Math(Please help)

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Chemistry :(

hello, i would be glad if someone answer to my question fast please as i am having a class test tomorrow. So here's the question: Q:An Alkaline with 16 carbons has a molecular formula of: (a)C16 H16 (b)C16 H34 (c)C16 H8 (d)C16 H32 (e)C16 H48 please tell me which option out of ...

Math Please check these

Find the Perimeter and area of each square and rectangle. On my actual paper I have the cm and in behind the numbers along with the area's squared sign I just didn't know how to put that on here. 1. L2 W3 A=6 P=10 2. L1 W1 A=1 P=4 3. L7 W1 A=7 P=16 4. L7 W7 A=49 P=28 5. L6 W4 ...

Math(Please check)

You invest $3000 in a savings account where you earn 4% interest compounded continuously a) what is the formula A(t) for the balance after t years? A(t)=3000e^0.04(t) b) How long will it take for the money to double? 6000=3000e^0.04t Is this the correct setup so far or would I...

4th grade math

Hello, I am trying to help my son with his homework but i have no clue how to work these following: write a number expression for each phrase 1) 1,285 is how much more than 622 2) $402 increased by $86 3) 946 beads, then 80 fewer beads 4) 12 adults combined with 26 children ...


two crooks rob a bank and flee to the east at 66mph. In 30mins, the police follow them in a hellicopter. flying at 132mph. How long willit take for the police to overtake the robbers? I came up with 60mins. i don't think it right! please help with distance problems, i really ...


Given a circle A whose diameter is 2 ft.and a rectangular piece of tin B,10ft by 4 ft.Find, correct to the nearest square foot, the tin that will be left after the greatest possible number of circles of the size of A have been cut from B. a. zero b. 1 sq.ft c. 2 sq.ft d. 9 sq....


1. Select all the values of x that will make the following inequality true. 2(3x − 6) ≥ 5x − 10 Chat x = -5 x = 1 x = 0 x = 2 x = 13 x = 7 Please help I've been stuck on this problem for a long time at least just give me 1 example so i can plug it in with the...

Math (calc)

An open box with a square base is to have a volume of 12ft^3. Find the box dimensions that minimize the amount of material used. (round to two decimal places). it asks for the side length and the height. Please help asap due in a few hours. Thank you


can some one help me set this up into eqautions to be solved please. One number is 6 more than another. If the sum of the smaller number and 3 times the larger number is 34, find the two numbers. x=10 y=4 Those are the answers but how do you get to them. 3 liters= mL Wouldn't ...


Please help me to find the range of each set of numbers.7, 7, 5, 4, 1, 9, 8, 8, 8, 5, 2 The range of a set of data is the difference between the highest and lowest values in the set. This is true whether there is one or more scores at either extreme value. I hope this helps. ...

Math(Please help)

1) An expression that occurs in calculus in given. Reduce the expression to lowest terms. (2x + 5) 4x - 2x^2(2) / (2x+5)^2 I have no idea what to do for this. 2) Simplify the expression. Express the answer so that only positive exponents occur. Assume that all variables are ...

Math(Please help)

1) An expression that occurs in calculus in given. Reduce the expression to lowest terms. (2x + 5) 4x - 2x^2(2) / (2x+5)^2 I have no idea what to do for this. 2) Simplify the expression. Express the answer so that only positive exponents occur. Assume that all variables are ...

Math vectors

1. AF in terms of AB 2. AE in terms of AB and BC 3. BC in terms of AF and EC Jhiska doesnt allow me to post urls so can you please search in "Intro to Vectors MCV4U U1A2 Assignment Question1 Support" on youtube which shows the diagram needed to answer this question.

Math vectors

1. AF in terms of AB 2. AE in terms of AB and BC 3. BC in terms of AF and EC Jhiska doesnt allow me to post urls so can you please search in "Intro to Vectors MCV4U U1A2 Assignment Question1 Support" on youtube which shows the diagram needed to answer this question.

