Math(Please help)

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I need step by step help with "-5+2x=-7x+94" please someone help me! ):


(1/2)X - (1/2)Y = 4 1. Slove for X 2. Slove for Y not just an answer please


(4x^2 - x +5)/ (x^2/3) Can you please show step-by-step how to do this problem?


-[2x-(5x+2)]=2+(2x+7) help me please, i need step by step so that I won't get lost


please simplify the expreesion: (2x − 1)(x^2 + 3x − 3)=


please confirm this answer also: [(4+20)/(4*2)]+[(2*8)/4]=7 is the answer 7?

Please check my answer: Math

Solve: 7r - 7 = 2r + 18 My answer: 7r - 7r - 7 = 2r - 7r + 18 -7 = -5r + 18 -7 - 18 = -5r + 18 - 18 -25/-5 = -5r/-5 R = 5


Simplify (3x-2)^3 - (4x+5)^2 Can you show it step-by-step please

Math (Help please)

What are the like terms of -x, -8x^2, and -2. What is the like term of 5 j^2 k^2?

Math 222

Please help me solve for m? F equal mv^2/r solve for m.


Please check my answer for this: 17 - 4 x 3 + 8 = The answer I come to is 13


Please check Simplify 7t+3+t+9=8t+12 Simplify m-2-4m-5=-3m+7 Solve 90=5t+t 90=6t t=15


what is the answer please its my last question: S = 2πr2 + 2πrh


PLEASE HELP! j + 150 x 50 is a _____ expression because _____.

reading...please help

i need to know who the antagonist is in the story money hungry and i need to know what the conflict in the ook is please help me....i really need help i gotta know this by tomorrow!

Pre-Cal(Please help)

Find two functions f and g such that (f X g)(x) = h(x). (There are many correct answers.) h(x) = 4 / (5x + 2)^2 = My answers were: f(x) = 4 / 5x, and g(x) = 5x + 2 Please explain. These answers were wrong and I do not know how to fix them!!

adult education

I need help with someone to go over my eassy with me can someone please help me.This is my first time using this site so I don't know how it really works SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!

Math (Please help!!)

Given A(-4,-2), B(44), and C(18,-8, answer the following questions Write the equations of the line containing the altitude the passes through B in standard form. Write the equation of the line containing the median that passes through point C in slope-intercept form Write the ...


16 persons need 56 kg of rice in 1 week. How much rice will be needed by 24 persons in four weeks? ^please anyone over here ryt now may you help me to arrive to the final answer^ 24×(56/16)× 4 math - kelvin today at 2:22pm i had the this idea but i shocked when i saw the ...


I don't if I'm right for these two questions i just need a check if I'm right,if I'm wrong please show me how to get that answer. Rewrite the following exponential functions as logarithmic functions a)f(x)=9^x ans:f(x) Log^-1(xlog(9)) b)f(x)=(7/8)^x ans:log^-1(x(log 7 - log 8...


I'm really, really, really, sorry but I seriously need help. I can't find a TIMELINE of George Vancouver's special journeys and events. PLEASE HELP ME!!! IT WILL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME!

us history

what lasting influence did Thomas Jefferson have upon the American political traditions Hi i need a lot lot lot of information please please help me.

science Opinions

i need some of your opinions on this question: how will gasoline being replaced with biofuel from garbages affect you peronally? please write your opinions please

Algebra Problem

I've gotten confunsed. Please help. Solve: 2y-a = a + 3b ____ ______, for y 3 4 Please show how to solve this. If you mean (2y -a)/3 = (a + 3b)/4 then 2y - a = (3/4) (a + 3 b) 2y = (7/4) a + (9/4) b y = (7/8) a + (9/8) b f(x)=x(squared)-4x+9 solve for x

math (please)

There is a 60% that your math teacher will give a pop quiz tonight and, due to the fact that you have a soccer game, there is an 85% chance you will not be able to do your math homework. You decide that you will do the homework if the probability of there being a pop quiz and ...


