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  1. math

    The area of a square field is 3/2 hectares find the length of its diagonal in metres please help.
  2. Math

    Three dozen eggs, 25% broken. How many left? ( Answer with working outs) please.
  3. Math-Direct Variation

    can you please show me how to set this up? The variables x and y vary directly. When x is 3, y is 6. Find x when y = 2/3
  4. Math

    Solve it showing detail steps..please. Integrate : ∫(cos^3 x)^2 ⁡dx
  5. MATH help asap

    connections academy 8th grade Lesson 9: Integers and Algebra help please anyone!
  6. Math

    3/7 x 14/15=2/5 1 1/3x 5/8=5/6 1 2/9x 1 1/2=2 1/3 can you please check the above problems and let me know if I got the correct answers in simplest form.
  7. Math

    Write three fractions that can be written as percents between 50% and 75%. Justify your solution Can you please help me????
  8. MATH

    i need help of unit 2 lesson 10 i dont know how to do it or none of the answers ans somebody PLEASE
  9. Math (please check my answer)

    The center of dilation is (0,0) and the scale factor is 7. If A(3,4), then which is the distance between A and A'. A. 5 B. 7 C. 30 <<<< D. 35
  10. math

    Which ratio forms a proportion with 9/15? (A)6/10 (B)16/21*^* (C)36/50 (D)45/70 If my answer was incorrect don't yell at me, just correct me please.
  11. math

    Which ratio forms a proportion with 9/15? (A)6/10 (B)16/21*^* (C)36/50 (D)45/70 If my answer was incorrect don't yell at me, just correct me please.
  12. math

    3x^3-12x Factor Completely I forgot how to do this problem please explain it to me so i can take notes.
  13. Math: Geometry

    2. Name four line. Segments that have point B as an endpoint. A. AF, CH, AE, BE B. BA, BF, BC, BH 3. AF, CH, AE, BE 4. BA , BF, BC, BH Please help!

    What is the formula for base, b, of a triangle if the area is A and the height is h?
  15. Math Tangent Graph

    I am not sure how I am supposed to do this question please help!
  16. Math

    I don't understand how to do this. Can somebody please help me? I can't figure out how to do this, and I don't see any instructions in my lesson. Thank you in advance. (-4x) x 9x^2
  17. Math

    In how many ways a set can be written? Two or three. I am confused please tell me correct.
  18. Math

    I need help to convert this expression in word problem not solution. Please help. Thanks! (5x2)x(3x15)
  19. math

    write each as an algebraic expression. 3m ____ 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 (x+ 5) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4a(exponet 2) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ im majorly confused, please help omf
  20. Math

    Given points (0, 0) and (3, 6), find the point which partitions the segment into 3:2 Please explain?
  21. Math

    -6 greater equal to 13 + 5 which of these values of X makes the inequality true -3.9 -1.2 3/13 -7/15 Please help explain answer
  22. Math

    Find the values of the variables. [-12 -w^2] = [2k -81 2f 3 -14 3 Please help me. I don't know how to do this at all, and can you show your work so I can understand better. Thanks
  23. Math

    Please help me with the following. Write a word phrase to represent the numerical expression below. 5 + ( 17 - 8 )
  24. math

    Simplify the rational expressions. State any excluded values. Show your work. 8.3x-6/x-2 9.x-2/x^2 +3x-10 please.
  25. Math

    Could someone please tell me what the surface area formula is for cylinders and rectangular prisms thanks
  26. MATH

    Solve the equation using completing the square method x^2-6x+9 Please I need your solutions
  27. math please help!

    write a general rule for transformations in the plane that produce similar figures
  28. Math

    Python length complete chart Yards_____ feet 29 inches______ Please help solve
  29. Math

    Write a rule for the function represented by the table. ___________________ Input(x)|0|1|2|3|4| Output(y)|3|6|9|12|15| A. y=3x B. y=3x+3 C. y=5x+1 D. y=x+5 Please help me!!!
  30. More Rational Exponents!

