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Are the following sentences figurative language: "With lies well steel'd with weighty arguments."

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What is the writing style of the book the Tiger Rising by KATE DECAMILLO?

language and art

To travel to France from Egypt, you have to pass through which countries?


which figurative language does the peom evening star by edgar allan poe?

Basic Programming Language

Write the force of attraction between 2 bodies with the formula f = G mm r2


In the sentence, People still make potato flour today. What is the verb


How do you diagram this sentence? People still make potato flour today.


What are the proper nouns in this sentence? "Vincent Massif is the name of the highest point"

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what languages are spoken in French Guiana? For each language can you provide the percentage of it.


I need to know if this is a phrase or dependent clause. the open bag of potato chips


What language was spoken/written by the venerable bede/ pre Beowulf period?


What type of figurative language is this sentence:He was as clumsy as a bull in a China shop.


when a teacher hears a preschool student using incorrect language she should


What is the simple predicate in this sentence: Renewable resources include air and water.


which of the following is not a type of folktale? a) cautionary tale b) mystery c) legend d) myth

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i want to speak spanish, french were do i start to learn those languages


How did your understanding of the power of language expand through your engagement with this artifact? What does that mean


Is this punctuation correct for this sentence ? " Here's a hard one , " taunted Wilma .

Foreign language

What is the translation of "boots and cats are two cool words" in french?

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difference between noun, pronoun and propernoun how it is used


How can neglect of talking to a child early in life can affect their language ability.


How do you write out a PEEL assessment?? (Point, Evidence, Evaluation, Language)

English 10

Sensory language is also known as __________. syntax broadsides imagery irony

language ela a

Based on the context clues in the sentence, what is the best meaning of “affinity”?


when should you use commas or dashes to set off an appositive phrase


Is there any way to add bias to this question? : "How many minutes did you spend doing homework last week?"

Ayanda zungu

English is the language of opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages?




is the noun in this sentence correct? the wealthier peoples class was called the gentry

Rolya Grop Of School/English Language

Underline The Clause:i Belive That They Are Right

English Language

What other descriptive devices could I add as I have many sentences starting with 'I' 'It' and 'The'.

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which of the following is not an element of culture? A. language B. customs C. age** D. dress

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Has anyone read walk two moons by Sharon Creech?


There is very little relationship between language and thought. Answer: False


Barbra Jordan believes that we must put our faith in children because?

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Need help determining if the word became is used as an action or linking verb in the sentence: Two years later my uncle became a judge. Thanks..


The following lines of poetry are an example of which sound device? This is the pond, and these are my feet. This is the rooster, and this is more of my feet. alliteration repetition onomatopoeia rhyme

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Mission San Diego was founded on July 16, 1769 by Spanish friar Junipero Serra. This was the first mission in the chain of 21. It is known as Mother of the Missions. California Historical Landmark No. 242 Church:135 feet long, 35 feet wide, 29 feet high. Built of adobe. Tile ...


1.) Identify the type of figurative language in the sentences below (taken from Act IV, scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet). Paris: "Poor soul, thy face is much abus'd with tears." Juliet: "The tears have got small victory by that;/ For it was bad enough before their spite" a.) ...

Language arts help!!

Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is a sentence fragment? (1 point) He spent twenty dollars on those shoes. How much did you spend on those shoes? That much money on those shoes? Twenty dollars is too much to spend. 2. How is an extinguished fire different from a ...

Language Arts

1. Identify the portion that contains a compound subject. During the 1940s and 1950s, Budd Abbott and Lou Coastelle were a popular comedy team, television, and stage. A. 1940s and 1950s B. Budd Abbott and Lou Coastelle C. radio, television, and stage D. none 2. Identify the ...

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Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. To enter your answer, click next to the number and begin typing. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Dangling Modifiers If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it ...

English Launguage Arts 6th feet

Does anyone know a website that i can go and find main verbs, auxiliary verbs, and linking verbs Thanks


Select the excerpt from "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan that best describes language bias. 1. I've heard other terms used, "limited English," for example. But they seem just as bad, as if everything is limited, including people's perceptions of the limited-English speaker. 2. I ...

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Which of the following statements is an opinion? AThunderstorms are more frequent around the East Gulf Coast . BThunderstorms are extremely frightening. CThunderstorms are the result of convection. DThunderstorms can produce tornadoes.

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Which sentence uses the past form of an irregular verb??? a My friend is keeping a journal b Adan has seen that show twice** c Elsa gave me this book d We listened to the weather report

Languge arts. (please help)

How does climate change affect North Carolina? I need to make an informative essay on this but im not sure how to go about it. ive already done some research but none of it really helped..

social studies (urgent)

ok i am researching on chad and i need help finding some stuff what are chad dances what are chad arts please help and thank you


How the artist used lines in the artwork, and the effect of that usage on the artwork. The artwork is The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da vinci. Please help!!

language arts

1. What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence: The family drove to the store. a. the family drove b. drove to the store c. the family d. to the store *** 2. What is the appositive phrase in this sentence: My mother, Rebecca, loves to eat pumpkin pie. a. Rebecca *** b. my...

