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Child Care

Which one of the following games would be most helpful to a child learning to speak English as a second language? A.Follow the Leader B.Old Maid C.Checkers D.Jump Rope. I pick the letter A.

Communication Language Studies

Supply rhyme (Given a word "fish", offering "dish") Totally confused, may be it is just me, but I am not understanding what is asked for here? A rhyme? If so, referring to those words? If so, I am stil lost Please help. Thanks!


I'm writing an essay on the book Number the stars by louis lowry. My three body paragraphs are going to include imagery, figurative language, and symbol. What is an example of a topic sentence for my paragraph about imagery.


What are the pros and cons of matching clients and clinicians in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or language? Does matching people along those lines ensure common experience and easy bonding?


all powers not delegated the united states by the constitution..are reserved to the states respectively or by the people "this language drafted by____and incorporated into the____amendment bill of rights was intended to adress the concerns of the antifederalist.

language expression

9).Choose the sentence that has the same senetence pattern as the first sentence. She opened her book. A.George seemed pleased B.Tim strummed his guitar C.Sue is a superb athlete D.Grace wrote in her daily .......D?

curriculum development

Language ability milestone for average young children include singing short rhymes or song at age____ and carrying on a conversation with other children or familiar grown-ups at age __. A 1;4 B.21/2;4 C.3;4 D.21/2;5 I chosed D


I need help answering this question.. How did you or your family deal or cope with these issues? These are the social justice issues i came up with : Poverty, Alcohol & drinking, violence, racism, and lack of human rights.. I know it's my own opinion but I don't know what to ...

social studies

Why did the creation of Israel cause conflict? A.Palestinians already claimed these lands. B.Arabs and Jews do not speak the same language. C.Israel did not have the support of Western nations. D.Britain controlled the new nation.

Foreign language, French

I need help with speaking portion of the VHL Central Lesson 2B Enregitrez as I can't really hear the speaker quite properly. If someone is currently doing the course ( the course is French 2) that will be ideal but any and all help I will find acceptable. Thanks (Merci)


Which of the following sentences uses an appropriate dmarken? Did you wake up before your alarm today! I can't wait to go to Los Angeles this summer? I am so overwhelmed by all this work!•• Will you call me before you leave for your appointment . Correct me if I'm wrong!!


hello! What is the aim of the task given to learners of english as a foreign language when they need to correct the mistakes in some text?(not spelling but some facts about history)


hello! i need some help urgent! does anyone know how to work with SPSS? we need to calcualte the frequency of the most and least used language learning strategies in correlation with grade.any help?

Health Sciences

How could you relate work of podiatrist with speech and language therapist and occupational therapist? They are three different professions but the question asks about how they work together as a team

assessing development cognitive language observat

When preschool child is first learning to print. alphabet letters he or she print letters upside down or backwards the teacher should.


Identify the italicized word or words EATING FLESH WITH RAZOR-SHARP TEETH is how piranhas survive. a) gerund phrase b) infinitive phrase c) participial phrase d) prepositional phrase

language of medicine medical billing and coding

How does the musculoskeletal system change from birth to adulthood and what are the steps that the system goes through from childhood to adulthood to reach 206 bones?


Can anyone help me find websites that can help me find information about Sweden such as their music, food, language, ethnicity, environment, popular vs folk culture, and popular tourist destinations

Language Art's

6.)Which expression best represents the views a fatalist would have? A.)"Whatever will be, will be." B.)"The best is yet to come." C.)"We are still masters of out fate." D.)"You don't know what you have until it's gone."

Language Art's HELP ASAP!

11.)Which of the following incidents has been added to the play Joe Magarac and the hunkietown Contest so that it is different from the short story "Joe Magarac, Man of Steel"?

rec and leisure

where would i find information on .. small investments in recreation, parks, sports and arts/culture often yield large economic returns money generated by events, capital development and provision of ongoing services is spend several times in the community. I have already ...

