Math(Please help)

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7th grade math

For these two problems, you would need to find the slope and y intercept and then write the equation in equivalent to ax + by + c. y=3x y=0 Please help and explain how to do it. Thank you

Finance/ MAth

find the balance after 15 years of a $2500 investment earning 5.5% interest compounded continuously Someone show me how to do this, please?!

Math - Functions

Please help! I have a test tomorrow. I've been working on this forever and just can't figure out the equation. Inputs X - 0, 3, 6, 9 Outputs Y - 1, 2, 3, 4


Which of the following CANNOT be the average ( arithmetic mean) of four positive even integers? a) 1 b) 2 c) 6 d) 9 e) 17 ( please explain or show work. It will help me understand it better! Thanks)


Show that the inverse function of y=x^2-2x+5, x≥1 is f^-1(x)=1+√x-4 Help me please i've been stuck on this question for a few hours and i've lost hope. argh.

7th grade math help - quick, please.

Write each number in scientific notation. 1. 4,800 2. 17, 200 3. 180,000 4. 343, 502


john worked from 8;15 to 2;30 from monday to friday if he is paid twenty four dollars per hour calculate his monthly salary please help me


Find the area under the standard normal curve: I. to the right of z = -2.32 II. to the left of z = -2.32 Can someone please help me with this one question? Thanl you in advance.


please explain how to use hundreds chart to answer this queston;WHAT % OF THE NUMBERS ARE MULTIPLES OF BOTH 2 AND 3? i have no idea how to work it out, thanks


Calculate the future value of S of an annuity using the following formula: S =R(1+i)^n-1/i) given R=250,i=0.001;n=13 please show the workout thankyou


If aluminum foil has a density of 2.70 g/ml, then how thick would be a 2.22 g sample of foilif it measures 5.0 cm on each side. PLEASE SHOW WORK THX!


Please check my answers, which are at the bottom of each question...:) remove brackets a) 4(a+3) d) 5(2+d) 4a+12 10+5d b) 3(2b+2) e) a(3a-6) 6b+2 4a-6a c) 7(3c-1) f) 2(x+y) 21c-7 2x+2y simplify the following: a) a+a+a+a d) a2 xa3 4a a5 b) a x a x a e) 3y+6z+2y-4z a3 5y+10z OR ...


Please help me solve this!! I'm really struggling with this topic Write an equation in slope intercept form that is parallel to the following two points: (-1,4) and(1,5)

5th Grade Math

Question: Each face of a prism other than the bases is what two-dimensional shape? Please help I'm really confused and need help.

liberal arts math

Put the equation below in the form ax^2+bx+c=0. -x^2+3=(4x+1)^2, I've been stuck on this for the past hour, could someone please explain how to do this problem?

math (check please)

find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9cm and a height of 4cm. ANSWER: 108 cm^3 (is it right?)

math (2)

Find the area of the shaded region y= 2x/(x^2+4) from x= -1 and x= 1 Note: People have been telling me that the two lines do not intersect but they do there has to be an answer. please help me. Thanks

math (2)

Find the area of the shaded region y= 2x/(x^2+4) from x= -2 and x= 2 Note: People have been telling me that the two lines do not intersect but they do there has to be an answer. please help me. Thanks

Math! Please check!

Okay, this is the link but without the spacing:::: h t t p : / / t a k e e x a m . n e x t . e c o l l e g e . c o m / e c / c o u r s e s /4 6 1 2 2 / C R S - M T H 2 0 3 A- 3 9 5 0 2 5 8 / G M T _ Q 1 1 _ 2 . b m p What is point P in triangle XYZ called? A- centroid B- ...


Please Help!!!! Christine borrowed $8000 at a rate of 11%, compounded semiannually. Assuming she makes no payments, how much will she owe after 8 years?


please can you explain this to me I don't understand! Find the value of the following 10! 11! over 7! 13! If your answer is not an integer, write it as an exact fraction. thank you so very much

Math Help

Hi! Can someone please help me with these? Thanks! :) Directions: Look for the direction angle for vector v. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree. 1.) v = 8i - 10j 2.) w = -4i - 3j


i have to find the surface area of a cylinder with the height of 15 and the circumference of 4 to the nearest tenth of a square unit and cannot figure it out HELP PLEASE


Find two consecutive odd integers such that the sum of four times the larger and twice the smaller is 194. Please help! Thank you!


