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What marginal costs does University of Phoenix incur in offering one more ECO/561 class? What marginal revenues does University of Phoenix earn from each additional ECO/561 class? How would you expect this marginal analysis to affect the volume of classes University of Phoenix...


• Via Microsoft Word, write 700 to 1,050 words explaining the business model of University of Phoenix and also write a SWOT analysis about University of Phoenix strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Via Microsoft Word, write 700 to 1,050 words explaining the business model of University of Phoenix and also write a SWOT analysis about University of Phoenix strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

university of phoenix

Need some help with the american heart assoication trying to write a 1050 word paper by midnight phoenix time. Could you assist

math 116

anyone taken this course from the university of phoenix?

COM 220 Axia college of University of Phoenix

How are articles from the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center of the University Library formatted? I have asked the instructor for help and it has gotten me nowhere. Please help me.

MATH/208 University of Phoenix

I need the answers for week three, can anyone help?

university of phoenix


University of Phoenix.

Which pair of fractions is not proportional? A)3/11=9/33 B)3/11=6/22 C)3/11=12/44 D)3/11=7/19

university of phoenix

appendix e1 diagram IT/240

university of phoenix

lingustic of puerto rican americans


can anyone help me with the course for Axia college University of Phoenix

university of phoenix

differences and similarities between profit and profitability

university of phoenix

In a binomial distribution, n = 12 and π = .60. find the probability x=5

University of Phoenix

I'm taking this math class and I'm suppose to find the vertical, horizontal and oblique asymptote, if any for the following equation... f(x) = 11 - (5x/5x^2 + 7x - 12) by NOT, i repeat NOT looking at a graph of the function. Thanks...

University Of Phoenix

Have indigenous religious practices changed over time?


What are 5 specific learning team goals ,COMM/330 University of Phoenix

university of phoenix

describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice

University of Phoenix

Minimize w= y1+y2+4y3 subject to y1+2y2+3y3>=115 2y1+y2+y3<=200 y1+ y3>=50 with y1 >=0 y2>=0 y3>=0

university of phoenix

i was trying to find information about finding out if a graph if a function

University of phoenix mat116

use multiplying by 1 to find expression equivalent to 16/17 with denominator of 102d

university of phoenix

How might social psychology be influenced by cultural factors from one society to another?

university of phoenix

I need 700 words explaining what your point of view will be and what plan to accomplish in your paper

university of phoenix criminal justice

what are the effect on local law enforcement when they are require to enforce federal laws?



University of Phoenix

How do I write a 150- to 200-word paragraph to explain the importance of purpose, audience, tone, and content in academic writing

University of Phoenix

target marketing in contrast to mass marketing

University of Phoenix

In the equation y = 4 x, if the value of x is increased by 2, what is the effect on the value of y ?

University of phoenix

What types of social conflict exist in American culture today? Are they productive conflicts, producing results for those who need help? Explain your answer.


was there anything ineither the university Phoenix student code if conduct or the code of academic integrity surpising if what why and why not.

University of Phoenix

inventory turnover ratio analysis for Dell Inc.FINANCIAL STATEMENTS April 29,2011 and January 28,2011

just a ?

I am doing school online through university phoenix axia Do you possible know the school code? I am trying to do my financial aid application.


I am writing a essay on the character of Phoenix Jackson in Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path". Is this a good introduction? The protagonist of Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path" is Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix is a poor, elderly, African-American woman whose overwhelming love for her only ...


Find the value of y for a given value of x, if x varies directly with x. If y=39 when x=-117 what is y when x=-132 my answer y=k*x 39=k*-117 39/-117=k k=-0.3 y=k*x y=-0.3*-1.32 y=-3.96 can someone please check my work


compare and contrat your abilities as an academic writer now as opposed to when you began your studies at the University of phoenix. Using four comparatives and four superlatives within responses.

university of phoenix

Suppose y is directly proportional to x and that y = 40 when x=5. Complete parts (a)and(b). Find the constant of proportional k. k= (b)use y=ky to find y when x=9 y=


Hi, I am taking a logistics class online through University of Phoenix and I am so lost. I have homework dure tonight and have no idea how to do it. Can anyone help?

