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1. What is the term for the part of a story that sets up the story's ending? (1point) exposition conflict falling action (either this one) resolution (or this one) Please I need this to be correct. so please tell me how you found out that my answer was correct

english help please!!

Has anyone read the War of the worlds? I need to make a topic sentence for either 1. Based on this chapter, what might be the author’s message or theme? or 2. How is H. G. Wells’ fictional world in War of the Worlds similar to the real world? Help me please :(

Steve help please?!?!

How many moles of oxygen are produced from the decomposition of 36.7 g of dinitrogen pentoxide? 2N2O5 4NO2 + O2 A. 3.19 mol B. 0.340 mol C. 0.170 mol D. 5.44 mol Hi Steve, I posted this question the other day but really don't know how to answer it. Can you walk me through it ...

Math. - Please Help.!

a^2 - 10ab + 3b^2 *I need a lot of help with this.How do I do this one.? Try: (a + r b)(a + s b) Then: r + s = -10 r*s = 3 From the first equation: s = -(10 + r) Inserting in second expression: r*(10 + r) = -3 --> r^2 + 10 r + 3 = 0 ---> r = 5 +/- 2*sqrt[11] You can use ...

Math Please

My questin is If r=5z then 15z=3y, then r= I just can't seem to determine how to set this problem up. I tried subsutition but that doesn't work for me either? Thanks in advance I assume you want to define r in terms of y. If r = 5z, then 3r = 15z. Therefore, 3r = 3y. I'm sure ...


please hel me to solve the following application. Crafts. Mark uses 1 pt 9 fl oz and then 2 pt 10 fl oz from a container of film developer that holds 3 qt. How much of the developer remains? Is this US liquid measures? There are 16 fluid ounces to the pint, and 2 pints to the ...

7th Grade Math

Find the total amount of money that Jeff will have in his savings account after 3 months if his initial deposit was $945 with a 4.5% interest rate. I have no idea what the answer is. Please explain.

Basic Math

I'm really stuck in this question can someone please help me out in this one. Two cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What are the odds against drawing a club and a diamond?


I Need help asap!!! I was sick on Thursday from school ...I was assinged a worksheet I had to leave my book at school the questions are- What are the prime factorization for 54,36, 63, and 245, In tree form.... VERY CONFUSED!!! Please help if possible!!! Thanks For Your Help, ...


multiply the equation by a power of 10 to write an equivalent equation with integer coefficients: #1. 4.15x+3.01=10.9x+1.29 #2. 1.596y-3.08=0.9y this is the 2nd time I'm posting this question. but the last reply I got was confusing. can you please show me how to do at least ...


The following data set gives the difference between the winning and losing scores in 50 randomly observed highschool basketball games: 2, 12, 1, 2, 12, 5, 14, 2, 45, 9, 1, 8, 18, 28, 9, 4, 30, 16,4, 12, 8, 13, 20, 9, 17, 13, 49, 17, 13, 4, 14, 2, 12, 29, 8,9, 11, 4, 6, 22, 4, ...


Jethro is an employee at the New Capitol T -Shirt shop makes $16.00 per hour, measured in quarter hours. If he begins work at 9.30 AM, what time it will be when Jethro has earned $100.00 ? ( can you please write the steps. thankyou )


Jethro is an employee at the New Capitol T -Shirt shop makes $16.00 per hour, measured in quarter hours. If he begins work at 9.30 AM, what time it will be when Jethro has earned $100.00 ? ( can you please write the steps. thankyou )


Please help me do these problems. I don't understand how to do weighted averages. Mrs. Gleason invested a portion of 32000 dollars at 9% interest and the balance at 11% interest. How much did she invest at each rate if her total income from both investments was 3200


in the diagram below, <G and <H are complementary. What is the measure of G? a)20 b)30 c)40 d)50 inside G they have a problem saying (2x+10)degrees. i relly need help into solving these kind of problems trying to find degrees of each angle but i cant remember the formula...


in the diagram below, <G and <H are complementary. What is the measure of G? a)20 b)30 c)40 d)50 inside G they have a problem saying (2x+10)degrees. i relly need help into solving these kind of problems trying to find degrees of each angle but i cant remember the formula...

Math- Exponent Laws.

