Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. Ancient History

    Need help finding information about Ancient Ghana...not present day, Ghana. Especially about their languages, arts and crafts, their coffin art, festivals, foods (recipes), singing and drumming!? Help!!
  2. Humanities

    What is the relationship between spirituality and Gothic architecture? In what ways does Gothic architecture display this time period as an Age of Faith? What other features of this culture do the other arts reveal? Refer to specific examples.
  3. literature arts

    The cast is described as "supporting" [Cynthia Haymon]-sometimes literally" (line 16) because she 1. occasionally forgets her lines 2. is a soprano and needs the lower tones 3. has lines that require a response 4. is on crutches and needs assistance 5. is not a very strong ...
  4. psychology

    I need help in finding answers to this question: learing language as a child is no different than that of learning anything else. I need to argue that, that statement is correct. thanks
  5. English

    What we should take note of is the fact that the designation of English as a second language will not solve everything. (What is the grammar mistakes in the sentence above?)
  6. Lit/Poem/The Planet on the Table

    The subject of Steven's poem is the a. writing of poetry b. solar system c. speaker's disillusionment d. richenss of language A?
  7. 12th grade Shakespeare

    "O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!" -Hamlet (Act II, ii) What are two interestin ways that Shakespeare uses language in this soliloquy?
  8. language

    A poem's underlying message or concept _____. 1 poetic diction 2 tone 3 atmosphere 4 all of these 5 none of these I think its the tone? Is this right?
  9. English

    I urgently need you to help me,write five sentences about why you think knowledge of English language registers will be important in accounting and finance.
  10. critical reading

    Elaborate comparisons which are used by advertisers are usually _____. A)fallacies of evidence. B) fallacies of language. C)newsworthy. I think it is B, is this correct?
  11. internet basics

    which of the following meta-search engines was an attempt at natural language inquires a.dogpile b.internet sleuth c.metacrawler d.ask my answer is d
  12. English Language

    Find the complete subject and complete predicate in the following sentence: His choice included land in both Maryland and vVirginia.
  13. Language help with 5 question

    when you phrase a line of poetry what do you do turn it to a question put it in your own words add humor to it copy it down exactly
  14. 6th grade Science

    Crossword puzzle: 11 boxes; Over Chapter 16 Sections 1 & 2, I can't find it in my book.. Definition: People who share a common and distinctive culture, heritage, and language.
  15. English

    One purpose of a summary is to a. save the reader time. b. correct errors in the original c. change technical terms to everyday language d. include your own opinion on the topic
  16. Language Art

    Identify the character's trait. Kara's long, brown hair whipped in the wind, her knobby knees green with grass stains from the day's soccer game
  17. adult education

    One purpose of a summary is to 1. save the reader time 2. correct errors in the original 3. change technical terms to everyday language 4. include your opinion on the topic
  18. Communication Language Studies

    I need to figure out the original words/phrases from the following malapropisms: Any ideas? Thanks! For all intensive purposes A blessing in the skies Spitting image
  19. figurative language

    plz help me i am in 5th grade and need help on similies & metaphores about the book number the stars. it asks "it was an odd word: pride." meaning proud, i think
  20. 6th grade language

    declarative, imparative, interrogative, or excalmatory? 1. How pretty the sunset is 2. Don't stand so close to the edge 3. It was quite chilly at night 4. Look at us riding on mules in this canyon
  21. com 200 interpersonal comuncation

    write a two page paper excluding title and reference pages about your thoughtson this article and your language style matching score.
  22. American Constitutional Law

    In view of the canons of construction and interpretation, name and explain three (3) necessary elements that you must consider before drafting language to amend the U.S. Constitution.
  23. English Language

    which of the following phrases follows the rules of punctuation. a)the spring semester b)the school PrinciPal c)the long war for Independence d)the states of the northeast my answer is c though not too sure.
  24. Language/english

    In a paragraph, compare and contrast the two forms of poetry haikus and limericks. It should include a specific description of each form. Explain how they are both alike and how they are different.
  25. English

