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  1. math(one more time for today!)Please Help Belinda!

    thanks,can you help me with this one: xy-3x-8y+24 I know you have to go, but you should be able to figure these out by now. Take out x from the first 2 and 8 from the second 2: x(y-3)-8(y-3) (x-8)(y-3) ac-bc+ad-bd *I seriously only have 2 more minutes now,I told my mom I ...
  2. math help please

    I am having a hard time understanding recprocial with fractions I would like to find a web site to help me understand this better I have a problem that is need to know if i have done it right the question is find the reciprocial of (-1/7)(14/3)(9) This how I done the problem ...
  3. Math please check answer

    Please check my answer thanks :) Find the equation of 9 (2x-18)=36 9(2x)-9 (18) =36 18-162 =36 18-162 =36 18x162 =36 +162 +162 ------------------------- 18x =198 18x 198 ----------- 18 =18 x =11
  4. Math please check answer

    Please check my answer thanks :) Find the equation of 9 (2x-18)=36 9(2x)-9 (18) =36 18-162 =36 18-162 =36 18x162 =36 +162 +162 ------------------------- 18x =198 18x 198 ----------- 18 =18 x =11
  5. math(help)

    please help me and answers these i feel clueless!with this math 2.If Nell works 3/4 of an hour on Monday and 6/10 of an hour on Tuesday, how much time will she work altogether? A.9/14 hour B.9/20 hour C.1 7/20 hour D.1 7/10 --------------------------- 3.eric eats 1/6 of an ...
  6. college finance

    hey...last one please..please...the accelerating colection..please... Doria's Corporation makes sales of $2,160,000 per annum. The average age of accounts recievable is 30 days. Management considers shortening credit terms by 10 days. Cost of money is 18% how much will the ...
  7. Biology

    Why is it important to understand the characteristic of life in a health care setting? Can someone please help me with this!!!??? I'm really confused and I'm not sure how answer this... Can you please just give me a few ideas to get started?? I'm thinking that people working ...
  8. Math

    We are currently studying "earning money" for math. I read this sentence: When a store claculates its profit as a percentage of its cost price the profit is always bigger than the profit calculated as a percentage of the selling price. What does it mean and please give me an ...
  9. Math help please

    these questions are for practice, they don't count as points, but i don't understand how to solve them.. can someone please explain them to me?? which function rule represents the data in the table below? input|1| 2| 3| 4|5 output|9|15|21|27|33 A)y=4+5x B)y=3+6x C)y=5+4x D)y=6...
  10. tomball community college

    could some one critique my english narrative for me please. If that's your narrative, sure. "C" in "could" needs to be capitalized. "Someone" is one word. "English" is capitalized. The period at the end should be a question mark. If there's more to the essay, it did not copy/...
  11. math-algebra

    Find three different ordered pairs that are solutions of the question x=2 and you have to use -1,0,1 for thje subsitut of y or x i don't so confused please help i don't know the ansrer math is hard I can see why you are confused-- so am I. If x = 2, that is just a ...
  12. Math please check answer

    please check my answer thanks Equation 9(2x-18) = 36 18 -162 = 36 18 x 162 =36 + 162 + 162 18 x = 198 18x 198 18 =18
  13. Math and Reading

    Please help me, my son struggles in the 6th grade. I am afraid that he might have to repeat again. He has low grades in reading and math.I have spoken with his teachers, and they say lack of motivation. How do i help him so he can do what he needs to. I really cant afford ...
  14. English

    Please check for spelling and commas errors. If commas need to be placed somewhere please let me know where. Please let me know whether you want photographs taking of the altar during the ceremony or after the services. If you would prefer not to have pictures taking during ...
  15. English-Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue you know the description of the old house I did, well now I have to put all that into a paragraph. I want to make this paragraph seem really intersting and spooky. Ms. Sue could you please give me a spooky intro and conclusion for this, please. If not the conclusion ...
  16. math

    Find the second derivative. y = sqrt(3x+4) I will be happy to critique your work. We don't do it for you. Thanks. Please post under one name. Thanks. who are u?
  17. math

    I don't want to get this wrong for this homework that i have to turn in can someone please relook at it and tell me if it is correct plz.... solve. x^2+3x-18 my answer is x=3 and x=-6 yes.
  18. Math 2(Please Check)

    Problem: (x+2)/2x^2+5x+2 + (x-3)/2x^2-5x-3 What I Got: 0 at x=0, one gets 2/2 + -3/-3 which is not zero. You messed up a sign, I suspect. you are right girl
  19. Please Help[math]

