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  1. math

    Will someone please help me solve this problem. Simplify by factoring. ã250 this is a radical sign in front of 250.
  2. math

    someone please help me slove this problem. Use the qudratic formula to find any x-intercepton the graph of the equation. y=4x^2-2x-5
  3. math

    could you please do the steps with the answer so that I can understand it. write as a decimal round to the nearest thousandth if necessary. 4/5% 20 1/4% thanks for your time and help
  4. math

    could you please do the steps with the answer so that I can understand it. write as a decimal round to the nearest thousandth if necessary. 4/5% 20 1/4% thanks for your time and help
  5. Math Quadratic Equations

    1. Select the approximate values of x that are solutions to f (x) = 0 , where f (x)=8 x^2 +7 x +4 A. ( -0.39 , 1.27 ) B. ( -0.88 , -0.50 ) C. ( -8, 7 ) D. ( -2.00 , 1.75 ) The answer I getting is (B). But I second guessing it could be ( A ). Please let me know !
  6. Math

    Let (2x-12) degrees represent the measure of an acute angle. What are the possible values of x? So lost can some one please help me
  7. math

    You have a coupon for 25% off a $2 video rental. How much would you pay? can you please solve with steps.
  8. Math.. Please help!

    What does 3^4x2^3x5^2/3^2x5x2^3 equal? Using the method of sorting the bases and subtracting the exponents.
  9. 5TH GRADE Math

    Can you please show me how to find the common factors of each set of numbers. 1. 1,4,8,32______ 2. 1,3,6,12,24_____
  10. math

    The notation ##(a,b,c)produces a number that is a less than the product of b and c raised to the a power. When ##(2,5,x)=23, what is the value of x? a. 0 b. 1/2 c. 1 d. 2 e. 5 please answer and explain
  11. 5th Grade Math

    Can you please show me the steps on how to write each decimal as a mixed number in simplest form? 1. 8.9 2. 42.96
  12. math

    Consider the function g(x)=x/x-7. a) Summarize the increasing and decreasing intervals. b) Compare the slopes of the tangents at the points where i) x=7.5 and x=20 ii) x=6.5 and x=-20 Do it for me please...
  13. Math

    Please Help!!!!!!! 1/2+4/7p>13/10 The p is beside 4/7. I have been stuck on this all morning any help and how it was solved would be appreciated. Thanks for your time and help.
  14. Math

    find the volume of a square pyramid with a base length of 9 cm and a height of 4 cm: a. 324 cm b. 108 cm c. 36 cm d. 152 cm Please help!!
  15. Math

    Please help me with this!! The actual length of the picnic table is 180cm with legs 60cm. What is the scale factor for this diagram?
  16. math

    Name the position of the first digit of the quotient. 1. 832/4 2. 217/7 I don't understand. Someone please explain to me.
  17. math

    What would a graph look like with the equation y=-2(x)2+3.the two next to the x means to the second power. Please help me
  18. 6th grade math

    Determine whether each value of x is a solution of the inequality 4x-5<3 a. x=0 b. x=2 c. x=-2 d. x=4 Help please *show the work and answer!!
  19. Math

    Write each expression using a single exponent. 20.) 8^10*8^9 22.) 2.6^12 * 2.6^12 Can you please show your work so I can get a better understanding of these problems?
  20. Math

    MULTIPLY. WRITE EACH PRODUCT IN SCIENTIFIC NOTATION. 24.) (3 * 10^6)(2 * 10^12) 26.) (6 * 10^9) (5 * 10^4) Can you please show your work so I can get a better understanding of these problems?
  21. Math

    Change the following to the standard equation of the ellipse 1. 5x^2 + 3y^2 = 15 2. x^2 + 12y^2 = 16 3. 3y^2 + 4x^2 = 3 And please can you give the value of a, b and c of this equations... so that I can sketch it....
  22. Math:Algebra 2

    Find an equation of the linear function f having a slope of -2 if f(1)=3 My teacher never taught this, please help
  23. Math help please!!!!!!

    Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoints(-1,2) and (3,-3) A. (2,4) and (6,6) B. (2,4) and (6,6) C. (-2,4)and (6,-6) D. (2,-1) and (-3,3) Is the answer C ? Thank you
  24. Math help please!!!!!!

    Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoints(-1,2) and (3,-3) A. (2,4) and (6,6) B. (2,4) and (6,6) C. (-2,4)and (6,-6) D. (2,-1) and (-3,3) Is the answer C ? Thank you

    Create a number line model that represents the equation below. -5 x -2 = 10 Can some help me please?
  26. MATH

    For the following system of equations, what is the x-value of the solution? -x + 2y = 6 6y = x + 18 A. -18 B. 0 C. -6 D. 3 Confused? Still trying to work it out. Please help! Thanks
  27. Math

    What value of x makes this equation true? 1/3(9x-2)+1=2(4x+1) a) x=-3 b)x=-1/3 c)x=1/3 d)x=3 Please explain. Having a hard time figuring out.
  28. Math (Help please)

    Hi! I'm a little confused on what I'm suppose to do for this problem. Can someone help? Thanks! Directions: Which element would be in Row 3, Column 1? [1 5 6 -2 7 11 4 0 -1 2 9 7]
  29. Math

    What is the rule for the function shown in the table? x: -1 | 0 | 1 | 2 y: -2 | 1 | 4 | 7 A. y= 1/3x + 1 B. y=3x + 1 C. y= 1/3x D. y= 1/3x + 1 Will someone please help and explain how I can work this out. I have trouble with these.
  30. Math

    What is the area of an isosceles right triangle wih equal sides that measure 42cm? @Ms. Sue please help!!!
  31. Math

    Looking to find the missing digit for each statement true. The number 874_ is divisible by 4. Please help how to solve
  32. Math

    0.00013x^2 + 0.0063x - 4.7=0 Ans: x= -215.91,167.45 Find x I used -b± sqr b^2-4ac/2a I couldn't get that answer. please help.
  33. Math

    Good morning, can someone please give me simple easy steps to solve Quadratic Equations. Thank you
  34. Math

    Write an equation for the tangent to the curve y=sinmx at the origin. I got y=mx, is this correct? Please help by showing work! Thanks
  35. consumers,business studies,math lit,english,cat

    Please help me on how to choose my career or which field my I follow
  36. Math

    Which equation has a slope of -1/2 and a y intercept of -3? a. 4x+2y+3=0 b. 3x+6y+6=0 c. 5x +10y+30=0 d. 6x+2y+1=0 I have the answer. I know it is C, but this was today's lesson and I still don't understand why or how to get C. Please help.
  37. math please be honest

    similar poligons are ___ different shapes. A. always B. sometimes<My Answer C. never
  38. Math

    What is the surface area of a rectangular prism with l = 14 in., w = 12 in., and h = 4 in.? * Show your work and solution below. I don't know how to solve this please help ASAP!
  39. Math

    Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 12 m. A. 1,809 m^2 B. 452 m^2 C. 7,235 m^2 D. 603 m^2 Not sure? Please help!
  40. Math

    Determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y= -4 , x -9 (-9,27) (3,-21) (5,-28) This is graphing coordinates. Please help I've been staring at this for 30 minutes so confused.
  41. Math

    Trying to find the volume of a rectangle. The lenght is 8/9 the wideth is 1/6 and the height is 1/3. And can't seem to solve the problem. Can you please help
  42. math

    How do you differentiate between mutually exclusive and independent events? Please explain with examples. And why cant they happen together?
  43. MATH

    Write an inquality for the situation. Sam scored at least 26 points. A. K > 26 B. K => 26 C. K =< 26 D. K> 26 Hey guys please help. ASAP
  44. MATH

    Write an inquality for the situation. Sam scored at least 26 points. A. K > 26 B. K => 26 C. K =< 26 D. K> 26 Hey guys please help. ASAP
  45. Calc-Math

    y^2+xy-3x=-5 dy/dt=-4 x=3 y=1 find dx/dt. i tried doing 2y(dy/dt)+ydx/dt-3=0 but i am not getting the right answer. Please tell me where i am going wrong.
  46. Calc-Math