    1. Dialectical poetry is poetry that a uses a unique rhyme scheme and meter. b has fourteen lines and uses iambic pentameter. c uses language that is specific to a geographic location. d is based on symbols that represent opposite extremes. 2. Which of these is NOT a main ...
  26. lang. arts

    so, I am doing a collage and was wondering if I could get some of your guys "quotes" that are uplifting. The point is to take pictures, poems, quotes that were made y me, are famous, made by friends or what-have-you. and that are uplifting and cheerful. Was hoping you could ...
  27. Grammar and Composition

    please check my answers decide which of the following words should be capitalized. rewrite the words that should be capitalized 1. elizabethan drama Elizabethan drama 2. united states of america United States of America 3. florida keys Florida keys 4. life in new york city ...
  28. Early Childhood Education

    Lesson Plan for 3 year olds: See If I am doing it correctly. Goal: To teach how to recognize the first and last letter of their names. Objective: The children will identify and name the first and last letter of their names. Standards Include: Georgia Early Learning Guidelines...
  29. Language Arts

    It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears IT shall flush the mountain ranges, And the valleys shall grow bright; It shall bathe the hills in radiance, And crown their brows with ...
  30. Harvard

    How to get a scholorship for Harvard Med skool ???? my best friend wants to know also how to get a scholoship for harvard arts and creative writing skool???? plzz answer this is important for me and my friend
  31. languag arts

    In the sentence, "Sylvia looks good in her mermaid costume" why is good the correct word used as an adjective, as opposed to using well as an adverb. Isn't "good" describing how Sylvia looks?
  32. Language arts help!!

    1. What was Dove doing during the Boston Tea Party? (1 point) drinking tea selling tea stealing tea 2. Who were the minute men? (1 point) local men who wanted to fight against the British British soldiers who were trained to kill traitors the army for the Sons of Liberty 3. ...
  33. Grammar

    I don't understand predicates. What are they and how do I figure out what is the predicate in a sentence? The predicate is simply the main verb and all that modifies or describes it. He raced home as fast as he could. He = subject raced = main verb raced home as fast as he ...
  34. AED

    help in chose these two: Cultural Diversity and language. now i need help with the List effective teaching practices for each of those two types of learners.
  35. Oral mark

    ello we are doing speeches in Language i am new to canada so i have never done a speech before so how do you you start and end it? i don't have enough information.
  36. english

    The dean of the language department at Isabell's university approves. So If I only had to write down the complete predicate it would just be approves?
  37. Literature

    5. A personal essay presents not only the subject but also a. a persuasive argument b. the writer's personality c. a detailed history of the subject d. figurative language B? Thanks -MC
  38. language

    Hi...Happy New Year to all! I was wondering if anyone can put the word transmission in a sentence for me. I am having trouble understanding the definition of the word. Thanks!!! Wizard
  39. Critical Reading

    Elaborate comparisons which are used by advertisers are usually a. fallacies of evidence b. fallacies of language c. newsworthy I am not very sure, I would guess b?
  40. english language

    ok when i misread sweet dreams to sweat dreams everyone started laughing... wat does it actually mean? can someone tell me please ;)
  41. english

    I am really struggling to write and example of figurative language device, emphasis. How would I do this? I have one written for repetition, but I am not sure how to do emphasis.
  42. English

    Hi! Any ideas on an activity which could last for 45 minutes? The topic - Valentine's day Learners: 16 year old, 30 in the class, learning English as a foreign language for 7 years
  43. language atrs

    In which sentence does the italicized pronoun agress in numbers with its italicized antecedent? The boys want their dessert now. The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.
  44. Language

    What's the easiest way to tell the difference between participles and gerund? Besides that one is a adjective and the other one is a noun and the type of questions they ask.
  45. Social Studies

    Which is the term for a completely structured language that develops from a blending of native languages and introduced languages? a. Pidgin b. Creole c. Esperanto d. Dialect***
  46. Social Studies

    Which is the term for a completely structured language that develops from a blending of native languages and introduced languages? a. Pidgin b. Creole*** c. Esperanto d. Dialect
  47. SS 1 question plz help THX!

    3. Customs give people______ A. a sense of identity*** B. the same religion C. a sense that they do not belong D. the ability to learn a new language
  48. English

    How does studying the origins and development of the English language improve an individual’s clarity of thought and articulation in a modern society that prefers obedience conformity?

    Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but advocacy groups have argued that something must be done to help English Language Learners master necessary competencies. · Complete an Internet search to find at least two instances of ...
  50. AED

    How do classroom management issues differ, depending on the subject matter? For instance, how can you manage an English lang. arts or social studies classroom differently than you can a mathematics or science classroom? Math and science you can do experiments and the other two...
  51. language

    what is a compound predicate????and what is simple predicate??/
  52. english language

    which is correct - it is lateefa and I or it is lateefa and me
  53. French

    what are the subject pronouns in the french language?
  54. english speech

    English as a language of opportunity
  55. Lang. Arts

    Based on what you have read so far, what is the one thing that always changes when a scene changes in The Diary of Anne Frank? A.the Franks’ reason for hiding B.the passage of time C.the use of voiceover for Anne’s diary I think it is B...? Thanks
  56. Question

    Do i really have to be in AP or IB classes in order to get into Yale School of Arts or no don't worry you don't have to take AP or IB but only if you are doing very well in school but you still have to be in honors like regular honors or regents.
  57. math liberal arts

    A piece of land in Ottawa with an area of 0.4 square kilometers is priced at 5600 Canadian dollars. If there are 1.358 Canadian dollars per (U.S.) dollar, then what is the price in dollars per squaremile?
  58. lang. arts

    Your parents will probably give you permission. Is "probably" the adverb and "will" "give" the words it modifies? Not sure if both words or just "give"?
  59. World history

    Whar are 5 influences from England that still impact us today?? Magna Carta, English language, bicameral legislature -- three that I can think of right off the bat. Does that get you started?? ??
  60. history

    Should English be declared the official language of the USA? List three effects that you believe such a law would have. Write one paragraph explaining the reason.
  61. literature

    Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" are both poems similar? besides the theme but rhyme scheme, use of figurative language or irony
  62. psychology

    Parents can help their children acquire language by: A reading and talking with them B correcting every grammatical mistake C placing them in front of computer D eating foods rich vitamin A I think B but i want to be sure
  63. Literature julius Caesar

    What are 3 purposes for shakespeare showing us scene 3. Consider antonys speech, what is likely to occur in the rest of the play, and the role of language in politics. any good ideas? thanks <3 Gabby!
  64. English

    I forgot to add this sentence. I'm unsure on the use of the preposition "in". Do you think I can omit it? The new parents checked (in) their bags for cigarettes and listened to their songs to see if they contained bad language.
  65. Language

    What part of speech are the following words this, of, books, sighed, heavily, doctor,ask, you, address, auscultated, are, bruits, read, last, and, my, will follow up, yesterday, tomorrow, gift, call it, present, always, on
  66. Re: English

    In paragraphs 8-11 of "Regarding the Pain of Others," Susan Sontag discusses the relationship between photographs and memory. Write an essay analyzing the resources of language she uses to make her argument.
  67. Language Art

    1.) Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics Lacking money and a job , the young boy was forlorn and on the verge of tears. A.)Elated B.)Hopeless C.)Homeless D.)Unemployed
  68. English

    Hello. I will be grateful for your language advice. Do you think I used the articles correctly in the following sentence: "The author analyzes a long and complicated process of the rise and fall of the British Empire." Thank you.
  69. philosophy

    1.Only claims that can be objectively verified can be trusted. 2.Many people have reported encounters with ghosts. 1. unacceptable; problems in language 2. acceptable by testimony I just want to confirm if these answers are right.
  70. English

    Which type of figurative language is used in this sentence? His attitude about the situation rubbed me the wrong way, so I just ignored his comments. idiom symbolism imagery personification A, right?
  71. Punctuating Sentences

    Without a doubt, cramming for the test. This is not a complete sentence. The phrase "cramming for the test" is either a gerund or praticipial phrase, but there's no subject or verb here. When you decide how you'll make this into a complete sentence, please repost and someone ...
  72. lang. arts

    "Very" sadly, we returned home. Very is the adverb, is "sadly" the adverb it modifies?
  73. 9th grade classes

    OK, here's a list of the subjects I think I want to take: English 1 Refresher Math Life Science, Biology, or Environmental Science...not sure which one would be the best?? I want to take Sociology for Social Sciences Health And Fine Arts is mandatory Sound OK? Thanks -MC
  74. architecture

    •What is the relationship between spirituality and Gothic architecture? In what ways does Gothic architecture display this time period as an Age of Faith? What other features of this culture do the other arts reveal? Refer to specific examples.
  75. *th Grade Language Arts Ms. Sue Help

    simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex? 1. Yes, I have a bad case of the flu, and because I need to get well soon, I won’t think about returning to school just yet. compound 2. Because they have been preserved well over time, many ancient scrolls can be read by those...
  76. World culture and the arts