World History

Which of the following was the major reason Philip II and Louis XIV patronizing the arts? a. They desired to show their great power through the splendor of their royal courts.*** b. They sought to distract their subjects from continuing economic problems. c. They aimed to help...


what is a compound? the queston is which word is a compound word? A)blackbrid B)blackness C)blacker


1. which of these sentences features a possessive noun? A.sentence 1 B.sentence 5 C.sentence 7**** D.sentence 11 Am i right


The point of view most suitable for memoirs is the______________ point of view.

Language Arts

Can someone check my answers? Quick please, I need this done soon. (* are the ones I chose) 14. What is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night there was a loud knock at the door A. Late last night B. There was C. A loud knock D. At the door * 15. What is ...


The 2842-seat performing arts center has three sections-orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony. The mezzanine has one-sixth fewer seats than the orchestra. How many seats are in the balcony if the orchestra has 1,218 seats? Please show me how to set up the equation.... thanks


the bar and graph shows the number of students by major in the college of arts and sciences. What is the ratio of history majors to the total number of students in the college? Math-200 history-300 english-400 science-150 other- 175

language arts

Read the following passage from the Odyssey, in which the Cyclops has captured Odysseus and his men: "You are a ninny, or else you come from the other end of nowhere, telling me, mind the gods! We Cyclopes care not a whistle for your thundering Zeus or all the gods in bliss; ...

English Language

My son's teacher asked him to give the opposites of these words..I can't seem to think of them myself..I am sitting here breaking my head, can anyone please help me. 1. bread 2. sack 3. peek 4. bare 5. wrap 6. cent 7. cell 8. knit 9. knot 10.lead

language please check these

ARE THESE CORRECT(do they make sense to u): -he is a columnist -the remedy is working -you will receive a bonous -i don't know a reason -i bought an anniversary gift -the jewel is expensive -may i borrow an almanac -kate wants the checkersthe signature was forged thank you oh ...


The major reason for the predominance of the PCI bus in the latest models of PCs is that A. the size and form factor make it easy to package. B. it's exclusively manufactured in the USA. C. the technology was released as open source. D. it uses ASSEMBLER language commands.

Language Art (Please Check)

Im actually confused on this one i think its C. or D. but ill go with D. which of the following would be most likely to cause a commotion? A.A baby sleeping in a stroller B.A library closing for the evening C.A public appearance by a celebrity D.A grandfather clock striking ...

Language Art

Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the selection? a.) Heavy objects can be lifted like feathers... b.)In fact, everything is fun , nothing is hard c.) Being weightless in space is so exciting d.)...they do somersaults and acrobatics without effort


Select one artwork that expresses a human experience you have encountered in your own life. Human experience, or the human condition, includes birth, death, love, loss, pleasure, pain, hope, frustration, elation, despair, values, and beliefs. Your chosen work must be from ...

Language art

I'm in 5th grade. No idea about music. My teacher asked me to write papers about music, 10-15 songs, that have interesting and good vocabulary lyrics. Help please


the indo european langauage family includes: A)** the language of southern india and sri lanka B)sankrit, tamil, and kannada C)tamil. kannada, and malayalan D)hindi, urdu, bengali,and nepil

help plz

cognate languages are those languages which: A}Derive from a single parent language. B}Borrow words from each other C}Use the same alphabet D}Are spoken in the same country .The answer i choose is B.


According to Noam Chomsky, language is primarily aquired through a. an innate module b. our parents correcting us c. imitating our parents d. trial and error I chose B Am I correct?


Identify the italicized word or words in each sentence Going Outside DURING A THUNDERSTORM is not the wisest thing to do in the summer. a) infinitive phrase b) participial phrase c) gerund phrase d) prepositional phrase


Please help me on this homework cause am lost and this coming moday I must present it;"English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach indigenous languages?"....please..I don't know how or where to start writting (introduction and body)...


Hello. I'll be very grateful for some language help. Do you think it's correct to say: 1) "They negotiated about creating a coaltion." 2) "They expressed concern about increasing crimes." Thank you very much.

Language Arts

1. It shall flash through doing ages, 2.It shall light the distant years; 3.And eyes now dim with sorrow 4. Shall be brighter through their tears 5. It shall flush the mountain ranges, 6. And the valleys shall grow bright; 7. It shall battle the hills in radiance, 8. And crown...

