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  1. Language arts draft

    How do animals change in Familiar stories?
  2. language arts

    In figurative language,what is a glowing of red coals. Glowing of red coals suggests warmth and redness.
  3. 5th grade Language Arts

    I have a couple of phrases/sentences that need to be labeled as a type of figurative language. 1. Pitter Patter, raindrops are falling from the sky. (could this be onomatopoeia or personification?) 2. Boil the butter and bring it by the bank. (could this be an idiom or ...
  4. Language arts

    Help unscamble these letters pacres SPACER SCRAPE Parsec
  5. language arts

    is there any poem or song that expresses obsession towards a belief?
  6. language arts

    What is it called when there are four periods at the end of a sentence? I know what it means but...
  7. Language Arts

    what are some good ways to study vocab. words?
  8. language and arts

    what is the literary term for: A conflict that exists within a character
  9. Language Arts

    What is another name for a red Indian woman beginning with the letter S?
  10. Language Arts

    Can you think of 100 synynoms for the word said (or say)?
  11. Language Arts

    Is there a place on the internet where you can make sentences from letters of a word ?
  12. language arts

    please explain how to make the word fireman possessive
  13. language arts

    what is a joke using hominems? p.s. sorry if i spelled wrong
  14. language arts

    I have to rewrite a parragraph in spatial order. what does that mean?
  15. Language Arts

    Simile, Idiom , or Both? He is sweatng like a pig
  16. language arts

    I am writing an essay for l.a and was wondering what a conclusion needs to have.
  17. language arts

    i need help with my novel : watership down by richard adams
  18. Language Arts

    Is the following a correct sentence: Martha and him ate the sandwich.
  19. language arts

    what are sentences for Indifferent, Undoubtedly, Heartily, Protruded, & Loathe?
  20. language arts

    unscamble the letter to find the name of a mall trrlnematitanaaon
  21. language arts

    Why have historians recreated Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts?
  22. Language Arts

    What parts of the rhetorical triangle is irrelevant to formalist critics
  23. language arts

    what it the complete ssubject in this sentence... Can you explain last night's homework to me?
  24. language arts

    How are russell baker and snowflake bentley alike and different?
  25. language arts

    chapters 6-10 what is the summery of the witch of blackbird pond??? awnswers
  26. Language Arts

    What does 'stave' mean? (used as chapters in A Christmas Carol)
  27. language arts

    verb is to ______ as zipcode is to address (unscramble) csteeenn
  28. English:Language Arts 1

    1999,I went to Disney World for vacation
  29. language arts

    My mom went to the grocery store.she forgot her purse
  30. language arts

    What happens in chapters 17 and 18 in the book Journey Home by Uchida
  31. literary

    what does the three column house icon mean in language arts
  32. language arts

    can some one give me a sentence with the word ingratitude
  33. Language Arts

    Approximately how long is the shadow of the Washington Monument at 3:00 pm in July?
  34. Language Arts

    Find the antonyms: continual, bizarre, interrupted, conscious.
  35. English Language Arts

    Give examples of three transitional expression.
  36. Language Arts

    How are video games educational? Can you list some ideas?
  37. language arts

    What genres of literature did Edgar Allan Poe write?
  38. reading/language arts

    where are the native americans ancestors from? please help i don't know the answer
  39. Language Arts

    The measure of how much we understood and learned in a college course is referred to as:
  40. Language arts

    If you had to write a creative story what would it be about?
  41. Language arts

    I (advice,advise) you to plan your project before you start
  42. language arts

    200 years from now what will my neighborhood look like?
  43. Language arts

    Write an essay explaining the importance of appreciating what you have.
  44. English Language Arts

    How can I make a perfect sentence without messing up?
  45. Language Arts

    I need to write to compare and contrast geology and etymology. How do I do that?
  46. language arts

    What sentences can you make using the words electronic and tricycle?
  47. Language Arts

    Is this a fact or opinion? : A wolf pack is very large.
  48. language arts

    has anyone here read, the watsons go to birmingham because i have a question on it?
  49. language arts

    Can you give a GOOD sentence using the word betray
  50. Language Arts

    Compare and Contrast Limerick and The Sidewalk Racer PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  51. Language Arts

    Under a spreading chestnut tree which syllables are unstressed?
  52. Language Arts

    "Their flag to April's breeze unfurled ...." What's the symbol? And what does it represent? HELP
  53. Language Arts

    whose attitude toward scrooge is the most severe
  54. Language Arts

    What another word for primly A)Excitedly B)Properly C)Tolerantly D)Willingly
  55. Language Arts

    What is the topic sentence of this paragraph from life without gravity?
  56. Communication Arts/Language arts

    I stayed at home because I had an ear infection,and I got two assignments that I was confusedabout.It was Bug Graph #2, and#3.I think the directions tell me to connect the dots as I go, but it starts to look weird.It looks like there is a needle going through the bug on graph...
  57. Liberal Arts?

