Math(Please help)

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    Find the lengths of the diagonals of this trapezoid. trapezoid on a graph with points (-a,0), (-b,c), (b,c), (a,0) negative a and b are on the left side (a is on bottom and b is on top) and positive a and b are on the right side (a is on bottom and b is on top) please please ...
  2. Please proofread my essay

    Could you please proofread my agumentive essay. Thanxs! Who Is An American?
  3. Algebra: Please Help

    1. Multiply: (-2)(4)(6) answer: -48 2. Multiply: (-6m)(2)(-3n) answer: 36mn are these right? please help
  4. Trig

    prove(sinx/cosx+1)+(cosx-1/sinx)=0 Please help asap!!!!! PLEASE
  5. languagge

    What is reported speech? What are the different types of reported speech? Please help me A.S.A.P please and thank you :)

    How many inches a wall in an everyday house might be? Sorry this is for a math portfolio, this isn't the question, but I just need the inches of a wall. I did use measuring tape. I got 22, even though measuring tape, it measured in Feet and Meters. I used another measuring ...
  7. Math

    Sarah is giving toys to the kids on the playground. She wants to make sure each child receives the same amount of each toy. Each child must have exactly the same number of pieces of chalk and jump ropes. She has 16 pieces of chalk and 24 jump ropes. a. Give one possible way ...
  8. Math - PLEASE

    I roll twelve 4-sided dice. What is the probability that I roll at least one 2? What is the probability that I roll exactly three 2s? i don't knowm sorry the same question was answered by Economist at 4:59
  9. math

    If someone is Typeing 360 words at 90 minutes words per minute, is getting paid 10$ per 1800 words a better pay?Please show how you got the answer cause i don't get it.
  10. Math

    Look at the Chart below: Then answer the question. Bounce: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Height: 100, 50, 25, 13, 6 (cm.) Ordered pairs: {(0,100), (1,50), (2,25), (3,13), (4,6)}. * How high do you think the ball will bounce on the 5th bounce? Explain. Please Help!! Thank you!!
  11. Math(Please help)

    Use the fundamental identities to simplify the expression. csc Q / sec Q so this would be 1/sinx / 1/cosx and then 1/sinx times cosx/1 = sin x cosx Is this correct so far? If it is I do not know what to do next.
  12. Help please? Math!

    Let W represent the width of a rectangle, the length if 7cm more than the width. I have to write the answer in a algebraic expression, but I don't know how too Here is the question: 1. 7cm less than twice the width?
  13. 5th grade math

    what is the range for the following number? 900,700,500,600,600,300,600,200,100,200? pleASE! EXPLAIN HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM..
  14. 5th math

    Mr. davison has 30 students in his class . He has four more girls than boys. How many boys are in Mr. Davision class? can you please check my answer? I got 11 boys . does it sound about right ?
  15. math

    A car license plate consists of 6 characters. The first 3 characters are letters excluding I, O, Q and U. The last 3 characters are any of the numerals 0 to 9 inclusive. How many different license plates are possible? Please show your work.
  16. math

    A car license plate consists of 6 characters. The first 2 characters are any letter. The last 4 characters are odd numbers from 1 to 9 inclusive. How many different license plates are possible? Please show your work.
  17. Math

    For the question below can you please help explain why this survey question might lead to an erroneous conclusion thank you. SURVEY QUESTION: “Do you think that it is not important to give extra tutoring to students who are not failing?
  18. Math

    1) Let f(x)=9x-2;g(x)=under square root 3x+7. Find each of the following. A) domain of (f+g) B) domain of fg C) domain of f/g (my answer is all r real number am i right?) 2) Let f(x)=3x-2;g(x)=5x+1. Compute the indicated value. A) (fogof)(2) i don't get the answer.please help ...
  19. Math 12A

    Each side of a square is 20cm. Four points on the sides are joined as shown to form an inner square. What is the minimum area of the inner square? Can anyone help with this using quadratics? Please!
  20. Math- PLEASE HELP!