Lang. Arts

These positions were in (24) Switzerland Prague and Germany. Correct this portion of the sentence Switzerland Prague Switzerland, Prague, Switzerland Prague, Switzerland, Prague no error I think it is C...?

business law

1. Goldfarb owns a 500 acre tract of land known as Blackacre. He executes a deed conveying Blackacre with the following language, “To March for life, then to Hunt.” March is excited to receive Blackacre, but soon executes a deed to the property with the following language...

Business Law

Goldfarb owns a 500 acre tract of land known as Blackacre. He executes a deed conveying Blackacre with the following language, “To March for life, then to Hunt.” March is excited to receive Blackacre, but soon executes a deed to the property with the following language...

Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answers, and see if my answers are the best possible choice? 1. A category specifically related to special needs in communication is: A. speech and language disability B. mental retardation C. emotional disturbance D. learning ...

Language Arts

1) What can you infer from this sentence near the start of "The Story Teller"? Most of the aunt's remarks seemed to begin with "Don't," and nearly all of the children's remarks began with "Why" The children have a lot of questions for their aunt. The aunt is extremely clever ...

Infant and toddler

Keeping in mind that productive play is the pathway to learning for preschool-age children,what interesting materials and experiences might promote cognitive and language growth?( Including activities that promote literacy development)


Hello! Do you have any ideas on what to give to the rest of my class tomorrow while 10 of them write an exam? Some kind of an interesting exercise? They are learning English as a foreign language for 7 years now (15 year olds)

office procedures

13. The global workplace refers to A. handling the process of sending international mail. B. understanding the development of e-mail. C. learning how to deal with clients and customers from other countries. D. taking classes in a foreign language. My answer is (A)

children growing up

language development is initially triggered a.socially b.psychologically c.biologically parent contact I know that letter d is the wrong answer .so im thinking the right answer is b I know I have posted these questions before but really need some help


Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics. The public is upset about the political view of the author, so people are going to boycott the film based on this book. Abandon Write about Quit Reject••

Language Art's

2. An example of literal description in the poem is (1 point) A.)The sun brightening valleys. B.)An audience being moved by a speech. C.)the words of the president being relevant for a long time. D.)shadows falling over the land.


“Ten thousand saw I at a glance,/ Tossing their heads in sprightly dance./ The waves beside them danced; but they/ Outdid the sparkling waves in glee;” This quote is an example of what figurative language? A. metaphor B. simile C. paradox D. personification D?

lang arts

6.(Climbing so slowly they seem immobile) is how sloths spend their days. 7.(Sam and Dean were shocked to find they both enjoyed playing soccer.) 10.Meat (that is produced organically) is often quite expensive. 11.I was in a hurry so I ate (a cold dish of cereal) as I was ...

Mathematics for Liberal Arts

absolute value symbol l l First look at some small finite sets: Let A={1,5,9} B={U,V,W,X,Y,Z} C={Barrak Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton} Fill in the blanks with one of the symbols <,>,= lAl lBl lAl lCl lAl lAl lBl lCl Describe how you decided the comparative sizes of A...


Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. 1) This TV programme concerns young people with discipline problems. They are sent to different parts of the world and live with families with very strict parents. 2) The first ...

quick personification question

would "drowned leaves" be personification since leaves really can not drown? I should think it would. =) help plz.. heres an example>> Victims call out for me I am used in the pledge of alegence ...

7th Grade English Essay - Diversity Means

Ms. Sue or any other teacher Im done with my essay. I hope you guys like it. .... = school name im not aloud to tell someone that I not know of my school online only if someone I know enjoy !!!:) Here it is Diversity means the condition of being different. What good about it ...

fine arts

1.Because of the style of some sculptures found in a Romanesque church, they are sometimes called: A. Bibles in Stone B. minaret C. illuminated manuscripts D. Psalters i think its either A or C 2.In which of the following painting is pigment applied to plaster? A. Maest'a B. ...


According to Noam Chomsky, language is primarily acquired through: an innate mental module. our parents correcting us. imitating our parents. trial and error. I chose B. Is this right?

