Language Arts: Censorship

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Whats an word for everyday language? not english. a vocab term


I Have A Big Project And I Need Antynoms For Muzzle(the Device)


Does "Uchi de nani-go o hanashimasu ka" mean "What language do you speak at home?"



English Language

Essay on "My Worst Holiday" about 450 words.

language mechanics

your term paper in my opinion,is very good. A); B), C). D)none is it (D)


which of the following is a word? a)croad b)cread c)craid d)creed thank you

human growth and developmnet



A speaker you overheard saying_was employing literate style oral language.

comp 150

English, should be the official language of the united states

engish language art

what business offer and what people buy creates an?

foreign language

5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community

computer science

which job titles are consistent only with the java language?


Let C { x#y| x,y ∈ {0,1}* and x ≠ y} show that C is a context free Language...


could you explain how to use perfect infinitive correctly in eng language


What is the type of figurative language for the statement "curating and preserving memories"?

Foreign languages

How do you write in the Fiji language? Hello dear, how was your day?

Computer language.

a program that prints all the numbers from 1 to 1000 that are divisible by 7. (in C++)


are there any figurative language in the book Witch hunt the mysteries of salem?


A person who is grimacing probably feels a) pleased b) pained c) nervous


Why was the Korean language invented? Apart from it being easier than Chinese

English language

How to write an essay. On a topic' awka etiti of my dream

english language

Write debate for the motion " boys should not help in the kitchen"


English is the language of opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages


Can the source language of the film have an impact on its diffusion and its distribution?


Any nonfiction book recommendations about language as a key to identity?

english language

Put iron expand when it is heated in the passive voice


cat is too dog as tree is too? squirell apple*** leaves branch

french language

Write a letter to your friend inviting him or her to your birthday party

Computer Science (please help )

Prove that if A is any language over the alphabet {0}, then A* is regular.


Determine which of the following is a statement of fact from the reading selection The Hindenburg


Hello for these questions to change for making the language nonsexist the sentence : The minister joined the couple as man and wife, would it be The minister joined the couple as husband and wife or no change. The second sentence making the language nonracist and nonagist the ...

language arts

1. Which of the following would be the least appropriate topic when drafting a piece of descriptive writing? (1 point) a report on the condition of women workers in Afghanistan an instruction manual for a microwave oven a call to action to clean up a neighborhood garden 2. ...

Language Arts

There is little, if any,m "storm" in the new movie Storm Fever. Aren't actors supposed to act, and aren't directors supposed to direct? Actor Robert Pierre seems to wander aimlessly around the set. And director Sue Smith can't seem to figure out to present a good story. This ...

Language Arts/ English

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, Oliver Wendall Holmes and John Greenleaf Whittier belong to the group known as the fireside poets. Your book states that "the fireside poets wrote for a family audience, usually on subjects of general appeal: nature, home and ...


For my assignment I was asked to complete a journal for the Portand After School Program. I have completed it, but I know I did something wrong because when I try to do the second part which is a trial balance it is not balancing out right. can some one please help me correct ...

Lang. Arts PLZ HELP!!D:

I need some info about how the building of dams effect whitewater activities such as kyaking and conoeing..!!!plz help


What are your talents? I am good at cricket, and I like making robots. What are your specialties? I am good at technical arts, and I can swim very well. (Are the questions and answers correct?)

Culinary Arts

Critical Thinking Question When baking biscuits a coworker adds yeast to the formuala in addition to baking powder. What should you do. Explain

Fine Arts

I am doing a report on the original comic book Captain America. I need to know the author, publishing date, info that pertains to the comic. Does anyone know where i can find it?

Culinary Arts

1. Determine the roles and functions of individuals engaged in hospitality. (4.1) 2. Examine education and training requirements and opportunities for careers paths in hospitality. 3.

languages arts

The portion of a story in which the characters are introduced and the setting is described is called the (1 point) 1.climax. 2.exposition. 3.rising action.* 4.falling action

Communication Arts

Viewed through a telescope, the planet Mars looks rust-red because rust is a large component of its soil. Is this proper grammar??

Language Arts

"The Third Wish" Quiz 1. Part A What internal conflict does Leita face in "The Third Wish"? -Leita enjoys being Mr. Peter's wife, but she deeply misses being a swan** -Leita is unhappy with the old King for turning her into a human -Leita does her best to be a good wife to Mr...

Language Arts - Grammar - please check answers

1. Michelle Kwan has become an inspiration to us all. 2. Is Sara the runner in the blue T-shirt? 3. I could have been a contender. 4. The winner of the spelling bee was Tracy. 5. The next speaker will be Mr. Gonzales. 6. Who was the fourteenth president of the United States? 7...

Language Arts

Draw a circle around the action verb in each sentence. On the line, tell whether the verb is past tense, present tense, or future tense. 1. Daniel will choose a baseball bat. -Circle will choose and it is present 2. He steps up to the plate.-Circle steps up and this is present...

