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  1. Please help trig proof

    ((cotx+cscx)/(sinx+tanx))=cotxcscx Please prove left side equal to right side, only doing doing work on the left.

    Suppose the moon rotated on its axis just as quickly as Earth. Would you still always see the same side of the moon from Earth? *HELP ME PLEASE*
  3. Physics

    Please help me go through this F = q1q2/r^2, i know this is the equation, but i don't know how to get the answer, please help. What is the electric force between a +2 µC point charge and a –2 µC point charge if they are separated by a distance of 5.0 cm? Show your work...
  4. algebra

    I really need that to my examples in my report tomorrow those i posted question, its a kind of test tomorrow please help me now please... even if now only...
  5. science

    I grand daughter has this fill in the blank: Electically__________ objects push or _____________ on other electrically charged objects. This produces___________. Please fill in the blanks please. Because we don't know... Thanks!!!!
  6. History

    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE ANSWERS ARE JUST PLEASE TELL ME IF THEY ARE WRONG OR RIGHT, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!!! 1.-2v-7=-23 A.)15 B.)8*** C.)-8 D.)-15 4.-2(m-30)=-6m A.)-15 B.)-13 C.)-8*** D.)8 5.3n+2=8+2n A.)3 B.)4*** C.)5 D.)6 6.Simplify the expression. -6-7(c+10) A.)64-7c B...
  7. algebra

    use intercepts to graph the line described by each equation: -6y = -4x + 24 I was told that the x intercept is 6 the y intercept is -4 Can you please explain to me how that's the answer step by step please (baby steps) Thank you
  8. Administrative Communication

    Please give me a sample of an informative/positive, negative and persuasive messages in administrative communication. Please base it on liberal arts and education department. Thank you.
  9. Lang Arts

    I need help on this book called the outsiders if anyone has read this book please email me I really need help its on a oral presentation so Ty please help!!
  10. algebra

    Check this problem for me do I have negative sign right with the answer. -1(-1)+-5-5=-2/-10==-1/5 the one on top and the -1(-1) and on the bottom is -5-5. so check this answer for me. Please, Please
  11. algebra

    Check this problem for me do I have negative sign right with the answer. -1(-1)+-5-5=-2/-10==-1/5 the one on top and the -1(-1) and on the bottom is -5-5. so check this answer for me. Please, Please
  12. to Lulu - re English

    Please do not post a question more than once. If you have further questions, please post under the original question.
  13. To Desmond

    Please use Post a New Question -- if you piggy-back a question on another student's question, it's unlikely to be answered. Please repost your question.
  14. Algebra

    Add polynomials 0.15x^4 + 0.10x^3 - 0.01x^3 + 0.01x^2 + x 1.25x^4 + 0.11x^2 + 0.01 027x^3 + 0.99 -0.35x^4 + 15x^2 - 0.03 I don't understand PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!
  15. algebra 2

    help please!! state the possible rational zeros for each function. then find all zeros. y=x^3-13x^2-x+13 show all the step please .thanks
  16. Algebra 1

    Find the y-intercept of the two coordinates ( 2, -5) and ( 6, 3). Please help me with this question and please explain to me and show me how to find Each step to solving the y- intercept. Thank you 😄
  17. Math (Check Answers Please)

    (Please tell me if I did a good job!) Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (My answer:) 3x + 5 = 3x + 5 This equation is equal to its ...
  18. math please help

    Chris can be paid in one of two ways. Plan A is a salary of ​$450 per​ month, plus a commission of 7​% of sales. Plan B is a salary of ​$681 per​ month, plus a commission of 4​% of sales. For what amount of sales is Chris better off ...
  19. Algebra

    please help me with this question. please explain this question to me and how you got the answer to the question. Solve the inequality. > 10 A. y < –16 B. y > –60 C. y > 4 D. y < –60
  20. Calculus help please

    I have to evaluate the following: tan((sin^-1)(2/7)) and sin^-1 (sin(17pi/6)) Please help.
  21. math

    compound interest compute the compound interest on 1)Rs 1500 for 2years at 6% per annum. please send answer This site explains compound interest and shows the formula for solving your problem.
  22. Math

    Please help me I am terrible at math, and this is my last class before graduation.. 1. Find the value of X... x/6-x/8=1 2. Find the value of X...x/x-2-x+1/x=8/x^2-2x 3. Find the value of X...5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/X+1 4.Find the value of X...2/5=x-2/20 find the lowest common ...

    do anyone knows a poem named "Instruction for Joining a New Society", which about the desire to become an American? I need this poem immediately!!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If that is the title, I find nothing! If you have either the title or the ...
  24. Algebra--please help!

