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  1. Math

    (-1.15) x 3.2 = Please explain.
  2. Math HELP!

    [(82 – 4) – 6] ÷ 6 = EXPLAIN please
  3. Math

    What is the solution to 5q=-75? Please Help
  4. Math

    |x - 8|- 15 = -6 How do I solve this.. Please don't do it for me..
  5. Math

    -1/2 + 1/3= A.-1/6 B.-1/3 C.2/3 D.1/6 -3 5/1 + (-6 1/2)= A.-3 2/7 B.-3 7/10 C.-9 2/7 D.-9 7/10 5/8 -(-2/8)= A.-3/8 B.-7/8 C.3/8 D.7/8 -9/10 - 2/5= A.-1 3/10 B.-1 1/10 C.-7/10 D.-5/10 6 3/5-(-2 1/5) A.-8 2/5 B.-4 2/5 C.4 2/5 D.8 2/5 SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    Solve 5x^-5/x^-4x+3. THANK YOU!
  7. Math

    Expand (3+i)^5, where i^2=-1 (3+i)^5=? Please and thanks.
  8. MATH

    Please solve 6/2(1+2)= 1

    4x > 1.2
  10. Math

    If 2(5-8)^2 + 3(6+2)= 7x, what is the value of x A-- 2^2+1 B-- 3^2 -3 C--2^2 +3 D-- 2^3 E-- 3^2 Help please!!
  11. math

    -8y+3(g+h) - -5y-4(g+h) With solution please. Thank you!
  12. Math

    Help me with my homework, please! 1. 5/6 x3 A. 8 1/3 B.10 5/6 C. 50/60 D. 5/60 2. 3/7 X 2/3 A. 9/14 B. 1 5/9 C. 2/7 D. 3/12 3. 5/8 X 2/3 A. 7/24 B. 5/12 C. 15/16 D. 16/15 4. 3 3/4 X 2 2/3 A. 6 1/2 B. 6 8/9 C. 8 D.10 5. 2 5/6 X 1 7/8 A. 2 35/48 B. 5 5/16 C. 5 35/48 D. 6 4/16
  13. Math

    Is 26 divisible by 2? PLease help:( Thank you !!!
  14. MATH

    Suppose R = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17} and D = {3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27}. What is the R $ D? A. {3, 9, 15} B. {1, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17} **C. {1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 21, 24, 27} D. {6, 12, 18, 21, 24, 27} Please help
  15. math help please

    two cards are dealt in succession from a standard deck of cards. what is the probability that the second card is red give that the first card was a heart. so i do p(R/H), then i know you go R*H/H. but how do i get the probability please explain! thanks. if 2 dice are rolled, ...
  16. Math-Decimals

    Please match each number with its best example. Some values will need to be changed into a decimal format. A. Recurring Decimal B. Mixed Number C. Non-repeating Decimal D. Finite Decimal E. Decimal Examples: ½ 5½ π 0.375 ⅓ I think 5½ is B and ⅓ is A, but I ...
  17. math

    Claire wants to determine how brightly to illuminate her stage. stage width (in metres) x stage length (in metres) x 0.14 = total watts for stage If her stage is 7.25 metros wide and 11.5 metres long, a) calculate the exact number of watts needid to illuminate the stage b) ...
  18. Math

    Claire wants to determine how brightly to illuminate her stage. stage width (in metres) x stage length (in metres) x 0.14 = total watts for stage If her stage is 7.25 metros wide and 11.5 metres long, a) calculate the exact number of watts needid to illuminate the stage b) ...
  19. math(Please please help!!!)

    Solving log functions 1) log x + log(x-6) = log 7
  20. Math Elimination method

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! Solve by the elimination method 6x - 9y= 7.5 7y - 2x= -4.5 Please help!!!
  21. transcript

    Hello!I would like that you transcribe me in english 2 audios document (they're very short 2 min the both)you can listen them if you write in search engine :for the first Genevieve : how I celebrate Thanksgiving &for the second Brigitte : Thanksgiving please,please do it for a...
  22. History

    Jiskha I am 8 years old and I need help on this history qwestion. I have to get good grade on this or my mom will get really mad at me. Please help! Write a short paragraph that traces the rise of Japan from an isolated society to a major industrial and imperial power. Please ...
  23. 6th grade geography, France

