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  1. math(Algebra two)

    describe what happens to the graph of y=X^2 in the following situations. a. y is replaced with (y+1) b. x is replaced with(x-5) c.x is replaced with (x+3) d.y is replaced with (y-6) i have no clue how to do this can you please help me?
  2. math 6th grade

    I need to write the percent as a fraction in the simplest form. Please show me step by how to get 15% in the simplest form. Thanks !
  3. Math

    (10 Squar root -13)(-5 square root -5) put in standard form a+bi I really don't understand square roots so can you show me how to do these please
  4. math

    how would you determine the eccentricity of the conic section when represented by the equation ax^2+cy^2+dx+ey+f=0 if the equation represents an ellipse and then when it represents a hyperbola.please help.
  5. math

    Help Please. A 100 kg astronaut is standing on the outside surface of a 4.50 x 10^4 kgspacecraft. The astronaut jumps away from the spacecraft at 8.00 m/s. What happens to the spacecraft?
  6. Math

    Can someone please explain how to solve 3x^2+7x-15=0 by using the quadratic equation? I know that the equation is: ax^2+bx+c=0 but I get confused about how to set the problem up and solve. Thanks.
  7. math

    the price for a stock has decreased from $24.50 per share to 18.60 per share. what percentage is the decrease? how do i figure this question out please?
  8. math

    There are18 colour pages in a magazine, which is equal to 2(over)5 of the book. how many pages are there in the whole book? Please show the steps. thanks
  9. math

    A girl has a score of 59 and wants to know how to get a mean of 69. She would like to use two more scores to get that mean. What numbers did she use? Please help!
  10. Math-Please Check Work!

    Find the image of P(5,-3)under each of the given transformations: 1. r x-axis(5,-3)? 2. Rorigin (-5,3)? 3. R90 (3,5)? 4.T 0,3 (5,0)? 5.r x-axis o T2,2 (7,1)? 6. r x-axis o r y=x (-3,-5)? 7. r y=x o r x-axis (3,5)? 8. R(2,2) o T5,-3 (12,-4)? Thank you!
  11. Math(Please help)

    1) Verify the identity cos^4x - sin^4x = cos2x I know that this is the difference of squares so (cos^2x)^2 - (sin^2x)^2 is this correct for the first step?
  12. math

    each face of a cube can be painted either red or yellow. how many differents ways can you paint the cube? i thinks its 18 ways i don't know please help me
  13. math-please help

    If a two-card hand is dealt from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards, what is the probability that the hand contains two kings?
  14. Math PLEASE HELP

    No one was answering my questions for the first question I posted so I posted it again. answers for 12345: 1. 9 3/5 2. 4 1/2 3. 4 3/4 4. still 7 6/9 5. still 10 16/18
  15. math(algebra 1)

    how do u answer this? please step by step *graph and check to solve the linear system y=-x+3 y=x+1 Thank you very very much!!! :)
  16. math trig identities

    a)cos4x-sin4xcot2x=-1 b)1+sinx+cosx/1+sinx-cosx=cot(x/2) i tried to ask my teacher but she doesnt know please help me!
  17. Math

    I am a little confused, can someone please help me? I the radius of a circle is 5m, what is the area of the circle? Is this the same as the surface area and it would be 10m?
  18. math

    please can u help me for my homework thanks a lot the question is below.. A container is 1/3 full of water and 1/4 full of oil. What fraction of the container is empty?
  19. math

    Two events are _________ if the outcome or occurrence of the first affects the outcome or occurrence of the second so that the probability is changed. Please Help Me . !
  20. math

    a factory produces 6 motorcycles in 9 hours write a proportion and solve it to find how many hours it takes to produce 16 motorcycles. help me please!
  21. math

    use technology to find the P-value for a two tailed test with n=28 and a test statistic t=2.032 P-value =???? Help please! i don't understand this
  22. math

    A committee of 4 is chosen from a group of 10 women and 6 men. Determine the probability that at least 2 women are on the committee. Please show your work.
  23. Math

    A watch cost $75.99. If the sales tax rate is 6.25%, what is the amount of sales tax? Please show work or the explanation you used!
  24. Math

    Find the x- and y-intercepts and graph the equation plotting the intercepts. Please show all of your work. Submit your graph to the Dropbox 2x-3y=9
  25. college math

    find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f at the given point. Graph f and the tangen line. 9. f(x) = 3x +5 at (1.8) 10. f(x)=2x + 1 at (-1,3) Please, help me with this problems. thanks
  26. Math Help Please