    1. The optimal height h of the letters of a message printed on pavement is given by the formula . Here, h= (0.00252d^(9/4))/e d is the distance of the driver from the letters and e is the height of the driver’s eye above the pavement. All of the distances are in meters. ...
  31. English

    1. This is all that I have now. 2. This is what I have now. (Are both the same in meaning?) 3. Please show me that he is active. 4. Please show me the fact that he is active. 5. Please show me that this is correct. (Are the three sentences grammatical?
  32. Math

    Okay i think i understand this wrod problem but i need help this is the problem: keith weighs 200 pounds. He wants to weigh less than 175 pounds. If he can lose an average of 2 pounds per a week on a certain diet, how long should he stay on his diet to reach his goal weight?? ...
  33. Math (please help!)

    The largest Ferris Wheel in the world is the London Eye in England. The height (in metres) of a rider on the London Eye after t minutes can be described by the function h(t) = 67 sin[0.2094(t-30)] + 70 Using this equation i'm supposed to find the diameter, the maximum (top of ...
  34. Chemistry

    three separate questions 1. An empty graduated cylinder weighs 82.450 g. When filled to 50.0 mL, with an unknown liquid it weighs 110.810 g. What is the density of the unknown liquid? 2. It is valuable to know that 1 milliliter (mL) equals 1 cubic centimeter (cm^3) or cc.). ...
  35. Math, Algebra

    Can you please help me! I solved it, but I'm not sure if I'm right. ------------------------------ Paulo pays $45.99 per month for unlimited calls, with additional charges for text messages. His bill for 4 months is $207.96. If he sends 100 texts each month, how much is he ...
  36. math math

    Given the linear equation , find the y-coordinates of the points (-6, ), (-3, ), and (3, ). Please show all of your work. Plot those points and graph the linear equation.
  37. math math

    Given the linear equation y=2/3x+1, find the y-coordinates of the points (-6, ), (-3, ), and (3, ). Please show all of your work. Plot those points and graph the linear equation
  38. Math - Help! ASAP

    8. a) Estimate 51% of 162. First, we can multiply. So, 162 x 51% = 82.62. We round it, which will be 83. b) Use mental math to calculate 51% of 162. If we round 51%, it is close to 50%. So, in that case, 50% of 162 is 81. Did I do this right? Please help me! Thanks!
  39. Math

    Determine whether the equation defines y as a linear function of x. If so, write it in the form y = mx + b. Can someone please break this down to someone who's terrible in math. 6x-9y^2+8=0 a. y=6x+8 b. y=6/9x-8 c. y=6x-8 d. y=6/9x+8 e. y is not a linear function on x.
  40. Math

    Hello. I'm not a native English speaker. I have a math assignment and I need to explain the process of this equation. y=14.2x+19.3 542 = 14.2x+19.3 542-19.3 = 14.2x 522.7 = 14.2x x = 36.8… I don't know how to explain this in English, can anyone please help me? ;(
  41. Math- Please check

    Please double check me Find the median of the following set of numbers 47,20,52,35,58,57 a. 49 1/2 b 47 c 48 1/2 d 52 Answer: a Which of the following numbers are integers? 2/3, 35, 0.093,-650, 42.5 a 0.093 and 42.5 b 35 and -650 c 2/3 d -650 answer: c
  42. Math- Please check

    Please double check me Find the median of the following set of numbers 47,20,52,35,58,57 a. 49 1/2 b 47 c 48 1/2 d 52 Answer: a Which of the following numbers are integers? 2/3, 35, 0.093,-650, 42.5 a 0.093 and 42.5 b 35 and -650 c 2/3 d -650 answer: c
  43. math

    Please, help me to solve this problems by Cramer's rule Question number : 1. 5/x + 3/y = 19 2/x + 1/y = 7 Question number : 2. log x + 2 log y = 4 2 log x - 3 log y = 1 The Answer for number 1 : D = -1 Dx = -2 Dy = -3 The answer for number 2 : D = -5 Dx = -14 Dy = -3 Please, ...
  44. Forgot my book, need science help!!

