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  1. Math

    Please check my answers 1. Which ordered pair is a solution of y=x-4? My answer is B (0, -3) 4.Which equation has (2,-1) as a solution My answer is D y=-2x+1
  2. math problem

    Please help me do this problem 2(x+3)-3
  3. math

    how to solve (x ^2-1)/(x+1)-x ho can I solve to a -1. Please help
  4. Math(Please help)

    what would 8^2/3 be. 2^3 = 8 so would it be 2?

    (sqrt(ln(x)))/(ln sqrt(x))=6

    (sqrt(ln(x)))/(ln sqrt(x))=6
  7. Math

    Several cows from a Caribou Herd took 4 days longer to travel 70km to Forde Lake, than it took them to travel 60km north beyond forde lake.They averaged 5km/h less before Forde lake because the foraging was better. What was their average speed for the part beyond forde lake? ...
  8. statistics- normal standard distribution

    a set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 500 and standard deviation of 100: *what would t he standard score for a score of 700 be? According to my calculations 700-500/100=200/100=2 how would i interpret that. please show work. i know that i went wrong somewhere, ...
  9. calc check please?

    Given the differential equation: dy/dx = y(1+x), y(0)=1, Use Euler's method with step size .1 to approximate y(.3). ... please check this for me! no one has responded to this question yet.. thanks. y' = y(1+x), y'(0) = 1(1+0)=1 ->the solution has slope 1 at the point (0,1...

    suppose you need to construct a cone who surface area is 100 sq in. (A= pi*r*(sqrt( r^2+h^2), this is the amount of carboard needed to construct the cone. find values of r and h that will maximize the volume of the cone (V= (pi/3)r^2h Please help. explanations and steps please...
  11. Help please!!

    I am currently inrolled in a biology class, I pay attentionin class, I take all the notes possible, I study for the test at least 4-5 days in advance. I am putting 110% of my effort into this class. I am an A student but I am getting d's on the tests. I don't know what to do. ...
  12. Humanities, social studies

    Can someone please give me links or answer these questions: What Culture did the Burgundians have? if so, what did they do (culturally) How did the Burgundians Are they a democracy, monarchy, etc.? How did they make money (politically and economically) I can't find a brief ...
  13. algebra

    write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line (3,-3) 7x-2y=5 need help please 7(3)-2(-3)= 5 ? 21- 6= 5? this does not look right, please show me where I am supposed to place the (3,-3)to solve the equation thanks
  14. social studies

    list some jobs people can do that use few resources. I can't think of one so please DON'T give me any websites but please LIST a few jobs. It would be a great help.
  15. Sapnish-Please check SraJMcGin

    Please check if you have time we had to select the correct answer for the two questions 1.¿Ellas te escuchan? Ellas me escuchan. 2. ¿Me escuchas? Te escucho.
  16. Chemistry

    How many moles of steric acid are contained in 0.25mL of a hexane solution containing 5.4x10^-4 grams of steric acid/L? (Hint: g/L x L = g/ (g/mol)=mol). Please show your work. Please help. Thank you
  17. Chemistry

    How many moles of steric acid are contained in 0.25mL of a hexane solution containing 5.4x10^-4 grams of steric acid/L? (Hint: g/L x L = g/ (g/mol)=mol). Please show your work. Please help. Thank you
  18. Physics

    The heat of fusion for water is 3.3 x 105 J/kg. How much heat energy is needed to can 3kg of ice at 0°C to water at 0°C? Show your work. Help please!! Don't give the answer, but please help me find the answer?! Thanks

    I got this problem but its unrelated to any material that we worked on. Can some please help me to solve it and please explain it. Thanks Problem states: Given: x+(1/x)= square root of 3 PROVE: (x^13)+(1/(x^13))= square root of 3
  20. Dr. Bob

    Dr. Bob, can you please tell me if I did my chem questions right... they have been sitting down there all day and all i need is someone to check if they are right please and thank you
  21. AP Economics

    Identify land, labor and capital as the three factors of production and give examples. I have explained about land. can someone please help me with labor and capital? please! Thank you
  22. Partial Derivatives

