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  1. 5th grade math

    ms. sue can you help me with another problem? whatnis the median of the following number? 24,99,101,93,14,29? by the way can you please!check my last problem that you posted to me an hour ago here is my answer is 20 the median
  2. Math(can you just check my answer please)

    Lines x and y intersect to form angles 1,2,3, and 4. The measure of angle 3 is (3x - 9) and angle 4 is 111 degrees. Can you help me make a equation I think the equation is 3x-9 + 11 = 180 is this correct
  3. Math. Please help!

    144/k=9 I don't understand how to do this using reciprocals, how my teacher wants me to solve the problem. Note: The fraction bar is in my paper, so it's 144 being the numerator, k being the denominator, and then =9 if that makes any sense.
  4. math

    a cylindrical barrel is 2.8 feet in diameter and 8 feet high. If a cubic foot holds about 7.5 gallons of liquid, how manygallons of water will this barrel hold? Please explain throughly
  5. math

    the leaning tower of pisa is 55.9m tall and leans 5.5 deg from the vertical. if its shadow is 90.0m long, what is the distance from the top pf the tower to the edge of the shadow? assume that the ground is level. please help in details

    Thank you very much for the answer stated below: A perfect square will have an even number of repetitions of each prime factor. 180 = 2*2*3*3*5 e have 2^2 and 3^2, but we need another 5. So, 180*5 = 900 = 30^2 = (2*3*5)^2
  7. math help

    A lab assistant wants to make FIVE LITERS of 31.2% acid solution. If solutions of 40% and 18% are in stock, how many liters of each must be mixed to prepare the solution. i don't even know what equation to use or anything, please help me, thank you.
  8. math

    Ms.Lembright ordered the types of muffins below for a class party -12 blueberry muffins for $7.20 -8 chocolate muffins for $4.40 -6 raisin muffins for $4.50 What type of muffin cost the least? show your work please help me!!?
  9. Math

    I need help atleast an equation to get started please A lab assisstant wants to make five liters of 27.8% acid solution. If solutions of 50% and 13% are in stock, how many liters of each must be mixed to prepare the solution.
  10. math

    A medication is available in 30mg. tablets. A patient is given a prescription for gr. ii. How many tablets should the patient take? I am not sure how to work this problem out, and i am confused on the gr. ii. part, i do not know what it means, please help. thank you
  11. Math

    Find the probability that if the letters of the word "parallel" are randomly arranged that the L's will not be together. In class, I'm studying permutations and combinations. The solutions stated the no. of permutations where 3 L's are together is 6!/2!. Could you please ...
  12. math

    Sketch the graphs of f(x) = x^2 and g(x) = 2x. Find a number a between 0 and 2 so that when the region between the graphs of f and g for 0 <= x <= a is revolved about the y-axis, the volume of the solid produced is 7pia3/12 . Please show all work
  13. Math

    24 m of fencing are available to enclose a play area. what would the maximum area be if the fencing only went on 3 sides because the wall is used as the 4th side. Please show you work
  14. math

    Given two numbers whose sum is 56. Six times the larger is 72 more than 5 times the smaller. Find the numbers. Please help me solve this problem in a simple explanation so I can understand it.
  15. math

    Anneke's science class measured 10 inches of rainfall during the month of May what was the average rainfall per day?(Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.) Please answer and explain.
  16. math

    Ursula spent a total of $52.34 on two new outfits. She bought two shirt for $12.99, a pair of pants for $18.50, and a skirt. If the sales tax was 7.5%, what was the cost of the skirt? Please solve and exlain. Thanks
  17. math

    The lower leg of a right triangle is 8 cm in length. Calculate the other two knowing that the sides of the triangle form an arithmetic sequence. please give me step by step answers thanks
  18. math - help please

