Math(Please help)

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8th grade math

What is 25% of $20.00. What is the total cost of the item? I multiplied 20 x .25 and my answer was 5.00 Then I subtracted 5.00 from 20.00 making my final answer $15.00 for the item. Please tell me if this is correct.

Math please help!

the speed of the current in Puget Sound is 5 mph. A barge travels with the current 26 miles and returns in 10 and 2/3 hours. what is its speed in still water?


I need to find k for the probability distribution: P(x)=k(x+2) for x=1,2,3 I tried subbing in the x-values, which gave me: P(1)=3k P(2)=4k P(3)=5k But I still have no idea what I need to do to find k. Guidance, please?


I need to find k for the probability distribution: P(x)=k(x+2) for x=1,2,3 I tried subbing in the x-values, which gave me: P(1)=3k P(2)=4k P(3)=5k But I still have no idea what I need to do to find k. Guidance, please?

Math(Please help)

Write the equation of the tangent line for the curve y=x^3+3x-8 at point (2,6) Would I take the derivative of the equation and then plug in 2 and then plug everything into y-y1=m(x-x1)?


Use the intermediate value theorem to show that f(x) has a zero in the given interval. Please show all of your work. f(x) = 3x^3 + 8x^2 - 5x - 11; [-2.8, -2.7] I'm not understanding all this questions...

Math - Exponential equation

Solve the exponential equation. Express your solutions in exact form only. Please show all of your work. 5e^(x log(9)) = 11


find the perimeter and area of a right triangle if 1 leg measures 10 ft. and the other leg measures 24ft. show all work please.


Produce a third degree polynomial that has exactly the roots -3 and 5 with y-intercept 1350. I understand I could start with (x+3)(x-5)^2, but i don't know how to get the y-intercept 1350 with the same conditions. Please help. thank you.

consumer math

Your fixed expenses are $1,035.65/month and are 36% of your realized income. Use proportions to compute the realized income on your budget. I am lost please help


Simplify th radical expression by rationalizing the denominator: 2(square root)108 / (square root) 180y Please show me how to set up and how to solve.


Simplify the radical expression by rationalizing the denominator: 2(square root)108 / (square root) 180y Please show me how to set up and how to solve

math problem

please help me solve if I open a book to two facing pages, the product of the page number is 342 what will the two page numbers be


if 7 sheets of paper are made per day, how many are made in 1 week: 49 4 weeks:196 52 weeks:364 2 years:728 please check


Please help with this problem. Compute the following volume and surface area. A rectangular solid has sides of 7 cm, 9 cm, and 11 cm. What is its surface area. ________ square centimeters


I tried multiplying 365*9 and also I tried 24*9 but it is not close to what I said abot the days being 3,653 and the hours being 85,512. Please help me. Thank you.


Use Brackets. Write Each Expression so that it equals the number in blue. a) 8+2x5 50 b) 6x3+1 24 c) 1+6x3+1 25 d) 2+8x5-1 49 e)7+14\7-5 14 f)12\2x5-4 2 Help Me Please i don't get what to do and how to.... ( \ stands for division)


cn you please help me a problem states that the sum of two numbers is 27. The numbers can be represented by x and 27-x. Is it possible to determine which is the larger number and which is the smller number. explain Thank u


850 hectare = ? km^2 850 ha (1 km/100 ha) = 8.5km^2 Is this conversions correct? not just the answer but also how I got to the answer. PLEASE let me know if im on the right track, thanks!

7th grade math ms.Sue please?

What is the solution to -75 (find the square root) to the nearest integer? 9 8 -8 -9 -75 square root is 8.660254 wouldn't that be rounded to -9?

Math - Please Help

A right circular cone has a volume of 140 in^3. The height of the cone is the same length as the diameter of the base. Find the radius and height.


The price of a fan increased by 25% to $48.75. Find the original price of the fan. This is how I did it. 100/25%=400. 48.75-4.00= 44.25. I'm not sure if I'm solving it the correct way can someone help please


I don't get this question! Please help. A pizza is divided into 8 slices. Diana eats 1/16 of the pizza in 5 minutes. At this rate, how many slices can she eat in one hour?


ali spends 2/3 of his money in a shop. he spends 1/4 of the remainder in another shop. what fraction of the original sum will be left? please provide all the steps


I need help with subtracting fractions I have no idea if I'm doing it right. Please help. 3/7-9/21 Fist you find a least common denominator, right? So it's 21 Do you then multiply 3/7 to 3/3 so it will be 9/21 So, 9/21 - 9/21 = 1


Please Help! The perimeter (distance around) of a triangle is 7/x+1, The sum of two sides of the triangle is 3/x, the distance of the remaining side follows he format ax+b/x^2+x. what is the vale of a?

