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  1. math

    Solve. Please show all of your work. Find the length and width of a rectangular lot with a perimeter of 108 meters if the length is 8 meters more than the width.
  2. math

    Tony and Karen are having friends over for hotdogs. Tony bought 5 bags of hot dog buns with 8 in each. Karen Bought 6 pakeges with 6 in each pakage? HELP ME PLEASE =c
  3. Math

    Consider the rectangle with an area of 24x^3-54x^2-15x, with a side length of 6x^2-15x. Write and simplify an expression for the length of the rectangle. ^ Could someone please show me how to do this?
  4. math

    the greater of two numbers is 1 more than twice the smaller. three times the greater exceeds 5 ties the smaller by 10. find the numbers and write the equation. please help me
  5. Math PLEASE HELP!!!

    A contractor pours a sidewalk that is 4 inches deep, 1 yard wide, and 20 yards long. How many cubic yards of concrete will be need? (Hint: 36 inches = 1 yard)
  6. Math

    My home work asks "what is the five number summery of a datta set? How is it used to mAke a box plot?" But i frogot what a five number summery is please help.
  7. math i don't get it

    The lemonade recipe calls for 2 tablespoons or 1 ounce of food coloring for every gallon. How many cups of food coloring are there in 16 gallons of lemonade? Please explain this a lot so i can get this.
  8. math

    a solid metal sphere of radius 32cm is melted down and recast to make 64 identical small spheres.what will be the radius of each small sphere?please explain ,thanks
  9. Math (HELP PLEASE)

    Estimate the total precipitation in inches and in days for Asheville and Wichita. City: Inches: Days: ------------------------------------------ Ashevile,North Carolina |47.71|124 Wichita,Kansas |28.61|85
  10. Math check my answers

    Please check my answers on the following questions Simplify: (X^6)^1/2 = x^3 1000000^1/6 I don't know this one (64n^12)^-1/6 = 1/0.5n^2 (9n^4)^1/2. = 3n^2 36^3/2 = my answer is 2 in the index of the aware root of 36^3 343^-4/3 I don't know this one Thanks
  11. math

    Describe a method you can use to shorten the list of possible rational zeros when using the rational zero theorem? I know how to do the problems, I just don't know how to shorten that method. Please help me.
  12. Math

    Find the points of intersection of the parabolas y=1/2x^2 and y=1-1/2x^2. Show that at each of these points the tangent lines to the two parabolas are similar Answer (+-1,1/2) Please show and explain all steps thank yo
  13. MATH

    F.Y.I ~ The height is 26" The width is 26" (so the graph has a lot of square !!! ) Use your graph to predict the total number of blocks in a square with 64 SHADED blocks. Please EXPLAIN your reasoning.
  14. math

    Please help!pam is mixing 3 1/5 batches of paint.if one batch calls for 2 3/4 tablespoons of detergent to add to the tempura powder,how many tablespoons of detergent will pam need?
  15. math

    If the area of a circle is twice the area of a triangle whose base is 4 pi and whose altitude is 4, the radius of the circle equals a. square root 32 b. 2 c. 4 d. 8 e. 32 please answer and explain
  16. math

    If the area of a circle is twice the area of a triangle whose base is 4 pi and whose altitude is 4, the radius of the circle equals a. square root 32 b. 2 c. 4 d. 8 e. 32 please answer and explain
  17. Math

    Please help..not wanting answer just where to start... A cylinder has a radius of 5 centimeters and a height of 12 centimeters. What would the height of a cone need to be if it is the same volume and radius?
  18. math

    Please solve the system with the elimination method. Explain each step as it is performed. 5y = x 2x - 3y = 7 Would the elimination method have been your first choice to solve this problem?
  19. math

    Which expression can be used to find the area of a triangle that has a height of 7 units and a base of x units where the height stays the same but the base changes? A. 7x B. 7x/2 C. 7/2 D. x/2 I think x/2, am I correct? Please help.
  20. Math (PLEASE HELP!)

    1. The sum of the squares of two numbers is 74 and the difference of their squares is 24. a) What system of equations models this situation? b) What are the two numbers? 2. For what value of b will the line y= -2x+b be tangent to the parabola y=3x^2+4x-1?

