Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. Language Arts

    Is this a simple sentence. Graphic artists can choose a percentage of red,blue,or yellow.
  2. language arts

    whats a sentence for lukewarm that includes a synonym for the word to help provide a contect clue?
  3. Language Arts

    Your voice is like a pomegranate wine is an example of a) simile b) metaphor c)figurative lanuage
  4. Language Arts Help!!!!!

    When you read a folktale, fantasy, or myth, you most likely will learn something about?
  5. language arts

    Add silent parterns to the folliwing to create new words. bo_,cli_
  6. language arts

    Identify the complete adjective clause. The car I drive has 50,000 miles on the odometer.
  7. Language arts Help

    Which word is closest in meaning to pervading? A. Invading B. Spreading C. Looking D. Arguing Is the answer B? Thanks
  8. Language arts-Johnny Tremain

    how has the political climate of Boston changed since the beginning of the book?
  9. Language Arts

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A. The last arrivals were Joe and

  11. Language arts

    Which of the following nouns from the selection is a proper noun? garden*** soil Sandy environment
  12. Language Arts

    What traditions have grown around baseball? I need a really quick answer.
  13. language arts

    Based on the passage, the reader can infer that some Haida families lived in homes that
  14. Language Arts

    Which is the best summary of the argument between Azaz and the Mathemagician in Act l The Phantom Toll?
  15. Language Arts (Books)

    How does the writer use Elphaba to convey a message or a lesson in the book Wicked?
  16. language arts

    what is the simple predicate or verb of the sentence many stories relate the adventures of Paule Bunyan/
  17. Language arts

    I need various examples on how soccer is different than football. I have to write an essay
  18. Language Arts

    Help me compare Concrete Mixers by Patricia Hubbell and The City Is So Big by Richard Garcia
  19. language arts connection academy

    How many times do you read a text when you use the close reading model? 1 2 3 4
  20. language arts

    Based on your knowledge of Juliet, why does she become impatient while waiting for the nurse in this scene?
  21. Language arts Plzz help

    14. Identify the aspect of style used in the excerpt below. “Here in the United States, it was worse. She spoke slowly and with a thick accent. Ming sighed and packed up her books. She had a free period next, so she might as well get the interview part completed.” A. word ...
  22. Extra Credit

    This isn't really a question most people ask, but I have to! There is this extra credit for each subject Social Studies, math, Science, LA, etc. The one's I don't have good grades on are Math and Language Arts. My father is leaving on a trip tomorrow, so I don't have a lot of ...
  23. Language Arts... Writing

    Hello, Is the following sentence written in the Active Voice? Thank You The bill was passed by the legislature.
  24. language arts

    The moonless,brisk night was perfect for holloween . cany you tell me the simple and complete subject?
  25. language arts

    what is the pronoun and the antecedent of this sentence. Carmen joined the science club because she is so interested in plants and animals?
  26. language arts

    what is the verb form of solicitude and elusive. I searched every dictionary i could find and i found nothing.
  27. English/Language Arts

    In Tom Godwin's Cold Equations (short story), what writing style does he use?
  28. Language Arts

    I need to write an essay about Elvis Presley. When I look online, these biographies are too long. Help!
  29. language arts

    i need to do assignment that has to do wit freytag's pyramid any ideals what show or movie i should watch to do it?
  30. Language Arts

    _________ __________ help you "see" or "envision a play" (drama) you read. If you could help me out with this answer it will be well apriciated, thanks.
  31. Language Arts

    Does anyone know a word that mean the same as " a computer's user"? I try googling and all I got was "Hacker".Thanks
  32. Language arts

    What are some facts about edgar allen p's story Never bet the Devil your head?
  33. language arts

    I need a list of verbs and one of adjectives I can use to make my story more interesting
  34. language arts

    i have been looking EVERYWHERE for a correct definition of the words retaliatory and immune... please help!!!!
  35. Language Arts

