Math(Please help)

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A store offers 25% off merchandise that is already discounted by 30%. Is this the same as a 55 % discount off the original price? Write an example to illustrate your reasoning. Can someone please help me?


formalize the following statment: a_n is a sequence that doesnt converge to L∈R. prove that the sequance (1/n) does not converge to 1. Can someone please explain to me what i have to do in the question i do not understand it so well.

3 rd grade Math

If the hexagon represents one whole, what fractions do the trapezoid, the parallelogram, and the triangle represent? explain how you found your answers. can anybody please explain this how to tell to my son.

math please help

Medians line AX and line BY of triangle ABC are perpendicular at point G. Prove that AB = CG. In your diagram, <AGB should appear to be a right angle. Not sure what i need to do for this...


So what I have to do is say which property justifies each step, this is what I put and my teacher said I got it wrong... could someone please help me? question~ 3. (6a + 2a) +8b = (6 + 2)a + 8b Answer~ Associative property of addition


can someone show me how to do these problems? Please? I really don't know how to answer them. I would really appreciate it... Solve the following formula for the variable indicated 9. r = d/t, where r = rate, d = distance, and t = time for d 10. 3x - y = 10 for y


can someone show me how to do these problems? Please? I really don't know how to answer them. I would really appreciate it... Solve the following formula for the variable indicated 9. r = d/t, where r = rate, d = distance, and t = time for d 10. 3x - y = 10 for y

Math Ms. Sue

A carpenter is cutting towels from a piece of wood that is 10 inches long. How many half inch dowels can the carpenter cut? Please help me figure out how to solve this.

Math patterns and rules unit test

I am in connexus and was wondering if anyone has got the answers to this test, please help me I am felling really bad and this is the only way I could bring my grade up. Ty!!


Terry buys a shirt for $14.99 and a pair of jeans for $39.99. If the sales tax is 8.25%, what is the total price Terry pays for the items? Can someone please show me how to work this problem?


please help a five -digit number is made from the digits 6,6,3,3, and 3. write two numbers in which the places of the two 6,s are separated by a factor of 1000? I still did not get a answer and i don,t understand this. Thank you

Math(Please Help Assignment Due Today)

Explain why knowing a combination of four pairs of equal sides or equal angles guarantees one of the congruence relationships.


So i was going over a problem that i didn't understand which is What is the slope of the function described in the table below? x I y 0 | -3 2 | -2 4 | -1 6 | 0 the choices were f) -3 g) 1/2 h) 2 J) 3 i know that the answer is g because my family told me but i don't understand...

Math precalculus

Let z and w be complex numbers such that |z| = |w| = 1 and zw does not equal -1. Prove that (z + w) / (zw + 1) is a real number. I have tried to rationalize the denominator and I got (z^2*w-z*w^2) / (zw)^2-1 but that got me nowhere. Can someone please help me!!!


write 1459 into italics numeral. please anyone to help me I stuck whether the italic is the same as roman number and my teacher repeat the same question twice


Suppose Sinea and Ren each spend $40.00 on snacks, and each person spends money using the same ratios as on their last trip. Who spends more on souvenirs? Explain. Please help me with this.

math portfolio

1. Please describe how to find a unit price. * Your answer And thaks to steve and ms. sue i turned a f into a d need help with portfolio to get higher grade *NOT ASKING TO CHEAT*

drwls please check

Can you please check my physics posts. Thanks!

Please solve it for me!! Please...Maths

Solve for the value of x: 6log(x^2+1)-x=0


X=1/2at^2 Solve for a Solve for t Can you please show me how to do this please Thank u

Algebra 1 Please Help

simplify (2√5+3√7)^2 step by step. please tell me how to do this

Spanish-Check please! I need help

Please check-I'm having a problem interpreting these questions and I have to answer them for homework. Could you please check my translation I'm not sure what these questions mean and I have to answer them for homework ¿Qué necesitas para comer en cereal?does this ask what I...


please please please help me balance these two equations... 1. K2Cr2O7+H2C2O4.2H2O--> K[Cr(H20)2(C2O4)2].2H2O+CO2 2. K2Cr2O7+H2C2O4.2H2O--> K[Cr(H20)2(C2O4)2].3H2O+CO2


Gray bought two plots of land for a total of 120000 on the first plot she made a profit of 15% on the second plot she made 10% profit her total profit 5500, how much did she pay for each piece of land? (And please show the full procedure of the math even the rough work as well...


the unknown citizen. Please clarify your three words and ask it as a question. what is the situation [speaker, setting, audience and occasion] in the poem the unknown citizen by w.h. auden. Please tell us your thoughts and we'll be glad to critique it for you. 2.

