Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. language arts

    why is rikki tikki tavi not afraid to fight a cobra snake
  2. Language arts

    How did the events in Edgar Allan Poe's life affect his writing?
  3. Language arts

    What is the author's bias of edgar allan poe's annabel lee
  4. Language Arts

    describe a soggy, wet day. use sensory details.
  5. language arts

    53. My mom went to the grocery store. She forgot her purse a. comma b. and c. or d. but e. because
  6. Language Arts

    In the sentence, "If you keep talking to me, I can't finish." would "to me" be a prepositional phrase? Thanks...
  7. Language Arts Grade 8

    Can I get a list of the table of contents of the Mayan: Popol Vuh.
  8. language arts

    What does the phrase as friendly as a nest of yellow jackets mean in paragraph 2?
  9. Language arts Help

    Something that is trival is A. Insightful B. Important C. Unusual D. Insignificant Is the the answer D?
  10. Language Arts

    As soon as Johnny began to cultivate Dove, he was surprised at the response?
  11. Language arts

    Which ending suggests the most reliable website for research? A.c-o- m B.e-d-u C.n-e-t D.b-i-z Is the answer B? Thanks.
  12. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a prepositional phrase that acts as an adjective?
  13. language arts

    i need help what is a series of events that involve the writer as the main character
  14. Language Arts

    what kind of essay is the selection? A. Persuasive ***** B. Reflective C. Expository D. Descriptive
  15. language arts

    I need a sentence using the word motorcycle and nonagon, please.
  16. Language arts.

    Which is the best prediction based on the first three sentences of the selection?
  17. Language Arts 6A

    Which of theses is a category used in the passage to contrast falcons and hawks?
  18. language arts

    Does anyone here read "The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963"? If so, I have a question.
  19. language arts

    What would i say to paraphrase each line for the poem "If" by Diondra Jorda?
  20. Language Arts

    How do I write a sentence using the word Parliament in a dialogue? I am confused.
  21. language arts

    what is the most impressive example of anne's inner strength in act 2?
  22. Language Arts

    How can the Holocaust help us find similarities that go beyond race, culture, nationality, and so on?
  23. Language Arts

    what is "Happiness Is a Charming Charlie Brown at Orlando Rep" genre
  24. language arts

    Can someone help me with unit 3 lesson 19 different perspective test plz
  25. Language arts

    What is the relationship among the bachelor, the aunt, and the three children in “The storyteller”?
  26. language arts

    how many syllables are in each line of the poem “silkweed” by philip henry savage? a. 4 b. 6 c. 8 d. 10
  27. Language Arts

    1. What is the best summary of Alice's conversation with Humpty Dumpty? (1 point)
  28. Language Arts

    What is the genre of "Happiness Is Charming Charlie Brown at Orlando prep
  29. Early Child Ed.

    Would you make sure I have chosen the best answer to these two questions? 1. Teacher observation is one of the best methods of assessment since: A. there are no standardized tests for young children. B. the type and number of language arts skills assessed can be determined by ...
  30. Language Arts 8

    This is a Language Arts 8 A. I haven't ever done this but this is a big grade and Language Arts is my worst subject. I don't know if you've read the book The Trouble with Television there is a like below. Please Help!!! 1. What is the Main Point MacNeil is making in "the ...
  31. Language Arts

    How do you correct this sentence: In September me and him gots to start going to middle school.
  32. Language Arts (2nd Grade)

    Question: Name 10 Community Things You Can Do To Help The Earth. I Cant Think of Any!! Help
  33. Language Arts

    Does anyone know a website where I can find the setting, characters (and so on) in a book called Cam's Quest?
  34. Language Arts

    Does anyone know a website where I can find the setting, characters (and so on) in a book called Cam's Quest?
  35. 7th grade language arts

    What are some introduction techniques for writing a persuasive letter?
  36. language arts

    I need help writing a thesis and outline dor divorced single mothers
  37. Language Arts

    Do you need any virutes about Andrew Clements (author for Frindle) If so, tell why for each.
  38. Language Arts

    Does anyone know a website that tells you other forms of a word? Ex. run - ran, running
  39. 5th grade language arts

    could someone give me some examples of entertaining sentences?
  40. language arts

    what are sentences for Sulkily, Certainty, Indifferent, Undoubtedly, Heartily, protruded, & Loathe?
  41. language arts

    Fill in the blank: The president will _______ well- deserved honors on the retiring ambassador.
  42. Language Arts

    What are the other forms of the word, 'reap'. I only found reaps and reaped.
  43. Language arts

    What are the verbs in this phrase: Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on earth
  44. Language arts

    What are the verbs in this phrase. Reggie bought a computer today at the store for $700.
  45. language arts

    i cant find the definition of the word cautious. i tried that dictionary website and it didn't help. please help!
  46. Language Arts

    How can you display Harriet Tubman character traits in school, at home, and at play?
  47. language arts

    What is the adverb in the following sentence: Historically, the name Pearl Harbor has significance?
  48. Reading/language arts

    Can someone give me a metaphor with the words DWELLING and HERB. Please.
  49. Reading/language arts

    Can someone give me a idiom with the words GIDDINESS and DESPISED. Please.
  50. Reading/language arts