    I really need help with my math homework today, because I am totally confused! Please give me the answer, but also walk me through it, too, so I can fully understand it, because just the answer won't really help. #1: A math teacher wants to curve a set of grades. *Just a note...
  25. math

    someone please help me understand how this is done.state all the restritions on the variable 7x-13/x^2-16 Your problem: 7x - 13 ------- x^2 - 16 The restrictions are that x cannot equal 4 or -4. The denominator of a fraction cannot equal 0. I hope this helps and is what you ...
  26. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    I need to know how to work this problem and show my work: 1/5x-3x+2=2/5x + 18 First rather the x so: 1/5x-3x+2=2/5x+18 1/5x-3x-2/5x=18-2 -3.2x=16 -x=5 x=-5 I don't know if this is correct. Please cheak over it. i don't unstand math. how can i?
  27. math

    3x-5/6=7x+4/4 If you mean (3x-5)/6= (7x+4)/4 , then 12 x - 20 = 42 x + 24 and you can take it from there. If you mean 3x - 5/6 = 7x + 4/4, then the answer will be different. Please use parentheses to clarify ambiguous algebraic statements such as the one you typed.
  28. math,correction

    can someone correct this for me please. Directions: Solve the following system by substitution. 5x-2y=-5 y-5x-3 what i received as the solution are : x = - (1)/(5) and y = 2 which it would look like: (-(1)/(5) , 2) correct.
  29. math

    7 1/6 - 6 4/6 = ? could you please show me the steps to do this problem? thank you, ryan 7 1/6 = 6 7/6 - 6 4/6 = -6 4/6 ------- 3/6 = 1/2 mixed fractions are useless in calculations so the first thing you have to do is change them to improper fractions 7 1/6 + 6 4/6 =43/6 + 40...
  30. Math

    There are 4 quarterbacks and 6 centers on a football team that has 60 players. How many quarterback-center pariing are possible? I think there would be 4 possible but don't know if this is correct. Please help! Thank you in advance.
  31. Math

    If 1 zilch is equal to 13 milches, and 1 milch is equal to 23 pilches, would you accept 8000 piches for 26 zilches? Why or why not? PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU GOT YOU ANSWER!
  32. math

    Still need help please: Stan invested $13,000, part at 17% and part at 2%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $1,910, how much did he invest at 17%?
  33. math

    A "super ball" dropped from a height of x feet bounces to a height y that is 80% of x. Can anyone please teach me how to find its numerical, algebraic, and graphical representations? Thanks a lot!!!
  34. MATH

  35. Math

    determine vertex, focus and directrix of parabola. then graph the parabola. second equation: y^2 -4y -12x= 8 Please help me this is do 2day bc i forget to turn it in to my teacher
  36. math

    which of the following functions have a inverse? f(x)=ab.solute value of x. f(x)=x^3 f(x)=x^4 f(x)=x^3 f(x)=x^4,xless then or equal 0. how do i know if they have an inverser, can someone please explain:) thanks for your time YOOO
  37. math

    simplify these expressions as fractions: (26/27) + (35/4) (26/27) x (35/4) (3x/2y^2) x (2yx/x^2) and what are the restrictions of x, y? (3x^y/zw) + (tx^2y^3w^4/z) and what are the restrictions for he variables x, y, z, t, w to make the expression well defined? i'm not sure how...
  38. MATH 156

    can some one please check if my answer is correct. Write the number in scientific notation. 15)0.000 294 Answer: 2.94x10^(-4)
  39. math

    the width of a rectangle is fixed at 27 cm. what lengths will make the perimeter greater than 70cm? the length must be greater than _70_ cm please check if this is correct. thank you!!
  40. math

    I donot understand how to do this practice question for a test I have tomorrow. can someone please show me step by step? (-> is an arrow) lim x-> 0 (32-32cosx)/64
  41. Math

    Find three consecutive integers such that 5 times the first and third is 14 greater than 8 times the second. Please show all work.
  42. math

    Factor the expression on the lift side of each equation. Then solce the equation: 8xcubed-27=0... also please show work so I understand how you got the answer.
  43. Math

    1) use the half-angle formulas to determine the exact values of the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angle. 67 degrees and 30' Please explain!! I do not know how to start.
  44. to Mary - re "Math (basic statistics) ..."

    Your post has been removed. Once you write up YOUR THOUGHTS, please re-post, and someone here will be happy to comment.
  45. Math

    Round 1,643,253 to the nearest hundred thousand. I say it's 1,600,000 but the workbook says 1,700,000. Please explain.
  46. math

    Please give am example for this formula: Debt servicing burden + (Debt payment rule-growth in wage)+ Price inflation rate
  47. 5 th grade math

    The scores earned by the students on a recent assignment are listed below. what are the maximum and minimum of the scores? 74,80,80,83,84,85,90,87,91,92,91,93,81,95,73,82,78,94. maximum______? minimum______? please help me with this problem thank you!!
  48. math

    when doing decimoles and multiplying them by whole numbers...for example 4.7805 multiplyed by 1000 dose the decimole go 4places over or 8places over i don't get it please help!!!
  49. Math

    What does it mean if a line in R^3 is parallel to the xy-plane but not to any of the axes. I really don't know what this means in terms of how the parametric and symmetric equations of the line should look. Please help.
  50. Math

    What does it mean if a line in R^3 is parallel to the xy-plane but not to any of the axes. I really don't know what this means in terms of how the parametric and symmetric equations of the line should look. Please help.