    Please help me I have a whole section to do over the weekend and I forgot my book! Please help!! You'll need to post a question in order for a science teacher to know what kind of help you need. Biology? Chemistry? What? And what is/are the question(s)? Just remember -- the ...
  45. Math

    I usually have big problems with word problems but here it goes: On his twelfth birthday, Ben was 4 3/4 feet tall. On his thirteenth birthday, Ben was 5 3/8 feet tall. How much did Ben grow between his twelfth and thirteenth birthdays? 5 3/8-4 3/4=3 feet Can you please tell me...

    A motorboat heads due west at 10 m/s. The river has a current that travels south at 6 m/s. a) what is the resultant velocity? b) If the river is 200 m wide, how long doe sit take the boat to cross the river? c) How far downstream is the boat when it reaches the other side? ...
  47. Math

    Jeremy got scores of 93,82,91, and 88 on his first four math test. What score must he get on the fifth test to have an average test grade of 90 for the five test ? Can someone explain step by step. Please
  48. Math

    What do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? The question begs for amplification. An array usually contains a set of some sort. There is not a hint in your question of what the set is. My math homework question asks - exactly as stated - What do we ...
  49. Project help.

    Please help. I need to find a picture showing the theme of the book of Jonah. Please help. thanks Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here you go! 1.
  50. biology

    please could somebody point me in the right direction here... i need to find out why xylem is described as a tissue... please could someone help me!
  51. education

    I needs some help please, I need to create a list of the top ten characteristics of a multicultural school environment. Could someone help me please?

    Rewrite each polynomial as the product of two binomials. 1. y^2 + 6y + 9 2. 25x^2 - 10x + 1 3. 36 - y^2 I don't understand how to do these problems, especially what the direction is telling me to do. Someone help me please?
  53. Algebra (please help!)

    Find an equivalent inequality with absolute value #1: -5 < y < 5 #2: x < -4 or 4 < x I'm not sure at all how to solve this problem. Please walk me through the process. Thanks!
  54. english

    when the legends die by hal borland when tom reflects that he succeeded in killing the past, what does he mean? why did he need to kill it, and how did he? please please help me .
  55. science

    hi can someone please help me. I need a scientific article with an author that is about ozone depletion. I have been looking forever. Please help thank you
  56. Algebra.. please help

    Please help. I have been trying to figure this problem out for an hour now. Solve the following system of equations. X + 8y = 5 (1) x=8-8y (2)
  57. Algebra 2 URGENT PLEASE HELP

    find an equation of the linear function f using the given information. please show all steps and work f(-1)=1, f(1)= -2
  58. Chemistry

    I..don't understand any of this: 43. How many moles are in 25.0 grams of potassium? Show your work and round your answer to the appropriate number of significant figures. Please, please help with this! Thanks -MC
  59. calculus

    can someone please help me with these 3 questions: 1) Evaluate the limit. lim_(x->infinity) (ln(ln(4 x)))/(4 x) 2)Find y ' and y ". y= ln(5 x)/x^7 3)y =(arctan)(x - sqrt(1+x^2)) for this question i got y = -1/(2(1+x^2))which was wrong. Please and thank you!
  60. Biology/help please

    I am a being from another planet, please explain to me which is alive: a clock or a fish? Compare the two, similarities and differences.Can you help me answer this question ? thank you.
  61. Calc

    The total area enclosed by the graphs of y=10x^2-x^3+x y=x^2+19x Please Please help me solve this. I have done it amny times, but getting it wrong
  62. 7th lang arts

    Hi! Um.. What is the synonym of length? Please choose from this list: acute duration fidelity headstrong pacify refute Please help!!! Thank you!!
  63. Science

    Please Help Thank you. If you had to argue the benefits of wind energy, what would they be? and What are the risks? can you please answer these question in 120 words or more Thank you.
  64. Physics

