Math(Please help)

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  1. calculus

    Iamhaving a really hard time trying to understand this question. Can someone please show me how to work this question. Give the following polynomial, find a. the zeros and the multiplicity of each b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c. number of turning points d. ...
  2. English grammar

    Please help me to arrange correct grammar below: Nov. 18,2015 Please be informed that starting on Nov.23, 2015 Due to high consumptiom for the electric bills The internet usage charge will be P15.00 per hour and there will be no more promo for P25.00 2 hours. Thank you for ...
  3. Please help quick!!!!! History

    Name and describe three facets of modern business that have their origins in trade practices during the Middle Ages? I have looked at my book over and over again and i can not find anything. can some one just please name them that is all i need!
  4. @ Online Students

    I just banned another "student" for cheating and rudeness. Please heed this student's lament. "quick backstory; i've been cheating on all of my work except portfolios this whole year cause i'm in online school. but i'm wanting to learn since there's gonna be ACT test in REAL ...
  5. Math

    Chemistry of Life Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following form the main components of our body cells? carbohydrates and proteins fat and phosphorous proteins and iron nucleic acids and calcium 2. Organic compounds always contain______. water oxygen nitrogen carbon 3. Which ...
  6. MATH

    Chemistry of Life Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following form the main components of our body cells? carbohydrates and proteins fat and phosphorous proteins and iron nucleic acids and calcium 2. Organic compounds always contain______. water oxygen nitrogen carbon 3. Which ...
  7. math

    how do u compare a circle and an image of the circle? I'm not quite sure what you are asking. If you have a circle, it is typically represented by its image. If possible, please repost with a more detailed question. I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking. yes
  8. math(Please help!!!)

    A ladder is leaning against a house and is forming a 60 degree angle with the ground. If the top of the ladder is 18 feet off of the ground, how long is the ladder? Leave your answer in exact form.
  9. math

    In need of assistance please take two integers between -12 and +12 write two equations that have the two intergers selected as solutions. solve the equations by addition/subtraction method.
  10. math; distributive property;perimeter of a triangl

    How do I find the perimeter of a triangle if each side has an expression such as: 3x, and the second side let's say -4y, or the third side is -3x...something like that. Please help. I'm trying to study.
  11. math

    Tameeka is in charge of designing a school pennant for spirit week. She wants the base to be 3 1/2 feet and the height to be 6 1/2 feet. She has 20 square feet of paper available. Does she have enough paper? Explain. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  12. math

    *Is identifying factors in the expression 6(x+5) an algebraic expression? *Is the statement below true of false? The expression (14x + 7y) + 5x + 9(33y + 11) is the sum of three terms. I think this question is true and can you please explain this to me.
  13. Math ms. Sue please help

    Kandace's recipe for cupcake frosting calls for 3 3/4 cups granulated sugar, 3/4 cup butter, 1 2/3 powdered sugar and 6 ounces unsweetened chocolate. How much sugar is in the recipe?
  14. Math

    May I please have some help solving these problems on my homework? Thank you. :) 38. -p = 29.16 41. Your class sold raffle tickets. Out of every 15 tickets, 14 did NOT win. There were 24 winners. How many tickets were sold? Explain your method and why you chose it.
  15. Math

    I have a triangle with one side 2y^2-3, a side with 2y^2+y+5, and the other side y^2+y+5. I had to write expression and simplify. This is what I got: (2y^2-3)+(y^2+y+5)+(2y^2+y+5) =5y^2+2y+7 I now have to determine the perimeter if y=3cm. I don't know how to do thus part ...
  16. math 3

    there are 20 guests at a party. the host has 8 gallons of punch. he estimates each guest will drink 2 cups of punch. If his estimate is correct, how much punch will be left over at the end of the party? please help answer
  17. math (please check answer)

    What type of graph does not show the number of times a response was given? box-and-whisker plot****** line plot stem-and-leaf plot bar graph
  18. math

    Paul multiplied the sum of three and a number by three. This result was equal to fifty four plus twelve times the opposite of the number. What was his number? please explain and show work.
  19. Math Calc

    Solve the equation 7sin(theta)=6 for theta, an angle in the right triangle Round your answer to three decimal places. Theta = 58.998? I don't think I got this right.. Please help
  20. Math