    Why do you think that the central government of Spain granted the Basques limited autonomy? How did political conditions and economic activities in Portugal change. How does Spain differ physically, economically, and culturally from the rest of Europe? Please, please, please ...
  24. math urgent please

    i think I know the answer to this question but could u please explain it to me how much smaller is the digit in the thousands place than the digit in the ten thousands place in the number 55,512 is the answer 10. could u help explain it
  25. PLEASE HELP geometry trapezoid problem please help

    The diagonals of a trapezoid are perpendicular and have lengths 8 and 10. Find the length of the median of the trapezoid. I don't get it... i got as far as the area is 40, and m (median) times the height is 40 as well... please help!
  26. math(7th)

    Can someone PLEASE help me:{ I never understand math. I always have a B in this class. ow do I find the unit rate of $11.49 for 3 packages?? I have to round ti the nearest hundredth if necessary.... :) thank ya!!!
  27. math

    i have a math competition next saturday can some please give me advice on how to study. some sites snd stuff i really need help for algebra thank you in advance
  28. math

    i have a math competition next saturday can some please give me advice on how to study. some sites snd stuff i really need help for algebra thank you in advance
  29. Math!!!

    I have an MSA math question. What scale would you use for making a frequency table of the following data 21,79,11,9,55,38,111, and 92? Please answer it I need the question now.
  30. math

    Help!!I need to understand how to estimate the sum or difference for fractions..2 and 2 thirds plus 3 fourths,1 and 7 eighths minus 1 and a half,and 3 and 9 tenths minus 1 and 2 fifths,please help,not good with math
  31. *Math*

    139 of CanTexh Supply's employees belong to a union; the remaining 248 employees are not union members. What percent of employees are in the union? (((please help, i have test tomorrow the first thing in the morning!!!:S))) i tried it myself but can u check if its rite if not ...
  32. math

    Megan factored the expression (-12x^2+52x-35) as (-2x+5)(6x-7) but when Jacob applied FOIL principle and multiplied out (2x+5)(6x-7) he got (-12x^2+44x-35),thus megan's solution does not appear to check please help megan to understand better.Explain your reasoning and ...
  33. math

    Megan factored the expression (-12x^2+52x-35) as (-2x+5)(6x-7) but when Jacob applied FOIL principle and multiplied out (2x+5)(6x-7) he got (-12x^2+44x-35),thus megan's solution does not appear to check please help megan to understand better.Explain your reasoning and ...
  34. PLEASE

  35. math (pre clac)

    so its this picture of a rectangle inscribed in a circle. the circle has a radius of 2. the vertexes of the circle are present in every quadrant, but you cant tell exactly whgat point they represent. point Q (x,y) is the vertex of the rectangle in Quadrant I and is on the ...
  36. world history

    please, please, please help me with my question! 1. el nino affects the andean region by A.causing seasonal rains to come at the wrongtime b.decreasing the temperture c.causing drought d.causing torrential rains
  37. Social Studies

    PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER! Identify two problems resulting from urban sprawl in the western region of the United States. If these problems are not solved, what will the outcome likely be?
  38. general math 1

    can you help me with penn foster general math 1 please exam #00701300
  39. math/algebra

    Subtract: express your answer in simplest form. 2/5 - y/y-2 answers a)-3y-2/y-2 b) -3y -2/5(4-2) c) -3y-4/5(y-2) d) -3y-4/y-2 The way you have written the problem, is 2/5 minus y^3. I don't think that is what you meant. Please use grouping symbols on fractions () or [] The way...
  40. math

    You worried about math last year for 300,000 minutes. this year you will worry about math for only 60 minutes.What percent decrease in minutes of math worry will you experience this year? please explain and show work.
  41. socials

    what would I say on it like what would the comic thing be? and what would charles be saying, something like please forgive me please help please check the my earlier reposts
  42. Math - Please Help Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following question: A student attempts to solve for c in the equation below. Which statement best applies to the work shown below? 3c + 6 - 4c - 12c = 7 -13c + 6 = 7 -13c + 6 + (-6) = 7 + (-6) -13c = 1 c = -1/13 A. The student followed all rules ...
  43. Language art

    Just this one question please . 1.According to the MLA style, how should you format the title of a magazine article? A . In italics B. in quotation marks C. With underlining Please thankyou and anyone who has taking this please can you give me the correct answer? Thankyou ...
  44. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    Sometimes people say, "Give 110% of your effort." Isit possible to get 110%? Is there ever a situation where you might have a percent over 110%? If no, explain why. If yes, Give a scenario where 110% is used. Please help Ms. sue! I have NO IDEA how to solve this and answer it...
  45. math help please

    An art teacher had a total of t markers. He gave an equal number of markers to each of 18 students and had 16 markers left over. Which equation could be used to find n , the number of markers each student received? A t = 18n B t = 34n C t = 18n + 16 D t = 16n + 18 Please show ...
  46. Reading please please help

    2. In several of the selections in this unit, immigrant parents play an important role. How does the fact that some of these parents are immigrants affect their children? Choose two selections and explain your answer. hi im sure some of you have read daystar I stand here ...

