Math(Please help)

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if 30 sixth graders own birds how many sixth graders were surveyed theirs a pie graph with 5% reptiles 5% birds 10% fish 35% cats and 45% dogs (it`s a writing response) HELP PLEASE


This is for my daughter who was given summer homework and I don't know how to help her please. the difference between two mixed numbers is 3 1/4 .what might the two mixed numbers be?show as Manny solutions as you can. Thank you .

math- Please help

For each of the following explicit descriptions of a sequence, find a recursive description; for the recursive ones, find an explicit rule. Assume sequences start from n = 1. 1. an = 2n2 − 3n 2. a1 = 4 and an+1 = an + 2 3. a1 = −8 and an+1 = an 2 4. an =3n

Math Algebra

Ann is 8 years older than Dawn. Dan is 5 years younger than Dawn. The sum of their ages is 108. How old is Dan? Please explain work too.


please help me solve this problem, thank you. The ratio of the area of a triangle to the area of a rectangle is 3:5. the difference in their areas is 54 square inches. what is the height of the triangle if its base is 2 times its height?

math help

okay can someone set this up for me and help me understand it please.I tried it but i am clueless please show me how to solve this? The number of banks in the United States has dropped about 30% since 1992. The following data are from a survey in which x represents the years ...


Ok I have this problem and wanted to know itf its right. If its not please let me know what I did wrong... -8X-12+29x-39+62-3=15x+2 -8x+29x=-37x -12-39+62-3=14 -37x+14=15x+2 -22x+2 22/2 x=1/11??


don't understand help please When one half of the second of two consecutive integers is subtracted from the first of the two consecutive integers, the result is 2.


an 8 ounce can of tomatoes costs $1.14. an 12 12 once can costs $1.75. which can of tomatoes has the better unit price? PLEASE SHOW WORK

math (extra credit)!

my teacher asked me why a number to the zero power is equal to 1. could you please explain why a number to the zero power equals 1?

Advanced math-ck answer, please

Write the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (-3,7) and is perpendicular to the line with the equation y=3x-5. Answer: 3x+y=16 Thanks

6th grade Math

Converting Fractions; *Round to the nearest hundredth. -DECIMALS- I don't know if i'm right, I don't really know how to round it to the nearest hundredth. Help please.. 1. 4/7 2. 9/13 3. 6/7


wonder women is stronge if she could lift 59 hectogram with 1 small finger howmuch grams can she lift with 2 small finger please need help


write xy as the sum of unit vectors for x (8,2,negtive 9) nd y (negative 12,negtive 1, 10). my ans was negative 4i plus j plus k. wrong can you correct it for me please . thank you.


Graph the inequality on a plane. y>5x. I think that it should be a dashed line that should be a horizontal line but I'm not totally sure. Could you please help me with this graph? Thanks.

math-please check my answer

Translate the following the product of 47% and some number (using q for some number) .47q is my answer correct?

capt math

to convert from ounces to pounds, you can multiply the nymber of ounces by 0.0625. express 0.0625 in scientific notation. : can you please help me express it. thanks


the length of a rectangle is 7 times as long as its width. if the perimeter is 72 meters what is the length and width of the rectangle? please show how to set up eqaution.

5th math

5.6 +(0.17 + 126)= ? (5.6______)+ 126) 69*(_____*426)=(69*426)*1.4 please! help me with these problem t hank you!! show me how you got an answer for each problem too.


for (sec x -1)(sec x + 1) = tan^(2) x so far I got up to: (sin^(2)x / cos x) (-sin^(2)x / cos x) what would the next step be? steps too please

Math - Real number system

Solve the following equation in the real number system. Please show all of your work. x^4 + 6x^3 + x^2 - 24x - 20 = 0 Help!!!!


Ms. Goldfarb has 12 turquoise beads and 3 times as many amber beads. She is making 8 pins with the same number of beads on each pin. How many beads will be on a pin?


Identify the outlier in the data set, and determine how the outlier affects the mean, median, mode and range of the data set. 7,7,4,9,6,26,4,5,8,4 Please help me

math 2

pedro gets 8 hours of sleep each night. how many hours does pedro sleep in a yeat with 365 days? please solve the problem?