Point E(0, -2) is a vertex of square DEFG. After a 90* clockwise rotation of the square about the origin, which of the following is the location of E? A. (-2,0) B. (2,0) C. (2,2) D. (0,2) Point D(-3,5) is a vertex of triangle DEF. After rotation of the triangle about the ...


I need help in history. I have to write a 4-5 paragraph essay on world war one, but I need information. Could someone please summarize the main things that happened in world war one? Please don't write an essay, I just need someone to tell me the very important things that ...


graph each of the following equations below using their intercepts?. 25x + 50y - 100 = 0 find the intercepts Y intercept is when x is zero x intercept is when y is zero. plot those points, connect the dots. please answer my question with solution. 2y - 8x Please note that we ...


3 3/4pt=____c show steps and work please Try the method DrWLS or I showed you FIRST. Repost if you still don't get it but tell us what you don't understand about the procedure.


turn this equation: X2 (X to the second power)+16x+15x I'm suppose to use the Distributive Property to factor this expression......HOW?!?!?!? And I also have to show the steps. how?!?!? please help!!


x=3-3y x+3y=-6 I'm looking for coordinates of where the two lines intercect. If you can, please show your work :) I know it's either (5,-2) or No Solution. But I hate not knowing how something works, and I know that if I don't find out, i'll regret it.


My teacher forgot to tell me how to exactly solve any problem like this, she ran out of time probably. ã5/16 It says simplify the expression, could someone please show me how to do that?

math help plz

In a set of data, the 25th percentile is 108 and the interquatile range is 32. expalin how you would find the upper quartile score. please help i don't help any idea about it....:(

11th grade

hi, i am haveing prob;ems with my math its called solving the quadratic equation but my teacher is not really giving me the attention i need to pass the class but will you help me please

Gr. 10 math again!

Factor by Grouping.Thanks Bob. PLEASE SHOW ME THE STEPS! 1.) 6x2-21xy+8xz-28yz just to make it clear,the 2 infront of -21 is actualli an Exponent 2. 2.) x2+5x+7x+35

10th grade math

Factor by Grouping. PLEASE SHOW ME THE STEPS! 1.) 6x2-21xy+8xz-28yz just to make it clear,the 2 infront of -21 is actualli an Exponent 2. 2.) x2+5x+7x+35




I have tried to figure out this problem and I just don't seem to understand. Could someone please help? I need to write a solution in interval notation for x<5 and x is greater than or equal to -2. Thanks.


this question concernc the function f(x)=2x^3+15x^2+24x-21. Using the Second Derivative Test ,cassify the right-hand stationary point . please need your help thanks for reading


can please someone help me to solve this question: 18 MB of data are to be transmitted over a 4 megabits per second connection. How long should the complete transmission take, to the nearest 0.1 s?


how many 3-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 1 to 7, if the number 2 must be included? (Repetitions are allowed) The books says 127. Could someone please explain this? Thanks


there are six cubes ho can i arrange the numbers 1-9 in the boxes.their sums vertically,horizontally,and diagonally must be 15. Note:each digit should be used only once. please do help me


There are nine cubes how can i arrange the numbers 1-9 in the boxes.Their sums vertically,horizontally,and diagonally must be 15. Note:each digit should be used only once. please do help me


There are nine cubes how can i arrange the numbers 1-9 in the boxes.Their sums vertically,horizontally,and diagonally must be 15. Note:each digit should be used only once. please do help me


“Vitamin E is a proven antioxidant and may help in fighting cancer and heart disease.” Is there anything ambiguous about this claim? Can someone please help and give me a detailed answer for this problem Thank you.


Solving Equations with Grouping Symbols: 3(g-3)=6 Please explain how to do this Rules: Use Distributive Property Combine like terms Solve by using inverse operations

ie math

A right triangle has hypotenuse 8 and area 8. Find the perimeter? I think I have to apply Heron's formula to this question, but I don't know how to solve. Please help. Your help is very much appreciated!


