Math(Please help)

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    HOW MANY SETS (A,B,C) OF THREE DIFFERENT,POSITIVE SINGLE DIGIT INTEGERS HAVE THE PROPERTY THAT A SQUARED + B SQUARED + C SQUARED IS A PERFECT SQUARE? please help me with this one a soon as possible its very important and i don't even know where to start!!
  2. math 2

    mera painted equal sections of her bedroom wall to make a pattern. she painted 2/7 of the wall white and1/2 of the wall lavender.write an.equivalent fraction.for each using a common denominator. please help answer. thx
  3. math 2

    mera painted equal sections of her bedroom wall to make a pattern. she painted 2/7 of the wall white and1/2 of the wall lavender.write an.equivalent fraction.for each using a common denominator. please help answer. thx
  4. Math

    Kim is researching the number of channels available from different cable and satellite companies what would be an appropriate graph to use : A. Line plot B. line graph graph D.frequency table E. pictograph PLEASE HELP!!!!
  5. $$$$math$$$$'

    I want to make 99 by using calculator,but the 9 key , the + key,and the - key are broken. How can I use my to do the task. I need to come up with 5 solutions I came up with this 33x3=99 99x1=99. 11 x3x3=99 I need two more solution and my mom is lost too. Please help
  6. math

    Mrs. Sue please help! A true-false test has 12 questions. What is the probability of guessing the correct answers to all of the questions? (1 point) 1 over 4096 1 over 144 one over twenty four 1over14
  7. 5th grade Math

    Please help, what operation should I use to solve this problem? Jessica bought 10.50 pounds of potatoes. The potatoes are sold in sacks of 20 if the potatoes cost $1.99 per pound. How much money did Jessica spend?
  8. Math--Please help!!

    Tim Newman took out a simple interest loan of $1500 at a 10 percent interest for 12 months. After 4 payments, the balance is $1100. He pays off the loan when the next payment is due. What is the interest? Is it $9.17
  9. math

    3/4 divided by 2/5 So I think then I turn it into. 3/4 x 5/2 then I'm a bit confused after this. Find the common denominators? (Which would be 8) In my lesson it says for 3 and 2 find their common factor. And it's 1. But that won't change anything. Could someone please explain...
  10. Chemistry

    Hi can someone please help with this question, or atlest direct me in the right direction. Please and thank you. The initial rate of reaction H2O2(aq) --> H2O (l) + 1/2 O2(g) is found to be1.7*10^-3 M/s . Assume that this rate holds for 2 minutes. Start with 165ml of 1.55M ...
  11. please check my work language

    -write the plural for each noun potato-potatoes shoe-shoes auto-autos speech-speeches -describe the kinds of information about words that can found in a dictionary *prononciation *parts of speech *definition and the word *how many syllabuls a word has is there anything else ...
  12. Algebra

    Fiona invested $1000 at 8% compounded continuously. At the same time Maria invested $1100 at 8% compounded daily. How long will it take for their investments to be equal in value? Assume there are 365 days in every year. Please help I have tried everything and cannot solve ...
  13. Chemistry

    Balance the equation: NO2- (aq) + Al (s) --> NH3 (g) + AlO2- (aq) (basic solution) ** please note the "2-" on the NO2- and AlO2- are not subscripts, they are the charges. I missed a few classes in Chemistry and find myself lost. I have tried to learn these equations with ...
  14. Financing

    Please..I need help asap If a firm pays its bill with a 30 day delay, what fraction of its purchases will be in paid in the current quarter? Please show me how you get this answer Since a quarter is three months long, then 2/3 of the firm's purchases are paid in the quarter in...
  15. drivers ed

    can someone please tell me a good website or give me a good link where i can take a practice driving test for a permit (learners licence). pleeease, i really need to practice, and i need a test that is updated. close to the real test. please help me
  16. business

    Please please I need help with this question. thanks For 2010, Fielder Corporation reported net income of $30,000; net sales $400,000; and average share outstanding 6,000. There were no preferred stock dividends. What was the 2010 earnings per share? a.$4.66 b.$0.20 c.$66.67 d...
  17. 4th grade Science (Please Help!)