    Evaluate the limit using l'hospitals rule. lim->0 (3^x-6^x)/x. Do not know where to even begin on this one... please help.
  47. math

    find the lenght of the longest straight line which can be drawn on a rectangulelar chalkboard which measure 2.2m by 1.2m PLEASE HELP ME OUT
  48. Math

    Could someone please help me to solve this equation using exact values. 9^(2x)+4(9^x)=21 and also check for extraneous roots. thank you
  49. math

    A cylindrical tank of diameter 4m contains water to a height of 3 m.What area of the surface is wet? any idea please
  50. Math Estimating products

    Which Benchmark Fraction could you use to estimate the product of 36 x 11/16 ? PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER IM STUCK IDK
  51. math work

    evaluate the expression ( 94 93) please help with this! I don't know what to do! ps there is a big bracket that is around the 94 and the 93, i just couldn't enter that into the box.
  52. math

    Alice separates 23 stickers into 4 equal pounds how many tickets does she have left over please help me
  53. Math

    Subtract. Write the answer in simplest form. 1) 3/7-4/5=10/35-28/35 This is the part that I got too and I don't know if I did it correctly or not. Can you please tell me how to do this or show me.
  54. Math

    I'm a parent and I my son had a test and this problem was wrong so I'm here trying to figure it out (3/4)3 can you help me please thank you
  55. math

    What is the value of t in the equation below? (7^-64)x(7^-150)/(7^-7)x(7^2)=7^t Help please i get lost when its a huge problem like this but if it's short i can solve it.
  56. math

    Solve the proportion using number sense. 2/8= x/48 (A)6 (B)12 (C)16*^* (D)8\ Am I correct? I'm not very good at fractions so please be nice.
  57. Math

    can someone please give me a chart of triangles and what there called like scalene right or equilateral obtuse
  58. Math

    Given the following values, which point would be considered an outlier? x - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 y - 1.2, 4.3, 2.8, 4.1, 5.2, 6, 7.1, 7.9, 9.4. A.) (1, 1.2) B.) (2, 4.3) C.) (4, 4.1) D.) (6,6) * Can someone please check my answer?
  59. Math

    Which linear equation is represented by the table? X: -2, 1 , 3 , 6 Y: 7 , 4 , 2 , -1 A. Y= -x + 5 B. Y= 2x - 1 C. Y= x + 3 D. Y= -3x + 11 I would tell you my answer but I don't even know how to do this so please give me the steps
  60. Math

    Can i get some help on -2/5 x -1 1/4 please tried doing this multiple times but i keep getting weird answers that don't match up at all.
  61. Math please help

    (1). What is the least LCM of 36 and 27? 9 63 108 972 (2). Write an equivalent expression for 8x + 6 using the distributive property. 2(2x+3) 2(4x+3) 8(x+6) x(8+6)
  62. Math

    Solve the inequality. Explain all steps and Identify the properties used. n/-3+5>4 PLEASE HELP MY GRADE DEPENDS ON THIS
  63. Math

    cotθ=3, cos<0. Find the exact value of sin θ/2 using half-angle formula. Please help!
  64. MATH

    Which ordered pairs are on the line ​ 4x−3y=84x−3y=8 ​? Select each correct answer. ​ (−1,4) ​ (1,−4/3) ​ ​ (3/2,−2/3)​ ​ (−4,−8) ​I know that one is (1,4/3) but I thought the other was (2,0) and it is not up their. Help please!
  65. HELP Please. Geography.

    I found some links for the geological history for the appalachian mountains BUT it confuses me. Can you please simplify the formation of the Appalachian mountains?? please? thanks. Basically the mountains were created due to the merging of the continents into Pangea. I know ...
  66. math and desperate

    What similarities and differences are there between functions and linear equations? Are all linear equations functions? Is their an instance when a linear equation is not a function support your answer. Im not good at math please help.
  67. Algebra-Please Help!!!

