Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. language

    thank you Ms. Sue, my new sentence is Leanna, vacuumed the living room and dusted the knicknaks on the piano. Please diagram the adjective modifiers. Thank you.
  2. Communication and Gender Studies

    How does the language we use, including the actual words that we have to name and describe things build our stereotypes?
  3. Daily Language Review

    there family has went to yellowstone national park This is the sentence that I have to correct and I keep getting it wrong. I need help.
  4. English language learned

    How can data from various sources relating to the learners' progress be used as a tool to drive the standards-based instruction?
  5. chemistry

    can someone please explain to me in dummy language this question... Why is the graph of transmittance versus concentration not linear?... Thankyou very much
  6. english.

    Can you give me some examples of figurative language in the book Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock. And also can you list the page numbers.
  7. English

    You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. What type of language should you use in the invitation?
  8. books

    In the book "In the Garden of Beasts", chapter 16 it asks What did Klemperer notice about Hitler’s use of language? What was the purpose of the Editorial Law?
  9. children growing up

    according to your study unit when discussing language development, performance refers to? a.understanding b.expression c.syntax d.grammar my answer is a
  10. world history

    which connected the millions of people living in the Inca empire? A. money B. writing C. language D. loyalty **** i think the answer is D but; I'm not sure.
  11. chidhood development

    others factors being equal, which child is least likely to benefit from a language immersion program in the United States?
  12. Language Arts

    In " Raymond's Run" which detail supports the prediction that Squeaky will not let Gretchen win the race? A. Squeaky is insulted when Mr. Pearson suggests she give someone else "a break" this year.************** B. Squeaky doesn't even bother to look when Raphael Perez wins ...
  13. Language Arts

    1. What is one cause of the increased tension in Act 2 of The Diary of Anne Frank? Mr. Dussel to take control of the group Mr. Dussel picks on things that people care for or are sensitive about Peter is intentionally unkind to Margot and anne Mr. Frank asks Miep fro favors ...
  14. language arts

    2. In which of the following sentences does the boldfaced word contain the Latin root -lum-? A.The bear tucked into his cave for a long winter's (slumber). B.Hannah's face was (luminous) with the soft morning light. *** C.The (plumber) peered into the dark drainpipe. D.Harry ...
  15. Language Arts

    2. In which of the following sentences does the boldfaced word contain the Latin root -lum-? A.The bear tucked into his cave for a long winter's (slumber). B.Hannah's face was (luminous) with the soft morning light. *** C.The (plumber) peered into the dark drainpipe. D.Harry ...
  16. history of the arts

    The Grand Tour was considered a feature of affluent men and women. true or false I am not sure, but reading through the text it says it was the large cultural visit to sites in southern europe. given that i believe it is true!
  17. Socials Studies

    How would you interpret this questions? Imagine you could go back to the Canada of 1914. What attitudes would you find most difficult to deal with? Why? I just read about society, the Victorians, rights of women, arts and leisure, and the canadiens.
  18. Languge arts

    which of the following word pairs best shows the differences between the American town and the tang town? select all that apply? Speedy vs. proud Dingy vs. colorful disorderly vs.calm prosperous vs. impoverished my answers are b and c
  19. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting? A. It was one of those super duper cold Saturday. B. One of those days that when you breathed kind of hung frozen in the air like a hunk of smoke and you could walk along and look exactly like a ...
  20. written communication

    Can someone check to see if these are correct and give me some ideas Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. To enter your answer, click next to the number and begin typing. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change...
  21. essay intro help

    hi everyone. i was wondering if someone can take a look at my introduction paragraph& thesis and give me comments/critiques. thanks!!! Vernacular language allows a subculture to distinguish itself from the mainstream and literary culture. Vernacular lyrics are often overlooked...
  22. ARTS

  23. need help

    what are italic words in paragraphs???? In English, we use italics for the titles of books and movies (and anything else that would be underlined, not put in quotation marks). We also use italics for words from another language. For example, if you use a French phrase in your ...
  24. hum205

    Please post your response to the following: What role did religion play in the arts in Islamic civilizations? What artistic cultural influence have Islamic civilizations had on our own culture today?
  25. silent way

    what activities can i do with a silent way method of communication arts???
  26. government

    how can the community reduce discrimination? how can we use the arts to reduce discrimination? thank you!
  27. Diversity

    Young children are more likely to demonstrate early literacy skills when a. they are read to on a regular basis. b. they watch tv for over an hour c. they see their parents reading or watching tv d. they play video games on computer i chose "c" they see their parents reading ...
  28. language arts

    what follows a linking or action verd After a linking verb, there'll be a predicate noun or predicate adjective: ~~She is my sister. (is=linking verb; sister=predicate noun) ~~Delilah is very tall for a fourth grader. (is=linking verb; tall=predicate adjective) After an action...
  29. Language arts help???????