    A set of five different positive integers has a mean of 19 and a median of 21. What is the greatest value of the greatest integer in the set?
  27. math

    The length of the top of a table is 4m greater than that the width. The area is 60m^2. Please help me find the dimensions of the width and length. Thank you in advance for your help?
  28. math

    Okay so i here is the problem......find the unit rate. I don't remember how to solve for the unit rate. Help me please i have a quiz tomorrow.
  29. Math

    there are 8 cards, five are black and three are white.The question is " Find the probability of icking a black than white card. HELP PLEASE!!!!

    Paulene has scored a goal in 70% of the games she played. What is the probability that she would score a goal in at least 7 of her next 8 games.
  31. math - still don't get it

    Thanks for helping me for figure out my age in months and days but I still need to find my age in hours. Please help me. Thank you.
  32. College Math

    Find the measure of the missing angle a= 28 degree, b=97degree I 'm not sure how to go about in finding the missing angle. Could you please help?
  33. Math

    Please help me understand this question, thanks! 10. Write the slope-intercept form of an equation of the line perpendicular to the line in Exercise 7 with a y-intercept of -3. 7. (4, -9), (-3, 2)

    The derivative of a function is f'(x)=x(x+2)(x-5). Find the value of x at each point where f has a (a) local maximum, (b) local minimum, or (c) point of inflection
  35. math

    solve the equation log lower 6(x+9)-log lower 36 x =1 the 6 and 36 should be dropped down, then (x+9) and the x are higher. Please show work
  36. Math - missing fraction

    Please advise how it is I go about finding the missing fraction. I get so confused. The problem is: N-3/5=1/4 I know the LCD would be 20 but from there, I am lost. Thank you.
  37. Math help please?

    You have 2 2/3 cups of dried fruit to divide evenly among 3 children. How many cups of fruit will each child receive? what do I do??
  38. Math Help Please!!!!!!

    Which figures will always be similar to each other? two rectangles, two trapezoids, two equilateral triangles, or two hexagons.
  39. Math

    Barry is 8 years older than his sister. In 3 years, he will be twice as old as she will be then. How old is each now? Please show work! I don't understand.
  40. math

    Please simplify and explain to me how to do each of these. Greatly appreciated. x = multiply sign (not a variable) a)((9)^(1/2) (4)^2) / 24 b) (16)(2)^(x+2) The x here is a variable, not multiplication sign) c) (3)^(-8)/ (3)^(-6) (3)^(-5) d) ((4)^(-2) + (2)^(-4))^(-1) Thank ...
  41. math

    Please help me solve this question. Find the value of the annuity. a=1000 I=0.06,n=25? what is the future value of annuity? (round to the nearest cent.)
  42. math

    The equation: T= 2* pi* sqrt(2/3L/9.8) Solve for L. Please show the solution step by step. The square root is giving me trouble in my solution. Thanks for your help.
  43. Math

    Solve the following equations for the variable indicated. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. I=Prt for P Answer: I/P=rt 2. Solve C= 2ðr for r. Answer: C/r=2ð
  44. algebra math

    Which one of the following is a geometric sequence? A. 2, –3, 9⁄2, −18⁄4 B. 0,1,2,3,... C. 8,4,2,1,1⁄2,1⁄4,... D. –7,10,23,36,.. i think the answer is D Can please check it ?
  45. math

    suppose February has 29 days. Explain how you can find how many days there are in the year without counting or adding. explain an example please....
  46. Math

    Tanya is 62 inches tall. She is 17 inches taller than May. Write an equation that can be used to find May's height. Please solve the equation.
  47. Math

    Have I done the predicting part of assignment, now I need help with the simplifying part of the assignment. Can you please help me? Here are the functions: g(x)=(-3x^2)-(13x)-13 g(x)=(x-1)/(3x+1)
  48. Math

    PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK OR EXPLAIN... Mr. Webb gave his waiter a $5.60 tip on a $40 bill. What percent tip did he give the waiter?
  49. math

    one company makes 50 t-shirts for $295 and another offers 40 t-shirts for $250. which company is the better deal? answer please
  50. math

    Solve it... [ ] [ ] [ ] = 30 fill the brackets using below numbers ( 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13,15 ) you can repeat the numbers... Please help me! Many more people unsucceed to solve it
  51. math

    I have a question I would really appreciate the answer. If 15% of my grade is 74% and 96 is 15% of my grade and 40% of my grade is a 60.5% without the final counting for 30% what is my grade? Please help thank you.
  52. Math content exam

    Has anyone taken the Mathematics Content Exam 115 for Teacher's in the state of Illinois? Please give me tips or help. Thanks!
  53. Math HELP!

