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  1. college

    How important is cultural context in understanding an individual's personality? (When responding please consider: How much variability may exist in people within a culture and is it possible to modify an individual's personality through manipulation of their environment-if so ...
  2. calculus

    Please help with this very complicated question! Using 3(x-3)(x^2-6x+23)^1/2, as the chain rule fifferentiation of f(x)=(x^2-6x+23). Please explain how I find the general solution to dy/dx= 2/27(x-3)SQUARE ROOT BEGINS (x^2-6x+23)/y SQUARE ROOT ENDS (y>0), giving answer in ...
  3. english

    I have to write a short paper on Shakespeare Twelfth Night-Act 5 scene 1 lines 248-262. But what we have to do is to translate those lines into a different "lingo" dialect but I don't even know how to get started. Can someone please help? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Please Help!!!!!!

    an engineer designs a satellite dish with a parabolic cross section. The dish is 15 ft wide at the opening and the focus is placed 4 ft from the vertex. find an equation of the parabola. I know how to work this problem, but how do I know that I use the equation y^2 = 4px ...
  5. calculus

    I have two questions, please help. 1. Uss completing the square to describe the graph of the following function. Support your answers graphically. f(x)= -2x^2+4x+7 please show work. 2. Can someone help me to graph this function? f(x)=x^2-6x+5 Then find the a. vertex b. axis of...
  6. Science Please help Ms. Sue!!!

    Which of the following does not reduce water pollution? a) cleaning up oil and gasoline spills. b) reducing pollutants such as pesticides and fertilizers. c) increasing the use of gasoline.*** d) properly treating waste water Can you please check my answer?
  7. English Grade 11 College

    I have trouble understanding of this article and how to answer the questions given. I just started new to school in Toronto; I was living in Turkey for Years So I do please to take your time to look and examine my homework. I greatly appreciate your patience and time and ...
  8. math

    WAGE---$ 17.00-an hour---------ANUALLY---28,285.28 APARTMENT VALUE 17.34hrs/pay period towards an apartment value of $934/month----ANUALLY---$11,208----TOTAL-------$39,493.28. My question is: first of all, I get, 17X40= $2,720-not 28,285.28, above. ALSO, I am trying to break ...
  9. social studies

    Please help me answer these questions, as I have no idea about it. 1) Why do naturalist movements tend to be fractured (why don't they work out...) 2) How does this affect the post-colonial administration of successor states? Please help answer, or provide some websites which ...
  10. Physics Help Please

    Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory confirmed the existence of element 104 by creating 3000 atoms of it. If radioactive decay caused the number of atoms to drop by half within 4.0 s, how many atoms were left after 12 s? Show work please! Thank you!
  11. math

    We consider the non-homogeneous problem {y''-16y} = {256x^{2}} First we consider the homogeneous problem {y''-16y} = 0 : 1) the auxiliary equation is a r^2+br+c = =0 . ________________ 2) The roots of the auxiliary equation are (enter answers as a comma separated list). ...
  12. please check my answer

    please check my answer thanks :) You are the manager of The Candle Shop using the FIFO method of inventory pricing, what is the dollar value of the ending inventory if there were 17,000 units on hand Dec 31 Show all of your work Jan 1 5,000 @ $0.89 Feb15 10,000 @ $0.69 April ...
  13. Algebra one help, please.

    Determine which lines, if any, are parrell or perpindicular linea= y=4x line B= y=-1/4x line c= y= 4x-1 I think line B and A are parrell. Am I correct? Please help me, thank you.
  14. geometry

    8. iN triangle ABC, a point D is on AC so that AB=AD. ANGLE ABC - ANGLE ACB = 30. IND ANGLE CBD. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I BEG YOU. PLEASE
  15. Please help

    A rectangular picture frame has a perimeter of 58 inches. The height of the frame is 18 inches. What is the width of the frame? Please help show work and help answer thanks