In the accompanying diagram, abcd is a rectangle with ab as a diameter of semicircle o. Diagonal bd is drawn in rectangle abcd. The length of bd exceeds the length of ab by 1, and ad=5. Please help thank you


Use a calculator to simplify the expression. 8/2^3-2+4.1*2 When I used the calculator, I got 22.2 So then I used "PEMDAS" but got 7.53333... But the answer is 7.2 can someone help please?

MATH Calculus Homework PLEASE HELP!

Let T be the triangle 1≤x≤2, 0≤y≤3x-3. Find the volume that results by rotating the triangle T around the line x=-1.


If each cup of unpopped kernels makes 3 cups of popped corn, how many quarts of popped corn will a 16 ounce of kernels make? Please help me.


if 8 men can do a job in days, what is the percentage increase in number of days required to do the job when 2 men are released? not just an answer please. A.16 2/3% B.25% C. 33 1/3% D.40% E.48%

Math (check answers)

please check these 4.B 5.B 4.what is the side length of a square with an area of 64 m2? A.32 m B.8 m C.128 m D.64 m 5.what is the length of rectangle with an area of 12 yd2 and a width of 3 yd A.8 yd B.4 yd C.9 yd D.21 yd


The cafeteria has 4 cases of tuna and 9 single cans of tuna. In all,there are 65 can of tuna. How many cans of tuna are in a case? (P.S.-PLEASE SHOW WORK...I NEED HELP!Thank You!)

Math HELP!

Please help me write an equation for these two: Ten fewer than the number of band instruments is 47 instruments. The number of meters decreased by 25.6 is 84.3 meters


The ratio of the monthly incomes of A and B is 4 : 3. The ratio of their monthly expenditures is 5 : 4. If A saves one fourth of their monthly income, find their monthly savings. Please help me with this.

Math (Greatest common factor)

Please Help! I don't understand the question asking. The greatest common factor of 12m^5n^3 + 18m^3n^3 - 24m^2n^3 is Am^bn^c, where A,B and C are whole numbers?


maria need to rap the box shown below with no overlap of the wrapping paper. how much wrapping paper does she need!! please help

Math Word Problem

Can someone please check this one, this is a word problem, not a greater than or less question. How much greater than -10.4 is -6.52? -10.4 - -6.52 = -3.88 is this correct?

honors math

Y=16-5x Y=1/2x-9 Y=3x Y=10 Need to write a parallel equation, perpendicular equation and neither parallel nor perpendicular line for all of them, please help

i need help please math

describe the single transformation that would be equivalent to a reflection over the y-axis followed by a reflection over the x-axis


A model of an airplane is 11 inches in length. The actual length of the airplane is 209 feet. What is the scale used to build the model? Please Help Me!!!


1. If you roll a number 52 times; how many times can you expect to roll a number 4? I do not understand Probability and a GEM test is coming up Thursday Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thickness of 12 sheets of paper is 2.4mm, find the thickness of 1 sheet of paper, help im 12 years old and \i don't know the steps can u show the steps please


um what are the answers to 1 to 26 or yo 1 to 24 please im not a cheater but i rely need help on this because its a lil confusing so pls help thx for answers it would rely help me get caught up thx.

Algebraic expressions

Please can you give me an algebraic expression for the following I am litterally racking my brain on this, please Rita has $315 in the bank. This amount is three times the amount that Fred has. How much does Fred have? Use f to represent Fred's amount

Algebraic expressions

Please can you give me an algebraic expression for the following I am litterally racking my brain on this, please Rita has $315 in the bank. This amount is three times the amount that Fred has. How much does Fred have? Use f to represent Fred's amount

please check my answer health insurance

Please check my answer thanks :) True or False If an enrollee uses more services then first thought they would per the PPOM calculation then the plan would show a loss for that period I said True

Algebra-I really need help, please?