Simplify, "put the power into a single positive exponent." -(-2)^0*(-2)^3*(-2)^-4/(-2)^3 please help I am so lost on how to solve this problem!! I have been trying to figure it out for days. the - in front of the (-2) is very confusing.

Math 8R - HELP! (homework qs. check)

Simplifying Algebraic Expression Using the Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms Simplify: -3 (2+3x) + x - 5 -3(2) + -3 (3x) + x - 5 Answer - 6 + -3(3x) + x - 5 Is the answer is correct??? I'm getting a bit confused and struggling a lot in this problem. Please help me!

Grade 11 math

If the given point is on the terminal arm of an angle A in stadard position. 0 degrees more than or equal too A and less than or equal too 180 degree, find sin A and cos A: a) (6,8) b) (-5,12) Can you tell me how you get it because I do not understand it at all please help!


On a winter’s day, the ratio of night to daytime with sunshine to daytime with cloud cover is 7:5:4. Based on this information, determine how long the sun was shining on the recording area during that 24-hour period. please explain!!

Math: Differential Equations

I'm given y''= sin(x) with the initial conditions of y(0)=0 and y'(0)=2. I've already taken the integral two times to get an answer of y= -sin(x)+3x, however, I'm stuck as to how to make this equation in terms of x=... Please explain, I'd really appreciate it!


Please help me solve this problem: My great-grandfather invested $ 9. in a savings account in 1909. The amount of money in the account doubles every nine years. QUESTION; WHAT YEARWILL IT BE WHEN THE VALUE OF HIS INVESTMENT HITS $1 MILLION?................


1. Identify the sequence. 3,888, 216, 12, 2/3... a. arithmetic b. geometric c. neither d. both 2. Find the value of the variables in the table. x = e, 5, 7, 10, 12 y = 18, 23, f, 48, 58 a. f = 33; e = 4 b. e = 33; f = 4 c. f = 30; e = 2 d. e = 30; 5 = 2 3. Which is D = 2zv ...


How much would you have to invest into a 5 year certificate of deposit paying 2.3% compounded weekly to make it worth $4500 at the end of the term? A=P(1+r/n)^nt 4500=P(1+0.023/52)^52(5) I am receiving a syntax error please help


A right pyramid,with a square base and four equal isosceles triangles ,is cut from a square piece of paper which is 3x cm long.If the area of the shaded part is 54 cm2, find the value of x.Please help me to solve this problem.

Math fp1

I have a general question For example we have matrix M1 and mattix M2, 2x2 both I wanna do the product m2m1m1m2m2m1m1m2 Is there a shortcut like factorising? Can you give me some basic rules about these please? Thank you


You roll a number cube twice. Find P (even, then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. I'm fully clueless to the answer to this question. Can someone please help me out? Thanks Very Much and need the answer A.S.A.P!


Asha deposited sh. 280,000 into the bank.After 4 years her savings reached sh. 386,400.Find the amount of interest per year paid by the bank. #Please i need your help guys #


What does it mean to calculate with distribution and without it. this is my problem You want to buy three books that are on sale at 20% off. The original prices of the books are $2.50, $4.95, and $6.00. How much will you save? i already have the answer but i don't want to put ...

Roger or bobpursley - please help asap.

Tony used to jog 0.95 kilometers every morning. one day, it rained, so he jog only 0.75 kilometer. What part of his regular jogging distance did he jog? percentjogging= .75/.95 * 100 percent When asking for help, please do not put particular volunteers in the subject box. 1) ...


Page # D-74 How Would You Describe a Dead Skunk? A skunked skunk. no What kind of answers do you have for the ones you have correct? exstankt extinct


14. The last term of an arithmetic sequence is 207, the common difference is 3, and the number of terms is 14. What is the first term of the sequence?: A. 165 B. 171 C. 249 D. 168 Please explain. thanks

need help in math

Please show your work thanks for your help. A children's store sells a toy racetrack for $94.25. The owner uses a 45% markup based on cost. What was the whole sale cost of the racetrack?

Math help, please

A corner lot that originally was square lost 185 m of area when one of the adjacent streets was widened by 3 m and the other was widened by 5 m. Find the new dimensions of the lot.