    When an object is placed 55.0cm from a certain converging lens, it forms a real image. When the object is moved to 45.0cm from the lens, the image moves 6.00 cm farther from the lens. Find the focal length of this lens? Please someone help me out I tried so many times i keep ...
  17. Precalculus(NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE!!)

    cot(theta)= 3 pi < theta < 3pi/2 Find: sin(theta)= -1 ? cos(theta)= -3 ? tan(theta)= 1/3 ? sec(theta)= -1/3 ? csc(theta)= -1 ? That's what I came up with, but they are not correct, PLEASE help me where I went wrong!!
  18. Discrete Math - Geometric Vectors

    I'm lost! How do you add the following vectors? Please provide a step by step answer! 1) EA - CB + DB + AD 2) PT - QT + SR - SQ
  19. Math

    Please help I can't get it. Find the median 26,30,38,67,59,21,17,85,22,22 Give the five-number summary of each numbers 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2 Find the range of each set of numbers 7,7,5,4,1,9,8,8,8,5,2
  20. Math

    Write each of the following as a common fraction or mixed number. Write your answer in lowest terms and the number is 15.35? Please help
  21. math (unit rate)

    please explain how to write the unit rate as a fraction example: 25 feet per second
  22. Math

    Independent Events If you roll the die 60 times, about how many times would you expect to get a 1? How would you do this question? Help Please.
  23. Math

    Im trying to help my daughter with a question. I cant remember how. Please help!!! How do you solve 7 times the square root of 3 divided by the square root of 5.
  24. Math

    UUse addition to justify that 108>14. Here is my answer: 108=14+81 but I feel that I need to answer something else. Could you please help me? Thanks.
  25. MATH

    Please help! Can you multiply different numbers with different roots? such as the 4th root of 2 times square root of 3
  26. Math(Please check)

    State whether the expression is a polynomial. If it is, state the degree. a) 3x^2 - 7x + 2 = yes;3 b) 3x - 2/x = No c) sqrt2x^2 - 3pi = yes;2 sqrt2x + 5x = yes;1 Am I correct?
  27. mathematics

    Need help with this math problem please. Work need to be show but I have no idea how to complete the problem. (-4)3 (the 3 is an exponent) Thanks for your help
  28. HS Math

    Please help answer.. What is the principle of powers? When solving a radical equation how do we use the principle of powers to eliminate radicals
  29. Math

    A square is folded in half to form a rectangle. If the resulting rectangle has a perimeter of 15 inches,what is the are of the original square?HELP...please?
  30. Math - derivative of f(x) (check)

    f(x)= (x^2-1)^3,is its derivative f'(x)= 6x^5 -12x^3 + 6x. Is there an alternative answer, because a computer generated answer is diff then mine. please help.
  31. Math

    A triangle has sides w/ lengths of 3x, 5x, and 8x. All of the sides add up to 180. Express the perimeter of the triangle in terms of x. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  32. Math

    which of the following sums is larger and by how much? 1. 7 over Sigma 15/4(pi/10)^n 2. 11 over Sigma 17/4(4/13)^n please help me with the steps on how to figure this out! thanks
  33. math

    which of the following sums is larger and by how much? 1. 7 over Sigma 15/4(pi/10)^n 2. 11 over Sigma 17/4(4/13)^n please help me with the steps on how to figure this out! thanks
  34. Math(Please check)

    Find the derivative of f(x)=7x-19 at x=2. I think that the derivative would be 7 and theb times 2 so 14. Is this correct or would it just be 7.
  35. math

    Please help me... How do I express the following products in scientific notation?? 1)(2.964 x 10^8) divided by (52 x 10^2) 2)(24.5 x 10 ^ negative 8) divided by (3x10^2) 3)(8.1 x 10^ negative 9) x (4 x 10^2)?
  36. math help please

    Calculate the cost to the pharmacy as AWP less 13%. AWP $84.07 per 100 tablets and dispense 30 tablets
  37. Math