    In this sentence: I held it back and managed a squeaky "yes" in response. How would you correctly punctuate the yes part?
  36. language arts

    I need an example of a simile,and metaphor for tue book Sammy keyes and the hotel theift
  37. social studies or language arts

    jack layton what new role did this party take on because of this electoral success?
  38. literacy ece

    the first language arts skill that children learn is A) speaking B)reading C) writing D) listening
  39. language arts

    The coordinating conjunctions that can be used to combine two complete sentences with a comma are “for, and, nor, because, yet, so.”
  40. language arts

    Hi..need help determining whether the verb in this sentence is transitive for intransitive. "We arrived late for the movie." Thanks..
  41. English Language Arts

    Julius Ceasar: Why does Marullus believe that the citizens should not rejoice in Cesar's conquest?
  42. Language Arts

    pixie : giant :: kitten : lion Write the relationship phrase you used to complete this analogy.
  43. Language arts 7th grade

    Using the image of a dove to represent the idea of peace in a peom is an example of
  44. language arts check

    the poet uses all of the following in Annabel lee except? ANS: repetition
  45. language arts

    . In "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh," the author sets this story before instead of during a battle
  46. English/language arts

    What is the complete subject in the sentence That orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust.
  47. language arts poem by pat mora

    how does the speakers mother fell about herself as a young girl
  48. Language arts

    Write about a time when you had a change of heart!!! The way you could help is by giving me some examples.
  49. language arts

    in the sentence the hungry bear jumped in the river and caught a salmon. is the predicate simple or compound?
  50. Language Arts

    Which of the following words communicates mild praise? A. Puzzling B. Unimaginative C. Dazzling D. Clever Is the answer d? Thank you
  51. language arts

    in a paragraph compare and contrast two following kinds of poetry haiku, limerick, centret,
  52. language arts

    what is an example of assonance from the "Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe with page numbers
  53. language arts

    which sentence from the passage or story from the importance of being earnest provides the best expression of the theme
  54. Language Arts

    Which word is an antonym for exquisite? A: Flawed B: Complicated C: Gorgeous D: Effortless I think it is D, but it could also be A, Please Help.
  55. language arts

    which of the following passages from the novel supports the idea that the rules of the community are strictly followed? I think it is c
  56. Language Arts

    Some might correctly say that the prelude to summer is •autumn •winter •spring •a symphony
  57. language arts

    What is evidence preview for a paper include? I have a very picky teacher and I've tried everything
  58. Language arts

    Analogy for this broom: sweep: brush Must start with scr, spr, str,through
  59. Language arts

    Change possessive to it's longer form. Paul rings the church bells at a moment's notice.
  60. Language Arts

    What is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in this line: The sun should drop its greatest gold
  61. Language arts

    john believe he was right, he was very______ about it. Pompous Hardheaded Smug•• Assured Correct me
  62. language arts

    Which event from The Odyssey best highlights the idea that the ancient Greeks greatly disliked greediness?
  63. Language Arts

    Can you help me unscramble to make a sentence Canoes called Inuit go frail in skin the kayaks fishing
  64. Language arts

    What is The propositional phrase of this sentence.The ticket holders waited patiently (outside the movie theater).
  65. language arts: plz help

    the "dust of snow" the speaker say something "has given my heart/ A change of mood"
  66. la

    Lesson 9: Second Read: A Christmas Carol, Act II CE 2015 Language Arts 7 B Unit 3: Dramatic Transformations help
  67. Language Arts

    What are some subjects I could use for an opinion essay? I don't need help writing it, I just want a subject. Thanks, AnOnYmOuS
  68. Language Arts

    Which of the following is an example of Dwelling? Select all that apply. 1.) A city 2.) A house 3.) A momentum 4.) A condominium
  69. Computer Science

    Define a language that is not a regular language using a context-free grammar that is not ambiguous. The alphabet of the language must contain at least five characters. Describe in English the strings of the language. Choose any string that is in the language and demonstrate ...
  70. Language Arts