    John is at a car show. Beginning 2.5 miles away, a car travelling at a constant 45 miles per hour approaches and then passes John. The distance between John and the car can be represented by the equation d = |2.5 – 45t|. At what times is the car 0.5 miles from John? Please ...
  68. Social Studies (France and nuclear arms)

    can anyone educate me about why france should have the right to nuclear arms?? and be specific about what the arms and rights are? please please please! i need to argue about it. thank you!
  69. Math

    I am having trouble with the concept of unit conversions for math C30. I am in cyber school and it does not seem to be explaining it as much as I would like. Here is the question: Change 25 kilometers per hour into feet per second. Can you please explain how you are finding ...
  70. math

    Hi again. I don't understand these two questions so um please help me. Also explain me how to do it. Please 1. An electrician charges $40 to come to your house. She also charges $55 for each hour that she works. The electrician charges you a total of $190. How many hours does ...
  71. Spanish 1

    Can someone please, please please help me with this??? Re-write the following sentences with the correct conjugation of the verb "estar." 1. Yo____ en mi casa (in my house). 2. Jose, María, y yo _________ alegres. 3. Mario, tú, y yo __________ en el cine (at the movies). 4. ...
  72. Physics

    a car travels 59.78 miles east in 89.67 minutes, then 89.67 miles north in 59.78 minutes, and then 29.89 miles at 59.78 degrees west of south in 149.45 minutes. whats the magnitude of the car's average velocity in miles per hour??? Please help!!!!!! P.S. please don't round ...
  73. chemistry

    if i have a 21% solution of a product, and i need to make it a 9% solution of the same product what do i do? i am trying to dilute a product that is 21% to a 9% soultion so it can safety be used on cats. i know what to dilute it with, but i do not know how much or the math to ...
  74. math(please help)

    Allison, Ashley, and Becky weigh 124 kg altogether. Allison and Becky weigh 102 kg altogether. Allison and Ashley weigh 86 kg altogether. How much does each person weigh? please show your work.
  75. Math Double Check Me Please

    1.what is the slant height for the given pyramid to the nearest whole unit. pyramid base= 12 cm height=8 cm A.5 cm B.9 cm ***** C.14 cm D.10 cm What is the length of the diagonal for the given rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit? the unit is the length=6, width=5, ...
  76. 3mts

    Can someone please let me know what these mean; 3 MTS - C, F and K and this one too 2 L in a SP of G Please and thank you so much for your help:) 3 major temperature scales - celsius, fahrenheit and kelvin 2 lenses in a standard pair of Glasses
  77. Physics - Help!

    All, Please just help me in this, I will need you to please give me the clue-thanks. a flashlamp bulb is marked '2.5V,0.30A' and has to be operated from a dry battery of e.m.f 3.0V for the current p.d. of 2.5V to be produced across it. Why?
  78. Social Studies

    Please please point me in the direction of people contributed to Islam history i.e. contributors to medicine, poets, mathematician, astronomer. I would like to know where to start. Thanks
  79. Science-Help Please

    What is a concept map. I've asked that same question yesterday as well, but I don't think anyone noticed. Can someone please tell me how to create one for the milky way,thanks in advance.
  80. Algebra 2 Urgent! please Help!

    simplfy (10x^2-6x-x^3)+(9x+x^3+5x^2) please show all work and steps i have been working on this problem for 10 minutes and still cant figure out how to do it.
  81. Algebra II

    Please help-I'm totally lost- What is the equation of the ellipse with foci(-10,0), (10,0) and co-vertices (0,-3),(0,3) x^2/109 + y^2/9 = 1 X62/100 + y^2/9 = 1 Please show me the steps because I have others to do and I'm really stuck
  82. Sociology-

    I do not understand the reading"what happened to the American Social Compact?" of Robert Reich although I have read it many many times. Could you please explain it in main ideas? please help me.
  83. please please i need more ideas in the answer

    write a single paragraph which answers this question, “Who is responsible for program planning, the academic advisor or the student? Explain why.”
  84. The World History

    I need help with the answers to exams of this subject please anyone can,, on exams007678,007680,007681,007682 please send as soon as possible thanks to the one that is willing to hlep..
  85. health/help me please

    I am confused because it depend on the quantity and in my question they did not list it . It can be too the METHAMPHETAMINE as 1st offense please help me pick the write answer I read it more than one time
  86. Social Studies 9

    why do you think lawyers in land claims trials refer to the royal proclamation of 1763 more then 200 years . PLEASE PLEASE I NEED IT BY TOMORROW . !!!
  87. Any one! Please Help!