    Sarita works 2 days each week. If her office is open 7 days each week, use pascal's triangle to find the probability that she will be scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday next week. A. 2/7 B. 1/14 C. 1/21 D. 1/42
  21. Math(Please respond, thank you)

    The original equation was 1.7e-3 = (0.0015 -x)^2 / (0.025 +1/2x)(0.025 + 1/2x) Square root of both sides is 0.0412 = (0.0015-x) / (0.025 + 1/2x) Solve for x and when I put in -0.001 or 1.0e-3 it says that it is incorrect, I don't know why??
  22. math

    micheal drew a triangle with the sides measuring 12.5cm,30cm,32.5cm. using the pythagoream theorm determine of micheals triangle is a right triangle. explain. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ONE!!
  23. Math

    For a track and field athlete who can jump vertically, his distance above the ground is given by the formula s = 3.3t - 4.9t2. What is his initial velocity? velocity in m/s = My Answer S'= 3.3-9.8t S'(0) = 3.3 velocity in m/s = 3.3 Can you please confirm this answer Thanks
  24. math

    Fay's rubber ball bounces exactly half the height from which it is dropped. she drops the ball from the top of a building that is 64 meters tall. how high will the ball bounce on its eight bounces? please help me
  25. math 2

    Ms. Angelino made 2 pansof lasagna and cut each pan into twelfths. Her family ate 1 and 1/12 pans of lasagna for dinner. How many pans of lasagna were left? Please anser asap. thanks
  26. math

    Can u please make an equation for this? : the club members need 686 cm of denim for rag dolls. They need 438 cm of denim for bean bags. How much denim is needed in all?
  27. MAth

    Malcom has 1/2 gallon of soup. He pours the same amount of soup into 8 bowls. which equation represents the fractional part of a gallon of soup, n, in each bowl? Please he;p solve with the letter n. thanks
  28. MATH

    The shape is an equilateral triangle. a)Does the shape have rotational symmetry? If so,identify the angle of rotation. b)Does the shape tessellate? I don't know what to do for the first part.But I think part B is yes because it has no overlaps or gaps. Please help
  29. pls

    A line segment with endpoints A(–4, 3, 2) and B(5, –6, –1) is translated first 2 units back, 3 units right, and 1 unit up. The image is then translated 7 units to the left. What are the coordinates of B´? A: (3, 4, 0) B: (3, –10, 0) C: (5, –6, –1) D: (–4, –10...
  30. math help please

    What type or graph does not show the number of times a response was given? A. Box_and _whisker plot B. Line plot C. Stem and leaf plot D. Bar graph Is the answer A?
  31. Math

    Whoever can help with a question I posted earlier. I am very sorry; I put the wrong variable in the question. Question is to solve for y and not "x" as my previous message and the equation is: x = 3(r + ty) So sorry for the confusion. Please help at your earliest. Thank you.
  32. math

    A man buys 120 oranges at 6 a rupee and 12atmore at 5 a rupee and he sold the whole lot for 4 a rupee. What was his total profit and profit % ? Ans- Rs16, 36 4/11% Please help me to get the right solution of it.
  33. math

    marching band wants to creat a square on the field using all the band members. If there are 169 members in the band, how many sgould be in each row? 1.12 2.15*** 3.13 4.11 Please tell me if im correct or not and Im in brain honey.
  34. Math

    Constance invested $4500 for 3 years in a savings account paying simple interest with a yearly interest rate of 3.5%. How much simple interest did she earn? Please show your work :)
  35. Physics please help

    The difference in potential between any two points in a field is the ___ required to move a unit of whatever is affected by the field between the two points. I need help with this. Could it be work? or energy? Please help
  36. Physics please someone help me

