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  1. Math

    Mary brought home 1/2 dozen eggs. He accidently dropped the carton on the flor and 1/3 of the eggs broke. How many eggs does she have left? Ms. Sue I still don't understand your answer, please. Thank you
  2. Math-Algebra II

    How would you interpret the findings of a correlation study that reported a linear correlation coefficient of − 1.34? The only thing I know is that it represents a negative correlation. Please shed any light you can.
  3. math

    When the problem says "Angel transformed the following equation from 6x+4-×=2 (×+1) to 10=2 (×+1). He then stated that the solution to the equation is ×=4. Is he correct? Explain" when I solved the equation I got 24=10 and 10=10. However, im having trouble explaining it...
  4. math

    When the problem says "Angel transformed the following equation from 6x+4-×=2 (×+1) to 10=2 (×+1). He then stated that the solution to the equation is ×=4. Is he correct? Explain" when I solved the equation I got 24=10 and 10=10. However, im having trouble explaining it...
  5. Math Word Problems

    Roger bought a sandwich with half of his money and a candy bar with one fifth of his money. How much of his money did he spend ? Please show all the work.
  6. Math (Rounding #s)

    How would I round 0.598958333 to the thousandths? Would it be 0.6000 or 0.5990? Also, could you please tell me why the answer is what it is? If I had something like, 0.55998, as in two 9s in the row, what would I do then? Thank you!
  7. math!!

    I have no idea how to do this!!! Let ΔABC be a triangle such that b=sqrt(3), c=sqrt(10), and cos(B)=3/sqrt(10). Find all possible values for side length a. Please show work
  8. Math

    If Tyrone tips Sharqueffa $500 and Daquan tips Watermelondrea $600, how much did the trap house earn that night if Cellularphoniqua (the owner) takes 10% of all tips. Please help
  9. Please help MATH

    james is taking a test in his geomtery class. His teacher asked him to determine the equation of the line perpendicular to the line 2x-y=-3 and passing through the point (8,2) , which line should he choose. A. y+ 1/2x=6 B.y+2x=18 C. y-2x=-14 D. y +1/2x=9
  10. Math - What is the length of the train??????

    I have NO IDEA on how to tackle the following problem. This question has stumped me for like...2 hours now...and I don't know what to do... If someone could please show me a step by step on solving it, please post! Problem: -------- Two people stand back to back next to the ...
  11. Math(Please check my work.)

    (2x-3)(x^2+5x-3)=2x+10x^2-15x+9 *Is this correct.? this is a different problem... Here's how this one works out: ......x^2 + 5x - 3 ............2x - 3 ================== ...... -3x^2 - 15x + 9 2x^3 + 10x^2 - 6x ====================== 2x^3 + 7x^2 - 21x + 9 I hope this will help.
  12. MATH!!!

    Consider the following where s is in feet and t is in seconds. s(t) = t3 + 4t2 + 6t + 4 (a) Find v(t). v(t) = (b) Find a(t). a(t) = (c) Find v(3). (d) Find a(3). see above. Please stop posting under different names. WHAT?!!

    PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM: 4((3x-6)/(6x+2))^3 * ((42)/(6x+2))^2 okay, here your going to use PEMDAS. Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction go in order of PEMDAS. does that help? (3+4}2*-(2*4)2 4=
  14. math

    does anybody know what the slope of 20,1 7,-19 Four numbers do not define a slope, unless you consider them as two pairs of (x,y) coordinates. Please be more precise about what you are talking about
  15. MATH!!!

    CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME WITH A CALCULATOR AND TELL ME WHAT 27^(-1/2) IS? THAT READS "27 TO THE NEGATIVE ONE HALF". THANK U! enter 27 press the y^x or x^y key, whichever you have enter (1/2 +/- ) press = to get .19245
  16. Math

    please help me thanks :) Paul needs to repay a loan(installment loan) of $3,500 with 20 equal monthly payments of $196 each. What is the APR of the laon? I got 11.16% then I got 12 % so I don't know
  17. Math please check answer

    Amy bought a computer for a total of $676.24 In the state where she lives the sales tax is 7% What is the amount of her sales tax ? I got $44.24
  18. MATH