    How long would it take a fighter jet to accelerate from 0 to 250m/s if the force from the engine was 180000N and the mass was 10000kg ? please help please
  65. English please help

    please help if my ansers are correct. 1. substantive -first 2. copyeditng-second 3.proofreading-third 4.revising-fourth thank you very much
  66. Algebra(please help)

    Will someone please help me withthis question I couldn't solve it. What is the length of the segment whose endpoints are A(2, 3) and B(10, 7)? a)2 Sqrroot29 b)2 Sqrroot41 c)4 Sqrroot2 d)2 Sqrroot5
  67. mathURGENT!!!!!!

    what is the greatest value of m such that 25!/5^m is an integer? hint: the exclamation point means "factorial". 3!=3*2*1=6 4!=4*3*2*1=24 etc. please answer and explain how you got it!!!!please???
  68. statistics-PLEASE HELP quick

    I have less than 24 hours to find the binomial probability of P(20<x<23)= and P(x>23)= if n=30 p=.23 u=6.9 q=.77 and the standard deviation is 2.3 can someone please show me how to get the outcome they want?
  69. Science ~ Structures and Properties of Matter

    How do the principles of convection, conduction, and radiation explain how the water in the saucepan gets hot? Help ME PLEASE! PLEASE
  70. Help please, :)

    I was wondering who won the French and Indian War, I decided to ask my mom, and my little sister says.. George Washington!! well, I know that isn't the answer, haha, help please?
  71. Social Studies help please!!

    Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the united states. Can someone help me with this please?
  72. Math Please Help

    5. Shara's new lawn sprinkler watered a circular area with three times the radius of the old sprinkler. How many times greater was the area watered by the new sprinkler than the area watered by the old sprinkler? a)3 b)6 c)9 d)36 6.How many x-intercepts does the graph of the ...
  73. Math Models

    The scores on a standardized test are normally distributed with the mean of 750 and standard deviation 70. Find the probability that a score is more than 890. This is from my Math Models class. I am not taking Statistics. Please someone show me how to do answer this-I don't ...
  74. 4 grade math

    i have a question on a math problem, please#1 explain why 7*8 is not a number sentence. Next question is write two true number sentence. thank you!
  75. English

    Please check for any errors. If there are some errors please correct them for me. When you were in my office last Tuesday, you stated that you wanted to alter your will to include two additional heirs. I have now prepared a will in compliance with your instructions. Please ...

    Please check for any errors. If there are some errors please correct them for me. When you were in my office last Tuesday, you stated that you wanted to alter your will to include two additional heirs. I have now prepared a will in compliance with your instructions. Please ...

    Please check for any errors. If there are some errors please correct them for me. When you were in my office last Tuesday, you stated that you wanted to alter your will to include two additional heirs. I have now prepared a will in compliance with your instructions. Please ...
  78. math fractions

    •math - Ms. Sue, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 12:39pm 12 •math - bob, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 12:56pm Ms. Sue can you tell me how you got that answer please. •math - Ms. Sue, Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 1:09pm Multiples of 6: 6, 12, 18, 24 Multiples of 4: 4, 8, 12...
  79. EDU310

    please help me with this two questions I am in the hospital because i have a car accident please help 1- There are many groups that influence education in schools today. Who are these stakeholders and how do they impact the way children are educated in America. 2- How has the ...
  80. ART

    i need to describe my public identity by drawing. can you please give me some ideas? please? i want to know your public identity so that i understand mine. i don't know anything ... but is it ok if i say, i catch the bus to school everyday and i like shopping... i don't know ...
  81. math exam tommrow review

    the mean score on a math test taken by 15 students was 82%. one more student takes the test late and earns 93%. what is the new mean score? please show work
  82. Statistics / Math

    If a student is chosen at random, find the probability of getting someone who is a man or a non-smoker. Round your answer to three decimal places. non regular heavy total man 135 64 5 204 women 187 21 9 217 total 322 85 14 421 Answer in decimal (round to nearest 3) Please help...
  83. math

    Unless we have the specifics of the problem, we are unable to provide help. Please repost with more details. I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking. where else can I get help to figure out a math cross puzzle. I can get some the equations to equal on one side but not on...
  84. very hard math question Help

    Accoring to the info below, calculate the invoice total please show all your work and explian thanks ________________________________________ Customer Invoice ________________________________________ Stock# Quant Unit Item Uniit Price 24795 150 ea calculator $10.63 32678 150 ...