    Can someone please tell me Why is (4x + 5) (2x - 1) + (x - 9) (2x - 1) not in factored form? What is the correct final factored form? What is this factoring method called?
  38. Math

    Can someone please tell me Why is (4x + 5) (2x - 1) + (x - 9) (2x - 1) not in factored form? What is the correct final factored form? What is this factoring method called?
  39. math

    how do you create a function that has a graph with the given features: a. A vertical asymptote at x=2; a horizontal asymptote at y=0; no x-intercept; y-intercept is 3 please help.
  40. Math

    6x-4y=54 -9x+2y=-69 Which system would work best to solve? Please show work and solve. (all steps) Thank You I honestly don't know how to do this.
  41. Math Help PLease Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Graph the system of inequalities. Then use your graph to identify the point that represents a solution to the system. x > ¨C2 y ¡Ü 2x + 7 A. (¨C1, 6) B. (1, 11) C. (¨C1, 4) D. (¨C3, ¨C1)
  42. math

    Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the missing side length. someone please tell me what the Pythagorean Theorem is?
  43. math please help

    the human body is 65% oxygen 18% carbon 10% hygrogen the rest is other elements what % is composed of other elements?
  44. math

    I need help with these two problems please. Completely factor the polynomial. 8x^3+16^2+8x+16 Factor the trinomial completely. y^3-14y^2+48y
  45. math

    I need to find the A small b, C small b, slant height, and surface area of a cone. The height is 9.2 and radius is 5.6. Please help
  46. Math: please help

    what is an equation of the line in slope intercept form? m=2/7 and the y-intercept is (0,-12) A.) y=2/7x+12 B.) y=2/7x-12 C.) y=12x-2/7 D.) y=12x+2/7 I think the answer is C or D. I help. I don't really know how to do it. Thank You.
  47. math

    I'm trying to solve these equations but it seems I didn't get the correct one. please help if you still can. to solve the equations: 1. 0.4 =32z 2. 8n - 2 = 14 3. 2 (x + 3) = 4 Thanks a lot.
  48. Math

    Determine the range of each function a)f(x)=(x^2+3)^2,XER Answer is f(x)ER, f(x)>9 b)f(x)=1/3+x^4,XER Answer is f(x)ER, 0<f(x)<1/3 Please explain how they go those two answers
  49. math

    Could you please explain how you got the answer instead of just the answer to the question 1.45-7.3. Can you explain the steps to this because I don't quite get it. Thanks so much.
  50. Math

    Rearrange equation to isolate for P to use in a calculator please v=e[(1/cos(pi/2sqrt(P/Pcr)))-1] OR e[(sec(pi/2sqrt(P/Pcr)-1]
  51. math

    A two-digit number is chosen at random.What is the probability that the chosen number is a multiple of 7 ? please answer and explain
  52. math

    A square has a side of length 2 inches. How long is a side on a square that has twice the area? please answer and explain
  53. math

    A sequence is generated in which each term is 9 more than the previous term, If the eighth term is 13, what is the fourth term? a. -23 b. -14 c. 40 d. 49 e. 58 please answer and explain
  54. pre a-p math

    a playground is 100ft by 150 ft. you want to make a scale drawing of the playground on a 8.5 by 11 paper what scale could you use? please help
  55. Math help

    Someone please help me out on this polynomial!!! 2x(squared) y4(4th power)(2x(squared)y+2xy-3x(5thpower)y(3rd power)
  56. math

    Square ABCD is incribed in Circle O. If the side of the square is 2 find the area of Circle O. a. pi b. 2 pi c. 4 pi d. 8 pi e. 16 pi please answer and explain
  57. math help

    the sum of three consecutive odd integers is 435. What is the largest of the three integers??how do I solve this problem?? Please help
  58. math

    simplify and state any restrictions: 1. x+3/x^2+11x+24 - 2x+10/x^2+11x+30 answer: -x-10/(x+8)(x+6) 2. x-4/x^2-8x+16 + 3x+21/x^2+12x+35 answer: 4x-7/(x-4)(x+5) i don't uderstand how to do it. can you please show me the steps. thanks
  59. math(fractions)

    what is 9/10 times 25/6.i got 225/60 but its not on my answer sheet.i need to simplify. It's not on my answer sheet. please help. its a puzzle.
  60. Math-Linear Equations

