Literature / Short story I

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Choose a selection from the crossing borders unit. Write a short explanation of how one of the individuals in this selection is affected by a border crossing. Use specific examples or details to support your answer. I picked the story "Delfino II: Diez In The Desert". Can ...


Can a fable have gods that are directly involved with the plot of the story? Are all fables really short and not descriptive? Fable: A short moral story, often with supernatural or animal characters. Remember in the Old Testament when God ...

books "A Thankless Experience" Short Essay Help

This is the story: A Thankless Experience by Stephen Lautens. The story is on the internet. jiskha does not allow me to post the url The question is: Provide two examples of figurative language used by Lautens in his essay and describe the effect of each example. Please help ...


for this subject i have to write a fictional story. the focus is character motivation. i don't really know what that i had already written down my topic of a love story..about a young girl who falls in love with the wrong guy.. but then i saw this character ...


in my sister's keeper, the novel, how are jesse and brian alike? how do they understand each other better at the end of the story?


In the story, "After Twenty Years" by O. Henry, what is the main character's behavior and feelings about his situation?

reading and literature

what does "Create an original fable with a clear moral" mean ? Am I supposed to make up my own story ?


Could you explain what personal reflection on the story mean? Thank You! This question asks you how you related to and felt about the story. You might consider the following questions: How would you have reacted to the situations mentioned in the story? The same or differently...


In F. Scott Fitzgerald's story "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," we are very likely to A. decide that Bernice will never escape her dependent nature. B. think of both Marjorie and Bernice as painfully naïve. C. realize that Marjorie is sensitive to Bernice's feelings. D. see Marjorie'...


Which of the following is the best definition of a drama? a. a story with props b. a story with a happy ending c. a story written to be preformed by actors d. a story in which the main character eventually fails I think it's D, can anyone check me? Thanks ;)


That question was related toa short story called 'the guest'.

short story paper

hi is anyone here? Wanted to try out a topic


Is there any irony in the short story The Whirligig Of Life? If so, what are some examples?


Briefly describe Poe’s requirements for the short story genre.


what are some interesting and detailed short story ideas ?


Does anyone know the theme of the short story the diamond mine by Willa Cather?


In "The Birds", ((Short story by Daphne du Maurier))what is the weather like during the autumn before the attack, and what does this signify? a. the cold autumn signifies that nature is frequently harsh and dangerous b. the cold autumn signifies that nature has been hard on ...


NEED HELP ASAP! You need to have read the short story "The Jade Peony" by Wayson Choy, to help me with these questions. I'm writing a personal response essay to this story and don't know these questions? Help? 1. Did any of the characters change the way they saw the world? 2....


The short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” is told in first person point of view. How would the connection between the audience and the story most likely change if the story was told in the third person point of view? a) The audience would most likely feel less connected to the...


Quotation marks signal the name of a short story, poem, song or magazine article. Lion did not want zebra to read the fable " the lion and the mouse". He suggested another story. Why did the lion feel this way and what did he suggested instead? ( I have to answer with ...


Can anyone PLEASE find me a short summary of these poems? the forsaken merman-matthew arnold the portrait- robert browning


How does Poe use foreshadowing to prepare the readers for what's coming in The Cask of Amantillado...I've re-read the story but I'm really stuck on this. Thanks -MC

World Literature and Language

How do the villagers respond to the spider girl? What do you think their response symbolizes -- how does it relate to the rest of the story?


What is the term in literature that describes a story that appeals to kids and adults, but for different reasons. E.g. the original batman series.


What is the least amount of words that a short story can be. Is it suppose to be in past tense?


In the short story, "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" what is the significance of the title?


I'm writing a short story, and was wondering how you use quotes when characters talk?


What are the images asssociated with the types of characterization in the short story"The sniper''? pls help me.


Short story about African politician and underline the topic sentence.


i need a short story about a ecosystem that is disturbed and undergoes succession


what are the literay techniques found in a play, a novel, a short story or a poem ?


How would you briefly describe Poe's requirement for the short story genre?


I need to write a short story with the ending relating to "That is how I became Captain"


When writing a short story should a pronoun be given in the first person


What is the purpose of the author using flashbacks in the short story 'penny in the dust'?


What audience was “Why, You Reckon?” short story by the author Langston Hughes written for?

Language Arts

At the end of her aunt's story in "The Story-Teller" the older girl ask whether the girl in the story would have been rescued even if she had not been good. What does she seem to think the theme of her aunt's story? What detail in the aunt's story leads her to think so? A link...


why not #1? "Island Boy" by Barbra Cooney, is a good choice for literature curriculum in the primary grades because it: 1. is useful in all areas of development 2. is easily understood by students 3. provides beautiful illustrations 4. includes a setting unfamiliar to most ...


