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Math Analysis

Let f(x)= x^3, g(x) = sqrt x, h(x) = x-4, and j(x)= 2x. Express the following function k as a composite of three of these four functions. k(x)= sqrt (x^3 - 4) Do I need to factor anything out of the parentheses or something? If you can, please explain this problem to me :) any...


I've been staring at this problem for an hour and have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO! "A quadratic function in the form f(x)=ax^2+bx+c contains the points (-1,0), (0,2), and (2,0)." a) determine the values of a,b, and, c b) Factorise the expression ax^2+bx+c obtained from the function in...


Hockey teams receive 2 points when they win and 1 point when they tie. One season, a team won a championship with 64 points. They won 11 more games than they tied. How many wins and how many ties did they have?


the lappans buy 3 large sandwich wraps to serve at a picnic. Nine people in all will be at the picnic. show 3 different ways to cut the sandwiches so that each person gets an equal share. Help please!!!


Heres a challenge: six students(4 boys and girls) were divided into three pairs. given this information. What is the probability of 2 girls making 1 pair? Express as a common fraction. Oh and please explain!!


tan(arccosx)=? I know the answer is supposed to be sqrt(1-x^2)/2, but how would I go about arriving at that answer? I've searched my textbook and Internet but still haven't got a clue.. Is it simply an identity that I must memorize? Please help


obesity is defined as a body mass index of 30kg/m2 or more. A 95% confidence interval for the percentage of U.S. adults aged 20 years and over who were obesity was found to be 22.4 to 23.5%. What was the sample size???? Can you please show your work?? Thanks


Mr Srinivasan invests 55000$ in a fixed deposit account.the interest rate is 3.3% per much money will he have in the account after 1year? please show your operations clearly.

College Math

In West Virginia, 100 days of the year (365)have temperatures less than32 degrees Fahrenheir. What (reduced) fraction of the days is that? I'm not sure how to go about finding the answer. Can you please help?


I need help showing work. I did it in my head and now missing a huge part of how I got it. 110=2/3*8 my answer is 165 but they ask me to showwork, which I am always getting docked because as I read the question I do it in my head. Ugh! Please help!

7th grade math last question!

#11 The coordinate of rectangle ABCD are given. Find the coordinates of its image after a dilation with the scale factor of 2. A (2,4) B (-3, -1) C (0,9) D (6,-4) I DESPERATELY NEED HELP WITH THIS QUESTION IT ISN'T MULTIPLE CHOICE SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!!


A balance scale is perfectly balanced with two blocks on one side and ten weights on the other. If each weight equals 2.0 grams, how much does one block weigh? Please answer and explain.


solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. set in interval notation. x^3+2x^2-4x-8>0 I have been staring at this problem for the last 15 minutes because I just don't understand it, somebody please help me?

math 4

Henry Devine bought a new dishwasher for $320. He paid $20 down and made 10 monthly payments of $34. What actual yearly interest rate did Henry pay? A. 29.09 B. 68.75End of exam C. 14.55 D. 34.38 Please explain to me

SAT Math

A student states that for any positive integer n is the sum of n successive integers is always divisible by n. Which of the following can be used to disprove the student's statement? Please provide answer and how you got it! A) 1+2=3 B) 1+2+3=2x3 C) 1+2+3+4+5=3x5 D) p+(p+1)+(p...

Math! Please check!

When constructing the circumcenter and circumscribed circle of a triangle, you need to find the intersection of all three of which type of line? A- medians B- perpendicular bisectors C- altitudes D- angle bisectors My choice is B.


(8.86 + 1.0 * 10^-3) / (3.610 * 10^-3) Calculate the above formula, expressing the answer in scientific notation with the correct number of significant figures: 8.86 + 1.0 * 10^-3 = 8.86 + 0.0010 = 8.8610 = 8.86. 8.86/(3.610 * 10^-3) = 2454 2.454 * 10^3 Please confirm if I did...


Gabe went to the amusement park with $40 to spend. His ticket cost $26.50. Write and solve an inequality to show how much he might spend on souvenirs and snack. Please tell me how you got this answer to this question.


Draw a line with 3 distinct pints on it. Label each with a different letter. How many different rays can you name using only the three given points? a)8 b)6 c)4* d)2 I'm guessing 4 but idk if it's two... can someone please explain?


Hello, could someone please go over the steps for this question? Thank you! 1. Find the circumference. Leave your answer in terms of pi. The middle line going through the circle is 8.4 (I'm so sorry I don't know the name of the line, brain fart). A) 12.6 pi cm B) 4.2 pi cm C) ...

Math! Please Check Answers!