5th grade math

A coin is tossed twice. What is the probability of tossing 2 tails? What is the probability of tossing 1 tail & 1 head? can you please show me how to do this problem?

Reading & Math

My daughter is in the third grade and she is reading on a level of 20 she should be at level 34. Please help they are threating to retain her and I don't want that. I need suggestions, desperate mom.


If a workman receives time and a half for overtime, 25 hours of overtime would be the equivalent of how many regular working hours? a. 6 b. 12 c. 18 d. 30 e. 37.5 please answer and explain


The area of a triangle whose legs are in the ratio of 2:3 is 48. The length of the hypotenuse is a. square root 13 b. 8 c. 2 square root 52 d. 12 e. 208 please answer and explain


How do I graph a slope of 2/3 passing through the point of (-3,-4). Please help. I was given this answer, but I am unsure if it is correct **Since the slope is 2/3, go right up 3 and up 2 and plot another point.


If a car can go from 0 to 60mi/hr in 8.0 seconds, what would be its final speed after 5.0 seconds if its starting speed were 50mi/hr? don't know what equation to use. please help

Math please help

Simplify & write the answer using positive exponents: 1. (3^3)(3^-6) 2. S^2 t^-1 / (s^4 t^4)^1/2 Simplify then evaluate, express answer to 4 decimal places where nessasssary : 3. [(2/3)^2]^-3 4. [(1-4)^-3 Divide (1/4)^2]^-2

Math, ASAP Please

If you place $1,000.00 in a savings account with an interest rate of 5.25/month, how much should you earn in interest at the end of the month?


Proove that: a)2^(1/2) is not rational. b) prove that 2^(1/3) is not rational. I have managed to prove the first part, but i am stuck on the second can someone give me an hint please?

Math Work

Can someone please help me with this? Thanks! :) Directions: Use the Product-to-Sun formulas to write the product as a sun or difference. 4cos pi/3 sin 5pi/6


Profit from a car boot sale- Shared 5:2 Sita. Rhys Sita gets £30 How much does Rhys get? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION!😫


Let Z 5 be the relation of congruence modulo5. If 1 ≤ m, n ≤ 5,we define the product of two classes as [m][n] = [mn]. Explain why [3][4] = [2]. I know 3 x 4 = 12. 5 mod 12 = 2. but i don't know how to explain it. Help with the explanation please. Thanks


When does the square root of "n" represent a rational number? a. n is a perfect square b. n is a positive integer c. n can be written as a ratio d. n can be any real number Which is it and please explain.

math help please

A jewelry store uses a markup rate of 70% on all items. If the wholesale price of a pair of earrings is $15.00, what is the retail price for the earrings?


Giuseppe purchases an Internet, Inc $100,000 bond at 102.25 that pays 3.5% What is the (A)cost of the bond (B) Annual interest and (C) annual yield?


1. Which would you measure in meters? A. The length of a pencil B. The capacity of a cup C. The mass of a puppy D. The length of a car<my answer does anybody know the answer? Please tell me!


A pet shop has only birds and dogs.If there are 30 pets and they have a total of 86 legs, how many of the pets are birds? please give me the all answer


Write a translation rule that maps point D(7,-3) onto point D(2,5) Please help I don't understand how to do translation I graph the number down but didn't know the next step.


Find the digit that makes _1,258 divisible by 9? List all the factors of the number 30? Find the prime factorization of the number 168?


Interest of $22.05 was earned in three months on a balance of $1960. What is the interest rate per annum earned on that account? P.s please explain how you solved it.


y=1/2x + 3/4 6x+8y=10 Only looking for X Step's in what i did 1.~6x+8(1/2x + 3/4)=10 2.6x+ 8/2x + 24/4 =10 3.(2)(6x+ 8/2x + 24/4 =10)(2) 4.12x+8x+ 24/4=20 5.20x+6=20 6. 20x=14 7. x= 14/20 I don't know what i did wrong. Please help me and if you don't understand the problem I ...

math help asap

For the data in the table does y vary directly with x? if it does write an equation for the dorect variation. x;y 10,15 16,24 20,30 a:yes; y=1.5x b:yes;y=2x c:yes;y=x+5 d: y does not vary directly with x if you are from connections and know any other answers/know to help with ...


