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  1. Language arts

    In "Eldorado" by Edgar Allan Poe how does our world and community relate to the knights world & community? Please help!! >.<
  2. Language arts

    I have to find symbolism and repetition in a poem. I know what the repetition is I just wanted to know if personification is a form of symbolism. Please help!
  3. Language Arts

    Why is Ms. Sue so rude. We come on here to ask for her help and she either says something rude or something helpful. All we want is your help not criticism.
  4. Language arts

    which word in the following sentence is a conjunction? Wow, aren't computer amazing? A. Aren't B. Wow C. Computers D. amazing Ms. Sue please help
  5. education class

    What would a good teaching strategy be for language arts in a grade 1 classroom and a grade 8 classroom?
  6. language arts

    The wind blew all the clouds away. Away is the adverb, what is/are the words the adverb modifies?
  7. language arts

    Promises should "always" be kept. "always" is the adverb. What are the word or words the adverb modifies?
  8. language arts the sentence, "The jewels, coins, and other artifacts are priceless." Would the adjective in the sentence be priceless? Thanks..
  9. Language Arts- Johnny Tremain

    Has anyone here read the novel Johnny Tremain? If so, I will post my questions and answers.
  10. Language arts

    In "Aunt Millicent,"how does Jamie make the settings of aunt Millicent travels appear realistic?
  11. Language arts

    Acceleration involves change in_____. A- time B- direction C- speed D- both direction and speed
  12. Language Arts

    What is the appositive in the sentence? Sarah's dog Buddy dug in the garden. a. Sarah's b. Buddy c. in d. the Please Help!
  13. 4th grade Language Arts

    I need to know an example of a metaphor. We need to make a metaphor out of this sentence "Pablo sniffed the air."
  14. AED

    i still need help comparing these 2: comparing and contrasting approaches for teaching English language arts in a constructivist classroom and in a traditional classroom
  15. language arts johnny tremain

    how did the role you selected help you understand more about the text? support your response with 2 evidence from johnny tremain
  16. Language Arts

    These questions are from the book Rain Reign. Explain Rose's father's childhood. How might his childhood impact his relationship with Rose?
  17. Language Arts

    which answer choice contains the past participle of the verb "talk" A)talk B)talking C)had talked****** D)was talking Is this wright?
  18. Language Arts

    The arrow and the song poem 1 i shot an arrow into the air, 2 it fell to earth, i know not where; 3 for, so swiftly it flew, the sight 4 could not follow in its flight Part A Which form best describes the poem this excerpt is from A. lyric poem B. concrete poem *** C. haiku D...
  19. language arts

    i have to use the word fretish in a sentence as a noun, verb, and an adjective and as a different part of speech each time. i've looked everywhere and i cant even find what fretish means. PLEASE HELP!!!
  20. language arts

    choose two phrases to form a sentence that correctly uses a word. a. forbearance is b. fervor is c. a belief that one cannot make mistakes d. a willingness to live and let live I think it is b and d, am I right?
  21. language arts

    Which persuasive technique is used in the following sentence? The movie was advertised as "full of adventure." Isn't it. appeal to emotion appeal to reason repetition rhetorical question Someone help me please. I'm struggling. Thank you!
  22. language arts

    choose the meaning of the word stealthily in the sentence. The spies moved stealthily among the colonists, trying to gather information for the British leaders A openly B noisily C swiftly D sneakily is it c or d?
  23. Language arts

    Ok so I have to do a powerpoint presentation on the Holocaust. My topic is how Anne Frank's life represented the Jewish experience during the Holocaust and I need 3 websites. (If I find some I will update this post) :)
  24. English, Language arts

    So often Attean made him feel uncomfortable and ridiculous. But he had to admit that on the days when Attean did not come the hours went by slowly Ths is a line from the book. Is this irony?
  25. Language Arts

    Which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the Tang town? seedy vs. proud dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs. calm* prosperous vs. impoverished
  26. Language Arts

    Which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the Tang town? seedy vs. proud dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs. calm* prosperous vs. impoverished
  27. English/Language Arts

    A _____ includes all the works a writer used in the actual report, including direct quotes. footnote bibliography Works Cited page********** parenthetical citation
  28. Language Arts

    Hello, I'm having a hard time figuring out what genre The Trouble With Television is, I know it's non-fiction, but what else? Please help and explain why it's the genre you picked. And no, it's not for any school work I just want to know what it is for a writing I'm doing
  29. Language Arts Help!!