Which one of the following sample spaces correctly lists all the possible outcomes for flipping a coin and rolling a number cube? Let head be H and tails be T. a. H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4, H-5 b. H-1, T-1,H-2,T-2,H-3,T-3,H-4,T-4,H-5,T-5 **** c. H-1,H-2, H-3, T-4, T-5 ***- I picked ...


Find the values of x and y in the two equations below then answer the question that follows. 2^-3=1/x 7^y=1/49 What is the value of xy ? For the first problem i got 8. For the second one i got 1/343 I don't know what im doing wrong or right. Can you please show me with work.

Math: Creating a linear equation

Cooper claims he has already completed the job and is offered $141 as a one time payment. you have to write this as c = mt + b if c is the cost, m is the slope, t is the time(hours) and b is y-intercept!!! PLEASE HELP!


The height above ground of a snowball thrown from a cliff is modeled by the function h(t) = -16t2 + 64t + 192, where h is height in feet and t is time in seconds. I d3on't know what to do with this i use to do this but know i forgot Guide me through this please


The height above ground of a snowball thrown from a cliff is modeled by the function h(t) = -16t2 + 64t + 192, where h is height in feet and t is time in seconds. I d3on't know what to do with this i use to do this but know i forgot Guide me through this please


i need help on my unit 4 lesson seven 24 question unit tst from connexus academy.i am a level nine gymnast and have a huge meet that im stressing out about and so i cant focus someone please help me thank you

math- factoring

The question is ax^2+bx+c=(2x-7)(x-3) for all values of x, What is the value of b? The teacher went over and said the answer is -13, but I am not sure how she got that. Can you please explain. Thank you! I did the first part (2x-7)(x-3) 2x^2-6x-7x+21 2x^2-13x+21 here x=-13 but...

Math < please help >

What is the volume of the trianglar prism to the nearest whole unit? ( Connexus Unit 2 Lesson 13 grade 8th) Height: 4 ft Base: 14 ft Length : 21 ft A - 392 ft^3 B - 588 ft^3 C - 1176ft^3 D - 2352ft^3 I think it's B. I am right?

7th grade math help Ms. Sue quick please

HELLPPP ME PLEASE I ONLY KNOW THE LAST QUESTION! I need to have more than three steps! Please help! B. A discount of 20% is applied to the doll’s original price of $12.99. What is the price of the dolls with the discount applied to $12.99 + 5% tax? Show all of your work! ...


Good Evening Ms SUE, Frankly I tried the below some as you said but still I am not getting the answer still i am getting the same answer as option A. 2 1/6 n I know this is wrong Mam if you don't mind can you check n tell where i am wrong and correct me please. Thank You It ...

Math/Science(Short Question 10th grade))

[History Homework] Please answer 1. What are 2 pieces of technology essential today? 2. If you could give a prehistoric person one item from today what would it be? 3. Why is writing important for civilizations? 4. Why is theater/drama important to society? 5. What are some ...


A 0.30-kg softball has a velocity of 12 m/s at an angle of 30° below the horizontal just before making contact with the bat. What is the magnitude of the change in momentum of the ball while it is in contact with the bat if the ball leaves the bat with a velocity of 17 m/s, ...

Math - need help ASAP!! Please!

The question relates to application of sine functions. -------------- A carnival Ferris wheel with a radius of 7m makes one complete revolution every 16 seconds. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m above the ground. a) Draw a sketch to show a person's height (h) above the ground ...


I asked sue a question yesterday and don't understand the answer can you explain? Here what it was I think this question has a typo because none of the multiple choice answers fit. The question is which of the following values is in the solution set of inequality 8-7x<-6? A...

Social Studies

What are some of the coolest facts about Washington D. C.? Please answer my question soon! its not in washington! Please see the answer I posted to your first question. Although it is our capitol, it is not one of the states

algebra, help please!!!

what is a function and how do u tell the difference between one and something else? in my hw, there's these 3 graphs, all have a column for inputs and outputs and we have to point out which one or two represents a function...please help me! thank u so much!


Please check my work 3M solution of NaOH (1 liter worth) molecular weight: 39.99 3 x 39.99= 119.97 grams dilute to 1000mL 3 M solution of HCl (1 L) c1v1=c2v2 (12M)(?)= (3M)(1000mL) ?= 250 mL please check thank you


i have an essay exam tomorrow, please can someone help me get some ideas about symbolic violence and how it effects men. I need it as soon as possible; because i have no idea about anything. Please someone help me!!!