I have to solve sqrt(2x-7) >=5 answers would be x>=16 x>=7/2 7/2<=x<=16 x<=16 I don't get this concept at all and I have 20 of these kinds of problems for homeowrk-can someone direct me how to start or give me an example or just help please? I really need to ...


Please help me with my physics homework I've been given a week and can't for the life of me work out how it is done. Tom has a rubber ball which weighs 5 kilograms and bounces 3.8 meters from a drop height of 4 meters using this information please work out the mass of the Sun.

Computer Science

I need help with this question please! Please write me step by step instructions or how should I begin the problem. Thank you for your time ;) Write a function that takes an array and returns true if all the elements in the array are positive, otherwise, it returns false.


How many grams of H2O are required to react with excess CaC2 to produce 23.0 g of C2H2 according to the following equation? CaC2 + 2H2O -> Ca(OH)2 + C2H2 a.4.5 b.15.9 c.31.8 d.1.766 I think this equation works out by multiplying 2 moles by the molar mass of H2O. Please ...

Physics check

I just want somebody to check my answer on this problem please :-) There is a box which weighs 1000 kg. There is an applied force acting upon it with a force of 20000 N (horizontally). The mu is 1.2. What is the acceleration (again, horizontally) of the object? I got 8.24 m/s^...

Health please check my answer

Please check my answer thank you :) Dr Hannah places a stethoscope to a seven - year old child's chest. The lungs reveal basilar rales. Which method is Dr Hannah using to perform the physical exam? A. Auscultation B. Palpation C. Percussion D. Visualization My answer is C

English please check my answer

Please check my answer thank you Cardiology is the study of the heart. Which of the following terms describes the foundation upon which the medical word is built that usually relates to the body organ involved ? A. Prefix B. Suffix C. Root D. Combining form My answer is Root (c)

chemistry Please Help Dr.BOB

Complete hydrolysis of 25 mM ethyl acetate in an enzyme (i.e., esterase)-catalyzed reaction is carried out in a 40 mM NaCl solution buffered by 0.2 M Tris-Cl, pH 9.1. What is the pH at the end of the reaction? (For Tris base, which is the abbreviation for Tris (hydroxymethyl) ...

please help java

please help me with that as soon as any bady can processExpression - this method should take a String in the format: "integer [[+-*/] integer]*]" Your method should then process this expression and return the result as an integer. You must solve this problem using ONLY tools ...

pre calc

The population of a Midwestern city decays exponentially. If the population decreased from 900,000 to 800,000 from 2003 to 2005, what will be the population in 2008? Please help I got 670,422 and the computer marked it wrong i then tried rounding it to 671000 but it was still ...


I agree with this and see were it comes from net force = (delta p)/t so momentum is conserved when net force equals zero... net force = (delta p)/t 0 = (delta p)/t however the following is not true 0 = (delta p)/t = P - Po were p is momentum and Po is used to indicate inital ...

Planning (URGENT)

Describe 5 positive activities, events, or experiences in your life and why was it positive. Please help me. What does it mean when it talks about positive experiences? So would meeting my best friend be a positive experience? Please give me examples. So I can understand what ...


do you know a site where i can get an angle measure quiz, angle relationship quiz, and polygons quiz please

math again

what is 1 - % 3 in simplest form? What is 2% in simplest form? SIMPLEST FORMS MUST BE IN FRACTIONS PLEASE:)

math again

what is 1 - % 3 in simplest form? What is 2% in simplest form? SIMPLEST FORMS MUST BE IN FRACTIONS PLEASE:)

math help please!!!

In this question how do you know when to add or subtract?? Simplify 100^12/100^8 A.100^12/8 B.100^96 C.100^4 D.100^20 Is the answer C or D?? Thank you


seven times the sum of a number and seven is 13 more than the number. what is the number? i know it cant be that hard but please help

Math- Please Help Us!

Diagram has 4 rectangular corrals with a barn above it. Sides (front to back) are attached to the barn. Fencing is not needed along the back of the barn. P= 200 ft of fencing If each corral is 16 ft long (front to back), how wide will each corral be, what will be the area of ...