Gen 300

I need 5 sources off of the University of phoenix library site on team dynamics and need them in a reference page format for APA format

A.C./U of Phoenix

Ms. Sue, Are there other places you might recommend? I think your comment is important to consider. The only famous person I know who graduated from U of Phoenix is Shaquile O'Neal and he has a "job" already, so to speak.

University of Phoenix

List at least five of the events or major concepts found in each of the three historic periods of personality psychology (1930 – 1950, 1950 – 1970, and 1970 – present

University of Phoenix

I need to evaluate the planning function of management as it relates to the organization's goals and strategies. I need to use the steps in the planning process. I do not know where to begin The class in MGT/230

university of phoenix

bond that has a$1000 par value and a contract interest rate of 10.1%.The bonds have a current market value of $1,120and will mature in 10 years.The firms marginal tax rate is 34%

Math 115 week 8 cum-test

I was wondering if anyone has the questions for week 8 cum-test due Sunday? the instructor will not post it until Wednesday night and I would like to start on it early because I am moving all week.I am taking classes with the University of Phoenix Axia College

university of phoenix

if someone scored two standard deviations above the mean on a standard test where the mean =100 and the standard deviation = 15, what is the person's numerical score?

Human Services/ University of Phoenix

Identify three considerations that should be a part of a program and proposal pre-planning process of grant proposal writing. This is a generalized question, no particular grant application.

Phoenix University

2.You are the head of the health information management department at General Hospital. An FBI agent has arrived at your office with a search warrant in hand. He asks to speak with you about the hospital’s health record. How should you respond?

Algebra 1

Well we are doing factoring and I don't quite understand this problem: (x+1)(x-3)=117 I simplified and got: x^2-3x+x-3=117 x^2-2x-3=117 x^2-2x-120=0 I split the middle term and got: x^2-12x+10x-120=0 What should I do next? I have no idea how to finish factoring this... thanks...


Compare and contrast your abilities as an academic writer now as opposed to when you began your studies at the University of Phoenix. Using four comparatives and four superlatives within your responses, explain what has led to these changes and what changes you will make in ...

Question about University (general).

Hello! I'm just trying to get an understanding of the reputations of some of the fine post-secondary institutions in Canada. I know this is not a homework question, and that all of the educators on this site are busy helping with homework questions. But, considering most of ...


A state university wants to increase its retention rate of 4% for graduating students from the previous year. After implementing several new programs during the last two years, the university reevaluated its retention rate. Identify the Type I error in this context. A) The ...


Which of the following is an example of nominal data? a. ocean temperature at seven beaches along the east coast of the U. S. b. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers of the 2005 Boston Marathon c. morning commute (in miles) of professors at DeVry University - Phoenix d. account ...

AP Physics

Find the scalar product of the vectors in Figure P7.8, where è = 117° and F = 31.0 N. y | | ___| Unk Angle----> / | -------\--------------x starts@O-----> / /| / / /_|/<-----117 degrees / / | / / <-----31.0N


I need some ideas. What are the objectives that your university seeks to pursue? a) How may success in achieving these objectives be measured? b)To what extent do the objectives of various subunits of your university complement or contradict each other? c)Who are the major ...

university of phoenix

The weight of a small Starbucks coffee is a random variable with a mean of 360 g and a standard deviation of 9 g. Use Excel to find the weight corresponding to each percentile of weight. a. 10th percentile b. 32nd percentile c. 75th percentile d. 90th percentile e. 99.9th ...


A 2.09 kg block is placed on top of a 10.9 kg block. A horizontal force of F = 63.3 N is applied to the 10.9 kg block, and the 2.09 kg block is tied to the wall. The coefficient of kinetic friction between all moving surfaces is 0.117. There is friction both between the masses...


Phoenix Jackson is Eudora Welty's major character in the short story, "A Worn Path." She is a very old and fragile, African American woman struggling against herself and nature to retrieve medice for her sickly grandson. Throughout the story, Phoenix encounters many hardships ...

