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What does denotation mean? The sound of a word when you read it The tone of a word in writing The dictionary meaning of a word The set of ideas associated with a word •• Correct me

early education

When a teacher modifies a word game(e.g.Simon Says) to incorporate a higher level of speech, she is: a. modeling use of decontextualized language. b. employng scripts to build and expand the child's cognitive ability. I picked b.

Child Care

One of your friends was the victim of a crime committed by a new immigrant to the country. Now she is intolerant of any children who don't speak english as their first language. This is an example of A. stereotyping B. discrimination C.racism D. inclusion I pick the letter B.

Teaching as a Profession

What are two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners? Also, how do schools meet the needs of the ELL students without breaking state laws?

teacher aide

Children with a language or speech disorder are A sometimes suffering from an aphasia B always learning challenged C able to receive special help only after the third grade D unable to use communication boards I need help

english 12.....

"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is famous for its use of vivid figurative language and memorable sound devices. What do you think are several especially effective examples of simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, assonance, and internal rhyme?

Elementary Math

Decide which of the variables described is likely to have a normal or near-normal distribution. a. The number of courses remaining until graduation for the students in a small liberal arts college b. The SAT mathematics scores for students in an advanced placement mathematics ...

Liberal Arts Math II

Choose one of the following statements to complete the sentence. Discuss your reasoning for your selection. Euclid’s treatment of the fifth axiom... A) ... shows that it is important to question the nature of the assumptions that are made. B) ... is now known to be wrong. C...

Math for Liberal Arts

Consider a test for illegal drugs that is 98% accurate. Lets test 3000 poeple, 2900 of whom do not use illegal drugs. What percent of the total positive tests were false? What is the chance of a person testing falsely positive twice in a row?

lagauge arts

in which sentence is the italicized word a adjective. 1. evening bats feed ( greedily ) on insects. 2. they apear in the sky just ( after ) the sunset. 3. these bats are among the ( smallest ) species. 4. their fingers ( resemble ) those of human hands. Conexus students or ms...


Decide which variables described is likely to have a normal or near normal distribution a. the number of courses remaining until graduation for the students in a small liveral arts college b. the SAT math scores for students in an advanced placement math class i think the ...

teacher aide language and other barriers

to be truly successful teachers aide in a nonbias culturaley diverse classroom you must? (a)be concerned about and aware of the problems of both minority and nonminority students (b)be particularly sensitive to minoritystudents as many come from unstable homes (c)rely on and ...

Language Arts

Please help me with these questions and answer them all if you can. The electoral college determine who becomes president and vice president. each state is given two votes in the college, as well as extra seats based on the states population. what is the purpose of the ...


who created math God. Math is a symbolic language used to express ideas in the form of sentences and statements that attempt to make somewhat precise decisions about nature.

early childhood

neurolinguists is best defined as 1 .the study of langage complexity 2.a branch of speech theory 3. the study of linguists and brain structure and function 4. the study of language acquisition . Is 3 correct

Eng B

An author of detictive novel is most lkely to use figurative language to A. Entertain the reader. B. help the reader visualize a character. C. suggest hidden meanings. D. mislead the reader. Answer is "B"

Language arts Plzz help CHECK ANSWERS

ONE of the people in Sri Lanka are Sinhalese, whom are Buddhist by tradition. A smaller percentage are Tamil, of Hindu background. Civil wars have torn apart the small nation, whose is a bloody and violent history. First Tamil guerrillas attack government forces, and then the ...


One of the countries in Central America uses Spanish as the official language of the country but also has 23 different Maya groups; each with its own dialect. What country is it?

language (gerunds)

Marie's favorite event is swimming. swimming is the gerund and I think that it is used as either a DO or a predicate nominative. I'm leaning toward PN because it renames the event?

Social studies

What were the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia? What would be a physical description of Mesopotamia? Cultural description of southwest Asia?( main language, religion, resources,etc)

english (from language to litrature)

give examples of of litrary and non-lirary prose by citing examples from any source of your choise in 350 words (you may qoute the source


The rain and clouds made the day feel so dull. Which is most vivid word to replace the word dull ? a) sad b) gray c) dreary d) bland

language mechanics

A.(Well.I see we need some more pens.) B.(Well do you want to order a stapler?) C.(No;the tape dispenser is not there.) D.(No,the paper the paper clip box is not empty.) Need help


john will other score 10/10 on the assignment or he will not This claim is acceptable by observation, could we also say that it is unacceptable by problems in language (vagueness). Or is there any other way it is unacceptable

Maths, Accounting, Life Orientation, Life Science, Physical Science, English and my home language (sepedi)

Could I become a social worker with those subjects?

Launguage arts

Ebenezer Scrooge's changes between Act 1 and Act 2 of A Christmas Carol:Scrooge and Marley. In a essay, describe these changes and analyze how events in the plot shape Scrooge's character. Include details from the text in you essay. Someone help please!