Of 20 scores, 19 are less than or equal to 10. Find the percentile rank of 10. They don't give you the exact number of tens so i don't really know how to do this? Could someone please explain?


my son was asked to find each product by factoring the tens, and to draw rectangles if needed to on 6x2, 6x20, and 6x200. I'm not sure how to do this. please help me


Evaluate the expression for the for the given value of the variable..................... 4(x-4; x = 7 Can someone help please, I have been having trouble with this problem for sometime now.


What is the lateral area of a regular pentagonal pyramid that has a slant height of 18 in. and a base side length of 9 in.? 405 in.^2 810 in.^2 81 in.^2 162 in.^2 I don't know how to do this:/ Please help?

Math Please Help Assignment Due

The graph of the function f(X)= 4x^2 -17x-9 has two X intercepts. What is the value of the larger X intercept to one decimal place?


The sides of two squares differ by 25cm while the sum of their areas is 2425cm. What is the length of the side of each square. Please answer. Thank you


n/-3 + 5 > 4= Have to explain all of the steps...every time I do it I come out with a different answer. Please I am totally lost on this one...Thank you.

Math (please help!!)

What information is incorrectly placed in the table? i65.tinypic(.)com/301mqo4.jpg I really don't know, can someone give me a hint?

Math help PLEASE!!!!

1. David drew triangle PQR as shown: If LQPR measures 135 degree, which statement is true for LPQR and LPRQ?


Use digits 0 through 9, without using a digit more than once, so that you can make the following reduce to a solution of x < -1/2 How do I do this? Please help, I am confused.


A line has a slope of 2. It passes through the point (1,2) and (3,y). What is the value of y ? Please help. Is there like a specific difference I'm suppose to find? I'm super confused.

math please help ASAP

Let f(x)=201+9e−3x . What is the point of maximum growth rate for the logistic function f(x)=20/1+9e^-3x ? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. (0, 2) <my choice (5.54, 9) (0.73, 10) (0.73, 20)


Please limit yourself to your own questions or USEFUL answers. Posting that you agree with a professional math teacher is ridiculous!


A tradesman allows a discount of 15% for cash much % above cp must he mark his goods to make a profit? (ans 20%) please help me


You roll a number cube twice. Find P(even, then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. Explain your answer. Please help!


A student is asked to find positive integer solutions to this equation: 2 * 3 √x = 5 √y What is the smallest possible value of xy? (Please show working out, thank you.)

MATH please help with this ?

math professor is thrown off the matthews bridges, height 240ft, by a disgruntled calculus class with an intitial upward velocity of 10ft/s a) assumign the acceleration dude to gravity is -32ft/s^2,find the macimum height of the professor. b) find the time before the professor...


Eli's Dad made him a birthday cake, but forgot to buy candles. He could only find a few. But Eli was smart in math, so his Dad said "The ratio of candles to years is 3 to 5" That gave him the right number. How old was Eli? I am very confused on how to even begin finding the ...

algebra check please

a=-2 b=5 c=-4 d=6 question is b^2-2bc+c^2 see if i did the steps right please (5^2)-(2*5*-4)+(-4^2) (5^2)-(10*-4)+(-4^2) (5^2)-(-40)+(-4^2) 5^2-(-40)-4^2 25-(-40)-4^2 25+40-4^2 25+40-16 65-16 49 No. Minus four squred is positive sixteen. eighty percent of 280 is what number? ...

Biology help

please can someone help i need to know the difference at telophase 2 of meiosis if their had been a crossing over at a postision halfway between the huntingtons disease genes please im finding this last question hard


I need serious help on this....please help guys.. i've to turn it in in an hours... Balance th following equation in acid Solutiong and determind if it is spontaneous under standard conditions. NO3^-1 + Sn^+2 ---> NO + Sn^+4 Please do not post duplicates.


can you PLEASE give me a simple sentence with the following words;- claustrophobia arachnephobia agoraphobia archeology biology geology zoology telephone television telepathy Please reply. This is VERY important.

Algebra--please help!

This one, I am very confused on and I have no idea how to solve. Please help explain it so I can understand it. Given that the positive integers a, b, c, and d satisfy a/b < c/d < 1, arrange the following in order of increasing magnitude: b/a, d/c, bd/ac, b + d/ a + c, 1...

:( please help answer cal problem

Use lagrange multipliers to find the max and min values of the func f(x,y)=xy subject to the constraint 1=(x^2)/8 + (y^2)/2 I know how to set up.. i got y=Lx/4 and x=Ly now im lost!!! Please help with detail because im an idiot.

social 10

Historical Globalization & imperialism Should the Europeans have tried to change the beliefs of thr people in their colonies during imperialist times? could you please give me some reasons. Please help


I have to create a character sketch of nernard from aldous huxley's brave new world. Please help me with the topic sentence the three traits and quotations!! Please!!! Your help is very much appreciated!!!


can someone please explain why there are advertisement on the webpage, which are very dating women.. whoever set this programme up can you please get rid of it as this is for educational purposes not for promoting sexual relationships!!


can someone please explain why there are advertisement on the webpage, which are very dating women.. whoever set this programme up can you please get rid of it as this is for educational purposes not for promoting sexual preferences!!

