Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. Social studies

    how do scholars describe islam's golden age? A. As a dangerous period in world history B. As a period when many gold objects were made C. As a brilliant period in world history D. As a period when arts suffered What I'm finding is that the answer points to C but that doesn't ...
  2. Languagd Arts

    Which of the following is the best reason to use visuals in a research presentation? A. To illustrate your main point in an engaging manner. B. To illustrate any topic with data in percentages. C. To show different ways of looking at the same information. D. To show the ...
  3. Lang Arts

    The word condemnation best describes which situation from The Pigman & Me? Select all that apply (there are 2 answers). A. Paul hits John with the paddle B. Nonno Frankie gives Paul advice C. Paul shows up to the fight D. Paul's sister attacks Moose My answers-A and D correct ...
  4. Intro to Logic

    What type of fallacy is the following statement? Whether we are to live in a future state, as it is the most important question which can possibly be asked, so it is the most intelligible one which can be expressed in language.
  5. language

    I am trying to do a report on the following and can't find any sites that contain info to make report. Looking for various types of humans that have lived on earth since time began. thanks for any help
  6. writing

    Which of the following is true of the memo format? A. There is a closing B. Text is handwritten C. Paragraphs are aligned with left margin D. Language is always informal and jargon is always acceptable. I'm stuck between B and C?
  7. english

    Is this a good thesis statement? Filth is characterized by dirt, foul language, and corrupt conditions. Baldwin personifies the meaning of filth through Gabriel’s character and his actions brilliantly.
  8. English Home Language

    Can You Please Give Me Points as To How to add persuasive points to my speech " Women Should Rule The Way" I Already said they more Patient and better communcaters
  9. math

    choose any 3 digit number. How you can add and substract 10 and 100 from that number. Explain your mental strategies for adding or substrating based on placevalue usring precise language and models correctly
  10. math

    choose any 3 digit number. How you can add and substract 10 and 100 from that number. Explain your mental strategies for adding or substrating based on placevalue usring precise language and models correctly
  11. Language help ASAP!!!!

    Help!! 1. Should schools offer cash bonuses for good test scores? Support your answer with evidence. 2. TRUE or FALSE. An argumentative essay should be in your own voice.
  12. Algorithm

    Please, anyone who can help? pseudocode to display the next date of a Gregorian date given by a user considering a leap year. (just a language independent pseucode) I'm exhausted right now
  13. Language

    which of the following events ,characters,or objects can be sid to make a swereve a.a snowstorm and cloudburst b.a roller skater and a seal •• c.a rainstorm and a byciclist d.a seal and dill pickle Correct me if I'm wrong!!
  14. Language Art's

    1.)The speaker in "The road not taken" is a person who? (1 Point) A.)Is lost in the woods B.)Remembers making a decision C.)Is currently standing at a fork in the road D.)Likes to walk on a well-beaten path
  15. character education

    Which of the following is the most basic attitude in successfully working with others? dictatorial authoritarian cooperative C? Which of the following is NOT a necessary component of language? grammar and syntax slang vocabulary B?
  16. Early Child Ed.

    Please help! During class fingerpainting activity, Doresha appeared perplexed by the teacher's question,"What are you doing, Doresha?" Doresha did not respond quickly or with ease. Which one of the following could NOT be a reason why this eventcast posed a concern for her? A) ...
  17. poetry

    can you reccommend 4 humourous poems by different poets by Thomas Hardy
  18. Child care

    One of your friends was the victim of a crime committed by a new immigrant to the country. Now She is intolerant of any children who don't speak English as their first language. This is an example of A stereotyping B discrimination C racism D inclusion My answer is B
  19. psychology

    Parents can help their children acquire language by: a) reading and talking with them b) correcting every grammatical mistake c)placing them in front of a computer d) eating foods rich in vitamin A Am confused between b and c but i am leaning more towards c
  20. tefl course

    Structure an ESA (boomerang pattern) based lesson for a pre-intermediate class, teaching language commonly used for shopping, so that students can ask for, find the price for and purchase everyday food and clothing items:
  21. English 11

    How can you countenance even one state outlawing a fundamental right? Indeed, half a century ago, states’ rights was the cry of those committed to continued segregation and discrimination. is that a example of metaphorical language?
  22. Language Art's

    4.)In which sentence does the prepositional phrase act as an adverb? A.)Last evening, Anne suffered from a headache. B.)The door to the attic was left open. C.)Mr.Frank discussed the problem of noise in the annex. D.)He bought a drink for Mr.Dussel.
  23. Computer science

    Final project Which is currency converter by camera from € to £ for example And not need to be perfect program so simple as my teacher told me and by java language So its like making an application then write the report 6300 around that
  24. Language Arts-Poetry