    True or false? A line perpendicular to a line whose slope is -0.75 has a slope of 1.3 repeating. Please help me with this.Thank you
  61. math

    The data in the table illustrates a linear function. What is the slope of the linear function? x| 0| 2|4|6 y|-5|-2|1|4 Please shoe me how to figure this out? Thank you.
  62. math

    Find the area of the rectangle. The top is 7x+1, and the right side is 8x. A.15x+1 B.56x^2+8x C.56x+8 D.15x^2+9x Is the answer B?? Please help
  63. Math

    good day please help with this indefinite integral,especially what formula i can use to solve it-2x+1/(3x^2+3x+5)dx.Find the indefinite integral.
  64. Math Problem

    Please help, is this right. Circle the number closest in value to 8. a. 7.9 b. 8.04 _ c.8.1 (there is a line over the 1) _ d. 7.89 (there is a line over the 9) I selected b: 8.04
  65. Math

    If you are making a model of your bedroom, which would be an appropriate scale: 1 inch = 2 feet, or 1 inch = 12 feet? Explain. Please help me
  66. Math

    Jose got 80 percent of his questions correctly in his test which is 32 answers correct. how many questions were they in total? PLEASE HELP!!! THIS IS FOR A TEST
  67. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 21 inches. What is the measure of its width if its length is 3 inches greater than its width?..... Please help me solve this question...
  68. Math

    How many factors do the number 8 and 9 have in common? I got, 8:1,2,4,8 9:1,3,9 My answer: 1 Can you please check my answer to see if I got it correct?
  69. Math multiplicative identity

    Can someone please explain to me how they got this . I keep breaking my head using multiplicative identity 5/3 ×6/6=30/18
  70. Math

    Combine like terms. 6b plus 7b-10= Would I add 6b + 7b=13b-10 13b-10=3b? Would this be correct? Please advise.
  71. math

    If side of triangle are in the ratio 3:4:5 and its perimeter is 24 cm, find measure of each side of triangle. How to solve this Questions please show.
  72. math

    1/4 of 36 oranges are bad.find the number of bad oranges please I need the answer in just one minute
  73. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 94.6. If one number is 19 times the other, what are the two numbers? Please explain how to solve. Thanks
  74. Math

    I have to find the value of X but I don't where to start I will show the problem below. X 2 - = - 5 400 I have no clue where to start please help! :(
  75. Math

    Please help and explain on this question: Sam's credit card balance is less than -$36. Does Sam owe more or less then $36?
  76. Math

    What is an even number that has a seven in the hundreds place the thousands place is an odd number and it is a multiple to ten please help
  77. math

    Solve the system by elimination. State whether the system has one solution, infinite solutions, or no solution. x + 3y = –5 4x – y = 6 please help thanks
  78. Math

    19. Mr. Green teaches band, choir, and math. This year, he has 57 students that take at least one of his classes. He teaches band to 25 students. There are 48 students who take either band or choir or both. There are 9 students who take both math and choir with Mr. Green. Use ...
  79. Pre Algebra HELP

    I don't know exactly what you mean by typing like this 2y3(4x-3y). I assume that means 2y cubed (2y^3) or 2y3 times (4x-2y) That becomes 8xy3 -6y4 Expand all the parenthesis, then gather like terms, and add them. See
  80. Math

    Three pictures hang side by side on a wall. What is the total area of the wall that the pictures cover? Length is 10 1/2 inches, 10 1/2 inches, 10 1/2 inches Width 14 2/3 inches Would I need to add 10 1/2 plus 10 1/2 plus 10 1/2 and then multiply by 14 2/3 inches? Please ...

    can you please explain this question to me for part b i get t=0.7 by trial and error and 0.6 percent of the population but im sure theres a more exact way to do it (a) A chemical process produces NaCI at the rate 3.Jtgrams per minute. (i) What is the rate of production 4 ...