    Point E is located at (-2,2) and point F is located at (4, -6). What is the distance between points E and F? A. ã52 B. ã28 C. 10 D. ã20 Please show me how it works! I don't understand this question :(
  22. Math

    One triangle has side lengths 3,5, and 6. A similar triangle has side lengths 18, 15 and 9. Which of the following ratios is the scale factor of the triangles? A 1/6 B 1/3 C 1/5 D 2/3 The answer is given as B, but I don't understand why or how to get that. Please help.
  23. Math

    1. The two rectangles are similar. Which is the correct proportion for corresponding sides? the two rectangles are 4 by 12 and 8 by 24. thanks! A) 12/8=24/4 B) 8/4=24/12 C) 12/4=8/24 D) 4/12=24/8 Is the answer C? I'm not quite sure about it but that's what i'm gonna go with. ...
  24. Math

    Good evening, I posted this question this morning. The answer that someone posted was not clear. Could someone please help me with this problem? x:9=2/3:36 The answer is 0.1666 But this is what I keep getting: x/9 = (2/3)/36 x * 36/36= (2/3) * (9/1) /36 (2/3) * (9/1) /36 = 6 6...
  25. math

    if 30 sixth graders own birds how many sixth graders were surveyed theirs a pie graph with 5% reptiles 5% birds 10% fish 35% cats and 45% dogs (it`s a writing response) HELP PLEASE
  26. Math

    This is for my daughter who was given summer homework and I don't know how to help her please. the difference between two mixed numbers is 3 1/4 .what might the two mixed numbers be?show as Manny solutions as you can. Thank you .
  27. math- Please help

    For each of the following explicit descriptions of a sequence, find a recursive description; for the recursive ones, find an explicit rule. Assume sequences start from n = 1. 1. an = 2n2 − 3n 2. a1 = 4 and an+1 = an + 2 3. a1 = −8 and an+1 = an 2 4. an =3n
  28. Math Algebra

    Ann is 8 years older than Dawn. Dan is 5 years younger than Dawn. The sum of their ages is 108. How old is Dan? Please explain work too.
  29. math

    please help me solve this problem, thank you. The ratio of the area of a triangle to the area of a rectangle is 3:5. the difference in their areas is 54 square inches. what is the height of the triangle if its base is 2 times its height?
  30. math

    The sales tax rate is 7.4% a. Find the tax paid for a pair of shoes with a list price of $93. b. What is the total cost of the pair of shoes? A. $6.88; $99.88 B. $6.88; $93.68 C. $0.69; $99.88 D. $0.69; $93.68 I have no Idea, Please help!

    JK bisects LM at point D which of the following is true about point D? Draw a picture to help you answer the question. A. D is the midpoint of JK B. D is both the midpoint of JK and the midpoint of LM C. D is the midpoint of LM D. None Of These Help Please
  32. english..... please help me again.

    please help me on my exam. to make good answer enough.please correct my english and answer if it is relevant to the question. thanks alot. please help me if you can give or add more on my answers. question 2.“Spoken language was the first form of communication between human ...
  33. Math

    Ok I have this problem and wanted to know itf its right. If its not please let me know what I did wrong... -8X-12+29x-39+62-3=15x+2 -8x+29x=-37x -12-39+62-3=14 -37x+14=15x+2 -22x+2 22/2 x=1/11??
  34. math

    don't understand help please When one half of the second of two consecutive integers is subtracted from the first of the two consecutive integers, the result is 2.
  35. math UNIT RATE

    an 8 ounce can of tomatoes costs $1.14. an 12 12 once can costs $1.75. which can of tomatoes has the better unit price? PLEASE SHOW WORK
  36. math (extra credit)!

    my teacher asked me why a number to the zero power is equal to 1. could you please explain why a number to the zero power equals 1?
  37. Advanced math-ck answer, please

    Write the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (-3,7) and is perpendicular to the line with the equation y=3x-5. Answer: 3x+y=16 Thanks
  38. 6th grade Math