Estimating Quotents

How do you estimate quotents and find a overestimate or a underestimate? If you know please please let me know! I searched Google under the key words "estimate quotients" to get these possible sources: http://...

GeOmEtRy OnE qUeStIoN pLeAsE hElP!!!

Segment DF bisects angle EDG. Find FG. segment EF is n+9 segment FG is 4n-6 Please Help me on this one question! I'd really appreciate it! Thank You :)!


helloo, i want to ask if you have any answers or any websites to do with the advantages of of electronic displays rather than a paper display? why is it better?? please help meeeeeeeee! thnkyou One thing that comes to mind quickly: Electronic displays can change font size ...

Health please cehck my answer

please check my answer thanks :) Dr Bob make an erronrous entry in the record. Three years later nurse Sue noticed the mistake and corrected it Why was this correction improper !. Too much time passed to correct the record 2. The corretion was made by the nurse not the doctor ...


Can someone please help me??!!! i don't get this at all!! can you explain it step by step please? :) Ellen and Allen have a lemonade stand. One sixth of their earnings E must be used to pay for supplies for the next day. Each child then gets to keep half of the remaining money...


how to work out partial fraction decomposition when given 1/x(x^2+1) and 2x-1/(x+4)(x-3) if you could give me an idea of the formula and what changes i need to make to the formula when the denominator changes that would help and please use idiot speak because the text books ...

healthcare..Help.. please?

The manager of a an out-patient surgical unit shares patient information with a pharmaceutical representative to assist the rep in putting together a survey could assist with the FDA approval for a new drug to combat serious post-op infections. Is the manager involved in an ...

Intermediate Algebra

solve equation (x+1)(x-2)=54 Eric stated that the solution would be (x+1)=54==> x=53 or (x-2)=54==> x=56 However at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back in the orginial equation. Why is that? Please help Eric to understand better, solve the ...


NOTE: before you answer this question, please be aware that there aren't meant to be any full stops after the '2' or the 'i=0'. Also the underscores '-' represent how the following number is meant to be a lower case number. The ^ represents root numbers. PLEASE HELP ME Expand ...



please help math

x/3-2/3=1/x *Solve the rational below. I really need help. multiply both sides by x. x^2/3 -2x/3 = 1 multiply both sides by 3 subtract three from each side x^2 -2x -3=0 (x-3)(x+1)=0 Then either of the factors can be zero, or x=3 or x=-1

math: polynomials

Please help me with these three problems! 1. solve for x: 3x + 5x^(1/2) - 28 = 0 2. solve for x: square root(2x-5) - square root(x-2) = 2 3. Find all values so that polynomial: ax^2 + 5x + 2 has two distinct real roots.

math, please help

1)List all #s less than 100 with exactly 5 factors. For this I got 16 , 36, 64, and 81. 2)Find the next 2 #s, each greater than 100, that have exactly 5 factors. This is the problem I am having trouble with.


please help me figure out how to do thes problems 4. y/2+5=-12 6. x/3-9=0 7. 14+h/5=2 THIS IS IMPROTANT Y/2, X/3 AND H/5 ARE FRACTIONS. it doesnt mean divide its fractions that's why i need help plse tell me how you did it so i can figure out the rest of my problmes

math- precalulus

Can someone help me with this prolem please? Use the information given about the angle Ɵ to find the exact value of: sin 2Ɵ. 1) sinƟ= 3/5, 0 < Ɵ < (π/2)

accelerated math

Hey everyone I need help with solving the following equations: which is 7n * 1/3 written as a quotient? which is 4j * 1/7 written as a quotient? Can you please show step by step how to solve these so I can explain it to my cousin. thanks


functions f(x)=rad. x-9 write the intervals of the functions. How do I put the set of numbers in the form of intervals such as infinity. I solved it and got the answer as this: x < or = 9 (infinity,9] Please help me, I am stuck.


I am stumped could someone please explain this problem? Give the solutions to the following quadratic equation by examining the graph of the related quadratic function: Graph: y=x^2+2x-15 Equation: x^2+2x-15=0 Thanks so much.