    A car travels for 10 minutes. it's velocity is given by v=960t-5t, where t is in minutes and v is in ft/min. Find the maximum speed in ft/min during those minutes. Please help I have no idea how to solve this problem.
  21. Math - 7th grade (repost)

    Can someone please help? I'm given a box and whisker plot that represents the cost, in dollars, of 12 CDs. How can I determine how many CD's cost between $14.60 (Q1 value) and $26 (Q3 value) and how many CD's cost less than $14.60?
  22. Math check please

    1. Solve the system of equations y=2x^2-3 y=3x-1 a)no solution b)(-1/2,5),(2,-5/2) c)(-1/2,-5/2),(2,5)**** d)(1/2,5/2),(2,5) 2. How many real number solutions are there to the equation 0=-3x^2+x-4? a)0 ***** b)1 c)2 d)3 3.solve the equation by completing the square. if ...
  23. MATH Please help!

    A right triangle has an area of 13^2. The dimensions of the triangle are increased by a scale factor of three. What is the area of the new triangle? a. 39^2 b. 169^2 c. 117^2 d. 142^2 i think the answer is A but i am not sure! any help is appreciated
  24. Algebra

    A student spends more than 2 hours on his math and English homework. if Matt takes about twice as long as English what is the maximum time that the student can spend on English A. 1/3 B.1/2 C.1 D.2/3 I think its b please help!!
  25. math

    A large picture 2m by 2m is displayed on a wall it is place in a frame with a border of uniform width A. How would you represent the length of the side of the frame? B. What expression represent the area of the frame? Answer please
  26. Math

    So I need help with 2 questions. This is what is being asked. Write the slope-intercept forms of the equations of the lines through the given point (a) parallel to the given line and (b) perpendicular to the given line. 1. (3, -2) x - y =0 2. (-4, 1) y + 2 = 0 Please Help and ...
  27. Math

    I the question is simple but I haven't done fractions in a while. So check my answer please. Are and  equivalent fractions? A. No B. Yes, because both fractions are divisible by 2.**** C. Yes, because the difference between the denominator and numerator in each fraction is ...
  28. please check

    the meaning of HUMDRUM is a) morose c) exciting b) ordinary d) disruptive my answer: b) ordinary INTERMINABLE most nearly means a) brief c) internal b) fruitful d) endless my answer: d) endless TRIVIAL is best defined as a) minor c) weighty b) important d)extended my answer: a...
  29. Physics please help!!

    A cart of mass M1 = 5.00 kg and initial speed = 3.00 m/s collides head on with a second cart of mass M2 = 3.00 kg at rest. Assuming that the collision is elastic, find the speed of M2 after the collision. I have tried the answer 5.0 m/s however it says it is wrong. Please help!
  30. reading

    Please dont remove this question, this is actually a question i have to do for an essay so please help me. What is your opinion about youtube and its community? How does this affect us a society? I just need help with your opinion or ideas to answer and write my essay. Also ...
  31. Calculus please help!

    Suppose you have a set of data points for x and t. Using the below formula you need to graph a STRAIGHT LINE. x = 1/2 a t^2 Now, I know I would graph x versus t, but do I graph: -x versus t -x versus the root of t -x versus t^2 -or possibly x^2 versus t??? Soo confusing! ...
  32. math

    PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS QUESTION. THIS QUESTION IS HARD FOR ME AND i DON'T GET IT. please show working when answering. Just in case your wondering this is a practice question. Use the following pattern to answer the question Design (n) Number of toothpicks(n) 1 5 2 9 3 13 4...
  33. Open Invitation

    Please post some questions on foreign language/ESL as that area is my speciality. It's discouraging for me to see so few questions for my area! I would especially love to see questions re: Spanish, French, Japanese and literature. I am in French two. I am going to france this ...
  34. math Please help!!