    Converting Fractions; *Round to the nearest hundredth. -DECIMALS- I don't know if i'm right, I don't really know how to round it to the nearest hundredth. Help please.. 1. 4/7 2. 9/13 3. 6/7
  39. math

    wonder women is stronge if she could lift 59 hectogram with 1 small finger howmuch grams can she lift with 2 small finger please need help
  40. math

    write xy as the sum of unit vectors for x (8,2,negtive 9) nd y (negative 12,negtive 1, 10). my ans was negative 4i plus j plus k. wrong can you correct it for me please . thank you.
  41. Math

    Graph the inequality on a plane. y>5x. I think that it should be a dashed line that should be a horizontal line but I'm not totally sure. Could you please help me with this graph? Thanks.
  42. math-please check my answer

    Translate the following the product of 47% and some number (using q for some number) .47q is my answer correct?
  43. capt math

    to convert from ounces to pounds, you can multiply the nymber of ounces by 0.0625. express 0.0625 in scientific notation. : can you please help me express it. thanks
  44. math

    the length of a rectangle is 7 times as long as its width. if the perimeter is 72 meters what is the length and width of the rectangle? please show how to set up eqaution.
  45. 5th math

    5.6 +(0.17 + 126)= ? (5.6______)+ 126) 69*(_____*426)=(69*426)*1.4 please! help me with these problem t hank you!! show me how you got an answer for each problem too.
  46. Math

    for (sec x -1)(sec x + 1) = tan^(2) x so far I got up to: (sin^(2)x / cos x) (-sin^(2)x / cos x) what would the next step be? steps too please
  47. Math - Real number system

    Solve the following equation in the real number system. Please show all of your work. x^4 + 6x^3 + x^2 - 24x - 20 = 0 Help!!!!

    Ms. Goldfarb has 12 turquoise beads and 3 times as many amber beads. She is making 8 pins with the same number of beads on each pin. How many beads will be on a pin?
  49. Math

    Identify the outlier in the data set, and determine how the outlier affects the mean, median, mode and range of the data set. 7,7,4,9,6,26,4,5,8,4 Please help me
  50. math 2

    pedro gets 8 hours of sleep each night. how many hours does pedro sleep in a yeat with 365 days? please solve the problem?
  51. Math

    In the accompanying diagram, abcd is a rectangle with ab as a diameter of semicircle o. Diagonal bd is drawn in rectangle abcd. The length of bd exceeds the length of ab by 1, and ad=5. Please help thank you
  52. Math

    Use a calculator to simplify the expression. 8/2^3-2+4.1*2 When I used the calculator, I got 22.2 So then I used "PEMDAS" but got 7.53333... But the answer is 7.2 can someone help please?
  53. MATH Calculus Homework PLEASE HELP!

    Let T be the triangle 1≤x≤2, 0≤y≤3x-3. Find the volume that results by rotating the triangle T around the line x=-1.
  54. math

    If each cup of unpopped kernels makes 3 cups of popped corn, how many quarts of popped corn will a 16 ounce of kernels make? Please help me.
  55. math

    if 8 men can do a job in days, what is the percentage increase in number of days required to do the job when 2 men are released? not just an answer please. A.16 2/3% B.25% C. 33 1/3% D.40% E.48%
  56. Math (check answers)

    please check these 4.B 5.B 4.what is the side length of a square with an area of 64 m2? A.32 m B.8 m C.128 m D.64 m 5.what is the length of rectangle with an area of 12 yd2 and a width of 3 yd A.8 yd B.4 yd C.9 yd D.21 yd
  57. Math

    The cafeteria has 4 cases of tuna and 9 single cans of tuna. In all,there are 65 can of tuna. How many cans of tuna are in a case? (P.S.-PLEASE SHOW WORK...I NEED HELP!Thank You!)
  58. Math HELP!

    Please help me write an equation for these two: Ten fewer than the number of band instruments is 47 instruments. The number of meters decreased by 25.6 is 84.3 meters
  59. math

    The ratio of the monthly incomes of A and B is 4 : 3. The ratio of their monthly expenditures is 5 : 4. If A saves one fourth of their monthly income, find their monthly savings. Please help me with this.
  60. Math (Greatest common factor)

    Please Help! I don't understand the question asking. The greatest common factor of 12m^5n^3 + 18m^3n^3 - 24m^2n^3 is Am^bn^c, where A,B and C are whole numbers?
  61. math

    maria need to rap the box shown below with no overlap of the wrapping paper. how much wrapping paper does she need!! please help
  62. Math Word Problem