My english is very very bad ,please helpm me to fix this paragraph. To catch the king interest, every night she must come up with unique and fresh idea. Mercy and Wisdom is very important elements in her stories and how different characters of the stories succeed to save their...


Like the writers in the short story collection, Mori reveals his character's thoughts and feelings by providing dialogue, describing events, and showing how dialogue and action affect each other. Identify a character and quotation from one of the short stories and tell what ...

Literature quick question

Can someone help me or give me a link to where I can find chapter summaries, or book notes for the story You Don't Know Me by David Klass. Thanks

American Literature II

What is the importance of Alice walker, "You cannot keep a good women down" story in between 1865 to present day.


Hello! Can you recommend me any poem or a short story ( really short) which I can do with my class? ( 19 year olds, learning English as a foreign language)I need to have one pre-reading activity, one while-reading and one post-reading activity. Thank you

English 1

Journal Activity 2.1 A: Prewriting: What Makes a Good Story write an evaluative essay in your journal. In this essay you'll state your opinion of a short story from this textbook or a movie you've seen and then support your opinion. You'll write down your criteria for what ...

ap english

in Scott Russell Sanders short story "the Inheritance of Tools", what is his purpose or purposes?


“The Loons” (Margaret Laurence) i cant find the website for this short story.plz help! thnx


one example of symbolism in the short story ''A company full of laughing faces''. pl help


what can be a thesis statment for alice munro's short story " miles city montana"?


How can i paraphrase?to cut a long story short,one day i decided to be a man?

short story and poetry

what is the two words describing the main character in the piece of string?


The short story "The Whit Knight" it says "on the edge of the forest of life" what does that mean ?


[This activity is from Daphne Du Maurier's short story, The Birds] Du Maurier tells us that the birds are trying to destroy human life, but we never know what is making them do it. Suppose you are a historian at some future time studying this famous bird attack. Write a ...

Introduction and sort story part 1

1. During what part of "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" does Bernice cut Marjorie's braids? A. Climax B. Rising action C. Falling action D. Epiphany 2. The label detective novel is an example of A. a character study. B. informational reading. C. a genre. D. a universal truth. 3. Which ...


19. Authors use 5 methods of indirect characterization: speech, appearance, private thoughts, actions, and descriptions of how other characters feel about the character. They also use direct characterization, expressly describing what a character is like. Choose two stories ...


I don't get the message or theme of the short story by Susan Michalski "The wrong place". I am suppose to identify figurative elements used in the story that help identify the theme. I have identified simile -like acrobats, bank of clouds fluffy as eiderdown, imagery pushed ...

the short story, part 2

In "Young Goodman Brown," the allegorical meaning of Faith's pink ribbons is


What does the phrase "Youth will be served" in Jack London's short story "A Piece of Steak mean?


Paraphrase the sentence,"To cut a long story short one day idecided to be a man

Creative Writing

This is my last assignment in Creative Writing: Choose ONE of the following topics for the Writing Project: For Process Analysis: (Note: Process Analysis is not recommended for developing a short story): "How I Learned Responsibility" "How to Make the Most of Your Home ...


I need help I don't understand this i read the chapter 5 times 1. During what part of "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" does Bernice cut Marjorie's braids? A. Climax B. Rising action C. Falling action D. Epiphany 2. The label detective novel is an example of A. a character study. B. ...


1)Why do you think dystopian literature is such a popular trend among today’s young adults? 2)Why do you think fictional utopias always tend to go horribly wrong and become dystopias? 3)Why do you think the fictional survivors of an apocalypse always seem to end up creating ...

Literature quick question

Could someone please give me a link to where I can find a short summary (plot) of The Five People You Meet In Heaven. Thank You:) {Missy}


Which statement most accurately contrasts the ideas of different literary periods? A. Anglo-Saxon literature focuses on free will, whereas Renaissance literature suggests that human beings are controlled by fate. B. Literature of the Middle Ages focuses on science, whereas ...


Can you help me to choose the best answer to fill in the blank to this question? Goonight Owl is a good __________ because the children can make the animal sounds while the teacher tells the story. 1. acting story 2. fable 3. story song 4. participation song would it be (1)...

Literature (Quick n fast question)

Could you give me a website to find chapter summaries and the setting of the story Children of the River by Linda Crew. Thanks for all your help.