Chemistry Help Please

Using standard thermodynamic data from Appendix L of your text, calculate the equilibrium constant at 298 K for the following chemical reaction: CO(g) + H2O(l) CO2(g) + H2(g). Show work please! Thank you!!!

alegebra 1

the question is a diamond problem and it already gives you the sum of 24 on top and -11 on bottom can someone please help me? I would really appreciate it! ( please do not give me the answer just need some pointers)

6th Grade World History

Hi, can someone please explain me this: What caused the shift from Hinduism to Buddhism? *Note: I'm learning about Ancient India. Thanks and I don't have too much time so please hurry. Thanks :)

Chemistry urgent please

How much mL of dilute nitric acid is needed to add in control solution in chloride limit test in sodium hydroxide sample???can u please give me Answer urgently??

Science please help

12. Measure the temperature of two unknown samples with your thermometer 13. Record both temperatures using the scale on the straw. please help ive been stuck for about 1 hour and a half


Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have tried to write a sentence for your assignment, please re-post. Then someone here will be happy to give you feedback. =) who can you put a sentence that has including eveyone including everyone can you find...


Huong covered a box with sticky-backed decorating paper. The paper costs $.03 per square inch. How much money will Huong need to spend on paper if the length is 7 inches, width is 3 inches, and the height is 9 inches? I thought Huong needed to spend $3.42 because I multiplied ...

radical equation please help!!!

sqrt(1+x) -sqrt(1-x) = sqrt (1-x-sqrt(1+x)) Please help This question is..... . . √(1+x) - √(1-x) = whole root under OR √1-x-√(1+x) Please help me

math derivative please help

the derivative of 2x^e is zero right or no? do i have to use the log formula 2 x^e is x to the power 2.718.. It is not a constant and therefore the derivative is not zero. Use the formula for the derivative of x to a power that is constant (x^a). The formula for that may ...


how many milligrams are there in a kilogram I give up alejandra. I showed you how to count your way to the answer and you keep posting. We don't give answers but we try to help you understand so you don't need us. Please go back and count your way from milligrams to kilograms...

Colonial Times

Colonial Voting. please help Please be more specific about what you need, and we'll be glad to help you.

PLease Check My Work

3. T^2-25/t^2+t-20= (t-5) (t+5)/ (t-10) (t+2) 4. 2x^2+6x+4/4x^2-12x-16= 2(x+2) (x+1)/4 (x-4) (x+1) 5. 6-y/y^2-2y-24= 1/(y+4) *Please check them.- 3. (t-5)(t+5) / (t+4)(t-5) 4. 2((x-1)(x+2)) / 4((x+4)(x-1)) 5. (6-y) / (y+6)(y-4) i don't really understand what this is... but lol...

english - please correct - Michael

Michael, is there anymore paragraph you think that needs to be changed.please let me know


please write an essay about earth and its environment. please mention a suitable site


Can someone please have a moment to look at my other science posts, Please and thank you :-)


A teacher did this problem with us in class but I dontn get it please explain. 2xy + 6 ------- 3y + 4x x = 2 y = 6 answer 3 please explain!


If 4.26 lb of chicken costs $6.77, what would 3.75 lb cost? PLEASE HELP ME MS. SUE D: CAN U PLEASE EXPLAIN ME B4 GIVING ME THE ANSWER


Please explain:Simplify by removing factors of 1 explain process and exponents steps please.


please help me on how to complete the table and evaluate f(x) x=0, x=1, x=2, x=3, x=4 f(x)7/x-1 my answers were -7 for x=0 7/0 for x=1 7 for x=2 7/2 when divided 3.5 ?? for x=3 7/3 when divided 2.3 ?? for x=4 I am not sure if this is correct.. please HELP ME..!

Chemistry- Someone please help ASAP- PLEASE

A compound contains 38.7% K, 13.9% N, and 47.4% O by mass. What is the empirical formula of the compound?

please help!

How do you believe computer mediated communications may affect the future of human communications? PLEASE HELPP !!!!

please help!

How do you believe computer mediated communications may affect the future of human communications? PLEASE HELPP !!!!


can someone please tell me what are the causes of alienation? I cant find the answer in many sociology books !!Please help!