English III

Which element of “An Episode of War” shows it to be an example of naturalism? A. It is set in the Civil War. B. It shows lives controlled by outside forces. c. It uses formal language. I think it's A but i'm not sure

language arts

30-day Money Back Guarantee Our Groom Co. electric shavers come with a 30-day money back guarantee because we are focused on ensuring your satisfaction. The only stipulation is that you use your new shaver exclusively for 2 weeks to become accustomed with the product. If you ...


how does understanding topic, language and organization help with writing skills? How can understanding the steps of the writing process help write more effectively?

Art Question

Can someone please help with this question? The Arts and Crafts Materials Institute's seal(AMCI)means that the product: 1. has been evaluated and is safe for physically or mentally handicapped children. 2. has been evaluated by a qualified toxicologist for both acute and ...


Which is a favorite aim of the Romantic poets that Mary Shelley also had in writing Frankenstein? * to use the language of everyday life * to find evidence of the divine in nature * to depict the ways of the common people * to evoke intense and vivid feelings

English I Part II College Prep Program

Give two examples of each of the following elements of poetry from the poems you have read in Units 4, 5, and 6. Metaphor: Simile: Personification: Onomatopoeia: Imagery: Sensory Language: Rhyme: Alliteration: Assonance: Consonance: Repetition:

fine arts

please check these: true or false- A minaret was a spiral tower _F A muezzin is a niche in the wall_F i need help in these three 1.Gothic style churches were not limited to France. 2.Two famous architects designed the dome of the Hagia Sophia 3.The Gothic period began around ...

Language Arts need help now!

"Tara aren't you going to try out for the school play?" asked Bill. "Auditions are in a few minutes." "No, Nita is trying out for the lead. She's a much better singer than I am. I don't have a chance." Bill was a kind and helpful boy. He hated seeing Tara so sad. "Mark is ...

Language Art (Please Check)

there _____ a ver long debate on the issue. Which of the following names the sentences subject and a verb that agrees with that subject? A.there;is B.there;was C.debate;was D.debate;were

social studies

The mestizo resulted from? Aztec engineering. The blending of Aztec and Spanish people. The adoption of Aztec language by the Spanish. The building of floating gardens. (MY ANSWER)

World Culture and the arts

complete two sections, one section for the Islamic civilization and one section for the Early Chinese and Japanese civilizations. identify features of various art forms in different civilizations. use bullet points or full sentences to convey the main points in 20 to 50 words ...

world culture and the arts

complete two sections, one section for the Islamic civilization and one section for the Early Chinese and Japanese civilizations. identify features of various art forms in different civilizations. use bullet points or full sentences to convey the main points in 20 to 50 words ...

Mathematics for Liberal Arts

infinites absolute value symbol l l First look at some small finite sets: Let A={1,5,9} B={U,V,W,X,Y,Z} C={Barrak Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton} Fill in the blanks with one of the symbols <,>,= lAl lBl lAl lCl lAl lAl lBl lCl Describe how you decided the comparative ...

5th grade language

Could someone check the sentences to make sure I understand helping verbs. Each studnet in the class _____ with the butterfly project. (help) has helped Our class ____ a garden to attract butterflies. (plant) has planted

3rd grade-language

Your speed will increase with each day's practice. future tense Because of snow and ice on the runway, our departure will be several hours late. present tense Could someone tell me if these two answers are correct to the sentences?

advace english

Look at the significance of chapter 5 to the novel as a whole. Focus on the relevance and effect of writer’s use of language to describe setting, character and what it shows about social and historical influences. the novel is frankenstein by mary shelley!!


One of your friends was a victim of a crime committed by a new immigrant to the country. Now she is intolerant of any children who don't speak english as their first language. This is an example of A. stereotyping B. discrimination C. racism D. inclusion Only one choice can be...


Numbers and measurements are the language of business. Organizations look at results, expenses, quality levels, efficiencies, time, costs, etc. What measures does your department keep track of? How are the measures collected, and how are they summarized/described? How are they...

Language help ASAP

What are some constructive ways that people can show their determination to do something, like reaching a goal or taking action of something? Can anyone give me examples? I think social media would work. I need at least 3 more.