Vectors Math

1. AF in terms of AB 2. AE in terms of AB and BC 3. BC in terms of AF and EC Jhiska doesnt allow me to post urls so can you please search in "Intro to Vectors MCV4U U1A2 Assignment Question1 Support" on youtube which shows the diagram needed to answer this question.


Please please please check my answers and explain to me why they are right or wrong!!! 24.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 point) The pitcher THREW the ball to the catcher. a.) active** b.) passive 25.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 ...


My Shopping List 1. Please describe how to find a unit price. * a price for foodstuffs, stated or shown as the cost per unit, as per pound, per kilogram, per dozen, Contemporary definitions for unit price Expand. noun. the cost of a single commodity Unit Prices Please use the...

Physics repost

Suppose you wish to make a solenoid whose self-inductance is 1.2 mH. The inductor is to have a cross-sectional area of 1.2 10-3 m2 and a length of 0.048 m. How many turns of wire are needed? Can you please clarify this for me. When I first post it my reponse was: # turns= # of...

Extrema-Check my work please?

Find and classify the relative maxima and minima of f(x) if f(x)= defint a=0 b=x function= t^2-4/(1+cos(x)^2) dt x^2-4/(1+cos(x)^2)= 0 x^2-4=0 x^2=4 x= +/- 2 So I got relative maximum as -2 and 2. And relative minimum as zero. However, when I graph it on Wolfram, it gives me ...

Algebra 1- Just one question please :)

You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is -0.015. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? Please help whenever you get the ...


Hi, I need to cite a source for a paper but I cant tell whether its a paper or an article or an article from a journal or book. Can you please help. "title of work" author from jump cut, no 27, July 1981, pp 27-32 copyright Jump Cut: A review of Contemporary Media, 1982, 2005 ...

Living environment(please check thank YOU Ms.Sue)

Cause: When hydrochloric acid backs up into the esophagus Effect: called Acid Reflux Cause: As a result of the acidic ph in the stomach Effect: help break down food Cause: As the epigolottis covers the larynx, Effect: I NEED HELP WITH THIS Cause: when reverse peristalsis ...

English: Please help

Identify the word that best describes the underlined word which for this sentence is "the shelter" The volunteers provided the shelter with new crates, beds, and bowls for the dogs. object ****** 2.indirect object 3.predicate nominative 4.predicate adjective I am ...

mystery number math please help

This number has 7 digits The digit in the ten thousands place is 9 The digit in the hundreds place is 3 times greater than the digit in the ones place The digit in the millions place is the difference between the tens place and the thousands place The hundreds thousands place ...


how do i do these: 1.100 increased by 72% 2. 10 increased by 30% 3. 80 increased by 60% 4. 6 increased by 10% 5.12 increased by 40% PLEASE HELP :(


Ashanti and Maria went to the store to buy snacks for their back to school party. They bought bags of chips, ptetzels, and nachos. They bought three times as many bags of pretzels as bags of chips, and two fewer bags of nachos than bags of pretzels. If x reprsents the number ...


i would like any help or suggestions you have please as i am very stcuk on these questions thanks here is the scene: each phone call made to the emergency services has probability 0.02 that it is not legitimate. assume that the legitimacy of one call is independant of weather ...


The sum of 4 y yards and 2i inches equals a. 6iy feet b. (12y+1/6)feet c. 12 1/6 feet d. (12y+24i)feet e. 12 1/6 iy feet please answer and explain

4th grade Science (Please Help!)

Bowl A and Bowl B are filled with the same amount of water. Bowl A is covered in plastic wrap. Both bowls are left on a counter. The water level is checked in both bowls after 1 week. What is the independent variable? PLEASE HELP.

please help in math homework

x squared minus 6xy plus 9y squared minus 4z squared


Would these simplified expressions by equivalent to these expressions: i)f(x)=-3(x+2)^2 ii)f(x)=x^2-x-2 / 3x^2+4x+1 Simplified expressions: i)-3x^2-13x-13 ii)(x-2)(3x+1) Please help me!


