Math(Please help)

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Help!! Complete the function table and write the function rule. Input Output 32 20 14 -2 ? -6 -2 -14 -10 ? Please help!


1 1/4 cups of sugar is equals to how many liters if 1 cup is equals to 0.24L? with solution please. Thanks!


Lesson 14 equations and inequalities unit test unit 4 7th grade please help

SCI 275

help please! CLASS - Please see the attached figure. How do the three factors shown in the figure interact to promote sustainable development? [img src="@7140725"]


i am supposed to draw a political cartoon on either federalists or anti-federalists. can someone give me some ideas please? it must focus on a event or issue. please help!

college algebra

please solve by method of substitution 0.3x-0.4y-0.33=0 0.1x + 0.2y -.21=0 please give all steps to solve.I think I understand the basic concept but this is little more complicated for me. Thanks in advance


Hey... Can you please give me some questions on William Shakespeare sonnet 29, 30, and 116. I tried to look for MCQ to practice some more, but i didn't find so please if you can help me i'll appriciate it thanks


A system consists of three particles, each of mass 2.10 g, located at the corners of an equilateral triangle with sides of 22.0 cm. Calculate the potential energy of the system. Please help me what formula to use please

Algebra Please Help

Can you please give a example so that I can understand it better. 1)How can you tell whether a polynomial is written in factor form. 2)Construct a trinomial whose greatest common factor is 2x^2.

college algebra

Can someone please help me find the x-intercepts and y-intecepts of this equation. I have the radius, and center but I can't seem to get the intercepts. x^2+y^2=16x-18y+145=25 Please show work. Thanks!!


can someone balance this redox please. frustrating because i don't know what else im doing wrong. C2O4^2- + MnO2 --> Mn^2+ + CO2 my answer is 2C2O4^2- + MnO2 + 4H3O^+ --> Mn^2+ + 4CO2 + 6H2O im getting mad please help thanks.

Physics help please!

Explain why the sum of the masses of the uranium nucleus and of the neutron does not equal the total mass of the products of the reaction. I guess its a theory question. Someone please explain!


(t^3)+(t^2)-16t+12 for 0<=t<=8 describe the particles motion when t=2 can u please tell me about it's maximum and its acceleration whether it speeding up, or slowing down, or whether its constant I know that it has a max of -8 but i don't know how they got it please help.


I need help simplifying the radical (IN RADICAL FORM ONLY) What's the square root of 224? Can you please show how you got the answer so I can learn how to do it myself next time please.


I do not get this question at all,this is composite functions and all my answers to a) to c) is wrong,can someone please help me with this problem :)? Suppose a ship is sailing at a rate of 35km/h parellel to a straight shoreline. The ship is 10km from shore when it passes a ...


MS. SUE PLEASE HELP ME! SOCIAL STUDIES QUESTION? So I am trying to write two articles and am NOT asking you to write them for me, just for help so I can write them. It's about the French and Indian war. I know that they were fighting and why, but what caused both of them to ...


How many grams silver (Ag) is added to 13 grams gold to produce 85% gold (Au) alloy? Can someone please give me the derived formula to be used? I had managed to solve it though I'm not quite sure if it's correct. i got 73.67g Ag, can someone please correct me if i'm wrong. ...

alg 1 college

can you guys please help me wwith a math problem, its asking to solve this equatoion, sqare root5x-4=3x-18. to fkire off first 5x-4= 3x-18 squared. foil thatand you are looking AT 9x squared -54x -54x+324/ add the -54 to 108x.then shoot the 5x to to the 108x and subbtract 5x ...


Tarzan (m = 78.4 kg) tries to cross a river by swinging from a vine. The vine is 10 m long. Tarzan doesn't know that the vine has a breaking strength of 1045 N. What maximum speed (in m/s) can Tarzan have at the bottom of the swing (as he just clears the water) in order to ...