IP address assignment

Imagine that you are a system administrator for a company, and that the company operates from two locations Phoenix and Boston. Phoenix has 350 hosts and Boston has 2100. Given that the following class C IP addresses have been assigned to your company as a whole by ICANN: 220....


A bike costs $117. This is $12 more than 3 times the amount Tom saved last month. How much money did Tom save last month? Write an equation, solve the problem. Equation: 12+3n= 117?


If a triangle ABC has A = 52 degrees, side a = 178, and side b = 234, then what is the measure of B? B= 62.3 or 117.7 B = 62.3 B = 117.7 there is no solution


A 65.0-Ù resistor is connected in parallel with a 117.0-Ù resistor. This parallel group is connected in series with a 22.0-Ù resistor. The total combination is connected across a 15.0-V battery Find the current in the 117.0-Ù resistor. Find the power dissipated in the 117....


here is what I need to do; however my problem is I can not find where I can download the financial information on any corporation Select an American corporation. Visit its website and download the Income Statement, Statement of Stockholders Equity, Balance Sheet, and Statement...


Apoll of 100 Phoenix graduates showed that 32 of them received a promotion within two years. A poll of 200 non-graduates showed that 40 of them received a promotion. We wish to know if a Phoenix degree improves your chance to get a promotion.

university of phoenix

4.Suppose you administered an anxiety test to a large sample of people and obtained normally distributed scores with a mean of 45 and standard deviation of 4. Do not use web-calculator to answer the following questions. Instead, you need to use the Z distribution table in ...


At a certain university, 30% of the students major in math. Of the students majoring in math, 60% are males. Of all the students at the university, 70% are males. a) What is the probability that a student selected at random in the university is male and majors in math? b) What...


Mark wants to visit the 10 colleges he is considering attending. He can only spend the night at 3 of them. What is the probability that he spends a night at Rutgers University, a night at the University of Miami, and a night at Clemson University?


I am writing an essay on the worn path. This time I wrote this by myself. (Apart from a sentence). Could you tell me what I need to improve on? Love, the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. "It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides." But this wasn't the ...


I am doing a report on finding the major challenges in the future of my university with regards to their revenue and expenses. I have to discuss the main financial obstacles faced by the university and explain why each presents problems with future planning / budgeting. On the...

chemistry(check my work)

The initial concentration for the compounds involved in the reaction shown were determined to be [CS2(g)] = 1.075 mol/L, [H2(g)] = 1.436 mol/L, [CH4(g)] = 0.6740 mol/L, [H2S(g)] = 0.3120 mol/L. Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant (Kc) at 1175 K if the equilibrium ...


The ratio of graduate students to undergraduate studaent at a certain university is 4 to9. if there are 2340 students at the university how many undgergraduates are there?


Suppose that on a certain examination in advanced mathematics, students from University A achieve scores which are normally distributed with a mean of 625 and a variance of 100, and that students from University B achieve scores which are normally distributed with a mean of ...


A certain drawing states that the odds of winning are 117:168. What would be the odds against winning? would it be 168/117?


A certain drawing states that the odds of winning are 117:168. What would be the odds against winning? Would it be 168/117??

Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

1) One hundred forty-eight swimmers started a race. Nineteen stopped the race because of cramps. Twelve dropped out because of sunburn. Seventeen did not finish due to fatigue. How many finish the race? 148 - 19 = 129 129 - 12 = 117 117 - 17 = 100 My Answer - 100 Is my answer ...

math help

A survey was done recently by the Royal Bank with Ipsos Reid (reported in Globe and Mail Aug 16 2010) about financial issues that university students face. (Data used here is based on that survey, but randomized to be still within the margin of error of that survey.) The ...


1. You should study hard to get into university. 2. You should study hard to go into university. 3. You should study hard to go to university. 4. You should study hard to get to university. 5. You should study hard to enter university. (Are all the same in meaning? Which ones ...

Discrete Math

(2) Suppose A is the set of students currently registered at the University of Calgary, B is the set of professors at the University of Calgary, and C is the set of courses currently being offered at the University of Calgary. Under what conditions is each of the following a ...


1. Take bus number 117 and get off at City Hall. 2. Take the number 117 bus and get off at the City Hall. ------------------------------ Which one is correct? #1 or #2? Do we have to put 'the' before 'City Hall"? How do we read '117' here? 1. one seventeen 2. one hundred ...