    1. Which of the following numbers is a rational? A. 4/5 *** B. square root of 27 C. 4.02002000200002... D. Square root of 31 2. Which type of number is shown below? 0.313311333111... A. repeating decimal B. rational *** C. irrational D. terminating decimal 3. Select all the ...
  35. English

    1. May I take your order? 2. Would you like to order now? 3. Will you order? 4. Order, please. 5. Please order your food. 6. Are you ready to order? 7. Do you want to order? 8. Why don't you order? 9. How about ordering? 10. What do you think of ordering? (In a restaurant, can...
  36. maths

    $100 for 100 animals One camel costs $5 and 10 sheep costs $1 and one horse costs $2 i know it hard Steve and if I didn't get the answer something big is gonna happen to me please do Me a favour Can any one help soon please
  37. Math-Rational #'s

    Just trying to understand this. Please let me know if I did these right. Thanks!!! -7 as a rational # = -7/10 -3.03 as a rational # = -33/10 -2 3/12 as a rational # = -25/12 1.03 as a rational # = 13/10
  38. Math

    Please help me solve these problem i have no idea how to do this. 720m/d= ____ m/min 1.5gal/min=______ qt/h 32yd/min=_____in./s 0.85km/s=______m/min 80mi/h=_______ft/s 20fl oz/min=_______qt/day

    1. 3w – 10w (1 point) 13w –7w –7 7w 2. y + 2y +3z (1 point) 2y + 3z 3y + 3z 2y2 + 3z 6yz 3. 6r + r – 5r (1 point) 2r 1r + r 0r 7r – 5r 4. 5x + 2(x + 6) (1 point) 7x + 6 7x2 + 12 7x + 12 7x (x + 6) 5. –3m + 3(m + 6) (1 point) 6 –6m + 6 6m + 18 18 MY ANSWERS: 1)B 2...
  40. Physical Science

    In which of these processes is an element of matter changes into a completely different element.....nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, neither, or both? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have attempted to come up with a response to each of YOUR ...
  41. AED 200

    Identify the roles district, state, and federal government agencies have in your local schools. Which agency do you feel has the most significant influence in making policy and curriculum decisions at the local level? Why? Please help. I can not find any websites that have ...
  42. Algebra (Graphing Functions)

    Consider the following function. f(x) = −3x if x < −2 x2 if −2 ≤ x < 2 −3 if x ≥ 2 Please help me find the intervals on which f is increasing, is decreasing, or is constant(in interval notation). As well as the x and y intercepts for ...
  43. Science

    Please complete the formula and process in arriving the answer. Please. Thank you. Nathaniel is driving his sports car down a four lane highway at 40m/s. He comes up behind a slow moving dumptruck and decides to pass it in the left hand lane. If Nathaniel can accelerate at 5m/...
  44. HTT / 230 please help

    i need help i can not understand this Question i don't know where to find the answer i have been looking for hours please some one help me ! Question is my is in hospitality finances class Explain why depreciation expense should be added back when compiling the statement of ...
  45. 7th grade math help Ms. Sue please

    Hi! Sorry to keep bothering you with questions. Can you help me on 6 and 13 please? I cannot find the answers. Also, can you check my answers to 11 and 19? Thanks! 6. If point A is located at (0, –8) and B is located at (4,–5), what is the distance between them? (1 point) ...
  46. science

    Please help me with these questions I have looked all threw my book but i cant find them. 7. Why are we not sure about the interior of the earth? Do we know for sure why? 12. Some volcanoes are more explosive than others? What makes this diffrence in explosivity occur? 14.What...
  47. Calculus

    Please help me with the following 2 questions. 1. Find the area of the curved surface of a right-circular cone of radius 6 and height 4 by rotating the straight line segment from (0,0) to (6,4) about the y-axis. 2. Use the Maclaurin polynomial of degree 4 to approximate sin(0....

    SHOW WORK PLEASE!!! The displacement (in centimeters) of a particle moving back and forth along a straight line is given by the equation of motion s = 2 sin πt + 3 cos πt, where t is measured in seconds. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) (a) Find the ...
  49. Science please help thx

    Convection cells are created by very hot material deep in the mantle rising, then cooling, sinking again and repeating the cycle. This process occurs because of the uneven distribution of ? Within the earth? Please fill in the question mark with a answer. a. Crystal plates B. ...
  50. history

    was the anti-immigrant hysteria following world war one simply a continuation of this feeling or was it more a reaction to the wave of immigrants that entered the us in the late nineteenth century---im writing a paper on this, please help A continuation of what feeling? Please...
  51. ap history

    please help with this DBQ to what extent it is justified to characterize the industrial leaders of the 1865-1900 era as either robber barons or industrial states-man? ive looked at the internet but not much about industrial statesman. what do you think? PLEASE HELP!!! THANK ...
  52. classroom management