    A scuba diver has an air tank with a volume of 0.010 m^3. The air in the tank is initially at a pressure of 1.0x10^7 Pa. Assume that the diver breathes 0.400 L/s of air. Find how long the tank will last at a depth of each of the following. (a) 1.0 m min (b) 10.0 m min Please ...
  37. math grade 11

    i need help with this quretsion ; i don't know if im right, and i dontknwo what do next question expand and simplfy: 4√7(2√3 + 3√6 - √7) my work = 8√21 + 12√42 -4√49 please help me
  38. math grade 11

    i need help with this quretsion ; i don't know if im right, and i dontknwo what do next question expand and simplfy: 4√7(2√3 + 3√6 - √7) my work = 8√21 + 12√42 -4√49 please help me
  39. MATH

    i need to write each expression as a product of the same factor: * = multiply can you check these please a^2 i got a*a 19^3 i got 19*19*19 -6^2 i got 6*6*-1 -x^3 i got x*x*x*-1 (-5)^4 i got (-5)*(-5)*(-5)*(-5)*(-5) 4^3 i got 4*4*4 -(10)^2 im not sure how to do?? 20^1 i got ...
  40. math

    Please check 6 more than a number n 6(n)+9 A number m multiplied by 7 7xm 9 less than a number w 9-w The sum of a number a and 9 9+a A number k minus 7 K-7 5 times a number h,plus 12 5*h + 12 5 increased by a number g 5+g
  41. math

    6. If each of eight biology classrooms is in use for 5 hours and 15 minutes per day, and total of 84 student experiments are done, how long does each experiment take on average? A.20 minutes B.30 minutes C. 40 minutes D.50 minutes E.1 hour please show work.
  42. Health care please check my answer

    Please check my answer thanks What does term Apex represent . A 65 year old has a murmor over the apex of the heart. A. tip B. nearest the middle C. front D. Back I think it is A tip
  43. Pre-Calc-please check

    Please check this for me expand (3z-2b)^5 using Binomial Theorem (a+b)^n = n on top sigma in middle k=0 to right (n/k)a^(n-k)b^k (3a-2b)^5 = 5 on top sigma in middle k=0 on bottom(5/k)(3a)^5-k(-2b)^k (5/0)(3a)^5(-2b)^0+(5/1)(3a)^4(-2b)^1 +(5/2)(3a)^3(-2b)^2 +(5/3)(3a)^2(-2b)^3...
  44. calculus. please helppp!!

    1.) values of f(t) are given in the following table: t 0 2 4 6 8 10 f(t) 137 112 88 68 49 34 Estimate (f prime) f^' (2) and f^' (8) Please show work so I can understand. I'm really stuck. if the table comes out messed up, the values are: (0, 137) (2, 112) (4, 88) (6, 68) (8, ...
  45. Physics (ASAP PLEASE)

    Please, help me answer this question. Two balls are moving in the same direction. Ball A has half the mass of ball B, and is moving at twice its speed. (a) Which ball has the greater momentum? (b) Which ball has greater kinetic energy? Thank you
  46. Geometry

    I need to do an assignment where I find two cereal boxes that have the same volume but differ in surface area? Can someone please tell me when I'm looking at the boxes what I need to be looking at to compare these two things please? Thank you!
  47. Algebra please help

    1 hour= 3,600 seconds and 1 mile=5,280 feet. Make a conjecture about how you would convert a speed of 15 miles per hour to feet per second. Then convert. Please help answer thx
  48. Physics - please help!

    Hello! I don't understand how to solve this physics problem, please help me: A projectile is launched at 15 degrees. The landing height is the same as the launch position. At what other angle can the projectile be launch to achieve the same horizontal displacement?
  49. math 12

    Does anyone know how to do this question? The cross section of the roof of a house is modelled by the function y= -5/12|x-12|+5 I need to find the slope, height,and length of both sides including the base of this isosceles triangle. I'm having a extremely difficult time with ...
  50. Discrete math

    Question: Use logical equivalnces to show that the propositions !p -> (q->r) and q -> (p v r) are logically equivalent. I AM SO DAMN CONFUSED! I tried to solve !p -> (q -> r) first and I only got to !p -> (!q v r) I cant see any other rule that would apply ...
  51. finite math

    Anthony invested a sum of money 6 yr ago in a savings account that has since paid interest at the rate of 7%/year compounded quarterly. His investment is now worth $19,713.77. How much did he originally invest? Please round the answer to the nearest cent.
  52. Math help please?! :)