To Cheryl

I removed your post about tooth whitening because it doesn't have anything to do with school work. Please see a doctor about your symptoms. can u help me Please click Post a New Question and explain how you'd like us to help you.


I desperatly need help, i need to know everything there is to know about the recovery of ALUMINIUM that is recovered from BAUXITE ORE, the process, the cost, everything. Please, if you have any knowledge or know of any GOOD webpages, please post them here. thanks:)

social studies(World Geogrophy)

a straight is a narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water. Find an example of a strait on a map, and write the example...... PS.I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Match, Calculus

help Please... Differential Equations Problems... please give the complete solution, so that i can understand how it is derived... tnx in advance, god Bless... Here are the problems : 1.) y dx + (2x+3y)dy = 0 2.) (2xy + y^(2) ) dx - 2x^(2) dy = 0 ;y = e, x = e 3.) y( x^(2) + ...


i need to find any sources (articles) dealing with factory orders, employment levels, foreign companies, and factory closures... because I need to write a page of each one of them and what it means also...please help me on it

social studies

It says in my textbook that I have to predict what might have happened if the Maya civilization had continued into the present day and then it says to explain. Ms.Sue please, please help me! I need help!!!!!!!!

inverse trig HELP PLEASE!!

Write the general solution to y = arcsin (0.6428). 40°±360°k 140°±360°k 220°±360°k 320°±360°k How do I find the right answer? I am like seriously stuck. I need help please.

Chem help-please

At o degrees celcius, a 1.0-L flask contains 5.0 x 10^-2 mol N2, 1.5 x 10^2 mg O2 and 5.0 x 10^21 molecules of NH3. What is the p00artial pressure of each gasnand what is the total pressure in the flask? I need to understand how to calculate it, formula and how to get the ...


How many molecules are there in 0.029 moles of carbon dioxide gas, CO2? I asked this today, and the person told me to do 0.029 * 6.022e23 and my answer was wrong :/ Can someone please tell me what my answer should be!!?

Algebra 1B

Please help I am so confused... Question: supposed that y is directly proportional to x. a) use the given info to find constant of proportionally k. b) then use y=kx to find y for x=6 y= -62 when x=5 Please help.. thank you this is all I have so far. not sure if I am correct. ...

Computer (Programming Logic and Design)

How do i Create a program that determine the shipping cost for an order based on the following table: From To Price  $0.00 $19.00 $2.95  $20.00 $49.99 $3.95  $50.00 $74.99 $4.95  $75.00 $1000.00 $Free I don't understand how to do this...Would anyone please help create a ...


I have two questions please 1.for the given equation list the intercepts and test for symmetry 49x^2+y^22=49 2. for the midpoint of the line segment from p_1 to P_2 is (-5,4). if P_1=(-2,2) what is P_2? Please show work


Can you please help me factor these expressions? Completely factor the following expressions. Please show work. 4x^2 - 8x - 12 + 6x 144 - 9p^2 5c^2 - 24cd - 5d^2 w^2 - 17w + 42 256z^2 - 4 - 192z^2 + 3 2a^2 c^3 - 14bc^3 + 32c^3 d^2 35g^2 + 6g - 9 3j^3 - 51j^2 + 210j Thank you ...

chemistry----please help

calculate the molar hydroxide ion concentration of each of the following solutions given the pH 4.53. Answer should be for OH-. Please show me how to do this in step by step I tried putting in 10 xy-4.53= 0.000029512 which is 3.0 * 10^-5 It says that the answer is wrong.