I have an essay exam tomorrow, please can someone help me get some ideas about symbolic violence and how it effects men. I need it as soon as possible; because i have no idea about anything. Please someone help me!!!

help ms.sue

whats one opinion about leukemia.i all ready wrote a fact but i baerly know anything about it so i can not write a opinion please.this is just home work ? please help me ms.sue from, priscilla perez

Literature- Frankenstein

Consider the protagonist in "Frankenstein". Explain how Victor Frankenstein character changes over the course of the novel, Frankenstein. Please include examples of these changes in the response. I have to write no fewer than three paragraphs, so please help. Thanks!

physics please help

What is the resistance of 125 m of aluminum wire that has a diameter of 0.8118 mm? The resistivity of aluminum is 2.824 x 10^-8 (omega) m. I need help with the set up. we've been using R = V/I, but haven't had anything with resistivity. I don't know where to place this, ...

Social studies

I really need help on this, please! I've been reading my book for an hour and found no answer. Ok so here it is: Sumer lacked resources such as ... I have to list three resources that Sumer lacked. Please help. Thanks !


Explain how to factor the following trinomials forms: x2 + bx + c and ax2 + bx + c. I am totally lost still I read and read and the concept is lost in my head. Can someone please help me? I know there is more than one way to Factor this.


Will someone please help me slove this problem? Use the elimination method to solve the system of equations. 5u+2v=-18 3u+v=-5 I have tried to solve this problem several times and have not gotten the correct answer please help. Thank you.


g(x) = x^4-8x^3-16x^2+128x the graph goes through the x through (-4,0) , (0,0) (4,0), (8,0) horizontal axis has a scale of 2,4,6,8,10 (each tick increases by 2) Y-axis value that is the highest is (-4,30) and (8,30) Assume g(x) = k(x-p)(x-q)(x-r)(x-s) p<q<r<s I need ...

Trig please

The height h in inches of pistons 1 and 2 in an automobile engine can be modeled by h1 = 3.75sin(733t) + 7.5 and h2 = 3.75sin[733(t+ 4π/3)] + 7.5 where t is measured in seconds. How often are these two pistons at the same height? Show work please.

math(PLEase help me check.)

1) C=md+t The cost C, of a business trip is represented by the equation above, where m is a constant, d is the number of days of the complete trip, and t is the cost of transportation, which doesn't change. If the business trip was increased by 5 days, how much more did the ...


Out of the types of businesses (sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation), which has the easiest time obtaining money to expand their business. Why? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, ...

Maths-Vectors Help!

Please help confirm if I got this problem correctly; 1)2jx(3i-4k) sol>> 2x3jxi - 2x4jxk = 6jxi - 8jxk = 6k - 8i 2) (i-2j)xk Solutn>> ixk - 2jxk = -j - 2i 3) (2i-4k)x(ix2j) solutn>>2ixi Please do help with this ONE yes, correct. On the third, break recheck if ...

AP Calculus - High School

The Temperature T of food put in a freezer is T = (700) / t^2+4t+10 where t is the time in hours. Find the rate of change of T with respect to t at each of the following times. a. t=1 b. t=3 c. t=5 d. t=10 ** i'll be able to do the others on my own if you please explain step ...

Physics =Please check

You're on planet YZ and an astronaut observes that a 1.0 m long pendulum has a period of 1.50s. What is the free-fall accerlerttion on YZ? I know the answer is 17.6 because I worked it backwards but if the answer was given, I wouldn't know how to change the variables around-...

Language Art (Please Check)

please check 6.which of the following is a run-on sentence? A.terri had a hard time continuing the tour she was so tired from the day's events.(I PICK A) B.som students decided to rest,so they returned to their hotel. C.washington is a great place to visit because there are so...


How could you use 100 pounds of force to lift a 200 pound weight? Explain precisely, listing any necessary distances and details. (This will take some converting!) I don't understand this question, could someone please help me? I think I only need the distances from the ...


How could you use 100 pounds of force to lift a 200 pound weight? Explain precisely, listing any necessary distances and details. (This will take some converting!) I don't understand this question, could someone please help me? I think I only need the distances from the ...

unscrambling word

Can you help me unscramble these words please! radmordey conshorier trinabac mecal minglem bobing lukarak its in spanish- srecmoro, and tsmnoamo- help please england antelope is the answer tyler! lafrpty=flytrap lafrpty=flytrap please help me to unscramble this saying! dare to...


Please check this over and see of they are right...if they are not can you please tell the the right answer and explain how you got it. I think I am getting myself confused. Thank you. Write the neutralization reaction for each of the following. Balance the equations. a. HI(aq...

Extra Credit

This isn't really a question most people ask, but I have to! There is this extra credit for each subject Social Studies, math, Science, LA, etc. The one's I don't have good grades on are Math and Language Arts. My father is leaving on a trip tomorrow, so I don't have a lot of ...