Foreign language websites

I'm trying to compile a list of online foreign language dictionaries for one of my education classes. If you know of any free, reliable sites, please post them as a response. Thanks, Amy :) I searched Google under the key words "foreign language dictionary" to get these ...


I am working on placing commas in the correct place. The sentence is: On June 11, 1994 I visited the Empire State Building. It is 1,250 feet tall, 100 feet shorter than the World Trade Center.


how is the more direct performative aspect of drama and /poetry reflected in these forms? for example, each genre's uses of literary structure, language, technique, and style. How do these literary elements affect your reading experence?

English 11

Is the following an example of metaphorical language? if marriage equality is a civil right, then denying it on the basis of (innately felt) sexual orientation is, like discrimination on the basis of skin color, simple bigotry.


Which of the following is NOT true about persuasive speaking compared to informative speaking? A. Involves more emotional appeal. B. Asks for commitment from the audience. C. Impartial point of view. D. Emotion-evoking language. is it C

language art

the story is: economics has made us partners the question is explain the authors opinion of economic cooperation between the u.s. and your own words use words and information from the article that support your explanation.

liberty college

I am in grade 12 and I have taken History, matches literacy, English language/ literacy,life science, business studies and economics, what course will these subjects allow me take in university? Regards Rita.


Try to sokve this compound puzze. A)(puzzle #1) Cook= book Volley= Express= Fore= Wrist= Loud= Key= B)(puzzle #2) Case= Park= Side= Stone= Tower= Phone= Walk=


What do these line most likely reveal about Byron? A. He is jealous of other. B. He is disappointed in his father's purchase. C. He likes to be the best center of attention•• D. He likes to feel wealthier than others. Correct me if I'm wrong!!

History help please!!!!!!

How did east African rulers deal with Arab and Persian merchants?? What became the dominate language in the Northern African cities in the 690s?? What caused the spread of islam acrossed north africa??


Can someone please proofread a biography I wrote? The English translation is below the Spanish. Salvador Abril y Blasco era un marinista que ya gozaba de buen reputación en el mundo artístico, y que ha obtenido algunas medallas en las Exposiciones Nacionales. Él era un ...

Languaga Arts

4. What conclusion can you draw from Anne and Peter’s interaction at the beginning of Scene 3? (1 point) a.Anne finds Peter’s behavior embarrassing. b.Anne is standoffish toward Peter, which hurts his feelings. c.Peter is self-conscious, while Anne is more outgoing.* (...


I'm sending you the sentences I'm most doubtful about. Thank you. I included my doubts in parentheses. 1) At the school of languages he meets three professors who are meditating on how to (?) improve their own country. 2) The first project they are working on is about (...


An elementary school is offering 3 language classes: one in Spanish, one in French, and one in German. These classes are open to any of the 107 students in the school. There are 42 in the Spanish class, 32 in the French class, and 23 in the German class. There are 14 students ...

language arts Ms. Sue please

5. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? (1 point) I'd like to go outside but I need to finish my homework first. Since Bobby's birthday is in July he isn't able to celebrate with his classmates. Even if I have to do it myself I will fix the gym's floor. ...

Ag Bio

I'm stuck on a few questions. If you can just answer what you can- 25. Describe the role of an operon in a prokaryotic cell, and give an example of how an operon works. 31. The word transcribe means "to write out," and the word translate means "to express in another language...


6. Poets use imagery and words with different connotations and denotations. In a paragraph, define and provide an example of imagery, connotation, and denotation. Then, explain how poets use these elements to contribute to tone in a poem. Support your answer with evidence from...

visual Arts

Art Deco What is your question? For a good introduction to this subject, see

Math for Liberal Arts

You have a 5 minute hour glass and an 8 minute hour glass. You need to cook something for exactly 9 minutes. How will you use the two hour glasses to determine the exact time? There is no way to determine where the halfway mark is with the hourglasses. Help me please!


the little town arts center charges $21 adults, $14 seniors, and $6 for children under 12 for their live performances on sunday afternoon. This past sunday, the paid revenue was $9486 for 718 tickets sold. there were 44 more children than adults. How many children under 12 ...


one-half of the students in a city school plan to enter liberal arts colleges and one-third of the students plan to go to junior college.The remaining 300 pupils expect to seek permanent employment after graduation.How many students are there in this school?


How does language development affect instruction and assessment for ELL students? In what ways are our tests geared equally toward all students, ELL or otherwise or are they?

