Math(Please help)

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Math- Check over please

A ball is dropped from a height of 3m and bounces on the ground. At the top of each bounce, the ball reaches 60% of it's previous height. Calculate the total distance travelled by the ball when it hits the ground the fifth time. Could you please check over my answer? Sn= a(r^n...

math-please I really need help!!!!!

Consider the functions f(x)=2x+8/x+6; g(x)=6x-8/2-x Find f(g(x)) Find g(f(x)) Deterrmine if f and g are inverses of each other. a. What is f(g(x))? Give any values of x that need to be excluded from f(g(x)) x=? b. what is g(f(x))? ive any values of x that neeedd to be excluded...


Which of the following is an example of a ratio? number of dogs who like Good boy treats number of chocalates per bag number of people who like math all of the above Please help


Please solve this equation. As you write down the steps, please give me a description on what you did. y^3 - 16y^1/2 + 64 = 0


Please solve this equation. As you write down the steps, please give me a description on what you did. y^3 - 16y^3/2 + 64 = 0

Language Arts PLEASE HELP

How do you do a word cited page? please help me so confused. Paper due tomorrow. Thank you


For the following please find (f o g)(x) and (g o f)(x). Also please report any shifts or changes in amplitude f(x) = cos(x), g(x) = 2x + 6


Can you please tell me what a teen's life was like durin WWII? Please include sources


i don't know how to do this with the fractions. can you please please help? simplify the expression and combine like terms. 2n^2+4m n^2-m _______ + ______ 3 3


Can someone please tell me what the domain of the following equation is? Please explain how you got that answer. g(x)=5^x

Social psychology

Please help me define: maladaptive and adaptive. I've try googling it and unable to find please help. Thanks


PLease someone help me!!! What are some of the names of acids and alkalis that are in shampoo!!! PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


can someone please check my answer for me? 6-2x=6x-10x+14 I got x=-2 is this correct? if not please let me know which step I missed.. thank you

Algebra 1

Formulas: Please solve the equation for x. y=2/3x+8 2/3 is a fraction. PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK I REALLY NEED HELP.

Algebra 2 honours

can someone please tell me how to factor out (x^6+1)^4? please show me how you got the answer... Thank You... :D

Socials-Please Help

Can someone please go over my posts quickly, I was waiting for a response since yesterday:-(

PLEASE HELP - english

If something has a higher surface area what does that mean? can it me said that it is more thicker? please and thank you

Geometry Please Help

/Users/szeringue/Desktop/SCAN0001.JPG Can you help me solve this problem, Please AB=27 BC=x CD=4/3x AD=x AC=? How do I get what AC equals?

Geometry Please Help

/Users/szeringue/Desktop/SCAN0001.JPG Can you help me solve this problem, Please AB=27 BC=x CD=4/3x AD=x AC=? How do I get what AC equals?




(6.0 Gm)/(3.0 ksec) = ?m/sec Please help me and please show all steps in solution Thank you very much

Please help!

Find the volume of 0.110 M hydrochloric acid necessary to react completely with 1.54 Al(OH)3. Please explain how to do this.

Physics please help me!

Prove the law of sines for triangle ABC i.e sinA/a=sinB/b=sinC/c.0 please help me!!!

combine functions.. please help.

Given: f(x)=2x^2-x+1 g(x)=2 sin x h(x)=3^x Determine: a) f(g(x)) b) (h^-1 o f)(x) c) g(f(h(x)))) Please show steps, thank you very much.


calculate the volume occupied by 10^22 molecules of a gas 300 k and 760 mm pressure. please help me please...................


Please help me. Please show work. What are the domain and range of the function y=2 square root 3x + 4-5? *A.) X >/= -4/3; Y >/=-5 B.) X >/= 4/3; Y >/= 5 C.) X </= -4/3; Y </= -5 D.) X </= 4/3; Y </= 5 Thank You so much.


Which of the following is the strongest reducing agent? a) Li+ b) Zn c) Sn d) H2 Is it Li? Can someone please explain what the answer is and why?

algebra1 HELP PLEASE

find the value of x and y that make each equation true -4+(y)^i=-12x-i+8 please show the steps thanks

alGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

graph 36x^2-900=25y^2 show the step please

algebra 2 help please would appreciate

3+(2x/x+4) divide x/x+4 please simplify the complex fraction thank you show work

science... PLEASE HELP!

Please explain how the movement and position of the particles change when a liquid bevomes a solid.

Pre Algebre-please help!

If there is a cylinder that is 3cm. tall and has a radius of 7.5cm. what is the surface area? Please help! Thanks!

equations/mrs sue

11=22t please help having trouble please show the steps also 7r=-7/2, m/7 =12


research please assist how do you start a hospital please give websites for contact information thank you


explain air resistance in terms of colliding particles Please Help...nothing to complex please



Algebra2 Help please

Compare the graphs of the inverse variations. Please provide at least 3 comparisons y= (-0.2/x) and y= (-0.3/x) -0.05, -0.075 , -0.1, -0.15 ?