    Assume that 2 cards are drawn in succession and without replacement from a standard deck of 52 cards. Find the probability that the following occurs: the second card is a 9, given that the first card was a 9.
  19. math

    ben has 15 puzzles and 27 cds, when he takes a trip he likes to bring one puzzle and one cd as entertainment. how many trips can he take with a different puzzle and cd pair?? and please show how to solve it.....
  20. Math

    A traditional Haida hand drum has a diameter of 14 7/8 in. and is 3 in deep. What is the minimum amount of hide used to make the drum if the hide covers only the top and lateral surfaces? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you
  21. math

    A class is. Planning. A. Party. A pizza restaurant cuts. Each. Pizza. Into 8. Slices there are 32 students how many. Pizzas. Does the. Class. Need to. Order. For each. Student to have a slice explain please
  22. math

    please explain #urgent the sum to infinity of a convergent series is 243. the sum of the first five terms is 242. how do you determine the values of the common ratio and the first term
  23. math

    The amount of Jen’s monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $50 and a standard deviation of $10. Find the 25th percentile. A. About $46.30 B. About $43.30 C. About $43.40 D. about $43.20 I came up with $43.26 which its not a choice. Please help!!
  24. math

    The amount of Jen’s monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $50 and a standard deviation of $10. Find the 25th percentile. A. About $46.30 B. About $43.30 C. About $43.40 D. about $43.20 I came up with $43.26 which its not a choice. Please help!!
  25. math

    a ribbon is 3 2/3 yards long. Mae needs to cut the ribbon into pieces that are 2/3 yard long. I try 3 2/3 divided by 2/3 so the answer I get is 5 1/2. but when I used the model section I get 5 1/3. Please help me I am so confused.
  26. Math

    What is the slant height for the given pyramid to the nearest whole unit? Pyramid base = 6cm Height = 4cm A.) 7cm* B.) 5cm C.) 9cm D.) 8cm Ca n someone please check this?
  27. Math

    Please help. Julio uses a scale of 1/ 8 inch  1 foot when he paints landscapes. In one painting, a giant sequoia tree is 34.375 inches tall. How tall is the real tree?
  28. math help please

    if the pre image of a figure is located at (4,2) (-3,-3)(0,8) and it is reflected in the y-axis followed by a translation of 3 units left and 6 units down where is the new image locate give vertex coordinates
  29. Math

    If n+1 is the largest of four consecutuve integers, represent the sum of four integers. A 4n+10 B 4n-2 C 4n-4 D 4n-5 E 4n-8 I really don`t understand this question so I can`t provide my work. Can someone please explain to me how to solve these types of problems. Thank you
  30. Math PLEASE HELP

    Each of these sequence or series formulas involves four quantities. For each formula, describe the four quantities. Then explain how you can find the forth quantity if you know the values of the other three. a)An=a1+(n-1)d b)Sn=n/2(a1+an) c)An=a1r^(n-1) d)Sn=(A1(1-r^n)/(1-r)
  31. Math

    A runner competes in a 6 mile race. The year befoere her speed was 3mph slower and it took her one hour longer. What was her speed this year. Please help me by showing all work, Thank you
  32. math

    Answer to this questions Please *Question 8* A clock strikes once at 1 o’clock (am or pm), twice at 2 o’clock (am or pm), thrice at 3 o’clock (am or pm) and so on. How many times will it strike in 24 hours? Select one: 1. 78 2. 136 3. 156 4. 196
  33. math- 8th grade

    My homework is converting repeating decimals into fractions. I can't figure out the steps for this problem: 0.083 and the 3 is the repeating number. Can someone please explain the steps to me?
  34. Math

    The two legs of a right triangle are in the ratio √3/2. If the hypotenuse is 10 units long, find the area (in square units) of the triangle. Please provide COMPLETE solution and FINAL ANSWER.
  35. Spanish

    Can someone please proofread my Spanish? Thank you. it will not let me post my HW because it says that I have posted a link but I haven't. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. We'd be glad to proofread it if you can post it! Please try again. You can not copy ...
  36. Terry High School

    5,3x-7=2x+1 Please never put personal identifying data in your post, like the address, or full name, or the name of your high school. The world is a dangerous place. Please discuss this with your mom. I can tell what you mean by 5,3x What are you trying to do, solve for x?
  37. info again.