Which of the following sentences demonstrates proper subject-verb agreement? a) Physics is a difficult subject to learn. b) Measles usually spread through respiratory fluids. c) The study of various sciences are compelling. d) News travel fast

Language plz help

of the following events ,characters,or objects can be sid to make a swereve a.a snowstorm and cloudburst b.a roller skater and a seal •• c.a rainstorm and a byciclist d.a seal and dill pickle Swerve means Curving motion. Correct me if I'm wrong!!

English (PLEASE HELP!)

What type of figurative language appears in the following sentence? The computer moaned and groaned as it rendered the large video file. A. Simile <--- my answer B. Metaphor C. Personification D. Symbol I chose A because the sentence uses "as", but I'm not sure that correct.

Language art

Consider the main characters from " The Stolen Day and the night the bed fell in a paragraph discuss which character learns the most and which one learns the least. PLZ ANSWER ASAP and yes I have read both stories


I forgot to include the following sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them too. 1) The main features of Wordsworth's poetry are as follows. As for the subject, poetry should deal with everyday situations and with people living in the countryside. 2)On the other ...


There are 25 plants in arts garden. There are four times as many tomato plants as bean plants. How many tomato and bean plants are there?

lnguage arts

How dose Frost use analogy in his poems? and How dose Whitman use analogy in his poems?

language arts pls check!

My answers are in parentheses The first two questions use this passage. You must have only positive thoughts in your heart that you're going to cripple this monster. Stick a piece of garlic in your pocket for good luck. A woman my mother knew in Palermo did this, and she was ...

language arts

I'm writing a response to literature for the story Nadia the Willful and I was wondering how this sounded. And I need a quote from the story for paragraph 3 what would be a good quote. Coping with death isn’t easy in fact death of a loved one is one of my number one fears. ...

Language Arts

9. Read the following sentence: Brian, would you please take that binder to Mrs. Smith with the red cover? What is the best way to correct the misplaced modifier in the above sentence? (1 point) a. Brian, would you please take that binder with the red cover to Mrs. Smith? b....

Lang. Arts

Of the following things that Martin says or does, which best illustrates the theme of the story? A.Martin brings his friends home to meet his grandfather. B.Martin goes to the reservation to replace the sacred sage. C.Martin is nervous about receiving the medicine bag. D....


The Cherokees were happy and prosperous under.... the government of the united states, and from the helping hand extended over them, they made rapid advances in civilization, morals and in the arts and sciences. Little did they anticipate, that when taught to think and feel as...

Lang. Arts Help

What do you learn from the dialogue between Mr. Frank and Miep at the beginning of Scene 1? A.Miep wants to show Mr. Frank something in the building. B.Mr. Frank wants to live in this building to hold on to his memories. C.The war has ended, but Mr. Frank does not want to ...

AED.. Still need help

Imagine that you teach in a large, linguistically diverse school district where nearly 20 different languages are spoken. How might this degree of language diversity impact your classroom, your school, and your district?


Do you guys have a tutor that specialized in computer science? I would expect that you guys would but I just wanted to make sure. I was wondering if any of the tutors knows the MATLAB programing language?


I have a triangle in a coordinate system(not native english) i have these three points. A: 4,-2 B:-2,-1 C: 4,3 How do i get the height of it in relation BC? And, how do i calculate the total area of the triangle? Made this atm: AB: ((-2)-4)/((-1)-2) = 2; y-2=2(x-1) y = 2*x; BC...

teachers aide curriculum comtent

literary themes understood by all people regardless of their background or the time they live in are (a)universal (b)skill-based(my answer) (c)motivational (d)literature -based what does the curriculum web show? (a)how one theme unites different subjects (my answer) (b)how one...


how does the IEP help the following special needs student; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) emotional disorders mental retardation autism hearing impairment visual impairment speech or language impairment developmental delay

language arts

John Yinger thinks that the natural-born clause should be removed because (1 point)it makes international policy more difficult. it goes against a central principle of American democracy. it damages the relationship between American citizens and immigrant communities. 2. What ...


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