  19. math

    i m doing a worksheet with negatives and parentheses...they have examples to explain how to do it: Ex. (-6)-(-41)+(-18)-35 = -6+41-18-35=35-18-35=-18 i understand that part how do you do this two? (-2)-(-6)-4= -2+6-4=-_+6= -48+(-25)-(-13)+12= in the first problem, there is a ...
  20. Percent (math)

    A basketball player completed 46.8% of has field goals in the most recent season he made 282 field goals. How many did he attempt? NEED HELP PLEASE!!
  21. Math

    Please help with this problem!! Assume a, b and c are positive integers such that c cubed=a squared-b squared. If c is the least odd integer for which this is true, what is the least possible value of b?
  22. Math

    Which of the following is TRUE about the line through the points (–1, 4) and (–1, 2)? Please EXPLAIN/SHOW WORK. A. The slope is undefined B. The slope is negative C. The slope is 0 D. The slope is positive
  23. Math

    Stephanie received twenty-one email messages. Three of them were from her mother. What fraction of the messages were not from her mother? Can you please provide the answer in numeric form?
  24. Math - Slopes

    A carpenter is building a stairway. The depth of each stair is 10 inches. The height of each riser is 8 inches. WHat is the steepness (slope) of the stairway? Please show work.
  25. math

    The voulme of fish tank with a square base is y^3-6y^2+9y cube inches. The hieght is Y. Find the length of a side of the square base. can some one help me please.
  26. Math

    The graph of y = f (x) = b^x, where b > 1, is translated such that the equation of the new graph is expressed as y – 2 = f (x – 1). The range of the new function is A. y > 2 B. y > 3 C. y > –1 D. y > –2 the answer is B?? i am really confused in this ...
  27. math

    is there a common multipple for 116, and 145? Can 116/145 be reduced or simplified? I have been agonizing for an hour over this. Please show me the answer.
  28. math-word problem

    The width of a rectangle is fixed at 21cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 80cm. Please help with this word problem I do not even know where to begin.
  29. math please help

    Write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as solutions. Type the equation in standard form, ax^2 +bx+c=0 The Solution is 10, only solution!
  30. Math

    Solve by completing the square x^2-18x=10 Could you please explain this process. I have read through the text over and over and I just do not understand the process.
  31. math

    How do I set-up/solve this problem? Please help me. The half-life of the radioactive isotope gallium-70 is 20 minutes. If the initial amount of gallium-70 is 25 milligrams, when will 10 milligrams be left?
  32. Discrete Math

    Let A={0,1,2,3,4}. Define a function f from A to A by f(n)=2n mod 5. a/ Is f one-to-one? b/ Is f onto? Could you show me how to solve this problem, please? I have no idea what this function is. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  33. Math

    tan 46.27 = x / (y+100) could someone change this to y = ? I tried it but got stuck after the first step of moving y+100 over to tan... steps too please
  34. math

    There are 6 boys and 8 girls in a group of students. Calculate the number of ways that a committee of 3 students which has at least 1 girl can be selected from the group. Please show your work.
  35. math

    John's father works in Franklin. It is 39 miles from Franklin to his home. If he leaves work at 7:20 P.M.and travels an average speed of 43 m/hr., at what time will he get home? Please explain.
  36. Math

    Please let me know if I figured this out correctly. Directions:Write an equation for the line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given point. 1) y=x-3; (4,6) Answer: y=-x-10 Thank you!
  37. 6th grade math

    your mother gave you $13.32 with which to buy a present.This covered 3/5 of the much did the present cost? can someone please help me and also show me how to solve this?
  38. math

    If you are calculating surface area of a right circular cone topped with a hemisphere. the radius is 4 cm and the rt angle is 8 cm...what is the lateral surface area. Is it 8.94 or is it 9? Explain answer please. Thanks
  39. Math 2

    Find the cartesian coordinates If (x,y) = (-3,8) then (r,theta) = ? I already got r it is -sqrt73 but i cant seem to get theta right. I got 110.556 but its wrong...please tell me how to do it thank you!!
  40. 6 grade math

    how do you work out this problem, find the height of a parallelogram with an area of 224 square meters and a base of 16 work please thank you
  41. Math