    If DOL is defined as DOL=Percentage change in OCF/Percentage Change in Q please derive equation: DOL=1+FC/OCF? I need this by tomorrow...please help.
  48. math URGENT!!!!

    the midpoints of the sides of a triangle are (1,1),(4,3),and (3,5). find the area of the triangle. please answer and show how u did it step by step please!!!! how do i find area of the smaller triangle?

    Bill has 30 coins, some nickels some dimes. They equal $2.10. How many nickels are there? What is the equasion used to solve this problem? When I solve it, I get 4.3 nickels, but how can there be .3? Please help me solve I posted the two equations for this about an hour ago. ...
  50. math

    what is the vertical and horizontal difference between the two eqautions on a graph? please help me on this. These two eqautions when graphed are parralell to each other. But im not sure how to calculate the difference in vertical and horizontal. please help.
  51. math

    My son is doing a math project with many diagrams, but the teacher did not senf home examples of; Fact Triangle, Change Diagram, Prts-and-Total Diagram, and Frames-and-Arrows problems I don't know what this is. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  52. math

    If a vehicle travles with a constant acceleration of 3km/hr for 5 hours, what was its initial velocity if the final velocity was 100km/hr? Can you please show me how to work this out in math terms.Can you explain it to me. thank you so much.
  53. Math

    Could someone please help me with this. I am confused. Math is a weak point for me. Solve the system of equations by graphing. Then classify the system. 9x-6y=30, 6x-9y= -30. The solution is? Consistent or inconsistent, dependent or independent? How would I graph this? Thanks.
  54. Math

    Can someone please help me with my math homework problem? My mom tried but she doesn't understand it. What is the surface area of a right circular cylinder with base circle of radius of 5m and height of the cylinder 10m?
  55. Math

    Parametrically represent a Mobius strip. Since I am very unfamiliar with this topic, Math jargon should appear as little as possible and please provide step by step working.

    An eastbound train and a westbound train meet each other on parallel tracks heading in opposite directions. The eastbound train travels 12 miles per hour faster than the westbound train. After 1.5 hours, they are 174 miles apart. At what speeds are the two trains traveling? ...
  57. Math - please help

    The Great Pyramid of Giza is 280 feet tall and about 440 feet wide at the base. The distance from the apex to the center of one side of the base is 356.1 ft. What is the area of one side of the pyramid? 61,600 ft.2 99,708 ft.2 156,684 ft.2 78,342 ft.2 Please explain the answer...
  58. English-Please Help

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other previous posts and correct them if they need to be corrected. Please halp me, I've been waiting for quite a long time. I'll appreciate all the help you could give me, thank you very much:-) My posts are still on this page, ...
  59. 6th grade math

    Please explain: Ursula wrote the sum of 5.815 + 6.021 as a sum of two mixed numbers. What sum did she write? Compare the sum of the mixed numbers to the sum of the decimals? Please explain.
  60. biology

    if a solution has a pH of 4 mix to a solution that has a pH of 9 what will be the pH of the mixed solution? will it be acidic or base? please show me how to calculate it.please i need the answer before tomorrow morning. thank you so much. I had been to other sites but i didn't...
  61. teachers aide

    Please someone post the answers of Resources of Educating Young children with Diverse Abilities (PART-3) so i can fix my answer because it's my last exam and i don't want get low mark.please---i am so confused with few answers. Please post the answers!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  62. 6th Grade Science Help PLEASE!