On Monday the temp was 50 degrees. On Tuesday the temp increased by 22% what was the temp on Tuesday? Please help!

Math Algrebra

Please Help! I don't know what the equation is and Google isn't helping!!! Please tell me the equation and how you could get the answer of each? 1) A student is the 35th counted from the front end and the 40th counted from the back end. How many students are in a line? 2) ...


Someone please help me figure this problem Given: Triangles ABC and BCD are isosceles, m∠BDC = 30°, and m∠ABD = 155°. Find m∠ABC, m∠BAC, and m∠DBC.


Need Answer to the Following Please: Using the 9 digits, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 and 9 you can arrange four different digits to form a four-digit number that is NOT divisible by 7. The digits 1238 cannot be arranged to create a four-digit number that is divisible by 7. The ...

math help please?!

Solve the system by Gauss - Jordan elimination. { 1/3 x + 3/4 y - 2/3 z = -8 x + 1/2 y + 1/3 z = 18 1/6 x = 1/8 y - z = -24 a. (−6, 8, −24) b. (−6, −8, −24) c. (0, 8, −24) d. (6,8,24) e. (6, −8, 24)


If the answer is 1 2/3, what is the question? 5th grade level answer please What is 5/3? UM THE FRACTION IS 1 2/3 hes saying 5/3 = 1 2/3 right. 5/3 = 1 & 2/3 OOO IS THAT RIGHT what is the deinition of whole number percent The question is to calculate this: 1 + (2/5) + (2/5)*(2...


Please help I know to figure out simple interest but what is the best way to figure out compound interest example 8,000 invested for one year at 6 % compounded quarterly (with the answer rounded to the nearest dollar


I have this application that I cant figure out how to work. Please help without giving me the answer. A tree casts a shadow that measures 5 m. At the same time, a meter stick casts a shadow that is 0.4 m long. How tall is the tree?

math easy challenge

Square Numbers Lagrange's Theorem A famous mathematician called Lagrange proved that every whole number could be written as the sum of 4 or fewer square numbers. Examples: 19 = 16 + 1 + 1 + 1 35 = 25 + 9 + 1 47 = 36 + 9 + 1 + 1 What would 96 be? Please help!!




Im going to try another percentage problem. Will you please double check me. Thanks for all your help! 2580/4440=.581081081 Change to percent and round to nearest tenth. .581081081*100=58.108 rounded to nearest tenth is 58.1%


Mrs Allen spends 3/5 of her money at the grocery store. Next she spends 3/5 of her remaining money at the petrol station. She then has $8.00 left. I know the answer is $50 BUT I need to explain why its right please explain on a yr 7 level would be helpful!

5th Grade Math

0.38 = (3 X 0.1) + ( X ) My sons paper instructs us to fill in the missing values. We understand that we are to fill in the two values in the second set of parenthesis, but that is all we understand. Please help...I feel so inadequate because I can't help my child with this ...


Jared obtained a simple interest loan for 1200 at a credit union at an annual interest rate o f 5.5%. if Jared paid $1430 to repay the loan, for how many months, was the money borrowed ? ( can you please tell me the steps. thanks )

Math( please help)

a ball is kicked in the air from the top of a cliff. the path the ball travels is given by the equation h(t)=-5t^2+17t+22 where h(t) is the height in metres and t is the time in seconds a) what is the maximum height that the ball reaches b)when will the ball hit the ground

Math( please help)

a ball is kicked in the air from the top of a cliff. the path the ball travels is given by the equation h(t)=-5t^2+17t+22 where h(t) is the height in metres and t is the time in seconds a) what is the maximum height that the ball reaches b)when will the ball hit the ground


. Given the following function, f(x)=-x^2 -8x find: (a) vertex, (b) axis of symmetry, (c) intercepts, (d) domain, (e) range, (f) intervals where the function is increasing, (g) intervals where the function is decreasing, and (h) the graph of the function. Please show all of ...


find the number of possible 5 card hands that contain the cards specified a: 5 face cards(either king,queen, or jacks) b: 4 aces and 1 other card c: 2 aces and 3 kings please explain what im supposed to do thanks!