    9. What is the most likely reason authors of research presentations use bullets and keep text short? (1 point) to encourage the audience to listen instead of read to show contrast between elements of design*** so you can use graphics to provide the meaning of the information ...
  30. English

    1. You should mime the picture and make your classmates guess what it is. 2. You have to use gestures to make your friends guess what the picture is about. 3. Mime the picture and make them understand what you want to do. 4. You can use body language, but don't say at all. By ...
  31. Philosophy

    True or false 1.Friedrich Schleiermacher argued that to understand the meaning of the Bible or any other text, it is necessary to consider the time and place of its author(s), and to ascertain the intention of the author(s) in producing the text. True 2.Throughout his life ...
  32. Language Arts

    Passage A Avalanches are caused by a variety of conditions. When the temperature is cold and snow falls, the snowsticks to the ground. However, when the air temperature changes, the snow may slide away in pieces or slabs. Basically an avalanch happens when the gravity of snow ...
  33. Reading!

    write adj(adjective), ADV(adverb), or n(noun) to identify each words in perinthesis. Sometimes an unfamilar word is explained by (how it is used in a passage). Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, ...
  34. Teachers Aide/Language and other Barriers

    11. As a teacher aide in an ESL classroom, it’s within your responsibilities to A. meet with parents one-on-one to discuss their child’s progress. B. provide language translation for the teacher when requested. C. determine when an ESL student is ready to be mainstreamed ...
  35. World culture

    What is culture? Define its specific components. o What is art? Define the visual arts, music, architecture, and literature. o What is the role of the artist? To what extent do artists express or influence culture?
  36. hum/205

    150-300 words The Egyptians had a generally optimistic view of life. How do the arts of their civilization reveal this? IMPORTANT: Use at least one example to illustrate your points. What other features of this culture does the art reveal?
  37. Lang arts

    which word choice supports the idea that the author has a positive point of view of rolling skating? A. been around since 1700 B. loved winter ice skating C. hard to roll D. more popular p.s I am on connections academy
  38. Social studies

    1.greece's economy prospered thanks to? A. the arts B. philosophy C. trade (MY ANSWER) D. Architecture 2.Nation-building began in europe as a result of war and the? A.end of muslim rule. B.growth of cities. (MY ANSWER) death D.magna carta
  39. language

    re write the following sentence to correct the dangling or misplaced modifiers. Broken beyond repair ,Juan saw his motorcicle in the front yard.
  40. spanish

    how do various factors (music, art, literature, food, language, clothing)contribute to create argentinean and chilean cultures today? please help me. thank you!
  41. Language

    Rewrite this sentence using (It) ate the beginning. As it was moving with great speed downhill its driver had difficulty trying to stop it. Thankyou
  42. Languages

    what does .oot derob m'Iþ mean? I have no idea what language this is in, or what it means. I just came upon it and am wondering so sorry if it is something offensive or anything else. Thanks -MC
  43. Communication Theory

    Would you say that Charlton Heston misuses language in any part of his speech to Harvard Law School students back in 1999?
  44. CDA

    resources, materials, and translation services for families whose home language is other than English. Provide the agency name and contact information.
  45. Literacy

    Discuss whether or not believe teaching classes intwo languages(Billingual) is a practical solution for English Language Learners?What are the advantages and disadvantage?
  46. english

    Please correct the following sentence for a daily oral language question: we will see a play called cinderella on tuesday I do not agree with how it was graded.
  47. History

    The world can be divided into West (Occident) and East (Orient) Describe the origins of this division, and How are they... different in culture? language? and religion? Thanks for any and all help!!!
  48. Language Art

    In the giver, i guess headdresses and hair ribbons represent sameness. Does anyone know what page number it talks about the headdress because im not able to find it ?
  49. culyurally diverse

    when middle-class mainstream teachers reprimand children for verbalizing spontaneouly, they show a preference for facilitaing language development through what?
  50. language

    3. what is an example of something that is indelible ? a) a smear of dirt on a rug b) a tattoo of a tiger c) a painting of an ocean scene d) gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe
  51. Language

    What impact do ignorance and stigma have on people who are HIV-positive in Malawi and other African countries? It'll b much helpful if you don't give links Thank u :)

    young children's functional use of language within a work context is often observed in ? i put D. native american cultures
  53. cultural diversity

    when middle-class mainstream teachers reprimand children for verbalizing spontaneously, they show a preference for facilitating language development through
  54. His,math lit,geo,life science,l.o an other two language

    Five ways the similarities and differences between nsfas and student loan
  55. Language

    Which Object would most likely be described as exquisite? A delicate blossom A rough sketch A rugged landscape•• A prickly rosebud Correct this
  56. English