    How do you take the partial derivative of y = (1200z1z2)^1/2 in respect to z1. Please note z1 and z2 are variables. f'z1 = (1200^1/2)(z1^1/2)(z2^1/2) f'z1 = ?? the answer is... f'z1 = ((1200^1/2)(z2^1/2))/((2(z1^1/2)) but I do not know how to get this answer. Please help me by...
  23. Chemistry

    Since the oxidation number of Chromium is +3, and the oxidation number of Silicon is -4. Why is the chemical formula for Chromium III Silicide Cr3Si2? Can somebody please explain to me please???????THANKS A LOT!!!
  24. English please help!!!!!

    In the book The Pearl By John Steinbeck. The rich and powerful usually dominate the poor and uneducated. In the book who was rich?who did they dominate? Please give me alot of information
  25. Social Studies 8R - help! (please read)

    How many employees in the Carnegie Steel Company have? How much money was it worth? How much money it made in a year? I read wikipedia.... not there... please help!
  26. maths

    the sum of first 8 terms of an arithmetic progression is 156.the ratio of its 12th term to its 68th term is 1:5.calculate the first term and the fifteenth term. please help this questions please.
  27. English 10

    I have to a narrative argument about the human nature in the book Lord of The Flies. Any ideas what examples of human nature in the book i can use? please help this is urgent. Please!!
  28. Circle geometry

    The endpoints of the arms of an inscribed angle are the endpoints of a diameter. What is the measure of the inscribed angle? How do you know? Please help and please explain how I would draw a diagram of thus. Think you for your help!
  29. English

    Please help me I still can't find two cause and effect relationships in the letter to his son by Robert e lee. I read the letter and have finish annotating it but still can't find it. Please help me
  30. I'm stuck- please help

    Hi everyone, I've been stuck on this question. Please anyone help. Show step by step and answers. Thank you. - Determine the​ quarter point of y=−cos(2x−π) THANK YOU.
  31. 5th Grade Math

    I am a mom trying to help my child with their math HW. But this question has us stumped. I've seen it posted before but no real explanation was offered. Please provide EXPLANATION, not just answers. Q: Make up a list of data with the following landmarks: Mode: 15 Min: 5 Median...
  32. math

    On a straight line graph, if the line is going this way \ and the co ordinates that I have are (0,4) and (5,0), then what is the gradient? How do I work this out please? The gradient is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1). For your two points, that is (-4)/5 = -4/5
  33. math

    problem is solve for the unknown 2/3 over 10 = 1.8 over r dont even know where to start to solve this please help cross-muliply 2/3 r = 18 multiply both sides by 3/2 thank you
  34. Math(factoring)

    I need help with factoring trinomials completely. My teacher's example is: 2x^2-12x+18 2(x^2-6x+9) 2(x-3)(x-3) I need help with: 6x^2-26x-20 I just can't get this stuff so if you can please help me I'd greatly appreciate it.
  35. Math

    Express the following as a trinomial: (2x-3)(x+7) Express the following as the product of two bionomials: x-squared -5x-24 Explain please...This is review and i don't remember learning it.... Thanks So Mcuh!!!
  36. math

    1. (sec^2x-6tanx+7/sec^2x-5)=(tanx-4/tanx+2) 2. (sin^3A+cos^3A/sinA+cosA)=1-sinAcosA 3. csc^6x-cot^6x+1+3csc^2xcot^2x please help
  37. math

    can someone please help me fast before midnight. a)I need the correlation between x and y b)slope of linear regression c)y intercept of linear regression for the points (1,8)(2,6)(3,4)(4,2)(5,5)
  38. Math

    determine vertex, focus and directrix of parabola. then graph the parabola. first equation: y^2 -2x-8=0 second equation: y^2 -4y -12x= 8 please show your work!
  39. Need help please math

    Soybean meal is 18% protein and cornmeal is 9% cornmeal, how much of each mixed together will you use to make a 360lb mixture that is 17% protein.
  40. Math

    Which of the following are examples of multiplicative inverses? 1) csc x and sin x 2) tan x and cot x 3) cos^-1 and cos x 4) ln x and e^x A. All of these B. 1 and 2 C. 1,2, and 3 D. 3 and 4 I know it's not all of them...but I'm leaning toward B. Help please? Thank you!
  41. Math!!