Referring to the figure, think about first picking a card and then rolling the die. Give the probability in simplest form. P(A, 1) = ____ i am confused with this problem.. please help?


I have to do a crossword puzzle in geometry.One of the questions is where perpendicular line segments cross. It is five letters long with o being the second letter. Please help

Math 8R - HELP!

Simplifying Algebraic Expression Using the Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms Solve: 4 (g +7) = 64 4g + 4(4) = 64 4g + 16 = 64 I'm getting a bit confused and struggling a lot in this problem. Please help me!

7th grade Math

can someone please check this for me. Be sure to round to the nearest hundred. 1) 6 eggs in 7 days 2) 8 batteries in 3 months 3) 122 patients in 4 weeks 4) $8.43 for 3 pounds


Could someone please help me with this problem I just do not get it. Arrange the numerals 1 to 9 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) in a single fraction that equals exactly 1/3 (one third)? Example that doesn't work: 7192/38456 = 0.187


find the verticle, horizontal, and oblique asymptotes, if any, for the given rational function: g(x)=x^4-81/3x^2-9x I feel like such a dork becaue i have no clue how to do this, can someone please help me????


Evaluate the following with thought the use of a calculator: Sin70.sin25 + sin65.sin20 And please people explain how you arrived in your answer Lots of love, timmy


Suppose f(x) is a polynomial of degree of 5 and with leading coefficient 2009. Supposdm further that f(1) = 1, f(2) = 3, f(3) = 5, f(4) = 7, f(5) = 9. What is the value of f(6). The answer given in book is 241091. Please work the complete solution.


If the length of a rectangle is 4 more than 3 times the width, and the perimeter is 32 meters, what are its dimensions? Please enter your answer as two numbers without the units, separated by a comma.


How do you do these questions, I have all my steps until the last one: 2x(2x)^2: 2x(4x^2)? Now do I multiply or add the big numbers? also Im having trouble on these: 1. x^2(xy)^3: x2(x^3y^3) 2. 3x^2(2x)^3: 3x^2 (8x^3) 3. -2x^2y(3xy^2)^2 4. -(3x)^2: -(9x^2)? 5. 5x(2x^2)^2 6. -...

Math help

How do you do these questions, I have all my steps done until the last one: 2x(2x)^2: 2x(4x^2)? Now do I multiply or add the big numbers? also Im having trouble on these: 1. x^2(xy)^3: x2(x^3y^3) 2. 3x^2(2x)^3: 3x^2 (8x^3) 3. -2x^2y(3xy^2)^2 4. -(3x)^2: -(9x^2)? 5. 5x(2x^2)^2 ...


need help don't undertsand the problem i tried the point slope formula but wasn't working out Find the x and y intercept of the line that passes thorugh the given points. (-6,2) and (-3,4)


stamjps are sold in bookiets of 100,50, and 10.find as many different ways to buy 200 stamps as you can. record your work in the chart. could you give me some examples...please!


A carpenter has a board that is 10 feet long. He wants to make 6 table legs that are all the same length. What is the longest each leg can be? Please explain how you find a sum of this problem.


Calculate the following and round to the allowed number of significant figures 1. (18.00 x 1.5) / 0.00625 2.4.61 X 10^3 / 5.1008 x 10^-4 My answers 1. 4320 2. 9.037 x 10^-1 Please explain what I did wrong if I'm incorrect. Thank you

Urgent math

Please help me solve this problem?!?! Find the first six terms and the sixth partial sum of the sequence whose nth term is an = 5n2 − n. a1 = a2 = a3 = a4 = a5 = a6 = S6 =


Write the prime factorization using exponents of each number .Then find the greatest common factor (GCF)of the numbers. 1\24.............. 36.............. 2\21.............. 56.............. Please,,help me.😞 I tried to solve the problems but don't I know.


