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2power of -2 how much


how do you add mixed fractions?

homework ath physics

how to become en expert?


A cup holds 1 5/8 gallons of water. How many quarts does it hold ?

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Kim kept the following records of her phone bills for 12 months:$53, $48, $62, $53, $58, $55, $53, $46, $64, $69, $57, $68 - did not match any documents. Find the a.mean b. median & c. mode.

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Compute f '(a) algebraically for the given value of a. HINT [See Example 1.] f(x) = −6x − x2; a = 4

mmale, how many are females?ath

there are 89 students out of 100. 7 out of 8 are


Jill deposited $2,500 in a savings account at a rate of 7.75%, compounded monthly. How much was in her account after three months?


Mr. Riley can make a profit by raising AT LEAST 50, but no more than 150, cattle. If c represents the number of cattle, write the inequality that best expresses the situation.

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Sally has a sum of $26000 that she invests at 9% compounded monthly. What equal monthly payments can she receive over a period of a) 9 years? b) 7 years?

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Use the formula nCr to solve Of the 100 people in the U.S. senate, 18 served on the Foreign relations Committee. How many ways are there to select Senate members for this committee (assuming party affiliation is not a factor in the selection)


How can you tell an equation's real or imaginary roots just from its graph, without knowing the equation? I have to look ath the graph of a parabola, absolute value, and a negative third degree equation and do so? Are there any links that could explain this as I can't scan in ...


4 1/3 cans of water must be added to a cn of lemonade concentrate to make 64 ounces of lemonade. How many can of water are needed to make 96 ounces of lemonade? How would you solve this question?


At noon, ship A starts sailing due east at the rate of 20km/hr. Ath the time, ship B, which is located 100km east of ship A initially, starts sailing on a course 60 degrees north of west at the rate of 10km/hr. How fast is the distance between the two ships changing one hour ...

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the table lists data regarding the average salaries of several profssional athletes in the years 1991 and2001 a) use the data points to find a linear function that fits the data b) use the function to predict the average salary in 2005 and 2010 in 1991 the salry was $1440,000 ...


How do we find the greatest common factor of a polynomial? Demonstrate the process with an example, showing your work. When finding the greatest common factor of a polynomial, can it ever be larger than the smallest coefficient? Can it ever be smaller than the smallest ...

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5. Sara raised her score on a math test from 86 to 94. Max changed his score on the test from 77 to 85. Who had the greater percent change? (1 point) A. They both had the same percent change. B. Max’s percent increase was about 1.1% more than Sara’s. C. Sara’s percent ...


The average radius r in meters of a planet's path around the sun is given by the formula r=[(3.35 x 10^18)t^2]^1/3, where t is the time in seconds that it takes the planet to go around the sun. a. Rewrite the equation using the root symbol. b. Neptune takes about 5.2 x 10^9 ...


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