History Please Help

What type of resource were enslaved people in the plantation economy? A.Capital Resource B.Human Resource C.Natural Resource D.Financial Resource I thinks it's D. Can someone help please.

Math 11

I need help on this math problem. The width of a certain painting is 5cm less than twice the length. The length of the diagonal distance across the painting is 107cm. Find the length and width. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. How should I set up for this problem? I was ...


on my worksheet "books never written" AND i have to do multiplication by 2 digit factor and i need help solving the names of the authors please don't tell me This makes no sense to me. also, you need a middle school worksheet that says MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH WITH PIZZAZZ! BOOK A ...


Can someone please show us how to show 1500 x 2.1? I can not for the life of me show my daughter how to come up with the correct answer she is just not getting what I am showing her. please!

i need help figuring out this question! :) write a equation for this sequence. then find the 100th term. term number 1 2 3 4 term 6 10 14 18

Need help in math

Janet took a test that contained 328 questions. She answered 75% of the questions. How many questions did she answer. please show your work thanks


which of the following represents a change from 32 to 40? a- an increase of 20% b- an increase of 25% c- an increase of 8% d- a decrease of 20% i don't want to know the answer to the question i would just like to know how to solve it. please help! thank you!!


Look at the chart below: Bounce: 0 1 2 3 4 Height: 100 50 25 13 6 How high do you think the ball will bounce on the 5th bounce? Explain. Please Help!! Thank You!


I am having problems understanding how to solve problems like the following: a2 + b2 = c2 Please help me where I can understand solving problems such as the one above.


Hi, I'm really having problems with this question, can someone please help me. Thank-you! Algebraically solve for 0<phaeta<2pi, 2cos^2 phaeta-7 cos phaeta +3=0

math 11

simplify (make the radicand as small as possible) 125^-2/3 =125^3/2 =square root(125^3) I'm stuck in this part what do I do next? please help

math (precalc)

Point S is 4 km west of point R, and point T is 4 km southwest of S. Find the bearing and distance from R to T. (If possible, show diagrams too, please! Thanks in advance.)


The length of a rectangle is 5cm more than twice the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 34 cm. Find the dimensions of the rectangle. So confused on how to do this problem please help me thanks.


The length of a rectangle is 5cm more than twice the width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 34 cm. Find the dimensions of the rectangle. So confused on how to do this problem please help me thanks.


Please help :( find the lateral and total surface of each prism round if nesccesary and a rectangle has one side 2 ft one 4ft and one 4.5


Can someone please explain this problem Find the general solution to the linear system of differential equations. x'1 x'2 x'3 = −4 −4 5 0 −4 4 0 4 2 x1 x2 x3


4. From your equation, find the European equivalent for U. S. size 8. equation~ m = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1) m = (39-34) / (5-3) m = 5/2 b=26.5 Equation = y=5/2x+26.5 Can someone please help me answer this? I have a graph if you need it... ps thank you for any help you can give!


if a number is not a rational number, then it is______. A. an integer irrational C.whole number D.a radical My best answer is B. Can you check please @Ms.Sue


Please help me to answer in four different ways by ADDITION ONLY: QUESTION; CONNIE HAS 18 APPLE AND MAE HAS 16 APPLE, HOW MANY APPLE THEY HAVE?

Math Question Please Help

Two more students like math than science Half the number of students who like science like history. The number of student who like reading equals the number who like math and science combined. Two students like History. How many children (12) like each subject


Hi, I really need help with these questions. I did some of them halfway, but then I got stuck. Would you please help me? Thank you so much. Prove the identity.... 1. sec x + tan x(1-sin x/cos x)=1 1/cos x + sin x/cos x(cos^2 x/cos x)=1 1+sin x/cos x(cos^2x/cos x)=1 I got stuck...


Please help, my mom and I are having a difference of opinion. The question is crackers come in packages of 24. Cheese slices come in packages of 18. You want one cheese slice for each cracker. What is the least number of crackers and cheese slices you can buy so nothing is ...