    Bowl A and Bowl B are filled with the same amount of water. Bowl A is covered in plastic wrap. Both bowls are left on a counter. The water level is checked in both bowls after 1 week. What is the hypothesis? Please HELP!
  18. algebra

    can someone help me with this question it is very hard the question is 4j - 3 = 5 the solutions are a)j=1/2 b)j=2 c)j=8 d)j=32 someone please help me on this pretty pretty please
  19. free verse poems please

    i need really good examples of free verse poems please
  20. Help Please, Oh Please--Algebra

    Identify 3x^5 − x^2 + 4x as a monomial, binomial, or trinomial. A. trinomial B. binomial C. monomial D. none of these
  21. Chemistry Basics- Please Help!

    Choose either homogeneous or heterogeneous. Tea: homogenous Concrete: heterogeneous Soda: homogeneous Soapy Water: homogeneous Salt Water: homogeneous Granite: heterogeneous Please help, and thanks lots :D
  22. Math Help Plz fast

    13. Describe the number of solutions for the equation. 10(x-2)=10x A.) one solution B.) no solution C.) infinite solutions*** 14. Describe the number of solutions for the equation. -2(y-3)=2y-6 A.)one solution B.)no solution*** C.)infinite solutions 18. Solve b-9>20. I don'...
  23. Math amortization payments

    What amortization payment would be required every six months at 14% interest to pay off a loan that is $35,000 with in four years. answer needs to be rounded to the nearest cent. please check my answer thanks :) $5,861.37
  24. Math - Trig

    Hi I have a Trig question that i don't understand, can someone please explain how to solve for it using cosine law?? A Clock with a radius of 15 cm has an 11 cm minute hand and a 7 cm hour hand. How far apart, to the nearest centimetre, are the tips of the hands at each time? ...
  25. MATH

    I have about 30 questions of this, so I need to understand the process. Please make it as detailed as possible! Thank you! Q: To reduce 32 grams of a 25% solution of antiseptic to a 10% solution, how much distilled water should a pharmacist add? A: Equation: _____ Answer is: ...
  26. Math

    Suppose that the function represents the percentage of inbound e-mail in the U.S. that is considered spam, where x is the number of years after 2002. Use this model to approximate the percentage of spam in the year 2006 to the nearest tenth of a percent. Please show work.. ...
  27. Math

    Here is the question: Find the exact value of the following expression: 6*22*5. Use any mental calculation technique you choose. Name the technique. Here is what my answer looks like: 6*22*5 (6*5)*2*11 (30*2)*11 60*11=660 I multiplied by simple numbers. Is this right. Could ...
  28. Math

    Hi I wanted some help with this question, I don't want the answer though as I want to try to see where my workings are going wrong. 3 x 34 / 9 - 2 (10 - 6) - 4 / 2 A -13 B 5 C 6 D -14 But I'm getting -3. Here's how I work through the equation using PEMDAS as a guide to order: ...
  29. Math

    A circular piece of wire has a radius of 12 cm. This is cut then bent to form an arc of a circle whose radius is 60 cm. Find the angle subtended at the centre by this arc. Give your answer to the nearest degree. Please show working out Thank you so much!
  30. Math

    Hi everyone, Sorry to bother you, I was wondering, why is it that for the graph of 1/(1+e^x), 1 is the horizontal asymptote? I had thought the HA should be something that makes the reciprocal function undefined, so I kind of thought the HA should be -1. Please explain simply, ...
  31. math

    Draw a square, triangle, rhombus, and pentagon. Identify the types of line segments that make each shape (parallel, perpendicular, intersecting). List the total number of angles in each shape. I do not get anything besides the part when I need to draw please help.
  32. College Math

    Nick received a $7000.00 raise. If his previous salary was 55000.00, what was the percent of increase in salary? I put the answer as (A) 13%. The other possible answers are: (B) 1%, (C) 8%, (D) 14%. If my answer is not correct, Could please tell me what I'm doing wrong in ...
  33. math

    A gardener is mowing a 20 yard-by-40 yd rectangular pasture using a diagonal pattern. He mows from one corner of the pasture to the corner diagonally opposite. What is the length of this pass with the mower? Give your answer in simplified form. Please explain to me how to ...
  34. College math

