Language Arts: Censorship

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english first additional language

traditional african mariage is an advantage for men only not women.True or false,reason why or why not,Write two paragraphs


Is the sentence correct? I have an unusual cat; it often acts like a dog. Answer: I think it should be a comma where the semi colon is placed


Which type of pronoun is being used in this sentence? 1. Jenny told her friends that someone was coming over this afternoon. 2. Who is going to make dinner tonight?


The fox proved he was wilier than ever when he broke through the new fence into the chicken coop. (1 point) a.quicker b.smaller c.slier d.tougher••


which category best describes the following sentence? Can kangaroos walk on all four legs? A) declarative B) Interrogative •• C)imperative D)exclamatory Correct me if I'm wrong!!

Language Arts - Dependent and Independent Clauses

Question #1: Identify the dependent clause in the following sentence: "If we are going to make it to the movie on time, we really need to leave right now." a) If we are going to make it b) If we are going to make it to the movie on time c) we really need to d) we really need ...


define the following terms for assistance, review the connection, cross currents, and then & now features in Arts and Culture. interdisciplinary connections cultural cross currents transhistorical connections


I need help conjugating ser in the past tense. I know this can refer to two tenses in the Spanish language, but I don't know the difference. Can anyone help me?


Is Spanish your first language? It was mine and my spanish is in need of improvement. However, yours is beautiful;-)


have summer project. need to do timeline on the book "THE WALKABOUT" need to know how to go about doing this correctly.


Are my commas in the correct place? An island, Goat Island, in New York separates the two falls.


What part of speech is the word "color" in the sentence: His hair is the color of shimmering gold. I think it is a noun.


Directions: Circle the word that describes the subject of a sentence. Our teams are great. Would it be teams?

foreign language(SPANISH)

i need help to unscramble these spanish words!!! srate,qeroiu,vosa,risvait,rpracmo

programming.Java language

Write a program to plot a face. Provide a class FaceViewer and a class FaceComponent.

language grammar

can someone explain to me what is inductive mood, subjunctive mood, andimparitive moodby giving examples. thanks


How do you say the word "love" and "kind" is many languages. (the language doesnt matter, a list would be great)


what are the five sentences about why you think knowledge of english language registers will be important in accounting and finance?


what are the five sentences about why you think knowledge of english language registers will be important in accounting and finance?


would you pl explain conditional sentences and simple compound and complex sentences and their importance in eng language


Circle the simple subject and underline the simple predicate. The smell of cooking is delicious to the hungry campers.


What is a 13 letter word whose 9th letter is "O" and describes a relationship between two people or mood?


Consider an example in which both cars are insured by the same plan. Is there supposed to be a comma after "example"?

Figurative Language

Q- The train screamed down the tracks - Clue: Simile, Metaphor Or Personification ? - Answer: Personification??

Figurative Language

Question : Music is the salve that soothes us - Answer: Metaphor? - Clues: Metaphor, Simile or Personification?


Which conjunction would best combine the following sentences? You could borrow my car.You could borrow my truck. A) for B) yet C) or •• D)so


Can someone help me with these questions im a little confused The state department of education requires that all high school teachers in the state receive training in Structured English Immersion methods (SEI). The purpose is to provide teachers with instructional ideas that ...

Langusage Arts

My 4th grades needs HELP with (Show the possession of the subject.)the car of the principals The principal's car principal's shows that the car belongs to the principal.

Lang Arts

Is there any personification in any of these sentences?... I remember the whispering winter wind waking me up in the middle of the night. I remember the crisp crunch of snow under my feet, creeping quietly. I remember going on stage, hearing the beautiful notes fill my mind.

Language Arts Ms. Sue?? Writeacher?? Reed?

"President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 by Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears It shall flush the mountain ranges, And the ...

Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~

Read the following passage to answer #1 and #2. April 15, Miss Kinnian says I'm learning fast. She read some of the Progress Reports and she looked at me kind of funny. She says I'm a fine person and I'll show them all. I asked her why. She said never mind but I shouldn't feel...


Homework Help: language Posted by trey on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 11:18pm. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. A carpenter must use certain tools, hammers, saws, chisels, to finish a job. B. A carpenter must use certain tools hammers, saws, chisels -...

The practice of working with school age children

A program that includes creative arts and drama, indoor and outdoor play, and teacher-led and child-initiated activities is an example of a(n) _______ curriculum. A. competitive and stressful B. safety-focused and responsible C. balanced and integrated D. overdeveloped and ...