Figure your age in months, days and hours. since I am 9 years old I found out that i am 117 months, 3,563 days and 85,512 hours. The problen is that I do not know how to show my work. Please respond soon.


still stuck on this one please help Marissa plans to use 50 sheet of aper for a scrapbook. How much thicker will the scrapbook be if she uses heavyweight (which is 2/5 in for 100 sheets) instead of lightweight paper (which is 3/10 in for 100 sheets)?


A tree on a hillside casts a shadow 200 ft down the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hillside is 23 to the horizontal and the angle of elevation of the sun is 54, find the height of the tree. Please round the answer to the nearest integer.


In a 3 hour examination of 350 questions, there are 50 mathematics problems. If twice as much time should be allowed for each problem as for each of the other questions, how many minutes should be spent on the mathematical problems? not just and answer please A.45 B.52 C.60 D....


Write the equation of a Rational Function satisfying given conditions. Has vertical asymptotes located at x-2 and x=-1 Has a horizontal asymptote located at y=0(x-axis) y-intercept:(0,2) x-intercept (4,0) R(x)= ??? what I did is, R(x)= ax+b/c(x-2)(x+1) then plug in (0,2), b=-...

8th grade Math help

PLEASE HELP!!! Anita hikes 7 miles due east and then 3 miles due north. Rounded to the nearest mile, what is the shortest distance from the starting point to the ending point? A. 4 B. 6 C. 8 D. 10 I think it's B. am i right?


(6.0 x 10^5) x (3.0 x 10^4)= A. 18 x 10^20 B. 18 x 10^9 C. 1.8 x 10^20 D. 1.8 x 10^10 2. (5 x 10^-2) divided by (2 x 10^3) = A. 2.5 x 10^-5 B. 2.5 x 10^-1 C. 25 x 10^1 D. 25 x 10^2 3. (2.56 x 10^6) times (3.56 x 10^2)= A. 9.1136 x 10^12 B. 91.138 x 10^8 C. 9.1136 x 10^8 D. 91....

Math PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A biker traveling at his usual speed can go from his house to work in 4 hours. When the weather is bad, he travels 6 miles per hour slower, and it takes him half an hour more. How far is his work from his house?


My question showed a bar graph showing the number of days of class 20 students missed. "What is the average number of days that each student missed?" A) 1 B) 1.5 C) 1.7 D)2 E)2.3 **The answer's 1.7 (according to my teacher), but from solving it I either got a 1.5 or 2. Please ...


Lindsay draws a right triangle and adds the measure of the right angle and one acute angle. Which is a possible sum of the two angles? A) 180 B) 45 C) 90 D) 120 Answer is D) 120. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you for your help.

Health care please check answer

Please check my answer thank you :) How are children hospitals paid ? (excluded from Medicare acute care PPS) My answer they are paid based on reasonable costs.

Math(Please Help!!!)

Triangle NQP is an equilateral triangle with the measure of angle N=5x-2y and the measure of angle P=x+2y. Find the values of x and y.

7th math

write fraction as percent, 23/4 write percent in lowest fraction form, 60% 99% = 49.5/50? steps please...

Math-Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue could you please show me how slove this equation. Could you show me how to solve it like this: for ex.: x-15 = -8 +15 +15 x = 7 I need help with this equation: -10=W-32+6

Math - logarithmic equation

Solve the logarithmic equation. Please show all of your work. Loga(x+3) + loga(x-3) = 3

8th grade math

how do you make an equation that is parallel to another equation? how do you make an equation that is perpendicular to another equation? please help and explain. Thank you.


