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  1. math

    Find the point in the xy plane which is equidistant from (1,1), (7,1), and (1,9). Please and thanks.
  2. math

    Find the point in the xy plane which is equidistant from (1,1), (7,1), and (1,9). Please and thanks.
  3. Math

    Determine to 3 decimal places. 7^0.4 (please explain as you go, thank you)
  4. Math

    Determine to 3 decimal places. (Please explain as you go, thank you) 7^0.4
  5. math

    17. Let f(x) = x2 + 6 and g(x) = x+8/x . Find ( g o f)(­ -7) A)384/7 B)295/49 C)-57/7 D)63/55 could someone please help?
  6. Math

    I need help please. Add the opposite of -13 to the reciprocal of 9
  7. math NEED HELP

    simplify 4^3 times 4^4 divided by 4^9 help please!!
  8. Math please help pronto

    Which of the following expressions is true? A. 2^4 • 2^3 = 2^12 B. 3^3 • 3^6 > 3^8 C. 4^2 • 4^2 > 4^4 D. 5^5 • 5^2 = 5^10
  9. Math(HELP PLEASE )

    Complete the given table for equation? 4x+y=9
  10. math

    Does the series converge? Explain please 1/(ln 2)^n from n=1 to infinity
  11. math

    25/35 = 1.25/X. Is the answer 25X...please show steps
  12. Math

    Help please. find the area of a square with an edge of 13
  13. math

    -23 4/7 + (+ 34 1/6)= I didn't get it can anyone help me!!!! Please I got to study for this test tuesday
  14. Math

    What is 6.4 divided by 8 equal and can you show work please.
  15. Math pre algebra please help

    Solve the equation 1/2x -5 +2/3x=7/6+4
  16. Math pre algebra please help with ?

    Solve the equation 1/2x -5 +2/3x=7/6x+4
  17. Physics/math

    How do you convert 50.4 mi/h to m/s? 1 mi = 1609 m. Please explain it to me because I don't get it
  18. MATH

    Hi, sorry to bother you. but can you please help me with this problem z=log(e^(5y)) Thanks!
  19. Math

    Solve using the elimination method. 2x/5 + y/2 = 3 x/2-y/6=2 Please and Thank you
  20. Math! Please help! Now!!!

    1. 31 over 4 written as a decimal? A. 6.75 B. 7.50 C. 7.75 D. 8.25 Help!!!
  21. Math

    -(-(-)(-)(-10x))=-5 solve for x A. X=.5 B. X=.7 repeating C. X=-.5 D. X=1 Please help i am so confused.
  22. Math

    12a-3b2. When a=9 b=4. Please explain steps
  23. Math

    Can someone please help me tell the difference between |-3| and -3
  24. Math

    Who wrote the plege of Allegiances? Need help please!
  25. Math

    The roots of the quadratic equation z^2 + az + b = 0 are 2 - 3i and 2 + 3i. What is a+b? Can you please help me with this question?
  26. math

    "the product of x and y decreased by 2”, which answer is correct? x(y-2)or xy-2? please!

    what is the area of the circle 4 mm use 3.14 for pi
  28. Math

    Please Help Solve each equation for 0<x<2 pi 2cos^ 2 x +sins-1=0
  29. Math 1

    48x^3 - 128x^2 -56x -16 please help. Poloynomials
  30. math

    Find the ratio of LCM to GCF of 9,18 and 52 #anyone to help me please
  31. Math

    LCD 1.1/2 4/x^2 <<1/2 or 2 2.1/z;3/7z << HELP 3. 3/5;x/x+2 << Help 4. 3m/m+n; 3n/m-n<< Help I need help or equations on how to solve this please
  32. Math

    Can someone please help me to find the number that is divisible 2,3,4, and 5
  33. math

    (-1.15) x 3.2 = Please help me I have to use steps also.
  34. math Please help!!

    Explain the difference in meaning between [-3] and -3
  35. Math

    5/13t=-9 Can someone show me the steps on how to do this please??
  36. math please help

    unit 4 lesson 11 pleeaassee hhheeelllppp
  37. Math

    If a meal has 42 3/5 ounces how many servings can you make? Please help.
  38. Math

    Arrange from lowest to highest. 3(6/30), 0.5, 6/13, 1/4 Please explain how :'(
  39. math HELP PLEASE

    Describe each pattern with the general term: a. 2, 4, 6, 8 ... b. 4, 7, 10, 13 ... c. 1, 4, 9, 16 ...
  40. MATH HELP!!!!!!