Please help me Combine the Like Terms, I really need help. My teacher said to show at least one more step. Evaluate the following when a = 4 and b = -1. Question~~ 4a – 5b + 2a – b2 My answer~~ 4*(4)-5*(-1)+2*(4)-(-1)^2 = 28


Write 57.6% as a fraction in simplest form. A. 576/100 B. 72/125******** C. 72/250 D. 6/57 Please HELP ASAP... IS IT CORRECT @Ms.Sue @Emy @Writeacher @Steve @FrozenQueen @Reed


Find the volume of revolution when the region enclosed by the functions f(x)= e^x , g(x)=e^-x ,and the two lines is revolved about the x-axis Solution V=intergrate e^2x-e^-2x dx From -1to1 1/2e^+e^-2x when you sub and cal. =0 why please help me


James paid Tsh 10000 to buy the following items: 4.5 kg@600/=,2kg@1200/= and tomatoes 3kg by 1500/=.How much did he remain?#any one to help me please *


James paid Tsh 10000 to buy the following items: 4.5 kg@600/=,2kg@1200/= and tomatoes 3kg by 1500/=.How much did he remain?#any one to help me please *


Hello I need to ask a question. This is all new to me as we are just learning this in school. How would I write an inequality with -197 and -110? I have never done this before. Can you please help me?

Ms. Sue! Math

Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range -1<m<0. I don't really understand how to find this out. Can someone lead me in the right direction please?

6th grade math

What is the LCM of two numbers that have no common factors greater than one? Give an example. I need the answer tonight please! Thanks in advance!

math Please help!!

The empire state building in New York City is 1,250 feet tall. It has 103 floors. Rounded to the nearest whole, what is the height of each floor?


What is the least common multiple of 864,624 and 819. Can you please show the steps. I know that they are both divisible by 3 but can't find the next lowest prime number to divide them by?

Math please help hurry

A submarine is travelling parallel to the surface of the ocean at a depth of 626m. It begins a constant ascent in order to reach the surface after travelling a distance of 4420m. The ascent takes 35mins. A.) what angle of ascent or angle of elevation would the submarine need ...

Chemistry Help Please!

1) You have a protein at 20 ug/ml. Its MW =10,000. What is the concentration in molarity? Show work please! 2) You are asked to make 30 mL of a solution at 0.03M using the 0.10M stock solution. How many mililliliters of water do you use to make this solution? How many ...

Math ASAP please

13. Mia charges $2.25 per hour when she babysits, plus $5.00 for transportation expenses. Write a function rule to represent the amount y Mia charges to babysit for x hours. (1 point) y = 2.25x + 5.00 y = 5.00y + 2.25 y = 5.00x + 2.25 y = 7.25x 14. The sale price of ground ...


Today's fossil fuels began forming 300 million years ago. What allowed the process to begin? A Mammals ate all of the plants B Rainfall eroded huge mountains C Dinosaurs roamed the land D Many huge plants grew, died, and decayed (Broken Link Removed) um a little more help ...

Linear algebra

Show that the origin is the only equilibrium point of the system? X=ax+by Y=cx+dy Wherea,b,c and d are constants, with ad-bc not aqual to 0(zero) Please show me how to do this problem Please show me the work

Pre-calculus need help!!

Quadratic Formula 1.) x+6/x=-7 2.) 4x/x+4 + 3/x-1 = 15/x^2+3x-4 3.) x+3/x - 2/x+3 = 6/x^2+3x formula: -B+ sqrt B^2 + (-4)(a)(c)/2a f u only wanted to use the formula it's not necessary though. please help me! it's going to pass tomorrow!! please!

Calculus Help Please

Consider the implicit function ln(xy)-cos^-1(x-1)=x a. Find dy/dx. b. Find y when x = 1. c. Find the equation of the tangent line in slope-intercept form when x = 1. Show steps please! Thanks!

Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

Prove that the integral on the interval [a,b] of x is equal (b^2-a^2)/2 integral a to be (x)dx = (b^2-a^2)/2 using the definition of a Definite Integral. This is the limit of a sum approach. show steps please!!! Thank you!!!

math(please help me!!)

