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  1. Science

    Please for the classification of metals, their uses in the home and the care of each metal. Please help me!!!!!!
  2. aLGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

    x+x/4=25/6 find x please show all the step thank you
  3. HELP

    could i please get help with my project please? also what does this mean: a linear function with a discrete domain?
  4. algebra

    solve using elimination please show how to come up with answer. 6x - 3y = 18 6x + 3y = -12 Please help!!!
  5. chemistry

    Please can i have a list of adaptive features of terrestrial plants. Please
  6. algebra

    Multiply. (x+4)(x-2) = x^2+2x-8 Is the answer correct, if not can you please point out what I did wrong? Please and Thank you
  7. English

    What is been written wrong in the following sentence " i am please asking for airtime please "
  8. science

    Can someone please check my other answer from Saturday June 5 @ 10:29 please thank you ?!
  9. algebra

    P +4- 2 (p-10)> 0 Please check, it was marked wrong P+4 -2p +20 > 0 -p+ 24> 0 -p >-24 P > 24 Answer choices are 29, 26, 24, 22 Please explain thank you
  10. 3rd grader math homework

    please help with the below question writing in math Bethany has 40 apples. Write a subtraction story about the apples that would require regrouping. Then write the answer in a complete sentence. Thanks!
  11. algebra- please HELP

    What is the invers of: y=2log(x+1) and please explain this to me..not just an answer.
  12. Please help with Chemistry due today

    please help with the questions that I have submitted.
  13. Chemistry

    Could someone please explain the concept of electromagnetic radiation to me please? Thank you!
  14. Algeerba need bob pursely please

    Please help me solve this 3/[SQRT(5) - 2]
  15. fractions and decimals

    please provide help with this 2 2/7 minus 1.75 please show workings thanks
  16. Pre-Algebra

    Please help! (a^2)63 (-2x)^3 (p^2q)^3 -5c(2cd)^3 4y(y62z)63 (12a^5)^2b^3 6a(-ab)^7 (-2d^2)^6(-3)^3 please and thanc u!
  17. Help Please

    For social studies I sent replies, please do read them Ms Sue, thanks
  18. DrBob222

    I really need help on these chemistry problems. Can you please help me work them. Please?
  19. algebra II

    please, somebody help me Divide. x^2+7x-37/x+9. Please help me. I need all the help I can get. Thank you so much.
  20. Geometry :(

    What is the equation for a line that passes through the points (-3,-3) and (6,15)??? A: y=-2x+9 B:y=-2x-3 C:y=-2x+3 D:y=-2x-9 Please please help and thanks :)
  21. ratios

    simplify the following ratio please 39:52 show workings please
  22. Calculus (please help)

    Evaluate the indefinite integral: INT dx/(64+x^2)^2 Please help with this one.
  23. Chemistry(Please help, thank you!!)

    What is the oxidation number of sulfur (s) in NaHSO3? I know that Na is 1 but I do not know what else to do. Please explain, thank you for your help!!

    I do not understand point-slope and standard form. Please help me.
  25. Maths

    45% is 28 100%=? Please show me the concept and the working out as well please
  26. Chemistry

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP How do i find the Empirical formula of CuCl2.5H2O
  27. calculus--please help!!

    Find the functions f&g so that fog =H H(x)=(3x+2)^6 please show work
  28. Algebra-PLEASE Help

    I have 3 questions posted will someone please look at them...thanks
  29. algebra help please

    add and simplify 1. a^2/2 + 3a^2/8 2. 4c/15 + 8c/25 i need help can someone explain please
  30. vocabulary-suffixes

    What does the suffix mean in the word logical?Please,please help!!!!!
  31. Algebra 2

    Please help!!!! Please help me with this Graph the compound inquality on the number line. x<3 or x>6=
  32. Algebra, help please!!!

    Solve for x in each of the following: a: 2/3x = 11/6 b: 3/4 / x = 1/3 c: 5/6 - 2/3x = 3/4 d: 2x/3 + 1/4 = x/6 - 1/2 Please help me and explain, I don't get fractions at all!
  33. Algebra: PLEASE HELP ME! :(

    for the function y = f(x) what is the ordered pair for the point on the graph when x= b-2? (b - 2, f(b - 2)) (x, f(b)) (x, b-2) (b - 2, f(b))*** Please help!!! :/
  34. help please

    can someone help me in sign language if they can't please write back a reponse
  35. Algebra

    Check my answers please 😁 6.-4-5(x+8) A) -5x - 44 B) -5x + 36 C) -x - 8************** D) -20x + 8 7. 3x+4(x-6)-3(x-7) A) 4x - 45************ B) 4x - 3 C) 10 X -3 D) 10x + 45 8. 8 + 8 < -28 A) x<-36 B)x<-20************ C) x<20 D) x<36 9. R/15>-3 A)r>...
  36. Math Help Please

    A bottle contains 0.5 quart of grape juice. Keisha will use 0.2 of the grape juice to makie fruit punch. How much grape juice sill Keisha use for the fruit? I chose a.)0.3. My mom says it is b.) 0.2 The teacher's edition says it is c.) 0.1. Can you please explain how to work ...