I need help on this math problem. The width of a certain painting is 5cm less than twice the length. The length of the diagonal distance across the painting is 107cm. Find the length and width. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Can you check is my substitute is correct? ...

math Please help me with part b

The average cost per item, C, in dollars, of manufacturing a quantity q of cell phones is given by C= (a/q) + b where a and b are positive constants a.Find the rate of change of C as q increases. What are its units? b. Currently, 5000 phones are being made and production is ...


A football coach divides 42 players and 12 coaches into groups. Each group will have the same number of players and coaches. What is the greatest number of groups that can be formed? a. 12 groups b. 6 groups c. 2 groups d. 4 groups My answer is 6 groups because I found out ...


I am writing my father's obituary - he passed away unexpectedly on Monday. He was from a very small town and always quoted verse that ended with "And when I go (return) home, I am a boy again" Walt Whitman. Dylan Thomas. Please. Please. I have a deadline tomorrow noon.

literature-help me PLEASE?

Explore the theme of loneliness and discuss how the writer has conveyed this to the reader through their use of language and style.The poems, Night Waitress by Lynda Hull, The Lady in The Pink Mustang by Louise Erdrich, and Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden. please help me...


can you please help me correct these sentances so it sounds better. During sunset the sun falls and an evening star progressively emerges. To the poet, this event may symbolize the rising of the dead from earth and entering of the soul to heaven. i want make this entence more ...

7th grade math

In 2004, about 14 percent of the estimated total population of the United States was found to be Hispanic. At that time about 1/25 of the Hispanic Population was Cuban, and about 2/3 of the Cuban population lived in Florida. What fraction of the total U.S. population was Cuban...

franctional interests

Hello, I am having a difficult time breaking the following fractions down! what is the common denominator? 98/983 of a 1/2 % 187/983 0f a 1/2% 39/983 of 1/2 % 155/983 of 1/2% 34/983 of 1/2 % 64/983 of 1/2 % 25/983 of 1/2% 65/983 of 1/2% please send me an e-mail, please thank ...

Math Word Problem(PLEASE HELP NOW)

Reasoning Word Problem: A school's lockers are numbered 1-100. One hundred students enter the school one at a time. The first student opens the lockers. The second student closes the even-numbered lockers. The third student either closes or opens every third locker. The ...

Chem for final, please help!

How many moles of H+(aq) ions are present in 1.25 L of 0.75M Nitric Acid? A. 0.60 mol B. 0.75 mol C. 0.94 mol D. 1.7 mol E. 1.9 mol Please show me how to work this!


when I have (2x^(3)-18x)-(2x^(3)) / (x^(2)-9) am I suppose to be left with -18x/(x^(2)-9) or is it just 18x? Please help and thanks!

Math(Please check)

Complete the identity secQ - 1/secQ = secQ Is this correct?


20.46 * 4 = 81.86 Round the answer to 1 decimal place what is the answer? My answer is 81.8 if not please tell me why and how?


X X2 1 1 2 4 3. 9 5 25 8. 64 10 100 It asks me to do the Sum of X Sum of Squares Sum of X squared Can you please help me on this. I don't get it

Math Help

Please help me solve these two problems and check my answer :) 1. 3x-5+x+2 My answer- X= 17/3 2. 5/6x+1/4= -9/4 my answer- X= -2


find the elapsed time start time-3:30 pm end time-7:00 pm please help...


Determine the rule when gradient =2,x intercept =3 .can. anyone please explain,cause I know y intercept =c,but I don't know x intercept,thanks

Math Please check

(1/8)17n x 8 I got: 17n/8 x 8= 17n not sure about this??


tan(θ)/ sec(θ) − cos(θ) Please help!

math grids

please can someone help me with this math grid here is a grid with squares. you must place the numbers 1 through 8 in the squares, without consecutive numbers being placed next to each other in a row, a cloumn, or the number 3 cannot be placed next to the number ...


I need help solving these equations -5s+3s-2s=48 6m=5m-2+m 5d=-2d-24 you need help or you want someone to solve them for you? ;) please solve : ) thanks okay well pretty much solve for s in the first question and m for the second question and d in the third and when you think ...

Algebra II

Can someone please help me with this problem. Given Matrix Y= 2 -7 4 and -1 1 0 Matrix Z= 3 4 1 4 2 -4 Solve for matrix X. X-2Y=3X+Z HELP PLEASE!!!