    Hi, so I did the coin drop experiment. I finished project, wrote my hypothesis, my data, my observations, and my conclusion. What I need help is that in this experiment I don't know which on is the independent and dependent variable. That's all I need. Can someone please help ...
  63. Math help please

    Can somebody please help explain what I'm supposed to do? "Maya's school held an aluminum collection program in which they collected aluminum and brought it to be recycled. In the first week, Maya collected 4/20 lb of aluminum and her friend Abigail collected 7/8 lb. a. which ...
  64. math

    since 120/500 is equal to 100 that means ...............i still don't get it......... please..... i need help.can you at least give me the answer please tbhis is hohnors math and for me its hard........ Tom,Ted,Tony,Terry worked together on a job.The job paid $500.Each boy was...
  65. Math ms sue help

    please help me with these defintions of math terms please: a number that can be expressed as the product of 3 equal factors? a number that can be expressed as the product of 2 equal factors product of 1 and a radical product of a rational number and a radical
  66. math(check answers please)

    hi please check my math answers i only have 2 for now i just wanted to make sure i had the right idea. sarah is making her own halloween costume.The costume requires 2 5/8 yards of materials.Write the number of yards needed for sarahs halloween costume as an improper fraction...
  67. math-please help!

    The number of complaints received by a business bureau can be represented by the following probability distribution. Find the expected number of complaints per day. complaints per day -0,1,2,3,4,5 probability-0.01,0.11,0.26,0.28,0.19,0.12 can someone please help me figure out ...
  68. MATH !!!

    PLEASE ANSWER THESE 3 I BEEN STUCK ON ALL DAY AND IM SICK OF THEM JUST WANNA SLEEP..PLEASE LABEL ANSWER WITH A B C D ! 1.which pair of ratio form a proportion? choose all that apply. A. 1/6, 4/20 B. 7/9, 28/36 C. 14/18, 21/27 D. 30/80, 8/18 2.which pair of ratios does not form...
  69. Math Probability

    A new shipment of 9 VCRs, which will be offered at a very low price, are delivered, Unknown to the manager, 4 of the VCRs are defective, Determine the probability that at least 1 of the first three VCRs sold is defective.Did I do this right? 1-5C3/9C3 =88.09% or do I do 1-(5/9...
  70. Math

    Need to simplify (6b to the 2 power)to the 2nd power (6b to the 4th power)to the 4th power equals 24b to the 4th power Not sure if I did this right trying to understand how to simplify. Please help, please.
  71. math

    x2-x-20?please explain new to me
  72. 1st grade math please help!!!

  73. Math

    Please help me How to draw the graph.
  74. Math

    How to multiply decimals ex: please
  75. Math

    Please help me solve this problem. (-7)e-3
  76. math

    what is partial factoring and how do you do it? Please help
  77. math

    d/9=-10 d=? please go through the steps.
  78. Math

    I can't find the LCM of 30 and 48. Help please!!
  79. MATH

    7 - 6 -- ----- y^2-49 y^2-2y-35 with work if possible please
  80. math

    6(3x-2)-3(2x-4)=5(3x+8)-7(2x-3) show the work please.
  81. Math

    6 - w = 1 4/5 need help on this one please
  82. Math

    Please help - 9/x-5-1=8/x+5 (x+5)(x-5)9/x-5-1(x+5)(x-5)=(x+5)(x-5)8/x+5 9(x+5)=8(x-5) 9x+45=8x-40 And I'm not sure where to go from here.
  83. math calculus

    Please explain how it is (ln 4) ¡Ò^8 2 x^-1 dx= (ln 8) ¨C (ln 2) =(ln 4)
  84. math help please

    2% of 55 and 14is 70% of what number
  85. Math...

    solve the porportion: 9/12=15/? please help.
  86. Math

    Can i please get your help on fractions and i am in the 7 th grade
  87. Math

    Help on this problem , please! 2x^3 - 3x^2 + 7x - 3 _____________________ 2x - 1
  88. mATH

    please Help D=22mi. R=55 perHr T=?
  89. Math

    Could you please help me factor the trinomial. s^2-7s+12
  90. Math Help PLEASE

    Divide and Check 4x^9-6x^4+6x^2/2x^2
  91. math

    Please Check x - 1/4 > 5/8 answer x > 7/8
  92. math

    Please check x + 1/3 > 5/4 answer x > 19/12
  93. math

    please check -2x + 7 < 10 answer x < -3/2
  94. math

    Can someone PLEASE HELP ME on my question?
  95. MATH

  96. Math

    Can you help me with Ratios and Rates please
  97. math (Ms. Sue)

    Ms. can you help me please! on my question.
  98. fractions math please help

    2 1/4 divided by 1 1/7
  99. math need help please

    50% of what number is 30
  100. math need help please

    x + 10 = -10 x stand for what
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