Can someone please name 2 methods of treatment for diabetes, please? Danke!

science help please

i don't understant what sexual reproduction is and what asexual reproduction is could please help me understand


evaluate how the age of enligtenment is a response to the age of absolutism. help please. please.


evaluate how the age of enligtenment is a response to the age of absolutism. help please. please.

Spanish-Please check

Please check-Thank you I come from the library. Yo vengo de biblioteca.

integral Calculus

Please help me with this integral problem: ʃ x^2(a^2-x^4)^2dx please help..thanks alot:)




the 8th term of an a.p is 37 and 12th term is 57 .find the a.p please help this questions .please help.


integral (x^2+x-1)/(x+1) dx can you please explain maybe not step by step but not just the answer please thanks


if (4^x)-(4^x-1)=24 what is the value of (2x)^x? please answer and explain step by step how u got it... PLEASE?????


if 4^(x)-4^(x-1)=24 what is the value of (2x)^x? please answer and explain step by step how u got it... PLEASE?????


kyle had 36 books in hislocker. some were library books, some were textbooks, and the rest were telophone books. the number of library books and textbooks combined equal twice the number of textbooks. the number of textbooks and telephone books combined equals three times the ...


kyle had 36 books in hislocker. some were library books, some were textbooks, and the rest were telophone books. the number of library books and textbooks combined equal twice the number of textbooks. the number of textbooks and telephone books combined equals three times the ...


kyle had 36 books in hislocker. some were library books, some were textbooks, and the rest were telophone books. the number of library books and textbooks combined equal twice the number of textbooks. the number of textbooks and telephone books combined equals three times the ...

math-please help,need quickly

find the slant asymptote of the graphof the rational function. 1.f(x)=x^2-x-2/x-7 y=? 2. determine the symmetry of the graph of f. a. the graph has y-axis symmetry f(-x)=f(x) b. the graph has orgin symmetry f(-x)= -f(x) c. the graph has both y-axs and orgin symmetry d. the ...


Posted by connie on Monday, July 20, 2009 at 11:56pm. Find the indicated outputs for f(x) = 2x²-4x f(0)= ____? f(-1) =____? f(2) =____? Responses math - Reiny, Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 8:00am f(0) = 2(0)^2 - 4(0) = 0*0 = 0 f(-1) = 2(-1)^2 - 4(-1) = 2(1) + 4 = 2 + 4 = 6 now ...

Math Please Urgent

Here are the questions I need help with, please help. [(1/4)^-3 divide sign (1/4)^2]^-2 I got (1/4)^10 but I got it wrong (3^1/2)^3 _______ I got 1/216 9 (-56r^2)divide sign (-7r^2)= I got 8r x(y)(x)(2y) (12) (10xy^3) (3x^2y^2) (5x) (2y) simplify sqaure root of 160000 simplify...

Physics - please, please help me!

A plane tries to head away from an airport at 500km/h[N], but finds that its true velocity is 450km/h[N35degreesE] due to headwinds. What is the velocity of the wind? I'm supposed to be using components, so for N-S I used 500+450sin(55 which got me 868.6 then, for E-W I did ...


Guys please help me with this Trigonometry question based on De Moivre's theorem. Q: Find ¦È such that 0¡Ü¦È¡Ü360. cos7¦È + cos3¦È = cos5¦È I attempted to solve it with limited knowledge but I kind of doubt my answer. Anyway, this is how I did it : 1) [cos7...

Language Arts - Please Check Answer

Please help me with the following question: A paradox is a literary device often used to A. emphasize or make readers think about important ideas. B. provide hints or clues about events that occur later in a story. C. explain a character’s reason for doing or saying ...


I need help simplifing multiple exponents with integers. I.E (-2y^-3)^-3 (-2y^-3)^-3 is the same as: (-2^-3) x (y^-3)^-3 which gives (-1/8)(y^9)

Math --please check

What is 12% of 250? Is it 30? Is decimal notation for 19% 0.19? Thank you! Yes, 12 percent of 250 is 30. Yes on the second. Yes to both.You're Welcom!!! =)


Which pair of fractions is proportional? 0.6/0.3 = 9/4.5 0.6/0.3 = 9/4.8 0.6/0.3 = 8.4/4.5 0.6/0.3 = 8.4/4.8 I'm assuming that I figured these wrong, because I found that none of these were proportional. Please help


Express this function in vertex form by completing the square: 3x^2 - 4x + 1 PLEASE SHOW STEP BY STEP!!!