Can u please help. The width of a rectangle is represented by w meters. Represent the length of the rectangle if it exceeds the width by 8 meters. Thank you


If the area of a circle is increased by a factor of 9, the circumference of that circle will be increased by what factor? a. 3 b. 6 c. 9 d. 18 e. 81 please answer and explain

cca math

help please! Lesson 11: Rational Numbers Unit TestLesson 11: Rational Numbers Unit Test

extreme math help please

Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. Then write a function rule. x|2|4|6| y|1|0|-1|

language please check my work

-revise the sentence for a clear meaning here is the sentence Surgeons moved around the operating room, skillfully using tools wearing slippers. -the revised sentence Surgeons,wearing slippers,moved around the operating room skillfully using their tools. please if there is a ...


“ he was little or nothing but life.” what does this statement mean? Rob (or is it Ben?) -- Please note the following: Please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it ...


Write equations that equal the number 44 using exactly four 4's 4sqred plus 4sqred plus 4qred minus 4 (donno if it counts) Hi Tom , We can only use the symbols of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. Please try again Thanks 4-4+44 = 44


please chek my answer thanks :) What is purchase price of 15 Warren Corporation bounds with a coupon rate of 7 3/4 and a current market price of 98 ? The commission charge is $8 per bound. The date of the transcation is March 5 and the bond pays interest on Nov 5 and May 5 My ...


In solving the equation (x + 4)(x – 7) = -18, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 4 = -18 => x = -22 or (x – 7) = -18 => x = -11 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original equation. Why is that? Please help ...


dave has a rabbit, a ferret,a gerbil and a turtle. He feeds them in a different order each day. In how many different orders can dave feed his pets. Make an organized list to solve each problem. Write each answer in a complete sentence show work please


Please help I have no Idea what to do here. A box with an open top is to be constructed by cutting a-inch squares from the corners of a rectangular sheet of tin whose length is twice its width. What size sheet will produce a box having a volume of 420 in^3 when a = 3?

Math--Please Help

A pizza box with a square base is to be made from a rectangular sheet of cardboard by cutting six 1-inch squares from the corners and the middle sections folding up the sides. If the area of the base is to be 144 in^2, what size piece of cardboard should be used.


Alec, Kate and Ketan are roommates who share living expenses in a ratio of k: 2a: 5k respectively. If their total expenses each month equal $1400, how much is Ketan's monthly contribution? (A) 280/2a+6k (B) 700/2a+6k (C) 1400k/2a+6k (D) 2800a/2a+6k (E) 7000k/2a+6x Please help...

math litracy,history,geography,business studies

Ill be doing matric this year(2014) and I have no idea what I'd like to do after two months time ill have to appky for varsity and I don't even know what ill be applying for cause I still don't know what I'd like to be when I finish studying..please help!!

Business Math

Joanne and Ed Greenwood built a new barn with an attached arena. To finance the loan, they paid $1,307 interest on $45,000 at 4.0%. What was the time, using exact interest? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round up your answer to the nearest day.) Please help!


Verify that the function satisfies the three hypotheses of Rolle's Theorem on the given interval. Then find all numbers c that satisfy the conclusion of Rolle's Theorem. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) f(x) = 5 − 6x + 3x2, [0, 2] can someone please ...


Raquel's pay stub has three deductions. What is the total amount of deductions? Round to nearest cent. Gross Pay(wages) is $1625.35 Medicare is $22.48 Social Security is $52.72 Federal Withholding Income Tax (23%) Please show me how to work do this problem?


The wheel in the figure has a diameter of 1 yard. The wheel is rolled forward as shown until the point marked A has undergone exactly one revolution around the wheel's axis. What number is represented by the distance in yards that the wheel has traveled along the ground? ...

Math (Help please!)