    I need the story of a cuban-american that came by boat. I have been searching, I cannot find anything. Please let me know. I am so frustrated. Please help me. If I can find a more detailed story of the korean-american rather than the one that you gave me that will be very ...
  38. To "lil sharon"

    I've removed your post with your complex assignment that expects you to do some thinking and supply answers. Please repost when you tell us what you think the answers are for each question. Please also put the SCHOOL SUBJECT in the appropriate box. "College" is not a school ...
  39. Geography

    Please can you tell me whether the north italian plain or the south of italy would have a) hydro-electric power available b) few natural resources. I cannot find the answers to them. One answer goes on north and one on south. Please help.
  40. English

    Can you please check these two sentences, please? Thank you 1) Nature ceased to be considered as a philosophical entity (concept?). It came to be felt as a real living being (real and living being) and to be described as it actually was. 2) The Romantics were concerned about ...

    A sample consisting of various gases contains 2.6 10-6 mole fraction of radon. This gas at a total pressure of 37 atm is shaken with water at 30°C. Calculate the molar concentration of radon in the water. Can somepne please provide a step by step instruction?
  42. Chemistry calorimeter.. please help!

    A coffee cup calorimeter contains 100ml of .200M H2SO4 at 22.3 degrees Celsius. When 2.16g Mg is added, the temperature rises to 36.3 degrees Celsius. What is the heat of the reaction per mole Mg? Please help and show steps. Much appreciated :)
  43. U.S. Government

    Which part of the Constitution was at issue in the nullification crisis? the supremacy clause the elastic clause the necessary an proper clause the interstate commerce clause I really don't know which one because I don't really understand the question but I'm thinking that its...
  44. Please help me with Finance !

    charlie can not remember how much he financed to buy his car.. he does remember that his monthly payment is $200 and his add on interest rate was 12% and he made a total of 18 payments. find the amount of his loan to the nearest penny. I keep getting over a 4000 and the actual...
  45. chemistry

    From the list of compounds below identify each of their molecules: 1. Propanone C3H60 Mr=58 2. Chromium trioxide Cr2O3 Mr= 152 3.Rubidium Carbonate Rb2CO3 Mr=231 4.Neon Ne: Mr= 20.2 5. Nitrophenol C6H5NO3 Mr= 139 6. Dinitrogentetraoxide N2O4 Mr=92 Please help I am really ...
  46. Math

    Abby can buy an 8 pound bag dog of food for $7.40 or a 4 pound bag of the same dog food for $5.38. Which is the better buy? My answer: I would have to say to buy an 8 pound bag of dog food. I am confused though if they are asking what math operation to do. Please assist me if ...
  47. math

    Please help, 1) How do you solve 2017^2017 without a calculator? 2) What is the last digit of the solution to this problem: 2017^(2017^2017)? Thank you!
  48. Math

    A business woman intends to rent a car for a 3 day business trip. The rental is $65 a day and $.15 per mile (plan 1) or $90 a day with unlimited mileage (plan 2). She is not sure how many miles she will drive but estimates that it will be between 400 and 800 miles. A) For each...
  49. math,mathguru

    you asked me about how did i came up with my answer this is what i did: Write each fraction in simplest form. #18 (-5x^3y^3)/(-20xy^4) = (3X(-5)X(x)X(x)X(x)X(y)X(y)X(y))/(2X2X(-5)X(x)X(y)X(y)X(y)X(y)) = after canceling the common terms top and bottom i am left with = 3 and 2 ...