    Can someone give me a simile with the words CANOPY and TRAMPLE. Please.
  51. language arts

    what similar character traits do the three samurai share? on the story the oxcart
  52. language arts

    What would a flow map look like on the book The Hunger Games?
  53. Language arts

    What specific word choices does Poe use in his opening sentences of the 6 stories?
  54. language arts

    What specific word choices does Poe use in his opening sentences of the 6 stories?
  55. Spelling/Language Arts

    What word means "To overpass across water?" It has to have the J sound.
  56. Language arts...again

    What is the author's perspective of Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee?
  57. Language Arts

    What did Thura’s family and Zdenko’s parents choose to do when they were faced with overwhelming conflicts?
  58. language arts 12

    The main feeling conveyed by the speaker in this poem, “The Second Coming” is one of
  59. Language arts verbs

    Aaron plans to attend college once he completes this course workbook
  60. language arts

    according to harriet tubman, what was thomas garrett's role in the underground railroad
  61. language arts

    Which of these best states Nonno Frankie’s main idea of how to win a fight?
  62. language arts

    how to diagram this sentence...The basketball team with the winning record will advance forwards.
  63. Language Arts

    What is one conflict that represents a cause and effect relationship in the story dragon wings.
  64. Language arts

    What is one conflict that represents a cause and effect relationship in the story dragon wings.
  65. Language Arts 8 A

    Which statement best expresses a central theme of "The StoryTeller"? I can not figure out
  66. Language Arts

    Which word has a meaning similar to prodigy? -Statue -Babysitter -Athlete -Wonder**
  67. language Arts

    In the excerpt from Barrio Boy, what makes Ernesto similar to several of his classmates?
  68. language arts

    In Selection 1, what does the author mean when he says Joe Magarac is a folk hero?
  69. Language arts

    has anyone got to unit 3 lesson 6 quiz yet because I need help!! I have to turn it in by 5:30
  70. Reading/ language arts

    How does the mother's use of Spanish reflect an important part of her character?
  71. Language arts

    What is the simple subject of this sentence. The young woman waited in line at the library.
  72. Language Arts

    many actors travel around the country to promote _________ latest movies A.Her B.Theirs*** C.Their D.His
  73. Language Arts ?

    Which line from Miracles contains an image that primarily appears to the sense of touch
  74. Language Arts

    What would be the two main sides of a agurementive essay on drug abuse?
  75. Language Arts Helllllllllpppp

    What is most likely true about what Sal knows at the end of Chapter 41?
  76. Language Arts

    1. When the speaker in “Winter” says, “I collect books / For the coming winter”, what is her attitude toward the coming cold weather? A. positive B. uninterested** C. fearful D. angry 2. A concerete poem, such as “Seal,” A. Has few or no figures in speech B. ...
  77. AED

    Choose a grade level and a scientific concept appropriate for that level. • Plan a science experiment to explore this concept. In your paper, address the following points: o List the equipment and materials to be included in the science kit. o Explain what safety precautions...
  78. language arts

    where could i look to find information about the wright brothers that i can use in a biography project?
  79. Language arts

    I'm in a spelling bee! Tell meany study tips within an hourofmy post!
  80. reading/ language arts

    hi... i need some similarities and differences between the movie and the book "the pearl"
  81. Language Arts

    What is the figurative meaning of the roads diverging in Robert Frost"s poem "The Road not Taken"?
  82. english language arts

    4)The cross-country team ran (down the avenue) and (through the park).
  83. language arts

    can you please help me unscramble these words. nnreital cicnoflt reexatln ciclontf yucataid enruta
  84. Language Arts

    What are some articles on "Hate Crimes" do to Race, Religion, Sex, Ethnic Background...etc.?
  85. 6th grade language arts

    a book listing many itmes is called a.... the word ends in logue
  86. language arts

    in this sentence what is the contrast " Water like fat raindrops that fall from skinny trees "
  87. language arts

    What kind of poem is "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox? (lyric, ode, haiku, etc.)
  88. language arts

    The rules require that each contestant make his or her own kite. What is the simple subject word?
  89. language arts/computer

    does anyone know of website where they teach grammar for free and give yopu interactive tests?
  90. language arts

    what is the prepositional phrase of this? That coral reef may have been growing for a thousand years.
  91. language arts

    what is the prepositional phrase of Most damage to a coral reef, however, is caused accedentally.
  92. Language arts

    What kind of sentence is: The state park in the rocky mountains is beautiful, lots of things to do.
  93. language arts

    Some visitors to the park enjoy rock climbing others prefer kayaking.
  94. language arts

    how do you diagram this sentence.. Monica,my best friend laughed with delight at my funny joke.
  95. english language arts

    hii! so is this sentence a metaphor or a hyberbole? The cloud was a thick blanket of ashes. thanks!
  96. Language Arts

    Is this a simple sentence. Graphic artists can choose a percentage of red,blue,or yellow.
  97. language arts

    whats a sentence for lukewarm that includes a synonym for the word to help provide a contect clue?
  98. Language Arts

    Your voice is like a pomegranate wine is an example of a) simile b) metaphor c)figurative lanuage
  99. Language Arts Help!!!!!

    When you read a folktale, fantasy, or myth, you most likely will learn something about?
  100. language arts

    Add silent parterns to the folliwing to create new words. bo_,cli_
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