    I need to find the meaning of the ff: terms...please help... Aspects of Classroom Teaching: 1. Approaches a. assertive b. behavior modification c. group guidance d. business academic e. group management 2. Classroom Management and Discipline please help me...thanks in a ...
  53. Chemistry

    Please help the question that I got is: Calculate how much 95% ethyl alcohol will be required to dissolve 075g sulfanilamide at 78 degree Celsius. Knowing that solubility of sulfanilamide is 210 mg/ml at 78 degree Celsius, 14mg/ml at 0 Degree Celsius. please explain.
  54. science

    scientists often use models to study the movement of earth and it's moon. Why do they use models to study the movements? please help pretty pretty please with cherry on top!
  55. math

    I asked this question but no one answered it. Can someone please help explain this before I have my math test today. THANKS. A carpenter has several boards of equal length. He cuts 3/5 of each board. After cutting the boards the carpenter noticies he has enough pieces left to ...
  56. Physics

    A 34 g glass thermometer reads 21.6°C before it is placed in 135 mL of water. When the water and thermometer come to equilibrium, the thermometer reads 38.7°C. What was the original temperature of the water? I need help on this please could someone please help out.Thank you!
  57. Axia Math 117

    I am of need of HELP. I am working on the word problems for AXIA math 117 and I do not understand the first problem. I have listed the information below. I have tried many times and I have not figured this out. My assignment is due tomorrow and I am desperate for help with ...
  58. Math (Help me please*)

    Instructions says to: Write words to match each expression. 1.) 14+9 I wrote the following words: Tom had fourteen scans from Chaors Palace. Kelly gave him nine more. How many does Sam have now? Answer = 23 2.)has: triangle +(8-4) Cannot type triangle. I wrote the following ...

    Please, please, please, help me! Directions: A large pizza at Tony's Pizzeria is a circle with a 14-inch diameter. Its box is a rectangular prism that is 1 14 8 inches long, 1 14 8 inches wide, and 3 1 4 inches tall. Your job is to design a crazy new shape for a large pizza. ...
  60. Algebraic expressions

    Please can you give me an algebraic expression for the following I am litterally racking my brain on this, please Rita has $315 in the bank. This amount is three times the amount that Fred has. How much does Fred have? Use f to represent Fred's amount
  61. Algebraic expressions

    Please can you give me an algebraic expression for the following I am litterally racking my brain on this, please Rita has $315 in the bank. This amount is three times the amount that Fred has. How much does Fred have? Use f to represent Fred's amount
  62. please check my answer health insurance

    Please check my answer thanks :) True or False If an enrollee uses more services then first thought they would per the PPOM calculation then the plan would show a loss for that period I said True
  63. Algebra-I really need help, please?

    I have to solve sqrt(2x-7) >=5 answers would be x>=16 x>=7/2 7/2<=x<=16 x<=16 I don't get this concept at all and I have 20 of these kinds of problems for homeowrk-can someone direct me how to start or give me an example or just help please? I really need to ...
  64. Physics

    Please help me with my physics homework I've been given a week and can't for the life of me work out how it is done. Tom has a rubber ball which weighs 5 kilograms and bounces 3.8 meters from a drop height of 4 meters using this information please work out the mass of the Sun.
  65. Computer Science

    I need help with this question please! Please write me step by step instructions or how should I begin the problem. Thank you for your time ;) Write a function that takes an array and returns true if all the elements in the array are positive, otherwise, it returns false.
  66. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2O are required to react with excess CaC2 to produce 23.0 g of C2H2 according to the following equation? CaC2 + 2H2O -> Ca(OH)2 + C2H2 a.4.5 b.15.9 c.31.8 d.1.766 I think this equation works out by multiplying 2 moles by the molar mass of H2O. Please ...
  67. Math (Probability)

    Each of two urns contains green balls and red balls. Urn I contains 8 green balls and 12 red balls. Urn II contains 5 green balls and 8 red balls. If a ball is drawn from each urn, what is P(red and red)? A. 79/65 B. 24/65 C. 20/33* D. 2/13 You have six $1 bills, eight $5 ...
  68. Math