    (imageshack)(.)us(/)photo (/) my-images (/)42(/)2vja. jpg(/) Open that link please , just delete the parentheses please please help me with my assignments I beg you cooperate with me huhu 1. in the figure , the areas of traingle cef, triangle abe, triangle adf are 3,4, and 5 ...
  51. physics(please help)

    a planet orbits a star with period T. As seen from that planet the star's diameter subtends an angle of theta radians. Show the density of the star is given by rou=24pi/G(T^2)theta^3 please help!!!
  52. Official meaning

    What is an official? A person who holds an office. Could you please explain more to me? What is a governor? An appointed or elected official who governs a state, colony, or province for a specific term. Could you please explain more.
  53. math30

    A sequence has a first term of 24 and every other term is one half of the previous term. Find a recursive formula that defines this sequence. The answer of this question is: an=an-1*1/2 Somebody can help me and let me know why is 1/2 on the formula? please please!!!
  54. Language Arts

    I need to practice writing summaries and small essay for my 9 week exam and I am not very good at writing summaries or essays. Can you please help me or provide me with a website that I am able to do practice summaries on. Please help.
  55. English

    1. Please call at 123-4567. 2. Please call 123-4567. 3. Please call me at 123-4567. (Which expressions are right?)
  56. Math--Please Check!!!

    Hi, I asked this question yesterday and I was given help in how to solve it. After working the problem, I have came up with $575.27. The problem is: When Beth finishes college, she has a balance or $2876.37 on a credit card with an annual percentage rate (APR) or 17.3% She ...
  57. Calculus Help Please!!!

    In a murder investigation, the temperature of the corpse was 32.5 C at 1:30pm and 30.3 C an hour later. Normal body temperature is 37.0 C and the temperature of the surrounding was 20.0 C. When did the murder take place? PLEASE SHOW STEP BY STEP
  58. Mathematics-Algebra PLEASE HELP,PLEASE!!!!!!!

    In a two-digit number, the tens’ digit is 1 less than the units’ digit. If the digits are interchanged, the sum of the number obtained and the original number is 143. Find the number.
  59. S.S. Please help!

    Check answers please! 1. Many indigenous people in Guatemala live in the mountains because it is the only land available to them the soil is very good for farming*** they don't speak Spanish mountain villages are easy to defend against attacks 2. All of the following are ...
  60. math

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=1/x^2 y=0 x=4 x=7; about y=–3 i integrated and plugged in values for x and got .61 *pi this is not the right answer been trying for hours please help!
  61. math

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=1/x^2 y=0 x=4 x=7; about y=–3 i integrated and plugged in values for x and got .61 *pi this is not the right answer been trying for hours please help!
  62. math

    Find an algebraic model for the sum of a number and its reciprocal. I have come up with y=x+ (1/x), although I was wondering if it would be correct to write it as y=x^2+1/x I am supposed to graph this, but when i graph both I get different graphs on my graphing calculator. ...
  63. Math

    Perform the indicated operations and reduce all results to lowest terms. Assume the variables are restricted to values that prevent division by 0. (x^2-y^2)/(x^2-2xy+y^2) divided by (3x+3y)/(7x-21) Could someone please show me how to do this so I can do the rest of my homework...
  64. math

    madison square garedn in new york city is built in the shape of a circle. its diameter is 404 ft and it accommodates 20,234 spectators, the nearest tenth of a square foot, how much area is there for each spectator... please help i am confused...thank you :)
  65. Confused-Math

    Your calculator gives an answer of x=1.1578074156, y=2E-13 when using ROOT or ZERO in the graphing mode. Give the coordinates of the x-intercept your calculator has given you to the nearest thousandth. <<< ? I have no idea how to solve these. Someone please explain ...
  66. Algebra

    I am great at math but for some reason can not wrap my brain around Algebra for the world! Please Help!! Im stumped! Solve using the elimination method. Show your work. If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, state this. -3x – 5y = 61 7x – 5y = -9
  67. Math- Please Help!!