    The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The tide rises, the tide falls, The twilight darkens, the curlew calls; Along the sea-sands damp and brown The traveller hastens toward the town, And the tide rises, the tide falls. Darkness settles on roofs and ...
  25. language

    what are 5 verb phases using a main verb and helping verb
  26. Interpersonal Communcation (Check)

    1.The relationship between language and meaning is often unclear and difficult because: My answer is C the sentences we create are very rarely unique even speech communities do not have common grammatical rules language is innate words have both denotative and connotative ...
  27. Culturally Diverse Background

    Will someone check my answers. 1.During a class fingerpainting activity,Doresha appeared perplexed by the teacher's question, What are you doing, Doresha did not respond quickly or with ease. Why did Doresha respond to this eventcast the way she did? a. Doresha is from a ...
  28. fine arts

    i need to find two masks of the americas and oceania or the africas. my teacher gave a wit combe site but im having trouble finding one on it. i don't think we can paste links on this thing. soo if anyone can find them on this site, or has another link where i can find these ...
  29. math

    Please show work The little town arts center charges $21 for adults, $17 for senior citizens and $8 for children under 12 for their lfe performance on sunday. On sunday the revenue paid wa $13,274 for 886 tickets sold. There were 47 more children than adults. How many children...
  30. Fine Arts

    Describe how the interior architecture of the Islamic mosque is meant to enhance the experience of worshiping for the Muslim. All I have for this question is---"Some mosques have Arabic calligraphy or verses from the holy book, The Quran, to assist worshippers in focusing on ...
  31. English

    By gestures, you have to make them guess what the picture is about. With gestures, you have to make them guess what the picture is about. By body language, you have to make them guess what the picture is about. With body language, you have to make them guess what the picture ...
  32. English

    By gestures, you have to make them guess what the picture is about. With gestures, you have to make them guess what the picture is about. By body language, you have to make them guess what the picture is about. With body language, you have to make them guess what the picture ...
  33. Language Arts-check answer-

    #1. What is one thing a strong introduction does NOT do? a.) capture the reader's interest b.) present evidence to explain the topic******* c.) provide background information d.) state the main idea of the report #2. Which is the correct MLA citation for a magazine article? a...
  34. english

    Eliminate five letters from the word below to find one familiar word in the English language: FHIEVLEILCEOTPTTEERRS
  35. language- swedish

    i really would like to learn swedish. if anyone could help me, id really be greatful and in return, i could help with english or german. thankyou!
  36. Language

    Instead, he enjoyed looking for hours and hours... In this phrase is the word looking a noun, adjective,verb, or an adverb?
  37. Language Art

    My grandfather is the friendliest man I know. What does friendliest mean? A) Most freindly B) Always friendly or C) More friendly
  38. Language plz help | Essay Help

    So I was told to write/type a 300 word "oneshot" story but I don't know what that is. What is a oneshot story? Thank you! Ally
  39. Language Arts 8A

    Please help me by checking these answers. It would really help me because I need to get my grade up. I star my answers. 1. When MacNeil asks, "When before human history has so much humanity collectivity surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion?" What ...
  40. help!!!

    Dangling Modifiers If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. Your answer: 1. Dangling Modifiers When they are fresh, eating oranges can often keep away the cold virus. Your answer: 2. Predication Our plans for tomorrow should begin today. Your answer: 3...
  41. English arts 1 Nouns

    Aaron plans to attend college once he completes this course workbook. im suppose to identify the nouns in the sentence the nouns are Aaron,college,workbook right? im debating on course idk? help lol
  42. Language

    are the nouns in the following sentence kind and cheese? She would eat either kind if it had big gobs of cheese.
  43. language

    what kind of name is it called when it is a play on words... such as "Sonny Rains?" Would the name just be called a pun?
  44. English

    Question 16 The male nurse left the room. Male nurse is jargon sexist language euphemism colloquial my answer B
  45. literary

    what are least three elements in the poem that you found interesting or engaging(e.g., form, language, conten, and/or other literary elements).
  46. language

    a synopsis of a novel focuses on a) the main points of the story b) the point of view of the story c) the setting of the story d) the primary conflict in the story
  47. Sign language

    if you write with your left hand you are said to be left handed in asl which would be your non dominant hand? Urgent!!!
  48. methods for teaching

    what is the role of the teacher and the role of the students in the method of situational language teaching??? please help me...a million thanks...
  49. Language

    Are the commas in the correct spots? Write me at 57 Bank Street, New York, New York 10014
  50. language / reading

    I can't figure out what the climax of The Last Battle is? Is it this,the climax of The Last Battle is when Jill and Eustace go to the real Narnia.
  51. Lang. Arts