    Why did the british exercise restraint in their effrts to defeat the rebellious colonies? can someone give me an accurate brief description! i don't have my text book! please help me!
  88. English

    "It is a moribund reader who doesn't feel the spell of its bounding anapests, as hard to ignore as a herd of reindeer on roof." I need help... Please restate it,so I can understand it better... Please help............
  89. Pre-Algebra

    what is the surface area of a square pyramid if the slant height is 15.2 m and the base is 15.2 m? please explain it to me. this is not homework, it is a practice question and I do not understand how to solve it. Someone PLEASE help!
  90. Chemistry HELP PLEASE!!

    write the oxidation and reduction half-reactions that occur at the anode and cathode, respectively, when MgCl2 liquid is electrolyzed using inert electrodes. HELP PLEASE!!!
  91. Someone Please Help me- PreCalc

    Determine the missing coordinate of the point (4/7,y) that lies on the graph of the unit circle in quadrant IV. Please show the steps because I need to solve more. Thank you.
  92. Chemistry 112

    Can someone please explain to me how to calculate reaction order with respect to something? I've read this in my textbook, and I watched videos on YouTube, but I still don't understand. Please help.
  93. Math please, please help

    Charlotte is planning a trip from her house in City A to the State Fair in City B. She uses 2 maps, each with a different scale & places them together so that they show her route. First map's scale is 2 3/4 inches with 3/4 inch equaling 30 miles. Second map's scale is 3 7/8 ...
  94. English

    PLEASE HELP ME! I have been trying all day! I need a sentence for tomorrow that follows this pattern and ends with a ! Pronoun-predicate verb-verb-article-proper noun-verb-article=adjective-proper noun- preposition - proper noun ! Please I'm begging HELP ME PLEASE
  95. Physics Please someone help please

    A 34 g glass thermometer reads 21.6°C before it is placed in 135 mL of water. When the water and thermometer come to equilibrium, the thermometer reads 38.7°C. What was the original temperature of the water? -.135(4186)(Tf-38.7)=.034(840)(Tf-21.6) =-565.11Tf+21869.752=28....
  96. Math

    Which of the following are the numbers NOT in correct order from SMALLEST to LARGEST? A.)-3.1, -3.5, 0, 0.7, 1.5 B.)-2.3, -1.5, 0.1, 0.33, 0.35 C.)-6.1, -5.33, -4, -0.25, 0 D.)-2.3, -1.5, -0.9, 0, 0.09 PLEASE HELP ME!!! Draw a number line, something like this. -4...-3...-2...-...
  97. Math, Algebra,

    Help! I can't understand or find out the answer, I tried but I keep getting lost! George rides a cab to work 3 days a week. He pays $3.50 for the cab to pick him up. He pays an additional fee for each mile driven. In one week, George paid $35.25. If he rides 11 miles each day...
  98. Math

    Capacity Homework? I was doing my grade 8 math homework on capacity, and I was told to order the capacity of Vase A, B, and C from least to greatest. Vase C is a hourglass based prism, and I don't know the formula for it. Please help?

    Please remember that, even though it's holiday time and many tutors are away, this is still a website for homework questions, not riddles (see the link for riddles at the bottom of the main page), not personal questions, not nonsense, etc. Please remember these things: 1. This...
  100. Math

    A student wrote this statement: "A triangular prism has a height of 15 inches and a base area of 20 square inches. The volume of the prism is 300 square inches." Identify and correct the error. I am not sure because I am new at doing this kind of math. Please help.
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