    A person is flying a model airplane with mass 82.2 gram in a horizontal circular path on the end of a string 10.5 m long. The string is horizontal and exerts a force of 3.22 N on the hand of the person holding it. What is the speed (in m/s) of the plane? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ...
  38. maths please help me

    NOTE: before you answer this question, please be aware that there aren't meant to be any full stops after the '2' or the 'i=0'. Also the underscores '-' represent how the following number is meant to be a lower case number. The ^ represents root numbers. PLEASE HELP ME Expand ...
  39. Math help Please

    Kevin has a triangle table cloth with side lengths of 5 inches, 12 inches. He wants to cover a right angles triangle table with table cloth. Find if the cloth is appropriate for the table. Can someone please help me. We are doing Pythagorean Theorem - I found the third side to...
  40. Repost physics

  41. Information Technology.

    please could someone list 5 or more output deivces of a computer for me please.......
  42. histroy! please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am really confused about how to do comparison questions in history! anyone please tell me how!!!!!
  43. please

    someone please help with the physics question i asked a little bit ago, i'm desperate

    Please! It's almost my bedtime!
  45. Trig Proofs

    Please Help: please solve this proof: cosx- cosy = -2sin(x+y/2)sin(x-y/2)
  46. Algebra (please help!)

    If y varies directly as x and y is 3 when x is 8, what is the constant of the variation? I don't understand what they are asking and how to solve this. Please help if you can! Thank you so much! :)

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO CLUE WAT TO DO AND I AM SO CONFUSED HELP ANYONE PLEASE 4x-5y=-19 2x+17=y what is the solution of the system?
  48. Help please

    can someone please look at my earlier post on socials, I would like all the help i can get, thank you
  49. music

    Please help.. Can anyone please tell me who was the first author of the lyrics"Five Little Monkeys" Thank You
  50. Algebra-Please Help!!

    What is the solution of x-4 is less than 4 and x + 4 is greater than 7 Please show how you did it so I can look at it and learn how to do them in the future Thanks
  51. 8th grade

    5[6-2(5-3>to the zero power)] Please help so confused answer = -20 or 100 idk please help !
  52. marketing

    can you help me please to differentitae this follows... 1.synthetic vs. fabricating process what does it mean please i need your help
  53. Calculus help me please!

    Find the value of k so that f(x)= {3x^2+kx+4 if x<0 and 2sqrt(x+4) if x >or equal to 0} is differentiable at x=0 can someone please provide help!!!
  54. Physics Can someone please help thnks

    reply to my post earlier julie thnk u please
  55. prealgebra

    how do you solve this problem and can you help me please: wholesale price: $13 and markup percent: 110% can u help please
  56. Algebra I

    What is a set notation? Please explain what it is and give examples as well please. It would help a lot. Thank you.
  57. logic

    Can u please give me 2 own examples of contrariety,subcontrariety,subalternation,and,contradiction?PLEASE.
  58. algebra2 PLEASE

    what are three important thing for an evaluating and inequalities and abs. values please and thank you
  59. college algebra, Please help!!

    solve the following equation 9^x-1 = 144(6x) please show work.
  60. calculus please help

    lim y→−1 (sqrt(y^2+8)-3)/y+3 find limit if it exists please help
  61. calculus-can someone please help me with this ques

    find the rate of change of f(x)=x^2+4 a. from -2 to 0 b. from 1 to 3 c. from -2 to 1 please show work
  62. Chemistry Help Please

    Which of the following is the strongest reducing agent? a) Li+ b) Zn c) Sn d) H2 Is it Li? Can someone please explain what the answer is and why?
  63. Calculus Help Please!!!

    if f(x)= x+(1/x), find f'(x) using the limit definition of derivative. Please show steps!!! Thank you!!!