    1. Write 12/32 in simplest form. Could someone please help me on how I can turn this fraction into simplest form like explain the steps! Thanks.
  54. Math

    I am having trouble figuring out the below problems. 1. 380 dm= m 2. 90.51L= cL 3. 450mg= g Please help me figure out the below
  55. Math

    Jane buys a coat that is $18 off the orinigal price. This is a 30% discount. What is the original price of the coat? Please explain how to get answer? Thanks
  56. Math

    tossing a coin tails up or rolling a number less than 4 on a number cube. I got 1/2 + 3/6 and got 1. The answer is 3/4. I don't understand what to do. Please help.
  57. math plz help ;-;

    Solve the following equation: -2(x-3)+4=8x-20 please help me how to do this step by step plz i do understand how to do this, sorry ;-; And thank you for the ones the helped me with the other Q :D
  58. Math, Please Help

    Describe a scenario where you expect a set of data to have A.) a large standard deviation B.) a small standard deviation
  59. Math

    Please help!! Suzie is five years older than paul. She is 7 years older than peter. The sum of their ages is 21. How old is each person.
  60. math

    Tommy walked 3 2/7 miles. write the distance Tommy walked as an improper fraction. A.4 B.4/3 <<my answer<< C.5/2 D.23/7 please tell me if B is right.
  61. Math

    Write a list of steps that are needed to find the measure of angle B. A measures 72 degrees and C measures 113. What does B measure?! Please help!
  62. Math

    How is combing radicals by addition and subtraction similar to combining monomial expressions by addition and subtraction? Please use examples.
  63. math

    Walmart's net sales for 2015 were 485.7 billion dollars. What were their average net sales per hour? please help.
  64. please check my math

    2/3 + 1/5= 13/15. Is that right or can it be Reduced? You're good to go. That is correct... and 2nd question: It can't be reduced.... Good Job!
  65. Math-- PLEASE CHECK

    234 - 145 3/4 233 4/4 -145 3/4 ___________ 88 1/4 or am I wrong? How do I solve this if I am wrong? Thank you!! you're correct
  66. math

    [(x-9)/(x^2-9)]-[(1)/(x+3)] I got (6-x)/(x+3) for answer. [(2)/(y-3)]+[£¨4£©/(3-y)] I got (-2)/(y-3) for answer. I'm not sure about the answers, please check them for me and correct me! THANKS A LOT!
  67. math

    [(x-9)/(x^2-9)]-[(1)/(x+3)] I got (6-x)/(x+3) for answer. [(2)/(y-3)]+[£¨4£©/(3-y)] I got (-2)/(y-3) for answer. I'm not sure about the answers, please check them for me and correct me! THANKS A LOT!
  68. Math calculate depreciation

    please explian how to calculate depreciation for federal income taxes what method do I use thanks :)
  69. Math

    A board 7 3/8 inches is cut to 3/4 of its size. What is the size ? _______ inches? I need some help starting this Please.
  70. Math

    Please help, Locate one other point on the trend line. Then find the slope of the trend line. ...How do I do that?
  71. Math

    The distance on a map is given. Find the actual distance, if the scale on the map is 1 in.=60 miles. 2 3/4 in. Please help! Thank you in advance.
  72. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve the following system of equations x + 6y =4(1) x = 9-6y (2) What is the solution of the system N There is no solution
  73. Math: Direct Variation

    what are the formulas that illustrates direct blinear variation ?? please help me !! i can't find any formula !! .. humpf .. :(
  74. Math

    A(-11,8)B(2,-6) and C(-19,-8) are the vertices of Triangle ABC. N(X,Y) is a point on AC such the BN is Perpendicular to AC. Find Area of Triangle ABC. PLEASE HELP!!!
  75. 6th grade math

    Will some please help me figure this out??? ?x?/?+?x?/?-?=6 You can only ues these numbers to figure this out, 2,4,5,7,8,9,10
  76. 6th ggrade math

