Math(Please help)

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  1. Algebra

    Help please (x^3 + 3x^2 - 2x+7)/(x+1)=11 I don't how how to solve this at all-the answer should be 11 but I don't have a clue how to get it-please show me this one so I can hopefully do my homeowrk-we did this in class today but I don't understand it
  2. BIOLOGY please help!!

    Negative allosteric effectors in the citric acicd cycle. Theres four: I have NADH and ATP What are the other two please help
  3. Psychology

    Please help me: explain why individualistic and collectivistic cultures differ in their tendency to make the fundamental attribution error in. Please 80 to 100 words, Thank you in advance.
  4. Social Studies

    How did Diocletian try to reverse the decline of Rome? Please help! I don't get it :( Which event usually marks the fall of the Western Roman Empire? Please help!
  5. English help please

    Which of the following personal completes the sentence correctly? One of my brothers just received ____diploma? A. his B. him C. their I think it is A or B. Can't quite decide. Please help.. Thank you
  6. College Algebra

    Write the following a+bi form i(3.14-3i) Please help. I believe that the answer is 3.14i-3i, which would be (3.13*-1)-3*-1. however this was incorrect please tell me where I went wrong
  7. Algebra 1 (PLEASE HURRY!!)

    {3x+y=-9 {-3x+-2y=12 What is the y-value of the solution to this system of equations? A. -7 B. -3 C. -2 D. -1 I tried them all and I must have did something wrong because none of them worked. Help please!! Thanks.
  8. ELA

    What differences became matters of life and death during the Holocaust? There are no choices in the question. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. MS. SUE, WRITETEACHER,SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE
  9. biology

    someone please help me im confused and idk what im doingg how would i create a dna molecule model using straws, pushpins, and paperclips? help me, please.
  10. pre calc

    Can someone please help me f(x)=1/3 square root 1-2x and g(x)= (x-2)/x. Find and simplify (g of g)(3)/(g of f)(-24). The answer I got it -24/7 and i Am unsure If it is correct. Please show all work Thank you
  11. Science please help

    i am sorry to bother you Ms. Sue but i need to present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer. can you please give a list of insulators
  12. maths

    find the following square roots,using 'prime factors': i) 784 ii) 7056. 1 iii) 20---- 4 please give answers and tell me how to do. please
  13. math

    Find the Riemann sum associated with f(x)=4x^2+2, n=3 and the partition xsub0=-2 xsub1=1 xsub2=2 xsub3=4 of [-2,4] (a) when xsubk is the right end-point of [xsubk-1, xsubk] . (b) when when xsubk is the mid-point of [xsubk-1, xsubk] please help. i thought fora the anser was 216...
  14. I really need help!

    Hi, I really need instructions. Can someone please tell me how to make a coordinate plane and a rectangle on the plane in Microsoft Excel 2013 please? I really I need an answer soon because this is due today!!!! Please someone help fast! Thank You :/
  15. Math Help!

    Find 21/25 of $27,000 A:$32,140 B:$5,670 C:$22,680 D:$23,760 Could you explain how it is C?? A new law requires that 12% of an individual's income be invested in the stock market. Your accounts show that you need to put $420 in the stock market this year. How much did you earn...
  16. physics

    please please help my other questions !!!:(
  17. english

    Hello! I'm a French student,I'm 17, I've learned the beginning of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Sometimes, it seems confused as it's my second language. So I need help, please. Can you explain what happened with Patty, Eliza, Carter, Richard and Walter in the chapter 2: best ...
  18. math

    simplify -cd^-4e^-1 please specify parentheses or at least separate them so i know which groups fall under which exponents.
  19. math

    how to solve this equation: 20 8 4 4 = 18 20 + (8/4) - 4 = 18 :) I do not understand the 8/4 part on this answer? Please clarify Count . 8/4 = 2 if you add that to 20 you get 22 and if you then subtract 4 you get 18.
  20. Please Check My Math Work

    a^2 - 2ab - 15b^2 This is what I got: (a-5b)(a+3b) Correct! x^4+2x^3-4x^2-5x-6 DIVIDED BY x^2+x-2 My answer: x^2+x-3 remainder of -12\x^2+x-2
  21. Math(PLease Check)

    m-2 m+5 --- * ---- m-5 m-2 *I got : m+5 ---- m-5 you're absolutely correct. the m-2's cancel out and you're left with m+5/m-5 thank you hopefully you can help me with the others...
  22. Math Help 222

    x^2/x-4 - 7/x-4=0 *Please solve the rational expression. multipy both sides by (x-4) then you have x^2-7=0 x= +- sqrt 7
  23. math/algebra