    I have solved the following and I am writing just their answers with it, please let me know if these are correct. thanks 1. Simplify, and write in the base of 3: (9^x . 3^4x)^2 answer: 3^12x 2. Differentiate and simplify y= (e^x - 1) / x^2 answer: (xe^x - 2e^x +2) / x^3
  42. math

    The diner sells 4 different sandwiches, 6 different drinks, and 3 different deserts. How many different orders could you place if you decided to buy a sandwich and a drink? please help me to answer this..
  43. Math!!!! *plz help*

    Use Brackets. Write Each Expression so that it equals the number in blue. a) 8+2x5 50 b) 6x3+1 24 c) 1+6x3+1 25 d) 2+8x5-1 49 e)7+14\7-5 14 f)12\2x5-4 2 Help Me Please i don't get what to do and how to.... ( \ stands for division)
  44. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please only 1 question!!!!!

    On a blueprint, 1 inch = 13 feet. If the dimensions of the playroom on the blueprint are 0.35 inches x 1.25 inches, what are its actual measurements?
  45. math 3

    A fruit farm sells a 10 lb box of navel oranges for $42. If the farm sells 374 of these boxes, how much money will it make? Please solve thx
  46. math

    Please explain to me. A green sea turtle weights 355.3 kilograms. Which decimal is equivalent to this number? A. 3,550.3 B. 350.30 C. 355.03 D. 350.003
  47. math

    Hey please help me with this word problem! IN 5 DAYS MIKE'S GAS STATION SERVICED 20,45,100,85,&60 CARS WHAT WAS THE AVERAGE NUMBER OF CARS SERVICED EACH DAY?
  48. math

    taylor was having a party.she invited 20 friends to her party, if each person shook hands with every other person .how many handshakes would there be? please explain,thanks
  49. Math

    For example 80 71 43 65 45 is the winning number and 51 69 18 81 37 is the machine number,how do i solve this problem to get the accurate next winning numbers from 1-90? Tutor me the exact calculation and formula please.
  50. business math please help me

    An invoice is dated August 29 with terms of 4/15 EOM. What is the discount date? (Points What is the net date for the scenario in the previous question? (Points : 2.5)
  51. Math

    Two railroad tracks cross each other. If the measure of angle 1 is 3 times the measure of angle 2. What are the measures of angles 1,2,3, and 4? Explain and show your work please.
  52. math

    If it says: "five less than three times a number is 20 More than half a number" would the equation be 3n-5=n/2+20? If so what would the answer be? Please help this is a bit confusing!
  53. Math

    Please Help!!, The dimensions of a photo of a mountain bike are 15cm by 12cm. An enlargement is to be made for a poster with dimensions 4.0m by 3.2m. What is the scale factor of the poster to the nearest tenth?
  54. math

    okay so I have to work out this problem for school work and I don't understand it. the problem is : if the perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 2x + 10, what is the length of one of the congruent sides ? PLEASE HELP ME !
  55. Math

    A biologist has a 36% solution and a 14% solution of the same plant nutrient. How many cubic centimeters (cc) of each solution should be mixed to obtain a 25 cc of a 25% solution? I been looking at this for 2 hours please help
  56. Math

    I need some help on this function rule question please. 8.) Find the function rule. x: -2 -1 0 1 2 y: 9 4 -1 -6 -11 I'm having a really hard time figuring this out. Thanks to anyone that helps:)
  57. Math 222

    Please help me solve this Quadratic Formula with steps on how you got the answer. Sorry my addition and equal button doesn't work. -x^2 plus 3x plus 5 equal 0
  58. Math.

    4^4/4^6 (btw these are called polynomials A. -16 B. 16 C. 1/16 D. -1/16 I understand how to work with polynomials, but I've never seen a question like this. I feel like it's A. Can someone please explain how I would do this
  59. Math

    Can someone please help me with piecewise functions. I know what they are but when it gets to advanced i have ttrouble. s(x)= /x-2/ + /x-3/ + /x+1/ (/ / = 'modulus') Write as a piecewise defined function. Have no idea tbh. Thanks
  60. Math

    If a 20 inch pully runs at 350rpms, what size does the second pully have to be to run at 3500rpms? I Don't remember the equation all I am looking for is the equation please
  61. math

    Please I need help with this problem. it took us 3 hour to drive to a concert.on his way home he increased his speed by 19 miles got home in 2 hours . what was the speed? thank you
  62. Math

    To which subsets of the real numbers does the number √113 belong? is it irrational numbers? if there are anymore subsets this expression belongs to, please include it in your response.
  63. college math

    A survey indicated that 3 out of 5 doctors use brand x aspirin. If 2000 doctors were surveyed how many used brand x? please show me how to solve this ?