List five key educational issues related to the First Amendment from your reading. Briefly describe how each issue impacts the classroom. Give intext citations and references for sources used in this paper. Please attach. Paragraphs are indented 5 spaces for new ideas/time ...


Please please help, this is like the only thing i am having trouble on right now, and no one my my family knows about this stuff. Any help would be great! (: x 3 6 9 12 f(x) 9 18 27 36 Does this relationship show direct linear variation?_______________ If so, what is your k ...

Gr. 10 CIVICS!!!!please HELP!! :(

can u please help me find a picture that shows one of the element in a democracy. the element is Being Informed and Getting Involved. the picture has to fulfill this element. thanks .u can just paste the site of the picture.


This is the same equation as before just with different numbers. y=yo + (vo sin Q) t - 1/2gt^2 This time the numbers are: 0 = 1.005 + (3.021 sin 30)t - 1/2(9.8)t^2 4.9t^2 - 1.5105 - 1.005 = 0 This is the part where I am stuck. Did I do this correctly? sin 30 = 0.50 X 3.021 = 1...


What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 – 1997? 1950- 10,577 1997- 53,463 I'm trying to figure out the percentages of population increases between different countries at different years. Having problems. I...


1. Hello. May I speak to Tom? Speaking. Who's this? Hi,Tom. This is Sam. How are you doing? Just fine. How about you? I'm so-so. How is your school? Oh, it's great. I like it very much. 2. Hello. May I speak to Tom? He is not in now. Can I take a messsage? OK. Ask him to call ...

Math - 2nd try

Please show me how to set up and solve: You have 6 cups of sugar. It takes 1 cup of sugar to make 24 cookies. The function c(s) = 24s represents the number of cookies, c, that can be made with s cups of sugar. What domain and range is reasonable for the function? math - ...

Soc. Studies - Help please

2nd time asking this question - need further clarification - please What was the outcome of the Alliance for Progress? A.Americans opposed Kennedy’s policies. B.Relations between the United States and Latin America improved. C.Relations between the United States and Latin ...

Math-Statistics-please doublecheck my answers

In the fall of 2000, 54% of the almost 34,000 first-year students attending one of the California State Universities had strong enough math skills to take an entry level course. 1)Based on a sample of 20 students, can we assume our calculations will be accurate? My answer is: ...


There was a surge in math club membership after the fun Halloween party. When the principal asked Mrs. Germain how many students were currently in the club, she replied, "Three times our number plus a third of our number plus a fourth of our number plus you and me is two ...

Math - Metric conversion

There are a 100 centimeters in a meter and 1000 meters in 1 kilometer. How many centimeters are in 2 kilometers? Please give step by step details in answer, Thanka


What would be the compounded interest on $8,000 invested for onr year AT 6%, compounded quarterly? Round your answer to the nearest dollar. Please explian how you got your answer thanks


Please help with this question. Determine an algebraic model for Alvins data and use it to make a reasonable prediction for the population in 2036. I am having trouble with the algebraic model. thanks


The sides of a triangle form an arithmetic sequence with a common difference of 2. The ratio of the measure of the largest angle to that of the smallest angle is 2:1. Find the area of the triangle. PLEASE HELP!


i just forgot how to find the equation in slope-intercept form for a line. Can anyone please give me some hints to do it with "the line through (3,-2) with slope m=4/5" as an example? Thanks a lot!

Math (Calculus?)

[x^5(-3)(x^2+1)^-4(2x)]-(x^2+1)^-3(5)x^4] / (x^5)^2 Can someone show my how to simplify this, step by step? So far I got that the denominator should be x^10 because of the exponents, and (x^2+1)^-4 could be simplified as [(x+1)(x-1)]/4, likewise with (x^2+1)^-3, except the ...


i'm studying for a test on rational expressions and i just wanted to know the answers to some of the problems i am not too sure about... 1... 4y-2/8y-2.. i got 1/2 which restriction of 1/2 2...(x-3/3x-5)/3-x/6x-10.. i got 4 with restrictions of 3 and 5/3 3...3a+6/2a^2+7a+6..1/...