    What's the slope-intercept equation of line which is parallel to y = 2/5x-3 and passes through point (0,5) A. y = -5/2x - 3 B. y = -5/2x + 5 C. y = 2/5x + 3 D. y = 2/5x + 5 Its D, but how do u figure that out? please explain step by step.
  52. math please help?

    Nena invested some money at 7% interest and the same amount at 10%. Her total interest for the year was $850. How much did she invest at each rate?
  53. Math

    We need some help with these questions that we posted earlier. Please. What is the meaning of a relative frequency of 1? A rotation is described by it's ____ and ____? Thank you very much.
  54. Math

    A pond 100 ft in diameter is surrounded by a circular grass walk 2 feet wide. Find the are of the walk. Answer in terms of π. Please help me! TY
  55. math

    There are 6 boys and 8 girls in a group of students. Calculate the number of ways that a president, vice-president and treasurer can be selected. Please show your work.
  56. math

    an airplane is flying at 550 km/h on a heading of 080. the wind is blowing at 60 km/h from a bearing of 120. Find the ground velocity of the airplane. Please Help! Thanks in advance.
  57. math geo please help?

    finals next weekk D: ten less than three times the complement of an angle is it supplement. find the measure of the supplement?
  58. Math 116

    Create an equation of a nonlinear function and provide one positive and one negative value for x. Please show steps in how to solve it as well.
  59. Math,Word problems(algebra)

    Kai Ling has 4m kg of flour.She bought 2 more packets of flour, each of mass m kg.How much does she has now in terms of m? Please help me
  60. More MATH 

    Here's some other stuff we never learned in class: 7e-2=47 e=_____ 1/3g=8 g=_____ 5b+1=46 b=______ I don't know how to work them! Please explain as well.

    Let c be a positive integer with 1<=c<=n. Show that the set: W ={ó exists in Sn such that ó(c)=c} is a subgroup of Sn. (The set W is called the stabilizer of c, because every element in W leaves c fixed.)
  62. Math- Trig please help!

    A tire with a diameter of 100 cm rotates 20 times in 3 seconds. a) determine the angular velocity b) how far the tire has travelled? c) what is the speed in km/h?
  63. math help please

    if you divide this number by 2 you will get 3 multiplied by 6. Subtract 3 groups of 3 and you will get 3 multiplied by 9. I am so confused trying to help my 8 year old figure this out i have come up with 9 then 36 then 0
  64. math help please

    if you divide this number by 2 you will get 3 multiplied by 6. Subtract 3 groups of 3 and you will get 3 multiplied by 9. I am so confused trying to help my 8 year old figure this out i have come up with 9 then 36 then 0
  65. Math

    THe population of Anytown in 1960 was 1,576,230. In 1990 the population was 892,560. Find the percent change. AM REALLY CONFUSED PLEASE HElp
  66. Math

    Need help understanding 2010-2011 Transitional Unit: 06 Lesson 01- Unit: 05 TESCCC source It is called Maintain Your Balance Can someone please help?
  67. HELP ON MATH PLEASE!!!!!!!

    John jogged downhill at 6mi/hr and then jogged back up at at 4mi/hr. If the total jogging time was 1.25 hours, how far did he jog in all?
  68. Math

    A tuition bill was $4360. If she paid $6052 what's the percentage increase on her tuition. (Could you please show me how you get this answer so I'll have an idea on how to do the others that are similar)
  69. aig math (please answer Ms.Sue)

    Albert bought 28 compact discs for $805.give a quick estimate of the cost of each compact disc.
  70. Algebra

    Solve the inequality and express the solution in terms of intervals whenever possible. | x+3 | < 0.01 I know the answer is : (-3.01,-2.99) Please show me how to solve this type of math problem.
  71. math

    solve equation then check for extraneous solution please someone explain this to me. 6/6-4x/=8+4 then one that is solve the inequality s/x+3/4<2 I don't understand these problems and then it says to graph
  72. math

    What expression is a counterexample to the statement The whole numbers are closed under division 2 divided by 10th 10 divided by 2 Please explain to me which one is the correct
  73. Math

    Could someone help be understand the general addition rule for probability? It says P(A or B)= P(A)+P(B) - P(A and B). But I get a different answer when I work it out myself: P(A or B)= P(A)(1-P(B)) +P(B)(1-P(A)) = P(A) -P(A)P(B) +P(B)-P(A)P(B) =P(A) +P(B) -2P(A)P(B) Would ...
  74. math

    ok so this question is to ms. sue this question says what is the actual height of the living room whose distance is 9/20 inch on the the blue prints??? can u help me please -celeste
  75. math

    what is the volume in cubic feet if you have a cylindrical object whic is 8' in diameter and is 16' feet long.? could you please show in detail how to figure this out? thank you
  76. math--please check

    Change the logarithmic equation to an equivalent equation involving an exponent. log8^64=2 **note that the 8 should be lower than the g** 8^(log64)=8^2 64=8^2 is this correct
  77. Math Help Please!!!!