    What is the solution to (4 x 10^3) x (6 x 10^6), written in scientific notation? 24 x 10^9 2.4 x 10^9 24 x 10^18 2.4 x 10^10 Ted Andrews bought 15 shares of Clark Company stock at $14.875. He sold them a month later $20.375. What was his profit? $6.50 $49.50 $80.50 $82.50 ...
  53. english/vocabulary

    can you please help me on word study with writing with idioms ? 1. sick as a dog 2. the best of both worlds 3. under the weather 4. nest eggs 5. when pigs fly 6. slip through the cracks 7. go to seed 8 . thorn in your side 9. turn over a new leaf 10. fifth wheel 11. pitch in ...
  54. math exponents

    i need to write each expression as a product of the same factor: * = multiply can you check these please a^2 i got a*a 19^3 i got 19*19*19 -6^2 i got 6*6*-1 -x^3 i got x*x*x*-1 (-5)^4 i got (-5)*(-5)*(-5)*(-5)*(-5) 4^3 i got 4*4*4 -(10)^2 im not sure how to do?? 20^1 i got ...
  55. Math Help Please

    Can you Please explain the answer that I received of 2469? It is the correct answer but I do not understand how to show the work. Thank you *************************************** Using the 9 digits, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 and 9 you can arrange four different digits to form a ...
  56. Math

    The temperature changed from 11 degrees C at noon to -4 degrees C at 8:00 p.m. How many degrees did the temperature drop. Please illustrate answer. Thanks
  57. math 2nd question please help

    cos^2xcos^2y+sin^2xsin^2y+sin^2xcos^2y+sin^2ycos^2x = 1
  58. math please help

    The length of a rectangle is 8 in. more than twice its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 34 in., find the width of the it 1. 2 in. 2. 3 in. 3. 4 in. 4. 5 in.
  59. math

    At the animal shelter, 1/3 of the animals are dogs, 2/12 are cats, and 19 are other animals. How many animals are at the shelter? is the answer 22?? help me please
  60. math

    I am a mom and I can't remember how to do this... 3 and 2 over 9 minus 1 and 1 over 3 equals p minus 5 and 1 over 2?? ahhhh help me help my daughter please.
  61. Math

    A wall hanging is x inches wide and has a height of 4x inches. If the perimeter is 40inches, what is the height in inches? Please help!
  62. Math URGENT!

    the roots of a tree are 1/8 of the tree. they are 0.87 m. how tall is the tree? my answer: 0.87 x 7 = 6.09 m please check if my answer is right thanks :)
  63. Math Please Help

    Eliminate the parameter and sketch the curve. x=cos(theta) , y=cos^2(theta) + 8cos(theta)
  64. Math please help

    The measure of the supplement of an angle is 30 more than twice the measure of the angle. Find the measure of the angles.
  65. Math Urgent Please Help

    Which coordinates could be the vertices of a triangle similar to triangle RST? {original triangle coordinates R(0,0); S(0,4); T(3,0)} a. (2,2), (2,6), and (6,0)*** b. (0,0), (0,6), and (10,0) c. (2,2), (2,10), and (6,2) d. (0,0), (0,8), and (6,0)
  66. Math drwls please help

    Derive the basis functions Ni,3(u) and find the equation for the open quadratic B-spline curve defined by five control points p0, p1, p2, p3, and p4. I know the formula is P(u)= the sum of n,i=0(PiNi,k (u)) it's difficult to type the formula in this text box. I hope you can ...
  67. Chemistry

    Okay, in this prolem i need to balence this equation. Even our teacher had problems with it, but he refuses to help anyone. PbCrO4 + HCL + FeSO4 ----> PbCl2 + Cr2 (SO4)3 + H2O + Fe2(SO4)3 please help me. this is the last problem on my homework. then im off to start math :) ...
  68. math(please help urgent)

    1) Find the values (if possible) of the six trigonometric functions of o if the terminal side of o lies on the given line in the specified quadrant. y=1/3x 2)Evaluate (if possible)the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angles without a calculator. (a) 10pie/3 (b) 17pie/3
  69. math