    *Describe your graphs using words. 2x > -6 and x - 4 < 3 You have to solve for x. x>= -3 and x<=7 Doesnt the line segment start at -3 and end at x=7?
  20. Math

    I need help finding discounts and sales tax.Please write out the steps so I fully can undestand the concept Thank You!!
  21. math

    At about what age will a person have lived one million seconds.Please help I am having a hard time with this
  22. math

    What is the simple interest on a $14,500 loan at 9% intrest for five years. if you could please tell me how you got the answer tahnks
  23. Math mortgages

    please help me thanks :) four elements included in a mortage payment are.. I said the principal ,the tax, the insurance and the interest
  24. math

    Can someone explain this to me please? Write the equation of the line with x-intercept (–9, 0) and undefined slope. Here are my options for answers: A) y = –9 B) x = –9 C) y = –9x D) x = 0
  25. math

    i need help factoring this 4x squared + 80x - 276 = 0 i think i have to divide by 4 or something but i cnat get it some1 please help me
  26. math

    I havent been in school for 30 years can someone please help. we are having trouble with subtracting fractions like: 8 1/9 - 1 6/7 = ? Any help would help...thanks
  27. Math

    Let's do this again: is 14/3 a rational number even though the calculator says .666666666667? Please answer all questions, thank you.
  28. math

    whats the integral of e^(3sqrt(x))? i think i'm supposed to use substitution but i don't know what to substirute, i tried u= x^(1/3) but it didn't work out, please help!
  29. math

    Show that the line of symmetry for the graph of f(x)=(x-a)(x-b) is x=(a+b)/2, where a and b are any positive real numbers. I really have no clue to do it. Please help!!!!THANKS A LOT!
  30. MATH!!!!

    These are the last three quetions on my test and i really need the answers or help i have been trying for so long and don't understand them please help me!!!!!!! 1.) 5(2x+3) 2.) -3c-8+7c+10 3.) -5(x-1)+8x
  31. Math Research

    Can someone please tell me any websites that can explain the Sierpinski triangle and talks about its history, and formula? ThanKs!
  32. math-algebra

    sqrt27xy^3/sqrt9x I'm getting 3 answers to this. yxsqrt3y/x, ysqrt3xy/3x, and 3sqrt3y Can anyone please tell me which one is correct?
  33. discrete math

    in how many ways can 4 different prizes be given to any 4 of 10 people if no person receives more than 1 prize? help please and explain!!!!!!
  34. Please help! math

    I don't understand these types of problems- Find the average rate of change of f between 1 and x f(x)-f(1)/x-1 and X cannot be equal to 1 1) f(x)= the square root of x+3 2) f(x)=1/(x^2) 3) f(x)=x^3 + x
  35. Math

    solve 2z^2=5z+3 by factoring. I'm supposed to use ax^2+bx+c=0, but I don't know hot to make it so that they're all on one side and still aren't negatives. Please help.
  36. Math

    Can someone check this for me please... 4x + 8 >= (that is greater and equal to) 4 and 2x - 13 >= -5 the solution: {x|x>= 4} on the graph the highlighted line goes to the this correct?
  37. 7th grade math

    I need help solving the equation {5x[(4+9)-2]+3}/2= PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME THE ANSWER WITHOUT GIVING ME THE ORDER OF OPERATION.
  38. To Kennedy: math

    I've removed your post. Please tell us how you think you should solve these problems -- or at least a couple of them -- and we'll be glad to help you.
  39. math

    in the expansion of (x^2+3)^10 what is the coefficient of the term containing x^16. I did 10c4 * 3. But i am not getting the correct answer. can someone please show me how to do this. thanks for your time!
  40. Math

    HELP I am having trouble with metric conversions. 84.0 mL x _____ = ___________liters I have 84mL x 10-3 ml = 84.0x 10-3liters but i don't think it is right please help
  41. Math - Derivatives

    I find it difficult to take the derivative of something that has a constant base with a variable as an exponent...and simplify it... PLEASE HELP ME! f(x) = e^(x^(-1)) f'(x) = -1(e^(x^(-2))e^(x^(-1)) f'(x) = -e^(x^(-2))e^(x^(-1)) ????? and... f(x) = 3^x f'(x) = 3^x
  42. math

    You flip a coin and roll a number cube. What is the probability of getting a head and a moltiple of three? a 1/12 b 1/6 c 1/4 d 3/2 please explain !!!
  43. Math - Pre Algebra