    Identify the participle and the word it modifies in the following sentence. The boy’s hateful words caused the girl so much pain. A.The; boy’s B.hateful; words C.words; cause; much I think it is C...?
  52. Liberal Arts 1

    In a class of 50 students, 26 are Democrats, 13 are business majors, and 3 of the business majors are Democrats. If one student is randomly selected from the class, find the probability of choosing a Democrat or a business major.
  53. History

    The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, and books in the United States during the 19th century contributed to which of these? The emergence of a uniquely American literary style The expansion of educational opportunities for women and minorities The spread of ...
  54. Langauge Arts - Simile/Matephor

    Is the phrase "like a moth to a flame" a simile or metaphor? i can see both.... Similes always use "like" or "as", which the phrase has "like" although it's not comparing... So my answer is metaphor, but I'm not sure. Help!
  55. Chemistry

    Could anyone give a web about 1.Practical arts 2.Greek theory 3.Alchemy 4.Plogiston 5.Modern Chemisry Thanks:-) These are such broad subjects. My suggestion: Go to and type in what you want to find. You will find, literally, thousands of links. The more specific...
  56. Lang. Arts

    Which elements of a story can help you predict early on what a story will be about? (Choose all that apply.) A.the author’s name B.the title C.the tone of the first paragraph D.illustrations and captions I definitely think it is B and D...A is questionable even though the ...
  57. 6th grade Lang Arts

    Can you explain why the comma used in sentence 1 is not correct as compared to the comma used in sentence 2? (from homework) 1. The stadium, that my favorite team plays in, seats over 81,000 people. 2. My father, who is an excellent reader, finished a 500 page book in one day!
  58. Lang. Arts

    To educate others about his (23) theories Einstein held some teaching positions. Correct this part of the sentence below theories Einstein theories, Einstein theories, Einstein, theories Einstein, no error I think it is ...A?
  59. english

    more ideas on how to teach young learners colors?they are learning english as a foreign language?any interesting games?maybe to do flashcards?ideas?
  60. English

    Question 15 When is the blessed event supposed to take place? Blessed event is jargon sexist language euphemism colloquial my answer D
  61. English

    I need to describe a little bunny for my English class. What are some adjectives, figurative language, and descriptive pharses which I could use to describe it? Thank you :)
  62. Science

    Is the meaning of an application in science 'how is it used in the real world'? Yes or No. If no, please write what the real definition is, in 6th grade language for me to understand.
  63. language

    is this sentence making sense 'you meddling kids are never to trespass in my yard" im writing an essay and wondering if this sentence mak es sense
  64. english and languge arts

    HURRY I NEED HELP!!!!! where should you insert a colon in this sentence? Interview the following people Dave, barb, Jose, and Mary Ann 1.after following 2. after people 3.after Jose 4. no where i said no where but i don't know
  65. English 10

    Persuasive Writing Assignment: Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the ...
  66. computers

    What does HTML stand for and what is it ? Ok I know that HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language it is the programming languge used to describe how each element of a Web page should appear when viewed with a browser is that all I am not sure what else thanks for your help :)
  67. language

    A novel differs from a short story because it A. includes a theme. B. comprises rising action, a climax, and falling action. C. is more likely to include subplots. D. is told as a third-person narrative.
  68. Early Childhood Language Art

    which one of the following is not necessarily an element of good poetry? A.unique diction b.carefully selected words c.rhyming words d.meaningful content I said D is it correct
  69. 6th grade language to Ms. Sue

    this is what i think. 1. How pretty the sun is- declarative 2. Don't stand so close to the edge- imparative 3. It was quite chilly at night-exclamatory 4. Look at us riding on mules in this canyon- exclamatory
  70. English

    I need help revising a MLK thesis statement. "Martin Luther King Jr. uses structure and language to influence his readers." very bland, i need a more popping one. any suggestions?
  71. spelling

    Information found in a typical word entry are a language of origin, correct pronunciation, a job, job description, list of relatives, synonyms, and (A) signs. (B) obituary. (C) proofreading marks. (D) capitalization.
  72. Foreign language, French

    I also need help understanding what the speaker for Lesson 4A Decrivez is saying because she kind of mumbles and I can't catch it. If someone is currently doing the course ( the course is French 2) that will be ideal but any and all help I will find acceptable. Thanks (Merci)
  73. Language

    which of the following answer choices contains a metaphor a.his skin was sandpaper •• b. the sun sparked like a diamond c.she wanted to be like the birds and fly away d. they felt free when they ran Correct me
  74. English Lit