    I'm in middle school, my sister, (Senior in hs) keeps telling me that she wants to go into liberal arts, but doesnt now what yet. what are liberal arts? What careers associate with a liberal arts major or something?
  58. Language Arts

    Puppy is to dog,as colt is to ? Stallion I think horse is better.
  59. Language Arts

    How do u find a folktale online to read for free and it's really short.
  60. Language Arts

    What is the saddest narrative you know? If you could pleaser copy-paste it here so i can see it. thanks
  61. Language Arts

    how do i identify verbs,adverbs,nouns,pronouns,adjectives,preposition?
  62. language arts

    list the two ways in which an author may introduce a story's setting?
  63. education

    How can the state standardseffect your planning and instruction for 7th grade language Arts?
  64. language arts

    How can these teachers overcome obstacles to literacy or resistance on the part of students?
  65. language arts or science

    have you ever gone out of your way to help a starnger?
  66. language arts

    What is the subject in this sentence? "The mean boy tricked the little girl."
  67. language arts

    me deeds are sung in many a song. Use this clue to move you along
  68. Language Arts

    Need to create a poster describing the persuasive technique bandwagon. How do I do it?
  69. language arts

    unsramble the letter bssmyale i need an answer now plz
  70. Language Arts

    What are 5 general elements or characteristics of the tall tale John Henry?
  71. language arts

    my mom went to the grocery store. she forgot her purse... a)comma B)and c)or d)but e)because
  72. Language Arts

    Is there a website that can help me check my answers for Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop?
  73. high school,language arts

    How do you write a good first person monologue?
  74. Language arts

    What is the adverb in the sentence: It began to rain, and we all ran outdoors.
  75. language arts

    what is Gary Paulsens political view? Republican or Democrate or Liberal?
  76. Language Arts

    Ms.Sue, i think that the verb is becomes and the oredicate noun is cheese?
  77. 8th grade language arts

    how do i use the word cantankerous as a mispaced modifier?
  78. Language arts 7th grade

    how would you write a 2:2 Jane Schaeffer paragraph?
  79. language arts

    Diagram Either the suspect will come out or the police will go after him.
  80. language arts

    is this sentence correct -- Andrew forgot his lunchbox at school everyday.
  81. language arts

    Where does a puffer fish live? encyclopedia,dictionary,atlas,globe
  82. Language Arts

    In the sentence...She did not notice the hours passing. Is "not" included in the verb phrase?
  83. Language Arts

    I have a big packet of homework can somebdy help me?1,000 qstn. :(
  84. language arts

    the ballet dancer seemed to be gliding through the air. what does the mean?
  85. language arts

    Hi. Do you know of any poems about holidays that include word play or puns? Thanks!
  86. Language Arts

    What kind of poem is Humpty Dumpty? a. Narrative b. limerick c. nonsense
  87. language arts 2

    in 1999,i went to disney world for vacation. what are the verbs in this sentence?
  88. language arts

    can u help me with my prompt it is: i will explain why it rude to speak when a adult is speaking in 5 paragraph

    Someone help me. I need a simile with the word SCORNFULLY and PREDATOR.

    Someone help me. I need a simile with the word AFFLICTED and TUFTS.

    Someone help me. I need a metaphor with the word AFFLICTED and TUFTS.

    Someone help me. I need a idiom with the word RESEMBLED and TRUDGED.

    Someone help me. I need a idiom with the word RESEMBLED and TRUDGED.
  94. Reading/language arts

    I need help. Can someone help me to make a sentence for DIMWITTED and NEARSIGHTEDLY.
  95. Reading/language arts

    I need help. Can someone help me to make a sentence for DIMWITTED and NEARSIGHTEDLY.

    I need an example of personification with the word MOURNING. plzz !

    I need an example of HYPERBOLE with the word CLOMPED. plzz !

    I need an example of IDIOM with the word EXECUTIONER. plzz !

    I need an example of IDIOM with the word EXECUTIONER. plzz !
  100. language arts

    What adjective could i use for the following sentence? What a_______ maps this atlas has!
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