Let E(1,2) be the set of all numbers in (0,1) such that there decimal representation does not contain 1 and 2. Prove that E(1,2) is lebesgue measurable and find the lebesgue measure of E(1,2). Would you please explain it step by step?

To Fay1985 - math

Your post was removed. Please tell us your thinking on the 25 questions you posted. Attempt some answers, and we'll be glad to help you. Also -- I don't believe that you posted complete information for many of the questions.

math- precalculus

Can someone help me with this prolem please? Use the information given about the angle Ɵ to find the exact value of: sin 2Ɵ. 1) cosƟ= 3/5, 0 < Ɵ < (π/2)


F25= 75,025 and F26= 121,393 where Fn is the nth term in the Fibonacci sequence. Find F27. I do not understand the Fibonacci sequence, could someone help me with my question and explain it to me please.


a local gas station uses the formula c= 0.635L+ 6.25 to charge customers who want to buy gasoline and a car wash what is the total cost if you buy 20L of gasoline? please help!


a local gas station uses the formula c= 0.635L+ 6.25 to charge customers who want to buy gasoline and a car wash what is the total cost if you buy 20L of gasoline? please help!

5th grade math

The length of a rectangle is a multiple of 5in. The width is 4.8 in. The area is between 80in.2 and 100in.2 What is the length of the rectangle? I an really confused on this problem! Please help & explain. thanks


7x+5y=-26 x=28-6y solve using substitution okay so then 196-42y+5y=-26 then combined like terms so 196+37y=-26 37y=-222 y=-6 is this part correct?


Could someone please explain this problem to me. I need to factor and check by multiplying. 7x^9y^7+35x^7y^6+35xy= Here is what I got but I don't think that it is right. 7x^9y^7+35x^7y^6+35xy= 7xy(x^8y^6+5x^6y^5+5) Is this correct? Thanks.


Diameter of a circle is 1.3*10^-12 what is the radius and Find the trinmial parrelgram represents area pf a parrelogram whose base is 3x+2 meters and height is 2x+3 meters find A(3)? Do not understand these what so ever please help me


Please graph your response to question 2 on a separate piece of paper. When finished, click "submit" to view the correct answer. Graph each rational number on a number line. , -, 1.5, 0.4


How can I find the vertex, axis of symmetry? I know to find x and y intercepts i use the quadratic formula. I am given the parabola y=x^2+6x+5 I do not want the answer.. Just please explain to me how to solve for it. what method do I use???


Can someone please help me with math problem and explain to me step by step how to solve it so I will know how solve other problems like this Thank you in advance Multiply and then, if possible, simplify by factoring /7x /21y


What is an example of an equation for Celsius to Fahrenheit? I completely forgot the equation since i spend too much time doing summer things, but this is for Summer School, Please help me understand it again.

Integrated Math 1 (help please??:( )

Consider the sample space S = {1, 2, 3, . . ., 10}. Let A = all odd numbers in S. Let B = all multiples of 3 in S. Compute P(B | A). Enter your answer as a fraction using the "/" and do not include spaces in your answer.


mike car traveled 237 miles on 7 9/10 gallons of gas, how many miles per gallon did he achieve? i multiply 7 by 10 and add 9 which my equation 237/1 x 79/10 and then got stuck, please help


if you are 6 ft tall and cast a 90" shadow and are standing 70" from a lamp how tall is the lamp someone helped with this earlier (steve) but I still don't understand how you got your answer...can you please explain further?

8th grade math

Find the interest earned on each account. $970 at 4 1/2% simple interest for 2 years. I don't know if I solved the problem correct please help: I = p x r x t = 970 x 0.42 x 2 = 814.8 I don't know what number to convert 1/4 to!


Mrs. Black has one begonia plant. If she buys two begonia plants each year for every one she has, how many will she have in four years? Please explain the answer.

math i don't get it

If 6 equilateral triangles are placed side by side so that only two sides of each triangle touch one of the other triangles, what shape is formed? Please explain the answer.