    A 100 foot vertical tower is to be erected on a side of a hill that makes a 6 degree angle with the horizontal. Find the length of each of the two guy wires that will be anchored 75 feet uphill and downhill from the base of the tower.
  68. 5th grade math

    In 2000 the population of goddard was 5,554. The population of Valley Center was 7,323. What is the Approximate difference between the populations, to the nearest one hundred people. please! help I'm totaly confuse with this question?? do you substract it?
  69. calculus

    Follow this link please! It is an interactive question that I just cannot figure out

    in the diagram below, <G and <H are complementary. What is the measure of G? a)20 b)30 c)40 d)50 inside G they have a problem saying (2x+10)degrees. i relly need help into solving these kind of problems trying to find degrees of each angle but i cant remember the formula...
  71. math

    The probability of a female birth is about 0.5. over the period of a year, would there be more days when at least 60% of the babies born were girls in a.a large hospital b.a small hospital c. it makes no difference please explain your reasoning thanks
  72. interest math

    doris browning deposited $8000 into a savings account paying 5.25% interest. how long will it take for her investment to grow to $10,100. The answer i got was 4yr 11mo 30 days but that is wrong someone please help
  73. Math - Algebra 2

    I have tried several times to solve this. I have 3 points (0,-5), (3, -6), (-3,-7). I'm trying to get the quadratic equation. I keep getting y=(-1/6)x^2+ (1/6)x +0. When i plug in other numbers to check it's not the parabola facing down like my image. Please help!
  74. Math

    Okay now. New question. Find the number of (m) ways in which 6 people can ride a toboggan if ONE OUT OF THREE people must drive. M=? PLEASE DO NOT SOLVE! Just tell me how to do the problem. You MIGHT use factorial.
  75. MATH

    Okay now. New question. Find the number of (m) ways in which 6 people can ride a toboggan if ONE OUT OF THREE people must drive. M=? PLEASE DO NOT SOLVE! Just tell me how to do the problem. You MIGHT use factorial.
  76. Math

    You have a 5/16 in. drill bit. Will it drill a hole large enough to fit a 5 mm bolt? Show two different ways to answer this question. Explain your thinking. I couldn't even figure out the first way. Please help!
  77. math

    A gallon of a certain kind of paint will cover 224 square feet of surface. In painting two walls; one 36' by 8' and the other 24' by 9', the number of gallons of paint used is: I'm sorry I don't really know what to do, could someone please explain?
  78. Math

    In ΔABC, A=75 degrees and b=6. Giving your answer in interval notation, find the range of values of a such that: only one triangle is possible. two different triangles are possible. Please explain or show work!
  79. Math

    If Harrison games for 2hrs every weekday, and 4hrs every weekend, how many hours does he play in two weeks if he went camping with no electricity for 3 days starting Sunday. A: 84 B: 88 C: 90 D:96 E: none of these Ps please reword or explain the question
  80. math

    An art teacher wants to do a project for her 12 seventh graders. Each student will need 2 feet of yarn. If the total is $18, write an equation to determine the cost of yarn, c, per foot. So what am i supposed to do here? i am so lost. i don't know where all the #'s go. Someone...
  81. math

    iodine 131 has a half life of 8 days. If 5 mg are stored for a week, how much is left? How many days does it take before only 1 mg remains? An explanation for each step would be nice please. I want to learn how to do these problems for my upcoming exam.
  82. Math

    after a cyclist has gone 2/3 of her route, she gets a puncture in a tire. Finishing on foot, she spends twice as long walking as she did riding. How many times as fast does she ride as walk? I know that the answer is 4 but do not know how to get to this answer. Can you please ...
  83. 12th grade MATH

    1.)A picture 8 in. by 12 in. is placed in a frame which has a uniform width. if the area of the frame is equal to the area of the picture, find the dimension of the frame (8+2x)(12+2x)-96 = 96 (8+2x)(12+2x)=96+96 96+4x(2)=192 4x(2)=192-96 4x(2)=96 x(2)=96/4 x/2=24/2 x=12 is it...
  84. Math