Sam and billy are to split $35 in the ratio 4:3. how much will billy get? cab you please explain the answer to me!


please explian this not sure about fractions thanks :) 1/3, 5/6 , and 3/8 = add the fractions reduce to loewst terms

math research

does anyone know any good websites about the mathematician Euclid? Any websites besides wikipedia, PLEASE!! thanks

math please help

if you choose a two digit number at random ,is it more likely that the number will be divisble by 5 or by 7 ex.


Find the dot product of the following vectors: a = (4, 1) b = (-1,4) a = (7,8) b = (4, -7) You have to find the angle too. Can someone please do these?

Math 116 algebra please check

Graph the equation and identify the y-intercept. y+x= -9 The y- intercept is (0, -9) Is this correct

Math 116 algebra please check

Solve by elimination method 2x + 3y =1 4x + 6y =2 What is the solution of the system N there is no solution


Please give me an example of "number sense" What number is 10,000 less than 337,676?


Could someone explain this please? Thank you. Express the series 11+18+27+...171 using sigma notation. a1+a2+a3+...ak 11+18+27+...171

Math check please

Solve w= (va)/(r^2+a^2) for a. I applied the quadratic formula a= (v/w +- sqrt (v^2/w^2 - 4*(-wr^2)) /2 and I have the answer as a= (v+/- sqrt[v^2+4w^2r^2]/w

5th grade math

What is 3,256 divided by 4? What is 99,999 divided by 3? I need these answers in an hour! Please help!

math grade 10

1.)Determine the x- and y- intercept of each equation. (if u can please show me a step by step answer so i understand it:) a.) 9x=54-6y b.) (x/5)-(y/10)=2


Please help! If a person's total yearly income is $42,000 and 12% is for clothing, what dollar amount is for clothing?


A vertical line is all rise. If there is no y value then how does this become a line in the x-y plane? can someone please help


Can someone please explain this to me: Does |n+m|=|n| + |m| for all integers n and m? If so, give some examples. If not, give a counterexample.


Which pair of equations share a solution? Answer: 5x+2=32 4x+9=5(14-x)-7 -I know the answer but I have absolutely no idea how to get it help please!


. Give the equation of the line that passes through point (5, 1) and is parallel to the line y = 3x – 1. Please help, I am so confused.


i have a test coming up and i have no idea how to do rotations on a cartesian coordinate system. please help me!!

Math(Please Check)

in which one quadrant is the cosecant negative and the secant positive. Quadrant 4. Is this correct?


Write and simplify an expression to represent the area of each figure. My answer: 2x +(x+3)(x-2) = x^2-x-6 Textbook Answer: x^2-x-2 Please help. Thanks.


plz how do you solve these?- i keep getting the wrong answer 1. 3z/2 - 17/3 = 2z/3 - 3/2 2. 2/5b - 1/4b =3 3. 23 - 6g = 19 please show me step by step how you do these


how do you write an equation of the line containing point (4,-3) and perpendicular to the line y=3x-5? show steps please


How do I take the derivative in respect to c1 for the following utility function? u1 = log(c1) + log [1/2(x-c1-c2)] details please


How do I take the derivative in respect to c1 for the following utility function? u1 = log(c1) + log [1/2(x-c1-c2)] details please


please go step by step to better understand if x,y,z are three different real numbers with y/x-z=x+y/z=x/y, evaluate x/y


On the unit circle the coordinates of P(theta) are (0.588, 0.809). Find the coordinates of P(2theta). Please help.

math log PLEAseee helpp pretty please!!!

determine the point of intersection y=logbase 10(x-2) and y=1-logbase 10(x+1)


how to solve (√(2)/2) / (-2/√(2)) steps too please the answer is 1 in other words it's tan(π/4)= 1


how do i solve this S(1)=10000(1-e^-.5(1)) the answer for this is 3935 buy i don't know how it came up with that answer. could anyone please explain to me how thanks in advance!