    I really need to know the answer to this extra credit problem. Please help! A quantity, W, is directly proportional to X and the square of Y and inversely proportional to the cube of Z. W=3 when X=4, Y=2 and Z=4. What is the value of W when X=8, Y=9 and Z=6? Give answer to 3 ...
  35. math

    Scott and Jen are looking at a house listed for 189000 dollars. They will qualify for a 6% interest rate if they have a 20% down payment. How much will the monthly payments be on a 15-year mortgage.I just don't understand what to do with the 20% down payment part please help ...
  36. Math/Physics

    A 500kV power line has a maximum permissible Voltage drop of 3% and is design to carry 1000 Amps. If the conductor has a 0.026 ohms/km resistance, what is the maximum distance the conductor can be run (to the nearest complete km)? Hint: P=IE, E=IR How do I solve this? Please ...
  37. Math quick question

    You have 500 cm² of material available to cover different shapes. what is the maximum volume of each object that you could make with this amount of material? A.) a cube B.) a sphere I've been stuck on this for so long, please show me how to do this step by step, thanks :)
  38. Math

    The tops of seven water fountains in the Italian City of Reggio Emilia form a straight line. The first fountain is 120cm and the last one is 12cm. How tall is the third water fountain from the left? I have absolutely no idea, please help!!!
  39. math

    When a car makes an emergency stop on dry road, it leaves skid marks. The speed S, in miles per hour, of the car when brakes were applied is related to the length L, in feet, of the skid mark. Functional notation is needed, please help.
  40. math

    Please check Fewer than 45 people attending d the show X<45 A student had $5 but does not have enough to purchas three pair of socks 3x<5 At least 127 students attended the rock concert 127>x No more than 50 students walked in the walkathon X>50
  41. Math

    Carl borroowed $2,500 for six months at an annual interest rate of 11%. How much must he repay at the end of six months? a. $275 b. $2,637.50 c. $87.50 d. $2,762.50 Please show all steps needed to get answer in simple terms.
  42. Math topic part 2

    18. Complete the table. a 5 6 7 8 9 b 3.8 4.6 5.4 (2 points) Essay: 9.39 and 10.6 i did 5.4 divided by 7 times 8 and i received thees answers 1 /2 points I like that you figured out the rule first. Remember, when finding the rule, you want to determine what you do to x to get ...
  43. Math

    I need help solving the problem not the answer. (Multiple Choice) The steps below show the incomplete solution to find the value of x for the equation 7x + 8 − 3x = −6 + 10: Step 1: 7x + 8 − 3x = −6 + 10 Step 2: 7x + 8 − 3x = 4 Step 3: 4x + 8 = 4 Which of these is ...
  44. Math(Please Help)

    x-2 6x ____ - _____ 3x+4 x+1 *You are supposed to simplify the expresion.I really need help with this and some other problems.Please and Thank you.- Perhaps I could help but I can't make heads or tails of your posts. Try using parentheses (and / bar for divisiion). ok well can...
  45. Chemistry :(

    hello, i would be glad if someone answer to my question fast please as i am having a class test tomorrow. So here's the question: Q:An Alkaline with 16 carbons has a molecular formula of: (a)C16 H16 (b)C16 H34 (c)C16 H8 (d)C16 H32 (e)C16 H48 please tell me which option out of ...
  46. MATH

    Mr. Smith used 17 lengths of fence to enclose his gardens. He now needs 6 lengths of fence for a dog kennel. Show how he can remove 6 lengths of fence and still have 2 squares. Please help!Thanks!
  47. English

    Please please please check my answers and explain to me why they are right or wrong!!! 24.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 point) The pitcher THREW the ball to the catcher. a.) active** b.) passive 25.) Choose the correct voice of the underlined verb. (1 ...
  48. algebra 1

    v(v-3)= v^2+6 Does any one know if this is in the quadratic form or not The v^2 means v second power No it is not. Please read:
  49. Physics repost

    Suppose you wish to make a solenoid whose self-inductance is 1.2 mH. The inductor is to have a cross-sectional area of 1.2 10-3 m2 and a length of 0.048 m. How many turns of wire are needed? Can you please clarify this for me. When I first post it my reponse was: # turns= # of...
  50. Extrema-Check my work please?