    The cell potential of the following electrochemical cell depends on the pH of the solution in the anode half-cell: Pt(s)|H2(g,1atm)|H+(aq,?M)||Cu^2+(aq,1.0M)|Cu(s) what is the pH of the solution if Ecell is 375 mV? I first got .65 as my pH, but it said that it was wrong. ...
  83. Math

    This year was first year of online school, and it was the WORST! (I go to connections and I would never advise it to anyone!) Anyways the math FSA for 6th grade is coming up, and my school did not do a good job teaching me, I hardly feel like a learned ANYTHING! And when I ...
  84. Chemistry

    Does fission store or create energy. I think it creates it... can you help me with my math please? If atoms fission, energy is emitted in the process.
  85. math

    I need help finding the missing length of a triangle. We need help to help you. Please repost with the missing data for the problem. Thanks for asking. I hope this helps.
  86. MATH!!!

    I have 3 2/3 + 7 1/8 = I 1st got 10 19/24 then I got 239/24 please HELP!! What is the right answer? 10 19/24 or 259/24 depending if you have to express it as a fraction or not
  87. math

    69-35%=? please explain Your question is unclear. Are you subtracting 20% (0.2) or 20% of 69 (24.15)? Are you subtracting it from 69 or from 69%? Refer to the two different ways that I interpreted your previous question.
  88. Math Help Please!!!

    Solve the equation:(x+3)/-3=(x+3)(x-1) Divide both sides by (x+3), multipy both sides by -3. I Will be happy to critique your work. will it be x=-2? no. 1=-3(x-1) 1=-3x+3 -2=-3x x= 2/3 check that.
  89. math

    please help forgot how to do it What was the percentage increase in the age 75+ population of Europe from 1970 to 1995? 1970,22,762,1995,38,139
  90. MATH

    64 negative cubed divided by 4 to the negative fifth. the answer is 1/256. Everytim I do this problem i keep getting 256. Can anyone help me?? PLEASE :)
  91. Math please check answer

    The simple interest on a $14,500 loan at 9% interest for 5 years my answer is $301.00 per month
  92. Math

    Please help Which of the following numbers are integers 2/3, 35, 0.093, -650, 42.5 Determine the maximum and minimum values of the following set of numbers 3. -36/7, -1, -2/3, 5/4, -5, 26/9
  93. math(Algebra two)

    describe what happens to the graph of y=X^2 in the following situations. a. y is replaced with (y+1) b. x is replaced with(x-5) c.x is replaced with (x+3) d.y is replaced with (y-6) i have no clue how to do this can you please help me?
  94. math 6th grade

    I need to write the percent as a fraction in the simplest form. Please show me step by how to get 15% in the simplest form. Thanks !
  95. Math

    (10 Squar root -13)(-5 square root -5) put in standard form a+bi I really don't understand square roots so can you show me how to do these please
  96. math

    how would you determine the eccentricity of the conic section when represented by the equation ax^2+cy^2+dx+ey+f=0 if the equation represents an ellipse and then when it represents a hyperbola.please help.
  97. math

    Help Please. A 100 kg astronaut is standing on the outside surface of a 4.50 x 10^4 kgspacecraft. The astronaut jumps away from the spacecraft at 8.00 m/s. What happens to the spacecraft?
  98. Math

    Can someone please explain how to solve 3x^2+7x-15=0 by using the quadratic equation? I know that the equation is: ax^2+bx+c=0 but I get confused about how to set the problem up and solve. Thanks.
  99. math

    the price for a stock has decreased from $24.50 per share to 18.60 per share. what percentage is the decrease? how do i figure this question out please?
  100. math

    There are18 colour pages in a magazine, which is equal to 2(over)5 of the book. how many pages are there in the whole book? Please show the steps. thanks
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