    Can someone please check this one, this is a word problem, not a greater than or less question. How much greater than -10.4 is -6.52? -10.4 - -6.52 = -3.88 is this correct?
  63. honors math

    Y=16-5x Y=1/2x-9 Y=3x Y=10 Need to write a parallel equation, perpendicular equation and neither parallel nor perpendicular line for all of them, please help
  64. i need help please math

    describe the single transformation that would be equivalent to a reflection over the y-axis followed by a reflection over the x-axis
  65. Math

    A model of an airplane is 11 inches in length. The actual length of the airplane is 209 feet. What is the scale used to build the model? Please Help Me!!!
  66. Math

    1. If you roll a number 52 times; how many times can you expect to roll a number 4? I do not understand Probability and a GEM test is coming up Thursday Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. math

    Thickness of 12 sheets of paper is 2.4mm, find the thickness of 1 sheet of paper, help im 12 years old and \i don't know the steps can u show the steps please

    Explain what traces the rise of Japan from an isolated society to a major industrial and imperial power. Please help. I need to write a paragraph on this. As you know, don't write me a paragraph. But please answer my question, without links, enough so there is enough ...
  69. please help

    The Everton college store paid $1859 for an order of 49 calculators. The store paid $11 each for scietific calculators. The others, all graphing calculators, cost the store $55 eaach. How many of each type of calculator ws ordered? Please answer in detail so that I can see ...
  70. Physics

    I agree with this and see were it comes from net force = (delta p)/t so momentum is conserved when net force equals zero... net force = (delta p)/t 0 = (delta p)/t however the following is not true 0 = (delta p)/t = P - Po were p is momentum and Po is used to indicate inital ...
  71. Math- Please Help Us!

    Diagram has 4 rectangular corrals with a barn above it. Sides (front to back) are attached to the barn. Fencing is not needed along the back of the barn. P= 200 ft of fencing If each corral is 16 ft long (front to back), how wide will each corral be, what will be the area of ...
  72. Social Studies 8R - Paragraph Check

    Please check my paragraph to see if it's good. If there any detials I should add please let me know. Also please let me know if there any grammar errors. Obama Win When Barack Obama was re-elected I was ecstatic. Obama is a really good president and he deserve to be president ...
  73. math

    do you know a site where i can get an angle measure quiz, angle relationship quiz, and polygons quiz please
  74. math again

    what is 1 - % 3 in simplest form? What is 2% in simplest form? SIMPLEST FORMS MUST BE IN FRACTIONS PLEASE:)
  75. math again

    what is 1 - % 3 in simplest form? What is 2% in simplest form? SIMPLEST FORMS MUST BE IN FRACTIONS PLEASE:)
  76. math help please!!!

    In this question how do you know when to add or subtract?? Simplify 100^12/100^8 A.100^12/8 B.100^96 C.100^4 D.100^20 Is the answer C or D?? Thank you
  77. math

    seven times the sum of a number and seven is 13 more than the number. what is the number? i know it cant be that hard but please help
  78. Mathematics

    A Pendulum 45cm long swings through a vertical angle of 30degrees. Find the distance of the altitude through which the pendulum bob rises. (I couldn't find this answer either :\ but can anyone please please help me! And if you can, can you also write the equation on how you ...
  79. Intermediate Algebra

    Solve using elimination method. If the system has no system or infinite number of solutions, state this. Please show all work. I need to show how I came about my answer. I need this as soon as possible please. I would appreciate any and all help!! 2x+2y=20 2x-2y=4
  80. Physics please help

    Two long straight aluminum wires, each of diameter 0.30mm, carry the same current but in opposite directions. They are suspended by 0.50m long strings...If the suspension strings make an angle of 3.0 degree with the vertical, what is the current in the wires? please help out I...
  81. Physics please help

    Two long straight aluminum wires, each of diameter 0.30mm, carry the same current but in opposite directions. They are suspended by 0.50m long strings...If the suspension strings make an angle of 3.0 degree with the vertical, what is the current in the wires? please help out I...