    $1280 at 13% compound annually for 3 years Use the formula: B= p(1+r)n Please help me I need the answer for tommorow
  44. Career Urgent

    Why do you need math, business, and computer-related courses to become a web designer/developer? please help and thank you
  45. math

    write an equation in slope intercept form to represent the table of values. x=2 3 5 6 y=-3 -4 -6 -7 please help me solve it, i find it complicating
  46. math

    Perform the operation and write the result in standard form. 8 + 20i over 2i Please explain, I am very confused!!
  47. Math

    I don't understand this problem can someone please help me? Make an illustration depicting the number line to find the sum of the following: 1 2/3 + 1 5/6
  48. Math (for PsyDag)

    No sorry but that doesnt help, i tired using the formulae but i cant seem to get the correct ans, can you elaborate more please?
  49. Math Help Please

    Suppose that a polynomial function of degree 5 with rational coefficients has 0 (with multiplicity 2), 3, and 1 –2i as zeros. Find the remaining zero. A. –2 B. –1 – 2i C. 0 D. 1 + 2i
  50. math please help me

    vickie earns $20,000 a year as a bookkeeper. if she receives a raise of 2%, how could her new total salary be represented?
  51. math

    Find the largest angle for which sine and tangent agree to within two significant figures. Please explain ^_^
  52. math

    solve using the addition principle. -6+x>5 I have not done one of these problems with the less and greater sign... can someone please help me? thanks
  53. gr 9 math

    Can someone please post up some questions for dividing polynomial by factoring? I need to practice fo an upcoming test...
  54. College Math II

    a^4 - ab^3 = I have asked this question on many web sites and still cannot find the steps on how to solve this problem. Can you please help.
  55. Math.

    solve (-5)x=3x-22 I"ve tryed all of the methods I have learned and still, when I put them in place of X it does not balance out. Please help.
  56. Math

    The functional determinant of x, e^x, and e^-x is equal to___ The orthogonal trajectory of y^2 - x^2 = C is__ The slope of the normal line to y^2 = x/2 at P(1/8,1/4) is ____ help please...
  57. Math

    Please help, Give two numbers between which the exact answer falls: 3,567 – 1, 095 Explain your reasoning.
  58. math

    for ax^2 + bx + c with gradient 4x + 2 and a stationary value of 1 find a b and c and nature of point i think that its a minima and that its 2x^2 + 2x +2 but im not sure can someone check this please
  59. 6th grade MATH

    WHICH equation describes the relationship between X and Y as in the table below x y 3 5 4 9 5 13 6 17 a. y=4x-7,b.y=x+12,c.y=2x-5,d.y=3x-5 can you give me the answer and explane it for me please!!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. math-a.s.a.p.

    Suppose you didn't know that b^0=1. Explain how you could arrive at this fact by using the laws of exponents to simplify b^2 times b^0=b^2 I am so confused Please help me!! Thanks ~aShLeY
  61. Math(Please help)

    use trigonometric identities to transform one side of the equation into the other. cos Q sec Q = 1
  62. math

    Can some one help me understand this question please? Give exact and approximate solutions to three decimal places. x^2-7x+11=0
  63. math

    Prove that the limit as n approaches infinity of ((n!)^2)/(2n)! is 0. I'm thinking that you have to use the squeeze theorem, but I'm not quite sure how. help please?
  64. math

    In how many different ways can you roll doubles in a monopoly game when you use two die? Please check my answer = 6

    Solve using elimination.......answers must be in ordered pair form....(this is the last one I am confused on) 4x-9y=6.5 7y-2x=-4.5
  66. Math

    Please check my answer: Multiply and simplify (8a^7)/(11p^3) * (121p^8)/(64a) I got (968a^7p^8)/(704ap^3) Is this correct?
  67. Math

    I came up with no solution for this equation. Could someone please let me know if I am correct? If not, I will try again, but I have already tried it 3 times. [x/(x+5)]-[5/(x-5)]=(x^2+25)/(x^2-25)
  68. Algebra

    I need help with math 116 week8 quiz I have tried everything please help me I am failing this class thank you in advance
  69. math

    What is the place value of number 3 241 568 073.247 Use numbers, words to explain. Please, help.
  70. math

    find an equation of the linear function f using the given information. please show all steps and work f(-1)=1, f(1)=-2
  71. math

    write each number in decimal form: (a) two hundred thirty and seven tenths .... .... .... please help!! thank you very much!
  72. math

    x.y=30 and x+y=10.3, I end up with x=(21.83+60.66i)/(-5.15-5.89i). i is the square root of (-1). could you please show me how this equation will = 10.3 I am having problem to figure it out. thank you.
  73. Math