    I have to 'discuss the language' of some quotes which I have taken out of the text which I'm doing, but I'm not sure what to do. With this, do I have to talk about punctuation marks, specific words? Thanks!
  75. literature

    An author of a detective novel is most likely to use figurative language to A. suggest hidden meanings. B. mislead the reader. C. help the reader visualize a character. D. entertain the reader.
  76. language

    what is a suffix? and what is prefix? the queston is " which word has a suffix but no prefix A)uncomfortable B)comfortably C)discomfort thanks for your time.
  77. language

    write a debate on the motion girls should be relegated to the kitchen write for or against the motion
  78. French

    How do you count 1-20 in the French Language?
  79. English

    Is English the language of opportunity?
  80. Arts and Culture

    The Islamic civilization did away with sculptures because of religious beliefs. Provide two examples of acceptable art forms according to Islamic tenets. How do these art forms express Islamic religion and culture? Can somebody help me with this question? Thanks!
  81. social studies

    what are the magiar rivers in the regin? Do you mean MAJOR rivers? If so, in WHAT region? Magiar is not an English word. Magyar means "Hungarian" in that language
  82. english

    if a task description is to write an essay what is a goal?( in a language learning diary) and if a task desription is to learn some theory for an exam what is a goal?
  83. early childhood

    early childhood professionals know that the beginning step in assisting non-mainstream children to develop literate style oral language is to:
  84. english

    What is the figurative language for this phrase? " I want a lodge that is round like the sun and the path of the stars. I want a lodge that is like the good things that have no end."
  85. language (gerunds)

    The powerful writing made the novel exciting to read. I think that there is not a gerund in this sentence. Or would writing be the gerund used as a subject?
  86. french

    i want to learn this language. Please write some french sentences and also translate them into english. Please earlier, its very urgent.
  87. English

    The common language used in acedemic and workplace settings is called: A.Slang B. Colloquial C.standard English d.jargon I would say jargon
  88. Language

    What does denotation mean? The sound of a word when you read it The tone of a word in writing The dictionary meaning of a word The set of ideas associated with a word •• Correct me
  89. early education

    When a teacher modifies a word game(e.g.Simon Says) to incorporate a higher level of speech, she is: a. modeling use of decontextualized language. b. employng scripts to build and expand the child's cognitive ability. I picked b.
  90. Child Care

    One of your friends was the victim of a crime committed by a new immigrant to the country. Now she is intolerant of any children who don't speak english as their first language. This is an example of A. stereotyping B. discrimination C.racism D. inclusion I pick the letter B.
  91. Teaching as a Profession

    What are two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners? Also, how do schools meet the needs of the ELL students without breaking state laws?
  92. teacher aide

    Children with a language or speech disorder are A sometimes suffering from an aphasia B always learning challenged C able to receive special help only after the third grade D unable to use communication boards I need help
  93. english 12.....

    "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is famous for its use of vivid figurative language and memorable sound devices. What do you think are several especially effective examples of simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, assonance, and internal rhyme?
  94. humanities

    Summarize each event and explain how the changing attitudes of the time were expressed through these various political events and movements such as civil rights, gender equality, and warDescribe how the arts (music, literature, and visual art) were influenced by these changes ...
  95. Publish

    Do publish your work (stories, art wk, etc.) will express colleges (ivy league). I'm partcipating some contests that involved publishing work (if one of the winners). Like Scholastic Arts and Writing, Schloastic Kids Are Authors, and National Children Book of the Year Contest...
  96. data management

    3. To identify the cultural events that its readers would like to see reviewed, a weekly magazine conducted a survey of randomly selected members of local arts groups. a) Discuss any bias that could affect the results of this survey. b) Suggest a different sampling method that...
  97. Elementary Math

    Decide which of the variables described is likely to have a normal or near-normal distribution. a. The number of courses remaining until graduation for the students in a small liberal arts college b. The SAT mathematics scores for students in an advanced placement mathematics ...
  98. Liberal Arts Math II

    Choose one of the following statements to complete the sentence. Discuss your reasoning for your selection. Euclid’s treatment of the fifth axiom... A) ... shows that it is important to question the nature of the assumptions that are made. B) ... is now known to be wrong. C...
  99. Math for Liberal Arts

    Consider a test for illegal drugs that is 98% accurate. Lets test 3000 poeple, 2900 of whom do not use illegal drugs. What percent of the total positive tests were false? What is the chance of a person testing falsely positive twice in a row?
  100. lagauge arts

    in which sentence is the italicized word a adjective. 1. evening bats feed ( greedily ) on insects. 2. they apear in the sky just ( after ) the sunset. 3. these bats are among the ( smallest ) species. 4. their fingers ( resemble ) those of human hands. Conexus students or ms...
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