    How would you solve for A 5 x 3^(x+2)= A x 3^(x) Please help me, I have loads of problems like this on my homework assignment and I just can't seem to figure it out Well, we could divide both sides by 3^x couldn't we? We know it's never 0, so there's no division by 0 to worry ...
  69. algebra

    Can someone please help me with this math problem? Thanks. Let g(x)=x^2-5 and h(x)=3x+2. Perform the function operation. -2g(x)+h(x) That would be -2x^2 +10 + 3x +2 = -2x^2 + 3x +12. oh, thanks! I understand. I have another problem I'm unsure of. g(x)*h(x) I got 9x^2+12x-1 as ...
  70. Math

    2x(5*2-3) > x(3-5)-2(x-1) the answer I have got is x > 2/18. Can someone please tell me if this is the correct answer? 2x(10-3) > -2x - 2x + 2 20x - 6x > -4x + 2 18x > 2 x > 2/18 correct! sorry! simplify x > 1/9 Thanks i thought it was right b/c i tried to...
  71. math

    can someone please help me solve this problem. A store owner buys supplies from a vendor for $8,450. The term of sale are 2/10, n/30. What will be net amount due if the owner pays the bill by the 10th day after he receives the supplies>
  72. Math (Algebra/Pre-Algebra)

    Ms. Caswell deposits $450 into an account earning 8% interest per year. How much simple interest is earned after 4 years? Please explain.. I'm supposed to show work =] thank you!
  73. math please help i don't understand this at all

    a cylinder is formed by first tapping together the opposite edges of a rectangular piece of paper that is 11 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. if the height of the completed cylinder 8.5 what is its volume?use 3.14 for pie
  74. Math

    Could someone please explain this problem to me? I will show you what I have so far. Perform the indicated operations and simplify. w-2/w-7-w+1/w+7+w-77/w^2-49 I made it to this step and now I can't figure out what to do next. w^2+w-14/(w+7)(w-7) + w^2-6w-7/(w+7)(w-7) + w-77/(...
  75. math

    a overhead gantry crane that is equiped whith a crane and hook block and reeved with 6 parts of line is lifting 12 tons what is the load on the haul line A.2000lbs B.6000lbs C.8000lbs D.4000lbs please show the formula
  76. Math

    I need SUPER help! A famer has to buy 100 animals, but can only spend exactly $5.00. He has to buy at least on of each animal a chcken for 0.01$, a cow for 0.10$ and a horse for 0.50$!!!! PLease HElp IT means so much I need it by Midnight tonight or else i don't pass my clas :(
  77. math

    Use the five steps for problem solving to answer the following question. Please show all of your work. The volume of a rectangular box is limited to 1100 cu. in. If the height is 8 inches and the width is 10 inches how long can the box be?
  78. Math

    Please explain how this is set up and how to work it. thanks A rectangular box is 4cm wide, 4cm tall, and 10cm long. What is the diameter of the smallest circular opening through which the box will fit? Round to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
  79. MATH 6th

    1. Is there a website that can show me how to divide decimals by10-1000? 2. Divide decimals by whole numbers? 3. Patterns with tenths, hundredths and thousandths? PLEASE HELPL ME - THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. JUST SOME SAMLES OF ALL THE ABOVE
  80. Pharmacy math

    How much dil HCL (10% w/w) HCL specific gravity = 1.045 would be required to prepare 2000ml of a solution containing 0.005 molar HCL? HCL m.w.t = 36.5 Who try to solve for me. Please help The right answer is 34.9ml
  81. Math

    Pages in a book are numbered in typical fashion, starting with 1. The folio for page 10 will contain the tenth and eleventh digits necessary to paginate the book. On what page will the 2009th digit occur? Please Help!!! I have no idea where to begin
  82. Math

    Pages in a book are numbered in typical fashion, starting with 1. The folio for page 10 will contain the tenth and eleventh digits necessary to paginate the book. On what page will the 2009th digit occur? Please Help!!! I have no idea where to begin
  83. math exam tommrow review

    an amusment park recorded attendence of 825000 one year. the next year attendance was 975000. what was the percent increase in attendence. please show work/walk through process.
  84. math

    Kate bought a new car priced at $21,300 with 15% down and the balance in equal payments over 4 years at 7% compounded monthly. Determine the size of the monthly payments? The answer is $433.65 please show me the steps
  85. Math-Urgent help please.