    Multiple choice please help :) Which of the following is equivalent to one ampere? 10 s/10 C 10 C/10 m 1.5 C/1.5 s 15 C/10 s
  65. Algebra 1

    Please list five numbers that have 3, 5, and 7 as prime factors. Please help answer thanks
  66. integral Calculus

    ʃ (x4 + 6x3 – x2 + 2)dx I really need it for practicing this subject...please please help
  67. history

    How is Mary McLeod Bethune a hero?Please no links and please at least 8-10 sentences.

    hi! could someone give me a well known company with direct and indirect competitors ( at least 3) please!! please help me <3
  69. Physics

    what are the factors that does not affect the time period of pendulum ?? Please help me in monday there is my exam please help me:-(
  70. Please Help

    Please help I have to do something but do not get what these words mean. Post heart rate Duration
  71. Science Help Please

    Giants and dwarfs are believed to be _________ stars. a) old b) young Please help!
  72. AP Chem

    Please! This is urgent! I don't know how to do this. Determine the solubility at 25°C of Cd(IO3)2 in water and in 0.20 M CdCl2. Ksp of Cd(IO 3) 2 is 2.5 × 10 –8 at 25°C. Please help!
  73. algebra

    could someone please check these roblems for me and if they are not rightWOULD YOU PLEASE HELP E WITH THE CORRECT ONES THANKS!!! 1. Slove for X, wher X is the real number, square root 5x + 9= square root 9x + 13= 27 2. Find the value: ^3 square root -27= 9 3. Write the ...

    Determine whether the solution is basic, acidic, or neutral. Write net ionic equations to show how it behaves in aqueous solutions. 1) Fe2(SO4)3 I know it is acidic Do I do hydrolysis equations for the net ionic or do I do redox reactions?
  75. Math

    Could someone please help me? calculate the volume in cu. ft of a section of drainage pipe that measures 8 feet in lenght and 24 inches in diameter (all measurements has to be in the same units and be careful that you distinguish between diameter and area when using this ...
  76. speech

    Can you please help me out with a speech? I'm in 10th grade at High School and we're doing speeches soon. I'm not lazy and trying to get someone to write a speech for me but I seriously suck at speeches and have no idea what to write or talk about. Can you please write me a ...
  77. math ms sue please help, PLEASE!!!!

    the giants and the redskins played in Sunday night football. the giants kicked 2 field goals and the redskins kicked 5 field goals. write a ratio that describes the number of giant field goals to redskin field goals.
  78. MATH HELP!

  79. Math 8 - HELP!

    Write the equation of the line that passes through the points (1,6) and (-1,-2) please help!!!!
  80. math

    15sqrt8x^16/5sqrt2x^4 *you have to simplify,but I don't get this one at ALL!PLease help...
  81. math

    Can someone please help me with this, -x/y = 2/9 I do not understand how to solve.... thanks -x/y = 2/9 multiply by 9y 9y*(-x/y)= 9y*(2/9) -9x = 2y can you take it from here? thank you
  82. math

    could someone please tell me what the other angle identity is? Thank you much!
  83. math

    if f(x= 5x - 1 find f(a-2) Please show me the work so I can understand how to arrive at the solution. Thank you. f(a-2)=5(a-2)-1

    Please see MATH DUDES!!! for my 3 questions.
  85. math-solving for X

    solve for x: 1. x = (m/n)x + 2 2. x = [2/x] - [2/(2x+1)] = 1/(x+1) I don't understand how to properly isolate X to get the value of x...please help!
  86. Math

    n - is the _________ of a number and 4. 4 Can you please help me with this problem. I am stuck. It has to have 5 letters.
  87. Math

    Please help with the below. I don't understand the previous answers. Find the variable? 8C + 1 = 7C-2(7+C)
  88. math

    lcm is hard for me can you give all the anwers to my homework please
  89. Math

    please help how would i find the unit rate of $112 in 8 Hrs
  90. Math Help please

    Solve the following system of linear inequalities by graphing. 3x – y < 2 x + y > 2
  91. math

    FIND the integer of N=abcd....yz let M=zabcd....y if M=3N what was N? please help me figure it out!
  92. Math- help please

    what is the greatest common factor of 245, 385, and 539
  93. math

    Which equation has the complex number 4-3i as a root? 1) x^2+6x-25=0 2) x^2-6x+25=0 3) x^2+8x-25=0 4) x^2-8x+25=0 Can anyone please teach me how to do it?THANKS A LOT!!!
  94. Math

    how do you evaluate these numbers? /-48/-/-20/ -/-51/ I have looked every where and I need help please.
  95. math!!

    If sin x=-.6 and x is in Quadrant 4, find cos x/2 I have no idea how to do it!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  96. Math

    Can someone explain to me how to do this please!!! Solve the system of equations graphically: x+y>3 x-y<6
  97. math

    parabola with vertex at (3,-2) and a directreix of x=2. how do i wrtie this as an equation....PLEASE HELPPPPPPPP
  98. Math

    Please tell me if I am right. Solve the equation 8(9x-1)=29 answer: x= 37 / 72 or 37 ___ 72
  99. Math

    Please help I am a little confused!!!! Graph using the slope and y-intercept.. x + 3y = 9.
  100. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve -8¡Ü4x-7¡Ü-2 The solution is -1/4,5/4
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