Language (gerunds)

Carla was talking in a low whisper to her best friend. I think that there is not a gerund. Carla noun was talking verb and the rest are both prep phrases


a) the singing of one's name _ _ _ _ ture b) the time to leave _ _ _ _ _ ture c) silly, not acting of one's age _ _ _ _ture I swear I found all of them except these three


a) the singing of one's name _ _ _ _ ture b) the time to leave _ _ _ _ _ ture c) silly, not acting of one's age _ _ _ _ture I swear I found all of them except these three

programming MIPS ask 3

Write a MIPS assembly language program for the following for loop: Pseudocode: int x; # for(x=10; x>0; x--){ # printf("x=%d", 4x); #} In the program use the slt or slti instruction and sll

Language(asap answers please!!!)

Which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? a. introduction b. conclusion c. character introduction d. plot My answer: D. Please check!

Sign Language

Which group within the Deaf Community is comprised of people who could hear at the sometime in there life institutional Deaf late deafened*** mainstream Deaf oral Deaf


What is the function of a preposition in a sentence? To express action To show the subject of the sentence To tell more about the subject To connect a noun or pronoun to another word•• Correct me

Visual arts

If an artwork is realistic, it means ____________________________. A. it is from the artist's imagination B. it does NOT look like a real thing from life C. it DOES look like a real thing from life D. it is abstract *** My answer = *** Thank you for your time please no links


I need help understanding the poem "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" so I can answer some questions on it. I know it is about death.. but I get confused by the old language. I've googled, but haven't found any good sites. Any help locating any would be great!


I don't know how to do this can someone help please !!!! Rewrite the first stanza of "Scott's Goodbye" as free verse. We saw the months of wicked weather, As day to painful night did turn, Waiting, huddled close together, For the frozen sun's return.


This is what I got so far I am lost Journal of the Portland After School Program July 1, 20XX - December 31, 20XX a) July 1, 20XX - Received unrestricted donation check in the amount of $15,000 from the Multnomah County Department of Health & Human Services. Debited Cash...

Language Arts

Could you please help me with these answers, I'm having serious trouble with this. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night there was a loud knock at the door. A. Late last night B. there was C. a loud knock D. at the door What is the participial ...

Child Care

Which one of the following games would be most helpful to a child learning to speak English as a second language? A.Follow the Leader B.Old Maid C.Checkers D.Jump Rope. I pick the letter A.

Communication Language Studies

Supply rhyme (Given a word "fish", offering "dish") Totally confused, may be it is just me, but I am not understanding what is asked for here? A rhyme? If so, referring to those words? If so, I am stil lost Please help. Thanks!


I'm writing an essay on the book Number the stars by louis lowry. My three body paragraphs are going to include imagery, figurative language, and symbol. What is an example of a topic sentence for my paragraph about imagery.


What are the pros and cons of matching clients and clinicians in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or language? Does matching people along those lines ensure common experience and easy bonding?


all powers not delegated the united states by the constitution..are reserved to the states respectively or by the people "this language drafted by____and incorporated into the____amendment bill of rights was intended to adress the concerns of the antifederalist.

language expression

9).Choose the sentence that has the same senetence pattern as the first sentence. She opened her book. A.George seemed pleased B.Tim strummed his guitar C.Sue is a superb athlete D.Grace wrote in her daily .......D?

curriculum development

Language ability milestone for average young children include singing short rhymes or song at age____ and carrying on a conversation with other children or familiar grown-ups at age __. A 1;4 B.21/2;4 C.3;4 D.21/2;5 I chosed D


I need help answering this question.. How did you or your family deal or cope with these issues? These are the social justice issues i came up with : Poverty, Alcohol & drinking, violence, racism, and lack of human rights.. I know it's my own opinion but I don't know what to ...

social studies

Why did the creation of Israel cause conflict? A.Palestinians already claimed these lands. B.Arabs and Jews do not speak the same language. C.Israel did not have the support of Western nations. D.Britain controlled the new nation.

Foreign language, French

I need help with speaking portion of the VHL Central Lesson 2B Enregitrez as I can't really hear the speaker quite properly. If someone is currently doing the course ( the course is French 2) that will be ideal but any and all help I will find acceptable. Thanks (Merci)


Which of the following sentences uses an appropriate dmarken? Did you wake up before your alarm today! I can't wait to go to Los Angeles this summer? I am so overwhelmed by all this work!•• Will you call me before you leave for your appointment . Correct me if I'm wrong!!

Lag Arts. Dragonwings HELP PLZZZZ!!!

These questions are from the story DragonWings. 1) His son is a black dog. A) Windrider ** B) Lefty C) Uncle Bright Star 2) He admits that "he doesnt know much about being a father" A) Handclap B) Uncle Bright Star C) Windrider**


hello! What is the aim of the task given to learners of english as a foreign language when they need to correct the mistakes in some text?(not spelling but some facts about history)


hello! i need some help urgent! does anyone know how to work with SPSS? we need to calcualte the frequency of the most and least used language learning strategies in correlation with grade.any help?