POLS210 D001

Please I am in desperate need of finding the answer to pop quiz 4,6,and 8 please is there anyone out there that could help me.


8. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to (-7)^5 -7 * -7 * -7 * -7 * -7 -7 * 5 (-7) * 7 * (-7) * 7 * -7 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5 PLEASE HELP ONE OF THESE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE EQUAL TO (-7)^5 = -16807 BUT A AND C ARE :(( I'M SO CONFUSED PLEASE HELP :(

socials 10 please help!!!

What was the outcome of the numbered treaties on the first nations? please give full answers thank you!!!

Essentials og Psychology

The science of the mind questions please for Penn foster. No need of answers. Please help.


Can someone explain the idea of "structure affects function" please? And can you please give me an example?


please please someone check my work I don't understand it fully so I am asking if someone could please check my work thank you if it's too much I'm sorry. God Bless

math please help me!

Estimate the instantaneous rate of change of the function f(x) = x ln x at x = 1 and at x = 3. (Use h = 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001, and so on. Round your answers to four decimal places.) f '(1) = f '(3) = What do these values suggest about the concavity of the graph ...


I need some serious Assisting. PLEASE!!!!I am doing a project on gender and gender roles including identities and the equality and inequality. The Culture is Native American. I need help a.s.a.p. This is my last week in this class. Please, please help me. Thank you so much. I ...

physics EM please

please look at my earlier question below thank you


Please help. I'm stuck. Solve: 20/5p+3/5q-6/5p+14/5q Please show me the steps. Thank you


Simplify: Can someone please help me with this and go through the steps for it please. Thank You -8z(-9z^2-z-1)

Please Help

Can someone please take a look at my french posts, thanks.

Ms. Sue please help

Pigskin week seven interstates help please

geometry please help

please help me with the question I posted at 4:56pm today


please help me write a paragragh please it is due tommorow.


I need help with these problem please. X^2+6=15 (x+4)^2=6 can some one help me please.

english please

does being shy can effect my education? please help and thank you


if log6=m and log 5=n, write 7.2 as an expression in m and n Answer is 2m-n Please help me!!


please help Solve for h in U= mgh. Please show steps.

Please Help

Can someone please help with the chemistry problems? I need them to study.

chemistry help~Please!!!

What are the Ka and/or Kb value for 1M ZnCl2 Show work please!!!


Please,Please explain how you get your answer."And"compound inequality -1<3+2x<11 and 1-x>-3 or 5x-1>19 - - Thank You


please answer mine ms sue if you can. if not, can you please say you cant


I know it seems strange, but for our homework tonight in math class, our teacher had us list 10 things to say instead of "shut up." I only have a couple, and need some help, please list as many as possible, thanks so much!!


I know it seems strange, but for our homework tonight in math class, our teacher had us list 10 things to say instead of "shut up." I only have a couple, and need some help, please list as many as possible, thanks so much!!


I am also having big trouble with this math problem. A teacher is making identical activity packets using 92 crayons and 23 sheets of paper. What is the greatest number of packets the teacher can make with no items left over? Please help me.


ok there these 3 kids who sold cookies and here are there rates and if their continuing a the rate if they sold the cookies at 2.00 a piece how many days will it take to make 320.00 at their rates? Maria 39cookies/13days Stephen 42cookies/7days Aisha 21cookies / 3 days I don't...

Maths Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I'm in grade 9 and i still get confused with the expressions and how to make then in maths although i'm queit very bright ! Any tips on this please thanx Practice. We learn by experience. You may want to buy an extra workbook at the bookstore, which has answers so you ...


if a piece of aluminum with mass 3.99g and a temperature of 100C are dropped into 10cm^3 of water at 21C, what will be the final temperature of the system? The specific heat of aluminium is .900J/gC... ok so i know that i set both equal to each other, but i was wondering do i ...


Please check my answer to see if I got it right. Braden has 1 hour of math homework to do. He spends 2/5 of this time complaining about how much he hates math, 1/3 of the total time looking for his calculator. How much time does Braden actually work on his math homework? My ...

Brain freezer a.k.a. MATH

Please Help! Are all squares similar? I think that they aren't but i'm not sure. I think this because rectangles can be squares and rectangles can take different forms and shapes. Please help What do you mean by square? A square will always have a 4 sides and angles equal. ...


1. If you like swimming, this house will be perfect for you. Then, please call at 731-1234. 2. If you are interested in swimming, this house will be great for you. Then, please call me at 731-1234. 3. If you love swimming, this house will be fantastic for you. Then, please ...

7th grade math

The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 centimeters and one of the legs is 6 centimeters. the leg to the very left is 6 cm and the leg to the top is 10 cm. the bottom leg has a x for unknown. My teacher gave me the answer since I couldn't figure it out and she told me that it...