Vinay made a Password that consists of 3 digits. None of the digits are the same. How many possible passwords did Vinay choose from? Please explain how to solve.

Math, Inequalities

Prove the following inequalities. Then state for which values the LHS equals RHS. 1) a^2 + b^2 ≥ 2(a-b-1) 2) Given a + b = 1, prove the inequality a^2 + b^2 ≥ 1/2 Please explain how you solved it. Thanks.


1. which ratio form a proportion? 4/9, 12/25 3/7, 18/42 5/11, 20/45 5/8, 15/25 2. which ratio forms a proportion with 18/30? 20/35 50/90 36/48 60/100 ~MY ANSWERS~ 1. D 2. I don't know this one can someone help me please. I have tried for over 30 minutes on this.

Math help 2

And this one is troubling me. 3x^0 - 2(x - 3^0) - |-11 - 2| = 4x(2-5^0) - 7x please help. Thanks I don't know if you are aware of this, but anything to the "zero power" = 1 and the vertical lines indicate absolute value (regardless of sign). So this translates to: 1 - 2(x - 1...

correct , math

Directions: Facotor each of the following polynomials completely. 14x ^2 -20x + 6 the answer that i got was: 7x^2-10x+3= (7x-3)(x-1) not quite. You left out the two, you just cant throw it away. 2(7x-3)(x-1) can you show me please the steps I am getting confused.


Please simplify. Write your answer using positive exponents. (8^2)^ -1 =? In case you are having trouble reading it, it translates to: (8 squared) to the -1 power (exponent) or (8 ^2) ^ -1 = ? Any ideas? I have an idea, but would appreicate some feed back! Thanks!


Use synthetic division and the Remainder Theorem to find the indicated function value. f(x) = x5 - 8x4 - 9x3 - 6; f(3) I keep coming up with the answer of -222, but that is not an option... I don't know what I'm doing wrong!!! PLEASE HELP--I only have 20 mins left to submit ...


find an expression for the magnitude of the initial velocity that a projectile must possess in order to leave the earth when air friction is negelcted. The gravitational constant is given as G= 6.67428*10^-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2 Please give lots of details in answer


I have a surface area? my base is 18m, height is 4m and wisdth is 14m - do not understand the equation given by teacher of: top bottom, both sides and front and back to get answer - this does not make sense to me - please explain

Math help Please

My willy bird is 6 inches and has a mass, M, of 2.1kg. During penetration, it reaches a force or 15.0 N with a coefficient of friction 0.75. Calculate its rotational velocity given no respect to time. How much work is done in a thirty second period?


Mr. Niles has a box of accessories for clarinets. He has a total of 42 objects. He has 12 mouthpieces. He has four times as many reeds as neck straps. How many of each object does he have? I tried so hard but I just didn't understand it and I am in fifth grade. Please answer ...


Kenny wants to invest $250 every three months at 5.2%/a compounded quarterly. He would like to have at least $6500 at the end of his investment. How long will he need to make a regular payments? *PLEASE SHOW WORK*

Math topic help

John invest $2,975 at 4% interest compound annually. What will be the balance in the account after? a) 3,272.50 b)3,281.48 c) 5,493.86********* d) 7,735.00 if i am wrong please explain why i am and what i should do, step wise thanks so much and hopfully this helps


Good afternoon, could someone please help me with this? The answer is 22 1/2 oz. Doctor instructs pt to drink 1 L (33 4/5oz) of water. An hour later you find 1/3 L left. How many ounces did Ms. White consume? This is what I keep getting. I think I may be doing the wrong ...


Posted by mota THE MASS OF THE SUN IS ABOUT 10^27 METRIC TONS , OR 10^30 KILOGRAMS . HOW MANY KILOGRAMS ARE IN ONE METRIC TON ? ----------------------- math - drwls 1000. ----------------------- explain please i want to understand this question :) this is my question i posted ...

Chemistry - pH

Calculate the pH of each of the following solutions: a) .35 M hydrochloric acid, HCl b) .35 M acetic acid, HC2H3O2 c) .35 M sodium hydroxide, NaOH Can someone please explain to me how to calculate the pH in a way that is easy to understand? I am confused. Could you please do ...