First read this poem to answer 1-9 ROSE POGONIAS 1. A saturated meadow, 2. Sun-shaped and jewel small, 3. A circle scarcely wider 4. Than the tress around were tall 5. Where the winds were quite excluded 6. And the air was stifling sweet 7. With the breath of many flowers, 8. ...

Mathematics for Liberal Arts

How many different results could there be for 10 political candidates running for the same office in the upcoming election? There can only be 10 different results, only one person can win. how would i set this up?

business Communication

1, Which of the following is NOT something a group should do when it plans a collaborative writing project? A. Divide the work ahead of time according to how the leader thinks it will best be done B. Make your analysis of the problem, the audience, and your purposes explicit ...


Write a simile using met. The New York Met is like a fantasy land of human beauty.


Can you help me write an authentication progam that would deny access to unathorised users using basic programming language.


Only one number is spelled in the English language with its letters in alphabetical order. What is the number? Is the correct answer eight?

Honors English : Dr. King's "I Have a Dream"

Explain Dr. King's use of figurative language and how it makes the speech memorable.

english- yr 8

i need to research 4 different newspapers. which i have done. im having trouble with what type of language is used in the newspapers. i don`t know what it means. thanks


Question 14 Have you booted the disk? The word booted is jargon sexist language euphemism regional my answer A


we are reading a book called the children of wilesden lane and i don't have the book so i don't know what "the last paragraph of chapter three" is PLEASE HELP!!!!

critical thinking

technical jargon used by people in the same field can be an acceptable used of language. true of false.


Could you please check this sentence? Is "of hearing" wrong? Thank you. 1) The language contains references to the senses of sight and sound (or of hearing?)


Is the sentence correct? We saw our Dentist at the park on Saturday. Answer: I think dentist doesn't need to be capitalized


What is the term for the part of the story that sets up the story's ending? A)Exposition B)Conflict C)Falling Action D)Resolution C? Please Help!!

English language

what are proper nouns and common nouns and give examples of each. how do I make a noun mobile school project.

Figurative Language

Question : Fruit is fuel for a healthy body. Answer : Personification? - Clues: Personification, Simile, Or Metaphor.

eng 122

Academic writing uses regular conversational language. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER TRUE


can u tell me al the similarities and the differences of oak trees and maple trees and im not cheating at all i JUST REALLY NEED THIS!



Spanish (Foreign Language)

What is 'treasure chest' in Spanish?


what sentence could you use please in an appaositive sentence


why are natural language not be suited for programming computer.


What is the base form of reclusive? What does it mean to be reclusive?

essay language

I was told my essay was weak what does this mean?


Is Spanish a Unique Language to learn and to Study? Why?

language arts

anyone who read the watsons please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. Which of the following passages from the novel best describes the setting? A.It was one of those super-­duper­-cold Saturdays  B.One of those days that when you breathed out your breath kind of hung frozen in the air...

lang arts

unit 2 lesson 3 quick check 3 questions only the first question is a boy sees a snake lying still in the road he bend close to look at it suddenly the snake moves the boy jumps back what is the climax

Language Arts

4. Which of the following word pairs best shows the difference between Miss Whitlaw's house and the room Moon Shadow shares with his father? A. poor vs rich B. disorderly vs calm C plentiful vs sparse** D. homey vs businesslike 5. Which of the following traits distinguishes ...


Dangling Modifiers If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. Your answer: 1. Dangling Modifiers When they are fresh, eating oranges can often keep away the cold virus. Your answer: 2. Predication Our plans for tomorrow should begin today. Your answer: 3...

Language Arts-check answer-

Fossil Flitting, flickering, flashing black, white, and a note of red passes beneath trees that were already old at the end of the Civil War. The lovely departed species announces its fearless refusal to cease to be. And as we stand in awe of life's determination, it hammers ...


I am doing a report about Les Arts in the USA and in Alsace, France. Like music, painting, sculptures etc. Do you guys know of any website with information about the common types of paintings in Alsace or music played?? thanks

Lang. Arts

Which one of these doors seeems to be the most promising? I had to choose between "seem" and "seems" which I know "seems" is correct, but I also had to say what the subject was. Is it "these" because "doors" was incorrect. Please explain...thanks


I am trying to find information on the criticism that Immanuel Kant had for previous ethical theories. Any suggestions...I've found a few places online but I don't understand the language.

English language learned

How do the varieties of standards available to teachers provide a focus on high expectations and the motivation needed to tailor instruction to meet the needs of the learner

Ap english language composition

write a five paragraph stylistic analysis essay about the story "Hills Like White Elephants" written by ernest hemingway

World History

The expansion of agriculture can be traced across sub-Saharan Africa through the spread of the _______ language group. A. Swahili B. Ndebele C. Bantu D. Semitic


Theme studies are especially effective for English language learners because: a. they organize information; b. they provide a meaningful learning context; c. they help students with their reading; d. all of the above.