    In ''The Diary of Anne Frank'' Act 2 science 3, Mr.Frank says ''We don't need the Nazis to destroy us, we are destroying ourselves'' what does he mean by this support your answer with details from the play. Can someone help me plz!
  30. Language Arts

    In the sentence: You can wallpaper the room yourself. Would this sentence have 2 verbs -- can, wallpaper? Thanks...
  31. Language Arts

    What is the simple subject in this sentence? These homes are built up from the bottom of the pond. a. these b. homes c. pond
  32. language arts 8th grade

    is, "are we flying" a verb phrase? or is, "to disneyland" a verb phrase? please help
  33. english

    2. In "The Censors," it is ironic that the Censorship Division doesn’t bother to check Juan’s __________ before hiring him. (1 point) mail references health pockets
  34. Language Arts

    four definitions of the word nice that you would use in a paragraph to develop this topic sentence: "The word nice is surprisingly ambiguous"
  35. Language Arts

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. A. We B. They C. Us D. Themselves Is the answer D? Thank you
  36. Language Arts

    Which word in this sentence is a personal pronoun in the objective case? We know two tour guides, and they gave us a tour themselves. A. We B. They C. Us D. Themselves Is the answer C? Thank you
  37. Language Arts

    What is the best method to writing a short summary or an essay? Are there any websites I can look at or can you list the general items I need in an essay or summary. Thank you
  38. Language Arts

    Which word in the following sentence is a possessive pronoun? Joe's sister showed me the new puppy her family adopted. A.her*** B.Joe's D.sister
  39. Language Arts

    Please help me answer this question and the rest of the questions. Where can you find the worksheets you need for each lesson? I would appreciate it if you guys could help me with this question and the rest. Thank You! ^-^
  40. Language Arts

    Which sentence below has a missing antecedent? A Many people are planning to attend the race, so we should get to the park early. B My parents are both swimmers, so I know a lot about it. C When Steven and Patrick went to the movies, he bought the tickets. Is it B??
  41. Language Arts

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A, The last arrivals were Joe and I. B. This year's soccer champions were Lana and me. C. The tribute deeply touched my brother and I. D. My boyfriend became my best friend Is the answer A? Thank you
  42. Language Arts

    Which word best describes the tone of the following lines from "New World"? First Man, behold; the earth glitters with leaves; the sky glistens with rain. A. Appreciative B. Disgusted C. Puzzled D. Surprised Is the answer A? Thank you
  43. Language Arts

    In which situation are you most likely to use the word tongue. A. Translating a book from German to English. B. Writing an ad for a new business. C. Carrying some groceries into your home. D. Driving in a car to the store. Is the answer A? Thank you
  44. Language Arts

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A.The last arrivals were joe and I. B.This year's soccer champions were Lana and me. C.The tribute deeply touched my brother and I. D.My boyfriend became my best friend Please help, thank you.
  45. Language Arts

    Which sentence contains a participle phrase? A. She wanted to spend time writing B. Her job is giving the attic dwellers their food C. Quickly snatching up the coat, she ran to her room? D. To get along well requires cooperation. Is the answer A? Thank you
  46. Language arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics. Before the debate began, the speaker's heart *fluttered* with nervous anticipation. A. Flapped quickly B. Beat rapidly C. Waved steadily D. Moved nervously.
  47. Language Studies

    Can body language impair a speaker’s language performance?
  48. Language

    Does the Turkish language belong to the Indo-European Language family?
  49. language arts

    Which of the following name figurative Language. Metaphor Rhythm Definition my answer Dialogue Which of the following lines of poetry contains a simile The smell of sweet happiness swirls from the bakery door The last bird-song of the day greets the night's first star Drops ...
  50. Language Arts

    What's a good way to teach the word "Accolade" to the class. I have to make a prsentation that's less than 2 minutes, and teach my classmates the word so that it sticks. Any help???
  51. Websites for Third Grade

    Can you give me some websites to study for 3rd grade is these areas? Social Studies,English Language Arts, Math,Science
  52. language arts

    I am doing a project on what kind of medicines were available in the 1830's because it has to do with this book we're reading and i can't seem to find any medicines that were used in the 1830's. Please help me! Thanks so much!!!!!, Taavon
  53. Language arts

    Check my answer please Which of the following would not be considered an asset? A) credit card debt B) a good credit rating C) an education Answer: A
  54. Language Arts