Please Help CHEM

Can you please tell me if these are right? Determine the pH for the following solutions A [OH-] = 1.0 X 10^-7 M I got 7 B. [H3O+ = 4.2 X 10 ^-3M I got 2.4 C. [H3O+]= 0.0001M I got 4 D. [OH-] = 8.5 X10^-9M I got 5.9 What are the [H3O+] and [OH-] for a solution with the ...

8th grade

Please help me how you get the answer. PLEASE I NEED HELP. A triangle sail has a perimeter of 25 m. Side a is 2 m shorter than twice side b, and side c is 3 m longer than side b. Find the length of each side. Thank you ver much for helping me

Trigonometry Paper Urgent!!!

I am writing a paper on the 8 trigonometric identites but can't find any information on them. Please does anyone know of any websites that would have things like their history, development, applications in ancient times, origins, etc. Please help. Urgent!!!!


Ms Sue your a good pesron and a good teacher to admitt that you was wrong and I admire you for that. I am still confused. I don't know what is right or wrong on this and I am getting freaked out on this. So please send me some explanation on the answer that you chose please.


can someone please tell me what haqibah means in english? it is an arabic word. i think it means suitcase but i'm not sure i've searched it on google but i didn't find my answer i have to teach it to a student, please help me as soon as possible thanks

ms. sue

please help We're going over hybridization right now, like sp3 and stuff. But I don't understand how you got it at all. Can you please tell me the hybridization for these two examples I made up and explain how you got it thanks 1. NH3 2. PF5


I really really need help with this, PLEASE. I need to list the nouns, verbs, and adjectives that establish and shape the mood of the poeom El Olvido by Judith Ortiz Cofer. Please, just give me some examples Thanks -MC


wher can i find accurate up to date info on abolishing the death penalty??any web sites or database please i looked all over the internet..please help! I am writing a argument paper on the death penalty

please help

Im writing a character analysis on the main characters on the movie Heathers but im having a hard time if anyone has seen this movie and understands the characters please help. p.s I went to the websites on google and they havent helped hopefully one of you can.


High I need to describe Rocky Mountains from my view but i never saw them. Can someone please help me to write 2 sentence description of rocky mountains. Our teacher told us it should be in Imagery Format. Please Help!!!!


The 2nd harmonic of a string of length 60 cm and linear mass density 1.1 g/m has the same frequency as the 5th resonance mode of a closed pipe of length 0.8 m. Find the tension in the string.

Algebra II -Please help

Assign each letter and a blank space to a number as shown by the alphabet table. 0=_ 1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D 5=E 6=F 7=G 8=H 9=I 10=J 11=K 12=L 13=M 14=N 15=O 16=P 17=Q 18=R 19=S 20=T 21=U 22=V 23=W 24=X 25=Y 26=Z use matrix [1 -2] -3 7 and encode the phrase "One Question to go" o=15 ...


If F(x)dx=1 from 1 to 25, F(x)dx=4 from 1 to 4, and F(x)dx=9 from 17 to 25, then: 1) What does F(x)dx from 9 to 17=? 2) What does (1F(x)-4)dx from 9 to 17x=? I have no idea how to do this problem and have been on it for hours! The problem is not typed incorrectly, this is ...


W, R, and S are points on a number line, and W is the midpoint of point RS. For each pair of coordinates given, find the coordinate of the third point. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. R=4, S=-6 Answer: W=-1 2. W=-4, S=2 Answer: R=-10 *Could you please explain how you solve ...

Please help me with statistics

I was asked to: Calculate the d value or effect size for A but use this data instead. A. Group one 12 and group two 11 standard deviation 3 Can anyone please help me figure out how to find the d value. Any help would be great.

Molarity question!! please help urgently!

Suppose you wanted to produce an aqueous solution of pH = 8.70 by dissolving one of the following salts in water: NH4Cl, KHSO4, KNO2, NaNO3. Use salt KNO2. But at what molarity? Please help!! Thank you!


i need someone's help What do you need help with? Please put your question on the board and someone will be more than please to help. thanks for asking Jiskha.


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