    I keep confusing myself. Please check and show me where I am mixed up. (8+ ã48)/4 = (8+ ã(2 .24))/4 =1+2ã6 where am I missing it?
  24. Math

    How do you do unit rate? my teacher is really mean & yells when we ask questions like this. please help me outtt !!
  25. math

    Please can someone help? 3/(x-7) + x^2+5x My answer is: x^3-2x^2-35x+3/(x-7) Is this right? I converted x^2+5x so that it had a common denominator of x-7 so I could add them.
  26. math

    How would you express f(x) = cos3(x) in terms of first powers only? Please explain the steps
  27. math

    How would you express f(x) = cos3(x) in terms of first powers only? Please explain the steps
  28. math

    can someone check my answers please subtract -7.1-(-8.3)= 1.2 multiply (7.6)(1)(-6) = -45.6 divid 90/18 = 5 find the reciprocal of 1/3 (9-4= 5/3 -15-(-12) ---------- -18-(-18) undefined
  29. Math

    could someone please tell me when you are preparing an income statment , to calculate groos margin. you must do what? thanks :)
  30. Math

    could someone please tell me when you are preparing an income statment , to calculate groos margin. you must do what? thanks :)
  31. Math

    Ok, I have this problem that I'm really stuck on: This is it: Find each unit rate: 20 mi in 5 h. Please help I need this by tomorrow!
  32. math

    Can someone please help me with my previous question? I'm not sure what window to use for the equation I previously wrote.
  33. Math

    Please help me Place each of the following sets in ascending order 3/7, - 6/7, 1/7, - 1/2,2/7 Perform the indicated operations (-9)(5) / -3 16/(-2)*(-4) / 2*2*2+4 4-(-3)+1 / 2-2divide(-2)
  34. math

    I need help with a question... In this case k and l are parallel lines and contain the given points of: k=(2,5),(8,14) and l=(5,3),(11,y)... how do I calculate for y? Please help!
  35. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve using the multiplication principle. -4x > 1/11 The solution is x > -1/44 Is this correct
  36. math

    Find the perimeter of a right triangle with legs of 20 cm, and 21 cm. a.882 b.82 c.70 d.47 I have no clue what to do. Can somebody help me with this please?
  37. MATH

  38. Math

    I need some urgent help with two simultaneous equations urgently please...Show working. 3a-b=9 2a+2b=14
  39. math

    y=-7/10x-10/7 find the slope and y-intercept can someone please hlp, and explain how you came up with the answer
  40. math(Please help!!!)

    In acute triangle ABC, segment AD is an altitude, the measure of angle ADB=2x^2+40, BD=9x-3, and DC=6x+15. Find BC.
  41. math(Please help Urgent!!!)

    In triangle ABC, D is the centroid and M is the midpoint of segment AC. If BD=10 and DM=2x+1, find MB. Answer choices: 2 , 9.5, or 15.
  42. math(Please help Urgent!!)