Language Art/ Literature

How does the statement "Your glasses are clean.You wear 'em out, you have to buy a new pair." describe Frank's character from 'Thunder on Sycamore Street'.

lanuage art

3. Choose the correct vocabulary word for the following sentence: “We know the stranger came from a distance because of the _______ he spoke.” (1 point) criteria figurative language dialect

children who require special treatment

spelling or reading retardation counld be a result of ? a.average i.q. b.speech and language difficulties c.emotional problems history my answer is d

American Literature

Compare and contrast the structure and use of figurative language in the two poems “Harlem” by Langston Hughes and “We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar.


Which of the following sentences is a command? Do you enjoy gospel music? Please lock the door when you leave. What an amazing sunset !•• Kathleen drives were long and difficult. Correct me


In “Dream Deferred,” the lines “Or crust and sugar over— / like a syrupy sweet?” are an example of which kind of figurative language? A. simile B. metaphor C. personification D. paradox B?


When the Chorus announces the suicide of Queen Jocasta, members of the audience may display an outward pouring of emotions. That process is known as _____. A) Catharsis B) Anagnorisis C) Peripeteia D) Hubris A?

Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answers? If I am wrong, please let me know. 1. During a visit by her Ghanaian grandmother,Shermeka learned how to make African cornbread. While Grandmother silently showed Shermeka how to prepare the ingredients,Shermeka silently ...

Language Arts 7

NEED HELP ASAP!!!!! Has anyone read "Two Kinds" from The Joy Luck Club? Need my answers checked please;) 1.) In "Two Kinds" why does the mother take her daughter to the Mission district to get her hair curled? a.)She wants her daughter to look more sophisticated b.) She wants ...

Language Arts (Check My Answers

13. Complete the sentence with the word that has the most positive connotation. She was wrong and too_____ to admit it. bullheaded headstrong hardheaded determined**** 14. What is ...

language arts

IN the poem “Swift Things are Beautiful” by Elizabeth Coatsworth reveals that every thing is beautiful in its own way. Although the title says that only swift things are beautiful, the poet also lists slow things that are beautiful. She uses unusual examples that some ...

Lang. Arts

"Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” The quote from Samuel Johnson at the beginning of the story suggests that the story will be about A.the roles people perform in life. B.making adjustments to goals. C.developing stronger bodies. D.staying on ...


An elementary school is offering 3 language classes: one in Spanish, one in French, and one in German. These classes are open to any of the 93 students in the school. There are 35 in the Spanish class, 31 in the French class, and 22 in the German class. There are 12 students ...

Lang, Arts

4. Which of the following sentences is a compound sentence? A.Charlie said it’s cold outside but hot in his bedroom. B.Jared enjoys eating eggs and bacon for breakfast. C.Sierra can’t decide between the blue and the black shoes. D.Thomas is meeting us at the park, and ...

Child Development

Rank the perspectives of language development in order of importance. Explain why you feel your first choice is the most important.


how to write a debate? I mean does it have a special form? is it like a letter? what kind of language do you use when writting a debate?

child development

Rank the perspectives of language development in order of importance. Explain why you feel your first choice is the most important.

Communication Language Studies

Give an example of a situation in which the hearer may have a stake in understanding things correctly, and one in which the hearer may not. Thank you!

Language Studies

Identify some caregiver activities that might foster metalinguistic skills in children, and explain why they might be effective.


How many words can i write that are related to the base word image? Notice whether you have added prefixes or suffixes to the base




Is the sentence correct? After washing the car and drying it off, Alejandro vacuumed the seats. Answer: I think it is correct

Social Studies

Toward what audience did Martin Luther King Jr. direct his “I Have a Dream” speech? How is this clear from the speech’s language?


Click on the line with an error. We have already eaten lunch. Just between you and I, what did you think about the food? No error

Mzamba C.H.S

What can I be If I do pure mathematics, english Home Language, Life sciences,Agricultural technology,Life Orientation and Isixhosa FAL

eng 122

It is important to transform informal language into academic voice. (Points : 1) True False answer true

eng 122

You should use a formal tone when rewriting informal language. (Points : 1) True False answer true

eng 122

Writing with an academic voice means avoiding casual language. (Points : 1) True False answer true

language art

From the play "The Diary of Anne Frank" Examples of Dramatic Irony - Find 3 of them. Find the quote. Explain why it is ironic.

c++ programming language

Write an algorithm,flow chart, psuedo codes and finally a c++ codes that will accept exams scores for 5 users.


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