Language Arts

1) An argumentative essay should present a clear thesis statement, provide strong evidence to support the thesis, and ______. A: address counterarguments B: repeat main points* C: include digital sources D: gather details 2) According to the Argumentive Essay Portfolio Rubric...

teacher aide language and other barriers

in an esl classroom teacher aides should prepare themselfs to? (a)learn or become familiar with appropriate language related software programs(my answer) (b)handle all disciplinary measures that arise on behalf of the teacher (c)counsel parents regarding their childs progress ...

Language Arts

What goes in a conclusion paragraph? from =)

social studies

true or false:arts in the region include landscapes paintings calligraphy weaving carving and pottery making. PLEASE HELP ME!!!THIS PAPERS DUE TOMORRW AND I CANT FIND AN ANSWER

9th grade world history

What is the geographic location of ancient Carib? What was their method of substience? What did they make with arts and crafts? What were their religious beilefs? What were their customs? And what was their effect on European contact and culture?

Lang. Arts

I'm having trouble deciding on whether the verb in each sentence below is action or mental. 1. They decided on a menu for dinner. 2. The team scored its third touchdown in the fourth quarter. Thanks...


Write an essay in which you explain the aesthetic principles expressed in visual arts and describe how they changed from the Baroque period through the early 20th century I have NO idea where to begin!!


1.Among 90 pieces of mail delivered to the library of a college,50 are addressed to the faculty of Business Administration and 40 are addressed to the Communication faculty.if two of these pieces of mail are delivered to the Dean's office by mistake,and the selection is random...

skills for learning in an information age

why is it important to use inclusive language when communicating?


Was Norman-French the language of the universities and the government during the Middle Ages?


term for the butterfly flew across the sky like a ballerina on stage


term for i believe ill have just another crumb of that lemon cream pie


"One story links this day to an old Roman festival." What is the subject


Will someone please give me a fact sentence using the word "peace"?


what type of programning language would a Financial Services use for their business?

Language Mechanics

Your term paper in my opinion, is very good. Is this written correctly?.


extend the following sentece to illustrate the recursive feature of language(syntax) what is there?

US Government

What language is used to describe the role of the Senate in Supreme Court nominations

Communication Language Studies

Is specialist vocabulary necessary, or just the product of history?

HCA 220

I am looking for a copy of The Language of Heath Care Chapters 3 4 5 for appenedix F

language mechanics

"this homemade ice cream tastes great"she exclaimed A); B)! C)? D)none is it (B)


Which of these terms is interchangeable with atmosphere? 1.setting 2.tone 3.mood 4.all of these 5.none of these


what language is used to describe the roll of the senate in supreme court nominations


Give 5 similaralities between spoken language and text/instant messaging


how should I use having been introduced to the guest of honor in a sentence


which word did not originate from military language? 1 pioneer 2 phrase 3 salary 4 trophy


Are the following sentences figurative language: "With lies well steel'd with weighty arguments."

language art

What is the writing style of the book the Tiger Rising by KATE DECAMILLO?

language and art

To travel to France from Egypt, you have to pass through which countries?


which figurative language does the peom evening star by edgar allan poe?

Basic Programming Language

Write the force of attraction between 2 bodies with the formula f = G mm r2


In the sentence, People still make potato flour today. What is the verb


How do you diagram this sentence? People still make potato flour today.


What are the proper nouns in this sentence? "Vincent Massif is the name of the highest point"

Human Geo

what languages are spoken in French Guiana? For each language can you provide the percentage of it.


I need to know if this is a phrase or dependent clause. the open bag of potato chips


What language was spoken/written by the venerable bede/ pre Beowulf period?


What type of figurative language is this sentence:He was as clumsy as a bull in a China shop.


when a teacher hears a preschool student using incorrect language she should


What is the simple predicate in this sentence: Renewable resources include air and water.


which of the following is not a type of folktale? a) cautionary tale b) mystery c) legend d) myth

foreign language

i want to speak spanish, french were do i start to learn those languages


How did your understanding of the power of language expand through your engagement with this artifact? What does that mean


Is this punctuation correct for this sentence ? " Here's a hard one , " taunted Wilma .

Foreign language

What is the translation of "boots and cats are two cool words" in french?

language arts3rd grade

difference between noun, pronoun and propernoun how it is used


How can neglect of talking to a child early in life can affect their language ability.


How do you write out a PEEL assessment?? (Point, Evidence, Evaluation, Language)

English 10

Sensory language is also known as __________. syntax broadsides imagery irony

language ela a

Based on the context clues in the sentence, what is the best meaning of “affinity”?


when should you use commas or dashes to set off an appositive phrase


Is there any way to add bias to this question? : "How many minutes did you spend doing homework last week?"

Ayanda zungu

English is the language of opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages?




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