    Theses are just some problems i did not understand how to do so if you could please explain and write the answer(: anything helps thank you(: 2. Simplify ---(3x^11z^5)^3 b. (3x^5)^ -3 / 2x-5(3y)^4 c.3x^5)^ -3 / 2x ^ -5(3y)^4 (same as b but - 5 is the exponent) 3a.x^2 / 5 + x-5...
  70. math

    Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that might help someone who is having difficulty understanding these concepts. Include either an example from the text or one of your own examples to explain the solution process. I need help please!!!!
  71. math

    Use the limit definition of the derivative to find f′(x) if 1. f(x) = x^2 + 3x 2. f(x) = 1/x + 1 now what i am confuse with is that there is no value given for x. So how is one suppose to do these problems. please show steps and this is just the 3rd chapter of my calc ...
  72. math

    Hello! My name is Robert and I am in 6th grade. I have a question about my homework and my mom and dad cant help u because they are still at work and i need help.Can you please tell me what a division problem that has the same answer as 4.65 divided by 0.12 is? If you can u ...
  73. math

    PLEASE I NEED HELPPPPP.. i have many exercises like that, just want to know where to start thanks. f(x)= x^3+2x^2-x-2 / x^2+x-6 find: 1. domain 2. symmetry or not 3. determine if f(x)is: a)in lowest trem b)proper/improper 4. x-intercepts, y-intercepts 5. zeros of f(x) and ...
  74. Math

    Corn is poured through a chute at the rate of 10ft^3 / min and falls in a conical pile whose bottom radius is always half the height. How fast is the circumference of the base changing when the pile is 8 feet high? Please explain
  75. Math

    In a factory, a parabolic mirror to be used in a searchlight was placed on the floor. It measured 40 centimeters tall and 90 centimeters wide. Find the equation of the parabola. I tried working this problem out and I got y=-8/405x^2+40, but I'm not sure if it is right. Could ...
  76. MATH :)

    For each of the following measurements state the number of significant digits: A length of 2.3 meters A volume of 0.65 liters A time of 0.0004 secs A population of 65,000,000 A distance of 1.30 x 104 I got: 1. 2 2. 2 3. 1 4. 2 5. 2 Just need someone to check my answers please ...
  77. Math Problem (please help)

    On the day of a child's birth, a deposit of $30,000 is made in a trust fund that pays 3% interest, compounded continuously. Determine the balance in this account on the child's 30th birthday. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  78. Math

    Meghan deposited $2,500in an account at a bank that pays 16% compounded quarterly. Use the compound interest table to find the interest earned on the investment after 2 years. a. $921.43 b. $204 c. $2,704 d. $3,421.43 **This is a sample question** (Please Help!)
  79. Math

    1. Use MATLAB Optimization Tool to solve the following problem: minimize [2x1^2+2x1x2+x2^2-10x1-10x2] subject to [x1^2+x2^2≤500] and [5x1-x2 ≤ -4] . 2. Please hand-check all the Kuhn-Tucker conditions for your answer.
  80. math,correction from previous post

    can someone please correct this for me thanks. simplify: 7sqrt(7x) + 5 sqrt (7x) My work: (7+5)sqrt (7x) My answer: 12sqrt (7x) is this correct? yup so i don't have to take out the x from the radicand Nope. 7x + 5x = 12x No matter what "x" is.
  81. Math

    can you put this into least to greastest5/8,2/7,3/10 It doesn't help when someone else does your work for you. Please let us know what YOU think the order is, and someone here will give you feedback. =) It's 2/7, 3/10, 5/8 i have an assignment were i have to find out about ...
  82. math

    Hi, I had a question about exponential functions. If f(x)=ab to the x power, were a does not equal zero, b is greater than 0 and b does not equal one. Therefore if b=1/2, then the graph of the function never crosses the y-axis. What is the answer to this question, true or ...
  83. To Justine: 6th grade math

    I removed your post because you gave the name of your school. For your own protection, please do not post any personal information. You asked: "what does E equles?" What is the whole problem? We'd like to help you, but need more information.
  84. 8th Grade Math