    Will some please help me figure this out??? ?x?/?+?x?/?-?=6 You can only ues these numbers to figure this out, 2,4,5,7,8,9,10
  77. Math-LOGS

    Express x in terms of a,b and c. log x = 1/2 (log a + log b - log c) Please solve and explain how to do this type of problem, thank you!
  78. Math 9

    -10/3k = -7/12 i'm stuck with the negative signs, Can someone explain to me how to do this step by step and teach me what to do with the negative sign! Please and thank you!
  79. Math

    Can someone please explain (cos(x)+sin(x))/(cos(x)-sin(x)=sec(2x)+tan(2x). I have no luck with this. Thanks
  80. Please help - math

    A particle is moving so that its velocity, v(t) = t-64/t^2 for 2≤t≤6. find the total distance traveled by the particle.
  81. Math

    The following equation has a positive and a negative solution. z-1/z+1 = 2/z+4 I need to find the positive solution, any ideas please?
  82. Math

    Please help... What is the principle of powers? When solving a radical equation how do we use the principle of powers to eliminate radicals
  83. Math(Please check)

    Find the center (h,k) and radius of the following circle. x^2 + y^2 - 6x - 2y + 1 = 0 My answer is center= (-3,-1) and radius of 1. Am I correct?
  84. math

    completing the square 3x^2 +15 -33 =0 a=3 b=15 c=-33 -15+or- sqrt225-4*3*-33/2*3 -15+or-sqrt225+396/6 is this right because don't you have to subtract not add the 396 please help. thanks
  85. 5th grade math

    I need help with this problem ! 5 2/5 - 3 4/5= ? 6 1/10 - 3 4/10 = 10 - 4 2/5= ? PLEASE! SHOW ME EACH PROBLEM STEP BY STEP SO , I CAN FINISH MY HOMEWORK! THANK YOU!
  86. Math - Domain of Composite

    Find the domain of the composite function . Please show all of your work. f(x) = sqrt(x); g(x) = 2x + 12
  87. Math

    is this the correct answer? I might post more on this exact post, so please bare with me? These are proportions 1.) 2:5 = 4:y Answer: y=2
  88. Math

    How many two block towers can you make from: 1 black block,1 red block, and 1 blue block? Please explain.
  89. math

    5 items = a mean of 98 6 items =mean of 102 possible anwers 25,24,117,122 please show how to do
  90. math help please

    Helen has$1.35 in her bank in nickels and dimes. There are 9 more nickels than dimes. Find the number she has of each kind.
  91. MATh please help

    Helen has$1.35 in her bank in nickels and dimes. There are 9 more nickels than dimes. Find the number she has of each kind.
  92. math calculus

    7/(x-2)(x+5)-8/(x+5)(x-3) 7(x-3)-8(x-2)/(x-2)(x+5)(x-3) 7x-21-8x+16/(x-2)(x+5)(x-3) 7x-8x give me -1x and -21+16 give me -5. for numerator but it have to be -1/(x-2)(x-3) i not know how to do this please explain process my way not different way.
  93. Math

    Find the derivative: y = square root of x(x+14). The square root is only on the x. Please show work and explain. I don't know how to do this. Thanks!
  94. 6th Grade Math

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I need to answer this equation: 9/2m-8=-5.5+4m I need it answer in a way like this: Ex: 9+5k=45+2k 0peration S 9 5k=36+2k S 2k 45+2k D 3 k=12
  95. Math 8R - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Subtract -5 from -14 -14 - (-5) 16. Subtract -6 from 18 18 - (-6) 18. From 14 subtract -2 22. Subtract 17 from 8 I already know how to solve this just have trouble formatting it. How do I do it for number 18 and 22???? Please help
  96. Math

    What is the area of a square with the same perimeter as a regular hexagon with area 24 square root of 3. Can you please help me wodrk this?
  97. math/calculus

    solve the equation loga(x-5)- loga (x+9)=loga(x-7)-loga(x+9) all a's are lower please show work
  98. math

    Dan has 5 lb of rhubarb. He has 4 rhubarb recipes, and uses 1/4 of his rhubarb in each. How many pounds of rhubarb are in each recipe? Please answer and explain.
  99. Math

    Find sec θ and csc θ. If tan θ =3 and cos θ>0. Please helpp, i don't get identities
  100. Math: Please check

    What is the simplified form of square root 48n^9? I think the answer is: 3n square root 4n^8. Thank You
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