    Hi!! 1. Use only four 4's to write a numerical expression that equals the following number. Use parenthesis as needed. EXAMPLE: 4+4 ----- =1 4+4 **NUMBER: 10 Please help!! Thank you!!
  42. Math!!

    Hi!! 1. Use only four 4's to write a numerical expression that equals the following number. Use parenthesis as needed. EXAMPLE: (4+4)/(4+4)=1 **NUMBER: 10 Please help!! Thank you!!
  43. math

    Could someone explain topologically equivalent to me. I am to figure out if a pretzel is topologically equivalent to a pencil, a pipe or a trophy and I just don't understand please help
  44. math

    find the missing length of the right triangle the bottom number is 15 and the top angle is 17 i need to know how to find the left side of the angle?????help please
  45. math

    Stock in a company is selling for $113/4 per share. If someone purchases $893 worth of stock in this company, how many shares did they get? please explain
  46. Math

    Can you please explain this to me. The problem is 7/16 - 3/20 First I have to find the common denominator which would be 80 How does the 7/16 become 35/80 (where does the 35 come from) How does the 3/20 become a 12/80 (Where does the 12 come from) 35/80 minus 12/80 answer 23/80
  47. Math

    A circle is tangent to the y-axis at y=3 and has one x-intercept at x=1, find the other x-intercept and the equation of the circle. ...And if it's not any trouble, could you please explain how to do get there alongside showing me what to do? Thanks (:
  48. Math

    Find the quadratic function that has the indicated vertex and whose graph passes through the given point. Vertex: (2,3) Point: (0,2) I do not know how to do this! Please explain!! Thank You
  49. Math

    Find the quadratic function that has the indicated vertex and whose graph passes through the given point. Vertex: (2,3) Point: (0,2) I do not know how to do this! Please explain!! Thank You
  50. Math

    I need to give an example of a function with at least one removable and one non-removable discontinuity. I am not to sure how to do this. Please explain! Thanky you
  51. math

    if you are dealt 5 cards from a shuffled deck of 52 cards find the probability that all 5 cards are picture cards please show how to get the answer such 6!C! so i can understand
  52. Math

    A cone has a diameter of 12 feet and a slant height of 20 feet, if you triple both dimensions will it triple the surface area?? PLEASE ANSWER QUICKLY!!!
  53. math

    HELP ! I just don't get this. The perimeter of a rectangle is 40 m. The length is 5m more than twice the width. Find the dimensions. What is the length? What is the width? I need to simplify my answer... PLEASE HELP ME>
  54. Math

    10cm 3cute of normal specimen of human blood contains 1.2g of hemoglobin how many grams does 18cm 3cute of the same blood contain? Please help!
  55. math

    graph the equation by plotting the points: 35-5y=0 i know how to put the solutions on the graph. i am stuck on this equation. i think x=0 but i can not figure for y. please help me and show me the steps to solve this.
  56. mat 115 week 8

    Please help me with this math problem. I don't know if I am doing this correctly. -21 - (-9) __________ -21 - (-21) Am I correct in answering this problem correctly? -12 ____ = -12 0 If not can you help me with the right answer? Thanks kindly
  57. Math

    (x+20)(x-9)(x+10)>0 Please help? I'm stuck...need to find the solution set. so far I have x^3+21x^2-70x-1800>0 am I correct so far? What do I need to do next?
  58. math

    I am not sure how to write a fraction as an expression using a negative number for an exponent other than -1? Please help ex: 1/25 and then using a fraction of 1/9to the second power.
  59. 3rd math homework

    number sense write a subtraction fact using 6 such as 6 - ? = ?. then write an addtion fact you could use to check it. please help! thanks
  60. 8th grade math