    Can someone please help me with the following problems? I do not have the formula for finding the slope of a line. These are not homework they are for a portfolio. Find the slope of each of the following lines. 1. y=-5-17 2. 10 + y = x 3. y = -2x - 5 4. 4x + y = 0 5. 3x - 4y...
  85. To NEO LOUIS - Math

    I've removed your very complicated post, for which you have supplied no thinking on your own. Please repost when you can demonstrate that you have tried to answer all these questions -- and/or when you ask specific questions about your assignment.
  86. Math

    Sharon was playing darts. She threw six darts and all of them hit the target. Which of the following could be her score? The target goes from 9 in the center, then 7, 5 , 3, and 1 on the outside ring. Possible Scores: 4 17 56 28 29 31 50 8 Please give a quick explanation.
  87. Math

    In a competition, only the top 3 horses receive prizes. How many possible ways can a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize be awarded if the competition has 12 horses? A. 36 B. 220 C. 440 D. 1320 Also, is this a permutation or a combination? Please Help!! Thank you.
  88. 5th grade math

    divide and simplify 7/18 divided by 14/39 the first step is to change the recipricol which is 14/39 = 39/14 then multiply 7 x 39=273 18x14=252 the answer is 273/252 I am not good at simplifying big numbers can someone please help me?
  89. math, 5th grade

    I am really stuck on how to figure this answer out, could you please help me? A stoplight flashes red for 50seconds, yellow for five seconds, and green for 65 seconds. In a 24 hour period, how long is the light red?
  90. Math

    Hello, I am learning about Taylor series in school, but they are quite confusing.. Can you please explain how I should do this problem? Thank you very much! What is the Taylor polynomial of order 5 approximation to sin(1.5) ? I know the series of sinx = x - ((x^3)/(3!)) + ((x^...
  91. math

    Please show me the steps to solve this problem: The total shipping weight of two crates is 358 pounds. One crate weighs 124 pounds more than the other. What does eah crate weigh?
  92. math

    Two number cubes are rolled—one red and one black. Explain why the events “the red cube shows a 6” and “the sum is greater than or equal to 10” are dependent, and find the probability. answer please :) i don't get this question
  93. math

    please explain: sam invested part of his $25,000 bonus in a fund that paid 8% profit and invested the rest in stock that suffered a 3% loss. Find the amount in each investment if his overall net profit was $1230.
  94. math

    compounded- what would be the amount of compound interest on $12,000 invested for one year at 6%, compounded quarterly? round your answer to the nearest tenth. could you show me the work please ? i had $737.00 is that answer correct?
  95. Science and Math Combined

    Can someone please help me understand how I figure out how much electricity I used when using a small appliance (lets say 300 watts. For the duration of 3 hours? Does anyone know the formula to figure this out?
  96. math

    The number of washers 3/32 inch thick that can be cut from a piece of stock 25 1/2 inches long, allowing 1/16 inch for waste for each cut is (A) 160 (B) 163 (C) 260 (D) 272 (E) 408 not just answer, please tell me how to do it
  97. 5th grade math parent

    Hi the problem reads.......give an example that shows how to use.the distributive property to multiply a number by a sum. All of the numbers you use should be mixed numbers or fractions.........PLEASE HELP!
  98. Math

    Danny has a yard in the shape of a parallelogram: width- (50 m) length- (60 m) height- (60 m) he want to split it into 3 pieces, with more than one type of shape. they should all have equal perimeter. the perimeter can not be in decimals. (Help please)
  99. Math

    Danny has a yard in the shape of a parallelogram: width- (50 m) length- (60 m) height- (60 m) he want to split it into 3 pieces, with more than one type of shape. they should all have equal perimeter. the perimeter can not be in decimals. (Help please)
  100. math

    Im confused on how to solve this question,please help.Meryl spends a total of $68.82 for 2 pairs of sneakers with same cost.sales tax is $5.32.she also uses a coupon for $3.00 off her purchase.How much does each pair of sneakers cost?
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