    In triangle ABC, D is the centroid and M is the midpoint of segment AC. If BD=x+9 and DM=6, find MB. Answer choices: 9 , 3, or 18.
  43. math

    keep trying to solve this one but canceling out x. i know x=-2 but i'm not quite sure how to get there in steps? 5^(2+3)-5^(x+2)=4 please help!
  44. math

    Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! 1. is (-8,-9) a solution of 2x+4y=12 No 2. Solve using the multiplication principle. -1/2x=-9/10 answer: 9/5
  45. math

    Please help. the question is: Estimate the quotient. Tell what compatible numbers you used 817 divided by 4
  46. To Happy --

    Please repost your math question -- and remove Ms. Sue's and my screen names from YOUR NAME'S space. Thanks. =)
  47. math

    please answer this question? Round off to the nearest half hour:14 hours and 54 minutes.
  48. 6th grade math

    i need some help with determing surface areas of rectangular solids please. thank-you
  49. Math

    Please help with this problem! What is the positive three-digit integer that is four times the product of its digits?
  50. math

    5 coins are dropped on the floor. find the probability that they will all land heads up. please help me solve!
  51. Advanced Math

    Find the principle root (-64)1/6. Express the result in the form a+bi. (2i)^6= -64 = (-64)1/6= 0+2i I got it wrong, please help.
  52. Math

    Calculate the distance between the points -2/3 and 3/4 on the number line. Please show how you come to the answer.
  53. math

    Find all the zeros of the function. t^3 - 3t^2 - 15t + 125 Please explain. I am very confused on how to do this!!
  54. Math

    use the properties of logarithms to simplify the logarithmic expression. log10 (9/300) Please explain!!
  55. Math

    Can someone please explain this question? What would be a brief scenario of a continuous probability distribution? Thanks for your help.
  56. math

    Find the first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3, of the following set of numbers. 13, 5, 12, 16, 7, 14, 7, 3, 10, 7 i don't know how to figure it out can you help please. thanks
  57. math

    I am changing measurement to the given unit. I need to change 14m to kilometers what is the answer?help please
  58. math

    Rewrite the equation so that y is a function of x: 1. 1/2(y+5)+4x=3x 2. Use the result in Ex. 1 to find y when x= -1, 0, and 2 __________ Can you please check if this is right? 1. y=-2x+4.5 2. f(-1)=-2(-1)+4.5 =6.5 f(0)=-2(0)+4.5 =4.5 f(2)=-2(2)+4.5 =0.5 Thanks!
  59. To Mia

    Please see the answer to your question below. The math tutor may be able to help you if you respond to his post.
  60. Math

    I have a real big problem. I am not suitable for Algebra! So, could someone please explain how 5x=54+7 equals 4 o.O
  61. Math, please check answer

    Find the midpoint of the line segment having the given endpoints. ( 2, 6) and ( 7, 3) M 9/2,9/2
  62. Math

    I am having trouble finding a pattern or linear equation for this table x y 1 -1 3 3 5 7 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? Could someone help me please?
  63. math

    operations on functions: Given f(x) = 2root x+7 and g(x) = 5x^2 – 9, evaluate (f/g)(2) . I don't understand how to do this, can someone please explain the process??!! thanks!
  64. math HELP SOON!

    Write each ratio as a unit rate. 6 eggs for 4 people. "Please help, it is very confusing to me."
  65. 7th Grade Math

    Find the area of the circle described. Use pi= 22/7. Diameter= 1.4cm Please help!
  66. math

    0.3x-0.2y=4 0.5x+0.3y=-7/17 Can anyone Please help me solve using the elimination system..... Someone tried to explain it but I still do not get it at all
  67. MATH

    can some one please help to solve this problem. Add. reduce to lowest terms, if possible 3/y+3+y+7-y-9+/7/y-3
  68. math

    name the transformation that turns a figure around a point please help asap it is due tomrrow
  69. math

    I've to solve 3x^2 + 6x +3 =0 by factoring. Thus, after solving I got the answer as 3(x + 1)^2. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    given di=145, do=38,hi=-97 formula: hi/ho=-di/do how do i rearrange this?? i do not want the answer. need help rearranging equation please help!!
  71. math-please help!

    Use the properties of lines to parallel solve the problem. If p ðF q and mÚ8 = 52‹, what are the measures of the other angles?
  72. math

    How would you simplify this rational expression: Can you please show me the steps on how you get the answer thank you. 2y+1 over y-2 times (4-2y)
  73. Math

    What is the relationship of the two lines with the equations -3y=x-6 and y=3x+1? I am very confused. Please explain how you got your answer!
  74. Math help please!!!