    What is 25% of $20.00. What is the total cost of the item? I multiplied 20 x .25 and my answer was 5.00 Then I subtracted 5.00 from 20.00 making my final answer $15.00 for the item. Please tell me if this is correct.
  61. Math please help!

    the speed of the current in Puget Sound is 5 mph. A barge travels with the current 26 miles and returns in 10 and 2/3 hours. what is its speed in still water?
  62. Math

    I need to find k for the probability distribution: P(x)=k(x+2) for x=1,2,3 I tried subbing in the x-values, which gave me: P(1)=3k P(2)=4k P(3)=5k But I still have no idea what I need to do to find k. Guidance, please?
  63. Math

    I need to find k for the probability distribution: P(x)=k(x+2) for x=1,2,3 I tried subbing in the x-values, which gave me: P(1)=3k P(2)=4k P(3)=5k But I still have no idea what I need to do to find k. Guidance, please?
  64. Math(Please help)

    Write the equation of the tangent line for the curve y=x^3+3x-8 at point (2,6) Would I take the derivative of the equation and then plug in 2 and then plug everything into y-y1=m(x-x1)?
  65. Math

    Use the intermediate value theorem to show that f(x) has a zero in the given interval. Please show all of your work. f(x) = 3x^3 + 8x^2 - 5x - 11; [-2.8, -2.7] I'm not understanding all this questions...
  66. Math - Exponential equation

    Solve the exponential equation. Express your solutions in exact form only. Please show all of your work. 5e^(x log(9)) = 11
  67. math

    find the perimeter and area of a right triangle if 1 leg measures 10 ft. and the other leg measures 24ft. show all work please.
  68. Math

    Produce a third degree polynomial that has exactly the roots -3 and 5 with y-intercept 1350. I understand I could start with (x+3)(x-5)^2, but i don't know how to get the y-intercept 1350 with the same conditions. Please help. thank you.
  69. consumer math

    Your fixed expenses are $1,035.65/month and are 36% of your realized income. Use proportions to compute the realized income on your budget. I am lost please help
  70. math

    Simplify th radical expression by rationalizing the denominator: 2(square root)108 / (square root) 180y Please show me how to set up and how to solve.
  71. math

    Simplify the radical expression by rationalizing the denominator: 2(square root)108 / (square root) 180y Please show me how to set up and how to solve
  72. math problem

    please help me solve if I open a book to two facing pages, the product of the page number is 342 what will the two page numbers be
  73. math

    if 7 sheets of paper are made per day, how many are made in 1 week: 49 4 weeks:196 52 weeks:364 2 years:728 please check
  74. math

    Please help with this problem. Compute the following volume and surface area. A rectangular solid has sides of 7 cm, 9 cm, and 11 cm. What is its surface area. ________ square centimeters
  75. math

    I tried multiplying 365*9 and also I tried 24*9 but it is not close to what I said abot the days being 3,653 and the hours being 85,512. Please help me. Thank you.
  76. Math

    Use Brackets. Write Each Expression so that it equals the number in blue. a) 8+2x5 50 b) 6x3+1 24 c) 1+6x3+1 25 d) 2+8x5-1 49 e)7+14\7-5 14 f)12\2x5-4 2 Help Me Please i don't get what to do and how to.... ( \ stands for division)
  77. math

    cn you please help me a problem states that the sum of two numbers is 27. The numbers can be represented by x and 27-x. Is it possible to determine which is the larger number and which is the smller number. explain Thank u
  78. Math

    850 hectare = ? km^2 850 ha (1 km/100 ha) = 8.5km^2 Is this conversions correct? not just the answer but also how I got to the answer. PLEASE let me know if im on the right track, thanks!
  79. 7th grade math ms.Sue please?