Health Sciences

How could you relate work of podiatrist with speech and language therapist and occupational therapist? They are three different professions but the question asks about how they work together as a team

assessing development cognitive language observat

When preschool child is first learning to print. alphabet letters he or she print letters upside down or backwards the teacher should.


Identify the italicized word or words EATING FLESH WITH RAZOR-SHARP TEETH is how piranhas survive. a) gerund phrase b) infinitive phrase c) participial phrase d) prepositional phrase

language of medicine medical billing and coding

How does the musculoskeletal system change from birth to adulthood and what are the steps that the system goes through from childhood to adulthood to reach 206 bones?


Can anyone help me find websites that can help me find information about Sweden such as their music, food, language, ethnicity, environment, popular vs folk culture, and popular tourist destinations

Language Art's

6.)Which expression best represents the views a fatalist would have? A.)"Whatever will be, will be." B.)"The best is yet to come." C.)"We are still masters of out fate." D.)"You don't know what you have until it's gone."

Language Art's HELP ASAP!

11.)Which of the following incidents has been added to the play Joe Magarac and the hunkietown Contest so that it is different from the short story "Joe Magarac, Man of Steel"?


what is a compound? the queston is which word is a compound word? A)blackbrid B)blackness C)blacker


1. which of these sentences features a possessive noun? A.sentence 1 B.sentence 5 C.sentence 7**** D.sentence 11 Am i right


The point of view most suitable for memoirs is the______________ point of view.

rec and leisure

where would i find information on .. small investments in recreation, parks, sports and arts/culture often yield large economic returns money generated by events, capital development and provision of ongoing services is spend several times in the community. I have already ...

World History

Which of the following was the major reason Philip II and Louis XIV patronizing the arts? a. They desired to show their great power through the splendor of their royal courts.*** b. They sought to distract their subjects from continuing economic problems. c. They aimed to help...

Language Arts

Can someone check my answers? Quick please, I need this done soon. (* are the ones I chose) 14. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night there was a loud knock at the door A. Late last night B. There was C. A loud knock D. At the door * 15. What is ...

language arts

Read the following passage from the Odyssey, in which the Cyclops has captured Odysseus and his men: "You are a ninny, or else you come from the other end of nowhere, telling me, mind the gods! We Cyclopes care not a whistle for your thundering Zeus or all the gods in bliss; ...


The 2842-seat performing arts center has three sections-orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony. The mezzanine has one-sixth fewer seats than the orchestra. How many seats are in the balcony if the orchestra has 1,218 seats? Please show me how to set up the equation.... thanks


the bar and graph shows the number of students by major in the college of arts and sciences. What is the ratio of history majors to the total number of students in the college? Math-200 history-300 english-400 science-150 other- 175

English Language

My son's teacher asked him to give the opposites of these words..I can't seem to think of them myself..I am sitting here breaking my head, can anyone please help me. 1. bread 2. sack 3. peek 4. bare 5. wrap 6. cent 7. cell 8. knit 9. knot 10.lead

language please check these

ARE THESE CORRECT(do they make sense to u): -he is a columnist -the remedy is working -you will receive a bonous -i don't know a reason -i bought an anniversary gift -the jewel is expensive -may i borrow an almanac -kate wants the checkersthe signature was forged thank you oh ...


The major reason for the predominance of the PCI bus in the latest models of PCs is that A. the size and form factor make it easy to package. B. it's exclusively manufactured in the USA. C. the technology was released as open source. D. it uses ASSEMBLER language commands.

Language Art (Please Check)

Im actually confused on this one i think its C. or D. but ill go with D. which of the following would be most likely to cause a commotion? A.A baby sleeping in a stroller B.A library closing for the evening C.A public appearance by a celebrity D.A grandfather clock striking ...

Language Art

Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the selection? a.) Heavy objects can be lifted like feathers... b.)In fact, everything is fun , nothing is hard c.) Being weightless in space is so exciting d.)...they do somersaults and acrobatics without effort

Language art

I'm in 5th grade. No idea about music. My teacher asked me to write papers about music, 10-15 songs, that have interesting and good vocabulary lyrics. Help please


the indo european langauage family includes: A)** the language of southern india and sri lanka B)sankrit, tamil, and kannada C)tamil. kannada, and malayalan D)hindi, urdu, bengali,and nepil

help plz

cognate languages are those languages which: A}Derive from a single parent language. B}Borrow words from each other C}Use the same alphabet D}Are spoken in the same country .The answer i choose is B.


According to Noam Chomsky, language is primarily aquired through a. an innate module b. our parents correcting us c. imitating our parents d. trial and error I chose B Am I correct?


Identify the italicized word or words in each sentence Going Outside DURING A THUNDERSTORM is not the wisest thing to do in the summer. a) infinitive phrase b) participial phrase c) gerund phrase d) prepositional phrase


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