Math(Please help)

Determine the integral by making an appropriate substitution integral of 8x cuberoot srqt(4x^2-9) dx let u= 4x^2-9 du= 8x dx I do not know what to do now


find a value between the numbers 1/4 and 1/3 please show work. (it can be any value but it has to be a fraction or a decimal)


3/4-1/3z=1/4 5/6c-2/3c=1/3 please show step by step Thanks! I now the ans for the first one is 3/2 but how did you work it out?


The equation of the line that goes through the point ( 3 ,5 ) and is parallel to the line 2 x + 4 y = 2 can be written in the form y = mx+b where m is and where b is? Please help me !!!


I have to solve the equation by finding the exact solution. Please Help. 1/4 log(x)-log(10000)=4


Find the length of side a in the right triangle if b=12 and c=15 I have the length as 6 but I don't think this is correct Please help


Please show me how to solve: The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. The perimeter is 44 cm. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?


the sum of the squares pf two postive consecutive even integers is 41. Find the integers.


Tell whether the linear system has ONE SOLUTION, NO SOLUTION, or INFINITELY MANY SOLUTIONS. 4x-y=2 -x+3y=9


write each measurement first in centimeters only and then in meters only 6m 80cm how do i go about this please?


Find 9.62 x 1.005. Can you please show me step by step because I keep getting the wrong answer. Thanks.

math! help please wont take long

find the value of K so that 3x^2-6x+k=0 has a double root answer is 3. how do you find that

Integrated Math 1 (help please??:( )

Consider y=x^2+8x+16. What is the correct way to factor this equation? How does this equation shift the graph of y=x^2?

please help! :( math!

A parent function generates a family of functions that are related to the parent by a combination of _____?


Please help me to find an equation for the tangent to the curve xsin2y=ycos2x at the point (phi/4, phi/2)


show that the points A(-4,2) B(1,4) C(3,-1) D(-2,-3) are verticies of a square. please show me how to solve this type of math problem.


change the exponential expression to an equivalent expression involving a logarithm. 8.8=7^x please show work


Add (9.3x10^3) + (9.3x10^4) + (0.011x10^6) using correct significant figures?

7th grade math help Ms. Sue please

1. 0.003 as a percent 2. 0.00007 as a percent My answers: 1.0.03% 2. 0.0007%


i am less than 200 the sum of my digits is 18 i have 3 digits i am an even number what am i. HELP ME PLEASE THANK YOU ABBIGAIL

math please help imedietely

Are there any zeros in the quotient 495 divided by 4 how can you tell with out finding the quotient?


Find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the line y=1/8x+5 and contains the points (-7,0) y= please show work


Question: The pair of polygons is similar. Find the value of x. Could anyone please explain how to find x? Thanks in advance!


f(x)=3/(x+1) g(x)=(x^3)/5 h(x)=x^2+7x+10 a. f(x)=10 b. f(x)=g(x) c. g(x)=h(x) d. f(x)=h(x) I am told to solve the equations, but the term "solve" is so vague. I don't know what I'm doing. Please help lead me in the right direction. Thank you.


find the slope of the given line if it is defind. the line through (2,5) and (0,8) please show work

College Math

Could someone please explain the union to me. I don't understand. I get the intersection ones but not union. HElp me? Ecample: (-1,1)U[0,6]


3. Which of the following is a solution of x² + 14x + 112 = 0? If necessary, round to the nearest hundredth. A.) x = –0.24 B.) x = –4.24 C.) 4.24 *D.) no solution Thank you


Evaluate the following indefinite integrals. Can you show all the steps please! a) ∫xe^x^2+10 dx b) ∫x-2/x-4 dx


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