    How many nickels would it take to make a stack that's 100 , yes 100 , inches tall! How hard is this?!? AGHHHHHHHH Please help! \(X_X)/ HELPPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEEE
  65. Math

    What is the circumference of the circle? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. The radius of the circle is 12.5 cm. A) 39.25 cm B) 392.5 cm C) 78.5 cm** D)785 cm If I'm right, I guess I did it right, if I'm not, please tell me and explain if you can, if not that's okay too. ...
  66. math ASAP

    A rope was cut into two pieces in the ratio 7:9 if one was longer by 6cm,what are the lengths of the two pieces? a.21 cm and 27 cm b.24 cm and 30 cm c.26 cm and 32 cm d.31 cm and 37 cm Please help me how to answer this..its for my report thank you
  67. math

    Show that the equation z(z¯) + (a¯)z + a(z¯) + b = 0 with (a as element of complex number) and (b as element of real number) represents a circle in C. please help me, hints will work also as i don't know how to start this question :)
  68. math

    a. Express P (x)= 1/6 ; for x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, in distribution form. b. Construct a histogram of the probability distribution P(x) =1 over 6 ; for x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. c. Describe the shape of the histogram in part (b). (Please show all work) Thank You
  69. math fraction

    I took a handful of M&Ms. One third of them were red. What might my handful look like? How would a mathematician represent it? This is a fraction question. Can you please help me with this. Thank you.
  70. Math fraction

    I took a handful of M&Ms. One third of them were red. What might my handful look like? How would a mathematician represent it? This is a fraction question. Can you please help me with this. Thank you.
  71. Math Percents: Please help!!

    A bike was originally 240 but the price was marked up 15%W What is the new price of the bike? a) $250 b) $264 c) $268 d) $276 I think it is b. Am I right?
  72. Math Measurment unit test

    1. find the area of the parallelogram with base b and height h b = 74 h = 14.8 2. Find the area of the triangle (I have the answer please correct it) 28 x 7.1 divided by 2 is 99.4
  73. Math Please Help me

    find the area of the parrallelogram with a base of 372.5 cm and a height of 17.6 cm A) 398.8 cm2 B) 327.8 cm2 C) 13,112 cm2 D) 6,556 cm2 My guess is B but i need help
  74. Math (written answer)

    IDK HOW TO SOLVE THIS WRITTEN ANSWER PROBLEM, PLEASE HELP! write an inequality to represent a situation the temperature stayed above -15 degrees
  75. Math

    The probababilltay of winning a raffle ticket is 20%. if you bought 50 tickets, how many winning tickets should yo expect to have? If you took this quiz, please giv me the answers.
  76. Math probability

    Suppose x is random variable with normal distribution (u,sigma^2) distribution and p(x<=0)=1/3 and p(x<=1)=2/3 what are the values of u and sigma? Please show me the steps to solve such a question Thank you
  77. Math

    A man walk 9km in the direction 246 degrees and then for 6km in the direction 096 degrees...... What is the displacement from the starting point?..... Formula and answer please?
  78. Math

    What is the determinant of a square matrix whose entry or element is digit or number. For example (100). Please tell me method of finding the determinant of this matrix.
  79. Math

    Factor: 50 (2x-5)^2 -162 (3y-2)^2 I'm not even sure how to do this. I've tried it for so long and I've been trying multiple ways. I don't know how to factor these. May I get a step to step explanation or work please?
  80. math

    Solve the equation by completing the square. If the solutions are real, give exact and approximate answers. Otherwise, list the exact solutions. 2y^2=-12y-3 Please help!!!!!!:(
  81. math