Can you help me in math please, I don't understand this. My book shows me the area of a parallelogram, and area of a triangle, but it show me what to do if there's fractions in the problem. A. 12 1/2 ft2 B. 7 7/8 ft2 C. 8 1/4 ft2 D. 15 3/4 ft 2 Thank you.


PlEASE HELP ME!!! I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!! Find the least upper bound (if it exists) and the greatest lower bound (if it exists) for the given set. Please show all work. (0, 2) (−∞, 1) {x : x2 < 4} {x : x4 ≤ 16} {5/2,7/3,9/4} {0. 9, 0. 99, 0. 999...


Hello Reiny, please check these problems for me and if they are not right WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE CORRECT ONES THANKS!!! 1. Slove for X, wher X is the real number, square root 5x + 9= square root 9x + 13= 27 2. Find the value: ^3 square root -27= 9 3. Write the ...

Math, rational inequalities

Please can someone help me solve this problem? 2/x + 6/x-1 less than or = -5 8/x -1 <= -5 Now add 1 to each side 8/x <= -4 so x must be < 0 Multiply both sides by x (a negative number). This means you have to change the direction of the > 8 >= -4x Divide both ...

Social Studies

PLEASE EXPLAIN IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE PLEASE HELP IN YOUR OWN WORDS PLEASE. :( :( 1) Explain the similarities and differences between corporate farms and mixed-crop farms. 2) Identify two problems resulting from urban sprawl in the western region of the United States. If ...

calculus-can someone please help me with this ques

I have two questions if someone can PLEASE help. 1.solve the equation in the real number system. x^4+11x^3+24x^2-23x+35=0 **Please show work** 2.Use the remainder theorem to find the remainder. When f(x)is divided by x-3. Then use the factor theorem to determine whether x-3 is...

math please help

The speed of a moving sidewalk at an airport is 6 ​ft/sec. A person can walk 42 ft forward on the moving sidewalk in the same time it takes to walk 10 ft on a nonmoving sidewalk in the opposite direction. At what rate would a person walk on a nonmoving​ sidewalk? ...

Please help-Math

Please answer these problem for me.Thanks so much. 1. Border's Bookstore ordered 800 art books. On verifying the order, only 160 books were actually received. The percent of the order missing was: 2. The net price equivalent rate of 9/15/18 is: 3. If the net price of a stove ...


Please please help me!!! All I need to know are the two types of chemical reactions that occur in cells. Lisa


How do I Generate a set of test inputs and expected results for the Currency Conversion program. <<<<Please Help Me With This Please>>>>>


Sorry again, but can you please tell me the website for the population/percentage of sonographers here in America please.


Please solve the Linear Equation of P = 200(10)+6000 Please show work in all steps


x+y=670 7x+5y=3740 __________ -7x-7y=4690 -2y=-900 y=450 i don't get this at all, can somebody please explain? thanks(:


Hi, Please I researched so badly, I need help to find information about Cybernomics issues and solutions. Please can you help me. Thank You.


Dear DrBob222 !!! Would you please help me answers the question that I posted. I really don't understand and need help! Please, Thanks

Pre-Cal(Please help)

h(x) = 1/x-3 + 1 I know the vertical and horizontal asymptotes but I just need to know the domain. Please help. I am very confused.


Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please check the following sentences I wrote on the Canterbury tales, please?


PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone said to you that...."doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty."....what would this mean to you???


calculate the pressure,in atmospheres, of 2.00 mol helium gas in a 10.0-L container at 27 celcius? Please i don't understand any of this? help please?

English Literture

Please help. What mistakes do Romeo and Juliet make that leads to their ultimate downfall?? I am struggling. Please help.

Chemistry--help me, please

how would you separate Fe3+ from Ba2+ in a mixture? Please explain and give an equation for reaction.

History--help me please!

what are the roles of the special forces in the movie Black Hawk Down?? please give examples!!!


Please help. Will someone please check the answer to these problems. Thank you 1. -14 x-3 = 42 2. -24 -15 = 39 3. -48 divided by 12 = -4 4. -150 divied by -30 = -5 5. 3/4 + 5/12 = 1 1/6 6. 14 1/2 + 3 7/8 = 18 5/8


In what ways can we honor our veterans? Explain please but no links please, they are hard to understand.

U.S History

help please What challenges did the United States face after the overthrow of saddam Hussein? Please help me ASAP thank you

Chemistry help please

i need some help understanding this problem please. How many moles of O are there in 32.4g N2O5, how many oxygen and nitrogen atoms are there in the 32.4g?


X squared-(k+3)x+4k=0 Please help me find the value of k for which there are equal roots but of opposite sign Working out please thanks


HW - Bring in a weather map plz i have to get an old one or .... idk please help

Physics *Electrical Scientist* please help me!!!

* JJ Thomson * a) How does his experiment of cathode ray tube relates to electrostatics? >> PLEASE HELP ME!! :( :)

Please help!

If you can please help, I would greatly appreciate it! Determine the equation of g(x) that results from translating the function f(x) = (x + 10)^2 to the right 12 units. Thank you!


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