8th grade math for Ms. Sue

How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. I don't know how to solve this or what the answer is. Please help!


solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. express the solution set in interval notation x^3+x^2+64x+64>0 show work please


If shipping charges to certain point 62 cents for the first five ounces and 8 cents for each additional ounce, the weight of a package, in pounds, for which the charges are $1.66 is not just an answer please A.7/8 B.1 C.1 1/8 D.1 1/4 E.1 1/2

Math (please help steve)

In triangle ΔABC, AB^2+BC^2+AC^2=cosAsinBsinC+sinAcosBsinC+sinAsinBcosC. The area of the circumcircle of ΔABC can be represented as a/bπ, where a and b are positive coprime integers. What is the value of a+b?


y = -1/6 x + 5 identify the slope and the y-intercept of the equation.? how you would graph this line using the slope-intercept method. ? my teacher is saying im still getting the wrong answer:( please help


Write six hundred billion,two hundred thousand, two in expanded firm using exponents Please check 600, 000, 200, 002 (6×10^11)+(2×10^6)+(2×10^1)

math... PLEASE HELP!!

The measure of one angle is described as twelve more than four times a number. Its supplement is as twice as large. Find the measure of each angle using an equation.

MATH equations /mrs.sue

one of the worlds tallest office is 88 buildings is Malaysia the building has 88 stories . the height of the 88 stories is 1,23 use equivalent equations please show me how to do it


The length of a rectangle is represented by the numerical value of 5V^3. If the recrtangle is equal in area to a squae with a side represented by 4V, what is the width of the rectangle in terms of V? a. 1/80V^5 b. 4/5V c. 16/5V d. 16/5V^2 e. 5V/16 please answer and explain

Check my math please ASAP

If im not right then can you tell me which are wrong and right thanks 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 1.Which inequality is false? A.3 < 7 B.–8 < –5 C.–9 > –4 D.10 > –12 2.What are the integer solutions of the inequality |x| < 2 ? A.2 only B.2 and –2 C.1, 0, and –...


If the total cost function for producing x lamps is C(x) = 90 + 36x + 0.1x^2 dollars, producing how many units will result in a minimum average cost per unit? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR WORK Thank you

Math please help

A cos wave has its first maximum at the point (pie/2, 2) and its first minimum at (5pie/2, -4) what is the equation of the function? I remember writing 3cos(1/2(x-pie/2)-1 but I'm sure that it's wrong ?


The sum of two numbers is 15. Three times the second number minus four times the first number equals 4. What are the missing variables? Please show your work.


I have determine if these are area or volume simply based on looking at them without doing the calculations. Could you please explain how to do that? 1. pi(4 in)^3 is in the numerator 3 is in the denominator 2. 2pi(1.5m)^2 + 2pi(1.5m)(3m) 3. 1/2(10ft)(18ft) + (10ft)^2 Thank you.

Math please help

Three consecutive odd intergers are such that the sum of the squares of the first two integers is 54 more than 20 times the third integer. Determine the three integers.


The population of town N increases every year by 2%. What will be the population of this town in 3 years if it is currently nine hundred thousand people. (Round the answer to a whole number.) Please help


Last Week June 16,2017 Ghana's Midweek Lottery Results were as follows Win: 05-25-71-56-19 Machine: 42-57-45-36-68 Please help me predict the next winning numbers for today June 21,2017


16 persons need 56 kg of rice in 1 week. How much rice will be needed by 24 persons in four weeks? ^please anyone over here ryt now may you help me to arrive to the final answe^

Math problem help

This problem is so hard I've tried solving it but I keep getting stuck. Could someone help with showing the steps please... Solve the system of equations for x and y by letting a=1/x and b=1/y, x does not equal 0 and y does not equal 0. 3/x+2/y=2/3 8/x-4/y=2/9


the following graph shows the number of soccer games a team won in each of their first three seasons explain how you could redraw the graph so that the change in wins between the three

math please answer quick!!!

Maya is driving 120 miles to her grandmother's house. She drives 35% of the distance before stopping for lunch. How far does she drive before lunch?

English (URGENT) Please :'(

I have trouble understanding of this article and how to answer the questions given. I just started new to school in Toronto; I was living in Turkey for Years So I do please to take your time to look and examine my homework. I greatly appreciate your patience and time and ...

math ms sue please help

Last summer, 150 students attended the Apollo Math Camp, of whom 96 were girls and 54 were boys. Also, 68 were 7th graders and 82 were 8th graders. How many 8th-grade boys attended the camp if 40 of the girls were 7th graders?