    Find and classify the relative maxima and minima of f(x) if f(x)= defint a=0 b=x function= t^2-4/(1+cos(x)^2) dt x^2-4/(1+cos(x)^2)= 0 x^2-4=0 x^2=4 x= +/- 2 So I got relative maximum as -2 and 2. And relative minimum as zero. However, when I graph it on Wolfram, it gives me ...
  51. Algebra 1- Just one question please :)

    You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is -0.015. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? Please help whenever you get the ...
  52. English

    Hi, I need to cite a source for a paper but I cant tell whether its a paper or an article or an article from a journal or book. Can you please help. "title of work" author from jump cut, no 27, July 1981, pp 27-32 copyright Jump Cut: A review of Contemporary Media, 1982, 2005 ...
  53. Living environment(please check thank YOU Ms.Sue)

    Cause: When hydrochloric acid backs up into the esophagus Effect: called Acid Reflux Cause: As a result of the acidic ph in the stomach Effect: help break down food Cause: As the epigolottis covers the larynx, Effect: I NEED HELP WITH THIS Cause: when reverse peristalsis ...
  54. English: Please help

    Identify the word that best describes the underlined word which for this sentence is "the shelter" The volunteers provided the shelter with new crates, beds, and bowls for the dogs. object ****** 2.indirect object 3.predicate nominative 4.predicate adjective I am ...
  55. Math

    Actually, i made a mistake. All though we still came up with the right answer, I made a mistake and copied another book answer to another question into this question. The real book answer to this word problem is: ( Let's translate the English into Math: x+3x=60, so x=15 and ...
  56. math need help please

    -9 to the 2nd power - (-6) to the 2nd power
  57. math-line graph

    x: 0, 1, 2, 3 y: 3, 2, 1, 0 I don't know what the pattern is in this x and y line graph. Please help me.
  58. Math

    7k divided by 3=21 Can you please show me the work? I know that k=9 but I don't know how to show the work.
  59. Math

    aretha has $0.58 in nickels and dimes. she has 2 more nickels than dimes. how many and nickels and dimes does she have? these money word problems are hard. help please.
  60. math

    1. Sphere C(-2,1,-3), radius=7. T plane at (4,-2,-1)=? (a) 6x-3y+2z=0 (b) r.(6,3,2)=28 (c) 5x-3y-2z=28 (d) r.(6/7,-3/7,2/7) 2. Sphere (x-1)²+(y-5)²+(z-2)²=49 and planr r.(-2,-6,-3)=0 form which circle?(a) (x-1)²+(y-5)²+(z-2)²=19.53 (b) C(0,0,0), radius=4.42 (c) radius=4....
  61. math

    The function f(x)is defined as f(x)={-2x+3: if -2 less than or equal to < 1 f(x)={5: if 1 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2 f(x)={x^2+2: if x > 2 a. find f(0), f(2) and f(5) b. determine the domain of f(x) Please show work
  62. Math

    Please help. We have to use these digits to solve the two numbers - 2, 9, 4, 3, 6, 7. The difference between the two numbers is 377. What are the two numbers?
  63. math

    Two angles are complementary to each other, if the ratio of the two angles is 3:2, then what is the difference of measures in degree of these two angles? please explain :(
  64. 4th grade Science (Please Help!)

    Bowl A and Bowl B are filled with the same amount of water. Bowl A is covered in plastic wrap. Both bowls are left on a counter. The water level is checked in both bowls after 1 week. What is the independent variable? PLEASE HELP.
  65. Math(Please Check)

    Problem: 4x/(x+2)-8/(x-1) What I Got: 4x^2-4x-16/(x+2)(x+1) *I had to simplify the rational expression No. At x=0, it doesn't check. The starting problem gives 8, your answer gives -8. I suspect a sign error somewhere. Probably in the denominator, the x+1 should be x-1
  66. math

    Find the equation of the tangent line to y=6^((x^2)-4x+8)) at x=3. I have worked very hard on this problem, but I can not find the right answer.... I keep getting: y=[(ln6)(6^5)(6)]+[7776-[(ln6)(6^5)(6)]]=7776, but it says this is not correct. Please help!
  67. MATH--Please help!!