Which of the following elements is specifically necessary for a mystery story? A) clues B) a villain C) far-away setting D) historical background my answer is b, am i correct?

spanish literature

Osvaldo Dragun in his story Historia del hombre que se convirtio un perro: what is the conflict that the protagonist feels strongly about?


In the story Julie of the wolves, what are two lessons that Julie learns?


Learning About Short Stories Identify the letter of the choice that best answers the question. Which of the following most accurately identifies the usual length of a short story? A. 100 to 200 words B. 200 to 1,000 words C. 500 to 10,000 words D. 50,000 to 100,000 words C?

English/Language Arts

In Tom Godwin's Cold Equations (short story), what writing style does he use?

Communication Studies

I need to find a short feature story. Can someone please show me some examples of these? Thanks!


In your post, summarize the major similarities and differences between the forms of drama, poetry, and the short story.

7th Grade Help

where can I find short story Golden Kite Silver Wind by Ray Bradbury online?


Which of the following best exemplifies Updike's own life experience as it is reflected in his short story "Son"?


Paraphase - to cut a long story short, one day I decided to be a man about my feelings


Which of the following best exemplifies Updike's own life experience as it is reflected in his short story "Son"?

literature for kids

Mrs. Edwards read Owl Moon to her class. As she read, she paused from time to time to allow the children time to think about the story. She used a different voice for each character. When she finished, she asked questions that helped her students understand the story better ...


Is the play Antigone based on a true story or not?


I need help figuring out what the writing style was for medieval literature, english renassiance literature, renaissance drama, and early 7th century literature.


I need a thesis statement for the story, "Rikki Tikki Tavi" by Rudyard Kipling. I thought about using " (In) This short story, "Rikki Tikki Tavi, by Rudyard Kipling, tells of the conflict of Rikki Tikki and two cobras, as he tries to defend Teddy."

Short Story (suspense)

Feeling more secure, you start off in the direction of home. Past the park and the corner shop. You’re getting closer to home now. It’s still a long way, about 15 minutes to go. And then you hear it…Tap, Tap, Tap……… She shrieked as a hand came down heavily on her ...

literature question

Which did Stregna Nona won a Caldecott Honor Award for? 1.the illustrations 2.the story content 3.its multiculturalism Wasn't it the illustrations ?

English lit

So, for my english class, I'll have to write a Short story ( Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution ) I'd like the story to be around the theme of christmas or horror during x-mas. So I need you guys to help inventing a story with a surprising ending. You ...


How does the story of the pandavas in the mahabharata relate to aryan history? the story provides a sense of the battles between rival aryan tribes the story shows us the aryan concept of the ideal king the story reveals that the aryans believed that duty was very important ...

short story,Part 2

I have finish all 20 question just need some to recheck. exam#00778800.Thank you

english 3

what would the omission of a women in distress impact a gothic short story like Young Goodmen Brown ?


what are some examples of realism, naturalism and psycological fiction in the short story "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge"?


In the short story,defender of the faith by philip roth,What incident finally convinces Marx to punish Grossbart?


what are some major themes in the short story "The Storyteller" by H.H Munro(also known by pen name Saki) pleaseee help thanx :)


Please I need an answer to this question: who is the antagonist in Groom Service short story. How does the author convey his/her character.


How can I paraphrase this sentence? 1. "To cut a long story short, one day I decided to be a man about my feelings"


Paraphrase the sentance,"to cut a long story short,one day i decided to be a man about my feelings."


paraphrase the sentence, '' To cut a long story short, one day i decided to be a man about my feelings.''


paraphrase the sentence, ''To cut a long story short, one day i decided to be a man about my feelings.''


i need an example of a news report wrriten about the short story ''Thankyou Maam'' by langston Hughes

English 30

How does the short story "Happy Event" by Nadine Gordimer relate to the impact of an individual's ambition on self and others?


I have to write an essay on the theme of the short story "All is clam" by Ann Walsh. The story is about a girl who has to take her grandmother, who has alzheimers, to the hosptial. She has difficulty dealing with her grandmother acting very "strange" on the bus. A boy comes to...


At the end of her aunt's story in “The Story-Teller," the older girl asks whether the girl in the story would have been rescued even if she had not been good. what does she seem to think is the theme of her aunts story? what detail in the aunt's story leads her to think so


Here's my evaluative essay: A good short story must have a believable plot, a strong climax, a well developed story line, an attention grabbing beginning, a fine use of vocabulary, and interesting characters. The short story A Christmas Memory included all of these things. It ...


I really need help with this activity: 'Pretend that you're a mouthpiece, similar to Squealer from Animal Farm. Your job is to write and spread propaganda about a product, political party, idea, or cause. Write a short, factual description of the item and then write a short ...


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