    What is the solution to -75 (find the square root) to the nearest integer? 9 8 -8 -9 -75 square root is 8.660254 wouldn't that be rounded to -9?
  80. Math - Please Help

    A right circular cone has a volume of 140 in^3. The height of the cone is the same length as the diameter of the base. Find the radius and height.
  81. Math

    The price of a fan increased by 25% to $48.75. Find the original price of the fan. This is how I did it. 100/25%=400. 48.75-4.00= 44.25. I'm not sure if I'm solving it the correct way can someone help please
  82. Math

    I don't get this question! Please help. A pizza is divided into 8 slices. Diana eats 1/16 of the pizza in 5 minutes. At this rate, how many slices can she eat in one hour?
  83. math

    ali spends 2/3 of his money in a shop. he spends 1/4 of the remainder in another shop. what fraction of the original sum will be left? please provide all the steps
  84. Math/fractions

    I need help with subtracting fractions I have no idea if I'm doing it right. Please help. 3/7-9/21 Fist you find a least common denominator, right? So it's 21 Do you then multiply 3/7 to 3/3 so it will be 9/21 So, 9/21 - 9/21 = 1
  85. math

    Please Help! The perimeter (distance around) of a triangle is 7/x+1, The sum of two sides of the triangle is 3/x, the distance of the remaining side follows he format ax+b/x^2+x. what is the vale of a?
  86. 5th grade math

    A coin is tossed twice. What is the probability of tossing 2 tails? What is the probability of tossing 1 tail & 1 head? can you please show me how to do this problem?
  87. Reading & Math

    My daughter is in the third grade and she is reading on a level of 20 she should be at level 34. Please help they are threating to retain her and I don't want that. I need suggestions, desperate mom.
  88. math

    If a workman receives time and a half for overtime, 25 hours of overtime would be the equivalent of how many regular working hours? a. 6 b. 12 c. 18 d. 30 e. 37.5 please answer and explain
  89. math

    The area of a triangle whose legs are in the ratio of 2:3 is 48. The length of the hypotenuse is a. square root 13 b. 8 c. 2 square root 52 d. 12 e. 208 please answer and explain
  90. Math

    How do I graph a slope of 2/3 passing through the point of (-3,-4). Please help. I was given this answer, but I am unsure if it is correct **Since the slope is 2/3, go right up 3 and up 2 and plot another point.
  91. science/math

    If a car can go from 0 to 60mi/hr in 8.0 seconds, what would be its final speed after 5.0 seconds if its starting speed were 50mi/hr? don't know what equation to use. please help
  92. Math please help

    Simplify & write the answer using positive exponents: 1. (3^3)(3^-6) 2. S^2 t^-1 / (s^4 t^4)^1/2 Simplify then evaluate, express answer to 4 decimal places where nessasssary : 3. [(2/3)^2]^-3 4. [(1-4)^-3 Divide (1/4)^2]^-2
  93. Math, ASAP Please

    If you place $1,000.00 in a savings account with an interest rate of 5.25/month, how much should you earn in interest at the end of the month?
  94. Math

    Proove that: a)2^(1/2) is not rational. b) prove that 2^(1/3) is not rational. I have managed to prove the first part, but i am stuck on the second can someone give me an hint please?
  95. Math Work

    Can someone please help me with this? Thanks! :) Directions: Use the Product-to-Sun formulas to write the product as a sun or difference. 4cos pi/3 sin 5pi/6
  96. Math

    Profit from a car boot sale- Shared 5:2 Sita. Rhys Sita gets £30 How much does Rhys get? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION!😫

    Let Z 5 be the relation of congruence modulo5. If 1 ≤ m, n ≤ 5,we define the product of two classes as [m][n] = [mn]. Explain why [3][4] = [2]. I know 3 x 4 = 12. 5 mod 12 = 2. but i don't know how to explain it. Help with the explanation please. Thanks
  98. Math

    When does the square root of "n" represent a rational number? a. n is a perfect square b. n is a positive integer c. n can be written as a ratio d. n can be any real number Which is it and please explain.
  99. math help please

    A jewelry store uses a markup rate of 70% on all items. If the wholesale price of a pair of earrings is $15.00, what is the retail price for the earrings?

    Giuseppe purchases an Internet, Inc $100,000 bond at 102.25 that pays 3.5% What is the (A)cost of the bond (B) Annual interest and (C) annual yield?
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