I was given the equation (y-2)^2 - x^2 =1 and asked to locate the center, vertices,and asymptotes. ifound the center to be (0,2) and the verticies are(0,1)and (0,3). but I'm not sure how to find the asymptotes. Could you please help me find them and explain the process. Thanks...


write an equation of the line containing the given points and parallel to the given line (7,8) x + 3y = 7 can some one please help I am very sick an have to have this in by 11:59 tonight thank you in advance.


Please help me solve this.. It costs $10 plus $8 per hour to rent a canoe. Brandon and Erin have $50. Solve the following equation to find how many hours they can rent a canoe. 8h +10 = 50


Use lagrange multipliers to find the point on the plane x-2y 3z-14=0 that is closet to the origin?(try and minimize the square of the distance of a point (x,y,z) to the origin subject to the constraint that is on the plane) Help me please!


Help with this please. I have to form the contrapositive of each and simplify negation using DeMorgan's rules. a) a->(b or c) my answer: contra(~b or~c)->~a simplified: ~b and ~c->~a b) (A and B)->(~q) my answer: contra (~A or~b)->q simplified:~a or ~b->q Am ...

Math- Please Help!!

An airplane has an airspeed of 724 kilometers per hour at a bearing of 30 degrees.The wind velocity is 32 kilometers per hour from the west. What are the groundspeed and the direction of the plane?


a ladder is 12 feet laid on the side of the barn. its base from the ground of the barn is 3 feet. how tall is the ladder? rounded to the nearest tenths? like 9.2 or 10.8 or 11.4 something of that naturee please?


Are theese constant Ratios... 1:2:4:8:16, or are theese constant ratios: 1:2 2:4 4:8 8:16 Are they both wrong? If they are, could you give me 2 examples and explain them please? With 2, I should probably be able to come up with my own.:)

Math-Help asap please~

For each function, the point given is the maximum or minimum. Use the difference quotient to verify that the slope of the tangent at this point is zero. a) f(x) = 0.5x^2 + 6x + 7.5; (-6, -10.5) Difference quotient is f(a + h) - f(a)/h m= f(a+h) - f(a)/h = f(-6+h) - f(-6)/h = 0...

Math--Please Help!!

Auto parts dept. sends out a mean of 6.3 special orders daily. What is the probability that, for any day, the number of special orders sent out will be at least 4?




I can only manipulate one side of the equation and the end result should be equal to the other side. please help. ((sinx + cosx)/(1 + tanx))^2 + ((sinx - cosx)/(1 - cotx))^2 = 1


if the minimum cost is $608.50 how many barrels are extracted in order to meet the minimum cost. C=9x2-144x+608.50 this is a quadratic relation that 2 is a exponet. please show your work


Please Check My Answer I don't know if they are right or wrong and if they are wrong can u give me the correct answers. ? Thanks PS: The answers are the * one's. 1) 2/3 = 12/x x= 18 x= 12 x= 36 x= 8 **************** 2) 6/11 = 84/x x= 40 ************** x= 120 x= 254 x= 154 3) ...


Nancy made the following statement: The range of f(x) = ax + b is the set of all real numbers given that a and b are real numbers. Which produces a counter example to her statement? b = 0 a = 0 b < 0 a < 0 i think its a=0 please help


A square measures 12 cm x 12 cm and is divided into four equal squares. If equal circles are incribed within each of the four squares, what is the circumference of each circle ? a. 2 pi cm b. 4 pi cm c. 6 pi cm d. 8 pi cm e. 12 pi cm please answer and explain


An isosceles triangle has an area of 24 cm squared, and the angle between the two equal sides is 5 pi/6. What is the length of the two equal sides? I can't figure out how to set up this problem please help! Thank you!


I need help with "write in equation in slope-intercept form for the line that is parallel to to the given line line and and that passes through the given point. y=1/2x=5;(4,-3) How do you find a line that is perpendicular. Please and thank you! :)


i put 4000.00 in savings. at end of 3 years the account earned 960.00 in simple interest at what simple interest rate did the account grow? please show me the work.


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