    I left my McMillian text book for language arts in school today and I have homework on page 2 and 3. I'm in the 6th grade does anyone have that book. I really really need those questions. I don't know if this gives page numbers that correspond with your text or even if this IS...
  71. Language Arts

    I need an iambic pentameter poem that sounds like guy has written it. Also to be about school.
  72. writing. language arts

    hello, well i need some help. how would you make a sentence using the word immense? Thanks, Kelsi <3
  73. language arts

    Has anyone read the book Missing by Catherine Macphail? I need to know the setting and six adjectives describing Maxine.
  74. Language Arts

    What are the appositives in this sentence:Football, a game loved by millions of people, is becoming even more popular.
  75. Language Arts

    What is the subject in the sentence: Third graders are very polite and they just finished learning all their manners.
  76. advance language arts

    base: abase:: prolific:soporific mobile:immobile parley:parliament fortification:fortify CAN ANYONE HELP??
  77. Language Arts

    What is the adverb in this sentence: We read a very good Japanese folk tale called "Green Willow."
  78. Language Arts

    ....Poets, whoknow how to express so many beautiful things, are some of the most miserable people on the planet... Why is this Ironic?
  79. Language arts

    I'm doing a 2min. Presentation to the class and I need to find information about prepositional adverbs, but what site should I go.
  80. Language arts and writing

    The first compact microwave ovens were sold in 1960. Everybody didn't use them until the 1980's.
  81. language arts

    i need to write an essay on why it is important to be obedient or to obey people or authority. i just don't have any ideas. help?
  82. Language Arts

    what kind of behavior were greek myths meant to encourage? i think it is mainly to discourage selfishness and greed.
  83. language arts/reading

    what does the following idioms mean: catching a cold dropped the bomb bell went off
  84. language arts

    Is this sentence is written in the passive voice? A parade was hels to honor the community's pas, preasent, and future.
  85. language arts

    which word best describes Mrs. Lapham in Johnny Tremain? A. generous B. kind C. parctical D. religious Is it C?
  86. English language arts IV

    Which words should be capitalized in the sentence " Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches on earth"
  87. language arts 5th grade

    What information do you get in both a dictionaryand a glossary entry? I think basically the meaning of a word?
  88. language arts

    The plaza was a delightful place to sit in the sunshine. A. town square B. living room C. playground D. park is it a?
  89. Language Arts

    what is the participle or participial phrase in the following sentence: The art students, brought by bus, toured the museum.
  90. Language Arts

    Which resource would be most helpful in finding a synonym for sentimental? A. a thesaurus*** B. a dictionary C. an article D. an anthology
  91. Language Arts

    I am writing a poem and my teacher told me not to use secondary pronouns like you and your. Does anyone know how I can replace those words?
  92. Language Arts

    In what marking period was Melinda suicidal. In the book Speak And please do not give me links to other sites.

    The topic is asking to research clothing in the Victorian period and then relate it to a Christmas carol and compare to today. Please help?
  94. Language arts

    Which of the two speeches-Kennedy's Inaugural Address or his "We choose to go to the Moon" speech, is more inspirational? Explain.
  95. Language arts

    Which resource would be most helpful in finding a synonym for “sentimental” A. A thesauruses B. A Dictionary*** article anthology
  96. Social Studies

    What laws regulate media censorship?
  97. Teacher aide

    I'm stuck on this question. Could someone help me please. Which of the following would you find in the new English and language arts curriculum guidelines? A An oral language program only at the primary grades B A phonics program at all grades C A writing program at all grades...
  98. language arts

    I am looking for a word that discribes this. This makes a room messy, carries a sick person, or is another name for a lot of puppies.
  99. Language arts

    Life is full of choices, so i must learn to make good ones. Is the verb in this phrase just " is" or are there more
  100. Language Arts

    What is the verb and predicate noun or adjective in this sentence: Rennett is an extract made from the lining of a calf's fourth stomach. thank you!!!
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