    What is 0.35 as a percent? Show your work. Please help me immediately!!!!!
  41. math

    The area of a circle of radius r is A=πr^2.Solve for r. Please help!!!!!!!
  42. Math

    What is the mathematical significance of time? I have calculus and E=Mc2 down. It sounds really fancy but it's really "Why is Time important in Math?". Please help me D= Thank you~ ^.^
  43. math

    there are 30 students in math class.12 belong to the computer lab,and 8 belong to the photography club. 3 belong to both clubs. how many belong to neither?? please help i am confused thank you..... :)
  44. math gr.6

    Does anyone has questions (page 22) from pearson math makes sense grade 6 book? Please, help. I forgot my book at school and I only need questions? Thank, you.
  45. math. PLEASE HELP.

    Question: If A= 29 degrees and a= 4.6, find c. There is a diagram shown in the textbook. b is adjacent, c is the hypotenuse, and a is opposite. I know I'm suppose to use SOH CAH TOA, and i tried using tan, but Im not getting the correct answer. i looked in the back of the ...
  46. Business math

    Im trying to figure out how to find the equaton for the brokerage fee. Ive looked everywhere in my math book but i cant figure it out. Please help.
  47. english grammar

    please give me some outlines on this topic - the government has granted a large amount of money to your school to build a hobby room and buy instruments for the school orchestra . why would you like to have the two in your school. please explain a few lines on this topic please.
  48. Math

    Hi...i asked a question about 45 minuets ago, and i have been working at it still. I still havn't gotten an anwser! Could somebody please help me! The question is, "this staircase has 3 steps (their are 6 blocks lined up as a staircase) How many blocks would you need for a 2-...
  49. Astronomy

    so i know that theres something Astronomically wrong with this quote but cannot figure out exactly what, would appreciate some help!!! "There's a full moon rising just about midnight, theres a high tide comin' 'round just about dawn" PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP ME!!!
  50. Science

    I need help with 2 questions please. 1.What are the three parts of the law of conservation of mass/matter? Do not need the definition but the 3 laws please. Wikipedia and other sites just gives me the definition of the law of conversation. 2. How are velocity, speed, and ...
  51. social studies (HELP !!!!!!)

    @Princess Anna, @Writeacher, @Miss. Sue Please Help Me Please Help! I really don't Get It Please! ? ? ? ? It's due today! HELP! ANYONE !..... What were the positions of the Federalists and Anti- Federalists on the new Constitution? Provide at least two details supporting why ...
  52. Math repost for edie

    Math - edie, Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 5:11pm The area of a square is 25 square meters. What is its perimeter? Please show all work
  53. MATH(quick Help please)

    Out of 42 kids in a class twice as many failed Ela as math,4 failed both. If 7 failed neither, find how many failed each subject. Show work thanks
  54. 4th grade Math Help

    hello, can someone please help with the below math question Mr. brooks brought a box of 66 acorns to class. Can he give 3 acorns to each of the 23 students in his class? Why or Why not? Thanks!
  55. Math I need help Ms. Sue please answer!

    6th Grade Math: Write 144 as a product of prime factors. Then write the prime factorization using exponents.
  56. math

    I need help with these questions please. Could someone please check them for me? Thank You. 1. Jane Hilman went to her bank. She had a balance of $1,009.88 in her savings account. She withdrew $130.00 and the teller credited her account with $6.19 What is her new balance. is ...
  57. 7th grade math correct 2 and help 1

    6. The bill at a restaurant is $58.50, and Mrs. Johnson wants to leave a 15% tip. Approximately how much money should she leave? (1 point) about $15.00 about $9.00 about $6.00 about $11.00 8. What percent of 50 is 12.5? (1 point) 4% 25% 40% 15% 9. 50 is 6.25% of what number? (...
  58. math

    a bag of fruit contains 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1 banana, and 4 pears. Gerald will randomly select 2 fruit at a time from the bag and not put them back. what is the probability that the first piece of fruit jared selects will be a banana and the second piece of fruit will be of ...
  59. math

    Consider two types of nonlinear equations. What unique quality does each possess and how does that quality cause the graph's unique shape? Name two unique examples of these shapes in real-world situations would someone please let me know what they get for the answer and i ask ...
  60. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please!