    I'm desperate! Find the point where the curve r(t)=(12sint)i - 12(cost)j+ 5tk is at a distance 13pi units along the curve from the point (0,-12,0) in the direction opposite to the direction of increasing arc length. Thanks for any advice...
  68. Math

    How long one can hold their breath can be calculated using the formula y=1.4g where y is the amount of time one can hold their breath in seconds and g is the size of their lungs in cubic centimeters. Is this a relation or a function? Explain why. Please Help!! Thanks!!
  69. Math

    How long one can hold their breath can be calculated using the formula y=1.4g where y is the amount of time one can hold their breath in seconds and g is the size of their lungs in cubic centimeters. Is this a relation or a function? Explain why. Please Help!! Thanks!!
  70. 6th grade Math

    I don't get this question, can someone please explain it, thanks. Heres the question: A lighthouse beacon can be seen 24 mi in all directions. What is the area over which the beacon can be seen? - I think it's circumfrence, but I don't really know what to do. Thanks, Bob.
  71. math please check my work

    a license plate has 2 letters followed by 4 many license plates are possible if the digits and letters can be repeated? f-8 g-92 h-676000 i-6760000 i think it is i(the 4th one) am i correct thank you for helping me
  72. 8th grade math

    Can you please check my answer? A spherical balloon has a volume of 268 cubic cm. If more air is pumped in so that its radius is 3 times as long, what is its new volume? My answer: 2,412 cubic cm
  73. Math repost

    I posted this question before at 7:14 I think the answer to it is 0. cot(40) - ((sin(50))/(sin(40)) = ? these are also degrees steps too please. I thought since 50+40= 90 then that part would be 1, but then how would cot 40 turn out to be 1
  74. Trigonometry (Math)

    From the top of a building 70 ft. high, two objects in a straight line from the building are observed at angles of depression of 28° and 41°6' respectively. Find the distance between the two objects. -Complete Solution please. :'(
  75. Probability

    Darby guesses the answers to six questions on the math portion of her college entrance exam. Each question is a true or false question. What is the approximate probability that at least 4 of her answers are correct? A. 0.23 B. 0.34 C. 0.66 D. 0.78 Explanation please??
  76. Math

    Find the product or quotient. Write the strategy you used. Write model, break apart, multiplication table, inverse operation pattern, or doubles. 56/7=8 and 36/9=4 and I need help showing the strategy used. Please help thank you.
  77. math Please HElp

    The minute hand on a watch is 7 mm long and the hour hand is 4 mm long. How fast is the distance between the tips of the hands changing at one o'clock? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  78. math

    As a a test of a new measurement process, 10 measurements are made on pieces of glass known to have conductivity 1. The average of the 10 measurements is 1.07. Indicate whether 1 and 1.07 is a parameter or statistic and explain why. I understand that 1.07 is a statistic. ...
  79. Math

    A Classroom bulletin board is 7 feet by 4 feet. If there is a picture of a student every 6 inches along the edge, including one in each corner, how many pictures are on the bulletin board? The teacher gave me the answer 40 but I don't know how.... Can you help me, please
  80. math

    You have a 20-foot ladder that you are using as you paint your house. You place the ladder so that it forms an angle of 30 at the point of contact between the ladder and the ground. How high will the top of the ladder be above the ground? Please explain. thank you
  81. math

    Four similar glass tumblers just fit into a cubical box.The area of the top of the circular cover of any one of the tumblers is 4 pi.The area of each side of the box is a. 16 b. 32 c. 32 pi d. 64 e. 64 pi please answer and explain
  82. math

    Four similar glass tumblers just fit into a cubical box.The area of the top of the circular cover of any one of the tumblers is 4 pi.The area of each side of the box is a. 16 b. 32 c. 32 pi d. 64 e. 64 pi please answer and explain
  83. math

    What is the period, in seconds, of a simple pendulum of length 3 meters? Use the gravitational constant g = 9.8 m/s2 and round your answer to two decimal places Please help! A step by step would with the answer would be helpful!
  84. Math

    Find all values of p such that 2(x+4)(x-2p) has a minimum value of -18? I know x=-4 but I do not know that helps us. Please explain in steps! The temperature of a point (x,y) in the plane is given by the expression x^2-y^2-4x+2y. What is the temperature of the coldest point on...
  85. math