    * Singing loudly in the shower* is what Jessica loves to do every morning. gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase prepositional phrase My answer is C.
  55. English Language Arts

    My Teacher Wanted Us To Write a Paragraph on The similarities and differences of the legacy of snowflake Bentley and no grumption........I Don't Know What are the similarities and differences between both!Can you help me?
  56. Language Arts

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence. Mom needs to give us money before we leave. A. mom B. us C. we D. leave I think it' C, am I right?
  57. Language arts

    Think about King Azaz and the Mathemagician at the end of Act 2 of the phantom tollbooth. What is true about both kings at the end of the play?
  58. Language Arts Extra Credit

    What is llatetpsh unscrambled. I seriously need extra credit
  59. language arts

    Who was Shakespeare's most famous patron and what did Shakespeare write to honor this patron?
  60. Language Arts

    7. Which of the following best summarizes "Cyber Chitchat"? 8. The tone of "Cyber Chitchat" is
  61. First person? - Language Arts

    Hi, okay so when I write in first person do I call myself "I" or "Cassidy"?
  62. language arts

    I need 2 advantages of being space and 2 disadvantages of being in space. Plz help me.
  63. language arts

    in “concrete mixers “ what seems to be the speakers feelings about the concrete mixers ?
  64. Language arts

    5. Because of the expensive antiques they had accumulated, Tony and Cara A. could barely move in their house. B. had extra money to spend. C. were design experts. D. bought brand new furniture. MY ANSWER: B
  65. Language Arts

    Which sentence contains a proper noun? A.We danced around the May Pole B.We went to a dance last weekend C.They ran in a special race every year D.Her mother came to watch the race Is the answer A?
  66. Language Arts

    Which persuasive technique is used in the following sentence from the selection? So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever. A. Appeal to authority B. Appeal to reason C. Repition D. Rhetorical question Is the answer B?
  67. Science

    Each of the following language is the complement of a simpler language. In each part, construct a DFA for the simpler language, then use it to give the state diagram of a DFA for the language given. In all parts  sigma={a,b} g. {w|w is any string that doesn't contain exactly ...
  68. Language Arts repost for Adam

    I need help understanding simple subject, & simple predicate of this sentence? Sentence #1 The first movies ere different from today's films.
  69. Language Arts

    Need help figuring out which word goes in the blank out of this, that, these, or those. The sentence is: "Let's exchange __________ bread for these crackers." I know it is not these or those but not sure between this or that. Thanks...
  70. Language Arts

    I have to write a 5 paragragh paper on what clean air means to me and my community. I have 2 done and I can't think of what to write about since the topic is so simple. Please help.
  71. Language Arts

    If something begins to recede into the distance, what is happening? A. It is moving closer. B. It is growing larger. C. It is growing smaller. D. It is moving farther away. Is the answer C? Thank you
  72. Language arts

    The diary of Anne frank act l and act ll Can someone please explain on bow Anne's character is developed through dialogue and stage directions?
  73. English/Language Arts

    On a Works Cited page, which of the following should be in italics? title of a book************** title of a webpage title of a short story title of a newspaper article
  74. Language Arts

    1 - Which word can be a synonym for the word PERSISTENT? A. weak B. stubborn ** C. dishonest D. unclear 2 - Which word is similar in meaning to the word SUPPRESSED? A. obvious B. indirect C. perceived D. stifled **
  75. English Language Arts

    Has anyone done the English semester exam? I am confused with the essay question. I chose prompt a, can anyone simplify this for me, by giving me different questions that I need to answer for this question?
  76. Language Arts

    Which of the following statements best summarizes the "fiddler's bill" Bostonians had to pay for the tea party, as described in Section 1 of Chapter VII? I read the book and spark notes talking about it, but I still need help, does anyone know this?
  77. Language Arts

    Which sentence contains a predicate adjetive? A. The singer's latest hit is a beautiful song. B. The bus has arrived at last. C. We bought four juicy apples at the farmer's market. D. The weather today seemed very humid to me. Is the answer A?
  78. Language Arts 6th grade

    This is from Phantom Toll Both. I am having trouble finding similarity and differences can you give me a hint of start me off that would be great. At least two ways which Tock and Humbug are alike and different
  79. Language arts(Anyone) (connexus)

    Based on events in chapter 6 of Watson's go to Birmingham 1963 what can conclude that Byron most likely styled his hair in a conk because A.he wanted to upset his parents B.he was persuaded by Buphead C.he couldn't afford another hairstyle.*** D.he was embarrassed by his curls.
  80. English language arts