    Hi! Can you check my answers please? Thanks! And, can you help me with 3 please? I have tried and tried but I cannot solve it can you explain how? Thanks! 1. Given a scale factor of 2, find the coordinates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoints (–1, 2) and (3...
  61. math

    If you earn the grades of 81, 84, 78, 80 in four tests what should your final test’s score be in order to have an average of 81%? .81x400=324 Need a total of 324 pts Test grades so far 81,84,78,80 = 323 324-323=1 You need at least one more point to get an 81 Can someone ...
  62. Math 6th grade

    Does any one know a really good websites for 6th grade math ? I'm behind in math and need to catch up or else I'll be really super dum . I need HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. to KEEGAN

    Please use "Post a New Question" and then be sure to ask a question! Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. Then once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR ...
  64. Math

    Find 2 solutions to the equation 3x+5y=10. Write the solutions as ordered pairs. This is on my math study guide for our final and she already took up our text books. please help me!
  65. math

    .divide AED 1380 among Ahmed John and Babita so that the amount Ahmed receives is 5 times as much as babita's share and its 3 times as much as John's share dear reiny i tried your way of doing it but i am unable to find it please help and my father gave me a different ...
  66. Math, Please Help! I don't understand!

    Hi guys, please help me!1 I am having a tough time understanding this equation. Best answer goes to the person who shows there work. So... here is the equation... At the half time show, a marching band marched in formation. The lead drummer started at the point, (-2,-5) and ...
  67. Math please check answer

    please check my answer thanks :) A Pet supply store recorded net sales of $423,400 for the year. The store's beginning inventory at retail was $105,850 and it's ending inventory at retial was $127,020. What would be the inventory turnover at retail, rounded to the nearset ...
  68. math ms sue please help, PLEASE!!!!

    tori had 20 gumballs in a bag. there were 2 red gum balls, 3 blue gum balls, 5 yellow gum balls, and 10 purple gum balls. what was the ratio of blue gum balls to total number of gum balls?
  69. Math.

    Kate bought 3 CDs and 1 DVD at a store. Her friend Joel bought 2 CDs and 2 DVDs. If Kate spent $20 and Joel spent $22, determine the cost of a CD and DVD. ~Please provide an explanation as well. Please and thanks!
  70. Math help please ASAP

    15. Do the data in the table represent a linear function? If so, write a rule for the function. x –3 –2 –1 0 1 y 1 –2 –5 –8 –11 (1 point) yes; y = –3x – 8 yes; y = 1/3x – 8 yes; y = 1/3x + 8 yes; y = 3x + 8 16. Write a quadratic rule for the data in the ...
  71. DrBob222 please check

    DrBob222 please check my physics question posted at 8:55pm. The subject is drwl please check. I am not getting a response from drwl. Thanks! Mary DrWLS is not on right now. My physics is too poor to trust my answers. Bob Pursley is smarter than I am; he does physics, math, and...
  72. math

    math problem :The pattern 10 (.95)^ x is a typical pattern for insulin. Please explain whet the 10 and the .95 mean when the graph y axis is 10 and the x axis is k
  73. Computer/Math

    Okay, we are doing this Math Excel thing...and it's asking me about the feild name i would use for something... what is the feild name? Is is the subject you put at the top of the row? Or is an option...please help me a.s.a.p someone!!
  74. Typos, math, physics

    Would everyone who posted math and physics problems this morning please go back and check for typos? It is difficult to guess what you mean and we do not have your text book.
  75. Math

    A container has capacity of 2/3. It is filled 3/4. How many liters of water will be left in the container after 1/6 liter is poured out? I have no idea how to do this problem! Please help guide me through this math problem! Thank You!
  76. Math

    Can someone please help me to answer the following question? The question below has four choices, but only one correct answer. Could you please help me with the correct answer for this question? Thank you in advance. Question # 1. Find the slope of the line passing through the...
  77. Math: Please help

    1. What is the simplified form of squared root 140? A.) 4 to the square root of 35 B.) 10 to the square root of 14 C.) 2 to the square root of 70 D.) 2 to the square root of 35 Please show me how to do this Thank You
  78. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 3:21am. {At a restaursant} For hear or to go? Is this for here or to go? It's for here, please. It is to go, please. (Are the expressions above all grammatical? What is the meaning of 'is to' in 'It is to go, please.'? Does it ...
  79. Math 8th Grade - Ms. Sue please