    Explain in 200 to 300 words how artistic expression reflects the basic tenets of the Islamic faith in the following examples: 1. Architecture, a. Mosque, b. Minarets, 2. Persian Poetry, a. Relationship of lost lovers, b. Celebration of spring, 3. Music and Dance, a. Turkish ...
  77. World History

    The u.s. declaration of independence and the french declaration of rights of man both drew on which enlightenment idea? 1 Citizens must demonstrate their ability to rule themselves. 2 Nations should fight to prove their right to independence. 3 People are born with inherent ...
  78. Algebra 2

    The area of a rectangular blanket in square centimeters is 40x^2+2x-65. The width is 4x-5 cm^2. Find the dimensions of the blanket in terms of x. What is this question? like a foreign language or something
  79. medical language

    Choose only from the following approaches: microscopic-to-macroscopic, body directions and planes, body cavities, and quadrants and regions. Justify your reasoning.
  80. english

    i have to keep a language learning diary and i am a bit confused.I have to write a tas description and a goal.what is a difference,can someone give an example?
  81. science

    what are variables in science experiments? please give me an example like my experiment is how to tell if a person is lying by his body language.thank you. need answer badly!!!
  82. Literature

    5. The form of figurative language that uses LIKE, AS, THAN, or RESEMBLES to compare two dissimilar thing is a. a simile b. a direct metaphor c. an implied metaphor d. personification A Thanks -MC
  83. Travel and tourism

    I am not sure if the number of travelling tourists might increase or decrease because of language differences. Next, I have to explain why it would have this affect.
  84. English - Native speakers

    Hello! I know articles are really complicated in English language but what is the easiest way to explain the usage of definite, indefinite and zero article?
  85. vocabulary studies

    im suppose to write an essay of a non indo european language of my choice is there any other besides japenese korean swahili it has to be a 2-3 page essay
  86. Education

    Resistance to learning the language of a country where one is visiting is an example of ethnocentrism. True or False? I would think this is false but I wanted a second opinion.
  87. Language

    Should the sentence stay as it is written? The shooting star streaked across the the sky, leaving a trail of white behind it. Answer: I think it should.
  88. EDU 673

    Describe how assessment can be created that evaluates a student's true knowledge without bias towards language barriers, learning differences, or cultural differences.
  89. Language Art

    Which word best fit conniving The king's conniving brother had his eyes on taking the throne. a.Impolite b.Lazy c.Mischievous d.sneaky
  90. english language

    Put the words in the bracket in the passive voice (they told her clothes and stole her books ),(they called her fat and told her),( they hit her with typewriter and kicked her).
  91. literature

    In the merchant of venice act 2 scene 1: Look at the language he uses in ll.1-12 and 22-38. How does the imagery in his speech reflect the Elizabethan perception of Moors? What the heck does that mean? What is Moors?
  92. Language

    a) a song of praise _ _mn b) upright structure; pillar _ _ _ _mn c) convict; find guilty _ _ _ _ _mn
  93. English Language

    You walk into your room to your bed. Does this means you are on the bed or you just walked near the bed?
  94. Maths

    what are the meanings of Mathematics of Buying and Mathematics of Selling, using language from the Business Mathematics aspect.
  95. english

    Can someone check my english essay. 700 words. I have English as 2nd language
  96. Interpreting literature and the arts

    I remember mama Mama understands that that Jenny and Sigurd (1) are concerned about Trina's welfare (2) don't want Trina to become an old maid (3) want to feel superior to Trina (4) want Trina to be happily married (5) aren't interested in Trina's news I pick # 2
  97. Language

    When you're told that there are no jobs. And it is time for some fast thinking. What would be the correct thing to put in? 1) jobs, it 2) jobs, and it
  98. Sign Language

    Deaf Culture includes only music only jokes only stories a variation of traditions***
  99. character education

    Which of the following is necessary before communication can be successful? A. common culture B. common experience C. common language B?
  100. english

    summarize into a paragraph. Establishing bilingual education programs was a reaction to these problems. It was an attempt to bring education to students who had special needs. Bilingual education tries to meet students at their level rather than the level where they "should'' ...
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