Language Arts

* Trying to laugh as quietly as possible,* Lucas snuck out of the kitchen. prepositional phrase gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase * Singing loudly in the shower* is what Jessica loves to do every morning. gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase ...

Language Arts~!

* Trying to laugh as quietly as possible,* Lucas snuck out of the kitchen. prepositional phrase gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase * Singing loudly in the shower* is what Jessica loves to do every morning. gerund phrase participial phrase appositive phrase ...

Theater Arts

I'm writing a play for theater, but I can't think of a good title. It's about a girl who runs away from a terrible life, but then she meets a guy who changes it all. Help? (:

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Which sentence contains a prepositional phrase? A.The grasshopper jumped high. B.The criminal held up the gas station. C.The store is closed. D.Mikie drove to the store. Is it B?


4. Which of the following disciplines are women less likely to study, leading to education-related economic inequality? (Points : 1) Sciences Applied sciences Humanities Arts

Language/Listening& Speech Skills

I have a couple of questions that I need help with. Please let me know if you agree with my answers. 1. "I'm cutting the apple into six pieces so that you can share with each of your friends," is an example of: A. elaborated speech B. explanatory speech C. expansion D. detail-...


Paraphrase the sentence, “In my experience as both a learner and later a language practitioner, one has to have a drive that will obstinately motivate one to succeed against all odds.” "In my experience as a learner and later a language practitioner, one has to have a ...

more proofreading.

this is another body paragraph to my research paper. can I get this one proofread as well thanks! Both Japan and the United States protect freedoms of speech and press by similar provisions in each nation’s constitution. For example, the First Amendment of the U.S. ...

Lang. Arts

We hung makeshift curtains in our room using? A.bed sheets. B.old curtains. curtains I think it is A?


who can help me to make and code a calculator program using c language what is an isotope and how do you find the answer


What was used to help diagnose people before the X-Ray was invented/discovered?


is this a sentace......... A block of four different,colorful stamps that commemorate Earth day.


What is the definition (in understandable language) of like terms. Can I see an examle too? Thanks ur a life saver!


term for the old car hissed rumbled and popped as it went down the road

social studies

in south africa, european groups created and spoke a language called what?


What do these words have in common; door, fry, horn, pastry, toast, window? Thank you



daily language review

analogies. eighteen:even:: thirty-three: I don't understand this question?


Hey everybody:) Question:How can I as a future teacher help my students to practice how to use language?

Child Growth & Development

Do you know where i can find a good definition of semantic knowledge and pramatic language?


How might that be a solution to dealing with instruction and assessments of varying levels of language development?


What reference source would you use to find the address of the nearest music store?


help me solve this analogy closed is to emptiness as open is to occupancy vacancy security enclosure


write an essay on the religious language and reference to fire in McCathy's novel The Road


explain what metaphor means 1. At the end of the day, the sun is a freshly ripened orange.


Is this sentence a type of figurative language? "That laid their guilt upon my guiltless shoulders"

English First additional language

Descriptive or write an essay about a love sweet?

management quality

how would you deal with poor boss behavior when using foul language?

Language and Other Barries

8.In general,the best type of multicultural classroom materials are those that


How to solve a linear equation using the equality properties. Help explain in simple language

social studies

Who was the group of people who share culture language, traditions,and shared history?

social studies

Who was the group of people who share culture language, traditions,and shared history?


Using filthy language here gets you on the banned list in a hurry. =(


State the distinguishing features of Literature as a mode of language use by citing examples

english home language literature

What does the opening sentence imply about Gatsby's parties?

foreign language

How do you use the appropriate forms of the adjectives simpatico, dificil, aleman, and guapo?


Which strategy helps you identify the adverb in the sentence ? The race was completed quickly. a) where? b) when? c) how? d) to what extent?

zulu home language,english,life orientation,math l

What course would I follow with these subjects


True or Fasle: Try not to use formulaic language. Strive for originality in your commentary.


The countries of Portugal and Spain occupy the Liberian Peninsula. Is the sentence correct? I think it is.


Finding the subject and predicate in The production of clean timber takes several years.

AP English Language and Comp

Whose sin is blacker- Chillingworth's or Dimmesdale's? Why? (The Scarlet Letter)

Language Art

what is the similarities between concrete mixers and the city is so big? I need help and thanks. Ms.Sue


What type of language techniques that are used by Roald Dahl in The Great Mouse Plot?

Thokozwayo secondary school

English is the language of opportunities why bother teaching indigenous languages?

English Language

Is this sentence a declarative or interrogative? "I wonder if all mammals have fur"




okay so what is a good topic that can be put in a 5 paragraph essay in less than 30 min? i need a 100%

english first additional language

why tradional healers must not be allowed in hospitals and clinics ?


From Dragonwings Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider's approach to living?


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