

    Which class are you in? 1. I'm in class 1-2. (I am a member of Calss 1-2. In the classroom, there are 30 students.) 2. I'm in math class. (I'm listening to the math teacher. It's time for studying math.) ==================== What is the answer to the question, #1 or #2?
  53. physics As

    The table below shows how the braking distance x for a car depends on its initial speed u u / ms-1 5.0 10 20 4 x / m 2.0 8.0 32 128 the reaction time of a driver is 0.60s. Calculate the sopping distance of the car when u= 30ms-1. The mark scheme says: Thinking distance= 30 X 0...
  54. physics

    I have another question for the problem below, so What is the speed of the car just before it lands safely on the other side? would it be the same 38.6 meters/sec A 10,000N car comes to a bridge during a storm and finds the bridge washed out. The 650-N driver must get to the ...
  55. physics

    I have another question for the problem below, so What is the speed of the car just before it lands safely on the other side? would it be the same 38.6 meters/sec A 10,000N car comes to a bridge during a storm and finds the bridge washed out. The 650-N driver must get to the ...
  56. physics

    I have another question for the problem below, so What is the speed of the car just before it lands safely on the other side? would it be the same 38.6 meters/sec A 10,000N car comes to a bridge during a storm and finds the bridge washed out. The 650-N driver must get to the ...
  57. Physics

    Note: I am in Alegebra-based Physics. You have landed on an unknown planet, Newtonia, and want to know what objects will weigh there. You find that when a certain tool is pushed on a frictionless horizontal surface by a 12.2 N force, it moves 16.3 m in the first 2.30 s, ...

  59. physics

    how do i find angular acceleration?
  60. Physics

    How is intensity related to amplitude?
  61. Physics

    What are the effects of radation on humans?
  62. Physics

    How do you know if a quadratic is a perfect square?
  63. physics

    how is dissociation and ionization similar
  64. Physics

    When the direction is 30degrees N of E is it E30degreesN?
  65. physics

    What is a aneroid barometer and a manometer ?
  66. physics

    Refraction happens when a wave does what
  67. Physics

    How do you convert kilograms to Newtons?
  68. Physics

    What are the features of electromagnetic waves?
  69. physics

    What model is the basis for chemistry?
  70. physics

    what is the energy of motion called?
  71. physics

    how do you find the volume of a pyrimid ?
  72. Physics

    Discuss the P.E. and K.E. of a pendelum swing.
  73. science(physics)

    What is applied force?
  74. Physics

    What is the energy of this type of radiation: 6.32 x 10^20 s^-1 ?
  75. Physics

    does any one know the equations for vectors?
  76. 11th grade physics

    bob where r u !!!
  77. physics

    The horizontal acceleration of a projectile is what?
  78. physics

    does anyone know the fundamentals of measure units?? thank you
  79. Physics - continued

    Would it be sq(2ks^2/m)?

  81. physics

    please my post from earlier
  82. physics

    why woods do not radiate electricity?
  83. Physics

    what is the speed of an object at rest?
  84. physics[slash]cTtCg
  85. Physics

    how many rollers coasters are there in florida?
  86. physics

    where friction is a nuisance on a bike?
  87. physics

    how to make an electric car
  88. physics

    What does a pilot do to the wings when he/she wants to land?
  89. physics

    Find the center of mass where m1 = 6.9 kg and m2 = 2.1 kg.
  90. physics

    Given: At 440 m/s, lambda of 22.2 mm, f=............Hz
  91. Physics

    Alright i can not get this question i'm confused
  92. physics

    how to you figure momentum and velocity
  93. Physics

    I need to solve this equation. 3E -9 N / 1.25 E -19 C I do not know what to do with the -9 and -19.
  94. physics

    what are some questions on momentum?
  95. physics

    what are some questions on work?
  96. physics

    what are nonrenewable energy sources?
  97. physics

    convert 120 cm to meters
  98. Physics

    How many electrons make up a charge of -30.0 ìC?
  99. Physics

    A centripetal force acts
  100. Physics

    Wave amplitude is related to what?
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