PLEASE tell me how you are supposed to come to the answer to this. and what is the answer: a number x is y more than a number y times x i'm a little confused, and i have to teach this to a student. thanks a lot


2,750um to Mm CF=10^12 2,750um=2,750*10^-12 What does CF stand for. small to big you divide, so why don't I divide by 5 lots of 1000. Can you please give me some examples of conversions like this one. Thanks


How many 4-character license plates are possible with 2 letters from the alphabet followed by 2 digits, if repetitions are allowed? If repetitions are not allowed? could someone please help me with the formula, I don't understand it yet


the question asks to integrate cos(t)/ (5sin(t)+8)^2 the answer i got was xcos(t)/(5sin(t)+8)^2 this is not right i believe there is something wrong with the x in front of the cos.... please heplp

math could you please help i don't understand

in a competition 5 figure skaters will skate in a randomely assigned order. why can't you evaluate the product 5*5*5*5*5 to find the number of possible orders in which the skaters can skate


Peform each indicated operation by using LCD and simplify the result. Can you please show me the steps on how you got the answer because I don't understand how to these problems. Thank you. y+2 over y^2+2y+4 + 1 over y-2 z-3 over z^2+z-6 + 2z+1 over z-2

Math HELP!

I posted a few questions and then went back and posted how I thought they were supposed to be answered. Could someone please locate my earlier questions and tell me if I am on the right track?

Necessary Math HELp

2x + y = -5 3x +5y = 3 How come I have to multiply by 5 to make the y variables cancel, like what does that mean? I don't get how ur supposed to multiply like where and how? Im really stuck right now, please help:(


The average temperature, in °F, for Atlanta, GA is modeled by the sinusoidal function y = 18.25 sin(pi/6 t - 2.09) + 61.15 where t is the time in months and January is t = 1. What is the average temperature for the month of February? How do I do this problem ? Please Help

Math(Please check)

Find the slope of the graph at y=sqrt 2x^2 +1 at the point (2,3). First I plugged 2 into the equation and got 3. Then the derivative of the equation is 4x and then I multiplied that by 3 and got 12. Is this correct?


1. find the values of s for which each function is continous: f(x) = [ x if x less than or equal to 1] [2x-1 if x greater than 1] 2. determine all values of x at which the function is discontinuous: f(x) = (x^2-2x)/(x^2-3x+2) Could someone please tell me how to do these ...


Please help me? y=log(x+1) a. Write the equation as an exponential equation and solve for x. b. Switch the variables in your answer to part a (Change x to y and vice versa). Write the new expression.


would you please check these for me thank you. +6+-5--4= 5 also Sara only has dimes and nichels in her coin jar,they are ina ratio of 3 to 5.If she has 120 coins in the jar,how many are dimes? 45 correct??


Find all complex zeros for the following polynomial function. Please show all of your work. f(x) = x^4 - 91x^2 - 900 Hi, I need help... I'm not understanding this complex zero..

Business Math

Please confirm if I did this correctly: What is the Principal? Principal $21250 X 10% 2,125 What is the total amount paid by the consumer? 2,125 x 3.5 years 7,437.5 +21,250.0 28,687.50

Math - Graphing a function

Graph the function below. Determine the domain, range, and horizontal asymptote. Please show all of your work. Submit your graph to the Dropbox. f(x) = (3/2)^(4-x)


Please help me. Is there a short cut way to arrive at this answer? Observe the pattern of letters ACCCEEEEEGGGGGGG... This pattern continues to repeat beginning with the letter A. What will be the 170th letter? Thank you

Math(Can someone please answer!!)

n [1.70E-2] = ln(0.144) - (k s-1)(3609 s) Solve for k. I have a TI30 calculator. Am I suppose to press just the ln button or do I have to press 2nd and then ln??

Math need help

y= sqrt(81-x^2) What length and width should the rectangle have so that its area is a maximum? (smaller value) (larger value) I have no clue how to do this, so if someone could please help! thank you


hi! I need help with this question please help! The question is: Each tire of a bicycle has a diameter of 26 inches. if you start pedaling and the tires make 10 complete rotations, how far has the bicycle traveled? Thanks! :]

Statistical Math

Starting with the data values 70 and 100, add three data values to the sample so that the mean is 90, the median is 91, and the mode is 91. Please show all of your work.


can u please help me a printig shop charges a 75-cent minimum for the first 8 photocopies of a flyer. additional copies cost 6 cents each. represent the cost of c copies if c is greater than 8. thank u


A material has a half-life of 12 hours. If initially there are 4 grams of the material, how much is present after 8 hours? I know the answer is 8/3, but how would you solve this using calculus? please help.


please help. what is the probability that when you pick two cards, you will select at least one king out of two in a deck of six standard cards? (assuming there are no jokers)


An equilateral triangle ABC has AB=20√3. P is a point placed in triangle ABC and D,E and F are the foot of the perpendiculars from P to AB, BC and AC, respectively. If PD=9 and PE=10, what is the value of the length of PF? Please work the complete solution.


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