Environmental Sciencee

Please help me on this question: 33. Wind and water alter the Earth's sufrface by a. blowing away soil and eroding soft rocks b. eroding coastlines c. carving deep gorges d. all of the above I read about this a long time ago, so I don't even remember where it is in my book. ...

Chemistry(Urgent, please help,thank you)

After performing a freezing point depression experiment I had to find the molecular weight of glycol. Now I have to answer the question what value did I assume "i" to equal and why did I make this assumption. My teacher told us the value of i to use for this was 1. I am not ...


The rate of chlamydia infection was reported as 2.78% in a recent year. Under certain conditions, a preliminary screening test for the chlamydia bacterium is correct 96% of the time. One person is randomly selected from the population. find the true positive. Can someone ...

Special Education Setting Teachers Aide

children with a language or speech disorde are A)sometimes suffering from an aphasia.(my answer) B)always learing challenged. C)able to receive special help only after the third grade. D)unable to use communication boards. can someone please check if this is right please

Social Studies 1 QUESTION

How did the supreme court decision in Worcester v. Georgia and the Indian removal act lead to the removal and the resettlement of native American groups? (please help i searched it up got nothing looked in my text book didn't understand anything. please help me this lesson is ...


Can someone please describe what a double helix looks like? I think it looks like fusilli pasta. Is this correct? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what DNA looks like. Please help, thank you. I am visually impaired by the way.


please help There are six books in a stack, and each book weighs 5 N. The coefficient of static friction between the books is 0.2. With what horizontal force must one push to start sliding the top five books off the bottom one? please walk me through this


Can someone please help me with these questions below thank you. 1. What do you think the impact of the earth's climate will be like if everyone enjoyed the same lifestyle? 2. What will it be like for The health of ecosystems and biodiversity? 3. What will the impact be like ...


Can anyone please check the following for me please Expand (5 - 2x) Squared (5 - 2x) (5 - 2x) 5 sqrd + 5 X - 2x + -2x x 5 + -2x X -2x so 5 Sqrd - 10x - 10x + 4X = 5 sqrd + 4x Am I right..thank you :-)

Algebra: Help please

I'm really bad with monomial expressions. Can someone please help? Is 7(m - 2) a monomial expression? yes or no Is 3mnp a monomial expression? yes or no


If 1/2 of a number, 1/3 of the number, 1/4 of the number, and 2/7 of the number are added together, the sum is 575. What is the number? Please show steps/work.

Algebra-Mathmate or Reiny or Dr. Bob, please check

I have two short questions which I think I know the answer-could you please check? If I write log(b)x - 2log(b)y as a single logarithm it would be log(b) x/y^2, correct? If not please help and Is the function f(x) = 1/x a exponential function -I think it would be because it ...


If each cube represents 0.25 in3, what is the volume of the prism? A) 6 in3 B) 12 in3 C) 48 in3 D) 75 in3 I am not really goo with these, but I think the answer might be b. Please give me the explanation. Thank you

Math Help ASAP Please!

Write 15% as a decimal. A. 1.5 B. 0.15 C. 0.015 D. 0.0015 Write 5.6 as a percent. A. 56% B. 5.6% C. 560% D. 0.56 Write 0.5 as a fraction A. 1/2 B. 1/20 C. 1/200 D. 1/500 Maya is driving 120 miles to her grandmother's house. She drives 35% of the distance before stopping for ...


I really need help. Please help. Solve for x: log(subscript)3(3x+1)-log(subscript)3(x-1)=2


Could someone please help me answer this Prove tan(-theta) = -tan(theta)


find the slope for (-16, -19) and (-18, -20) can some please help me I don't understand how to find the slope for this thank you in advance.


Please show the steps of 2209^1/2 or steps of square root of 2209?


a rectangle has a lenght of 3.5 meters and a width of 1.75 meters. what is the perimeter of the rectangle????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Please compute the derivative for g(x)= sqrt x - 3/x squared. I know the derivative for sqrt x = x ^1/2

math steve

steve can you explain step by step please 8x=5y and 3y=14z then 12x= how many z's


please do this with the steps so I can understand this If 6/square root x^2+4(square root end)=2, then x^2=?

math - please help

f(x)=2x; -1(is less than or equal to) x (less than or equal to) 5 Find the domain of the function.


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