    2. sylvia has 6 1/2 boxes of chocolate to share at a family picnic. if she gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive chocolate? 13 17 19 21 3.which of these numbers is not rational? square root 3 0.25 1/5 square root 9 someone please help asap
  86. Math

    Simplify the expressions in each pair. (2 marks each) (Show your work) (x^2-2x)/(x+1)x (x^2-1)/(x^2+x-6) My work on simplifying the expressions x(x-2)/x+1 x (x+1)(x-1)/(x+3)(x+2) If I've gone wrong please help me understand where I went wrong and help me get the correct answer...
  87. Math

    Simplify the expressions in each pair. (2 marks each) (Show your work) (x^2-2x)/(x+1)x (x^2-1)/(x^2+x-6) My work on simplifying the expressions x(x-2)/x+1 x (x+1)(x-1)/(x+3)(x+2) If I've gone wrong please help me understand where I went wrong and help me get the correct answer...
  88. algebra..Matrix...math

    Hi, Please help me to this question would prove less than 10 hours Athens has a population of n ,m club with any club membership is an even number and the number of members of both clubs to prove and show m<n
  89. Math

    Let me know if I'm correct please For exercises 1 and 2 translate each phrase into an algebraic expression The difference of a number and sixteen n+16 n-16<---- when they say difference it - 16n n over 16 five times k 5k k+5 k/5<--- 5-k for exercises 3 and 4 evaluate ...
  90. Math

    the arch of a concrete bridge is a semi ellipse having a span of 60 ft and a central height of 20 ft. if the roadway is 25 ft above the base. find at 10 ft intervals the distance from the arch to the roadway. (Im completely lost at what to find. Please help)
  91. Math

    I was wondering if anyone could please help me with an Algebra 2 problem involving roots. The roots are 1/2, 1, and 3+2i. I need help finding the equation of that and it passes through the point (-1,200). I did (x-1/2)(x-1)(x-3+2i)(x-3-2i) as my first step Is that right? Then ...
  92. Help Me On Math Please, If Anyone Is Available

    A multiple choice test has 5 questions each with 5 possible answers. Find the probability of answering all the questions correctly. A. 1/3,125 B. 1/25 C. 1/625 D. 1/125 I'm on a test, and this is the only one I'm stuck on.
  93. math

    A circular oil slick is expanding with radius, r in yards, at time t in hours given by r=2.5t−0.3t2, for 0≤t≤10. Find a formula for the area in square yards, A=f(t), as a function of time. f(t)= HELP PLEASE!
  94. Math

    Susan tossed a die 1,038 times. Which of the following would be a good estimate of the number of times she got the number 3 on the die? A: 186 B: 128 C: 306 D: 273 Can someone please help and explain this to me?
  95. Math

    Alice is covering a foam cube with fabric to make a footstool. Each side of the cube is 20 inches. How many square inches of fabric will she need? 120 in** 720 in 1,200 in 2,400 in Please help!! I'm not sure I quite get it!
  96. Help Math

    A graph of the sequence f(n)=2n-3 and a graph of the function f(x)=2x-3 are both shown What accounts for the differences between the graphs in terms of range? i know only the difference of the domain but i have no idea the difference of the range can someone please help
  97. Math

    Rita needs to measure out 3.5 gallons of vinegar for a science experiment However, her only measuring tool is a measuring cup that holds 1 cup. How many cups of vinegar does she need? I am confused on this can you please help me?
  98. math

    A girl starts from point A and walks 285m to B on a bearing of 078.She then walks due south to a point C which is 307m from A. What is the bearing of A from C,and what is {BC}? please i need the answer urgent ooo it is an assignment pls help me fast
  99. Math

    A jeepney ride costs 8 pesos for the first 4 km and each additional integer km add 1.50 pesos to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare in terms of the distance (d) in km. Please give the solution. Thank you

    Here was my question The mean height of 5 students is 59.4. If one of the students leaves, the mean height becomes 61. What is the height of the absent student? Heres Bob's answer but what does set them equal mean?? SOMEONE HELP! math - bobpursley, Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at ...
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