Could you please help me solve this question: Solve this system of equations using elementary operations. 1. x/3 + y/4 + z/5 =14 2. x/4 + y/5 + z/3 =-21 3. x/5 + y/3 + z/4 =7 So far, I have multiplied all three equations by 60, to turn them into whole numbers. Then everytime I...

Engineering Kinematic

The particle travels along the path defined by the parabola y=0.5(x^2). If the component of velocity along the x-axis is v=5t [m/s], determine the particle's distance from the origin and the magnitude of its acceleration when t=1s. The initial condition is t=0, x=0 and y=0. ...


Can someone please help me find some information on this sculputre: A Young Woman of Trastévère, by Charles Cordier ? I have to write a few pages about it, but I can't find much about this piece online. Google isn't giving many results either. Please help me!

marketting ,,,,,,please help me asap

please is any one can hel me to answer this question as soon as possible thanks a lot. question in the subject marketing. 1.what distribution decisions would a new firm RENTS VANS to small business, seasonal business have to make?


Can someone please help me please thank you. Climate change is an environmental issue in the news almost daily, and air pollution impacts us on a global level. What are the implications of global warming? Do you think the efforts to improve air quality are worth the economic ...

Biology please help anybody!

there's this a level question in a ten-year series book in 2008, the question asks what is the sequence in which it occurs: 1. polyadenylation 2. removal of introns 3. splicing exons 4. capping And the options given are: a) 1,3,2,4 b) 2,4,1,3 c) 3,1,4,2 d) 4,2,3,1 I've looked ...

Spanish-Please check my work

Could someone please check this for me. I had to rewrite the following sentence using a direct object pronoun in two different ways. I wrote: Nosotros queremos leerlos. Los hosotros queremos leer. Thank you for checking

Chemistry(Please help)

Calculate the pH of an aqueous solution of 0.15 M potassium carbonate. I know that pH = -log(H30+) but I am not sure how to start this problem. Chemistry(Please help) - DrBob222, Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 11:09pm Hydrolyze the CO3^2-. CO3^- + HOH ==> HCO3^- + OH^- Do an ...


If X is a normal random variable with mean 11, and if the probability that X is less than 12.10 is .72 , then what is the standard deviation of X? Select one: a. 3.00 b. 6.25 c. 2.50 d. 1.25 Please note that the answer for the above is stated as c.2.50. However, my answer ...

8th grade reading ! please help !

I have a presentation due tomorrow on a connection that I made with the Anne Frank Remembered novel but I cant think of an item that I can connect to the novel.. I need help. It has to be one paragraph about the connection and it can be a song,poem,or object. Please help me !

Algebra please explain

A boat costs $92,000 and depreciates in value by 15% per year. How much will the boat be worth after 10 years? 18,112.45 78,200 18,941.98 69,000 Is the answer the first one? Could somebody write down the steps for me please? Thanks

Algebra 2

Can somebody please give me a short explanation (like, a very simple sentence) on how exponents and algorithms are related? I know what they are (for example:) Exponents are the inverse of logarithms and vice versa. 6^2 = 36 Log6(36) = 2 But can somebody please help me explain...

7th grade Lang. Art

Please find the synonym of this word: APPEAR List of words to choose from: animated brood culminate downright drone goad indulge literate loom luster miscellaneous oration peevish seethe singe unique upright verify yearn please help thank you

English please check answer

Please see if I Have the right answer thank you for your help . You are asked to change plural medical words to the singular form. Which of the following combinations represents the correct conversion ? A. Criterion, criteria B. Bacteria,bacterium C. Lumen, lumina D. Ganglion...


hey! okay so i have to write a short story for english, but it has to be based on a historical or current event, and i don't know what to do! i tried to do something about hurricane katrina, but i was getting no where with that. so i gave up on it. haha. so if anyone has any ...

please help!

You are 10 m away from a sound source of intensity comparable to the background noise in a very quiet room (20 dB). If you want the intensity in dB to double, you must move to a distance ... A) 100 m B) 20 m C) 7 m D) 5 m E) 1 m the answer is 1 m, but I'm not sure how to ...


This is a question of my last biology test: Name at least one technological device that would have not been invented without scientific knowledge: A.Radio B.Ruler C.Knife D.None of the above I answered D but got a cross for it. So can you please help me to solve what is the ...