    Two cards are selected, without replacing the first card, from a standard deck. Find the probability of selecting an ace (A), and then selecting a 4 (B): (choose 2) 0.603% 0.592 0.592% They are dependent events. 0.00592
  86. Math

    A taxpayer is in the 28 percent tax bracket and invests it in a San Diego City Bond paying 7 percent. What taxable interest rate will provide the after-tax return? I don't understand the formula, so can you show me how it's calculated,please.
  87. Bus. Math Need Help

    I don't even understand this question...can someone please point me in the right direction: Use the following information to answer the question: Cost of car: $26,000 Residual value: $6,000 Life: 5 years
  88. Math(Quadratic Functions)

    Determine the quadratic function, f(x), with x intercepts at x=7 and x=-2 and y intercept at y=5. I have been struggling with this question for days. I have phoned my teacher and gotten her help, but I still can't figure it out. If someone could please help me with this, that ...
  89. Math

    I sent this in a little while back but the file got corrupted and I have to re do it and I forgot the answer please if it is not done today I fail the year. Simplify the polynomial 16x^2 + 2 + 2x - 15x^2 - 1 + 14x A:31x^2 + 16x + 1*** B:x^2 - 12x + 1 C:x^2 + 16x + 1 D:x^2 + ...
  90. Math (Semicircle)(Pre-calc) The graph below is made from two semicircles. The domain of the function in the graph is [−8,8] [-8,8] . Find a piecewise formula for the function f(x) f(x). Help please, I already on my last attempt and any help is greatly appreciated!
  91. Math

    if you were to sketch a cirlce graph for the data shown in the table below, what fraction of the circle would represent food? Expense Activities= $600 Food= $450 Souvenirs= %270 Show answer in fraction please!
  92. math please help me out fam

    As a computer programmer, you have to define the movements of a battleship across a virtual grid. Will you program the transformation from the original position (Figure I) to the final position (Figure II) as a translation, reflection, or rotation?
  93. Math

    Can someone please clarify this for me? Create two different situations: one in which you use combinations and one in which you use permutations. Include specific details and an explanation about what makes each situation either a combination or permutation.
  94. Math

    The probability of winning a large stuffed animal in the ring-toss game at a fair is 10%. Find the probability of winning at least 5 of 50 games using normal approximation. I got 0.4052 but answers says it's 0.5932. Please help!
  95. math

    can someone please help me i am lost. S this is kind of like your problems i can help you and you can help me *** the speed of the light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 meter per second which number, written in scientific notation, is the best approximation of the speed of light?
  96. Math. Need help

    1.if g=5 and k=1, evaluate 9+gk a. 13 b. 14 c. 15 d. 16 2.Evaluate a-b^2/b if a = 10 and b = 2. a. 1 b. 3 c. 8 d. 32 3.Evaluate 3xy^2 - y if x = 2 and y = 5. a. 26 b. 30 c. 120 d. 145 4.Evaluate 2d + d^2/3 if d = 6. a. 4 b. 12 c. 14 d. 24 5.Evaluate (a-4b)^2 + 2a if a = 15 and...
  97. Math Poster Project

    I have do complete a poster for math but I have some confusing instructions at first. Please help me understand and provide an example using the directions below that were given to me: Choose four rational numbers. At least two of your numbers should be between -1 and 1, one ...
  98. Math Please Help

    Look at the given triangles. they both have a right angle. blue: 4x+2, 7x+7, 5x-4 red: x+3, 2x-5, x+7 A. write an expression in simplest form that shows the difference between the perimeter of the larger triangle (that's the blue one) and the perimeter of the smaller triangle...
  99. Physics check

    I just want somebody to check my answer on this problem please :-) There is a box which weighs 1000 kg. There is an applied force acting upon it with a force of 20000 N (horizontally). The mu is 1.2. What is the acceleration (again, horizontally) of the object? I got 8.24 m/s^...
  100. Health please check my answer

    Please check my answer thank you :) Dr Hannah places a stethoscope to a seven - year old child's chest. The lungs reveal basilar rales. Which method is Dr Hannah using to perform the physical exam? A. Auscultation B. Palpation C. Percussion D. Visualization My answer is C
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