    Factor completely 3p^2q + 9p^2q^2 - 12p^2q^3 I have done the following: 3p^2q(1+3q-4q^) but then i get stuck..not sure if that's the final answer..
  75. Math please help asap

    Solve using elimination.......answers must be in ordered pair form 0.3x-0.2y=4 0.4x+0.5y=-55/17
  76. Math

    Please I need to solve this problem Use the elimination method 0.3x -0.2y=4 0.5x + 0.3y=1 Plesae help I am competely lost!!!
  77. 6th grade math

    Why is the best- the mean or median- to use when planning a trip? Why? HELP PLEASE! I'M STUCK!
  78. math

    can you answer this as soon as possible please just find the lcd of this rational algebraic expression 3x/x-4,2x/x+4
  79. Math

    An experiment has three possible outcomes: A,B, and, C. If P(A)=P(B) and P(C)=2P(A)what is the probability of each event? Hint: We know that in this case, P(A)+ P(B)+P(C)=1; therefore,P(A)+P(A)+2P(A)=1 Please Help :)
  80. Math

    I don't understand how to solve equations with logarithms very well...can you help please? here is one im stuck on: log (3r+5)= 5 2 Thanks!!
  81. Math

    how would you simplify log10^x3 ? i tried the examples from the book, but it just confuses me. someone please help.
  82. Statistics/Math- Please Help

    When comparing two independent population means, how do I find the degree of freedoms?
  83. math

    if an equilateral triangle has a perimeter of 24 inches, what is the length of each side and please explain why because i don't really understand this! help!
  84. Math

    simifly. Use the commutative associative and distributive properties. 1. 175 + 37 + 25 2. 50(11 x 2) 3. 12/(99 can someone explain to me how to do these please?
  85. Math

    Solve by using the multiplication principle -2x> 1 over 9 I have tried this problem and can get no where with it can someone please help me????

    DETERMINE THE SUM OF THE FOLLOWING GEOMETRIC SERIES A. -1/32+1/16-...+256 B. 50 over Σ 8(.5)^n-2 where n=1
  87. math i need help please

    determine sums of following geometric sequences... A. -1/32+1/16-...+256 B. 50 over Σ 8(.5)^n-2 where n=1
  88. math

    write the following in a sigma notation 3/32+3/16+3/8+...+12288 so far ive gotten that a=3/32 and r=2/1 can you please help me further
  89. pre-algebra-math

    two fractions equivalent to the given factor 18/21 and the other 3/27:) please helpp
  90. Math(Please check)

    Find the derivative of f(x)=1/3 sqrt x. The 3 is little above the square root. I know that it is -1/3x^-4/3. Can this be written as -1/3x^4/3 ?
  91. 3rd grade math hw help!

    Please help! Name three ways the Roman and American coins are alike? Thanks.
  92. Math

    Principal is $1,800. Rate is 10%. Simple Interest is $360. What's the time? Please show how you go to this answer.
  93. math

    Could someone please describe two main differences between classical and empirical probabilities.
  94. math

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! Convert to an improper fraction. Type in your answer with the negative in the numerator. -11 1/3= I have NO clue how to do this!?
  95. math

    I don't understand the rules for adding and subtracting postive and negative ,can you please explain it to me? im having a test
  96. math

    a circular coin has radius of 8.2 what is the circumference rounded to the nearest tenth? please show work
  97. math please urgent! due in 20mins

    how to divide and simplify 12x^3-22x^2-44x-16/6x+4
  98. Math(Please help)

    f(x,y)=x^2 e^2x lny (2,1) I need to find the partial derivatives with respect to x and y. I have not idea how to do this especially with the (2,1).
  99. math

    2 questions please 6x<2x+24 also express 792 as a product of prime number in index form
  100. Math

    Find the limit of ( n(n+1)/2 )^2 * 2/n^3 * 2/n as n goes into infinity I keep on getting 1, which is the wrong answer. Please help!
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