Someone please help! I'm having a hard time with this question. Please help! If a person believes that his or her mind is being controlled by outside forces or that he or she is getting special coded messages from the television, this person is experiencing which type of ...

english-Please help me i'm stuck

Solutions offered by "An enemy of the people" I got this so far I just need to more please help!!.. 1-New taxes on the townspeople 2- baths needed to be repaired 3- keep the Baths open and correcting the problem 4-The pipes must be re-laid in order to purify the water. 5-? 6-?

pre calc.Math

Please help me any one of these please! Thank You to any one r=2-6 cos(θ) convert this polar coordinate equation into an equation in rectangular coordinates(x,y) given (-8,8) convert this point into polar coordinates with 6 >= 0 and 0<=θ<= 2pi given x^2+ (y-...

statistics- normal standard distribution

a set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 500 and standard deviation of 100: *what would t he standard score for a score of 700 be? According to my calculations 700-500/100=200/100=2 how would i interpret that. please show work. i know that i went wrong somewhere, ...

calc check please?

Given the differential equation: dy/dx = y(1+x), y(0)=1, Use Euler's method with step size .1 to approximate y(.3). ... please check this for me! no one has responded to this question yet.. thanks. y' = y(1+x), y'(0) = 1(1+0)=1 ->the solution has slope 1 at the point (0,1...


suppose you need to construct a cone who surface area is 100 sq in. (A= pi*r*(sqrt( r^2+h^2), this is the amount of carboard needed to construct the cone. find values of r and h that will maximize the volume of the cone (V= (pi/3)r^2h Please help. explanations and steps please...

Help please!!

I am currently inrolled in a biology class, I pay attentionin class, I take all the notes possible, I study for the test at least 4-5 days in advance. I am putting 110% of my effort into this class. I am an A student but I am getting d's on the tests. I don't know what to do. ...

Humanities, social studies

Can someone please give me links or answer these questions: What Culture did the Burgundians have? if so, what did they do (culturally) How did the Burgundians Are they a democracy, monarchy, etc.? How did they make money (politically and economically) I can't find a brief ...


The concrete for a sidewalk is being poured outside the perimeter of a new subdivision, which is a 280 ft. by 720 ft. rectangle. The building code requires that the sidewalk be 5 feet wide and 8 inches deep. How many cubic yards of concrete will need to be poured? math: ...


write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line (3,-3) 7x-2y=5 need help please 7(3)-2(-3)= 5 ? 21- 6= 5? this does not look right, please show me where I am supposed to place the (3,-3)to solve the equation thanks

social studies

list some jobs people can do that use few resources. I can't think of one so please DON'T give me any websites but please LIST a few jobs. It would be a great help.

Sapnish-Please check SraJMcGin

Please check if you have time we had to select the correct answer for the two questions 1.¿Ellas te escuchan? Ellas me escuchan. 2. ¿Me escuchas? Te escucho.


How many moles of steric acid are contained in 0.25mL of a hexane solution containing 5.4x10^-4 grams of steric acid/L? (Hint: g/L x L = g/ (g/mol)=mol). Please show your work. Please help. Thank you


How many moles of steric acid are contained in 0.25mL of a hexane solution containing 5.4x10^-4 grams of steric acid/L? (Hint: g/L x L = g/ (g/mol)=mol). Please show your work. Please help. Thank you


The heat of fusion for water is 3.3 x 105 J/kg. How much heat energy is needed to can 3kg of ice at 0°C to water at 0°C? Show your work. Help please!! Don't give the answer, but please help me find the answer?! Thanks


I got this problem but its unrelated to any material that we worked on. Can some please help me to solve it and please explain it. Thanks Problem states: Given: x+(1/x)= square root of 3 PROVE: (x^13)+(1/(x^13))= square root of 3

Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob, can you please tell me if I did my chem questions right... they have been sitting down there all day and all i need is someone to check if they are right please and thank you

AP Economics

Identify land, labor and capital as the three factors of production and give examples. I have explained about land. can someone please help me with labor and capital? please! Thank you

Partial Derivatives

How do you take the partial derivative of y = (1200z1z2)^1/2 in respect to z1. Please note z1 and z2 are variables. f'z1 = (1200^1/2)(z1^1/2)(z2^1/2) f'z1 = ?? the answer is... f'z1 = ((1200^1/2)(z2^1/2))/((2(z1^1/2)) but I do not know how to get this answer. Please help me by...


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