    After receiving a grant for music education, a school decides to build a new band room for its expanded music program. Quadrilateral ABCD represents the floor plan of the new band room. What is the area of the room? AE = 32 ft. BE = 12 ft. CE = 26 ft. DE = 26 ft. There is a ...
  80. Math

    The path of a cliff diver as he dives into a lake is given by the equation y= -(x-10)^2+75, where y meters is the divers height above the water and x meters is the horizontal distance travelled by the diver. What is the maximum hight the diver is above water? Is the answer to ...
  81. math

    Hi - I'm reposting this thread please read the bottom...thanks. Ajax is 8 km due west of Oshawa. Uxbridge is 16 km NW of Oshawa. How far is it from Ajax to Uxbridge? Explain whether you have enough information to solve this problem. my answer was 13.856 km but not confident ...
  82. 5th grade Math

    Please help me with these math problems. #1 Matt subtracted 1.9 from 20.8 and got 1.8. Explain why this is not reasonable? #2 Explain why it is easier to find 10 minus 1.9 mentally than with paper and pencil. #3 On May 27, 2001, a high school student ran a mile in 3 minutes 53...
  83. Math

    Please help to convert the following(Show work please!!! 1.62500 Grams to kilograms 62500 Grams to Pounds 62500 Grams to Ounces 2.44500 Centimeters to meters 44500 Centimeters to yards 44500 Centimeters to Inches
  84. Math - Calculus

    If 75100 dollars is deposited in an account for 13 years at 5.35 percent compounded continuously , find the average value of the account during the 13 years period. The average value in the account is ? ** im alittle confused in how to find the average value please help and ...
  85. math

    Hi, Can someone please help me with my math. The distance between Capeton and Jonesville is 80 miles. Thescale on the map is 0.75in : 10 miles. How far apart are the cities on the map? A. 6in B. 60in C. 600in D. 1067in Thank you :)
  86. geometry

    In a triangle ABC, angle B is 3 times angle A and angle C is 8 degrees less than 6 times angle A. The the size of the angles. Size of angle A is = Size of angle B is = Size of angle C is = can someone please help me with this..? I am very weak at geometry...and math in general...
  87. Algebra

    PLease ,Please ,Please help me solve this problems #1 Since x = 3y-4, -3(3y-4)+4y = -3 now just solve for y and then x #2 Since x = 4+4y, -(4+4y) = 4y=-4 or something Again, solve for y, then x
  88. math

    (1)A grocer kept all the pennies he found left in his store from 1975 to 2000. There were 113,964 pennies in ... pennies he found in a day? (HINT: Don't forget leap years!) Answer: (13) Kind of confused how I got it. Will someone please explain I know that there are six leap ...
  89. Math - Algebra

    our riding your bike to the park, sit to read for a while, and then ride your bike home. It takes you less time to ride from the park to your house than it took to ride from your house to the park. Draw a sketch of a graph that shows your possible distance traveled over time. ...
  90. math

    I did not understand the 8/4 part of this answer, please clarify Count. thanks
  91. Math(Check Please)

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.
  92. More Math To Check Please

    4c^2 - 12c + 9 This is what I got: (2c+3)(2c-3) *Is that correct.? No, it is (2c-3)^2.
  93. math

    solve the matrix equation for ax=bx+c for x={x1} { x2} where a= { 6 0} b={-1 -2} c= {1] [15 1} { 4 -2} [2} please show work if you can
  94. math

    so if 98% is 0.98 then what % would 9.8 be? please do not multiple post the same question,Thanks.
  95. Math(Please Help)

    Problem: x/4 - 4/x = 0 Directions:Solve the rational expression. x = -4 x = 4
  96. math

    is (-1, 5) a soultion for each system? x + y = 4 x=-1 can someone please explain how to solve this? thanks.
  97. math

    If (x+4) is a factor of -x2-11x-w = 0, then the value of w is: a.-60 b. -28 c. 28 or d.60 Please explain your answer. Thank you.
  98. Math

    Could you please show me how to do this? It says to use the elimination method. 2x-y+2z=-7 -x+2y-4z=5 x+4y-6z=-1
  99. Math!! Please help

    how can I solve the equation t=13 x 1 fifth? what would the total be?
  100. math

    2.5+2.5 ________ 5 What does that mean someone please answer question
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