Axia Math 117

I am of need of HELP. I am working on the word problems for AXIA math 117 and I do not understand the first problem. I have listed the information below. I have tried many times and I have not figured this out. My assignment is due tomorrow and I am desperate for help with ...

Writing Composition

Type of Source: _______________ Title: University of Marylsandf Sponser: University of Marylanfd


Well so I applied to many Universities in Canada, and I applied to many colleges..I got into Bachelor of Child Development at Seneca college also Bachelor of Commerce. I don't think I will get into a University. Is it bad in the future if I have a degree from College not a ...


How can price inflation effect a university negatively in the future? Like, what are a few things in the university that will be impacted?


Using the words ardent, arid, assuaged, menagerie, nostalgia, obliterate put them in right places. Correct me if im wrong on any of this! :) A. The ARID climate in phoenix made it a comfortable area for June to live. The move to Phoenix also ASSUAGED some of the misgivings ...


Do students at various universities differ in how sociable they are? Twenty-five students were randomly selected from each of three universities in a region and were asked to report on the amount of time they spent socializing each day with their students. The result for ...

University of Phoenix

Templeton Extended Care Facilities, Inc. is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $370 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templeton's management has determined that they will be able to borrow the majority of the money needed ...


I really need help with this question please Break-even equation. Fill in the blank. The following table contains selected data concerning several outpatient clinics in the new Ambulatory Care Center at Hope University Hospital. Fill in the missing information. A. PRICE PER ...


8.a) Consider the data below for Alaska Airlines and for American West Airlines. Construct a bar graph which breaks down the data by airline and by city, and which shows, for each airline, the percentage of on-time flights at each city. b) Consider the data below for Alaska ...


According to U.S. News & World Report data, in 1995 tuition costs at Indiana University, a public university, were $2,984 per year, while the tuition costs at the University of Evansville, a private university in Indiana, were $11,800 per year. In that same year the average ...


How do you find a square root of a number that's not a perfect square? I'm very confused. The book doesn't explain it too well. You can approximate it or simplify it in terms of (products of) square roots of smaller numbers. E.g. consider sqrt[117] The number 177 can be ...


In the story, "A Worn Path", by Eudora Welty, An elderly African American woman, named Phoenix Jackson, embarks on a long and tedious journey through the woods accompanied by seemingly unforseen forces working against her that are trying to deter her from reaching her goal of ...


The cost of attendance at State University is $22,000 for the first year. Devise a periodic savings plan that will allow you to make small deposits for 5 years at a simple interest rate of 2% and save enough to pay for the first year at the university.

Public and community health

Find national, state, and local governmental health agency websites that address the issue from the Article Review assignment. · Document your findings based on the University of Phoenix Material: Website Review. · Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary of your findings that ...

math 117

2/(5 )=(x-2)/20

math 117

a^-5a-36=0 can anyone help me on this??




Write one sentence that includes a city and state in the united states and the name of a college or university. Edison University is located in Piqua Ohio.

University of Phoenix

My Ethical Analysis is 1. Basic Ethical Decision Making Model Learning Team Ethical Analysis. In your Learning Team, identify a particular health care administrative ethics dilemma from the text, material provided to you by your instructor, or otherwise identified by the Team...


Phoenix Advertising Date: 12/5/2008 To: Entire Executive Team Cc: Mr. Forest From: Mrs. Goodridge VP Human Resource RE: Roanoke Branch Employee Concerns As the Vice President of Phoenix Advertising Human Resource Team, I would like to review with all of you some of the ...


FOIL (8x^8-9)(x^9-5)


Suppose A is the set of students registered at the University of Calgary, and C is the set of courses currently being offered at the University of Calgary. Under what conditions is each of the following a function? a) {(a, c) | a’s first class each week is in c} b) {(a, c...


This is a question I have to answer for a University of Phoenix class, If any one could help and explain to me (in a stistics for dummies explanation:)I would appreciate it. Here goes: Six months after a divorce, the former wife, and husband each take a test that measures ...


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