4x^2+20x+5y+xy *you have to factor by grouping,for more information just ask me* First, take out 4x from the first two and y from the second: 4x(x+5) + y(x+5). Then combine the 4x and the y: (4x+y)(x+5). That's your answer. thanks. - can you help me with this one? *48x^2y+20xz...


Can you please go step by step, Ill show what I did and you can correct me. The question is: a+a(x+1) My way: a+a(x+1) 2a(x+1) 2ax+2a Could someone please check over this and provide a correct answer and my error. Thanks in advance. a+a(x+1) does not equal 2a(x+1) If it was (a...


Can somebody Please please help. Identify the usage of each of the following modal verbs. May I use your toilet? Mathew might come to see you later. You really should stop smoking. I must do my homework. Monkeys can’t swim

hca 270

hey yea i posted earlier and i havent responded can some one please hel[p im confused and am cutting close on assinment because ive got things going on and mixed up can someone please help this is due tonite help

us history

Evaluate the extent to which the Articles of Confederation were effetive in solving the problems that confronted the new nation. Does anywone know where I can find the answer to this? I have to type a whole page on it so I need a lot of information... please and thank you! No ...

math(check answers please)

please check my answers and thanks have a nice day. 2.which of the following ratios is equivalent to 5/20 A.1/4(I PICKED THIS) B.1/5 C.20/100 D.2/5 3.which of the following ratios is ((NOT)) equivalent to 4/8? A.1/2 B.2/4 C.20/45(I PICKED THIS) D.12/24 4.which of the following...

Math 222

222 - Steve, Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 12:02am I assume you want to factor the expressions? a^4b + a^2b^3 = a^2b(a^2+b^2) z^2 + 18z + 45 = (z+3)(z+15) •Math 222 - Monica, Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 12:10am Thank you Steve and can you please explain how you got both ...


Do you have any 3rd grade math practice worksheets that I can use with my students? One of my students has a predicament of not doing his homework. Please implement your time and implementing a few practice worksheets for my students. Sincerely, Mrs. Raja 3rd grade teacher


On an automobile assembly line, every third car is green. Every fourth car is a convertible. a) How many cars are out of the first 100 will be convertibles? b) Which number of car is First Green convertibles? Grade 7 Math Please answer, ASAP.

Walk Two Moons

Has anyone read the story walk two moons? If so, please help. where does Sal BEGIN to realize that her mother is really not returning? A) Lake Michigan B) Madison Wisconsin C) Pipestone Minnesota *** D) Sioux Falls, South Dakota please help, I've read the book and tryed ...


Please help me solve this!!!! 4*(3-x)^4/3 - 5 = 59 (4/3 is an exponent) I got to this far... (3-x)^4/3 = 16 But how do I get rid of the exponent? Please help me my final is tomorrow and I still don't know :(


the problem is 500= 1 --- 1 --- X 2 Your presentation of the problem is unclear. Please repost. If you mean "X squared," that is indicated by "X^2." I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking.

Math-- Please Check

1 2/5 divided by 21 Which example is correct 7/5 * 1/21 = 7/105 = 1/15 or is it? 5/7 * 21/1 = 105/7 =15 You asked this question yesterday. The answer is still the same.


A has Rsx and B has Rs y.if A GIVES R4 to B, then B wii have twice as much as A.Write the equation connection x and y help me solve this problem.. solve for W: 2L+2W=38 please and thank you!

Math Fractions Vocabulary

What is "one of two numbers whose product is one". It's in a crossword, 21 letters, 4th letter is "T". Please help!


Help please on how to solve the following problem: If E,N,O,T, and W each represent a different integer, can you find more than one solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!

Pre-Algebra [Math]

How do you factor a number? An example question is: Factor the monomial 36x2y completely. Could you please explain the process?


my question in (slope) find the coordinates of a quadrilateral so that the slope of all four sides are negative ??? please explain your answer .


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