How can I write a feel better letter to Miley Cyrus? please help and give me so examples please help

Damon, Still need your help please tho

Divide. (25x^2 - 40x + 18) div. (5x - 3) 5x - 5 - 3/5x - 3 5x - 8 - 18/5x - 3 5x - 5 + 3/5x - 3 5x - 14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7x- 14 ------- x - 2 x 7; where x =/ 7 7; where x =/ 2 0 7(x-2)or 7 Damon please

Physics wavelength question, help please .

The energy of an X-RAY quantum of wavelength 1.0 X 10^-10 m is. its answer is 1.99 X 10^ -15, but i don't know how to solve it , thanks help please

Can someone please help

Can someone help me please?! If you know Spanish II Explain how the imperfect is used to talk about the past.

please help

please answer the question anyone

Please solve it for me!! Please...Maths


Algebra 2

Please, PLease help me with this problem D={z|z|74} e={z|z<=7}

please help me

can someone please help me on my last question ?!!??! thank you


i really need to know what.... 4 to the power of 77 is... 477 = 2.28360 x 1046 according to my calculator. i don't know how to do factors with two digit numbers. Please click Post a New Question, put Math in the subject line, and post your question. It would help if you gave ...


every row and column contains the same numbers and the same math signs, but they are arranged in a different order each time. can you find the correct order to arrive at the finals totals shown. only using 4 8 3 5 and * + - to make 31 15 20 21 9 17 11 27 ...but you only can ...


every row and column contains the same numbers and the same math signs, but they are arranged in a different order each time. can you find the correct order to arrive at the finals totals shown. only using 4 8 3 5 and * + - to make 31 15 20 21 9 17 11 27 ...but you only can ...


every row and column contains the same numbers and the same math signs, but they are arranged in a different order each time. can you find the correct order to arrive at the finals totals shown. only using 4 8 3 5 and * + - to make 31 15 20 21 9 17 11 27 ...but you only can ...


Hey, Ms. Sue, or anybody that is apart of this association. I already tried reviewing this answer, but I didn't seem to get anything. I'm clueless over this answer, so.. Can you please help? I've been stuck on this, and nobody wants to help me. This is the last place to ever ...

Math Help Please

Would you please explain the steps you used to get the answer 2469. Thank you Using the 9 digits, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 and 9 you can arrange four different digits to form a four-digit number that is NOT divisible by 7. The digits 1238 cannot be arranged to create a four-digit...


Posted by Lance on Friday, April 27, 2007 at 9:47pm in response to math. please give us one set of numbers so we can work an example for you. What was the percentage increase in motor vehicle production in countries outside the United States from 1950 – 1997? 1950- 10,577 ...


I have to find the subjects and verbs in all these sentences, please let me know if I did it correctly. Thank you. A guy whom I work with has a theory about college students. (Verb=work, has) (Subject=guy, theory) He believes that students' majors reflect their personalities...


Could you please check these statements, please? Thank you very much. 1) When the monster comes to life, Victor is horrified by the monster's physical appearance. 2)His pearly white teeth and shiny black hair contrast with his dull, yellow eyes, shrivelled complexion and ...


A recipe for a special sauce calls for 4/5 of a cup of ginger and 1 1/4 cups of pineapple juice. How many cups of ginger would you need if 3 cups of pineapple juice are poured into the mixture? Math PLEASE HELP IT'S URGENT!!!!!

Math (money)

HIII!!! I NEED HELP ON MATH! PLEASE HELP! Melissa has spent $17 so far on gifts. The additional amount she will spend will be more than $8. What are the possible total amount she will spent? Use c for the total amount (in dollars) she will spend.

Algebra one PLEASE HELP THX!!

ok i need help with these questions i have been trying to figure them out and my brain isnt working. please help and thank you ahead of time. if you can help. 4. Q.write and algebraic expression for the product of 15 and c A. IS IS C-15 16. Q. define the variable and write an ...


i need help rewording a sentence.... well here it is: Their will and intellect lost ability to know and please God. please help me soon because it's a report due really soon.... thanks




hi can you please help me with the following 1) performance goals 2) mastery goals 3) the effect of praise 4) Expectations and self-efficacy i need the websites where i can get information from. please help me thanks


Hi my name is Ava and I'm in 6th grade. I want to go in the field of medical can you please tell me some pepration methods Ican use in this age? please=]

science please help

could you please give me an example of the following(types of friction) : -static -sliding And also: -friction -buoyant force -air resistance Thank You!


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