    Factor each expression completely. Can you please show me the steps on how you reached your answer so I know how to these types of problems thank you. 3x^4+13x^3y-10x^2y^2
  74. Math

    Use 2nd Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find derivative of f(x) = integral of 2x^2 to x-5 of square root of Sin(t)dt. Please help.
  75. math grade11

    for -2 < x < +3 and f(x) = 3x^2 - 6x a)determine the domain and range of f(x) b) the eqn of f inverse if f(x) is further restricted to 1 < x < 3. i don't know how to these problems i tried everything please help me
  76. math

    Please explain how you would use a mathematical property to make the following number sentence always true: a x 9 = a x 7 + 2
  77. Math

    The queston asks me to find k for the probability distribution: P(x)=k(x+2) for x=1,2,3 I have no idea how to solve this... Offer me some guidance, PLEASE!
  78. 5th math

    What is the measure of each side of a square with a perimeter of 60 inches? this one I'm total lost . please ! show me how you do this problem. thank you!!
  79. Math

    Solving Identities [(1+tanx)/(sinx)]- secx I got cscx please halp me to solve it to see if its right
  80. Math

    Use patterns or a linear equation to complete the table. 11) x y 1 -1 3 3 5 7 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? I don't understand what I'm suppose to do! Please hep and explan well! Thank you!
  81. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation
  82. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation
  83. MATH please help

    5xy^2 + 15x^2y^2 - 25xy^2 + 65x^2y^2 = 10x^2y^2 + 45xy^2 Factor out the GcF of each polynomial in the equation
  84. Math

    If theres a golden rectangle, with one dimension shown as being 100, then what is the length of the unknown side? How do you do this please?
  85. Math

    I need to write up how to find a greatest common factor in a polynomial. I am having a hard time doing so. Could someone help me please?
  86. Math - Problem4

    Solve the inequality. Express your solution using interval notation and please show all of your work. x^4 - 7x^2 - 14 > 0
  87. Math

    The equation of the parabola which contains 2 points (1,1) and (-2,-2) and whose tangent at the point (1,1) has the slope k is y=1/3(A)x^2+1/3(B)-2/3(C). Express A,B and C with k .please solve this problem
  88. 8th grade Math

    " four less than twice a number is greater than six " Can someone please write that as an expression ?
  89. MATH

    Please help me with this!! The first term in a sequence of number is t1 = 4. The terms that follow are defined by the formula: tn - tn-1 = 3n -2. Determine the value of t50.
  90. math

    Johns football game last for 50 minutes. What reduced fraction of an hour is that? Can someone please explain to me how to solve this question?
  91. Math

    Sorry for repeated questions, but this is my last problem: s = ut + 1/2(gt) The "t" for "gt" is squared, and the subject of the formula is "u". Thank you very much (and please include workings).
  92. Math

    Find the constant a such that the function is continuous on the entire real line. f(x) = 5x^2, x ≥ 1 ax − 3, x < 1 ???Please, thnks.
  93. Math

    What is the angle (in standard position - i.e. measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis) formed by a line from the origin to point (1,-2)? Please help and Thank you
  94. Math

    The room you want to paint has 2 doors,each 6.5 ft tall and covering 20.8 square ft.What is the width of each door? My answer is 3.2 ft,am i right?if not please explain.
  95. math

    find two rates for each given rate: 1) 18people/12people 2) 1.5 miles/ 2.4 minutes please help sooooo confused
  96. Math situation

    please help me solve Multiply and simplify type exponential notation with positive exponents (64a^2)/(2a^2-16a+32) x (2a-8)/8a
  97. math - please help

    What is the rotational speed (rpm) of the 64 in diameter rear tires of a tractor traveling at 6.5 mph if there is no slippage? How do I work this? Thank you.
  98. math please help me

    Write the standard equation of the ellipse with the given characteristics I have no ideal how to do this Center:(0,0) foci: (2,0) (-2,0) vertices:(5,0) (-5,0)
  99. math

    The following sets of ordered pairs are functions. Give a rule that could describe each function. Please show your work. A.{(5,3),(7,5),(11,9),(14,12)} B. {(2,5),(3,10),(14,17),(5,26)}
  100. College Math

    Evaluate the expression. (8 7) however the () should cover both numbers. Please explain answer if poss.
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