    Can somebody PLEASE help me with this question urgently? What literary device is used in the STANZA below? it was going to be one of those days jinxed hexed hapless hopeless Choices: a.Onomatopoeia b.Alliteration c.Personification d.Metaphor thank you!!!!
  81. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences is punctuated incorrectly? A. Oh! I didn’t know the party was tonight. B. Shreya, the birthday girl, would understand if I was late. C. In the afternoon, I stopped to pick something up from the store. D. After you left I picked up the present...
  82. Language Arts

    What word(s) do the word in caps describe? And what part of speech is the word that is being described? (adj, verb, adv) 1.Promises should ALWAYS be kept. 2.Clean your room NOW!
  83. Language Arts

    What is the simple predicate in this sentence? Branches buried in the mud are food for the winter. a. are b. buried c. for I thought it was buried, but when I submitted the answer for a pre-test it said it was wrong and I'm a little confused.
  84. Language Arts

    I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose ...
  85. character education

    Which of the following is the BEST reason to learn a second language? to better understand your own language to communicate with those who speak that language to fill a requirement for college entrance B?
  86. language arts/research paper topic

    i myself need a third idea to do a research project on as a 7th grade advanced english student so far i have abusive teenage relationships , and anastasia romanov
  87. language arts

    One characteristic of objects that are being horded is that they are a. always of great value b. usually small enough to be stored in some sort of container c. usually hidden or carefully guarded I think it's 'c', but I'm not sure.
  88. language arts

    I've got one more collective noun question to make sure I'm understanding correctly. In the sentence, The jury (was, were) answering questions to stay on the case. Would the correct choice be were because questions is plural? Thanks...
  89. 7th Grade Language Arts

    While reading Rudyard Kipling's poem "If," Fred imagined that the speaker was talking directly to him. This reading strategy is called (1 point) connecting. evaluating. interpreting. summarizing. My Answer: 1) A
  90. Language Arts Help!

    Which of the following words would other memebers of the Lapham houshold most likely use to describe Johnny? A. Lazy B. Arrogant C. Modest D. Shy This is from the book Johnny Tremain Is the answer B? Thank you in advance
  91. Reading/Language Arts

    Pedro knew that none of his neighbors would have to pitch tents and live in their yards while repairs were made to their homes. WHAT DOES PITCH MEAN IN THIS CONTEXT?? I DIDN'T FIND ANY DEFINITIONS ONLINE!
  92. language arts

    which of the following answer choices contains a metaphor a.his skin was sandpaper b. the sun sparked like a diamond c.she wanted to be like the birds and fly away d. they felt free when they ran through the doors
  93. Language Arts(1 question plz help)

    which word that can be used to describe michah's personality has the most positive conntation? A. strange B. unique*** C. odd D. weird *****SOMEONE PLZ HELP ASAP I JUST GUESSED CUZ IDK WHAT THEY WANT******
  94. Language Arts

    In the multi-drafting process, what does a reader look for in the second reading of a drama? A)How each scene moves the story forward B)When and where the action takes place(I PICK THIS) C)The theme of the drama D)The internal and external conflicts
  95. Language arts

    Milo changes from the beginning of Act II to the end of Act II of the phantom tollbooth. What is the biggest change in him? A.He is afraid of making mistakes. B.He makes friends more easily. C.He is bored and tired. D.He values time.*****
  96. Language arts

    Why are the elements of an autobiographical similar to those of a short story? because the form is about from events in a writer's life*** because most writing forms include narratives because it includes causes and effects because the form is nonfiction
  97. Language Arts

    Riddle: I'm a 10 a 3 yet I'm 1, people fear me yet,they use me everyday. I'm silent yet loud, yet I'm a mute. Sometimes confused,I'm very clear under light. What am I ?
  98. art

    takes on the form of an informative, newspaper advertisement. · describes the cultures, including religion, language, and general philosophies and beliefs. · describes the relationship between the cultures and the arts.
  99. language arts

    What is the BEST use of the word primly? a. to bake primly b. to maneuver primly c. to smile primly I wasn't sure on this one. I was mainly stuck between b and c. I ended up saying 'c.' Am I right?
  100. Language Arts

    How does the writer support the statement that dental floss promotes good dental health? With personal opinions with opinions from experts with facts that and statistics with sales information
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