The points plotted on the coordinate plane below are three vertices of a rectangle. ht tp : //imgur dotcom /a/eix1I What are the coordinates of the fourth vertex of the rectangle? (Remove the word "Dot", and put a "." in it's place to access the link, and also remove the ...


Given a long algebraic equation, what are some strategies that you can use to make simplifying and evaluating the equation more efficient and accurate? How do inverse operations help solve algebraic equations? Give a real-world scenario where this might be modeled. Help, ...


Could you please check these two statements, please? 1) At midday I went to my mother-in-law's (house) and I had lunch there. We had seven different kinds of starters. 2) The ones I liked most were breaded artichokes and watercress with cherry tomatoes and quail eggs. The one ...

As physics

From the list of compounds below identify the molecules (find out the no. of molecules): 1) Propanone C3H6O Mr:58 2) Chromium Trioxide Cr2O3 Mr: 152 3) Rubidium Carbonate Rb2CO3 Mr: 231 4) Neon Ne Mr:20.2 5) Nitrophenol C6H5NO3 Mr: 139 6) Dinitrogentetraoxide N2O4 Mr:92 Please...

social studies

how did Mikhail gorbachev affect the government? What did Boris Yeltsin do and how did he affect the government? Please don't give me any links. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your ...


I need help please. The usual markup on shoes at Fast Times Department Store is 240%. During a 25%-off sale, the store sold a pair of shoes for $39.95. Estimate the amount of the store's profit on the shoes.

Math-Linear Systems

Determine the point of intersection. (a) y = 4x + 6 y = -x + 1 (b) 2x + 5y = 10 x = 10 Please show how to get the point of intersection. thoroughly explain how to get point of intersection.

Math quick help

Oh man.... I don't understand how to simplify though... Can u please help me with These questions : 2 * square root 18 5* square root 48 3* square root 54

math show work please

1/(X+3)+4/(x+5)= 2/(x^2+8x+15) a. the solution set is b. the solution set is all real numbers c. the solution set is empty


calculate the density of NO3 gas at 0.970mm Hg and 35C Take 1 liter. calculate n in PV=nRT then, density= mass/volume= (n*molmassNO3)/1liter. I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO IT COULD U PLEASE EXPLAIN What don't you understand about PV = nRT and how that fits your problem. ...


please assist me with writing a good report. My grades are really low and i need this report to be great. I have to write on Black history Report on Black abolitionist,politicians and military.The letters I have is S-Z like al sharpton. please give me some advice....thank you


I am trying to answer some question for class I am needing to find and understand these theories can someone please explain them or help me find information on them I cannot find anything that I understand searching for these terms are they called some thing else please help ...

Calculus - Optimization

A cylindrical container with a volume of 3000 cm^3 is constructed from two types of material. The side and bottom of the container cost $0.10/cm^2 and the top of the container costs $0.20/cm^2. a) Determine the radius and height that will minimize the cost. b) Determine the ...


Applications of Logarithms I really need help with this log stuff please. If the PH of acetic acid is 5, what is the PH of hydrochloric acid if it is 200 times more acidic? the formula is right here: P=P0*10^PH2-PH1 200=10^5-PH1 log200=(5-PH1)log10 And I don't know where to go...

Logarithmic Function

Could you please verify and calculate the following logarithmic equation: y = 2log_2(2)(x+2)-4 , in which x=2. So the equation would become: y = 2log_2(2)(2+2)-4 Solving... y = 2log_2(2)(4)-4 y = 2log_2(8)-4 y = 2(3)-4 y = 6-4 y = 2 So I got y=2, however my answer sheet and my...


if the temperature at sea level is 70 degree F , according to the normal of average lapse rate of 3.6 degree F/1000', the temperature at 10,000' would be what? show work plz Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR...

Integrated Science.

Hello there experts!Can you help me out with some of my questions?Thank you. My first question is. 1.)List 3 warning symbols in my home...please! 2.)What are some precautious i should take in a lab? and or Give 3 reasons why keen attention is being paid in a lab room? Please ...


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