    Solve the equation by completing the square. If the solutions are real, give exact and approximate answers. Otherwise, list the exact solutions. 12x=-3x^2-14 Please help!!!!! :(
  82. Social Studies

    What are some of the coolest facts about Washington D. C.? Please answer my question soon! its not in washington! Please see the answer I posted to your first question. Although it is our capitol, it is not one of the states
  83. algebra, help please!!!

    what is a function and how do u tell the difference between one and something else? in my hw, there's these 3 graphs, all have a column for inputs and outputs and we have to point out which one or two represents a function...please help me! thank u so much!
  84. science

    Please check my work 3M solution of NaOH (1 liter worth) molecular weight: 39.99 3 x 39.99= 119.97 grams dilute to 1000mL 3 M solution of HCl (1 L) c1v1=c2v2 (12M)(?)= (3M)(1000mL) ?= 250 mL please check thank you
  85. writing

    i have an essay exam tomorrow, please can someone help me get some ideas about symbolic violence and how it effects men. I need it as soon as possible; because i have no idea about anything. Please someone help me!!!
  86. English

    I have an essay exam tomorrow, please can someone help me get some ideas about symbolic violence and how it effects men. I need it as soon as possible; because i have no idea about anything. Please someone help me!!!
  87. help ms.sue

    whats one opinion about leukemia.i all ready wrote a fact but i baerly know anything about it so i can not write a opinion please.this is just home work ? please help me ms.sue from, priscilla perez
  88. Literature- Frankenstein

    Consider the protagonist in "Frankenstein". Explain how Victor Frankenstein character changes over the course of the novel, Frankenstein. Please include examples of these changes in the response. I have to write no fewer than three paragraphs, so please help. Thanks!
  89. physics please help

    What is the resistance of 125 m of aluminum wire that has a diameter of 0.8118 mm? The resistivity of aluminum is 2.824 x 10^-8 (omega) m. I need help with the set up. we've been using R = V/I, but haven't had anything with resistivity. I don't know where to place this, ...
  90. Social studies

    I really need help on this, please! I've been reading my book for an hour and found no answer. Ok so here it is: Sumer lacked resources such as ... I have to list three resources that Sumer lacked. Please help. Thanks !

    Explain how to factor the following trinomials forms: x2 + bx + c and ax2 + bx + c. I am totally lost still I read and read and the concept is lost in my head. Can someone please help me? I know there is more than one way to Factor this.
  92. mat/116

    Will someone please help me slove this problem? Use the elimination method to solve the system of equations. 5u+2v=-18 3u+v=-5 I have tried to solve this problem several times and have not gotten the correct answer please help. Thank you.
  93. Calculous

    g(x) = x^4-8x^3-16x^2+128x the graph goes through the x through (-4,0) , (0,0) (4,0), (8,0) horizontal axis has a scale of 2,4,6,8,10 (each tick increases by 2) Y-axis value that is the highest is (-4,30) and (8,30) Assume g(x) = k(x-p)(x-q)(x-r)(x-s) p<q<r<s I need ...
  94. Trig please

    The height h in inches of pistons 1 and 2 in an automobile engine can be modeled by h1 = 3.75sin(733t) + 7.5 and h2 = 3.75sin[733(t+ 4π/3)] + 7.5 where t is measured in seconds. How often are these two pistons at the same height? Show work please.
  95. math

    n-31/2=12 what is 2+2 do you all know any website that help you with your homework Yes. This website has many teachers who will help you with your homework. Please post your question. 2 = 1+1 2 + 2 = (1+1) + (1+1) = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4
  96. Geometry/Math

    Does anyone know how to find a range of a number? These are the numbers I have to find the range of. 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2 Please help!!
  97. MATH

    I can't get the right answer on this question. The answer is 1/9. Question: (x^0 + 2y^0/x^0-2y^0)^-2 (Damon can you please explain this one to me)
  98. math

    solve each system of equations by substitution. y=3x-9 please help explain how to solve this using substitution.
  99. math

    Explain why there does not exist a function whose domain is {-1,0,3} and whose range is {3,4,7,9}. PLEASE EXPLAIN!!
  100. MATH

    Could someone please show me how to solve this Prove tan(-theta) = -tan(theta)
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