    Two long straight aluminum wires, each of diameter 0.30mm, carry the same current but in opposite directions. They are suspended by 0.50m long strings...If the suspension strings make an angle of 3.0 degree with the vertical, what is the current in the wires? Thank you......
  83. Science - Please Check my Answer

    My problem: A swimmer travels from the south end to the north end of a 30.0 m pool in 15.0 s and makes the return trip to the starting position in 19.0 s. What is the average velocity for the second half of the swim? My answer: 1.60 m/s to the south Please check! I will really...
  84. Science Please Help!!!

    A woman with a genetic disease marries a man who does not carry the disease. It is not possible for their children to carry the disease. The disease must be a) sex - linked b) recessive c) dominant d) cause by an extra chromosome I think the answer is recessive, can someone ...
  85. Chemistry

    Ytterbium, atomic number, 70 is the first element in the periodic table to have the first four shells full. work out the number of electrons in the fourth shell/ level of ytterbium? Please show all working out with no abbreviations and please help
  86. Estimating Quotents

    How do you estimate quotents and find a overestimate or a underestimate? If you know please please let me know! I searched Google under the key words "estimate quotients" to get these possible sources: http://...
  87. calculus

    answer the questions about the following function f(x)= 10x^2/x^4+25 a. is the point (-sqrt 5,1) on the graph b. if x=3, what is f(x)? what point is on the graph of f? c. if f(x)=1, what is x? what points are on the graph? d. what is the domain of f? e. list the x-intersepts? ...
  88. To SraJMcGin

    SraJMcGin, you are one good english tutor I see here right now, can you please help me with some of my English posts. Please. I'll posts them on here if you'd like. Thanks
  89. Algebra please help out

    In each bouquet of flowers, there are 4 roses and 6 white carnations. Complete the 4 and 6 table to find out how many roses and carnations there are in 4 bouquets of flowers? Please help answer
  90. Algebra please help answer

    Brandon has 32 stamps. He wants to display the stamps in rows, with the same number of stamps in each row. How many different ways can he display the stamps? Please help answer and explain
  91. English

    1. Please be quiet and draw you attention to me. 2. Please be quiet and pay you attention to me. (Can we use 'pay' instead of 'draw'? Do you have some other similar verbs?)
  92. Math

  93. please help math

    x/3-2/3=1/x *Solve the rational below. I really need help. multiply both sides by x. x^2/3 -2x/3 = 1 multiply both sides by 3 subtract three from each side x^2 -2x -3=0 (x-3)(x+1)=0 Then either of the factors can be zero, or x=3 or x=-1
  94. math: polynomials

    Please help me with these three problems! 1. solve for x: 3x + 5x^(1/2) - 28 = 0 2. solve for x: square root(2x-5) - square root(x-2) = 2 3. Find all values so that polynomial: ax^2 + 5x + 2 has two distinct real roots.
  95. math, please help

    1)List all #s less than 100 with exactly 5 factors. For this I got 16 , 36, 64, and 81. 2)Find the next 2 #s, each greater than 100, that have exactly 5 factors. This is the problem I am having trouble with.
  96. math

    please help me figure out how to do thes problems 4. y/2+5=-12 6. x/3-9=0 7. 14+h/5=2 THIS IS IMPROTANT Y/2, X/3 AND H/5 ARE FRACTIONS. it doesnt mean divide its fractions that's why i need help plse tell me how you did it so i can figure out the rest of my problmes
  97. math- precalulus

    Can someone help me with this prolem please? Use the information given about the angle Ɵ to find the exact value of: sin 2Ɵ. 1) sinƟ= 3/5, 0 < Ɵ < (π/2)
  98. accelerated math

    Hey everyone I need help with solving the following equations: which is 7n * 1/3 written as a quotient? which is 4j * 1/7 written as a quotient? Can you please show step by step how to solve these so I can explain it to my cousin. thanks
  99. math

    functions f(x)=rad. x-9 write the intervals of the functions. How do I put the set of numbers in the form of intervals such as infinity. I solved it and got the answer as this: x < or = 9 (infinity,9] Please help me, I am stuck.
  100. Math

    I am stumped could someone please explain this problem? Give the solutions to the following quadratic equation by examining the graph of the related quadratic function: Graph: y=x^2+2x-15 Equation: x^2+2x-15=0 Thanks so much.
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