    I have three math problems that I have tried to solve but I do not think they are correct. Can someone please help me! 1. What is the product of 225 and 507? I came up with 225 x 507 = 114075 2. Divide by moving the decimal point. 10.5 ÷ 100 I came up with 0.105 to be the ...
  85. English

    What does it mean to vary the sentence pattern within a written work? (Please give some answer...Not just a web link...And if you give a link please give info on where answer might be located.)
  86. Algebra

    Please my mentors, I urgently needs your support please. A number of two digits is such that the tens digit is 8 less than seven times the unit digit. When the digits are reversed, the number is decreased by 9. What is the number?
  87. Physics

    please check: An ant on a picnic table travels 3.0 * 10^1 cm eastward, then 25 cm northward, and finally 15 cm westward. What is the magnitude of the ant's displacement relative to its original position i got 70 cm please help with this: For the winter, a duck flies 10.0 m/s ...
  88. Algebra-- PLEASE help!

    Pete's Plymouth travels 200 miles at a certain speed. If the car had gone 10 mph faster, the trip would have taken 1 hour less. Find Pete's speed. I am very confused about how to solve this problem! Please explain well. Thank you so much!!! :-)
  89. College Physics

    An x-ray photon collides head-on with an electron and is scattered directly back at 160◦ to its original direction. What is the shift in the wavelength of the incident x-ray? do i need to figure out the "compton shift" in order to solve..can someone please show me how to...
  90. SS7R HELP!

    I have a worksheet for which is due tomorrow and my teacher is grading it. I'm having trouble with 3 questions (it have 7 questions) please help me. 1. Why did the western farmers oppose Spanish and French control of New Orleans? 2. Why was Toussaint L' Ouverture important to ...
  91. Trigonometry

    PLEASE HELP!! I really don't understand this...I just started learning about trigonometry and SOH CAH TOA and I think this probably has to do with that but I don't know how to apply it... Please explain this to me!!!! I need to know how to do it and not just the answer. ...
  92. Math

    To play a game you spin a spinner like the one shown. You win if the arrow lands in one of the areas marked "WIN". Lee played this game many times and recorded her results. She won 8 times and lost 40 times. Use Lee's data to explain how to find the experimental probability of...
  93. Algebra (please help!)

    Mary has a solution that is 60% alcohol and another that is 20% alcohol. How much of each should she use to make 100 milliliters of a solution that is 52% alcohol. I totally forget how to do this kind of problem. Please help if you can! Thank you so much! :)
  94. physics-Gravitational Attraction(please help)

    1. The centers of two 11.80 kg spheres are separated by 0.09 m. What is their gravitational attraction? 2. What is the ratio of this attraction to the weight of one of the spheres (at the surface of the Earth)? Please answer both Thank you
  95. math

    help please find the greatest common factor of 385 and 1365. 385=5x7x11 1365=3x5x7x13 now which factors do you see common? 5x7 or 35 Here is what I had 385=5x7x11 1365=3x5x7x13 5x7=35 is this correct yes, exactly how I showed you thank you yes your math is correct

    "POWERS" Compute the power of a number given the base and exponent. Do three versions of this program using a while loop, a do-while loop and a for-loop. Introduction Please help..i don't know how to input this in java...please help.tnx
  97. calculus

    I have two questions please. 1. find an equation for the line with the given properties. Express in slope-inntercept form. 2. find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the line y=1/2x+4 and contains the point (-3,0) please show work
  98. calculus

    I have two questions please. 1. find an equation for the line with the given properties. Express in slope-inntercept form. 2. find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the line y=1/2x+4 and contains the point (-3,0) please show work
  99. Math

    I need help with these three math question. 1st question. What is the additive inverse of 5 on the 12-hour clock? 2nd question. What is the equivalent number on the 12-hour clock. -22 the choices for this question is, 5 or 2 or 3 or 1. 3rd question. I need to find the additive...
  100. egypt

    can any one please tell me info about egypt like about cario...... because i need tomake a leaflet about egypt please help me.....
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