    Natalie picked 135 berries in 15 minutes. If she continues picking at that rate, how long will it take her to pick 486 berries? Explain.
  78. math

    Ivan has completed 45% of his walk. He has already walked 9 km. How much farther does he have left to walk? I don't understand how to do this. Could you please help and show me how you got this answer? Thank you.
  79. Math 6th grade

    The base of the skateboard ramp has an area of 2.3 m square meters the height of the ramp is 1.2 m find the volume of the rectangular prism?Please help!
  80. Math Help Please!!!!!

    The number of pounds gained during pregnancy are normal with mean=30.23 and st. deviation=13.84 Determine the percent of women that gain between 20 and 30 pounds.
  81. Annuity math

    Calculate the future value of S of an annuity using the following formula: S =R(1+i)^n-1/i) given R=250,i=0.001;n=13 please show the workout thankyou
  82. heeeeeeelp math

    visit this link and answer the question on screen please tell me answer also
  83. math

    A.) graph the quadrilateral with the end points A(6,5), B(-3,-1), C(-1,-4) and D(8,2) B.) what type of quadrilateral is ABCD? use slope to justofy your answer Can someone please help me with ASAP thank you so much
  84. math-probability

    Employees at a company are given a three digit employee identification code. If each digit cannot be repeated, how many different codes are possible? Please help.
  85. Math

    Assume that the mean salary for a profession is $35,104 with a standard deviation of $3200. What percent of the profession earns less than $38,700? I don't understand how to do this. Please help!!
  86. Math

    I'm confused, please help. If a quarterback had 112 positive yards and 61 negative yards what was his total yardage, should I add both together?
  87. Math

    a restaurant charges a reservation fee of $15 for its party room, plus $21.50 per person. If the bill was $445, how many people were at the party? HELP PLEASE! IS THE ANSWER 30?
  88. Quick math help

    Use the following information to find y: m= -3 (5,2) and (6,y) Now write the point slope form of the equation using the completed point: Please help!! Thank you!!
  89. math

    i was doing the mean theorem for this problem: (x+4)^2 (x-3) on [-4,3] i got to: 3x^2 + 10x-8=7 someone helped me out and told me the answer was (-5 +/- sqrt(70))/(3) but i don't know how to get to there, can someone please explain to me how to get to this point?
  90. Math

    Three minutes after take-off, and airplane is 5,000 feet in the air. If it ascends at a constant rate, what is the rate of change? Please help.
  91. Math: Trig

    What is Arcsec(-2) equal to and how can you find the correct answer? I got 2pi/3 but it was marked wrong on my test and I'm not sure why it's wrong. Can you please explain this to me? Thanks!
  92. Math

    This isn't very urgent but can you please break this down to me step by step? I really don't understand. I get that I'm supposed to use the order of operations but I still get lost. 2[4(9-7)+1]/3
  93. Math

    !!PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK!! My recipe makes 96 cookies, but I'll only need 24 for the party, what will I multiply each ingredient by to make just 24 cookies? Explain.
  94. 4th grade math

    explain how you know that 21/30 is greater than 2/3. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also, I need a FOURTH GRADE ANSWER, nothing else, perferibly using fraction strips.
  95. Business Math

    Find the amount due on a $300 invoice received on June 3 and paid on June 11 if the sales terms are 3/15, n/30. I can't figure this out! Please help!
  96. math

    integral of ((1+sin(2x))^0.5)/(sin(x)^2) I tried all kind of substitution, simplification but unable to solve it.Need a hint only no solution please.
  97. math lictracy,life science,geography,tourism,isizulu,english,life orantation.

    please tell me the job i can do while im study that subjects?
  98. math asap

    this is a difficult question for me please help! thankyou A sequence is defined recursively by an + 1 = 3an − n, a1 = 2. Find the first six terms of the sequence. a1 = a2 = a3 = a4 = a5 = a6 =
  99. Math

    Please show eighty thousand, nine-hundred twenty-three and eighty-six hundredths in standard form. My answer was 80,923.86 Thanks
  100. Math Asap

    When adding √9 and -7, which type of number is the sum? A.irrrational B.whole number C.radical D.integer My answer is A. CAN you check please @Ms.Sue
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