    “…you spoke Spanish formal as your father, the judge without a courtroom.” This quote shows what figurative language? A. metaphor B. simile C. personification D. onomatopoeia B?
  57. English

    “The days are nouns; touch them/ The hands are churches that worship the world.” This quote shows what figurative language? A. simile B. metaphor C. rhyme D. repetition B?
  58. English

    “Give me a place to stand, Archimedes said, “and I can move the world.” These words show which figurative language? A. paradox B. satire C. simile D. metaphor D?
  59. Physics

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can answer me this question: In an Atwood machine why do the tensions that handle both bodies are the same? (English is not my native language)
  60. Social Studies

    Does anyone know what kind of education a Medieval Princess received? I know they didn't get as much as boys and learned more about the arts, manners, and such...but I need like a source where I can read about it more. Could anybody give a website that could help?? Thanks!! [:
  61. Fine Arts

    I need help answering this, because I don't quite understand the question: There was a wide range of influences that affected the art of the emerging modern Europe. Explain how five of these influences had an impact on the art of the Italian Renaissance. Thanks -MC
  62. Arts and Ideas

    Can the extravagance and costs, both of currency and lives, be justified in the opulent architecture commissioned by "divinely empowered" individuals of ancient cultures? Name a comparable example of opulent architecture from today's society.

    Which of the following best describes the persuasive appeal used in the sentence “Once you’ve cared for a loving animal, you are likely to treat human beings better as well”? A. appeal to reason B. ethical appeal I think the answer is B, but I'm not sure. Thanks if you ...
  64. language

    plse refresh me on what a thesis statement is plse and thx you i just want to get it right
  65. english

    what are 3 ways that language construct social reality.? i want an answer, not a website. if u don't know it, don't answer
  66. Language

    He studied to show himself approved to God. What part of speech is approved?
  67. History

    I asked the history question below...Is they impacted on the population and language correct?
  68. Language A

    How did Crispin get into the palace? Name of the Book: Crispin The Cross of Lead
  69. language

    around nine o'clock is it a phrase or an independent clause or a dependent clause
  70. english

    could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman
  71. language

    Steve`s home and Ann`s home are both in the same building.-predicate
  72. language

    what parts of speech is drive and to in the sentence We took a long drive to the ocean.
  73. business&technical english

    language is used to make comparisons in business communication
  74. business&technical english

    --------- language is used to make comparisons in business communication
  75. English

  76. English

    (Speech ) English is the language of opportunities. Why bother to teach indigenous languages? I
  77. english language

    Are there any tips to help to learn and memorizing the phrasal verbs in english ? With Respects
  78. English

    Hello!! I have to write paragraph. What I do, english is my second language. Help thank yuo.
  79. english

    English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach/learn indigenous languages
  80. English

    From what language is the word polymer derived? A) Latin B) Greek C) German D) English***
  81. foreign language

    Namaste is a salutation used in India. Do you know the meaning of "namaste' in English?
  82. englis sentences

    what is a adverb clause and a adjective clause what is the difference in a sentence also a compound sentence
  83. question

    Which sentence has a preposition-related error? 1.There was a fight between the two men. 2.The Cerritos Center is near to my office. 3.They gave a party for Mary and me. 4.The report was sent to everyone except her. One of those sentences has TWO prepositions, next to one ...
  84. Culinary Arts

    You have just mixed a batch of muffin batter and are ready to portion it. However you can't locate the portion or ice cream scoop. How can you evenly portion the batter without overmixing?
  85. Language

    Is the word CRIME in the following sentence a noun? Stealing is a crime.
  86. Language

    What's the difference between a subject and a subject phrase? Can you give us an example.
  87. Language

    Words with c and s where one is a one and the other a verb,eg. license and licence
  88. English

    What is a good title for an essay on the English language and how misunderstanding and confusing it can be?
  89. english

    is the simple predicate of this learn? Chinese is a difficult language to learn?
  90. Language Studies 3rd Grade

    Is "I" a common noun or proper noun?
  91. Language

    Seth has passed everyone in the race. What part of speech is "has passed"?
  92. language

    what is a homonym? the queston is? what is a homonym for missed? A)must B)mist C)most
  93. language

    a word that comes from the latin word poena mening punishment
  94. Speech Class

    True or False, Communication can involve language but not speech.
  95. English Grade 11

    In George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” what is the “B.B.C. Timidity”? Thank you.
  96. language

    is great at editing Is this a phrase or independent clause or dependent clause
  97. English

    Fill in the blank. English is an important language for international __________.
  98. english

    could i find the word ill health in english language ? or illness/ sickness
  99. english

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indegenous languages
  100. english

    english is the language of an opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages?
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