    Which of these statements about saltwater is correct? Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature Saltwater freezes at a higher temperature Saltwater does not freeze at any temperature Saltwaters freezing point depends on the temperature of the ocean floor***** PLEASE HELP ME
  86. math please

    Add or subtract exponents? I don't know when to add or subtract it's all confusing. 100^12/100^8 A.100^12/100^8 B.100^96 C.100^4 D.100^20 If I added it would be D If I subtract it would be C Please help I don't know which one is right. Thank you
  87. math

    please check my answers 1.which is smallest 5/8,3/4,9/16,7/8 =9/16 2.subtract 6 3/10-4 11/15=1 17/30 3.estimate 6 1/8* 7 4/5=48 4.lcm of 20,32=160 jon spent 1/3 of his study time doing math and 2/7 preparing for history exam. what fraction of his study time remains? = 8/21 5....
  88. Chemistry

    A silicon chip is used in an integrated circuit of a microcomputer has a mass of 5.68 mg. How many Si Atoms are present in this chip. Okay here is how I worked it. Can someone please tell me if its right? 1 mole of Si = 28.086g = 6.022 x 10^23 5.68mg of Si 1g/1000mg = .00568g ...
  89. physics

    A mass of 5.6 kg lies at the top of a frictionless incline. It is inclined at an angle such that the normal force on the mass is 30 Newtons. If the length of the incline is 58 meters and the mass is originally at rest at the top of the incline and then released, how long does ...
  90. English

    1. Let me call roll to make sure you're all here. 2. Let's decide the turns first. Who would like to go first? 3. Could you please fetch it from the staff room? 4. Could you please fetch it from the teachers' room? 5. Could you please fetch it from the teacher's room...
  91. Math

    I posted these 2 questions a couple of days ago and although the help I received would have been more appreciated if it didn't come with an underhanded comment, I did see where I made my mistake with the first question, however I would like to know with the second question, ...
  92. 5th math

    what is the least common multiple (LCM)for 15 and 45? There are 16 girls in a class of 36 student. which expression could be used to determine the number of boys (b) in the class? please! help i think this too hard for 5th grade math. this suppose to be for 10th or college ...
  93. Writing PLEASE HELP!!!!

    i need a story that has a genre of realstic fiction please its due tomorrow!! Cold Mountain or Thirteen Moons by Frazier are two
  94. DrBob222 help me!!

    Please I posted a chemistry question but I havent gotten any answer back please help me, sorry for having so little patience answered below.
  95. Critical Thinking

    A strawman is when someone makes a claim,or refute by putting words in someones mouth.Please help I need an example sentence please!!!!!!!!!
  96. Physics - please check over

    Could I please get some further assistance on a question I posted earlier? I'm not getting the correct answer and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  97. To FRANK or SUE - re DATABASE

    1. Please release your Caps Lock key. 2. Copying/pasting is clearly not working for you. Please type in your question by hand.
  98. science

    what is the word to put in the blank? A(n)_____________is a summary of what you have learned from an experiment. PLEASE help! whoever answers this please type an answer nicely. Thank You!!
  99. biology

    what does the statement mean many discoveries lie in wait for the tools needed to make them? thank you.please i need the answer before i go to school in the morning. please help!
  100. biology

    if hydrogen flouride (HF) is dissolved in pure water will the pH of the solution be lesser or greater than 7? please explain why? thank you so much ! please i need the answer tonight!!!!!
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